Paul Walker Hoax — 28 January 2014
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Paul Walker: Can a Death be Confirmed by a Publicist, Twitter, and Facebook?

In the real world are deaths confirmed through social media? Moreover, how real are such death announcements made through only through social media when such deaths involve internationally known figures? In fact, no death can be legitimately confirmed in such a manner. Moreover, if this occurs in the future, then, people should be immediately suspicious. They must immediately consider it a hoax until proven otherwise.

The Paul Walker death claim was a major issue, as the man had a certain following of many millions as well as an international presence. This writer, admittedly, had never heard of Paul Walker and/or the Fast and Furious franchise until the announcement of his death. Yet, no doubt, he does have millions of friends, while for Universal Studios the franchise represents the number one grossing movie series in the last few years.

It was parent company NBC Universal which was behind the hoax. It has already been demonstrated, here, that the entity had long before sought to alter the nature of the Fast and Furious  (F&F) franchise, rather drastically. The chief cohort of this transitional scheme is current production chairman, Donna Langley.

Donna Langley Executive Headshot - P 2011
Langley, as well as her superiors, fully knows that Walker is not dead, yet she played a key role in announcing and supporting the death hoax publicly. A statement typical of the Studio is as follows:
“All of us at Universal are heartbroken,” Universal Pictures said in a statement. “Paul was truly one of the most beloved and respected members of our studio family for 14 years, and this loss is devastating to us, to everyone involved with the ‘Fast and Furious’ films, and to countless fans.”
Instead of such hoaxing Langley, Shell, & Co. must come forward and make a different kind of announcement, not one that pulls the emotional strings but one based strictly on the truth. This is the fact that Walker, as well as Rodas, is alive and well and that this entire event was a fake, a mere charade.

To announce his death, whether real or fake, would have a major impact throughout the world. Universal Studios, under the Langley management, was surely aware of this and, therefore, sought to maximums the effects for its benefit. Thus, various stars appearing in the series and other cohorts were leveraged to give support for the scam, including Walker’s immediate co-stars. Thus, the various Zionist-controlled or supporting Hollywood and other outlets came to the rescue, publishing all manner of fabrications to drive the hoax home. Screen shots from various Internet journals clearly demonstrate this. The point is that it is all merely lies. Yet, it would appear, death is a major issue, especially when it takes people well before their potential lifespan.

The death was confirmed by a number of unexpected, and surely unusual, sources, including publicists, crews, associates, and even “reps.” What is a rep?


The ‘rep’ seems to be anonymous. It truly was all kept so vague, surely for cause.

What is a publicist, that is in terms of a role player in death announcements? Moreover, who is this publicist?


Died, dead, killed, burnt beyond recognition: what purpose would there be in such announcements except to create shock and grief? In this regard it did create a shock reaction which reverberated throughout the world in those who were unaware of Paul Walker as well as in particular those who were aware of him, especially the die-hard fans of Fast and Furious:


The buzz words were fully impressed with the Zionist controlled news. It matter little that it was all a wretched lie. NBC Universal and its collaborators used every means of deception, leveraging its assets throughout the media system. It mattered little that the death claim wasn’t true. Despite this, the world did react with “shock” and also awe at was nothing other than fake news:


Note: at the height of the revelation of the hoax some 1.1 million people visited in a single day, as people sought the truth for what really happened regarding this death hoax.

This kind of reaction could never have occurred with any other kind of publicity, and the fabricating moles at Universal Studios, including Langley and chief executive Shell, well knew it. Regardless, the announcement arising from the Fast and Furious site itself created an air of credibility, and few people would question otherwise despite the bizarre nature of the source, mere social media announcing a tragic, traumatic death. That is normally the domain of the coroner’s office and other local officials.

Yet, die he did, but only in the drama of social media and Internet journals:


There were, though, no people engulfed in flames, despite the claims of Walker cohorts and other Universal Studio moles on site to perpetuate the fraud:


Tried, tried, and tried again, to do what? Spread greater and greater lies about the fake. In fact, virtually all of Walker’s closest associates, all also associated with Universal Studios, played a role in supporting the hoax. Note the F & F crew and its close associates as seen here:

From left to right: Luke Evans, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, Gal Gadot, Paul Walker, Justin Lin, Elisa Pataky, Vin Diesel, Gina Carano, Tyrese Gibson and Ssung Kang attend the world premiere of "Fast & Furious 6" in London, England, on May 7.


From left to right: Luke Evans, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, Gal Gadot, Paul Walker, Justin Lin, Elisa Pataky, Vin Diesel, Gina Carano, Tyrese Gibson and Ssung Kang attend the world premiere of “Fast & Furious 6” in London, England, on May 7.

It had been said, repeatedly, that such associates/colleagues of Walker were greatly shocked by the announcement of this death. Were they really shocked, or were they merely playing a role, “acting,” as actors so well do? Let us, then, evaluate certain of these individuals to see their role in the death hoax, in particular, any role in announcing and confirming it through social media. This is a continuous tactic of the Zionist powerful ones in order to manipulate the public element for their own wicked aims.

Ludacris: “Your humble spirit was felt from the start, wherever you blessed your presence you always left a mark, we were like brothers & our birthdays are only 1 day apart, now You will forever hold a place in all of our hearts @paulwalker legacy will live on forever. R.I.P.”

It was Ludacris who posted the following photo as a means to enforce the hoax and to create maximum emotional effect upon the world. Keep in mind that, continuously, Hollywood-style journals were reporting that the “world was shocked” by the death announcement:

Ludacris, Paul Walker, Instagram
The photo itself is a kind of hoax in the fact that the caption was added for maximum psychological reaction, thankful for a “great man,” a man “we all love and will miss greatly.”
Vin Diesel’s most famous quote is seemingly the one as follows:
 “Brother I will miss you very much. I am absolutely speechless. Heaven has gained a new Angel. Rest in Peace.”
The continuous use of the buzz words, “Love, peace, heaven, angel,” and especially “Rest in Peace (RIP)” helped create greater emotional support from the public for the lie.

Also pictured is the Israeli Gal Gadot. It is Gadot who was a former Ms. Israel and is a close friend-plus of Walker, as seen by the following photo:

Make no mistake about it she has stuffed her hand onto is chest area for this rather sensual appearing photo-op, the image of which she personally tweeted after the death hoax:

According to E: it was Gadot, acting as a supporting agent for the death hoax, who was the source of the image:

Gal Gadot, mourned the loss of her Fast and Furious 6 costar by sharing a photo of the smiling pair.

“Lost a dear friend today. So sudden and tragic @RealPaulWalker was a great man with a big heart and passion. RIP,” the Israeli actress tweeted.

The TV network claims there are “hundreds of people at the crash site,” that night, by the way, after the “scene has broken down.” At this time, there were not hundreds. Why would anyone exaggerate unless the purpose of such claims was to confuse, rather, to divert people from realizing the nature of the event?

The sources of the death claims and their use by the Zionist-controlled media are a major proof of the faking of the deaths.

One of such entities, New Regency studio, confirmed the fake event. It is this studio which is behind the film franchise, its tweet reading:
“It is with great sadness to report that @RealPaulWalker has passed away. We will miss you. #RIP”

They all will miss him as he enjoys his new life, one of the thrill of riding high on the ocean waves in the warmth of the tropics and  more. Fans should rest assured: Paul Walker is a live and well, and so is Roger Rodas.


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    • It is quite obvious you are a shill and the story is BS!!!!! so just go away and lie somewhere else.

  1. It would appear the woman is definitely grabbing his nipple. It looks like she may be wearing his jacket, hence her hand is hidden by the long sleeve. But yet another one who seems to have got over his ‘death’ pretty quickly. I wonder when the Porsche report will be released; it must be due soon.

  2. Its funny that you say that we shouldn’t believe anything that social media reports as true then say read more at sources like “Hollywood reporter” and “Just Jared” ? LOL!

    This page has really gone downhill further.

  3. Ive been reading on pw hoax with interest but I have a few questions if I may ask. For wot reason would he fake his death. Who was moving in the flames as it clearly cant be rodas as he was dead on impact and paul had spinal and pelvic fractures so in theory he couldnt move even if he tried and was dead within taking 2 breathes so who was it. And where the hell is rodas’s body in the car. Hitting a curb at that speed should of flipped the car. Where is jasmine pilchard-gosnell or rodas’s family. Why no pics of rodas’s funeral. How could paul have some hair still and no burns to his feet when he was clearly nearer the fire. How can a pro driver loss control of a vehicle he would know wot he was doing and how to handle a slide skid ect…how did a flimsy tree stop a car travelling at over 100mph. And why no camera footage surly in a commercial area like that there would be more security cameras. I could think of more but why so maney whys????? Something just dont make sence about it all

    • Those are not real people. Dapper crisis cadavers were used. No one died: period. No one was burnt. It was all fake.

      No pics because it didn’t serve NBC Universal to publicize Rodas; Walker was the star who in death could still bring in money. CCTV was likely turned off, since it was a gated, controlled area. Hollywood production studios easily achieve this.

      The tree was a prop, and the lamp pole and other tree were felled in perfect timing by stunt men and/or F&F moles. The car was placed there. Didn’t hit a curb.

      • ok, but who was standind in the flames, that is very clear. im not doubting pw could of easily of faked the hole thing and i did question why the car didnt flip at that speed, there are pics that are clearly photoshopped ie the reg plate sticking out under the bonnet, there is lack of evidence of a fatal crash, but again there is the same lack to say he faked it, how hard would it be for pw to blend into the crowd but rodas on the other hand its very easy for him, did you know pw;s family want to trademark his name? so they get a portion of all sales. dont they have enough with 45mil to spend? wot could they poss want more for?, but we are talking about hollywood, anything can happen…..

        • It’s a pyrotechnician, not Walker or Rodas; and those are pyrotechnic flames, not real ones from gasoline.

        • i think the reason why the family want to trademark his name is not because they want more money but because many people are trying to profit from his death some are even making t-shirts with Paul’s name on them and they are trying to sell them

        • I can understand his family wanting to protect (trademark) his name because people are making money from it, but they may find it difficult because of the thousands of people with the same name. They would stand more chance of protecting (trademarking) his image.

          • very true about there being so many paul walkers i follow a few pages on facebook 1 i think is a fake cody walker page he or she was trying to sell t shirts that said if one day speed kills me do not cry because i was smiling and it had paul name and 1973-2013 and others had pictures of paul on the tshirt i’m thinking maybe by the family wanting to trademark his name they could be doing it so that people cant make shirts like that personally i know if i lost someone especially in a horrific way i would fill really uncomfortable seeing t shirts with that quote

      • Dear DRK
        Surely if PW is still alive the IRS would know about it as he would need to supply annual tax forms then it could leak out – that he is alive and well.I found it very strange that his brother packed all his belongings including his surf board to take where I wonder.
        Another question – Jasmine although she might have been informed of his so called demise was not his latest girlfriend all pics shown were old?
        Also the paps would camp outside her home and his to see if they appear?

    • Roger was an idiot,who killed Paul Walker with unnormal speed,so,i suppose that member of his family wants to protect each other from the medias,that is normal….That poor people is not guilty for that,what he did!
      And Jasmine…Paul left her 2011…i saw an article where people talking that she was his stalker after the break-up…She was in front of his house and crying,not inside,with his family,at the time when their was inside,because she knew that cameras was there.Noone from them didn’t called her inside the house..she wasn’t at the wedding of his brother with Paul,she wasn’t at the funeral,she wasn’t at the memorial beach with his friends and member of his family..just look Paul’s private photos with friends in his house-no Jasmine after 2011..i think that she is the source of all stories in the medias….

      • you know the guy that was in the red shirt who was photographed hugging Jasmine the day she went to Paul’s house is Brandon Birtell one of Paul Walker’s best friends and the older guy who was sitting with Jasmine in the back of the truck i believe may be Paul’s uncle

        • They was together by years,of course that they have mutual friends,but some of his friends will stand up and say the truth,if she is not able to stop all these ugly things that she is making.Uncle is not his father,mother,brothers or sisters.Uncle is not his daughter….No,she wasn’t at the funeral or on the memorial beach…Paul,with his own mouth,denied all relationships with her.So,did he lied?According to Jasmine,he was a liar.But,no,he wasn’t.

          • Elisabeth,

            Maybe he was dating her secretly…

          • Elisabeth

            im not trying to argue or fight with you just wanted to reply and say even back in 2009 and 2011 when he was in a relationship with jasmine and was pictured with her he was telling fans and media he was single the only relationship he seem to have been honest about was him being in a relationship with Bliss Ellis and yes i know the family never publicly acknowledge her or even mentioned her name but they never even mentioned aubrianna or any of pauls closet friends he grew up with they didnt even mentioned Newt the guy who tried to pull paul from the car the only names his dad mentioned were tyrese michelle and vin

          • Jasmine was at the funeral. If you Google the funeral photos and look carefully, you will see her.

      • 1st link is Brandon Birtell with Paul link below that is the guy in the red shirt

        links below is of the older guy who i said i believe may be Paul’s uncle first link is the one with him with Jasmine link below that is the one where he is pictured with Cody, Caleb and Stephanie and the link below that is a picture of the same guy at Paul’s funeral in the grey shirt near Cheryl!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/paul-walker-funeral.jpg

        • Whoa. Hold the **** up. The green beanie. Is that him?!

          • A,
            yes hold the **** up I think you are on to something here… I have spent the last couple of hours studying this pic with the guy in the green beanie.

            Ok here is what I have found –

            There are a whole load of structures in the ear that you can use to get a set of measurements that are unique to an individual.

            I traced the beanie guys ear to see if maybe it will match PW. If you get the size and angle correct the ear matches PW.

            I have seen lots of photos of PW in the pass and sometimes I can not believe it’s him as he looks so different.

            We all have seen this photo when it first came out but I was only really looking at jasmine. I saw the guys but really never took that much notice of them.

          • A

            maybe i’m not seeing it I personally don’t see anyone in the picture in the link with a green beanie but i do see a guy in a blue shirt which is a caption taken from a tmz interview Paul did wear they asked him about the Davidoff Cool Water i posted the link below if anyone wanted to see


          • Where is this pic??. Link leads to a pic of pw but thats all. Repost the link plz I want to see myself. Tar A’

          • Yes, that is Paul Walker. Did you discover this? Very good eyes. Will work on it. Goes along with hauling out the surf board and other much-needed personal effects. Was he at the Beach Party, too?

          • Here. It is a little different since they obviously weren’t taken on the same day and not in the same lighting. But the lighter patches of facial hair and sideburns match up. It’s better if you see it on a computer and not a little device.


            And I’ll throw this in here…’cause I think it’s him at the beach memorial. The blue shirt that is kinda tucked in on the back are basically the same on both. So I think one or the other was photoshoped in each of the pictures. Everyone playing football besides Tyrese were wearing the same exact color of shirt. I think it was done to make everyone blend in and not have one person stand out. You know…don’t bring attention to the guy that is supposed to be dead.


          • Ugh. Okay. I’ll do this again ’cause it didn’t post.

            There are a couple places like the sideburn and patches of hair on the face that match up perfectly. It’s easier to see if you are on a computer and not a small device.


            And i’ll put this in here too…’cause I think that it’s him in the beach photos. The fact that they were all (except Tyrese) wearing the same exact color of shirt makes me think they used it as a way to hide and have him blend in with everyone else. You can tell they are the same person if you look at where the shirt is tucked in on the back. They photoshopped one or the other in.


          • @A he wouldnt be so bold as to hide right under our noses….would he ? Cus thats pretty brave.

          • With the guy in the green beanie look at the back of his shirt the stitching v on back of should blades now look at this photo/video and the stitching is straight. Go to 2:50


            Not the same colour or stitch but the same beanie. Now that is weird. Watch the video of jasmine cracking up as well.

          • Sure that person is not Paul…Paul was much taller and bigger in arms….

          • “He did lie about cool water said it wasn’t him”???????!!!!!!!!!!!??????Are u really serious?!Did you hear his voice and saw his face?It was a JOKE.It was a sarcasm!

        • Surely guys if she was at the funeral and the solemn gathering of his familes should be proof that he is dead? I ask myself the question why would people fake a funeral??????

          • Confused.
            Look at my last link that is the link to the pic with ‘green beanie’

          • Does not look like PW in green beanie

          • Drk… I cant take full credit for finding this pic. Lonely86 and A realy. I just took a closer look. Is there anyway this could go public or do we respect pauls wishes and leave him ‘dead’ knowing we know different? ?

          • Well, credit to them, then. Like Sandy Hoax and the Boston smoke bombing hoax, it seems to be always right before everyone’s eyes. And no, for the sake of the fans, it must go public. They must all know he is alive and well.

      • Jasmine was at the funeral, she was sitting at the back.

        • where about was Jasmine sitting ive looked at the pics over and over and cannot see her or even Aubrianna

          • Jasmine wasn’t there, but Aubrianna was.

        • @Janet, she must have a twin sister, then.

      • Elizabeth how do you know that Paul left Jasmine in 2011 and that she stalked him? Although latest photos did not include her. He said when interviewed about taking part in 50 shades of grey that he would have to become intimate with his co-star but would not mention who he would like that person to be.

        • Drkresearch why are you not answering my questions? Maybe you don’t have answers because it isn’t a hoax?

          • Yes DRK where the hell are you. Makes me question why you are not replying to any comments as we’ll Lor has ask about 3 times for you the reply to her. Last time you commented was on the 31st so what’s your belief now. Hoax or not or have you been paid hush money. You are normally like a vampire sucking up info and posting them. We have given some great comments on here but nothing from you.

          • R since I have not heard from Drk (Editor) I am sadly of the opinion that this site can no longer come up with any further proof that PW’s death was a hoax and we have to accept that he is dead. I thought this site had integrity but I now think otherwise. Anything for provocation and sensationalism. This is the only site that has stated that PW is alive. Now we can believe what other sites think of this site. It is absolutely outrageous to the ‘nth degree.

        • Sorry people,i was without internet!

          First of all,all you stop apologizing ;)) is normal that we all see different stuff.We are talking about our opinions.For me,really is not the problem if someone thinking different than me.I’m not person who will fight with people on forum!So,everything is cool!

          @Lor,i am a Paul’s fan by years and i’m sure that i’m watched every interview with him First,he never hide that he was with Jasmine.There is interviews where he is talking about her,about their time with friends,about places that they visited.He never said that they are not together!In that time….
          If you ever was a fan of someone,you know how is that,you will try to find everything about that person..u just wanna know…So,i was active on one fan forum about Paul.I saw a lots of private photos and people talked,too,especially admin of the forum.I have no idea who he/she was,but,now i know,knew very much.Than,people start to talking about relationship with Paul And Jasmine,that Paul left her few times,that she wants to get merried…Soon,after that we saw a rumors about engagement that Paul denied just few days after,in some interview,but i am sure that was live programe,something like that…There’s been a rumors that Paul was with other women,too and that they broke up in the middle of 2011 and that she is stalking him…After that “rumors” everything stops,about Paul and Jasmine,but i saw comments,few weeks,after his death,she tryed to be with him again and again,but he didn’t want it….I mean is “stalker” a real word..i don’t know,but she wanted him back!There is no way that they was in a secret relationship,because Paul had very active life.You can see photos of him and his friends on his fan pages,even on Facebook pages of his friends.No Jasmine anywhere,but we saw paparazzi photos everywhere-beach,restoran,shoping,airport.She,even wasn’t on his brother wedding…He said that he is single,few times after 2012,i think that he was in Africa with one women,but not sure….And finally,few weeks before the tragic,he answer clear that he is single father….No reason to hide Jasmine or any other women.And i am sure,that Jasmine would put some new photos on the interner,like a “proof”,but she don’t have them!

          About interview of 50 shades…yes,he said that he need to be very close with actress in that kind of movie..that is normal,when u have so much scenes like that u have to believe in your partner,is not easy to acting something like that…

          • Hi E where do I find comments that Jasmine kept on wanting him back sounds interesting.

          • Hi Elizabeth Where can I find comments re Jasmine wanting him back and he didn’t want to. Sounds interesting.

  4. here check this out, sorry had to go on the laptop for this, and soz its from another site, hopes its ok to post from there

    • Link leads to nothing.

      • This link was of a closer pic of pws foot. And its clear that its not as was told in autopsy report. Im on my fone but ill try to repost it.

          • Pat, who’s foot is that suppose to be? And what is next to it?? Looks like a bloody face or bloody skin. Its creepy

          • Troy. Thats supposed to be paul walkers foot as he didnt have any charring to both feet according to autopsy report. But just below the knee then upwards there is wot looks just bone no muscle but again autopsy says he wasnt as badly burnt just charred. So does this pic make sence?

          • Pat, it doesn’t make sense… but have you also seen the photo of his body in the car? I see how his other leg was bent most of the way while his left leg was stretched out. Don’t you think his bent leg would make his other leg remain off the ground a little? You would also see his other foot but I can’t see it..

          • Yes troy it could. Ive seen all that google and youtube have to offer and a few of the pics are clearly photoshopped and I think some are too of that charity event. Some poorly I may add and im no expert. The hole thing stinks if you ask me and I get the feeling pw will turn up with thay daft grin at some point.
            From wot Ive seen of his interveiws he was tired of the ff franchise and the hole fame thing and was getting to be frank about it. Im not defending if its a hoax but ya can understand why for that reason but on the other hand to fake it just for profits or more lime light then thats wrong altogether. But im sure the truth will out soon enough.

          • Link leads to a red page that has expired.

        • The autopsy reports states the RR had a coroners id band around his ankle (was even drawn on the report) and PW’s report doesn’t mention a coroners id band on ankle

  5. Leave him in peace! Yikes….

  6. Phenty, I wound agree with you BUT there are so many unanswered answers that do not add up. Once things are clearly showen or explained correctly with reasons why and how the accident happen then we will give the respect with the out come either why. The information they have given us so far does not make sense. There are a lot of gaps. So please respect others asking questions. If you truly believe he has pass I don’t understand why you are on this site. People on these kind of sites are not convince with the information so far. Please do not take this personally I respect your belief and I am half way there. I just truely would just like to know the truth.

    • R,

      I can understand that there are still question marks linked to this “accident”, but even if i don’t share your opinion about this “hoax” I can all the same, take a look at these articles and comments. The guy who writes these articles is apparently not reliable. If one day, there will be real proofs about this “hoax” I will undertake to invite you to have a drink.

      • Thanks Phenty…. To be honest I do not have a opinion just a lot of unanswered questions to fill in the gaps. I have from the start been on the fence with the truth/hoax. With DR K site being unreliable yes I agree with you on some points but given credit he is trying to find some truth. So yes thumps up to him. This is why we are all on these kind of sites to find gaps or something close to the truth.

  7. Ok guys can someone explain to me why on Roger Rodas R.I.P Facebook it states many times (Driver Paul Walker) this information is incorrect. PW was NOT the driver it was RR which kill PW.

  8. 1st link is Brandon Birtell with Paul link below that is the guy in the red shirt

    links below is of the older guy who i said i believe may be Paul’s uncle first link is the one with him with Jasmine link below that is the one where he is pictured with Cody, Caleb and Stephanie and the link below that is a picture of the same guy at Paul’s funeral in the grey shirt near Cheryl!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/paul-walker-funeral.jpg

  9. drkresearch and everyone else

    I would like to personally apologize to each and every person it was never my intention to upset anyone with any of my comments and if you feel that i may be a whore troll or just commenting to piss people off than i am sincerely sorry having to deal with arguing and fighting almost everyday at home and with family one of the last things i wanna do is go online and argue with people im just someone who mourned both men’s deaths before realizing many things about the accident itself and the autopsies didn’t make sense i ask questions and i also reply to comments and i sometimes post link because just like so many other people i am just looking for answers again i am truly sorry

    Take Care and please stay safe

    • Loney86, sweetie you have a right to look for answers and voice your thoughts with unanswered questions like all of use have. You have nothing to apologise about as this is what we are all doing here throwing out ideas. Keep up your great work as I love reading your comments.

  10. Have you guys seen any of these?

  11. Ok DRK I got one for you to have a look at. This site below pic 25 – enlarge it and have a look what is in the reflection of PW sunglasses (right eye). You have mention fire suits uses many times so tell me if I’m seeing something or not.

    Maybe I need stronger reading glasses because what I’m seeing is someone in a god **** fire suit and it’s freaky.

    • R,

      I see it too! That is so weird and freaky indeed!

      • Thanks Kelis, so glad it just not me see it…

        • i can see it to it looks like there are others around the silver thing(guy) getting him ready for something. i seen this by zooming in 600.

          • Tyler my daughter pointed something out to me which I did not see. Can you see a red car to the left of the figure in the corner on right eye sunglasses.

          • R,yes i can see the car clearly because my mac book is great at zooming in far i can see things clear as day its a red car looks like the porsche could be another red car but it definitly looks like the porsche.

    • I also see it (I believe) I asked my brother while he was here and he said he could see a white figure but was not sure on what it was. Finally after seeing it on the computer, I am 80% sure I see a fire suit of some sort..

      • Thanks Kay. I have been studying and researching this photo for some time now. I google fire suits and study shapes and sizes just make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Going back and forward with each image to see if anything matches, I was shocked to see they did. I decided to ask my husband without telling him what I can see, ask him to look at this photo and tell what he can see. To my surprise around 10sec he said a fire suit. I was extremely surprised how quickly he spotted it. I’m just glad I’m not the only one seeing it.

    • Sorry, guys, I’m not seeing anything like that at all.

      • Me neither…

    • Ive had a look and yes it does look odd. To chunky for a normal person and way to much silver all over. Hhmm !

      • Pat you seem to have a good eye, have you notice in PW sunglasses which my daughter pointed out to me a red car.

        • I see a car (not sure of color) .. could that be the Porsche before his joyride? or perhaps the other car involved? I know a few people thought there were two cars involved but im not sure.

          • Why are you so sure he was on a joyride?

        • Would that be the same red Porsche that was at the event?

        • R ill have to have another look. I do most stuff on my fone but its a good one with a good screen and resolution. But ive noticed that alot of official pics of the crash are p’shopped. But its hard to post the links on my fone. I did find a close up pic on google of a burnt hand kinda like the foot thing. Ill have to take another look. Google is a wealth of info lol.
          But its looking more like a ff stunt to rake in and boost profits and a letty story line. Why are the writers leaving oconners part open??

    • That guy in the white outfit (or silver, as you seem to think), it’s Elvis.

      Seriously, guys, you are seeing what you want to see. …And no, I don’t believe Paul died in this ‘accident’.

      • Motley, there is no reason to be Rude. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. We all have opinions.. but try not to throw sarcasm because you don’t agree with something. I asked my uncle what he saw after I cleared the image up a bit while zooming in. He said “some kind of white/grey suit I think” and he thinks Paul did die. So it’s not all “what we want to see”.

        • WELL SAID “TROY”

          • LOL! NOT YOU AGAIN…JEEZ.

        • Lighten up, troy. Your uncle’s brush-off comment doesn’t make me think any more that it’s not Elvis. 😉

      • Ha ha Motley you are funny maybe it was Elvis Lol. But seriously I wish someone would spot him then my fascination about this will end. The whole world thinks he is dead.

    • I didn’t think it could be, but sure enough, that’s exactly what it looks like. I got a better look when I zoomed in.

  12. Ok found this pic that you can have a look and see if the lady in yellow is Donna Langley. This photo was taken at the PW charity event before the accident.

    • Ok, maybe it’s because I’m on a tablet, but that looks like a bloke to me.

      • Moyley2014, you could be right, I never look at it that way. Now looking at it that way yes maybe more like a bloke. The hair and the yellow at first site looked like at female. I can’t zoom in enough to get it clear pic to really tell.

    • I can’t get a good close-up, either, it goes fuzzy. Because of the short hair and stance I presumed it was a bloke, but looking for longer, I’m now not so sure. It could be a yellow dress the person is wearing and not a long t-shirt as I first thought, with perhaps a necklace or detail at the neckline? Who is Donna Langley, though?

      • It isn’t Langley (you asked who she is…she’s one of the heads of the studio). I can’t think of any reason why she would be there during the day. I’m sure she has better **** to do. I did see her at the site next to the black SUV outside the white tent that all the family/co-stars/all of the producers of the movie were at the crash site. Yellow doesn’t seem like something she would wear. Actually…now that I think about it…I don’t think i’ve ever seen her in anything but dark colors. I did notice if you zoom in, whoever it is in the white car has no left arm. Photoshop.

        Drk, I sent you an email last week, did you get it?

  13. thank to every1 for your opinion i also 1 2 know the truth

  14. So.. are people believing this to be true or a hoax? Sometimes when I’m reading the comments on here, I get confused on what people believe.. I think it’s a hoax. If it’s not, I’m so annoyed and disappointed on how this case was handled..

  15. The status right beside PW grave is named Karayan

    What Does Name “Karayan” Mean

    EXTREMES in fortune, health and spirituality. You are very versatile, idealistic and intuitive. You either enjoy great success or suffer abject misery. The solution is service to others. Use your leadership abilities for humanity and not for self-glorification. You are bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in research. You know what you want and why you want it.
    Position and social status is very important for you and you are always looking for way to improve your position in society. You have power and ability to chose your own destiny and achieve anything you want in life. You can expand in any direction according to your will and the set of values. You have passion for justice and belong to the position of authority. You have an inherent courage and endurance to accomplish “The Impossible Dream”. With the power comes responsibility. You hold keys to the material world, but with this gift comes high spiritual responsibility to be fair and true to others. You are philosophical and mature, determined and intense with a desire to endure, often religious.

    • That definitely fits Paul’s description..

    • Does that belong to him, though?

      • Motley2014, I have no clue.

        • No it dont belong to paul. Its on a stone next to his (dare I say) burial plot. As far as I know its still without any stone or reference to paul walker

          • Pat

            I couldn’t reply above because there is no reply button i don’t believe the guy in the green beanie is Paul about 1.22 in the video you see the same guy Jasmine is about the same height as the guy where Paul was taller


          • Its ok confused.
            Ive not seen the vid. Yes hes shorter than paul. It sure does look like him in pic. But thats wot we are all here for is to make sure wot we see is the same as everyone else and give our own opinions. Myself im still on the fence but leaning more to the ‘faked’ as so much dont make sence.
            And im all for hearing all opinions and willing to listen to both sides without being offensive or rude about it. To me there is no real proof hes dead but again just as much to say hes faked. So looking forward to seeing more on this subject. Tar

          • Sorry Pat…there is no reply button on confused’s post.

            Confused, it doesn’t appear to be the same colored plaid shirt…also, with her height, all of the pictures we’ve seen of them together were all taken when she was a teenager. So she may have had a growth spurt or something since those pics.


            On a side note, high five to PW. She has a fantastic ***.

          • @A no its fine.
            Yes I see its not the same shirt. Different colour. .hhhmm. I wonder???

  16. Just saying if paul walker did really die which i think its a hoax but if he did really die wouldnt he have a big headstone or something big for everyone to see and remember him like a statue or somthing like that. he has no headstone at his (grave). He was an inspiration to everyone exspecially me, and by helping others and even his great movies. like i said before he would have somthing huge for everyone to remember him by.

    • it depends on what kind of headstone was ordered if one has been how big it is and what will be written on there i know when some of my family died their headstones while they weren’t small or big it took months before the headstone was placed though it could be different in America having said that Roger Rodas has a plague on his resting place which you can see by going to the link below

  17. Here is a photo showing a skid mark from PW accident.

    Yaw marks (not skid marks) These tire markings are easily identified by the stripes, or striations, which are caused by the tire treads as they slide on the pavement.

    This article explains lot –

  18. он жив?

  19. Guys why don’t we accept that he is dead I just saw a copy of his will and he left his estate of $25mil to his daughter – is this a fake as well? I don’t know….. He did lie about the cool water add saying it wasn’t him and on examination it was him. I need to be put out of my misery.Not funny anymore!

    • Lor

      while i am about 95% certain the crash was real and both Paul and Roger died the will however i provided the link if you go to page 6 of the will you will see that the will was done on 15 August 2001

    • forgot to add the link


      while i am about 95% certain the crash was real and both Paul and Roger died the will however i provided the link if you go to page 6 of the will you will see that the will was done on 15 August 2001!6/legal-documents-25m-meadow-6-spl/

      • Thort he was worth $45 million. So where is the other $20 million then?

    • I don’t think he intentionally lied about that ad, I think he was confused, thinking tmz were referring to something else, you can see this by his facial expressions and body language.

      His Will may be going through the process but we still await Porche’s report on the car / accident. The estate / Will would need to be taken care of, it’s the same for those in the past that have faked their death.

      • Do you think just maybe they used a old will to give use people something or to shut us up. If it is a hoax maybe he doesn’t want us to see what he is truly worth as he was very private person.

        PW was a very smart man which makes it hard to believe he did not update his will in 12 years. He brought in his legal team when talking figures with F&F due to Vin. With his legal team you can’t tell me they didn’t keep his records up to date regularly. So when thinking that way I question if this is a shut up will to us.

        • You hit the nail on the head. I have no doubt that there is a newer will. There is no way in hell his lawyer would’ve allowed him to go 12 years without updating it. I just did mine not too long ago and it was around 30 pages. His is like 6. More than likely it will never be finalized because someone will contest the will’s validity because it is so old…It could drag on for years. And by that time he’ll probably resurface. Another thing that leads me to believe this isn’t the final will is a lack of burial instructions. Growing up religious like he did, I would assume he would want specific things to happen with his body and where he wants his final resting place. And things like that aren’t on there. And they should be.

          • A, you are so right on many things. Once again lots of gaps.

            To my understanding it is illegal to present a current will if the person is alive or settlement has not been completed. This may explain why we are only seeing the old will.

            I had to have a little chuckle when I saw PW dad’s signature. He has clearly express after his his name the third. Does he think we are going to think maybe it’s young Paul the forth signature. Der.

            Once again then wounded why we think it maybe a hoax.

          • A – your Will is 30 pages long?! You must be rich! Are you married – looking for a wife (presuming you’re a man) – love to travel the world in luxury – own your own yacht – have houses all over the world????? Then I’m your woman. Call me! 😉

          • Motley,

            🙂 I actually think it’s a standard length these days. There were a bunch of required tax provisions and stuff that were added since ’01. And quite a few of my pages were burial and medical instructions (stuff like what to do if I’m in a coma…what they should do at that point. I would never want to make anyone in my family have to make the decision to pull the plug. My dad had to do that with his dad and it really bothered him knowing he basically made the decision to “kill” him.). The will isn’t really about money for me, it is more just a way to make sure nobody will have to make difficult decisions about me when I am no longer able to make my wishes known. I honestly think everyone should do it. Less work and heartache for loved ones in the end.

          • @A, you’ve made me re-think my own Will, medically. Mine is a short one but deals with finance, what priest I don’t want conducting my funeral (’cause he ruined my mother’s), and how my money-grabbing half-sister is to get nothing but my mother’s watch which my half-sister hated.

  20. yo guys,

    His father wants his wife to become the legal guardian of her daughter to manage, until her majority, the millions from which she has just inherited. Only small problem, since the death of his father, with which she lived, Meadow settled down at Rebecca’s Soteroes’s, in Hawaii. However, an audience in front of the court has to take place this month.

    When someone fakes his death, there should be no battle in front of a court for an heritage….

    Sorry guys, but yall should open your eyes……

    • yo karah, I didn’t quite get what you were saying, but there are many things wrong with this Will and the process surrounding it, in fact, surrounding the whole crash / accident. Are you aware of them all?

      • What you didn’t understand ?

        Yes, i’m aware but there is not real proofs of this “hoax”…. And the guy who writes this articles is not reliable…..

        His family is ready to fight before the court for his heritage….. I think he passed. Prove me the contrary if u can.

      • Sorry for my bad English, i’m French….

  21. Adding to my list of reasons why I think this whole thing is for the film is this. I came across the photo on the left a while ago, it’s the first pic i’ve seen where it shows both trees in the same picture. Look around the left tree. The burn marks around the tree are basically the same as the tree on the right.

    And then I saw the picture on the right on this site…

    That looks like the outline of a vehicle around that tree. That’s not the tree the Porsche is wrapped around on the left photo.

    • After looking at other photos and the direction of the flames, it looks like there was a wind that day, blowing the flames and smoke towards the tree farthest away…strange, though, that only the leaves of that tree got burnt, or were blackened by the smoke. Here’s a link to a photo showing the direction of the flames:

      That second link you provided, I didn’t get, sorry, plus the page took ages to load.

      • Here, I’m only talking about the left photo right now…I’m more trying to tell you to pay attention to the ground around the tree on the left(our left). If you took the Porsche out of the picture, the burn around both trees are the same. I’m saying that with the burn mark already around that left tree and the tree next to is with the Porsche, it is pretty clear to me that the tree with the Porsche on it is a redo or 2nd take. It’s not a real accident if they did it twice. Wind alone isn’t going to do that. It’s a controlled burn.

        • A, I can see what you are saying. Yes it does look like take 2 with control burning around the trees. Here is a pic with the other tree which you pointed out, notice there are no leaves on the tree with the footage that was realist to the public.

          • That does seem weird. Are they all the same type of tree? Because the tree on the right of the photo also has no leaves, I’m thinking perhaps the leaves could have been lost because it was autumn – different trees lose their leaves at different times?

        • Ah, yes, I see what you mean now. Good point, but I think if the burnt area had been on the other side (same as the crashed tree), you would have been correct. However, how come (on the tree you’re talking about), the ground has burnt only on one side, the leaves have burnt, but the trunk of the tree hasn’t? That’s weird, don’t you think?…It’s almost like the trunk had some form of treatment to preserve it. The pattern of the burnt ground is also weird…some areas missed and others not…given the fierceness of the fire and the length of time the fire was in action, you would think it would all have been burnt.

          • The Porsche was sitting on the ground and not elevated. Fire wouldn’t have been able to reach that area.

          • It’s all the nature of a pyrotechnic stunt show. Regarding the bark on one of the trees, it looks like it was scraped off with a large device, knife or other.

  22. Im just pitching in here with the car. wouldnt the car of went farther than that because if it popped up over the cement wouldnt it of left damage on the cement. the car sits low and the curb was high wouldnt there be red marks all over the sidewalk from the bumper and where is the bumper in any of these pics i didnt see them but just saying the car wouldve left marks on the sidewalk my car sits as low as that and i ran over a sidewalk before and the sidewalk was cracked and there were marks all over the sidewalk but none in any of these pictures.

    • There WAS red paint and clear signs of impact on the concrete – have a look at these – they are actually clear and aren’t like the fuzzy ones you see here or on the web in a search.

      Of course no one shares these because then they may have to admit that it may have happened….

      • I didn’t see the red paint on the concrete (perhaps I didn’t look closely enough), but I do have comments / questions regarding the skid marks –

        1) There are 3 tyre tracks
        2) They look like they’re from different tyres / cars
        3) Is the car that wide (to fit those marks)?
        4) Surely the front tyres would have blown given the impact against the curb
        5) What is that white square thing – a bucket?
        6) Why didn’t that tree get knocked down with such an impact?
        7) Don’t you think those marks could have been put there for visual effect like they do in movies?

        ( )

      • Ed, I have looked at the photos and can not see any paint on the concrete/curb. Yes I can see yaw black makes but no paint at all. Looking at all pics the only red I can see is on the tree. You have to look for it as not much paint and faint which makes me question things again. I can not see any marking of tyres that would match PW car, so far all I’m seeing is 1 mark aheading to curb and that’s it.

      • No tire marks on the dirt from those big, fat tires, esp. next to those ‘curb mark’ areas. What did it do, fly in mid-air?

    • R I thort that I was seeing thst too but vant get a good enough look its to blurry. And its a black cap. Ill find the pic and post the link.

  23. This is a first for me seeing this black shoe at the scene. Centre bottom of pic.

    • It looks like it could be a shoe, but from the other side it looks like it was Paul’s hat that he was carrying. Other discussions on this site will show you photos from the other side.

  24. Dr.K

    I just noticed something from your earlier posts. The one you posted with fake grievers when Michelle and everyone is on site, I want to know if that Fangley standing next to the cars open door? Please post more on PW like about the will and stuff.

    • Anti, good luck getting responds from DRK, Lor has asked DRK to respond to her about 3 or 4 times. Big fat nothing.

      To answer your question yes that is Langley standing next to the car door.

      • R, thank you for noticing how many times I requested a response from Drkresearch maybe he will see this post and respond. Won’t hold my breath though.

    • I didn’t notice that, but will look, now. Thks.

  25. All I can say is that there is no way that most if not all of these time wasting comments were ever… I vow to never again read from NODISINFO ever again to put it nicely. Now I got a serious headache.

  26. Has anyone got a link for his will. I cant find one.
    Its a bit odd that its from 2001 dont ya think. And I was on the understanding he was worth $45 million??
    Tar folks

    • Why do you think that is odd?He didn’t change anything,because he just protected the real person-his kid.Sure that he had a chance to change it,but that is just proof that he didn’t change his opinion.He knew that his daughter is sure and safe,so he was peacefully.45$..that is what medias saying,but he needed to live.He supported whole family,giving money for schools and collegs(i’m sure that i saw the article where someone is saying that Paul paying schools for kids from the family),had collection of the cars,did u see what he was doing with ROWW,etc,etc…

    • i was thinking like u pat 2001 that paul have 45$ million?

      • Thanks

  27. R, Motley, Janet and others could you tell me your views as to why Drkresearth does not answer my questions. Have I perhaps asked questions which would in fact be closer to the fact that PW may be dead?There are so many questions – possibilities but are they probable? Did we see what we wanted to see and not the actual simple truth. Don’t get me wrong I want him to be alive. I truly admired his calm cool and collected attitude.

    • sorry Lor i personally can’t answer why Drkresearch doesn’t really answer questions it seems if you disagree with him or prove him wrong he either gets annoyed at you or doesn’t answer well that is how it came across to me after Drk said the family held the vigil on 30 november on the fake grievers i wrote a comment saying the family and cast of F&F held the private vigil memorial at the crash site on 2nd December not 30th November after he asked me what’s the difference

      • Lonely86. I checked out the site Adorably Nuts and it gives you a lot more info also the rivalry between Universal, Warner Bros etc. Now I understand the death hoax of PW much better. The impact of his death together with the Fast 6 has shot Universal to number 1 spot so I do believe that PW is still alive. Moreover, he said in numerous interviews that he wanted out of the franchise and obviously the cash cow (Universal) saw a way of gaining as much financially to push them into the number one spot. I previously mentioned that we don’t know what went on behind closed doors so PW could have been co-erced in leaving with his dignity in tact. They classed him as a mediocre actor anyway but for me he was A list irrespective of……..Regarding this site I agree with your remark totally.

  28. I wonder when the porsche investigation of PW crash will be released.According to the Adorably Nuts site the same porsche is up for sale……. Interesting.

    • Note that there are no more tweets on this site and I wonder why?

  29. I’m not sure where to post this comment maybe I’ll post it to every link on here that has to do with Paul idk. Anyways, I’ve been trying to do my own research and I’ve had my own ideas about Paul’s “death” from day one but I’m not good on finding things out on my own, if that makes sense!? Well I was thinking that since there is like 15 links here on this website alone about Paul and 100’s trying to prove this was a hoax, I thought maybe someone could look into this person and maybe find out stuff I don’t know how to look for and get back to all of us here???? On Facebook there is a person who has a page called Paul Walker forever. This person post a **** ton of pics of Paul through out the day it’s crazy and kinda gets on my nerves….I know who cares what I think, Paul is a wonderful man we should post pics of him but it’s like to much and I don’t get the “fan” thing from the posts. It’s almost like it’s over done, u know what I mean? Well one day there was a post that said “mmm I want one…our star….II be back ppl soon”. I said “II be back ppl soon??? This page has lots of pics u can find anywhere but it also has a lot of private looking pics. I asked how they had such pics and the person running the page said “we have our sources….plus we are good investigators”. Also supposedly Paul’s aunt dotty sry if that’s not her name but his aunt either way post on this fan page about how sweet it was and how it was great seeing such a fan page…I can’t remember the exact words but it was along those lines. Why would his aunt be trolling fb and just happen to say something on that page? How do they really get those pics? Why say things like II be back ppl soon? Can anyone look into this and find some answers? I don’t think Paul died that day, I’m not sure if we will ever see him again but I’m really getting tired of ppl posting stuff that makes me question things even more. SOS ppl who can help pls and thank u

  30. Ok I’m so nervous to even say a word in fear that I may jinx it or be wrong haha but I think I figured it all out!!! I put a few things together and I think everything makes sense and is possible., I saw an interview that paul did before he died talking about if fast 7 tanked there is for sure an 8 to come and there is talk about 9, 10 and more. He’ll be in his 50′s he said. In another tmz interview, again before he died he was talking about all the fasts that are being talked about to come out and how he would be using a walking in them. Vin told everyone there was more to come in a London interview too. So I think the crash was probably planned for awhile. Isn’t it weird The only leak of the movie is Luda asking Paul to promise no more death? How about vin’a fb posts? Calling Paul brain and saying things like he is talking to Paul himself? His cheesy what the hell was the point speech at the crash site? Sry I’m gonna end up getting off track and I’m already losing my train of thought lol. I just feel like I had a break through and want to get this out there just in case. Feel free to add ur own ideas and clean this up. Anyways….I think fast 7 is complete, I think they are working on 8 as we speak if not already close to done. I think with the new director they thought they needed to go big or go home, as Paul has been know to say!!! What’s bigger then faking one of the main characters death in real life to get big movie buzz!? I think they are gonna make it look like brain dies in fast 7 and probably at the end of 7 will be the beginning of 8 and it will be of brain coming back. I think they told us they wouldn’t kill brain off so no one wouldnt be upset and feel they were being disrespectful to Paul’s memory and come watch but they are gonna kill him off. Think about it….it’s genius really! They might even use the crash in fast 8 somehow. Think about it….that’s why only ppl from the movie showed up at the crash site and no one: friends, family, movie cast were shown crying. That’s why none of this has made sense from day one and why there was so many answer less questions too. Does anyone else feel like everyone involved in this was giving hints to this being a hoax from the start? Like all the answers have been under our noses the whole time? Idk maybe I’m crazy maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about. Maybe the idea of him being gone has finally caught up to me and I’m about to have a break down lol. Maybe I’ve jinxed it all and it won’t happen and I’ll feel like I should have kept my mouth shut. Or maybe I really have figured something out!? I guess time will tell. If the movie comes out this yr. like it was suppose to then I know for sure I’m onto something. Or for whatever reason they bring Paul back at the mtv movie awards….why else would they nominate a dead guy for an award?? Ok I’m grasping straws with that one maybe lol. I’m ready for this all to be done. Ready for hard proof one way or another.

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