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Paul Walker Death Photos are Fakes

UPDATED, 10:00 a.m. Dec. 09, 2013, again, 1:30 P.M. CST

Regarding the Paul Walker hoax look carefully at the image, despite the apparent horror. There is a woman in the midst of it. Here, in the center of the image, is the dummy detail in real life, the Paul Walker moulage mole. She’s attempting to make a get-away, but she got caught. Note the red packet and/or residue of fake blood squeezed between her fingers.

Moreover, why show them of such famous people before the whole world, then, ending up essentially anonymously posted on the Internet? It does not seem plausible.

Even so, there is no attempt, here, to violate the sensibilities of real trauma victims or their families. Yet, if it is a fake, it must be uncovered, and nothing about this appears real. Just review the claims. They all turn out to be false, including the claims for desperately grieving loved ones.

This photo showed up on the Internet exclusively, sent by reportedly an N. Morgan to BeforeItsNews.com. N. Morgan is  a BIN (Before it’s News) reporter.

Though it might seemingly violate people’s senses to see this, in fact, it doesn’t even look real. It looks like a bunch of something, thrown on top of the wreckage. If these corpses, or body parts, were real, they would be at least mangled within the car, not just laying there on top of everything.

Look at the size of that whatever it is? It is monstrous, too big for life: a giant. A bloated carcass you might say? Not in a burn victim. The tissues are rendered into carbon.

Those images have pink or flesh-toned skin. Burned to death in such an inferno? Trapped in the car? They would be nothing but char, and they surely wouldn’t be naked. Their clothes would be roasted into their skin in a charcoal corruption.

The men were supposedly burned beyond recognition. That is certainly not the case, here. Again, “Walker and Rhodes were burned beyond recognition.” Whatever these images are this is not the case. This is burned beyond recognition:

And here, civilians in a warehouse in Libya, acclaimed as being killed during that propped-up conflict, again, really and truly burned beyond recognition:

EDS NOTE GRAPHIC CONTENTS - A burned body seen in a warehouse containing the remains of at least 50 burned bodies in Tripoli, LIbya, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011. A survivor said they were civillians killed by pro-Gadhafi soldiers. (AP Photo/Sergey Ponomarev)

Turns out, this may be a hoax to be blamed on “pro-Qaddafi forces,” as some reports have these as people dug out a cemetery, corpses, which were set on fire. It’s plausible considering the lack of flesh, which, too, would have been burnt into the face.

It seems to be open season in respect to Mr. Walker. In a Jamaica newsletter this photo is promoted as being an example of his corpse, which it obviously isn’t, but what is crucial is the number of photos which have appeared as “evidence of Paul Walker’s death.” Yet, too, this is what a corpse looks like that is burned to death, though no necessarily and conveniently “beyond recognition.” What money can buy, even a fake death.




Notice how the legs are burned all the way through, bones and flesh turned into ashes. No bright red blood anywhere.

Regardles, the above as actually being attributed to Walker is a complete hoax.

The following is a fake image of a dummy burned beyond recognition but not really.


Here is another one:


This, too, is a dummy. Moreover, it is a dummy which is not well-charred.


Look at this. These are not real people. Look at the torso. Also, with shoulders like that he would have been a great recruit for the Raiders. Regardless, there is no charring of the (fake) bodies. These are dummies and parts of dummies soaked and painted with fake blood.

Incredibly, the color is merely flesh tones and bright red, a physical impossibility in the event of truly trapped or unconscious bodies, that is people who can’t escape an inferno. Pink and red, really: 1000% a hoax.

Bright red blood, really, in two men who have been burned to death in a roasting inferno? This is impossible. It’s all fake, mere moulage, standard Hollywood-style.  The arrows point out the obvious: pools of fake blood, a fake blood soaked fake leg and foot, and drizzle or symmetrical, repeating lines of fakery all over the dummy and partial dummy. The face was charred with moulaage for shock and awe and for realism.


Charred to death: what a hoax.


A Pinochio dummy, right out of the catalogue. Straight out of Halloween, or should it be said, “Hollywood-een.” A sick joke to play on the people, and Walker is the key perpetrator.


Then, there are these images, floating about, including the grey-faced dummy. What is this, a cartoon? Or, is it merely another mole hidden amid the rubble?


Looks like the moulage mole might be carrying a few spare dummies on her possession that they decided they didn’t need. The Paul Walker moulage mole, the dummy and fake blood lady, is attempting to make a get-away, but she got caught. Note the red packet and/or residue of fake blood squeezed between her fingers.



The whole world is crying, but there are no tears. Even fake tears would help considerably in supporting the hoax.

NO Brazil

Where is Walker? Taking a few years off with his daughter, who will be the latest newbie in the land of fairy tales.


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  1. That Libyan photo from late August 2011 is a set-up using real skeletons, perhaps exhumed and then burned to simulate fresh corpses being set on fire. It was a huge meda circus, which the journalists from all over the world duly passed on to the masses as fact. The whole thing stank, figuratively. Total fake story using real props. Real orensic science would have seen through that in a flash. Anmesty International, Human Rights Watch are all part of the NWO.

    • Links, please. It would be a good one to write up. Was Qaffafi even really killed? If so, why does no one talk about going after his 50 billion? Will add in a different char photo for now. Thanks.

      • it’s a big fieid – researched here
        my own opinion, based on the research there and links and an increasing awareness of how much is fake these days….a learning curve for me.

        • fwiw, the “Gaddafi death” is so fake. Who knows what happened. Unrealistic to the factor 100.

          • Yes, it is clear that, like Woolwich, CGI tech was used with the added red color and also the unrealistic part where the 50 billionaire Rothschild mole touches his face, as if to say, “Oh, am I bleeding?”, then looks at his hand.

          • I love Paul walker he is cute

        • are you fucking kidding me he would never do that Paul is the the nicest fucking guy on earth fuck you

          • I agree he is a nice person and if you want to do some lie go ahead it is bad enough that he died the way he did now just leave Paul walker alone his family does not want to see this crap just remember that God is looking after all of us even Paul walker R.I.P. Paul love you


    • I love Paul walker is he still alive then

      • Sadly no he’s not all these articles about him faking his death are ridiculous and irrational sorry

        • Yes I agree, God I will give my life for him to be with everyone again. We miss you Paul. By the way, he didn’t fake. Just think this, He said don’t feel bad if I die from racing, I will die with a smile 🙂

      • I am sorry people but he is really dead… I REALLY hope he could ressurect, Best wishes to you Paul… God please let him be with us again… I’ll give ANYTHING if he would be just back with us. Rest in Peace Paul… Best wishes from Russia

        • We’re supposed to take your word for it?

      • yes he’s always still them

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    • All that writing about JFK, LBJ, and Wallace and guess what Oswald acted alone.
      There was never a magic bullet. Connally simply picked the wrong moment he was hit in the video.
      The trajectory of each bullet has been scientifically proven by computer models to have come from Oswald’s window.
      The truth was always the one choice no one would accept. No one wants to believe one twisted nutjob could change history but he did.
      Books and stories from people that heard this and saw that mean NOTHING!!!! None of it has anything to do with the crime scene or the murder.

      • No, Oswald was at the scene because he was led to believe he should help SAVE the life of Kennedy.
        By who?
        CIA of course, who he worked for.

        Then all turned in his face, and he suddenly realized the scam; “I am just a patsy”.
        And he was still not revealing his CIA ties.

        • Oswald didn’t have a chance to tell anyone anything. He did publicly ask legal representation to come forward for him. Oswald was murdered the next morning while walking in police custody.. You don’t think that the Dallas police (who were involved in the murder of Kennedy) would tell anyone if Oswald said anything about being a patsy while he was incarcerated. I suggest you listen to Madeleine Brown. She was LBJ’s mistress for years, gave birth to his son. You should really listen to the video, you’ll learn a lot.

          Clint Murchison was a very wealthy oilman who hated Kennedy. Murchison had a meeting for all involved w the Kennedy assassination the night of 11/21/63. LBJ, was there. She names all the players.in the coup d’etat.

          The Clint Murchison Meeting

      • You’re an idiot, how can a bullet switch directions you know nothing about what happened other then what this imperialistic government feeds you.

      • Sorry Brother….. you have it all wrong…..Please go do your research!!!

      • I think pual walkers not dead because if tou look at some pics he is alive it was probs photoshoped by someone famous

  4. You’re right drk. A real burnt corpse would be charred black not a BBQ colour. Another sad Zionist distraction tactic while they loot America of it’s wealth.

    • That link was invaluable. Looking past the shock value anyone who looks at it closely will see that it is a fake. Yet, the moulage mole in the background didn’t hurt any. Fraudsters and hucksters galore, Zionist-style.

    • would the charring depend on how long he was on fire? The pictures of ppl burnt to an unrecognizable state prob were burning until the fire stopped. Paul Walker was only on fire for minutes, his face looks charred in the photo of him in the car, but when i first saw these days after his death, i thought the burnt body looked weird and placed kind of funny, laid out ontop of all the rubble, were his feet trapped and he burned to death trying to get out? why wasn’t he burned just in the seat where he sat? its all fishy to me. DOnt know why hed stage his own death…unless he wanted to start a new life with his daughter he never got to know. But its not like he was attacked on the streets and followed by paparazzi all the time like Micheal Jackson was, you hardly seen him in the tabloids, he was private. why would he want to escape a popular lifestyle if nothing was in the way?

      • That’s charcoal applied to a dummy,not char, and no fire would just create such a layer of charcoal DUST on the face. Those are dapper cadavers which the prop men took out of the bag and then dressed up.

      • Misty, If Paul walker did die, he was unconscious. His friends said that they couldn’t unbuckle his seatbelt. No one has mentioned his legs being trapped.. They said before that his body was “pinned” in the wreck but his friends, Torp, and cops have changed their story on that detail so many times I forget what they agreed on. The only reason why Paul would fake his death is to start new.. I know he was not bothered a lot by paps but He did say in more recent interviews that fans would come up to him outside his home, shop, and when he was out with his daughter asking for pics and autographs. They wouldn’t leave him alone but he also said that he cared to much to be mean and ignore them. Maybe he got tired of it and thought this was easier? Maybe he didn’t realize how much his fans truly loved him. I don’t think anyone will know for certain. I just know something unusual happened with this accident. It’s said that his brother won’t talk about this death hoax topic.. and I haven’t found an article of him responding to the f&f productions yet. It’s kind of weird. You would think that he would honor his brother’s “death” and step in since Paul cared so much for the franchise. He was talking but this hoax stuff must have something to do with it? idk. It’s 630am and I haven’t slept. maybe over thinking again haha

        • Spare us the paid perp drivel, Kelis. The was staged. No one died. The NWO govt perps & their luciferian followers are staging more 8 more false flag event. Walker’s fake death was staged as a Luciferian ritual. Fake Russia train station bombing.

          Let me remnd you that George W. Bush is the grandson of Aleister Crowley. Barry Soetoro, an occultist/witch was recruited by the government cabal to usher in the Antichrist.

          “NDAA being signed by Obama and hidden deep within the bill is a statute that gives the Government the ability to lie to the people with propaganda,”

          It is the end of 2013, and the fake Mandela funeral staged to have a 91 country assembly to crown the new NWO king, Marduk.


          December 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Preston James, Ph.D
          Secret Space War XII: Marduk Is Crowned in Africa

          In addition, in this latest video report from the X22Report we learn that the Department of Homeland Security is now bussing in terrorists in massive numbers. With the NDAA being signed by Obama and hidden deep within the bill is a statute that gives the Government the ability to lie to the people with propaganda, a statute which a judge declared was legal and constitutional. We are giving a warning to be prepared for a false flag event in the days, weeks and months ahead as the NWO prepares to complete their sinister agenda.

          http://youtu.be/xM9QsjF-ORQ uploaded Dec. 27, 2013.
          DHS Is Bringing In Terrorist By The Bus Load — Episode 249


          • Linda,
            You are the scariest person that I pray I never meet. You have way too much anger for one person. Reminds of the type of crazy that would slit your throat while you sleep just because the person did not agree with you.
            And please explain to me why in the world do you continually babble about things in your post which have no bearing on the Paul Walker conspiracy theory?
            On another post you stated that a friend of yours is a psychic and told you what day Paul would fake his death. What does that have to do with anything? Why would you listen to a psychic when you had already made your mind up? And did this psychic tell you this way in advance or after the fact? If it was after, then the person isn’t psychic just trying to make you believe they are.
            And in yet another post you attempted to get drkresearch to do a post on aliens and was turned down outright and so fast I could almost hear drkresearch laughing at you through my computer screen.
            And then this wonderful statement: “You will be repaid in one way or another for pushing this fraud. When it happens remember you will have reaped what you are now sewing. I don’t believe for a minute that you don’t work for the luciferian cabal.”
            You really are sounding like a cult fanatic. And what the heck is a luciferian cabal?
            LMAO! I am so freaking happy that the only contact I would ever have with you is through my computer because I really feel as if you are one of these nuts that will detonate a ricin bomb on a packed subway.
            Please take you meds before posting something else because most of the people who came to check out the Paul Walker conspiracy theory are laughing at you.

          • I left a comment to you in this thread. Please read it. When I first tried to post the comment the system gave me no reply button.

            I have no respect for you, This is a simple courtesy. I suspect you have no idea what courtesy is.

          • Larin Noel,

            Don’t bother praying that you will never meet me. You are just another piece of scum playing the luciferian cabal game . I probably already know you. You see, my niece is a witch & I have met many of her witch friends already.

            I hate liars. I despise you liars. My opinion is that you are a liar & part of the luciferian agenda, no matter how low you are in the the pyramid. I suspect you are in the sub-basement/

            As far as your opinion is concerned. I don’t care what scum such as you have to say. Say it to my face instead of hiding behind social media. I do hate liars. I hate all liars with the same amount of contempt. Lying is dispicable & deplorable. Pretending to be meek by you liars, is revolting. You make me gag. You spread lies to make sheep vulnerable. What evil you do to anyone else will come back to you 10,000 times. If I were you, I would constantly keep checking your back for the backstabbers behind you. Loretta Fuddy, Hawaiian official who lied to say Barry Soetoro’s fake birth certificate was real was conveniently killed in a set up plane crash. Same thing will happen to those of you Internet posters who post lies for the cabal.

            Tell me, how much do you paid cabal posters earn for each lie that you tell? In a country with no jobs, the only thing you can do is work as a paid liar. You can’t possibly be proud of yourself for all the lies that you tell. Do you get demonic power in return for telling lies? You must since you are equal to a pile of disembowled instestines.

            If you have anything to say to me, I suggest you learn who I am and send me an email. That way I will have evidence to have you arrested for harassment. If you don’t like what i have to say, don’t read it. You are not required to read my comments. Ignore them. Chances are you are hired to follow me around. Ann Cappelletti & the rest of her demented Cappelletti/Bush family can try to hurt me through you stupid comments, but, you just make me laugh.Your comments only serve to make me chuckle at how stupid you are.

            Most people know that “aliens” are demons cast out of heaven, wandering the universe. The demons give luciferians Satanic power. That fact the you are not aware enough to recognize WHAT aliens are, means you have failed to be aware of your surroundings or failed to understand anything in general. To be honest, I don’t believe a word you have to say, nor do I believe you are not involved in the plan to harass peole. The mental illness comments are part of the Luciferian plot to enslave people.

            You are a paid government cabal poster. You trolls are all over Internet threads. This is nothing new. It has been going on for 12-1/2 years now. Here is a word of advice: stop trying to pretend anyone will ever take you seriously. No one will, especially, I will never take you seriously. You are as transparent as every other cabal paid propaganda poster. You fail. If you think anyone cares about what you have to say, write a column so that I can reply to you for all the public to see.

            As for the Marduk post re the Mandela death in June being extended until December for the attendance of the New World Order. I made my point. You read the comment, did you not? Task complete. You read it and It has been archived on the Internet. I made my point & got the information posted in cyberspace. Just by your attempt at attack, I am advised that this Walker death hoax an attempt by the NWO cabal to cover the June Mandela death hoax cover-up, You have validated my suspicion.

            * * *

            “You will be repaid in one way or another for pushing this fraud. When it happens remember you will have reaped what you are now sewing. I don’t believe for a minute that you don’t work for the luciferian cabal.”

            Thank you for validating my suspicion that the Mandela death hoax was covered up by the Walker death hoax.

          • Linda54,


            Paranoid much? Only 2 (this being the 3rd)posts to you by me and you think I am harassing YOU? That isn’t just funny (along with everything else you wrote) it is just plain sad.

            I would LOVE for you to post your email so I can show you what harassment truly looks like.

            I really could not read ALL you wrote in your post because you went off on another one of your psychotic rants. All I caught was Mandela and aliens being demons.

            You know they DO make prescriptions for your condition and therapy helps. I suggest you take advantage of both.

            As for me being Luciferian scum and demonic at that, get a grip on reality. You were and still are out of line. I am sure if I had already met you then I would have known right away. Thank GOD I haven’t and hopefully never will.

            You may carry a bible and thump it excessively but I will pray that you get the psychiatric you need.

            Go ahead and post your email, this “witch” would LOVE to explain the benefits of psychotropic to you.

            Toodaloo 🙂

          • Linda,

            also I just wanted to let you know that you gave me a good laugh today when I read your rebuttal. That hasn’t happened in a long time. I know that you believe in all of this conspiracy stuff and I am NOT trying to change your mind but you really need to tone it down. Again I would love to have your email address so we can discuss all of this further. And I am sure that if you go to the cops on me for harassment they would get a good laugh too. Again I will pray for you and that stuff that you said about witchcraft, how in the world did you know that I’m a witch? Also, you do not know me at all and I know that if you did get to know me then you wouldn’t be so ugly to people. My email address is [email protected]
            go ahead and email me and hit me with your best shot. I need a good laugh and you’re just a person that would give it to me 🙂

      • Celebrities are worth more when they’re dead. Maybe he was going bankrupt, maybe it was the daughter thing, Maybe he just got tired of the popular life, they eventually get tired of the fame and paparazzi.

  5. Don’t they usually cover car crash scenes like this?
    Ok the body you claim are fakes, then were is Walker? Why would this be done?
    What, did he owe the IRS? Child support?
    So where is he? Why why why would this happen?

    • It’s Zionist distraction to keep celebrity obsessed people looking the other way while they steal everything of value and bring the American economy to it’s knees.

    • Listen carefully to his father’s interview, who reported that his son was sick of acting and wanted a break, wanted to retire: and spend tons of time with his daughter, whose life was passing away before his eyes. The dad smiles all over the place when he says it.

      • i wish the death is fake so i knw dat my fav actor is alive somewhere n not thinking he is death. after reading n observing ur analysis i think his death is a fake.


  6. Cui bono is a distraction. Is it fake or isn’t it? It’s fake. I don’t care who benefits or why.

  7. What the freak!! Everything is A fake!!

    • Lisa, everything is a distraction. This is all Luciferian cabal staged. Collecting more money. This time from sale of “Fast & Furious” DVD sales. The anniversary of the staged Sandy Hoax staged school ritual is in on 12/12/13. Expect many more staged Luciferian rituals before the end of the year. Everyone you see pretend crying is complicit. They are professional actors here. The dummies look as if they are ballistic gel dummies. Peruse Shamrock Labs website. Here is the link to PROPS: http://www.silvershamrocklab.com/Silver_Shamrock_Lab_Makeup_Effects/GORE.html
      The phone number is area code 818, means they are in the Burbank, CA area.

      • Linda254, i think you should lay off the crack pipe

    • paul walker is not dead thats not even the real car if that was the real car how the licene plat is way different? u people are dumb.check the licene plat r different!!!!!! he fake his own dead an he leave his family. while the car was burnin look clostly an u will see some one is standin in the fire.coudy walker an paul walker is not twine.i know he is alive someone goin to find him some day he is not dead he faked his own dead. he is a good driver i no he will not crash like that.come on people that was a strait road an the speed limit was 40.so u believe that an then the next day the speed limit change to 30 or 35 i think its on the website check it out u will see it your self if u people think i am talkin lie

    • how people even no thats paul walker an his friend? an how they even no is his car

  8. Idc what nobody says bc I’m posting my opinion like everybody else! I think he’s still alive bc there are too many things being proved that he is! And if he is alive GOOD! I don’t blame him one bit getting out of the publics eye to spend more time with his daughter and family! He tell you himself that his daughter is what matters to him! Even one of his long time friends said if paul was ever making a movie and one of his family or friends needed help, he would stop filming to go be with them no matter how long it took! Go to youtube and dind the video on “jim torp” jim torp is suppose to be Roger Rodus friend but the video will show jim torp gets caught IN 4 different lies! That’s just me tho

    • Yes, he is still alive. Yes, he could have wanted out. But why? Just because Hollywood is a rat scene? He could do that without faking his death. It’s a mess to create such a hoax and draw down people’s emotions. No excuse for it. But, yes, it is good that he is alive.

  9. Sorry, I posted the wrong link.
    Here’s the video, you can see the corpses at 1:07
    Maybe just some flashs?

  10. This photo or “still” was taken from a video of the scene; during the time when police and the coroner were prepping the scene for removal of the bodies (moving cars into place, putting up coverings, etc). The video clearly shows for a few seconds of the bodies same as the photo. Burned beyond recognition doesn’t have to mean “charred beyond all recognition.” Personally, I think this is legit.

  11. walker faked his death, the fbi has a program to fake your death and they put you somewhere else with new name and new everything, many celebs use this who are burned out like elvis and tupac, its all real but they know you dumb americans are too stupid too look into it.

  12. The pictures are not fake idiot! There were people filming video and Walkers body was just as it is there.
    The bodies were not burning from the moment the car’s engine was ablaze. In fact, in the beginning of the fire video, neither body has been exposed tp fire yet.
    The fire dept arrived a few minutes after the flames hit them. They burned probably 4-8 minutes but with intense flames, heat and it doesn’t take long to burn flesh. Had their bodies burned another 10 minutes then it would be even more horrific.
    And while you’re busy conjuring garbage, you fail to realize that the firefighters hit their burning flesh with high pressure water. Much of their flesh would be knocked off into the car be moved away to the ground in water streams.
    In the future…leave the thinking to others.

    • How do you know when the footage was actually filmed? Is it possible you could have been lied to by mainstream media? You’re like most Americans to stupid and ignorant to have any understanding of what is actually going on, behind the scenes of the mainstream media (you should do some research). Could that footage have been faked? Where you there? No, So how on earth can you be a 100 percent certain that the footage of the crash is real? One more thing how the fuck could one of the best race car drivers in the world, crash a car that was built and designed to act and behave just like a gt cup series car? The same type of race car he was paid millions to drive. How did universal pictures put a tribute on each disk around the world, with less than a weeks notice? Did they just re print every disk that quick?

    • is he alive or is he dead im hella Confused ?

  13. I do not think that Paul and Roberts death are fake. Why would he fake his death and the death of a friend who was not well known by the public just to escape show business, if that was the reason? Eventually someone would see that he was alive and well and expose him.so if it was faked then he would have to stay in hiding for the rest of his life. I do see the flaws that you pointed out in all of the videos and pictures and I myself had a few of those same questions and thoughts. Especially the video of Paul’s girlfriend. If it were my boyfriend there is no way I would be laughing on a tailgate and behind bushes days after his death. Based on her actions in the video, I believe that she may have been having an affair and was relieved that he had passes but that is my opinion. I also questioned the photo of the bodies. I had the same thought you did about the way they were lying on top of the wreckage instead of being more mangled within the car and the fact that the clothes burned off the body instead of burning to it more. I do agree that there are a lot of things that don’t add up but I just don’t think that Paul would go through aIl that trouble and to those extremes to fake his death Roberts death. I would love for their death to be a hoax but I believe that the accident was real and that two men lost their lives.

    • Their bodies did not get to burn that long. probably at most 8 minutes. In the video of the burning car their bodies were not aflame. The fire was on the back half of the car.
      When the firefighters put out the fire their newly burned and charred skin was broken up and damaged and much of it wouldve been knocked off by the water. Some of the bleeding may have been caused by that but its likely Paul got cut up pretty bad. I see what appears to be a large gash on his right chest and what looks like exposed ribs underneath.
      If you look at the wreckage in the daylight pics you notice a wall of sharp and twisted metal where Paul’s door was and were the car struck the tree. No seatbelt or airbag could stop Paul from smashing into that debris. He would’ve suffered massive blows and cuts.

      Another thing the lunatic writer of this article doesn’t understand is something you see in the raw video of that moment.
      The Fire Dept had pulled up a rig with flashing lights up beside the wreck trying to block photogs. The lights gave everything a reddish tint. The metal almost looks red or bloodsoaked and the colors of the bodies are affected too.
      Paul’s girl was upset and it looked like Paul’s Dad said some inside joke that broke the tension. Yes grieving people can smile sometimes.
      Anyone who think’s the deaths are fake need help in a big way.

      • Have you seen the state of Walkers car? Steel has been turned to porridge. If the heat was strong enough to melt steel to an unrecognisable heap then it’s safe to say that soft organic flesh would be in even worse shape.

        • CARBON FIBRE not steel, ok? See the HUGE difference?

      • was gonna say the same thing about the lights from the fire truck and police car giving the body and everything around it a reddish look but you beat me too it

  14. Ok check this crash photo of car and the video of paul walker and roger rodas before the crash moving in porsche carrera. Something is really strange. The middle of tire has something red in picture ( I dont know what it is called) but in video it is absolutely absent. This are links for photo and videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82F7XDPkMLE&feature=youtube_gdata_player and for photo http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2013/11/paul-walker-killed-in-car-crash.html. may be I am crazy I dont know. I am waiting for logical answers..

    • You are right about that brake weight device or whatever it is. One is red, the other yellow. It is conceivable that a different care was used, a trashier one, for the hoax. Keep looking into this.

    • Hem, that’s not Roger and Paul in the car.
      I don’t think so…
      Anyway, have you another video? The licence plate was YCCY590 (somethin like that)

      • Yeah I also noticed afterwards that they aren’t but if u ll see the real pics of walker and rodas in porsche tires are little different than wreckage. Actually there is no direct side photo of car before crash but in this link 4th photo, is taken almost showing tires and there is no those red materials in the centres of tires http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/paul-walker-dead-pictures-show-2914154. And I couldn’t understand usa is a well developed country and there is no security cam caught this car during motion or on impact. And if this is a fake or staged, what is the benefit of paul walker? I dont think so anybody can prove this as fake even if it is. Sorry for my english im not a native speaker. And if he and his friend are really dead this is so sad:(

        • You can barely see something.
          It would be helpful to see a pic of this car showing its side.
          Also, it seems the color is not the same ; each side has a different one. I think.
          (blue or red)
          And for the cam: there’s a security car, near a parking, on the road, but you can see closer and I think it’s normal. I don’t think every roads in Americas have got so much cam…
          Or you thinkt there’s a security cam for every crash?

          • As I know those security cams are belonging to private buildings. But I was asking about traffic cameras which are located on roads by government. In Turkey those cams called mobese( mobile electronic sytem integration).they record speed, accidents, crime etc. I wonder aren’t those traffic cameras present in usa?? I think the porsche at least travelled 4-5 km and there is no rany record. And news sources say the accident where it took place that area known by street racing. If there is no such traffic cameras then I can tell the government is irresponsible.

      • that’s because the plate that was at the scene was left there by a fan

        • I know that.
          I just mean, have you seen other videos showing the plate of the car that crashed? Because if it’s a different car (as suggested in a hoax), that would not be the same plate.
          And, you know, it may be possible that the plate was photoshopped?
          There is a rim story, too…

      • because the plate at the scene was left there by a fan i saw footage of the fan leaving it there

  15. on video women raise corpse, i think they are should be heavy. Paul’s weight is 87kg (Sorry for English)

    • You are right. It is raised like a featherweight. That’s because there is no one on that gurney. Correct.

      By the way, the silicone composite dummy looks pretty heavy, too.

    • If u r talking about that fatty aunty I bet she is heavier than paul and she can shift him easily:)

    • It’s her job, I’m sure she can do that easily, having already done that before.
      But what about roger’s “body”?

      • Nobody cares about any bodies, because there weren’t any.

  16. Add this with the “special effects” company and they could pull it off.

    Paul Walker’s Death: Reason Why Response To The Chaos Was Delayed

    “There is a special effects building behind Always Evolving, where the event took place, so lots of people thought that the noise was coming from there,” eyewitness Jim Torp told HollywoodLife . com

    • Torp tells a different fable every time he opens his mouth, but this is a good one.

  17. ive been a forensic analyst and crime scene investigator for years. the red hue you see is
    from the light on the firetruck causing a reflection. however this photo is 100 percent real,
    what you are using is a clipped section of the photo as to strengthen your argument.
    however when viewed in its full version the bodies are basically mixed in w/ the car and parts, some of what you are arguing as body parts are actually pieces of the car twisted in w/ the bodies. i know people dont want to admit that these photos are real because hiding from the reality is easier on the mind. but i assure you, its real.. i understand your desire to calm the sheep, but its not necessary and actually pretty irresponsible on your part.

    • You’re an expert? Great. Where did you work that forensic job?

    • How can you explain this fake blood story?
      What was she doing?

  18. Wow I can’t believe how not discrete these actors are…the lady in white was obviously pouring fake blood all over the white tarp around 1:52 in the video. I can’t believe the entire thing was staged. I wonder what the funeral will be like this weekend. I can’t believe so many people are in on it

    • I do hope its all a hoax.. I’m starting to believe cause to many weird unanswered things popping up..

  19. This was hilarious. You guys are complete idiots. Why not just accept the fact someone died? Are you that bored with life that you have to come up with conspiracies to fill up your days with some sort of entertainment?

    • Robby, most people are really ignorant. They have a fantasy of believing everything is fake. They’re so uneducated and lack common sense that they actually believe this is a hoax… to escape the spotlight? putting his entire friends and family through this just because he wants a vacation? This shows the ignorance and stupidity that are surfing the internet.

      • Oh John – I suppose it was your extreme intelligence that made you comment on something you have no time for. Are YOU that bored that insulting others on ideas you don’t accept is your idea of a good time?
        This ladies and gentleman – is the hypocrisy that surfs the internet…
        run along now….

  20. I was one of the reporters of PW and RR accident and the video is 100% accurate, the person of this article is attempting to make this car accident look FAKE why? yes of course every car accident is tragic but these two expert drivers knew the risks when driving a fast speedy car on a 35 MPH road?

    Anyway i was there watching and it is REAL footage.

    • Prove it.

    • That does not mean anything. Have you checked the bodies??
      Well, anyway, I trust you, it’s too weird to think it’s fake. Lots of channels have reported the news…

      • There were many news reporters there not just me, sorry i meant to say 45 MPH road in my last reply but that road use to have a speed limit of 35 MPH it has changed to 45 in the last two years, ”but just tell me this if this is some kind of hoax on PW and RR part why did they want to cause so much sadness for their friends, fans and families unless you think they are all involved in it?

        Its been on every news station that i have seen, this would not happen if the story was NOT true?

        • Since when the medias are reliable?

        • This ‘Taro’ clown is no reporter. Look at his spelling, phrasing, punctuation. This is the writing of a man trained in journalism? BAHAHAHAHA! No station or paper would hire such a person as a reporter with such atrocious, sub-par writing abilities. FIVE STAR FAIL, ‘Taro’. He/she/it’s just another obvious stooge…

    • I thought the sign said 45 mph?

  21. These image came from one of witness video, which was dark and the police and Ems tried hard to cover it up as they tried to move the corpse but in between for sec it was a glimps of this scene. Someone apparently cut and zoomed it. On the video u can clearly see there was something there. Plus if u see any of earlier photos/day light/ even while there was still smoke you will see these part of the car was covered the whole time. Why would they cover it if there was nothing visible there. As of the driver, if you see where his side of behind tire is it’s easy to imagine how his whole body is stuck under the wheel or hood.

    The video is the one at night, it’s few mins video where the witness recording while the cops and Ems use blanket and their cars to cover it up from them.

    • If there were corpses, why didn’t they put one on the stretcher when they hauled that empty one, after the spilled the tempura paint on it, away?

      • drkresearch have you checked out the Reddit site on PW accident, there are a few pictures on there showing the coroner moving body parts onto the stretcher, there is even a clear shot of one of the drivers foot and badly burnt arm?

        The above footage has been edited not to show much of the corpses,

  22. You people have serious mental issues. If you frequent sites such as documenting reality etc you will see first hand photos of burn victims etc and see that its quite possible for a body to be as pw was in the car. You dont actually provide any undeniable proof. The notion that he wanted to spend time with his daughter so faked his death is ludicrous. Its said like he couldnt just retire without being hounded so had to fake his death?? He flew under the radar at the best of times so his retirement wouldnt have a been a big deal. You are a pretty sick individuals to mock a mans death. As for the Woolwich murder I personally met his grandmother and to even imply that the grief she was displaying was an act is vile. You no marks need to get a mental evaluation and get a damn life. Have you freaks not learned from tupac?? Telling anyone who will listen he was alive and coming back in a certain yr and guess what the date came and went and still no tupac. … why u cant just let people rest in peace is beyond me. Sick fucks.

    • Woolwich murder, Yvette – you’re well traveled. Whose grandmother? Do tell us more…

    • we are wondering some questions and that’s normal.
      No need to be angry, people tend to think it’s not true when such a thing happens. We can’t accept he’s died.

    • Ahahahahahahahahaha! When you can print as much money as you need thanks to our ‘fiat currrency’ you can hire as many shills, agents and actors as needed. How much did they pay YOU to shill, ‘Yvette’? You’re about as good as ‘Gene Rosen’ of Sandy Hook hoax. In other words, not very.

  23. yvette i’m not sure if you need some kind of anger evaluation? there was no need for your little out burst here…?

    I think reporting PW death should not be put under wraps, both fans and families of the victims want to know what had caused the deaths, so i’m not entirely certain why you think we should not be reporting any facts about this accident? just saying…

  24. gosh I really hope its a hoax.. I would really like to believe Paul is alive…I would love to marry him..

    • Paul would mary me if he were still alive.
      Actually he wanted to flee away from his ex gf; 😀

      • Paul Walker is still alive. He is part of the cabal who staged this fake crash to collect $$$. Principle actors are insured for million$. My friend is psychic. She told me the crash was staged on Monday following the crash. Don’t you realize everything has been staged for cash fraud, or to push a cabal agenda. You may realize the Eric Holder Mexican guns deal was called “Fast & Furious.” This fake crash was a Luciferian ritual to get Holder out of trouble.

        • Linda254 well if that is true then why involve another person to hoax PW death? i’m sure RR would like to be with his family right now so i don’t understand what reason would PW would want RR to go along with this Hoax?

          • No one died in this scam. All the conspirators to the scam are the crew of the “Fast & Furious” movie and his family, just as JackO’s family is involved in his death scam.. Logic tells you this is not real. The cabal gets a huge kick out of scamming people for a big payoff. Why work if you can live off of a socked away bundle of money obtained through fraud. Look at all the money that was scammed from the 911 implosions. Perps in every branch of govt were & are involved in keeping the 911 scam going.

            There was a guy in NY/NJ area who faked his own death 5 years ago w his son. He was caught & tried. You can even google “how to fake your own death” http://www.wikihow.com/Fake-Your-Own-Death

  25. No, it’s no fake. In the video below you can see Paul tried to escape. He also shouted “help me” on sec 24. Don’t Look to the shadow in the flames back of the car. You have to look to the middle of the car, the drivers door. You can see paul tried to escape over the drivers seat. He waves with a hand. That’s also the positions his body was found. We have to accept his death.


    • Not sure about this vid… You could invent lots of things in your mind.
      But Paul is dead, whatever what happened.
      But I don’t buy the story. Light pole, two trees, a panel??? How could that happen?
      There’s somethin fishy.
      But, I’m not an expert.

      • Paullie there was another car that had actually filmed PW crash which as not yet been released by the police for some reason maybe its being kept for evidence? i was told that the people in the other car thought that the red Porsche was traveling very fast on that road r before it had crashed.

        • Are we even sure this vid exists?
          It’s Torp who talked about that and he does not seem reliable…

      • Sorry, this is just another hoax by the Luciferian cabal.

        • Linda254 ok then how do you account for the recent funeral of PW that was reported over the weekend in the news, it was a service for his family and close friends that had came, was PW funeral service fake as well?

          • Fake deaths, fake funerals. Standard procedure. Much easier though when the state is involved. Everyone can be leaned on. Time for everyone to wake up. Don’t believe anything. If it looks strange, it is strange. Develop a nose for a good hoax. The deeper one digs, the worse it looks. They don’t want you to dig, just believe the tweets and take-home message.

    • There is no video of paul screaming. Lol
      Even if there was one his friends have said to try and corroborate their stories that he was unconscious so how can someone unconscious be screaming for help? lol.friends have said that he was unconscious and they tried to get him out. That’s the friends that were in scene before fire brigade and police arrived. Hmmm :/ (scratches head) lol
      He was never in the car and is alive and well. THAT so called video people are claiming was the crash video was posted to youtube months ago as many have said and have seen it.it was then Retitiled and reposted under the title paul walker crash video. Don’t believe everything social media tries to feed you.not one police conference held to report his death. Even a smaller celeb like CORY monteith had a police press done to announce his death officially. Nothing officially has been done for paul and roger. Fishy much lol
      I was very shocked by his “Death” and immediately knew that the circumstances were extremely suspicious.a little digging and you just know that he faked his death.the man wanted out of hollyweird and was never comfortable there,in any way. Everyone who knew him said that he just wanted to be a dad and do his charity work. And hollyweird were relentless with the contracts.he was tied into fast and furious for so many more movies.he wanted out and the stuff his brother collected from his house so soon after his “death” or shall I say his disappearance are suspicious too.he’s probably in Hawaii or El Salvador.some place like that or island somewhere.he’s made enough money for him and his family to live comfortably.everyone that knew him said that he wanted out of hollyweird.And now he is

      • Mimi tbh i’m having a hard time accepting this is all a hoax although why no other security footage have not been released is abit mystifying? i would think the buildings around that crash should have actual footage of the crash but none have been shown yet?

        But also the coroner had said that the dental records were of PW from the crash? why would they lie about that.

    • Sorry, Sabrina, if you can not see through the scams of the cabal, you must be part of it. btw, Mandela died in June 2013, brain dead or organs stopped working. His family kept him artificially alive by machines because they were suing him for his estate. In S.A. you can’t sue a dead man. So you see, people everywhere have fraud in his/her heart. After the huge fraud of 911, JackO’s fake death, Sandy Hoax, Boston fake bombing, Dorner, Snowden, Trayvon Martin’s hoax death, killing Breitbart & more, always question everything. Journalism is dead today. Disinformation causes chaos magick which feeds demons.

    • There are 2 sets of car pieces which I see represented in these staged photos. One has a hood with at huge burn old in the hood, which lays flat across the front of the car. A 2nd photo has the hood in an 45 degree upright position, whole, undented. Are you going to say these photos are from one car? Open your eyes. Your perception is horrible or you are just paid to lie.

      • Yes, there are two sets of car pieces. Can you all put every relevant link in a single post? Well done.

        • Are you sure or it is just a different angle?
          Check the tree, its leaves, the distance between the trees, the building behind…
          You know, the car from a different angle, is above a kind of parking.
          There is even some grass .

          I wonder who is the guy in white pants in the vid, next to the car. You can hear “help” at 0:40 if you listen carefully. What is this guy doing? Was this guy a cetain Nutes, who said he saw Paul unconscious in the car?

          Where are (I’ can’t belive I’m asking that) the others parts of RR’s body?
          That’s so burned we can’t see them?

          If Paul is alive, how did he escape the scene? When?

          • The big evidence of the hoax is in the videos you all posted, here, not so much in the two car issue. To be posted as soon as possible. For sure he is alive. Details unknown.

          • How does an angle put a hole in the car hood laying flat, then change to a car hood at a 45 degree angle, whole, no hole, no dents. Open your eyes, unless of course, you are one of the paid cabal posters who work this NODISINFO thread. I say you are a paid cabal poster.

          • What are Luciferians? If it’s for “satan” like someone else told me, Paul Walker is far from being a Luciferian. I’ve tried looking it up but my cell won’t look me scroll to see the definition for this word.

        • dkresearch,

          I don’t know if you can see this post without being a member of David Icke Forums. I think you will be able to see the post. When I am not signed into my DIF account, I can see the photos.


          In the post I posted 5 different photos. I see 4 different backgrounds & 2 piles of car pieces. The 4th photo, which appears to be all fire, is arbitrary. It could be anything. It could have been taken anywhere. The 2nd picture with the burn hole in the hood likes as if the background has been photoshopped. It is the 2nd photo in the group. The white & black areas on either side of the car don’t look real to me. They appear to be from another photo.

          I haven’t posted anymore photos of the car event. I am looking for signs of what will happen on Feb. 2 at the Super Bowl. It will be interesting to see what Luciferian music group will perform at the luciferian 1/2 time event.

    • your video you posted doesnt come up anymore, is there another link?

  26. It is also strange that his brother Cody went to his house a few days after the accident to get some of Paul’s belongings….including clothes, rifle, surfboard, aqua tainer bottle (to keep water fresh), a bunch of boxes, and maybe a sleeping bag (appears to be in the car). It’s strange that his brother collected his belongings so quick after his death…but it’s even more strange about what he took from his home…and why those items?

  27. Check this fan page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/RIP-Paul-Walker-30112013/543566695718509?fref=ts


    • I don’t know, if you find it, tell us. I would like to see that too.

    • Weirdo, maybe the owner just changed the title of the page when he’s died.

  28. there is a picture without the green savannah on the car??? to see the dummies in the day? sorry for my english

  29. you guys are sicker than i thought!everything is a hoax to you?Next thing you are going to say is that Nelson Mandela’s death is fake,right?What a sick bunch!!

    • Hey, calm down.
      Not everybody here think it’s a hoax.
      However, doubt is allowed.

  30. Reading all this comments makes me sick. Everything its fake, everything is a hoax, everything is a lie… Paul Walker died on 11/30/13. or is that celebrity stars are not allowed to die you idiots? they died like everyone else, don’t be so stupid to thik he is alive for christ sake.

    • My, like I said, it’s hard to believe it.
      I’m not talking about the articles.
      Some people can’t believe it. They surely like(d) Paul so much…

      • I guess the Luciferian perps just throw out as many ridiculous things they can get into the public and expect the Internet based sock puppets and trolls who they pay actually earn the fees they get from the cabal.

  31. What really happened to Paul walker an his driver how did they really die

    • We are trying to tell you that both are not dead. They faked their deaths.

  32. I miss him so much my heart go out to his familly

  33. So many i cosiastencys but WHERE is the family why have they been sonquiet,. ? Where is the GF???? Why havent authorities said anything,……????? I havent found pics of RR funeral

    • hey retard his dad has been on tv many times speaking of his son. so ur an idiot, period! an the funeral was private stupid. no medai was aloud. its called respect. ppl like u make me sick

    • umm there are lots of pics of his family speaking and grieving aswell as funeral pics. i have some i just cant post them on here, so either ur stupid or have lived under a rock. unless u know dnt talk idiot

  34. honestly ur an idiot..there real. the cops standing around arne’t in on it. and all the witnesses on the videos call 911 an say they can see someone in the car burning. his friends even tried to pull him out. so u r fucking annoying me. seriously get a life bud. the guy was loaded an did a lot of charity work an amazing things for people. its disgusting that you would say he faked his death. i wish i could meet u an punch u in ur fucking mouth u disrespectful pig

    • I don’t think they wan to be disrespectful.
      At least, not the fans who think he’s alive.
      I think they hope he kaked it because they don’t want to think he’s died.
      Nothing ot do with his charity work or something…

    • Brent, you are a sheeple, or you are a paid sock puppet propaganda poster. Hiring people to push an agenda through broadcast, on phone, TV, print, radio existed lonh before social media, It has a name, “Astroturfing.”

    • Of course, they are. Every photographed in the hoax are involved in the scam. Big payout for those involved in the scam.

  35. The photo with legs missing is from an accident from 2012 in Portugal. Google the image. The one which is not clear is genuine. I know i have googled this but get your facts right!

  36. dkresearch, I, too, have an article for you to post. It relates to why the world leaders were at Mandela’s funeral in December & has nothing to do w Mandela’s death. It appeared in Veteran’s Today. New king in Africa, Marduk, who could be the antichrist.

    Is Marduk part of a luciferian End-Game Plan to to complete the Globalist NWO Plan with a strange, very big suprise for all NWO Kingpins and Cutouts involved?

    Secret Space War XII: Marduk Is Crowned in Africa
    December 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Preston James, Ph.D

    • There are good points but, honestly, we don’t do UFOs/ET, here, unless someone can provide hard proof of the arrival of actual other entities to this planet. It is sure that there are invisible beings, there is accumulating evidence for actual angelic visits, but actual physical beings from other planets: no proof of that, yet. Thanks, though.

      • Don’t be fooled. You have no idea how demented the govt elite are. An FB friend from Ireland wrote me he was aware of Marduk. There is too much for me to post here, but you can look at the information I have gathered on David Icke forums.


        Barry Soetoro AKA Obama is part of the NWO agenda. I hope something comes out of Orly Taitz pushing to have Barry’s use of Harry Bounel’s social security on the WH website. Barry is a total fraud, grew up in Indonesia, where black magic flourishes. The reason Barry was chosen by the cabal is because he is well versed in witchcraft.


        Judge Rules: Obama Social Security Card Fraud May Finally Get Answers
        Posted By Tim Brown on Dec 22, 2013

        • Barry Soetoro, the fraud, aka Obama, is an Indonesian citizen. Went to Punahou as a foreign student, went to Occidental college as a foreign student, I believe Michelle obtained the Bounel Social security number for Barry. He was never naturalized as an American, his fake presidency is a total fraud. Both parties know it, are involved in the cover-up, along with police & firemen. The masonic brotherhood/also luciferians is huge. Ann Cappelletti & Barbara Bush are illegitimate witch daughters fo Aleister Crowley. Crowley descendants & followers staged 911, and all the other staged events since then. Of course, military is entrenched in the worship of Lucifer, as is CIA & FBI. Foreign staged event have CIA fingerprints all over them. Barry Soetoro has no qualms about squashing Americans. Barry is not an American citizens & is determined to accomplish what the luciferian bankers & elite tell him to do, as long as the money keeps rolling into his hands.

    • Are you aware that Hillary Clinton belongs to a cult of lesbians called the .onion .onion is the encryptian for the system they use in their money laundering system and in their person accounts, legal papers and correspondence.

      43 women belong to this cult including Cherie Blair, Hillary, Condi Rice, Lynne Cheney, Michelle Obama, Winnie Mandela, Nancy Pelosi, Kristine Marcy, more. The author of the article is Field McConnell. His sister is Kristine Marcy, nee McConnell.

      First Lady, Cherie Blair, has come under the spotlight for her indulgence in pagan rituals that resemble Freemasonic rites. Unconfirmed information also suggests that the term “former Labour Cabinet minister” is misleading and that the investigation has identified a surprisingly large number of alleged paedophiles at the highest level of British government, including one very senior cabinet minister (known to Propaganda Matrix.com) .. In the United States, Operation Ore’s counterpart was Operation Avalanche. However, U.S. authorities only charged 100 people out of 35,000 investigated. The international paedophile investigation began when Dallas police and the US Postal Inspection Service raided the offices of Landslide Productions of Fort Worth, Texas and confiscated records on thousands of people around the world who were child pornography customers of the firm.

      Landslide’s halcyon days as a Fort Worth-based international online marketplace of kiddie porn was during the term of Texas Governor George W. Bush. WMR has learned that the Bush administration, like that of Blair, is rife with paedophiles in top positions. The paedophile network also extends to the U.S. defense industry, particularly some of the companies that have been involved in the sexual abuse of minors at overt and covert U.S. prisons in Abu Ghraib, Iraq; Guantanamo, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Thailand, and now, at three prisons in Ethiopia.


      Btw, Fuddy (the Hawaiin official who corroborated Barry Soetoro’s birth certificate) along w Breitbart were murdered by the Barry Soetoro/Obama regime. That infor is also posted on

  37. tant de discours pour finalement peu de choses…parce que quoi !!! ??? il est bel et bien mort et pour celles et ceux qui l’ont respecté, soutenez son association plutôt qu’espérez qu’il ressuscite. On a toutes et tous envie que ce ne soit qu’un mauvais cauchemar mais la réalité nous rattrape ! ou que tu sois Paul, sois en paix, nous pensons à toi et à ta famille, tes proches, des ami(e)s dans cette douleur que seul le temps estompe mais n’éteint pas :/

  38. I had a *few* ideas on this subject….though your reporting is kind of malicious ..

    • Sorry, Leanne, you are either confused or you work for the govt cabal paid posters. Walker is not dead. This is a staged luciferian ritual. .

      • Question. I know it has been a year since you did this comment in regards to Paul W.’s hoax death. So are you saying that Paul is a Luciferian? Be honest. Im just asking. I do believe there are alot of holes in this situation about his death. If he did fake, is possible maybe he did it because his life was on the line? got tired of the Hollywood spotlight? But my question is since you are saying it was Luciferian cabal, is he Luciferian?

  39. How dare all of you. You will all burn in hell for being spineless dead beat pieces of shit with apparently no f’ing brain cells. I mean really???!? Cmon u have nothing better to do but make up some fake bullshit using phony pics to begin with if i ever came across any of you fuck heads i would knock you out. Let Walker rest in peace and go jerk off to keep yourselves occupied instead of this shit deadbeats.

    • Actually.. It’s not “all” it’s a lot. Some people, including me. Have not picked a side but Knows deep down that Paul did lose his life. Why do people like yourself have to be so nasty and start the immature name calling? Some people, yes. They are going overboard saying outrageous things like Paul being a Satan worshipper and blah blah.. But then there’s actual fans who are questioning the lies that even the media have spotted. Like his friends who changed their stories repeatedly. The list can go on. I met the man. He was so sweet and funny. I’ve been a fan for 10 years and I wouldn’t disrespect him. You have no right to say “you will all burn in hell” since you don’t make that decision. Paul wouldn’t appreciate all of this worthless bickering back and forth. People have opinions, if you don’t agree to them. simply ignore and keep scrolling. No need to be rude. Have a good night.

      • There is no side to take. There is only the truth or lies. Are you not aware this website is to expose hoaxes? This is not just Walker lying, it is a whole slew of of people attempting to defraud, whether it be through outright lying to the public, scamming money or insurance fraud.

        You have no idea of the games people play. Exposing a fraud, no matter whether it is a woman or a man is something for which you must strive, or you are a conspirator to that fraud. Grow up, you should act as if you are adults.

        • Why would you say “Grow up, you should act as if your are adults” ? I obviously know this page is about hoaxes but not everyone on here believes every word on this page. People are allowed to think for themselves. Their are two “sides” to this story. Whether he is gone or if he is still alive.

          • There are pcitures of 4 different backgrounds that I have seen. Sets of at least 2 different piles of red car parts. I have seen it written that 3 different piles are car parts were used. That gives the viewer 84 different scenarios. This was just another set up fraud to cause chaos magic, cause dissention and divide the public. Personally, I don’t care what happened to Walker or the rest of the scum & liars involved in this HUGE lie. Shame on all of you who are involved in spreading these lies. You are all part of the conspiracy. You will be repaid in one way or another for pushing this fraud. When it happens remember you will have reaped what you are now sewing. I don’t believe for a minute that you don’t work for the luciferian cabal.

          • Are you sure it wasn’t just different angles?

  40. I would love nothing better than to knw Paul is live..if even he didfake his death,I don’t think he willfully did it. it was his only way out I think . I hope he is alive I wish I could help him..I love you Paul. William walker <3 B-)

    • Anybody else wondering about the “why” ?

      I don’t buy into a lot of what is presented here – and so much of it is kind of macabre and too blurry to even take at any form of face value.
      However !
      I do believe that this is all for the movie – I just have different reasoning behind it than you. I like to see light…not dark.

  41. Does it ever hurt to be so utterly clueless?

    You know ABSOLUTELY nothing about which you speak, yet you’re talking like you’re some sort of expert medical examiner who specializes in burn victims.

    The levels of stupidity and paranoia in this comments section would be laughable if you people didn’t actually believe this silly shit.

    I can’t believe I have to share this planet with you friggin’ dim-bulbs. I really hope the aliens get here soon to take me far away from you retards.

  42. Ive just read the autopsy report thats been posted by the news & i have to agree i still think its all too weird unless these pics are photoshopped (i dont know much about that stuff but it all seems to be real) the coroner kicking evidence ie the wreckage of the car out of her way, she was not wearing gloves & jim torps interviews, i know what its like to lose someone & i would say its disrespectful to question it if people think its weird its normal to question they whys & hows of a situation you find things out & listening to jim torp im wondering wtf is he on he cant even get the story right its obvious hes lying but why at all none of it makes sense. Too much doesnt add up to it blowing up like that nothing hit the back & the water pipe is in tact!!!!!

    • I just read that autopsy report and it seems to match Paul Walker’s “stance” in that picture to a tee whether he his charred enough or not. His head is facing west, his left hand is right above Roger’s, the right hand in the air. It seems to match up almost perfectly.

      It is: “The decedent was located lying supine in the passenger seat. The top of his head facing west. His right arm was bent at the elbow with his right hand in the air, parallel with the central portion of his torso. His left arm was bent at the elbow with his left hand on the ground, just above the other decedent’s head,” the coroner’s narrative reads of Walker.

      “Both of his legs were bent at the knees with both of his feet resting on the passenger floorboard. The decedent was charred and in a pugilistic stance. His right wrist was fractured and his left arm was fractured.”

      • I have seen the photos of the body and I have read the autopsy report. I’m just wondering where u see RR’s body because what I seen was a body, that’s supposed to be PW’s with the left arm laying next to what looks to be like a leg

      • Ok I’ve read the reports and they in my opinion read the same in the way both bodies were found. I mean Paul was found with clothes, blk shirt etc, etc. rodger found blk shirt etc, etc. the only difference was like two things. I’m wording this better in my head sry I’m not good at getting my thoughts in words. If by chance this was real and I’m not saying it’s not….it doesn’t make sense. Paul was ontop of Rodgers body with his left hand on the ground on Rodgers head….now if that was the case and again not saying it’s not but if that was the case then where is Rodgers body? To me and looking at the pics that would mean one rodger was beheaded and the reports don’t say that or two rodger went from sitting the right way to completly upside down. I’ve read two different reports btw, which um idk how that could happen but the one report said both were in seat belts and neither said anything about rodger being mangled or flattened like a pancake, just that his lid was flipped….like I said idk if this is real or fake but if we are suppose to believe the reports…..shouldn’t they really match how the bodies were photographed? I’m just saying none of this from start to now makes sense, adds up or is more than a big fat coincidence!!?? It’s weird the whole thing. But at the same time I can’t figure out why Paul or rodger would do this, so everyone say or think how they will. I’m confused and sad, that’s all I know.

  43. This is definitely fake but not according to the YouTube channel member. Either the person isn’t very perceptive or they’re purposely spreading dis-info.


  44. some ppl are real sick and paranoid to post this and claime to be fake pictures of his body, ur ‘evedince’ prove’s nothing, think u need some help, thinks you are a real messed up person beeing so disrespectull. This are the real photo’s, let him rest in peace stupid fuck u are! Puke my guts out c’uz al of this BS you are posting. Hope u die the same way he did.

  45. I scrutinised photos and they look like Paul Walker. The right hand is similar to his right hand in other pictures. Why the white band did not burn is a mystery. (His band can be seen in another pic with Jasmine so unfortunately I cannot be convinced that this was not him.

  46. they can earn from me

  47. WELL DONE! Please do an analysis of the Megan Maxwell and Holly Bobo abductions. Those too are hoaxes.

  48. Its an accident that really happened and paul walker is really dead. It wasnt a drone strike its not a conspiracy and ppl ran up with fire extinguishers but just wasnt enough to do anything. I think he was alive yet when they crashed and did try to escape but fuel vapors ignited to quickly to get out and probably couldn’t see anything do to smoke that rose b4 the fire engulfed the whole car. Its definitely sucks that this happened but it did and if he wanted to leave hia life of fame he could of just said no im done shooting movies for a while and im taking a beak to spend time with my family. Not fake his own death.

  49. Who cares if Paul walker farted much less faked his death. This website has become a joke.

  50. Every time I look at the right hand of PW and compare it with his videos his fingers seem to be the same as the one death photo. The pic with the white band on his wrist. A pity we did not see the insist of the wrist with Meadows name.

    • What “death photo” are you referencing? And a white band that didn’t burn? Are you talking about the picture of the foot with the ankle band?

  51. Wtf???!!??I never saw that burned corpses!That is horrible…fake or not!

    Anyway i wanted to ask something.Maybe is stupid,maybe not….is it possible to open the forum here?I was without pc few days and i’m totally lost,it’s not possible to read the comments….

    • Yes, we are working on the forum concept. Thks.

  52. When I saw the first pic my heart stopped cus it looks like the way Paul’s “dead” body was positioned and the other pic looks like the way the “dead” body was burned…put the two together and I think it would match Paul’s “dead” body. Anyone else see it or am I crazy like the rest of u hahaha http://www.dappercadaver.com/ the 1st is called Poseable Kemmler Burn Body with Jumpsuit—Paul’s body position. 2nd is called Skinless Scream Cadaver
    Color of the body.

  53. Every Saturday I’ve post a pic of Paul on my page just as a idk what to call it, rememberence of sorts??? I can’t feel that he is dead so I’m not really sure what to call it, either way I post a pic. This past Saturday was harder then most cus it’s going on month what 4 and still no closer to hearing it all was a hoax. I want nothing more then for him to come forward and say he punked us all but I fear that day may never come. MTV movie awards are coming up on April 13th….how great would it be if he came out and was like “I punked u all”!!!?? I mean think about it next yr ff7 is to come out around this same time, what if that was just a fake in itself?? Fingers crossed he gets his head out of his ass and comes forward and we all can breathe again knowing he is alive. Fuck me what if he dies while faking his death??? Asshole lol. Paul ur loved by so many unconditionally….pls stop this, it’s been going on long enough

  54. Their is no reason for u people to put fake pick onvthe internet u people need to get a life and just stop that is nothing to laugh about someone who lost her life and u thing that is funny no its not so just stop

  55. He! Proble quickly got out the car beacuse who will show a dead body with balls hanging out so them pictures are fake!


  57. Blah blah blah……

  58. Burp :.)

  59. bye bye birdie goodbye goodbye bluebird time to fly…

  60. http://www.I Want To Help Roww//sameprincess10@ squidoo.com :.)

  61. DrKsearch. Do you have a before and after pic of porsche as number plates differ. Please post. Thank you

  62. How dare all of you??!That so disrespectful and disgusting!!! .This is NOT a Hoax!!!Please let Paul Rest in Peace!!!

    • It’s a hoax!!!

      • They used ballistic jell cadavers that where placed at the scene of the burning car that they remotely set on fire, they are near the scene and remotely drove the car and crashed it with the ballistic jell dummies in place, the video on the brown building had CCTV cameras that are probably turned off and could not record the actual crash, this is how they did it and I am wondering where they are now? They did indeed fake there deaths.

  63. I’m disgusted, how can anyone have the time to put dummies in the wreck? Police where there at all times. How can anyone even think to post that crap. Respect his life and family.

  64. Where’s is walker ar

  65. So what some people trying to say that walker did not die, well that’s great if he did not die, god like everything that’s happen is fake

  66. I really would love to believe that he is still here. But what about the driver he mysteriously left too his wife and family? C’mon now I’m one of Paul’s biggest fan and till this day I cry thinking about him like l know it sounds crazy but I feel like I knew him but never met him it’s like I can’t except that he’s really gone. Someone that lived life so much surfer, outdoors person, traveling. Why?Why?Why? I just don’t understand u God does the things he does such a beautiful,beautiful man gone to soon. R.I.P Paul Walker.Luv always sunshine

  67. People, people, people!…..You can find a copy of Paul W’s autopsy on-line if you want to search around. I had never read an autopsy report before, and didn’t realize they were so

  68. he is died

  69. I don’t know why y’all out there think that Paul walker is not dead he is it is not funny to talk about peoples death STOP this is wrong in so any ways he’s a very nice person SO STOP HATING LOVE YOU PAUL WALKER

  70. actually its not a hoax sadly, it was confirmed on the news and everything including the fast and furious cast confirmed it, it even says it on Wikipedia on his page that he died. If it was a hoax it wouldnt say it on wikipedia. Please show the man respect. Much love Paul. Will miss you and see you again someday.

  71. I’m really upset about the death of Paul walker

  72. This is to the person who wrote this thing Paul is dead and he was the greatest actor alive

  73. Reply <3 if you thought he was one of the best people alive (he is)

  74. He wasn’t the only one crying he will always be my hero R.I.P paul walker we all miss you

  75. I think this is so true

  76. I have lots of questions regarding this case. It does seem strange that basic questions regarding this case seem to be still lost. Has anyone followed up with Adore nuts? She had so much info and went quiet so quickly….She even shut down her website….I thinks she was close to what actually happened…..

  77. Its fucking nuisance i mean how can people go on hoaxing about sensitive stuffs like dis only for d sake of money…. Please stop it and u know wat people stop being insensitive please let him Rest in Peace….and leave is family alone….

  78. What a fake pic

  79. I think he should just show up and everyone can be happy

  80. Is he dead or not ? Some say he’s dead some say he’s not which one is the truth

  81. I believe this person but also don’t know one will know he is a free man know even if he is or isn’t no matter what he is the only person that had the best dreams the best movies the best everything no matter what he did good or bad he was a great man so we all need to leave his life alone and live are own you never know you could become like him just be nice and do the right things so get a long

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