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Paul Walker Death Photos are Fakes

UPDATED, 10:00 a.m. Dec. 09, 2013, again, 1:30 P.M. CST

Regarding the Paul Walker hoax look carefully at the image, despite the apparent horror. There is a woman in the midst of it. Here, in the center of the image, is the dummy detail in real life, the Paul Walker moulage mole. She’s attempting to make a get-away, but she got caught. Note the red packet and/or residue of fake blood squeezed between her fingers.

Moreover, why show them of such famous people before the whole world, then, ending up essentially anonymously posted on the Internet? It does not seem plausible.

Even so, there is no attempt, here, to violate the sensibilities of real trauma victims or their families. Yet, if it is a fake, it must be uncovered, and nothing about this appears real. Just review the claims. They all turn out to be false, including the claims for desperately grieving loved ones.

This photo showed up on the Internet exclusively, sent by reportedly an N. Morgan to BeforeItsNews.com. N. Morgan is  a BIN (Before it’s News) reporter.

Though it might seemingly violate people’s senses to see this, in fact, it doesn’t even look real. It looks like a bunch of something, thrown on top of the wreckage. If these corpses, or body parts, were real, they would be at least mangled within the car, not just laying there on top of everything.

Look at the size of that whatever it is? It is monstrous, too big for life: a giant. A bloated carcass you might say? Not in a burn victim. The tissues are rendered into carbon.

Those images have pink or flesh-toned skin. Burned to death in such an inferno? Trapped in the car? They would be nothing but char, and they surely wouldn’t be naked. Their clothes would be roasted into their skin in a charcoal corruption.

The men were supposedly burned beyond recognition. That is certainly not the case, here. Again, “Walker and Rhodes were burned beyond recognition.” Whatever these images are this is not the case. This is burned beyond recognition:

And here, civilians in a warehouse in Libya, acclaimed as being killed during that propped-up conflict, again, really and truly burned beyond recognition:

EDS NOTE GRAPHIC CONTENTS - A burned body seen in a warehouse containing the remains of at least 50 burned bodies in Tripoli, LIbya, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011. A survivor said they were civillians killed by pro-Gadhafi soldiers. (AP Photo/Sergey Ponomarev)

Turns out, this may be a hoax to be blamed on “pro-Qaddafi forces,” as some reports have these as people dug out a cemetery, corpses, which were set on fire. It’s plausible considering the lack of flesh, which, too, would have been burnt into the face.

It seems to be open season in respect to Mr. Walker. In a Jamaica newsletter this photo is promoted as being an example of his corpse, which it obviously isn’t, but what is crucial is the number of photos which have appeared as “evidence of Paul Walker’s death.” Yet, too, this is what a corpse looks like that is burned to death, though no necessarily and conveniently “beyond recognition.” What money can buy, even a fake death.




Notice how the legs are burned all the way through, bones and flesh turned into ashes. No bright red blood anywhere.

Regardles, the above as actually being attributed to Walker is a complete hoax.

The following is a fake image of a dummy burned beyond recognition but not really.


Here is another one:


This, too, is a dummy. Moreover, it is a dummy which is not well-charred.


Look at this. These are not real people. Look at the torso. Also, with shoulders like that he would have been a great recruit for the Raiders. Regardless, there is no charring of the (fake) bodies. These are dummies and parts of dummies soaked and painted with fake blood.

Incredibly, the color is merely flesh tones and bright red, a physical impossibility in the event of truly trapped or unconscious bodies, that is people who can’t escape an inferno. Pink and red, really: 1000% a hoax.

Bright red blood, really, in two men who have been burned to death in a roasting inferno? This is impossible. It’s all fake, mere moulage, standard Hollywood-style.  The arrows point out the obvious: pools of fake blood, a fake blood soaked fake leg and foot, and drizzle or symmetrical, repeating lines of fakery all over the dummy and partial dummy. The face was charred with moulaage for shock and awe and for realism.


Charred to death: what a hoax.


A Pinochio dummy, right out of the catalogue. Straight out of Halloween, or should it be said, “Hollywood-een.” A sick joke to play on the people, and Walker is the key perpetrator.


Then, there are these images, floating about, including the grey-faced dummy. What is this, a cartoon? Or, is it merely another mole hidden amid the rubble?


Looks like the moulage mole might be carrying a few spare dummies on her possession that they decided they didn’t need. The Paul Walker moulage mole, the dummy and fake blood lady, is attempting to make a get-away, but she got caught. Note the red packet and/or residue of fake blood squeezed between her fingers.



The whole world is crying, but there are no tears. Even fake tears would help considerably in supporting the hoax.

NO Brazil

Where is Walker? Taking a few years off with his daughter, who will be the latest newbie in the land of fairy tales.


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  1. I scrutinised photos and they look like Paul Walker. The right hand is similar to his right hand in other pictures. Why the white band did not burn is a mystery. (His band can be seen in another pic with Jasmine so unfortunately I cannot be convinced that this was not him.

  2. they can earn from me

  3. WELL DONE! Please do an analysis of the Megan Maxwell and Holly Bobo abductions. Those too are hoaxes.

  4. Its an accident that really happened and paul walker is really dead. It wasnt a drone strike its not a conspiracy and ppl ran up with fire extinguishers but just wasnt enough to do anything. I think he was alive yet when they crashed and did try to escape but fuel vapors ignited to quickly to get out and probably couldn’t see anything do to smoke that rose b4 the fire engulfed the whole car. Its definitely sucks that this happened but it did and if he wanted to leave hia life of fame he could of just said no im done shooting movies for a while and im taking a beak to spend time with my family. Not fake his own death.

  5. Who cares if Paul walker farted much less faked his death. This website has become a joke.

  6. Every time I look at the right hand of PW and compare it with his videos his fingers seem to be the same as the one death photo. The pic with the white band on his wrist. A pity we did not see the insist of the wrist with Meadows name.

    • What “death photo” are you referencing? And a white band that didn’t burn? Are you talking about the picture of the foot with the ankle band?

  7. Wtf???!!??I never saw that burned corpses!That is horrible…fake or not!

    Anyway i wanted to ask something.Maybe is stupid,maybe not….is it possible to open the forum here?I was without pc few days and i’m totally lost,it’s not possible to read the comments….

    • Yes, we are working on the forum concept. Thks.

  8. When I saw the first pic my heart stopped cus it looks like the way Paul’s “dead” body was positioned and the other pic looks like the way the “dead” body was burned…put the two together and I think it would match Paul’s “dead” body. Anyone else see it or am I crazy like the rest of u hahaha http://www.dappercadaver.com/ the 1st is called Poseable Kemmler Burn Body with Jumpsuit—Paul’s body position. 2nd is called Skinless Scream Cadaver
    Color of the body.

  9. Every Saturday I’ve post a pic of Paul on my page just as a idk what to call it, rememberence of sorts??? I can’t feel that he is dead so I’m not really sure what to call it, either way I post a pic. This past Saturday was harder then most cus it’s going on month what 4 and still no closer to hearing it all was a hoax. I want nothing more then for him to come forward and say he punked us all but I fear that day may never come. MTV movie awards are coming up on April 13th….how great would it be if he came out and was like “I punked u all”!!!?? I mean think about it next yr ff7 is to come out around this same time, what if that was just a fake in itself?? Fingers crossed he gets his head out of his ass and comes forward and we all can breathe again knowing he is alive. Fuck me what if he dies while faking his death??? Asshole lol. Paul ur loved by so many unconditionally….pls stop this, it’s been going on long enough

  10. Their is no reason for u people to put fake pick onvthe internet u people need to get a life and just stop that is nothing to laugh about someone who lost her life and u thing that is funny no its not so just stop

  11. He! Proble quickly got out the car beacuse who will show a dead body with balls hanging out so them pictures are fake!


  13. Blah blah blah……

  14. Burp :.)

  15. bye bye birdie goodbye goodbye bluebird time to fly…

  16. http://www.I Want To Help Roww//[email protected] squidoo.com :.)

  17. DrKsearch. Do you have a before and after pic of porsche as number plates differ. Please post. Thank you

  18. How dare all of you??!That so disrespectful and disgusting!!! .This is NOT a Hoax!!!Please let Paul Rest in Peace!!!

    • It’s a hoax!!!

      • They used ballistic jell cadavers that where placed at the scene of the burning car that they remotely set on fire, they are near the scene and remotely drove the car and crashed it with the ballistic jell dummies in place, the video on the brown building had CCTV cameras that are probably turned off and could not record the actual crash, this is how they did it and I am wondering where they are now? They did indeed fake there deaths.

  19. I’m disgusted, how can anyone have the time to put dummies in the wreck? Police where there at all times. How can anyone even think to post that crap. Respect his life and family.

  20. Where’s is walker ar

  21. So what some people trying to say that walker did not die, well that’s great if he did not die, god like everything that’s happen is fake

  22. I really would love to believe that he is still here. But what about the driver he mysteriously left too his wife and family? C’mon now I’m one of Paul’s biggest fan and till this day I cry thinking about him like l know it sounds crazy but I feel like I knew him but never met him it’s like I can’t except that he’s really gone. Someone that lived life so much surfer, outdoors person, traveling. Why?Why?Why? I just don’t understand u God does the things he does such a beautiful,beautiful man gone to soon. R.I.P Paul Walker.Luv always sunshine

  23. People, people, people!…..You can find a copy of Paul W’s autopsy on-line if you want to search around. I had never read an autopsy report before, and didn’t realize they were so

  24. he is died

  25. I don’t know why y’all out there think that Paul walker is not dead he is it is not funny to talk about peoples death STOP this is wrong in so any ways he’s a very nice person SO STOP HATING LOVE YOU PAUL WALKER

  26. actually its not a hoax sadly, it was confirmed on the news and everything including the fast and furious cast confirmed it, it even says it on Wikipedia on his page that he died. If it was a hoax it wouldnt say it on wikipedia. Please show the man respect. Much love Paul. Will miss you and see you again someday.

  27. I’m really upset about the death of Paul walker

  28. This is to the person who wrote this thing Paul is dead and he was the greatest actor alive

  29. Reply <3 if you thought he was one of the best people alive (he is)

  30. He wasn’t the only one crying he will always be my hero R.I.P paul walker we all miss you

  31. I think this is so true

  32. I have lots of questions regarding this case. It does seem strange that basic questions regarding this case seem to be still lost. Has anyone followed up with Adore nuts? She had so much info and went quiet so quickly….She even shut down her website….I thinks she was close to what actually happened…..

  33. Its fucking nuisance i mean how can people go on hoaxing about sensitive stuffs like dis only for d sake of money…. Please stop it and u know wat people stop being insensitive please let him Rest in Peace….and leave is family alone….

  34. What a fake pic

  35. I think he should just show up and everyone can be happy

  36. Is he dead or not ? Some say he’s dead some say he’s not which one is the truth

  37. I believe this person but also don’t know one will know he is a free man know even if he is or isn’t no matter what he is the only person that had the best dreams the best movies the best everything no matter what he did good or bad he was a great man so we all need to leave his life alone and live are own you never know you could become like him just be nice and do the right things so get a long

  38. I can’t seem to post on the other thread but please leave this topic alone. You’ll put so many people at risk. If you love Paul, stop searching for answers. Everything happens for a reason. He needs this, please stop.

    Much love ❤

  39. I don’t know what to believe 😐

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