Paul Walker Hoax — 21 July 2014
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The Fake Paul Walker Death Scene Versus Real Car Fire Victims

Revelations thanks to our posters, UPDATED with additional commentary.

The events surrounding the supposed crash deaths of actor Paul Walker, along with his cohort Roger Rodas, were a B-grade movie, nothing else. The movie production nature of the event proves that the deaths were faked and that, thus, surely these men are alive and well.

A spontaneous death by car accident does not resemble what is seen in this event, which is, thus, obviously nothing other than a studio production.

It can be clearly seen that both Roger Rodas, who will later act as a pyrotechnician in the fake car crash, and Paul Walker are inside the car. Mr. Walker is clearly pleased at the thought of faking his death. It meant a new life plus, most likely, an increase in sales for the Fast and Furious movie franchise. The car, though, was the staging vehicle, a diversion. The vehicle which would be artificially burnt was a less valuable version; the vehicle pictured above was not destroyed.

The region of concern, Santa Clarita, is a major arena for movie events, including those under the control of the chief perpetrator of the death scam, NBC Universal:



Clearly, Santa Clarita Valley is precisely the area for the production of such a fraud, and the tie to Universal Studios is obvious. 

It is all based, regardless, on lies and subterfuge. The entire Walker/Universal Studios clique gave major support for hoax, using social media to spread the fabrications.

For instance, here is what one of the Paul Walker so-called witnesses had to say about that (un)eventful day:

Here are what the witness ‘saw’ when they saw the wreck.
RIP PAUL WALKER you will be missed.

To all those adding/messaging me on my personal Facebook page because you saw my sticker on the car (not my car btw..) in the Paul Walker crash video… To answer your question, yes, I one of the first few people there on the scene. When my 5 friends and I got there, there was already a couple on the phone with 911. The passenger side (Paul Walker) of the car was already crushed and burning and the driver (Roger) was unconscious/dead. The first thing I did was get out of my car and call 911 while walking towards the burning porsche with a couple of the friends while a couple of them sped back to AE Performance to find help. The fire was burning so hot that you could feel it across the 5 lane street. We tried to walk towards the car and sparks started to pop out of the car which made it extremely unsafe to go towards more than 30 feet. By the time help was on the scene the whole car was engulfed in flames. Nothing will ever get rid of this traumatizing and shocking experience out of my head. Forever RIP Paul Walker and Roger…

Yet, Roger Rodas was right there, and he surely wasn’t on the other side of the road or some 30 feet away. Rather, he was in the midst of the pyrotechnic fire, and suffered no ill consequences.

He was clearly there in that image, but now he is no longer visible Was his image removed by PhotoShop or did he just leave the area?

The ‘thirty foot away’ is readily demonstrated for what it is: a mere lie. Note the pyrotechnician who is right by the window plus another person in a white suit right in the car. How about, too, the man in the white shirt with the fire extinguisher? He is not feeling the heat from such a supposedly intense fire ‘felt all the way across the road’
Note also the color of the flames. This is orangish-red. This is considerably different than a real petrol based fire, as seen n the following images:

These are real flames versus the pyrotechnic fakes, truly hot, burning nearly white hot in the center with much yellowish flame There is aggressive reaction by firemen to he scene. It looks real and is, in fact, real. Notice the rising nature of the flames as they flicker into the air and follow the air currents. Notice, too, the intensity of the flames.

Warning: Graphic Images Seen Below
Here is seen the true consequences of a fiery car crash. The intensive burn of the outer car components is clearly evident as is, direly, the charing of the flesh of the victim.paulwalkeraccidentcomps

There is no such char on the Paul Walker/Roger Rodas vehicle:

What about the real corpse, burnt into oblivion? This is not, however, seen in the Paul Walker death hoax, where there is rather than char actual charcoal applied:


It is clearly moulage: charcoal and fake blood. Plus, the moulage mole who set it all up can be seen in the background.


Therefore, nothing could be more fake than this death hoax – this absolutely fake death of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.



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  1. Glad , I also continued waiting for a response. you can share with me what you want to this email.

  2. paul walker really isn’t alive because why would they make a song and tribute in his name and in fast and furious 7 at the end they put for paul also all his fans friends and family members went their

  3. You are a fucking idiot.

  4. the reason this site has gone quiet is the fact the hoax was only a theory and not fact there have been no evidence to prove PW is alive and no evidence to prove it was a hoax, 2 years down the line !!! Since PW hoax surfaced there has been numerous hoaxes circuating about other topics this is now old news and no longer relevant !!!

  5. the reason I no longer communicate here is that there are too many trolls. that does not mean that research does not continue. if you think there is no evidence that he is alive and if there is evidence that he is dead, it is because you are blind. Sorry my English, I am French.You can search the internet pages of research, but they are private forums without invitation, you can not access.that was the only way to that there are no fans or bothering interrupìendo, or giving false information. also prevents trolls.

  6. paul and roger are dead don’t you read the court prosecutions with Porsche courts don’t go along with hoaxes neither do Porsche !!!

  7. I think its abnormal to ask how can anybody prove he is dead the poor man was burned beyond recognition a bit ignorant to ask that question when given the circumstances , if he fell overboard at sea would you ask the same question ??? Top and bottom if anybody had any proof he would have been well found, they haven’t so game over. as for the secret sites wake up !!! there aren’t any !!! The said blog site has gone because there was no evidence and they cant say anymore about it , 2 years down the line still no sightings of Paul Walker or evidence, The End !!!

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  9. Paul Walker is alive and well.

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    • you’re pathetic and disgusting. nuff said

  12. paul is a pedophile . paul is a ******* father . paul sell daughter for money !

  13. Is Paul walker really dead and in the picture of the blood I could see him and his friend

  14. paul lives with meadow in la crescenta . paul and roger faked his death . accident is a fake

  15. @españa: What makes you think he lives in La Crescenta? And why do you think Meadow lives with him? Can you proof it? Sry my mistrust but I’ve read a lot in the last years what makes utterly no sense. And I am looking for the truth.

  16. Your right because if that’s the case why did he post something three days ago

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  19. meadow can be seen quite and never was affected by anything. plus you have evidence that Paul faked his death by looking at the images of the area rented by universal, when they brought flowers. meadow and amanda hall were there. Kendall has also tweet the day of the funeral taking pictures with meadow. you have to be blind not to see the scam.

    • “when they brought flowers. meadow and amanda hall were there. Kendall has also tweet the day of the funeral taking pictures with meadow. you have to be blind not to see the scam.”// I did not know that Meadow was there at the “crash site” I knew that Amanda was there before the “accident” happened…where can I find the pictures of Meadow and Kendall the day of the “funeral”? I agree that Paul is alive! 😀

  20. trolls who get into this at what is page . I recommend that control more people who know the deception, which are not few, and send them to shut up. because only walk through local chat, people say what they see, they saw and know . It is what happens when you pretend his death and tells everyone . you have to be stupid.friends and acquaintances know . you have to be a ******* to sell your daughter in bikini on the internet for money. it can already be seen in some porno photo montage. but that’s what your father and mother agree that your daughter sees worldwide. I recommend not looking at the images (other than because they are false) because the girl is menor and even she like fame, I do not think he deserves that. there were apparently several Instagrams Russian or Ukrainian (not differentiate) that were reported but still the images are passed as similar means more options pinterest etc . seriously think someone should tell that girl to be famous it is not fun, I think that issue of got out of hand in hand because meadow , willing it everywhere , see pictures himself for fame . he is getting into something that does not control and so what happens happens. I think that should prohibit meadow publish anything more. the people are very bad

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  25. Great job, you proved cars that are made from 90% carbon fiber (PVC with carbon strands with in) burns different then cars made from metal.

    How about next time when you plan to prove some thing you check all the facts first?

    Let’s see another thing I don’t know when you became a forensic expert but looking at their bodies some what reminds me of a chicken leg I once burned on the grill and that fake blood almost looks like it may have been added CG and after looking at hundreds of pictures since that day and looking yet once again just now you seem to have the only pictures in existence that shows any blood on the car at ll that isn’t burned up.

    I love a good conspiracy but it’s people like you who create theorists and make those of us looking for the truth look bad. I’m sure you’re also still chasing after aliens aren’t you?

    Just so you know, area 51 is just a big [email protected]#$ing science lab working on Earth stuff. The ship is their own design. But you seem like you might be working for the Government to find all the real loons to exploit and say we’re all like them anyway. How much does MSNBC and CNN pay for a good laugh to poke fun of true realists on their shows? How about the mighty Fox News?

    God you people are [email protected]#$ing pathetic. LMAO Just believe anything some Government paid blogger tells you too then says stupid **** to confirm they’re right.

  26. paul walker faked hos death !

  27. No one will ever know for sure. All i can think of in instances such as this is odds, circumstance and who benefits. It’d definitely be one thing if the movie tanked and they scrapped it but thats not the case. More than a handful stood to gain and did gain from his “death”. Last movie in a franchise that progressively got worse, died in a fast car after they had got enough shots of him, were able to finish the movie without him just fine (never know it wasnt him throughout the entire film, one i even saw in theaters and would otherwise not have gone or even rented until it was free on netflix). The timing, the circumstances and the huge success of the movie afterwArd lead me to believe it was faked or he was murdered. But again, we’ll probably never know for sure! RIP bro, if you truly are gone.

  28. paul is alive and he sold daughter and family for money .

    • I call bull. Paul would NEVER sell his own family for money when he already had (emphasis on ‘had’) a hell-of-a-lot of it. Stop coming up with **** and disrespecting him. He’s DEAD. Nothing can change now. Just move on. It was 3 years ago. RIP Paul.

  29. Now Paul can still sleeping with girls of the age of his daughter, because people believed dead.

  30. paul walker is dead so drop it you losers

  31. if paul walker wasnt dead then dont you think he say something to his family or somebody wouldve have seen him

  32. paul walkerand family walker is a bastards persons . paul is alive .he faked his death for money

  33. The entire premise of this hoax is that’s Paul Walker’s death would add value to the Fast & Furious franchise. That is ludicrous as he would have made far far more money had he stayed alive and made more guys are morons.

  34. I’m actually crying right note because he’s been pronounced to be dead for less than three years and this is playing on me really hard. I loved Paul Walker. And not only that, but I just watched Furious 7 abs especially the past where they go back to the first six movies and show him.
    I’m not ready to believe that he would leave his daughter behind and hurt her like that. So then again this is pretty accurate evidence. So I just wish this argument would stop. Just stop, please, for him, dead or alive.

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  36. OMG how sad are you people spending hours trying to find whether a celebrity is dead or alive… Don’t you have your own lives to worry about. Clearly not! You know what? Actually Michael Jackson and Elvis are alive, I saw them lol. When they reported he was dead he actually never really died they just said it. If you see his medical records it was not him. I mean he sounds he has more deeper voice that can’t be Michael and he never took drugs! bla bla bla… Have some respect and move on with your lives!

    • Hm, you another one of this paid cover-up specialist? There are more points unclear in this case than you have candles on your cake. If you ppl would only think for yourself and don’t let newspapers and news person do that, than you could see the truth behind all this. But all what you do is go the easy way.
      A lot of web pages are down. Some who where really fake and some who had the truth but get paid to close and forget what they know. I think ( but don’t know 100% ) that the last is true for this side. Pictures vanishing from the internet I saw three years ago. You think, sure the owner had delete them, all possible but I miss pictures I saw for years or month with more in it than you can see in one look. With proof that this is a hoax!
      And I am not the only one out there who knows this!

  37. PW is Alive.

    Paying all news stations to lie is easy, throw a few billion here, there DONE !

    This coming from an insider!

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  39. A group of people that we met in this web we keep those photos. And there are dozens of pages that report on the false death of Paul, and the false reaction of his pathetic family. I agree that people should go on with their lives. But when the producer knows that the movie 8, is not going to see anyone, then if it is Decent to exploit the image of “a dead” and continue to psychologically mistreat people who still think today, burned alive. I will inform those who have not yet realized that the fan profiles of instagram, twitter and facebook are handled by the publicist who continues to pay Paul for exploiting his image. I will tell you, that meadow walker, of all the branded clothing you have shown in your profiles, has charged. This is because their own friends, (h *** sr a, and several others commented on twitter. Most messages of says: continue with your life, that try to cover paul . The friends of paul, oakley, vince, jesse etc. are in public so that everyone can see the messages of pesame .. but those profiles are not the real ones.
    This scam is serious because of the false NGOs that paul linked to. And besides, the universal people will follow and the relatives and friends remembering Paul, because with that they earn money. It is not as if he had faked his death to have a more private life. For the only thing that pretended his death was to steal money and cheat. And that is a shame

  40. Paul walker is actually dead

  41. Go on believing what you want. You’re either I’ll or very misguided, but I personally dont care. I laugh because it’s morbidly funny.

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