Paul Walker Hoax — 21 July 2014
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The Fake Paul Walker Death Scene Versus Real Car Fire Victims

Revelations thanks to our posters, UPDATED with additional commentary.

The events surrounding the supposed crash deaths of actor Paul Walker, along with his cohort Roger Rodas, were a B-grade movie, nothing else. The movie production nature of the event proves that the deaths were faked and that, thus, surely these men are alive and well.

A spontaneous death by car accident does not resemble what is seen in this event, which is, thus, obviously nothing other than a studio production.

It can be clearly seen that both Roger Rodas, who will later act as a pyrotechnician in the fake car crash, and Paul Walker are inside the car. Mr. Walker is clearly pleased at the thought of faking his death. It meant a new life plus, most likely, an increase in sales for the Fast and Furious movie franchise. The car, though, was the staging vehicle, a diversion. The vehicle which would be artificially burnt was a less valuable version; the vehicle pictured above was not destroyed.

The region of concern, Santa Clarita, is a major arena for movie events, including those under the control of the chief perpetrator of the death scam, NBC Universal:



Clearly, Santa Clarita Valley is precisely the area for the production of such a fraud, and the tie to Universal Studios is obvious. 

It is all based, regardless, on lies and subterfuge. The entire Walker/Universal Studios clique gave major support for hoax, using social media to spread the fabrications.

For instance, here is what one of the Paul Walker so-called witnesses had to say about that (un)eventful day:

Here are what the witness ‘saw’ when they saw the wreck.
RIP PAUL WALKER you will be missed.

To all those adding/messaging me on my personal Facebook page because you saw my sticker on the car (not my car btw..) in the Paul Walker crash video… To answer your question, yes, I one of the first few people there on the scene. When my 5 friends and I got there, there was already a couple on the phone with 911. The passenger side (Paul Walker) of the car was already crushed and burning and the driver (Roger) was unconscious/dead. The first thing I did was get out of my car and call 911 while walking towards the burning porsche with a couple of the friends while a couple of them sped back to AE Performance to find help. The fire was burning so hot that you could feel it across the 5 lane street. We tried to walk towards the car and sparks started to pop out of the car which made it extremely unsafe to go towards more than 30 feet. By the time help was on the scene the whole car was engulfed in flames. Nothing will ever get rid of this traumatizing and shocking experience out of my head. Forever RIP Paul Walker and Roger…

Yet, Roger Rodas was right there, and he surely wasn’t on the other side of the road or some 30 feet away. Rather, he was in the midst of the pyrotechnic fire, and suffered no ill consequences.

He was clearly there in that image, but now he is no longer visible Was his image removed by PhotoShop or did he just leave the area?

The ‘thirty foot away’ is readily demonstrated for what it is: a mere lie. Note the pyrotechnician who is right by the window plus another person in a white suit right in the car. How about, too, the man in the white shirt with the fire extinguisher? He is not feeling the heat from such a supposedly intense fire ‘felt all the way across the road’
Note also the color of the flames. This is orangish-red. This is considerably different than a real petrol based fire, as seen n the following images:

These are real flames versus the pyrotechnic fakes, truly hot, burning nearly white hot in the center with much yellowish flame There is aggressive reaction by firemen to he scene. It looks real and is, in fact, real. Notice the rising nature of the flames as they flicker into the air and follow the air currents. Notice, too, the intensity of the flames.

Warning: Graphic Images Seen Below
Here is seen the true consequences of a fiery car crash. The intensive burn of the outer car components is clearly evident as is, direly, the charing of the flesh of the victim.paulwalkeraccidentcomps

There is no such char on the Paul Walker/Roger Rodas vehicle:

What about the real corpse, burnt into oblivion? This is not, however, seen in the Paul Walker death hoax, where there is rather than char actual charcoal applied:


It is clearly moulage: charcoal and fake blood. Plus, the moulage mole who set it all up can be seen in the background.


Therefore, nothing could be more fake than this death hoax – this absolutely fake death of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.



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  1. they just can’t get that hot yellow flame in pyrotechnic fires. It’s OK in films, because we know it’s not real – as with this Paul Walker faked crash.

    • Seriously? Every damn celebrity who died is supposedly alive and you’re gonna believe this too?! M. Jackson is dead, so is Elvis, and sadly so is Paul Walker. Let him rest in peace.

      • Exactly people just need to let them rest in peace.

      • So look up car crashes into tree or light post if he hit the trees then why is the hood not dented and why is it the left side of car is gone when the tress are on the left

        • Trees on the right

    • I was working in the building at Hypercel Corporation when it happened. The impact of the Porsche was so hard that it shot concrete pellets all down the side of our building, and part of the engine flew threw the air and smashed through a glass window on the 2nd floor. I think you guys need to stop calling this accident staged or a hoax because you’re making yourselves look like fools and you’ve giving people an excuse to not look at other conspiracies that have a lot more proof behind them…

      • You surely would have shot images of all this. How about uploading the links, here, especially of the Hastings-style catapulted engine component?

      • Your not proving anything with your statement it was made clear there has already been fake statements

    • hey DRK check out the info on autopsy it has roger as 164 # and 63 “which is 5″2″and a very long report where they have paul as 173 # and 71″ which is 5’9” with a shorter report but it also says paul had head damage also only one coronary van brought both bodies in and the same driver and they also had anthony sanchez as a witness to rogers autopsy but in paul’s there was no witness
      and on roger they had his wife listed ,the last 4 of her ss# ,and her phone number….and on paul every thing is blacked out

  2. Ive been saying its fake since his ‘death#’ we will never know where they are now to prove this theory, It does look different to be honest ive never really looked in to or noticed how different a real fire is to a fake one but to all fans etc they are dead, people believe what they read finding them would never happen possible gone underground & changed names etc. who knows what will come out next i thought vin diesal coming out saying my heart broke etc is a bit hard to believe if paul called him a bully. Still very suss

    • Yeah his death seems very fake! Hood isn’t dented but the car is totaled they say he hit the tree at 100-160 miles per hour and got rammed in the back but the tree is right side and the car door is on the left and totally missing along with the back. And to top it off they have dead pics of “Paul walker” but nothing on Rodger Rodas” lol yeah but there isn’t any proof stating other wise, other than the story not adding up.

  3. I posted this yesterday but needed to put it here as relates to above article from the witness…..

    OH my god that’s his story.. Wow I would hate to seem him repeat that a few times…each time would never be the same. Firstly was there 5 people in that car? Secondly how the hell could he see RR? 5 lanes and it was burning so hot – REALLY- this is not what it shows on the video. Thirdly how did he know to send his friends to AE.

    Isn’t he the guy that said he was trying to get Paul out of his seat belt? And didn’t they say on video let’s go (as in leave the scene)

  4. 1. Around 0.05 seconds as they are driving up to the scene you will see 2 people in like whites shirts in the parking lot to the right. The one closest to the crash seems to be going away from the scene or both.

    2. When they are driving up I think the lady ask the guys in the blue car do they know them. He says – No, we come from the same area…(so how the hell did he know to send his so called friends to AE)

    3. The guy ask what kind of car it is – He says Ferrari (isn’t that the model of the car they were filming for F&F7 on the streets)

    4. He states he had 5 friends with him – listening to the video I only heard 2 guys. (I’m amazed how everyone else stayed quiet)

    5. The guys in the blue car – go away it’s going to blow up, there’s guys in there he died, drive away drive away. (How did he know that there were guys in that car)

    6. Someone ask for a fire hose – “SAY WHAT” (does he mean fire extinguisher or building fire hose ?)

    7. Is there anyone in there – yes he is dead. (Well that was a lucky guess on the HE)

    8. The lady saying the car is in half and I can’t tell if someone is in there. (Really why would you ask if anyone is in there. Look at the scene before you would you think they escaped if that was a true accident. Then she ask the guys, sorry what was your question!!)

    • @R
      1)I’m not sure if it was two people. I mean it looked like similar to ppl but I couldn’t see their heads or their legs…The video quality sucks so it’s not like we can know for sure lol.
      2)I have no clue what he was thinking…
      3)Yes true. And also there was a ferrari there on the other shoot. Remember how they staged the accident twice? I posted the link on the props page. Idk if you saw it since it was so clogged lol.
      5)True again. It could have been only one guy or one girl for all he knows.
      6)Maybe he didn’t konw the correct lingo? And didn’t some of the AE ppl bring fire extinguishers? I remember on the scene that there were fire extinguishers on the curb…idk if that was on the first crash or 2nd.
      7)I know right. I didn’t he was a coroner with supersonic vision to see all the way across from 5 lanes because it was “too hot”. LOL.
      8)Haha I know right. UniStupidios should have hired real actors…. Oh wait, they did and TG still COULDN’T act.
      Who is this guy @36 secs?

      • Thanks E Hoax.
        Not sure who that guy is @36sec.

      • @R
        Thanks for responding. I mean we’ll find out eventually who he was considering we keep on finding new things everyday lol. 🙂

    • Umm HE is a universal call if you know in a scene like this HE is preferring to he and she

  5. I just found this la

  6. Sorry about that any way just found this last week I hope this is not a photo shop. A pic of Paul walker from tmz ..he was spotted at the bet award…is that true

  7. Bet Award 2014…

  8. Dr.K Thank you a million times for making a new thread!

  9. ATTENTION: I just have to say that for the newbies and/or non-newbies. Please go back to the props post at the very bottom as there is some information that is still in the process of getting posted. Thanks! 🙂 Also things will make a lot more sense after reading that whole thread as this thread is a continuation of the topics we discussed on the props page. Peace.

    • Ferhec2004, that was very interesting to watch. Thanks for that. When he mention the part about the media releasing a day early it was like wow that is what happen with PW with TMZ.

    • @Ferhec2004
      Thank you!

      I thought it was just a death report that leaked early. If it was an obituary I believe it would ahve said something like he was a father, son, etc and was beloved. (Similar to the words they say at your funeral). I could be wrong, but that’s what I thought. Just saying. THanks!

      • Oh silly me. Thanks E Hoax.

      • @R
        Lol 🙂 But whatever it was, it still did leak a day early either way so good point as well 🙂

  10. @E_Hoax
    Ow… OK thanks just want to clarify

    • @conalin
      you are welcome. 🙂

  11. saw this on topix
    “It’s like yesterday I was shopping and there was a Vehicle 19 DVD and on the cover it says ‘ wrong place, wrong time, wrong car’ that blew me away – my gosh how true that was to become for him.”

  12. Also found this
    “Reality-2 wrote:

    You are so SPOT-ON! There is definitely something more to all of this obvious ridiculousness than meets the eye…there are plenty of facts on the internet to check out….No one wants to address those facts, though, and,(FYI) they have been removing comments from this blog in in effort to hide the truth, too, so be VERY careful, and “govern yourself accordingly”…. Otherwise, Good post!” “Yes, I know what you mean. I see that they have been trying to block certain direct/revealing comments, but fortunately the TRUTH will ALWAYS be known.”

  13. Paul Walker – Quotes

    on the amount of films he has coming out over the next two years]: … It’s so funny, my daughter now lives with me full time and my original plan was to work up until I was 40 then reassess my life, even go in a completely different direction with things. She keeps encouraging me to do all this stuff. I thought at this point in my life I would need to be home with her, but she wants me to keep acting so she can travel around the world with me. Would that be so bad? Thing is, I went to a born-again Christian high school, was brought up in a traditional Mormon family where these ideas about parenting are of structure and sacrifice. To think outside of that idea of family and parenting that I’ve grown up with is tough, but also very freeing. (2013)

    • @R
      Hmmm, that’s interesting. Do you think he took that into consideration when he did his “death”? I’d like your opinion please 🙂

      • E hoax, I’m going to be completely honest with you on my views.

        1. If and I mean if PW has past I truly believe he was going to reassess his life as Acting was a hobby for him only. When you hit forty it’s like a light bolt is turned on and you reassess your life style etc and put them in better order. What I have read about him I’m very surprised if he did fake his death. But money talks and some people will do just about anything for freedom. Sometimes I wonder subconsciously when we think or speak words without knowing we are predicting the truth that’s around the corner. (Hope you understand what I’m saying)

        2. I defiantly believe if he is alive yes he did take this into consideration. PW loved shark tagging, I believe this is his passion. He loved the water and he would have no problems disappearing for however long just to do what he loved.

        3. Lastly and many may not agree, if this is a stunt for F&F7 movie I would be very unhappy that they could be so cruel and heartless with peoples emotions just for a stupid movie. I for one think it would be utter low blow and I’m not sure I want to see the movie. I would not be happy with PW if he allowed them to stoop to that level. I would truly be happy for his daughter to no she still has her dad.

      • @R
        Thanks for your opinion. Please know I’m not trying to be argumentative with you, only giving my opinion and stuff lol. Just saying this ahead of time so you don’t get offended or anything. That’s not my intentions lol 🙂

        1) I think the lightbulb moment happens for everyone at a different age and yeah it probably happened to him recently-ish or whenever this whole “hoax” was planned. (That’s my guess).

        I remember in one interview he said just recently he wanted to become a serious actor. He was looking into different types of movies to expand and show what he could do. You’re right in saying because he was getting older that he was reassessing things. He only took it as a hobby for a while, but not recently as he was trying to branch out.

        He did want to keep acting so he could travel with MW. I think he did it to make her happy though. I’m pretty sure he was over HWd and he had enough money to last a lifetime. That’s just my opinion, I’m not saying it’s a fact lol.

        I like what you said: “But money talks and some people will do just about anything for freedom.”

        I know PW and H.S. are different people obviously lol, but I wanted to mention it anyways for the sake of it. Harry Styles when asked what he wants most in this life in an interview responded “freedom”. In another interview he also said that money was not in the top 5 things perks of his job. So even if you are at the top of the world, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is going the way it planned. Or that you have everything you want.

        Another thing, when you sign a movie contract, you are basically the studios’ slave. They will work you hard whenever they have to and at whatever time of the day. They technically don’t even have to let you sleep. That’s also why they have child labor laws for acting. But obviously they don’t follow the child labor laws in some instances. I’ve read stories of children having to work all day everyday, not getting to sleep, not eating very much, because you are controlled. You basically signed your life away at the dotted line. People don’t realize that lots of questions that actors get asked in interviews are scripted. Like actors will rehearse ahead of time what questions they will have to answer. Their “people” then give a list of questions to the interviewer saying what they are allowed to ask the actor. Like for instance a lot of times, interviewers cannot ask a celeb about their personal life. PW wasn’t really much like that, but then again, he wasn’t the hugest celeb in the world, no offense. But the more famous you are, the more people you have around you, because you are the product that is being sold, and your “people” are profiting off of you. A celeb is just a paycheck to them.

        And concerning being old and thinking about life differently I think all men mature at different ages, when it comes to major life choices. Gene Simmons for example didn’t want to get married despite being with his gf for 20 years. Then he realized he was getting old and all of a sudden wanted to get married at around 60. Everyone is different, so who knows PW’s mindset.

        Yeah I understand what you are saying about “predicting the truth” it’s sort of like a self-fulfilling prophecy in my opinion lol.

        2) Definitely true about his love of marine biology. Idk if you got the link i posted about how PW will be on shark week this year. It was supposedly pre-recorded before his death. That’s completely true about disappearing. He said he wanted to do marine bio and go back to school for it. I also remember reading in an article about him that he would travel to the most random places. I think Costa Rica was a favorite of his. I don’t think that he would be in any foreign country at the moment though because of his daughter. If he didn’t have a kid then for sure I could see him disappearing 100% minus being in contact with his parents/siblings.

        3)I think it is a stunt, but I think it is a permanent stunt, if you understand what I’m saying. It’s not actually a hoax though, because if it was that would mean bad things would end up happening.

        For example, people would ask for refunds from roww, ppl might boycott the movie, ppl might try to kill pw/rr out of outrage that they were tricked. PW’s popularity would go down and his legacy would be lower than dirt. Universal might tank in their franchise, etc. Also I think PW signed on for some future movies and he would have to honor those contracts as well. If he were to film the movie agent 47 for example, i highly doubt anyone would wanna see it because he would be the most hated man in america, etc. i mean i know that’s a stretch, but that is just a few of the bad things that could happen if this really was a hoax and then they reveal that pw is alive. that’s why they are watching this page, because they want to make sure that we don’t get too close to finding out the real truth. Or at least until the movie comes out. Then after that they probably won’t care(as much).

        I agree it is cruel just for a stupid movie. It’s not even that great of a movie, which is why they had to pull this stunt in the first place, since no one was even paying attention to it. Well I mean of course they have their cult followers, but the general public does not care about a random race movie. That’s why they needed to create a special interest. If they have people’s emotions, then they can toy with them however they please. In the end that means more money for all those involved. People will only keep their mouth shut so long as they are getting paid. Like the ppl who are watching this page are getting paid to keep tabs on us. Money talks. It always has.

        You said “allowed” UniStupidios to do that. But the thing is we don’t know if he let them OR they let him. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. We don’t know about the movie contracts that he signed on to do. Like there is a clause in all actors/actresses contracts that say they must promote the movie. What if he had to promote the movie, but he was cornered into doing it this way only? I mean that’s far out, but we really don’t know. They technically could have sued PW for not abiding by his contract. Unless we see the movie contract, then we really don’t know the terms of how this happened.

        • Thank you E Hoax everything you said is so very true.

        • @R
          Thank you. 🙂 I appreciate you responding as well.

        • On point 100%! I used to pursue acting and HATED the industry. It was evil, soulless and superficial. I moved from LA back to MA because of it and I’m glad I did. So I could just imagine what Paul would be going through seeing he grew up in the industry. Good for him if he did fake his death. He deserves nothing but the best in life.

        • I guess it is true. He faked his death. Good for him, God bless him and his new life. The video is below..

    Wonder why it never got released/recorded…I mean UnSt was already backing it up.

  15. Paul Walker Quote –

    [on what he hopes to achieve before he dies]: I missed out on a lot when I was younger because of this game [acting]. I think people tell you you are a certain thing and so you miss out on a lot you would have otherwise experienced. Inside I still feel certain things calling me. That’s why I was doing the shark tagging recently and will be doing it again in two weeks on an island off Hawaii. I’m also going to go do the Grouper spawning. (2013)

    • @R
      Thanks for that. i never saw that quote before. that’s interesting that he said he missed out on a lot. I wonder what he means by that? Cause he was around 25 when he started doing it more permanently. (Around the time MW was born). So it’s not like he was a child actor missing out on dating, prom, etc.

      ” I think people tell you you are a certain thing and so you miss out on a lot you would have otherwise experienced.” Maybe he didn’t want to disappoint the people he was working for? Or maybe he had other plans to venture out and explore?

      I mean we all know he loved marine bio, but i wonder what other stuff he had up his sleeve?

      • E Hoax, not sure exactly what what he means. People measure things so differently on that saying. To what I understand he was like a surf bump at one time so maybe this life style is what he is referring too. I really have no clue.

      • @R
        True. Good point! We really have no idea what was going through his mind..

    • @ferhec2004
      Thank you for that! I appreciate it 🙂

    • @ferhec2004
      Thanks for that! It’s interesting that there are all of a sudden so many celebs added to the cast…It’s like they are trying to appeal to as wide of an audience as they can. All or nothing…

    • @ferhec2004
      thank you for those pics. the only difference is that there are a few more bouquets than there was at the beginning. i find it odd that there was so much stuff at the crash site, but not as much at the actual “resting place”…

  16. Do not believe that he resembles Paul this supporter ROWW, performing rescaste at the last disaster that occurred I think in June 2014?

    This photos was published on July 9, 2014, with this message: Reach Out Worldwide compartió un enlace.
    July 9
    Haiti, Chile, Indonesia and Alabama were Reach Out Worldwide’s first 4 deployments.

    Visit and post your favorite picture, from those 4 deployments, in the comments section below.

    • @ferhec2004
      I don’t think that is paul in my opinion. Hypothetically if it was, it would be an old pic for sure. It doesn’t really look like him either, but that’s just my opinion and I could be totally wrong. Thanks! 🙂

    • I did not see anything like , if you flip the image. obserbe the cheekbone and the quality of the skin. I definitely do not think it’s the. 🙂

  17. Paul Walker Quotes
    December 30, 2013
    “I don’t go where people are. I go where the people aren’t.” – Paul Walker on the philosophy behind Reach Out Worldwide

    • @R
      Yes I think he also said that on twitter after the “death”(If I’m not mistaken) and it’s always stuck with me. I remember in an interview he said something about “figuring out people” and then moving on to the next place. He also said he like the idea of a community and wonders why people don’t want that. But I find it intriguing that he has a vagrant mindset though. Because vagrants don’t usually stay in one community for long. So that kind of argues with the “community” philosophy(in my opinion).

  18. <<has connections to AE? I think.

  19. their yfrog acct

  20. Tyrese Gibson, 35, fresh off of a trip to Dubai, landed in LAX over the weekend were he sported a thawb and some new facial hair.

    The Fast & Furious star, told UAE newspaper 7DAYS In Dubai that he’s “finding it hard to enjoy life” without Paul and then went skydiving with the Crown Prince of Dubai.

    ‘Sounds like he’ll be okay.
    ^^i thought this was too funny to not post lol. especially that last line.

  21. No sabia que habian puesto una nueva pagina sobre el tema de la investigacion de su actor favorito, pero les digo algo,el esta vivo, y a la noche se ve una camioneta blanca en la puerta de su casa,aqui en santa clarita,no pudimos sacar fotos por la noche, pero de esa camioneta bajo alguien que llevaba puesto un traje medio raro como lo que mostraron ustedes para apagar los incendios y que se usa para lanzallamas o algo parecido, y con mucha custodia, eso si nos dimos cuenta que el amigo del actor de nombre brandon estaba bajando de la camioneta con un bolso o valija grande…Mmmmmmmm

  22. betty en que casa y porque alguien se pondria un traje tan absurdo solo para que no lo vean ? no me lo creo saque fotos la procima vez aunque no se vean bien …

  23. E, i just wanted to say that there is another erick marroquin (if u did not know), well ofcourse it’s not his real name..:)

    • @espana
      thank you for that link 🙂

  24. E- HOAX

    This say he’s Cody. Look at the dates 11 11. Would that we want say those numbers 11?

    Don’t see it similar to Cody, but it looks like Paul and intrigues me much that number 11 that always put as if it were a code for something. I also intrigued to know who manages this website. It seems to me that they play always confused.

    I don’t know that this photo realy is from 2011, for my that number by intuition means something, just match the 11 the Illuminati numbering i don’t know because.

    • @ferhec2004
      It’s a bit hard to tell, but i think it’s cody. the jaw line doesn’t look as sharp as PW’s. that’s my opinion. i could be wrong. I think the 11 is just a weird coincidence. Yes illuminati stuff is 11,22,33 as significant numbers. It’s completely possible that the owners of that page can be involved. I mean who knows lol. Yeah we don’t know if that pic was from 2011 or not. I never really kept up with pw’s life so idk. thanks

      • @Ferhec2004 and E_Hoax 13 is actually illuminati number

      • @PWbeliever
        thanks for letting us know 🙂

      • Jasmine responds to someone on her Facebook page and he mentions that her looks haven’t changed at all she stated “what does that make me 11”???

    • @ferhec2004
      thank you.

  25. more comments from reddit that i din’t get a chacne to post
    shakakka99 7 points 8 months ago
    F&F 7 is currently filming, and if enough was already done that they’ll still be able to release the film, it’ll undoubtedly be the last in the series. Paul Walker was the face of F&F. Vin Diesel is great, but this was Paul’s. While I agree with you, money is powerful. If there’s an F&F 8 to be made, complete with a brooding Vin Diesel tortured by flashbacks of his lost friend, someone will write the script. Not saying it’s the right thing to do, but I can imagine the draw it would have.

    BrogansRun 63 points 8 months ago
    Sounds like they had a way to go: “Walker was shooting his role as Brian O’Conner in Universal’s Fast & Furious 7 for director James Wan. The movie had recently begun filming in Atlanta and was set to move to Abu Dhabi in January. The seventh film in the blockbuster action franchise has been slotted to hit theaters July 11, 2014.” Source: The Hollywood Reporter

    TownIdiot25 20 points 8 months ago
    I am friends with James Wan on facebook, and he has been posting about filming stories on set of F&F7 for a long time. If you look at his wall today, it is the most depressing thing ever.

  26. HariPotter 21 points 8 months ago
    Movies film in multiple locations… They have been filming since September. Vin Diesel has been sharing set pictures for at least two months. Like that Groot video was on-set and a few weeks ago (at least).

    and was set to move to Abu Dhabi in January.
    They didn’t finish filming.

    [–]DaedalusMinion 2 points 8 months ago
    Yeah, I live in Dubai and there was such excitement for it to be coming here. I thought I’d get to meet Paul Walker, Vin, etc. This is just terrible.

    [–]coop_stain 1 point 8 months ago
    They were filming here in Colorado a couple months ago on Monarch Pass…should make for some pretty cool shots at least.

    [–]DinosaurPizza 0 points 8 months ago
    September 4th 2013 was the first day. Most movies don’t take longer than 5-6 weeks to shoot.

    [–]DrStephenFalken 4 points 8 months ago
    A simple rom com with just people walking around in a city and no special effects takes 2-3 months to film. A high action film with a lot of stunts often takes 6+ months to film.

  27. DinosaurPizza -6 points 8 months ago
    This is just not true.

    [–]DrStephenFalken 2 points 8 months ago*
    A friend of mine is Jeff Shiffman you’re wrong. He is on movie sets from 6 weeks to years (rarely years more often 6 months or so) depending on the movie. More often then not he’s on set for movies for about 5 months or so. A low budget movie like the National Lampoon B movies film for about a month. Something like “John Dies at the end” filmed for four months.
    Fast and Furious 6 took 6 months of fliming
    Fast and Furious 5 took 6+ months

    acosmichippo 2 points 8 months ago
    So based on FF5 and 6 numbers, we can assume they were roughly half done with filming.

    [–]DinosaurPizza 0 points 8 months ago
    My mistake. I have ties to the movie world as well, but I’ve only ever heard of movies taking weeks (as opposed to months) to shoot. By that I mean, the actor is on set and they are filming. There’s several months of preparing sets and planning / doing run throughs of more complicated scenes.

    GenuineMindPlay 1 point 8 months ago
    im not sure who told you most movie dont take longer than 5-6 weeks to shoot. I work in the industry and i would say that the majority of movies take 3-6 months to film

  28. squeakyL 1 point 8 months ago
    I remember the production studio wanted to rush FF7 which is why there was a director change, so it’s def possible that they still have quite a bit of work to do.

    My sister had a poster of him in her room from his Into the Blue film and I remember going in there sometimes when she wasn’t home and doing sit ups while staring at his chiseled abs.<<LOL just thought I’d share

    DTFpanda 40 points 8 months ago
    True. There were some heartfelt comments like the guy exclaiming how he was there at the event today and how he was acquainted with Paul and how he was a genuinely decent man. The thread removal honestly threw me at first but it makes sense now why they took it down. Nice one, reddit!

    [–]lowertechnology 1 point 8 months ago
    Yeah, that guy's insight was really helpful while the news was just breaking.

  29. rojosucio 8 points 8 months ago
    Comment will get buried but I’ll post anyway. All respect to the lost, but I thought it would be worth pointing out the following as Paul’s people and FF7 people will likely try and keep the story as a “single vehicle accident”.
    All theoretical, but the surface level evidence points to this wreck being less of a single car accident and likely a joyride race which is very unfortunate. We’ve all gone joyriding, but the excessive speeds were likely due to the driver being in pursuit or being chased by the Audi R8.
    If you notice in two of the pictures, the one from when Paul is leaving the event getting into the car, there is a thin blond man standing by the R8. This same thin guy is seen running through the parking lot below the scene.
    Why do I believe they were racing eachother/someone? Multiple interviews state that Paul’s people got a call saying he was in a wreck, allowing his friends to “rush to the scene”. Obviously it wasnt the driver or Paul who made the call. Thus, someone who knew it was them in the car, saw the wreck when it happened and made the initial call.
    Seeing as the TMZ video that shows the car engulfed in flames does not show another car, I believe the R8 was in the lead barreling down the street with the Porsche trailing by a bit. Coming around the bend, the Porsche begins to slide out at high speed, snap locks counter to the turn causing the passenger side to hit the curb then tree first.
    The R8, with the thin blonde then circles around back down into the parking lot. While they were driving back to the scene (assuming they were in front) they made the call to the shop to alert the friends. Such a call would not have likely been made had they been in the rear of the Porsche, as they would have likely been trying to pull them from the car initially, and they would have been seen in the video shot at the scene.
    The water pipe sticking out of the ground likely tore into the undercarriage and fuel tank, initiating the fire. If you look at the video in question, in the first several frames you can see the tire marks from where the car lost control that lead straight to the tree and pipe fixture.
    TL/DR: The only reason Paul’s people got there before the fire department is because someone who knew that was them in the car at the time of the wreck was there to witness it. Hence the presence of an unknown second car traveling at similar speeds in the same direction: i.e. Racing.

  30. kissmyrobot 26 points 8 months ago
    Two things: I met Paul a few years ago while he was at a racing event with AE. Really affable guy and very talented driver.
    I’m also familiar with the business park he passed away in. It’s a private complex, there is a guard shack to get into the business park, and there is a branching network of small roads with some good sharp turns and good rises and falls. A car enthusiast myself I mentioned to a friend a few weeks ago while we were there that these roads would be fun to rally. Sadly, it seems that Paul and his partner at AE had the same thoughts.
    ^^^^^GUARD SHACK?!?!?!? How convenient. Interesting that the truth is slowly coming out…

    ]eQvLnt 2 points 8 months ago
    Went to the Wolf Creek brewery in Valencia today which is right next to the scene of the accident and had no idea that that’s what all the cop cars and fire trucks were there for…. fuckin devestated me once I found out what had happened AND the fact that I was so close… RIP Paul Walker

    dopeboyhero 1 point 8 months ago
    How was this guy reported dead yesterday and it was an apparent hoax, now he’s dead the next day? Tell me what the fuck is going on.

  31. ]Esleeezy 1 point 8 months ago
    I use to work at the CPK in Santa Barbara and he would come in to eat. Nice guy. Bummer he had to go. I hope I look that good at 40. That guy stood 23 for like 15 years.

    Awhite2555 1 point 8 months ago
    This is truly sad. Rip Paul walker. However I’m extremely uncomfortable that tmz knew it was Paul walker in there before a coroner was even there. How the fuck did they know this? Were they chasing him? I’m seriously unsettled.

    BabyBunt 1 point 8 months ago*
    Paul Walker had helped him out just 7 months ago. What a weird circumstance of foreshadowing…
    From Pirelli’s website:
    Apr. 20, 2013
    Always Evolving
    Hollywood Actor Saves the Day After Always Evolving Teammate Wrecks at Long Beach
    Long Beach, Calif – In an early morning Pirelli World Challenge practice session, Always Evolving (æ) driver, Roger Rodas was sent into the wall after an ABS malfunction in turn 1 on the 1.97 mile street circuit. The damage to the right side of the #52 was beyond track repair. Luckily, Always Evolving teammate, and Hollywood actor, Paul Walker recently purchased an identical Ford Mustang Boss 302S, and agreed to let Rodas use it along side the #75 sister car for Sunday’s race.

  32. TheSithMaster 1 point 8 months ago
    Hey guys, not sure if someone has already asked this… but the Porsche has a rear engine. So how did a head on collision make the car burst into flames and why couldn’t they get out? Has it been reported how fast they were going yet?

    maximumreign 2 points 8 months ago
    it wasnt head on, the frint of the car was the most intact i can only assume that the car hit a lamp post on the drivers and then carried on and hit a tree on pauls side, the car split in two, the thing that i find strange is for that amount of damage and fatality, the car must have been going fast right? but from first impact to resting place was only about 40ft, IMO the driver was going to fast but no where near as fast as people are making out.

    Flea420 16 points 8 months ago
    Fuck this guy.
    I already flagged it, more should.

  33. SnackyPack 16 points 8 months ago almost reminds me of the last picture james dean took before crashing in a Porsche.

    [–]yes_faceless 2 points 8 months ago
    This picture bothers me more than the ones of the actual aftermath.

    TheOneWhoKnocks3 305 points 8 months ago
    As much as we all liked Paul Walker, I doubt his passing will put an end to this franchise. The movies are just making way to much money for the studio to stop churning out more sequels

  34. fleckes 91 points 8 months ago*
    Yeah, it often gets a bit forgotten how massively successful the Fast & Furious franchise is, especially the last 2 movies were huge commercial successes. Movies 5 and 6 of the franchise made a world wide box office of $626m and $789m respectively.
    In comparison, the last two Star Trek movies made $386m and $467m world wide. I very much doubt the studio doesn’t try to continue such a successful franchise, as sad as that might seem right now

    ninjames 7 points 8 months ago
    It’s also so weird that Lucas Black is coming back to the franchise at this time. He was set up to assume Paul Walker back in Tokyo Drift, and now I would assume he would be filling in for Brian organically. I htink this has already been discussed before, but this is from a different angle.


    This might’ve been mentioned as well. The hole in ground. I’m guessing it’s something to do with the underground pipes for something. Or electrivity, etc.

  37. the interesting thing about this picture is how the co-pilot, I think it looks brandon birtell looking directly at the camera …

    • @espana
      it’s completely possible. at this point who knows.

  38. someone explain this to me?, clearly (apart from not being linked to the farce of paul), I see padding under the trunk. is a dummy. someone mentioned that the neck is wide meadow walker it is speculated photoshop. because someone do that to the image?

  39. nadie se dio cuenta que el coche esta completamente entero en el video ???!!! despues la parte trasera esta reventada , como a consecuencia de la explosion . el resultado final del coche no estaba cuando se inicio el fuego . desde cuando si un tanque de gasolina revienta hace que el coche se parta en dos ? no seria mas logico que eso lo hiciera el golpe ? sigo viendo comentarios de gente que cree que el coche hizo lo que dijeron . golpear la puerta del conductor y dar vueltas . pero , tenemos el video del coche azul y el coche sabemos desde un principio que estaba entero cuando los pirotecnicos estaban alli . nobody noticed that the car is completely integer in the video ??? !!! the back after this busted, presumably as a result of the explosion. the final outcome of car was missing when the fire began. since when if a gasoline tank busting makes the car split in two? would not be more logical that this did the hit? I keep seeing comments from people who think that the car did what they said. hit the driver’s door and turning. but we have the video from the blue car and the car we know from the beginning that was whole when pyrotechnics were there.

  40. Un medio de Venezuela publico lo siguiente:Se acuerdan del querido actor Paul Walker, que el pasado 30 de noviembre tuvo un tragico accidente, perdiendo la vida y la vida del piloto de autos Rogers Rodas,bueno se cree que fue visto en una cabaña en Londres,aparentemente vestido con camisa celeste y pantalon vaquero azul, zapatillas negras, pero con espesa barba, y pelo largo,no se le puede ver bien su rostro ya que posee lentes oscuros…Creer o reventar..¿Que opinan ustedes?..(asi dice la publicacion de Venezuela)…Ahora bien, el que tenga esa dichosa fotografia por favor publicarla o en todo caso algun video…

  41. en algun momento se tendrian que manifestar los hermanos o compañeros de reparto ante los insistentes rumores , en fin yo nunca vi aqui que nadie dijera que esta con barba y cabello largo en londres , creo que eso fue una premonicion o algo que alguien tuvo .

  42. this is the aspect that I would walk? fuck this good anyway 🙂 I do not understand when they say that the fans in the crash are suspicious … you think that was a strategy to promote worth to other people who saw the reports? to the point that the way to a road is private and has a security guard? I believed it was a public road … I read that to fast 7 have hired 600 extras …. believe that they were recruited to the joke? ….Real looked … do not understand why eight months after , reporting this product in the media …. and all given stay with who saw in England …. Spanish also saw videos of peru I think that ridicularizaban these claims this nodisinfo. …I think they get out of hand the number of people who doubt and keep talking here and in other forums. do not think it’s for the movie, really retired, do not understand the little ashamed of brothers and film actors, constantly pulling cheerful photos like , daughter , friends……. think sent the means remember that “really dead” and that everything that is said than that, it’s paranoid …. BUT WE KNOW tHAT nO !!!! PAUL AND ROGER …… EVER CLOSER

  43. Hola España, justamente una tal CARLA tuvo esa premonicion,y lo escribio en otro blog de, lo que sucede es que nadie le cree, pero ella dijo algo asi como tener el cabello largo y barba como en la pelicula BOBBY Z,se que ella lo predijo,el asunto es que la mayoria no le cree a esta señora..¿Porque no he de creer????

  44. I found this on an article about someone who is promoting himself. How convenient…

    “Who does he think he’s fooling?14 hours ago-3 reply report I wish this man would stop using Paul Walkers death as a platform for publicity.”

  45. To republish it if one did not see it, but still find me very interesting this shadow of someone who escaped when someone down the blue car accident

    • @ferhec2004
      it’s completely possible that it’s him. but i don’t think that they’d let him anywhere near the crash site. someone would’ve seen him. it’d be too risky.

  46. Are the photos of the same accident? That happens here even when seguirar with this hoax?
    To the position of the car is different and photos are two different times.

    • @ferhec2004
      yes i see what you mean. it was taken at different times. it could’ve been taken even on different days for all we know lol.

  47. Look what I discovered, it seems that this picture is doctored, with a special program will see that Paul is superimposed on this photo image is as if already noticed some kind of transparency in his image on the same. Now if you look good you can see to the height of your shoulder a bit below stands out on your body the white line of the window back on the black side of his Polo t-shirt. If this is so then this photo is a well-armed trick, now with that intention to make it and next to the porch?, maybe not was that day.His shadow is not reflected. And if you look more up to the part of the trunk of the Palm tree are seen on him

    • @ferhec2004
      thx 4 the pic. too bad there wasn’t a better quality pic with better resolution. but i can sorta see what you are saying.

    • @ferhec2004
      thx 4 the link!

  48. Watch the Sun where this shining and see all the shade that is from where it leaves the car, that proves that at that time they were more than 4 pm o’clock cdo. they went, more or less there already they should have been 6 pm o’clock.


    • @ferhec2004
      To answer your question, some ppl have said that it was an asst for ff7, or RR’s son, or PW’s nephew. Idk for sure. Eventually we will find out, but we’re all still researching little by little. thx!

    • I think it is the guy in the video

      • @espana
        yeah it looks a bit more like him in my opinion. but who knows. we could be totally off and it could’ve been an asst for ff7? idk lol.

      • @espana
        that’s pw’s nephew in the video btw.

      • When you scroll down, someone says in the comments that he is PWs nephew (son of his sister Amiee )

        • oh sorry e_hoax, I haven’t seen that you have already answered the same 😉

  50. This always intrigued me, and whenever I have doubt about his death this photo makes me to believe that everything is a hoax. This be an illusion optical, or really is someone with a suit fire retardant reflected in her sunglasses hours before the alleged accident?.

    • @ferhec
      it’s completely possible. i’m not for sure if it is a firesuit person, but i do know that ppl don’t wear shiny reflective clothes lol.

  51. It is very likely that Paul after his death continue acting in fast and furious 8 if it did, since this actor which also doubted his death died in 2007 in California while he slept and he continued acting in films and series until 2009. as it is possible that?. The magic of Hollywood say. Is it really that many hollywood celebrities decide to disappear to faking his death?

    • @ferhec2004
      it’s completely possible. a lot of times they will film everything in advance though. either way good find! 🙂

    Make sure you look at both pics please. Just click “second image”. And you’ll have to right click each image and click “view image” to see all the details I wrote. How did I not notice it before?…You’ll understand what I mean when you read the writing on the pics. thx

    • If you look at PW arms in the pic where he is holding something, you can clearly see they are both covered in what looks like dirt/oil marks.

    • update: it seems SL was wearing a gray shirt underneath the black one. who knows why(since no one else did that)… thx to the little bird who told me that lol.

      Sorta, but could it just be the shadows? Are you talking about their hands or forearms? thanks!

    • E Hoax, wow great find. I’m not sure if it’s just the angle of the photo but the 3 pic has no tattoo on his right wrist.

    • Yeah the shirt thing i knew, but the hair… it has grown and check the time from the watch too. It is hard for me cause im foreign. Nice E.

      • What was i saying…:)). it’s not hard for me to check the time ’cause i’m foreign…now i see somebody already did that.

    • @R
      thanks! concerning the tattoo, nice find! the tattoo is big. here are a few pics. i can’t believe it’s missing(for those who don’t know, it’s the pic where his back is facing the camera). It should be visible from when he is walking away, but where did it go?

      thanks! concerning the time it’s hard to tell for me because it’s a little blurry. but it looks like it either says 3pm or 330pm. idk if the watch has a seconds hand or not. i have other “rares” i’m trying to upload, just gotta organize em first lol.

    Not sure if he is relevant, just thought i’d share.

    there’s a go fundme link with 66% raised. Idk why cause I thought ppl were supposed to bring a toy instead. Keep in mind I’m talking about the dec 1st event
    the notice went out at at least on nov 1st

    This will be our biggest year yet! Our 10 year anniversary, can you believe it! TEN YEARS! Thank you all so very much for your years of support! Please invite all of your friends, clubs, enthusiasts.
    We are accepting sponsor applications.
    Can we do a toy drive at your school or business?
    Can’t make the event, donate online at: All proceeds go to the children!
    For more info: Dustin Troyan 818-516-5053

    trying to raise 25k. they raised 6350.
    Motor for toys charitable foundation
    Thousand oaks, ca
    Tax id:470960486
    Created nov8th,2013
    Motor4toys Charitable Foundation collects toys during the holiday season. We do this by kicking off with a huge charity car show and follow up with a toy drive through the holiday season. We are a Charitable Foundation 501(c)(3) and we operate at 100% Charity.

    Over the last nine years, we have collected millions of dollars worth of toys for needy children. These toys are distributed throughout California to needy kids.

    Our goal this year is to collect over 60,000 toys for children. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
    Can you donate $10.00? Can you donate more? 100% will go to buy toys for children. For more information, please visit: and watch this video

    Feel free to visit our youtube channel as well to see videos from past years:

    Please help us, help children! Thank you.

    Rick Zundel 8 months ago
    I am so thankful for all those that have supported this amazing charity. We just topped $9k today and I truly believe hitting our target of $15K by Dec 1st is possible. Every dollar counts. Thank you!!

  56. One thing that’s been bothering me is where did PW put his Limitless society shirt and the black shirt that he was carrying? Remember when he got into the car he didn’t have that stuff on him. Not that it’s a big deal, but just thought I’d mention it.

  57. Forearm and hand. I thought shadow but you can clearly see a shadow across PW bicep and these marks are different. Also the time on SL watch says 3 o clock.

    • @Sarah
      Yeah it’s hard to tell cause of the poor quality. I can sorta see what you are saying. If you look at his pointer finger you can see what looks like a lot of dirt/black stuff. The hand that’s holding the black shirt. Thanks!

    • continued
      or someone from up above said it could’ve been messed with photoshop. so another possibility. maybe they were tring to add shadows or subtract shadows from his body before they released the pics…who knows lol.

  58. Señor ferhec2004, usted coloco una foto donde solo se ve el anteojo del actor, marcado por un circulo rojo, donde se muestra una persona aparentemente con traje antiflama o algo parecido, yo comente que a la noche en la casa de este actor, para una camioneta y baja alguien usando dicho traje o ropa…mmmmm y tambien baja de esa camioneta el amigo del actor de nombre brandon con una valija,no poseo enlace o fotos, voy a tratar de conseguir para mostrarles a todos ustedes…

    • gracias betty seria de gran ayuda no entiendo porque bajar disfrazado llamaria mas la atencion …. puede decir en cual de sus casas ? la acristalada o la bajita de la vaya ? usted no vio a meadow ni nadie de su familia?

  59. Le contesto España:era de noche, siempre salimos a caminar por ahi, y la casa es donde la mayoria de las personas han colocado flores, carteles, velas,ahi a veces se lo puede ver a uno de sus hermanos creo que es Cody, ya que Caleb vive para la otra punta y es bastante lejos…El unico que estaba era su amigo Brandon,no se si adentro de la house estaria su hija o su padre…Cuando vuelva a pasar por ahi y vea algo que me llame la atencion, lo comentare,sobre algun enlace o fotos sobre este tema,por el momento no puedo ya que si usted esta cerca de la casa del actor y lo ven con una camara o celular para sacar fotos,no saben como se ponen…son bastante groseros…

    • betty que le dicen si la ven ? y quien se lo dice ? a llegado usted a contestarles que la calle es de todos ? que descarados …. y que poca verguenza …. se exponen a que alguien les conteste … y creo que alguien dijo que rebecca sotteros y meadow tenian nueva casa … nose donde lo vi 🙁 es raro que ningun vecino le haya visto , y ademas creo que el vivia en la de la playa , en la de cristal que hicieron el homenaje con los familiares y amigos , aunque yo no pude ver a jesse brisendine …. ni muchos de sus amigos … usted no le puede preguntar a algun vecino ? entonces por lo que usted cuenta va con un sequito de personas que lo escoltan no ? me parece muy arriesgado que se pasee por alli ….. ademas ya sacaron las cosas de su casa y alli como le e dicho antes creo que ya no vive meadow … usted le pudo ver a el ? betty espero que no este mintiendo con estas afirmaciones que usted hace porque aunque no quiero pensar mal es muy curioso que no haya podido sacar fotos .. entiendo que se arrienga a que le digan algo pero usted tambien puede contestar o preguntar de buen rollo al que se le acerque por que paul fingio su muerte , a ver si recibe alguna respuesta coherente y si no , yo no creo que llegaran a agredirla . puede que tengamos personalidades distintas , pero yo no tendria miedo de plantarles cara porque tienen ellos mas que perder que yo … gracias y intente sacar una foto por favor

  60. I know I have no right to ask and certainly receives no satisfactory answer but I wonder if the owner of this website is a journalist or something due to the great ability to defragment this and other topics. 🙂 I find it impossible for a person like me (who I see in the news I do not think so) was able to create a site like this. I think you have to be professional about something or someone that is educated and really am curious 🙁 thanks anyway 🙂

    • @espana
      thank you for posting. yeah it does look abandoned. that’s creepy he would do that tho…

  61. not when it was the first time I saw this picture, but it is strange he is restless mmmmmm

    • Okey, España…Pero no piense mal de mi, lo que comente es de verdad, solo que en otra pagina yo dije que eran un poco cerrados como que todo esta en silencio…en cuanto pueda sacar fotos las colocare…lo prometo…

    • @espana
      i think i might’ve seen that pic before. i believe there are others from the same occassion as well. he was just around that lake or whatever. but what i do notice is his hairline is a lilttle baldy. so maybe it was within the last few years that it was taken. also his face looks kinda worn out, like tired or something.

  62. Sorry to put this site in Spanish but I gave the translator and delete the one in English and I could not find cover. 🙁 Fijense on the date November 29 ……. PD gracias betty espero su foto

    motor for toys
    notice the time is a lot different than the ae one. I’m thinking that ae was just a sponsor for the motor4toys, but if they were, then why didn’t they sponsor previous years? This toy drive has been going for about 10 years If I read correctly.

    • paul said this is exceeded by the amount of people who rushed to the scene. so I guess it was the first year that “they made” do not know. it is not possible that the accident was made the same day because too many people would have seen the roadblock with preparations not you think?

    • @espana
      that’s a good point you made about too many people seeing. that reminds me. ok so apparently there is a guard shack to the entrance of the industrial park? but what about in case of a fire or something? (a real fire, not a fake fire lol). i think they need emergency exit routes to get out of the industrial park. there has to be more than one way to get into the industrial park? cause Unistyu would have needed to haul their setup equipment to put the car there and haul in their actors and pyro ppl.

      i’m starting to think either the guard shack person that lets people in was paid off a lot of money. or that they went in once and hid some of their equipment in one of the businesses and pulled it out when it was “showtime”. because if they were lugging it around for two days, then it would have attracted attention. thanks!

  64. this one has two different posters for motor4toys. the poster for motor4toys. Notice the time again. It doesn’t mention the sponsors in this one though.

    A few websites that sorta relate to the above links.


  67. Hola a todos, encontre lo que estaba investigando..Se acuerdan de HOURS, bueno el pasado 13 de diciembre estuvo la promocion de dicha pelicula, si PAUL murio el 30 de noviembre como puede ser que el 16 de diciembre el mismo la este promoviendo…El sale en una foto donde a sus espaldas marca el dia 16 de diciembre del 2013, y no corresponde a una foto editada o publicada anteriormente a esa fecha…O sea, que Paul estuvo ahi despues de su muerte…QUE RARO NO????…—-Ustedes creen de veras que se murio? una persona que finge su muerte tiene que estar a la expectativa de todo y de todos para no ser visto..MMMMMM?????—–

  68. saandra la promocion de hours fue en marzo del 2013 el estreno fue en diciembre . asi que despues de fingir su muerte no la promociono . ese cartel marcaria la fecha de estreno . si pudiera poner el link gracias . es obvio que fingio su muerte . usted podria no creerse algunas cosas que se digan aqui pero otras son indiscutibles .

  69. translate please 🙁

  70. i’m sure this has already been mentioned but notice the shadows. i know there was people taking pics(i saw the other pics), but it doesn’t hurt to rego over stuff. thx

  71. it’s a shame that the time difference can never interact 🙁 here in Spain are 5 good evening everyone. 🙁

    I still wanna know why there’s only like 20 ppl there. I know there are barrricades there, but what happened to the supposed “hundreds” or “thousands” of ppl at the memorial site?

    2nd pic: notice the white tent
    3rd pic: notice the cameras that are similar to ff7 ones

  74. i just thought of this. why didn’t they investigate those two or three ppl that were taking pics of the car while it was burning? remember the guy in white shirt walking away with his friend? and also the black shirt guy taking pics? there wasn’t even a mention of them in the report at all.

    • @Katja wheres the comment from PWs supposed nephew? Also, please stop with the Spanish spam!! Dr. K Remove spammers..nothing against them (im half hispanic) but its gtting over the top..also regarding faking his death, I saw on 20 2p on abc about a big time millionaire who faked his death for a yr! Apparently it happens more than what u think..any thoughts on Robin Williams death being predicted on Family Guy just as PWS death was apparently too?

        this link was from “espana” on 11th August.

        When you scroll down, there is a comment from “LoLo LoLa” and he or she wrote this about the nephew.

    • @pwbeliever
      PART 1
      wow that’s interesting. do you have a link to the billionaire guy? if not it’s cool lol. it’s all about the money one way or another :/

      Thanks for asking. I’m not too sure if Family Guy is owned by NBC Universal or what cause i’m not a fan of that show and their negative messages :/ As far as I know I think RWilliams struggled with demons in his life apparently. I heard a quote by him (and this was before his death) that he said something about demonic stuff and how when you’re an entertainer it’s easy to let the demons take possession of your body and entertain the audience.

      Here’s a few articles if you’re interested:

      (part 1) @125 tyra mentions the “trance thing” when she performs

      (part 2) here’s the rest of the clip 0secs to 45 secs. she says “i can’t describe it. it’s something that takes over me and we named IT sasha, cause it’s like 2 different ppl” and “i lose my self completely and i don’t even remember what i do when i’m performing” this picture sums it up.
      Katy perry sold her soul, kanye west, eminem, snoop dogg, bob dylan. Entertainers are puppets that are pushing an agenda. They use these entertainer people to brainwash the masses. That’s why I’m so glad that you guys see right through the whole PW thing. It shows that you are awake and capable of thinking for yourselves 🙂

    • PART 2
      This article talks about RWill, Heath Ledger, and some other ppl.

      QUOTED TEXT: “Robin Williams acknowledged that he had opened himself up to transformative demonic powers that aided him on stage. Without the aid of such demonic powers, it is likely that you would have never have heard of Robin Williams and many other famous celebrities. Williams also recognized that these powers had manifested a very evil influence on stage and that there could be a hefty price to pay for their assistance. Williams told James Kaplan of US Weekly:

      “Yeah! Literally, it’s like possession all of a sudden you’re in, and because it’s in front of a live audience, you just get this energy that just starts going…But there’s also that thing it is possession. In the old days you’d be burned for it…But there is something empowering about it. I mean, it is a place where you are totally it is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where you really can become this other force. Maybe that’s why I don’t need to play evil characters [in movies], ’cause sometimes onstage you can cross that line and come back. Clubs are a weird kind of petri dish environment. I mean, that’s where people can get as dark as they can in comedy in the name of comedy, be talking about outrageous stuff and somehow come out the other side. I mean, that’s one place where you really want to push it” (Robin Williams, “Robin Williams,” by James Kaplan, US Weekly, January, 1999, p. 53).”

      “Williams’ last statement quoted above answers the question as to why the demonic powers use entertainers. Their goal is to promote evil and darkness and increase mankind’s rebellion against God. Williams went on to say on the heels of that admission: “The people I’ve ad­mired ‑ Jonathan [Winters], in his best days, was out. Gone. But the price he paid for it was deep” (Ibid).”

      “Comedians, like many famous musicians, pay the price for their fame by becoming enslaved to the demonic forces that possess and torment them. ”

      “Most people are blind to this diabolical pattern of celebrities giving themselves over to satanic power for fame and fortune, only to be exploited, used and abused, and then spit out after Satan is done with them.”

    • PART 3

      Heath Ledger’s life ended prematurely not long after he accepted the evil role of The Joker in The Dark Knight. While Ledger’s depression began after starring in the gay promotional film, Brokeback Mountain, after his death, headlines from Australia’s Herald Sun like, “Tragic Death: Heath Ledger Battled His Demons” and The Star, stating “If it was personal demons that conspired to destroy Heath Ledger, they were already making their presence felt many years before,” underscored the fact that Ledger was dealing with some dark forces.

      Ledger said of The Joker character he would portray in The Dark Knight, “He’s a psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy.” However, to properly play the role to his satisfaction, Ledger would open himself up to evil spirits with even less empathy. “Well,” said Jack Nicholson, who had also played The Joker, “I warned him” (Source).

      Unfortunately, Nicholson’s warning went unheeded and Ledger overcame his fears and ended up even meditating on becoming the evil Joker he would portray:

      “I definitely feared it…Although anything that makes me afraid I guess excites me at the same time. I don’t know if I was fearless, but I certainly had to put on a brave face and believe that I have something up my sleeve. Something different…just closing my eyes and meditating on it…it was important to try to find a somewhat iconic voice and laugh. I ended up landing more in the realm of a psychopath — someone with very little to no conscience towards his acts” (Source).
      Heath Ledger

      Ledger told the New York Times that he “had trouble sleeping while portraying the Joker,” and that, “Last week I probably slept an average of two hours a night.” Ledger seems to have been so tormented that he told the Times, “I couldn’t stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going.” He went on to state that he took drugs, which would quell the unrest for only an hour (The Associated Press, January 23, 2008). Sadly, Ledger, died of a drug overdose shortly after the filming of The Dark Knight.

      Robin Williams, like Morrison, Winters, Ledger and so many others who resort to drugs or alcohol in their attempt to quell the demonic voices that torment them, fail to realize – until it’s too late – that such drugs only draw one deeper into Satan’s insidious web.

      Remember how I was talking about the australian actor on the “props” page? Well Heath Ledger was who I was referring to. (Mr.Ledger also had many strange coincidences happen to him that are similar to PW’s “death”. I’m not saying that there was any demons around and in PW. I’m just mentioning.

    • PART 4
      Artists hide the truth in their music. If you’re listening you will hear and/or see it. Universal Studi,os hid the truth in plain sight as well. For those who were paying attention, they will see through the lies. I’m not saying that the whole PW and RR thing was having to do with the devil or anything. At least not in this case. I’m just saying the truth is there if you look for it…

      Those in power have the money. Those who want money have to do what the people with the money want. You have to lose your morals if you want to fit in with them and/or sell your soul.

      But if you have God you have nothing to fear. 🙂

      You can do more research if you think i’m crazy or whatever lol. I don’t claim to know everything, but this is just stuff I learned on my own when God showed me. And just in case anyone thinks I’m lying and that this stuff isn’t real: Michelle Rodriguez(PW’s costar) once said in an interview that she hopes the Illuminati don’t get to her. I guess she was paranoid. Idk if they ever did or not.

      sorry to go off on a wild tangent lol. i basically just wrote an essay haha.
      what are your thoughts? just curious lol 🙂

      I also have been thinking lately that when they played the PW news footage on the news. Did anyone notice how they kept repeating it? Well if you don’t know, the first rule of mind control and brainwashing is repetition. That’s why they kept looping it over and over again (to make it seem more real, like it really did happen).

    • it looks like pw might be holding something in his left hand in the pic you posted. thx

    • @follower
      isn’t that caleb? if you go on there are closeup pics of him with that same outfit on i believe. i could be wrong though. i also know that stunt doubles wear the same exact clothes as the character.

      • I really always I thought, than the pictures that hung shooting, paul is sometimes there and sometimes not, I think I said in another page. seems to me that if paul ….. look at the ribs, his brother caleb has the same, but definitely had some guts paul, not fat, but if more man. although only 4 years, they are not equal and images like this can be seen. I see him as the hair, the beard like, and nose like. his brother caleb characterized as the far , looks much. but not in this picture, so for me it is definitely paul

  75. La verdad no se que decir SEGUIDOR parece que es Paul, aunque tambien la foto puede ser antes de la supuesta muerte del actor, y para comparar con sus hermanos el parecido,la foto esta entre las otras, para que nosotros quedemos con la boca abierta…Dese cuenta que la foto con el circulo negro quien sea tiene un reloj,en la mano izquierda, y en la mano derecha el tatuaje de MEADWOS, aunque si son sus hermanos tanto Cody como Caleb, tuvieron que tatuarse el nombre de su sobrina…MMMM.????????

  76. Wierd looks like a different time of years..

    • @Follower
      How so? it’s a bit hard to tell because the pics are of slightly different angles. thanks for the link.

    • contiued
      oh wait i sorta see what you are talking about. like if you look at the long line of bushes in the upper corner on top of the hill. some of the leaves are bright neon green in the bushes. also the colors look more vibrant on the right side of the pic. good find!

      • The colormode is different in these pictures that’s obvious, but i think the trees and the bushes have less leaves i the other picture. 🙂

      • @follower
        it’s completely possible that the colormode was different. but to me it looks like on the right it was sunnier and on the left it was cloudy.
        on the right pic it looks like there is more trees because the angle of the pic is different. at least that’s what i’m seeing lol. maybe i’m missing something? thx 🙂

        • 🙂
          the angle is the same. u can see that because of streetlamps.
          I think the highest tree has much less leaves.

        • @follower

          It’s a teensy bit different. i explained in the pic. which tree were you talking about? things get lost in translation easily on the internet lol. it’s not your fault. i think i’m just slow haha.

          • Ok ur right…teensy bit. I would say that the picture is not directly from the same place, but the angle or the line is almost the same:


          • @follower
            i apologize. it’s the perfectionist in me. sometimes i get a little nutty cause i just want the truth already ya know? my bad haha. and what was it about the tree that you were trying to explain to me? i wasn’t sure which tree you meant. you said something about the most high. did you mean the highest tree on the hill? or the tallest tree in general? thanks! 🙂

    • The image has already been removed! Why?? Maybe it was real or something…

    • @katja
      thx 4 the pic. havent seen that one before. i’m guessing they took that pic with that big large satelite thing on top of that one newsvan? idk just saying. thanks! 🙂

  77. dr.k is it possible that you could approve my comments that have been awaiting moderation?i understand you are busy but i thank you so much! 🙂

  78. oh and just in case some people might think that i was lying about my 4 part discussion way up above, paris jackson(michael jackson’s daughter) figured it out for herself. there’s videos on youtube about it. i mean technically the devil doesn’t want me telling you this stuff because that means he can no longer keep you controlled. but i’m going out on a limb here and letting you know. i hope you appreciate it and look into it. thanks for your guys’ time 🙂

  79. in my way of understand it. and the reaction of everyone around giving the best of themselves, I think something really bad happened here …. why they took this drastic decision. their families are NOT actors. so, because they would act being as credible as possible if it were not for something important? was too far away to come and then recoil. do not think paul appears again . never I understood the reaction sister in the crash …. there is no video that you see moving … it will deform the face a second for the picture ….. because carp is seen serena … and his excited son … is not an option for me for the movie ….. it does not take a genius to realize that would be a mistake. so this along with the pre-accident interviews make me think that he really wanted to be killed for the world …. I think the man in the green hat is this …. or maybe paul realized the shit visiting jasmine and will put a cap to a friend … because I see no resemblance between the place of jasmine , this other, not I see equal their profiles … this reaction is surreal . here you can see the boy’s face emotion . I think we were told to mourn finjieran scratching eyes …. because everyone did the same even in the cemetery … especially her sister and this guy.

  80. @espana
    thank you for that link. i guess i never paid attention but if you look at pic 14 of the gallery you showed you can see a black car in the back with the letter on the bumper it says “tcp 5621-p” if you google it you get this result
    ^^idk if this is the correct company or not, but this explains the logo on the bumper.

    QUOTED TEXT: “What are those TCP numbers I see on the bumpers of limousines?
    The letters TCP stand for Transportation – Charter Party. They are issued by the California Public Utilities Commission to companies that successfully meet the criteria for insurance, drug testing policies and a number of others. Those numbers should appear in any yellow page advertising, printed material like business cards and on each and every vehicle. The PUC constantly monitors the status of each company and routinely updates their web site with the status of each company. You may check the status of any company’s authority to operate at their web site here.”

  81. the “here” link is
    i’m not sure how to look it up though…i’ll figure it out sooner or later unless anyone wants to take a shot at it.

  82. I think it might be: PSG0005621 BLS LIMOSUINE SERVICES OF LOS ANGELES INC 18-20 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY 11105 Out of State (800)843-5752

  83. “� “P” permit – Charter services using only vehicles under 15-passenger seating capacity. “

  84. Can u enter the advanced backgroundchecks, i cant. If it’s closed, it’s a little bit convinient..i think.

    E, i mean the tree or actually there is two trees together on the left. u can see through it.
    But anyways. Yeah i know what u mean im quite pedant myself. xD

    • @Follower
      Yeah who do you want me to look up? Or you can always check or whitepages. Let me know and I’ll get back to you.

      Oh ok I see what you mean now about the trees. I was just slow I guess lol. And yeah I get a little restless sometimes haha my bad. Glad to know I’m not the only one lol. 🙂

  85. Hola, a la altura donde paso el accidente,donde los fans pusimos flores,y velas, cartas, y demas cosas, hubo algo que no prestamos atencion en su momento,habia un hueco de forma cuadrada-rectangular,hemos mirado por ahi y nos encontramos con la sorpresa que ese hueco posee una escalera y al finalizar la misma hay agua…Si no muerieron estos 2 tipos quiere decir que se pudieron haber escapado por ahi…YO estoy confiado que estos 2 tipos NOS TOMARON EL PELO!!!!!….

  86. Looks like a certain somebody went to the illuminati a while ago. But to be fair, in order to make it in HW, you have to sell out your beliefs. Anyways back to research lol.

  87. really desperate to finish career sandra el podria haberse refugiado del fuego ahi abajo pero , el accidente nunca ocurrio asi que …. lo unico que se me ocurre son pirotecnicos debajo avivando el fuego ….. 🙂

  88. @Follower
    Wasn’t it you who said that they had different last names? (RR”s family). Well idk if this link will help. Also if you are still searching for their family I remember seeing someone(not related to the hoax) split their last name in half on official paper work. That way it would still look legit. (Even though technically it’s not.
    Ex)Gi Onni for the name Gionni
    Hope that makes sense lol.
    “Spelling variations… include: Roda, Rota, Roa, Ruedas…”

    Interesting stuff about guatemala, el salvador, portugal, mexico, etc. (Rodas) Well if it is his last name. Also technically it could have been his legal name here in the states, but back where he lives it could be something different, like Rogelio or some other derivation of that. Like Gene Simmons his legal name/stage name is that, but his real name is something that I can’t pronounce, like “chaim” or something.

    • @espana
      thx 4 the link

  90. Muy interesante España, ahora?llama la atencion que el actor hizo muchas cosas, antes de su supuesta muerte no?a lo mejor creo yo que a el le convenia con toda la gente que estuvo, inclusive con la gente del programa de los TIBURONES,realizar rapido las cosas-peliculas,comerciales,documentales,etc..-por un lado (dinero) y por el otro lado (fama importante) cuando alguien muere tiene mas fama que cuando esta vivo…La gente ha comprado muchos DVD de sus peliculas y eso le favorece a la UNIVERSAL…Y a EL…la casa de Rebeca y Meadwos no sale $$2….

  91. no entiendo lo ultimo que dijo ¿ la casa de rebecca y meadow ?

    I don’t see the location manager supervisor for the movie. That is the person responsible for getting the film permits. I only saw location assistants and key location ppl for abu dhabi(however you spell it) and other areas. None for santa clarita(unless that would be categorized under the los angeles location manager)?

  93. @Follower
    Wasn’t it you who mentioned about the last names? Well since you helped me I will help you. Their last name starts with an “S” (RR’s family). 🙂

  94. Follow the money trail and you shall find 😉 Oh and also it ends with “R”. Hth.

    • Yeah! I was hoping u to find something 🙂

    • @Follower
      Thanks! I probably wouldn’t have started looking for the actually last name without you telling me to haha. 🙂

  95. And just in case ppl haven’t figured it out yet, they used LLCs for a specific reason. It’s more obvious than you think.

  96. Disculpe España, lo voy a corregir:Rebecca Soteros vive actualmente con su hija,en una casa que fue comprada con el dinero que Paul Walker le dejo a su hija…Pero se dice, que el actor compro esa para que Rebeca no hablara…

  97. because you are using another name ? 🙁 E_HOAX I understand that you have not given importance but please took all day waiting for an opinion about . image I found on instagram fijense the beard looks reddish 🙁 I’m very confused … not seem happy to pull out the photo …. he looks tired and his eyes not seems look blue …. seems to go incognito ….. some opinion about it? thank you … 🙂

    • @espana
      No I am not using another name lol. RR’s family is(sort of). It’s complicated to explain lol. I’m not finished researching it all yet. Yeah that image is supposedly from the shark thing he did. But he does look a bit different. I personally think it is from being worn out mentally and/or physically. He’s not as young as he used to be. When ppl get old their face kind of puffs up a bit and deflates (sorry if that sounds mean). But that’s nature. Like if you look at the president’s faces after their term is over, their faces have changed quite significantly. I know that an actor and president and two different things, but I’m just saying about how stress can age you. I hope that helps.

      The beard could look reddish because of the sun possibly. If I were you I’d watch the whole episode and see how his face looks. Idk if they filmed it all in one day or over the course of a few months, but I’m sure you’ll see something.

      I definitely agree that he looks tired. I think because he was so professional about it, that he tried not to show it too much. And yes you can see that the brightness in his eyes dimming out. It reminds me of Titanic where Jack tells Rose that she has a fire and it’s slowly burning out. :/ (Excuse the pun lol.) Kinda sad, but then again no one forced him to be in those movies. I know that certain studios make you sign on for future sequels ahead of time, but then again who knows his situation.

      As far as incognito, I definitely agree that he is a private person. I know that 2 weeks before he “died” he joined a gym. That makes me think that he was trying to protect himself in case someone ever recognized him. That might seem paranoid, but ppl have big mouths. It reminds me of jail when ppl do crunches or situps for protection so no one messes with them. Or who knows maybe he finally got his dream of living on a farm and doing all that labor intensive work being surrounded by nature.

      I’m sorta surprised that he didn’t grow out his beard. But then again it might’ve been too obvious. Or maybe he wore a fake beard until he grew a full one out. Sorry for blabbering haha.

      • thanks 🙂 I still think it’s beautiful 😀 but I understand what you mean. all photos that are hanging people when I was younger .

      • @espana
        you are welcome 🙂 yeah his face is beautiful(If that’s what you were referring to as beautiful).

      • @espana
        yes they were reported on the 29th. if you go on PW’s page and click on news articles you can look through them all. hope that helps.

  98. Tiene razon, el actor tiene otro aspeecto en su rostro, y por los ojos, no es nada malo,tiene aspecto de haber bebido…y yo no creo que sea un rodaje, antes de su supuesta muerte,para mi es bastante fresco, como que es de ahora, reciente..Es mi opinion…

  99. gracias susana that in many places it is reported that death was on 29 and not 30? at this point tested that the alleged accident was 30 …

  100. @Follower
    You were also correct about the Rodriguez name as well 🙂

    • Ok :). I’ve been busy, but i’ll cotinue searching when i have time.

    • @Follower
      Cool. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  101. Antonio car
    Bird’s eye view 1
    Bird’s eye view 2
    Bird’s eye view 3
    Bird’s eye view 4

  102.×1024.jpg why didn’t the building on the right never release their footage?

      “But this stupid franchise won’t let me go.” I think he might’ve been locked in and signed to do as many sequels as the studio wanted him to. That’s my guess.

      A collection of the day of in case anyone wants to review.

    Here’s the source. I got the largest images files I could find. Maybe I missed one. Feel free to post with anything commetns/suggestions/etc. thanks

  104. It seems with the supposed death of Paul Walker was achieved increase multi-million-dollar collection of his films. Now he is more famous than before. Perhaps this was the objective of the deception and is managed to meet

  105. If Paul Walker enlists the help of Dr. Michael Domeier for out of Hollywood, it is obvious that he could not do so if only, because there were many interests at stake regarding its image that enslaved it of life to the world of entertainment. This is arguably a person coming to ask for help to escape from something is able to get up to the last consequences to achieve it, even to put his own life at stake. Perhaps with these phrases have a clue of what the was able to do to get out of Hollywood and this Dr. us it is confirming, now well I wonder because the express reason just these words which you entrusted Paul to Him and that could affect much to Hollywood? ‘Hey, I want to quit acting. I want to go back to school. Can you help me?’. Think about it !!!!!

  106. and Dr. Michael Domeier who is apart of a biologist? paul surely had difficulties contract, Dr. Michael Domeier is impossible that could help …. unless … this hidden on his boat …. mmmmmm …..

  107. really sick when I see those videos …. I think at that time the director of the movies did not know it was all a joke, but ….. considering his work is quite possible that know how to act ….. see much suffering father paul and the Director, have nothing to do with the attitude or brothers or castmates, is remarkable as father paul we highlight above, the odd laugh …. but also suffering father. but that suffering did not seem to be to have a dead son ….. yes, you maybe out of shame or remorse. I think something happened here definitely a lot more serious than it would miss withdraw …. do not buy the idea that the premiere appears saying everything was for the movie. would have not this kind of documentary, come on, people, it’s impossible. paul this time robbing us of our lives ….. if he really wants to retire or that people forget what they have to do is go out and face what he did. the should come out and say it was all a lie. on what people would hate that somehow is something that automatically withdraws from hollywood. could walk with his daughter having normal experiences seamlessly, going to his graduation, knowing their boyfriends. he’s too young. there is no way this man go unnoticed or will have a pleasant life, never andara quiet if someone recognizes, and that aluien can appear at any time. so after all, face the public would not matter . paul believe me that is the unica manera you have to lead a normal life. here we believe that everyone deserves, so all we inquire is to know the truth but you can tell it. need not involve universal, all you have to do is take responsibility for that stupidity accident and live your life once. hope you understand that you have no right to take our time. not have because be holding as mediocre actors ( luda tyrese Jordanian michelle or vin diesel ) hesitate us with their nonsense I think they are not in the same as you , think they do not understand the complex situation , I think do not make any favors .

  108. Paul Walker is dead there is a lawsuit pending in court against Porsche, courts are not going to entertain stuff like this if they’re a hoax. Plus Meadow could not act out her dad is dead if he was not, she is only 15 that would be wickered to expect that child to do such athing, plus so many peple would be invoved and somebody would slip up. Unfortunately I wish it was a hoax but it is not .

    • I agree with you how do folks expect people with no acting skills to pull off “acting a Mourning scene” Also there is no proof that Tyreese, Vin and the rest are involved with this so called “hoax” it’s just everyone’s “here say” I think everyone is now grasping at anything just to believe he is alive. I don’t think the Porsche lawsuit has anything to do with Paul I thought that is Kristine Rodas that is suing, unless I’m wrong, but I do agree it is way too risky to have other people or as many as everyone wants to believe involved without it getting leaked out, and it is guaranteed to happen if THAT MANY people were to be involved. If he wanted to get away from the Hollywood scene so bad and felt faking a death was the way to do it, ya just have to think that all the co stars, etc. etc. etc. etc and yes even the family really believe he is dead, I mean it would defeat the purpose of faking a death and “Go Away” to risk it all go down the tubes if someone mistakenly let it be known that he is alive the more people that know the riskier it is Folks need to accept the fact he may be dead or believe he is not and leave it alone. You want to stop investigating because you may find out something you won’t want to see or know.

      • Oops I made a typo up above I mean to say. You “May” want to stop investigating” I also want to add people question some of the attitudes at the mourning or whatever, have some of you folks given any thought to the fact people go through mourning differently and also I think Paul wouldn’t want them to be sad but to celebrate his life. I want to add also where people have mentioned Michele Rodriguez was one of the people laughing, well I saw a picture of her crying also so she was not all smiles there.

  109. Hola,Paul Walker en su vida pasada,fue un Juez,que ayudaba a personas para que entraran en la LIBERTAD absoluta,no usando la fuerza o violencia con otros jueces,el entendia a la persona que podia ir a la carcel o morir decapitado…Como juez, el le queria dar la LIBERTAD, algo que en la realidad Paul tambien queria…

  110. you are free to decide at this point think what you want …. but with this the wins. because you will be left with the shit influence of the film and will run to give them their money in film …. which is all that they want. Remember your father laughing are seen as if they were just doing paperwork …. This song .. …. very convenient …. of course shortly before the accident … says the car breaks sounds bom bom bom (….) nitrous oxide, call me fast and furious … ¬ ¬ happy brothers …. and finally all the evidence already given here. meadow attending the premiere of justin bieber ….. actors in the funeral. no friends at the funeral … we will not judge the behavior of meadow that is anything but normal, but if the rest of the family, and none seems to have lost anyone burned to death. vin diesel tyresse horrible performances like , those sold Jordan and the miserable alcoholic michelle rodriguez …. by the way I’m very interested to know why they keep insisting that it is important to make donations to charity …. and have I said too many times … because so insistently? I think he paul is in helping these disasters now. or maybe it just keeps that money considering that he do not donate more than 100000 dollars in 3 years ? mmmmm not think there is any complaint in court. but if you read that the model allegedly used porch in the accident is selling more expensive …. like what happened to model car james dean …

    “How do you own your house and car anonymously so that you aren’t a target and no one knows what you own? I’m glad you asked. Here is the answer… You assign ownership of your house and your car to an LLC.”

    “Conclusion: unless you’re actually wanted by the law or doing something very illegal (evading taxes, smuggling/distributing/producing drugs, etc.), then I would recommend NOT going down the NM LLC route”

    That last comment is interesting…

  112. The lawsuit is Roger wife Kristine Rodas suing Porsche for the deaths of Roger and Paul and claiming damages for trauma & funeral expenses. It is a legitimate case it is a legal binding document that has been stamped by the court and there has already been a hearing . Now that is’nt a bad photo taken on a funny angle or someone laughing with shock because people emotions are all over the place when they are traumatised through shock. This is a solid true document & legitimate court case am very sad to say.

    • Oh okay I remember now about the case and if I’m correct they’re suppose to go back to court again soon. (?) Yeah people do mourn differently, that’s what I was trying to say in my last comment. I wish this really truly is all fake but very doubtful.

      • Also another thing I meant to mention before in regards to people smiling at the memorial ceremony ever think they were reminiscing Paul ? I am sure there are happy memories.

  113. You can always ring the court and ask if the case is still in process.

  114. If you read up on psychological shock it tells you about swinging from laughter to tears & feeling numb all in the symptoms, unfortunately a person maybe in this state for a very long time. I do beleive certain media are playing around with stories & people are playing with images! Sad! very sad! But it is a fact Kristine Rodas is in court with Porsche & facts is only what we can beleive I am afraid to say ! You cannot accuse Porsche of playing a hoax game bless us they would not have the time nor the unprofessionalism of dreaming up such a thing, never mind standing in front of a judge acting it out. I think the accident was not handled aswell as it should have been but if they had witnesses then that’s all that was needed to wrap it up, it mentions in the paperwork that has been issued to the court the back leftside wheel was swerving well obviously witnesses were behind them . The water from the firemans hose was aiming at the site were the flames were coming from obviously the angle of the photo would make it look like it was aiming at the bodies but it was fire they were putting out. These fireman & coroners and ambulance people are doing this job day in day out they become immune to horrific sights and especially in Cali they are inundated with car wrecks. I would’nt bother digging for anything there is no solid facts to find on a hoax nor will there ever be. Two facts which are true 1. Pending court case, 2. Paul & Roger are buried in Forrest Lawn Glendale Cemetery.

  115. Yo misma fui a ese Cementerio Samantha, y le puedo asegurar que ahi no hay ningun Paul Walker…O sea….Cuando una persona muere, en el cementerio tiene que estar registrado, pues yo fui a ese cementerio a sus oficinas, pregunte y me negaron todo–salvo que no quisieran que nadie vaya a la sepultura–pero eso me suena absurdo, a parte en esa tumba lo unico que dice es WALKER, no configura un nombre..Una tal Betty dijo que el hombre que arregla el cementerio tambien dijo que el actor nunca fue traido ahi…que no existe, que no hay tal actor enterrado…Eso lo dijo Betty…habria que preguntarselo a ella…

    • Sorry I cannot read your comment is it possible you can translate thankyou .

    • Susana – Translate:

      I myself went to the cemetery Samantha, and I can assure you there is no any Paul Walker … I mean … when a person dies, the cemetery has to be registered, because I went to the cemetery

  116. I wrote a comment that might not appear fix it? thank you . gracias susana es muy interesante que hiciera eso . a mi me extraña que solo ponga walker ….. en fin NO ES NORMAL pero aun hay gente que se lo cree …..

  117. There are a few interesting videos on YouTube about this “event.” Go to YouTube and type in “paul walker fake death.” For example, there is this one, entitled: PAUL WALKER’S DEATH IS HOAX !!!

    It shows the crash site, conflicting license plates, suggest different cars used, use of pyrotechnique suits, etc). Some good eye-opening, albeit plagarized clips/info. CAUTION: You might want to watch it WITHOUT THE VOLUME!!! The editor uses an obnoxious, overbearing rap song as the soundtrack. He provides no voice over of details. Raise some good questions!

  118. zoom in on the pic, thx

    • There is no difference between these two cars they are the same…

  119. notice in the reflection of the hypercel window that it looks like there is a blue car. with the red taillights and white license plate.

  120. right click with your mouse on the picture. then click “view image” thx

  121. you’ll have to right clin on this one as well. lots of info. thx

    • Isn’t this the original taken from the video, I believe so, I’ve believe I’ve seen “stills” taken from a CNN video showing just what this photo shows, nothing in the background, so nothing is supposed to be in the background so the ones that show a black SUV or White van are photo shopped, IMO I personally will believe someone that was there physically, since pictures have all been altered with now, has anyone spoken to someone that was there, but now that I think about it anyone can come online and say they were there just like the “psychics” can!! People just believe what you believe and move on. To the people that believe he is alive either way you will never know he is alive 100%..Honestly all the stuff ya’ll are posting do not make sense, a picture of Paul at AE holding up a T Shirt what is that suppose to show, just a guess of “when was it taken” is silly…A ROWW letter what is that suppose to mean to a theory he is alive…I wish he were alive too and its so hard to accept someone beautiful inside and out could be dead, but all facts lead to him passing on….Death happens to everyone.

    • the comment was not directed towards you, therefore your opinion is not, never will be, and never was needed.

      • I believe we are all entitled to voice our opinions…

  122. La verdad muy INTERESANTE,,E_Hoax…Pero lo del coche azul,que sucede con ese coche ya que se lo ve pero muy lejos..

    • @susana
      thank you 🙂

  123. I truely appreciate what you are tryimg to do but it is all photo shopped and is not concrete. I wish Paul was alive but he is not ! you are being envageled in to false photos videos. But now is the time to stop this nonsense Paul is dead unless you can really prove otherwise let it rest , you are kidding yourselves & giving false hope to people. Meadow & the family are traumatised by what has happened let it rest in peace for godsake!They are dead! Where is the proof they escaped there is’nt any ! people will make money out of other peoples grief let it rest they are dead!

  124. If it was a hoax all the film crew would have shyed away his father would have not done interviews cody would not be crying on national T.V. it would have been low key. Do you really think Meadow would have done a presentation to the aquarium award do you think Jordana would have spoke up at the awards plus vin too. No you can kid people for so long but not this long .


    • Why are you even coming to this site if you believe they are dead?? That in its self surprises me…….

  126. dont grasp at straws

  127. ¿Samantha you are the same psychic or not a few months ago you were saying to us all that Paul and Roger were alive ?. Because I wonder you’ve changed so dramatically opinion, being a psychic you should have known from the start that this was not a hoax. So do not attack E-HOAX since the first fool everyone here was you if you say now that they are dead. As far as I’m concerned I do not believe what you say now, perhaps there is a reason very heavy weight that leads you to want to change our minds so stop searching and really let them rest in peace but in this physical world. I’m pretty intuitive about this situation.

    • @ferhec2004
      Thank you for standing up for me 🙂 Me personally I just don’t have time to argue with haters, so I just ignore them. Also if we give them the attention they want, then they will just keep clogging up the page instead of being resourceful and doing research. Thanks!

      • :))

      • 🙂

        • I think you m ay find Cody may have been putting his fone on silent given the place where he was. As for V IN car research is it the correct reference ?. I bet all these people name and addresses plus telephone numbers will be happy knowing they have been blasted all over a hoax site ! Give them a call I think see if they can help you !

          • @Peter 49
            It’s public record. The only way they would know about this site is if they were paranoid and put google alerts out on their name and/or their aliases. Paranoid people usually have something to hide anyways. Or maybe someone could alert them, but why would that someone be on this page in the first place? If they do end up finding this site, they can open their eyes and see that everything is not what it seems.

          • Am sure if anything concrete was to be found it would have been by now ! I think because the actual accident wasnt caught on camera is what is putting the ? Mark over peoples minds if it was seen then it wouldnt be questioned. Unfortunately there are 2 graves 2 grieving families friends & colleagues. Lets face it you can run & not hide especially in this day & age, plus why would they ? It wouldnt be worth their while FBI would track them in no time they only have to tap family mobile fones. And as many people involved someone would speak & am sure Meadows friends would know if she wasnt behaving as a normal kid he has just lost her dad !

          • @Peter 49
            First of all there are many reasons that things have not been found out by now. One of the main reasons being lack of manpower. It’s usually just me and a few other consistent posters. If everyone would have stayed here, then yes we would have had more concrete evidence. If the posters who used to post here all the time would have stayed, then yes more things would have been found by now. They decided to go to private groups or do independent research because of some stuff that went down. I am one of the only consistent posters on this site concerning “PW Hoax” as the owner of the site likes to call it. You would have known all of this stuff if you would have read the props page. But obviously you didn’t, which is why I have to spell it out for you.

            We have theorized that the owners of the buildings with the “non-working cameras” on the day of were paid off. If you look at the footage, lots of things don’t add up. For example, the random panning of the camera to the right about ten seconds before the actual crash happened. The fact that one of the camera footages was edited out. Notice how one of the cameras has white smoke and the other one didn’t. I wish I could link it for you, but videos always get deleted concerning the PW thing. Which brings me to another point of there being no logical or apparent need to delete videos pertaining to the crash in the first place. So tell me why they keep disappearing.

            There are many other things that are putting question marks over our heads. Go back to the props page for details. It’s more than just the crash not being caught on camera from the close-up angles.

            Things are always questioned regardless of if there was footage or not. There’s more things that are “off” about the crash site just FYI.

            And I’m glad you found this site because obviously you can think for yourself.(I hope).

            The “grieving families” is a whole nother story. Also when Cody broke down yes there were real tears because most likely he is probably not going to see his brother for a long time. There are so many other weird things that I could explain to you, but they’ve already been discussed on the props page.

            I’m glad you are questioning things because some of your questions is what we are trying to find answers to. This is why we are doing independent research. We have already uncovered some things that we did not expect to find.

            You make a good point with running and hiding. In my opinion, PW was well-equipped and well-rounded to survive in almost any situation presented to him. RR, I’m not sure as we never really saw interviews with him to the depth that we did with PW.

            Technology is everywhere these days and in the future it will only get worse. Everything must be documented. Who knows if RR and PW are being watched 24/7 or what by the hoax ppl. We really have no clue either way. Which is why we are trying to find answers to all of our questions. Yes we will never know some answers, but it’s worth a shot to try. Like I said we have already found things that never in a million years did we think we’d find.

            The why part of running and hiding: Well I have a theory(well I have a lot) that RR might have possibly been living a double life, or at least was very secretive. I could be totally off and I’m not afraid to admit I’m wrong. But that’s where it’s starting to point.

            PW’s motive(s) are pretty basic in that he stated multiple times that he wants to just be normal an get away from hollywood. I’m sure there’s more stuff behind the scenes that went down though.

            RR had his fraud thing going on and especially with him having all these LLCs and transfers of ownership, etc. We are still in the middle of uncovering this.

            As for the grieiving families: Anyone can act and deceive people. There’s liars and manipulators everywhere. Usually people’s motives are money, sometimes they are not. If you were put in the same position trying to protect your loved one from being found out, wouldn’t you try and fool people the best you could?

            We don’t know if it will be worth their while. Maybe they both got a payday from Universa.l that they couldn’t resist.PW would have left the game on a high note and RR would have as well by looking like a charitable guy who doesn’t have to go to jail.

            If you look at one of the above links I posted then you’ll see that PW stayed in Hollywood only so that he could make sure that his loved ones were taken care of and he was just going to do a “few more movies” then leave. So as for PW, maybe U.S. gave money to his family. We will never know the details though. We really don’t know if it was worth their while. Maybe they were blackmailed. Or maybe PW was forced by Universal Studios to finish out his contract by promoting FF7 in that way. As you may know, all actors/actresses must promote the movie when they sign on to do a movie or tv show. Maybe that was his only way out.

            Yes the FBI could track them in no time but I think in order for that to happen they would have to be a wanted fugitive or something. FBI would have to have a motive to try and catch them. I’m sure the FBI has other more important things to do such as catching criminals and such. Just like the hoax ppl who are watching this site should be doing.

            As for the phone tapping, I’m sure that PW is aware of this and paranoid. I theorize that after the dust settles and FF7 is over and he is long forgotten is when he will start to emerge again and be around his family. I’m sure he’s not in his right mind right now. Especially with missing his daughter. He probably found an alternative way to keep in contact with them or is under an alias. Possibilities are endless.

            Yes I think eventually someone will see them in the future one day or another. We’re in the day and age of camera phones.

            I agree that someone will eventually slip up. People like to talk. It may not be in the near future, but it will happen eventually. Probably like 20 years from no or something.

            Have you heard of confidentiality contracts? Well you should know that when someone breaks a contract that bad things happen to them as in being sued, defamation of name, etc. So many bad thinggs could happen that could implicate a lot of people.

            You have to know that not everyone is “in the know”. I’m sure only a few ppl know the truth. It’s probably not the whole truth though. And like i said they wouldn’t risk telling them the whole truth, because ppl like to talk. Someone could’ve accidentally slipped up as well.

            I’m sure the ppl involved had some sort of preparation. I’m sure things were rehearsed, but unfortunately it was poorly executed.

            Things were already discussed about MW and all that went down previously. I’m sure she had some media training ahead of time as to not look suspicious.

            Most of your questions can be answered by again, just reading the HOLLYWOOD PROPS PAGE. Do you need the link or can you manage to find it on your own? Thanks.

          • ROTFLMAO a story right from the movies….I just have a question have you given any thought that if this was all fake that they don’t want to be found and with all your little research that you are just hurting their chances of staying hidden. Your airing out all this info right here in public forum for all to see..What if they are hiding from money laundering etc…You do not know their stories except for what you are assuming, those are not facts..Leave it alone!

          • @Sue
            Never said I was trying to find them. Never posted anything about their location. Yes it’s public. The reason so many people are getting mad is because we are putting two and two together. It’s all public info that anyone could add up. Yeah it’s possible they are hiding from money laundering. The truth deserves to see the light. And no I don’t post every single thing I know. I keep a lot of info to myself actually.

            I don’t have a problem with them faking their deaths. They are grown men who can do whatever the heck they want. The problem I have is that they are deceiving innocent people for money for their scam charity. (Yes it’s a scam and no I will not post that info here showing how I know it is).

            You’re right I don’t know their stories. And No I’m not assuming. I throw out possibilities. When I state something I always have a source to back it up. I never said they were facts. That’s why you have to decipher what is the truth and what is false. Looks like you’re the one who is assuming here.

            The truth will come out regardless of I find it or someone else finds it. And no I won’t leave it alone.

          • 27 m people mourned Paul Walker across the world so the film ratings will be high as it was Pauls last film ! Youu say you can prove the scam on monies then do it ! Just make sure you get a good attourney your gonna need 1

          • what do you have against the truth coming out?? those 27m ppl should be so happy that they dont have to mourn a person that might not need mourning in the first place!

          • lol, one person will not be able to make 27mil people believe he is alive let alone a scammer. Like Peter 49 said you will need a good attorney..Fast 7 would bring in the ratings anyways, crash or no crash

          • Thanx Sue we would love Paul to be alive all we are saying is this hoax theory has no concrete basis its just going around in circles & coming to no fruition plus its casting shadows over peoples reputations & contradicting itself.

          • @Sue
            I never said I want to make anyone believe he is alive. It’s best the public is naive if anything. My goal isn’t to convince anyone that he is alive. Shows what little you know. Never said he was a scammer. I only referred to the charity and the tax docs. And that’s your prediction.

          • But its like your saying paul is scamming people by saying his charity is scamming people for money. Anyways it really isn’t YOUR problem either.

          • Actually you are wrong! IF that is the case about the charity… it shouldnt be just Es problem, it should be everyone elses problem who gives to the charity aswell! I dont know about you, but i sure hell would have a problem IF that charity took from the less fortunate to give to the already ritch! Now if you dont care for any of that i would suggest you and your alter egos or your computer buddies go clog up another blog!

          • Well okay then I will love to see you prove this with your little “research” that you can only get from what you see “online” ie. what is only available to you online, to the millions of people that support the charity. They already have an established reputation with the public with the support of many, it will be a “rough ride” like it was said earlier you’ll need a good attorney, your accusing a big charity of some serious stuff.

          • Everything is in hand Sue yes keeps contradicting onesself and lashing out with no proper grounds but has committed slander here relevent people notified !

          • Thanks Peter 49

          • @Sue
            No I will not show you because I don’t have anything to prove to you. You are more than capable of finding things on your own. No need to be lazy. Unfortunately, the people who support the charity blindly believe that they are giving to a good cause. Their heartstrings got pulled along with their wallets. That’s who I want justice for. I will not blatantly shout out to the world that there “allegedly” might be something wrong with the charity. If the people who donated think that there is something wrong, they can come to this website and with enough digging can find out for themselves as well.

            Yes they have established a reputation. Reputations also have skeletons in the closet. And no I don’t feel the need to get an attorney because I haven’t posted the things that I’ve found. I keep those things to myself for a reason, duh.

            And FYI you have to dig once you find what I already found. And then you have to be diligent enough to match up how these things came about.

            Show me how I keep “contradicting” myself. Also I have yet to see your responses to my original questions for you, along with the sources. I’m not lashing out. I’m stating my case. I am not calling you names. I am answering all your questions and accusations in a calm manner. I could easily be ignoring you, but I feel bad because you keep trying so hard to prove me wrong.
            Your argument is obviously not strong enough if you have to go and get backup. Tell me where I committed slander. And no, the “relevant people notified” will probably not care what some random internet person has to say. The only reason they will care is if they have something to hide.

          • For F*** sake this is a Hoaxs site. Why the hell are YOU Peter49ish & Sueish here. YOU idiots are slandering E Hoax for her having her own opinion. Grow up and stop threaterening E Hoax with shit you have no idea about legally.

            E hoax has not once degraded your opinion or in any shape of form been abusive. Pitty I can’t say the same about both of you.

            What E Hoax has posted has been found on the F***ing internet so NO crime has been committed. Get you stupid facts straight before acting big and mucho…

            O and one other thing – you both want to bully one person well guess what, I’m here to bully you dum shits everytime you attact E Hoax. So bring it on you asshat losers.

          • Defences

            If someone sues you because you made a defamatory statement, you can defend your speech or writing on various grounds. There are three main types of defence:

            * what you said was true;

            * you had a duty to provide information;

            * you were expressing an opinion.

            What can happen

            * You can be threatened with a defamation suit. You might receive a letter saying that unless you retract a statement, you will be sued. There are numerous threats of defamation. Most of them are just bluffs; nothing happens.

          • @Sue
            If you mean based on the things that you are telling me I am throwing out possibilities that might pertain to what you are saying, then yes I am “assuming.”

            And no I’m talking about the behind the scenes conversations that me and certain people have. We sometimes discuss vague things in public, but don’t specifically state so. I’m also talking about other blogs or websites or whatever you want to call them. Sometimes me and those people will partly continue our conversations in public sites such as this one.

            This is why I don’t always explain thoroughly the things that I’m saying because then everyone asks a million questions afterwards… Either you’re in the know or you’re not.

            In response to your other “defenses” post. In the case of RR and PW: No they cannot sue me, they are dead. Look it up. They don’t have a reputation to protect.

            In the case of the charity, I would have to specifically point out a person. I can make a blanket statement and be all right. But if I point out just a few individuals such as some people who are working for them directly, then yes that would be grounds to sue me. And no I have not said anything about anyone specifically or bad-mouthed them, etc.

            Again, look it up.

          • That’s boring, really. E….Just do your things my dear.

          • Bravo Lilaah

          • Sue get your facts correct instead of putting YOUR words into someone else’s month. NOT once did E Hoax say scamming YOU did…..

            You seem to be a trouble maker with your wee little back up party Peter49 the tool…..

          • OMG I feel like a kid again, ugh, anyhow they brought up scam before I did:


            E_HoaxAUGUST 20, 2014 AT 8:26 PM
            Never said I was trying to find them. Never posted anything about their location. Yes it’s public. The reason so many people are getting mad is because we are putting two and two together. It’s all public info that anyone could add up. Yeah it’s possible they are hiding from money laundering. The truth deserves to see the light. And no I don’t post every single thing I know. I keep a lot of info to myself actually.

            I don’t have a problem with them faking their deaths. They are grown men who can do whatever the heck they want. The problem I have is that they are deceiving innocent people for money for their scam charity. (Yes it’s a scam and no I will not post that info here showing how I know it is).


          • Sue, thank you for that. I take back what I said about the scam and I’m sorry.

          • @R
            I think that might’ve been me saying scam in response to someone else who said scam. I’m not for sure who said it first, but I’m not really a petty person. I’m not gonna go through all these comments just to see lol. It’s whatever.

          • E Hoax, Its find with either way as I believe everyone has a right to there own opinions. I hate when people force there’s hard on others.

            Chin held high E Hoax, don’t let anyone have the right to take you down.

          • Doesnt the Porsche case being brought in to court by Kristine Rodas tell the 27m people something that they Roger & Paul were killed in that car .

          • @peter49
            Concerning the porsche case, you obviously haven’t kept up with it. And no I won’t explain it to you. You keep saying 27 million. You don’t know how many people pay attention to this whole thing. It could be more. It could be less. People can believe whatever they want to believe. I don’t care. Go ask all 27 million people since you’re so interested in what they think.

          • @peter49
            Oh really, 27 million? Again, I am not seeing sources with your so-called “facts”.
            You don’t know if ratings will be as high as the last film. You are simply guessing.

            Yes I can prove the scam(part of it at least), and no I will not. Like I said, I do not post every single thing here. You can get answers for yourself. Don’t be lazy. I’m not here to service you. No I don’t need an attorney. Attorneys are for people who commit crimes. Even if they did trace me somehow they would have to prove that it was me posting in the first place. Anyone can post using my username. They’d have to prove each comment was actually said by me and only me, not someone who is pretending to be me. And they don’t even know who I am.

            They’d also have to a subpeona and more stuff depending on what THEY are accusing me of. It’s in their best interest not to because it would just bring out the spotlight on this whole thing and that’s not what they want. I would make a lot of noise and be calling attention to myself in every, way, shape, and form. Plus, everyone would just think I’m crazy anyways, so there’s no need for anyone to sue me/charge me with whatever. Like you said, I’m just one person. No one will believe me if I’m telling the truth or lying 😉 They want this thing to stay in the dark. They want me to go away and stop revealing things. I will eventually, but not right now. There’s still more stuff to be found.

            I know my rights, but I don’t have time to explain everything to you. I don’t know why you are so curious. It’s not your problem anyway.

            I love how you keep changing the subject everytime I respond to your original questions.

          • Oh yes they can track you !!! I think the only thing you have or can prove is absolutely nothing !!! You never answer about the Porsche case because that is the proof Paul & Roger are dead !!! Enjoy your little stage as the curtain closes !

          • Peter49 the tool. Big words for a little person. You have NO idea who’s tracking who’s. Don’t try and act all tough no it all.

            Ow that right Dr K has your email address so guess what he can track you. TOOL….

          • You really are behind the times, sunshine.

          • God knows how my comment ended up here, it was meant for P49 regarding the Porsche comment.

          • Comment meant for P49.

          • Replying to comments is messed up! On a separate note, I think p49 and sue are one person and have been found out before on this site.

          • @motley2014
            Thank you for letting us know. Yeah I figured they were the same person considering p49 disappeared as soon as i was engaging with the other username lol.

          • It’s very sad, really, having to have a conversation with yourself just to appear supported.

            I don’t know why you don’t start a blog e, there would be much better control of conversations pertaining to different topics.

          • @motley2014
            Yeah it is kinda sad, and even when i asked for sources for them to back up what they were saying, there was none…

            Maybe in the future I will, but at the same time a lot of time is required for learning and setting things up. I’d be so consumed in the blog that I wouldn’t have much time to research. I’d have to learn how to do all that formatting and also it’d probably be easier for you know who to track me :/ Who knows what they are up to anyways…

            There’s so many things I’d love to share with you guys that I can’t post in public blogs (like sensitive stuff I’ve never mentioned). But then I’d be paranoid that the crazies might try to hack your guys’ usernames and appear to be you on the blog. Does that make sense? These probably just sound like excuses, but it is a lot to consider, considering all the crazy things that have happened so far lol. We’ll see what happens in the future. Maybe when the heat dies down after the movie comes out? That’s if people are still interested by then. Idk, I’ll think about it. Thanks for inquiring! 🙂

          • I am just informing that the new comments are more up. There is a bug in this page so it seems.

          • @Follower
            Thanks for sharing. I think that pic was taken sometime around his campaign for cool water if i remember correctly. I wish the text was bigger so we could see exactly what it says and if they used proper grammar, etc. But obviously the culprit left the link out for a reason lol.

            I find it funny that they chose CNN because it looks an awful lot like the HL pic I shared with a few ppl behind the scenes. So it could just be the crazies messing with us and trying to copy the pic I shared. Here it is for reference. Thanks!
            It must’ve been shared with the wrong/nosy people.

          • I think this is the original story on the bottom about the drunk teen. Just FYI it was in early December that story was popular.

          • Money talks.

          • So changing the subject for a minute, what do people think of Paul’s friend Jesse’s challenge of getting people to donate to ROWW, in the hope of raising $1 million by Paul’s birthday?

            Does anyone know where ROWW’s money has been spent since Paul’s death?

          • @motley
            True it does talk. Always follow the trail. I think JB is genuinely sad about his passing because he was deliberately left out of it. I think it was on a need to know basis and those ppl were given big bucks to keep their mouth shut. They probably will raise that money. We’ll see on the tax docs where all the money has gone, but even then the docs will probably be fixed(i think), so that no one raises any questions. People don’t question anything anyways, so that’s good for their bottom line.
            Yeah I think the people who donated would like to know the answer to your last question as well. I wonder what they do in their office all day besides crunch numbers.

          • Not long after Paul’s ‘death’, there was an American woman who delved into ROWW’s business accounts and published what she’d found, including, what seemed to be a small amount donated by Paul himself. Wonder if she will do the same this year? Can’t remember her name; will do some research.

          • @motley2014
            “debbie schusell” was the name i think. yeah maybe if someone requests it, she will pull up the most recent tax year.

          • Hey @Motley2014, E_Hoax..I havent been here in a while but you guys have been posting some interesting things. On a side note, Dr. K I think you should post a new thread. Anywho, ive been watching 20/20 the last few months and theres been stories on Millionaires faking their deaths and successfully gtting away for years. .its been crazy watching these things…I will say I believe in the industry being corrupt. Im no perfect person but I do believe in god and know the world is lying in the power of the wicked one and if I was in a corrupt industry like tht id love to get away too…also this is random but I hd a dream abt PW , I wz sooo happy he was my bf in there lol anyway on a serious note, I know this doesnt mean anything, but he kept saying YES IM OK, DONT WORRY, IM TRYING TO LAY LOE BUT IM GOOD, YOU WILL see..sad dream but interesting. ..I think someone on here knows more than we think…hmmm..any thoughts tag me in a comment

          • @PWBeliever
            Hello, glad you could join us 🙂 Thanks. I second that new thread please Dr.K! We’d appreciate it very much. That’s interesting about 20/20. I wonder how they got away with it for so long? I know that usually when people hack each other’s identities and stuff, that usually they take a small amount and then get bolder. And that boldness leads to them getting caught, because they get lazy about covering their tracks.

            I’m so glad that you see through the industry and how fake and corrupt it is! Consider yourself blessed and lucky because most people are blind to this stuff unfortunately. It’s actually not their fault though. We’re all conditioned to believe the tel-lie-vision.

            I’m glad to know that you believe in God 🙂 That means we can see each other in heaven! Yeah we all fall short of being perfect and I’m the first to admit it.
            Romans 3:10 There is none righteous, no, not one.
            Honestly I hope all the hoax ppl repent to God before it’s too late. After all, a lie cannot live forever…

            Haha that’s cute about your dream. 🙂 I hope PW and RR are safe though. We really don’t know either way if they are on the good or bad side of things… idk i just pray either way that everything works out well for them. for all we know, maybe the timing was right with PW getting out of HW at just the right second.

            You actually reminded me with the comment about the industry being corrupt. I’ll explain a bit. HW is full of drugs(obviously), actresses who go overseas to spend the wknd w/ rich ppl and get paid a lot, some are blacklisted from certain events, and it’s basically the devil’s playground over there. It was something about hollywood stars getting blacklisted and the parties and logistics of how it all works.

            It’s called “Secret societies of hollywood” on the e! channel. maybe it’s on youtube. vin was on there for a sec bc he got rejected by some agent.
            One of the ppl on the show wrote a book about being some big actor’s assistant and weird things that go on behind closed doors and confidentiality agreements that must be signed. but i’ve found that when an employee doesn’t like the celeb they are working for, they usually leak out secrets…

            this article is about a security guard talking about what really goes on in HW.

            and then i remember MK&A Olsen said that fame is an “illusion”. they would know. they’ve been famous their whole life. i think they said it on a 30 secs to msrs M.V. if i’m not mistaken.

            and then this confession from someone who is an actor.

            there’s so much more stuff that we don’t even know about. that’s just the tip of the iceberg. sorry i went off on a random tangent lol.

            that’s interesting about your dream and what he said. I’ve always had a feeling that his mom might know something. Women, especially moms, have an intuition about these things. i know he wasn’t very close with his dad, but i’m guessing he was with his mom? idk he never mentioned his parents in interviews very often.

            but yeah I agree that someone on here knows more than we think as well(they are probably staying silent for fear of consequences though, i’m guessing).

          • I’m surprised they are using PW birthday to try and receive more donations ……..

            Help us raise $1,000,000 for Reach Out Worldwide on Paul Walker’s birthday! This Friday, upload a photo of your sunrise or sunset with the hashtag ‪#‎OneMillionForROWW‬ and make a donation to ‪#‎ROWW‬! – Team PW


          • @R
            Glad you’re back 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Yeah everything is so odd. But anything in the name of promotion is their agenda…

          • @E_Hoax
            Thanks E_Hoax…It’s very hard not to keep coming back here. So many unanswered questions and so many missing gaps. I truly hope one day all the truth comes out or the complete footage of the accident (which will never happen as they have something to hide)… The funny thing is I was never a fan of PW, I didn’t even no his real name till the accident. When I was told PW died I had no idea who the hell his was, till someone told me Brian F&F. After looking at the footage I thought something doesn’t look right and how the hell does a car get to that state?

            Anyway glad to see you are still here and I love reading your posts.

          • @R
            I know it’s like an addiction right? The more we find, the more we wanna know. It’s like we know too much, yet not enough lol. I definitely think the truth will eventually come out. The whoppers usually come out on people’s death beds. Or when ppl are drunk. You just have to watch and pay attention. Concerning the footage, I’m on the fence because I remember on one of the earlier posts on ndi about pw there was someone who claimed that they worked in one of the nearby buildings(idk which one) and then they said that there was footage on a laptop or something and then the next day it was gone. that person doesn’t know if it was deleted or what. again, idk what angle, but it is weird nonetheless.(if that person was in fact telling the truth). so if the hoax ppl were smart, (which isn’t likely), then they would have made sure the security cameras were turned off, or paid a big lump sum of money to the security room ppl. and the top execs of each business. also what i find weird is that vitek wasn’t the only nearby building with security cameras i’m sure. if you go on google maps, maybe there might be angle we can see another security camera from.
            and then there was someone else claiming that they heard a “boom” and thought it was another person in the room that was doing the noise. the thing is the other guy heard it too and thought the exact same thing(that it was the other person doing the noise). both of them just continued working, but they didn’t realize till later what they heard. i’m guessing maybe it was the explosion thing that the props ppl did? they didn’t say what time this happened, so i’m not sure to be honest.
            i have to agree with you that i was never a fan of PW. no offense to him. but yeah i just figured he was another random actor. only saw a few random rerun movies of his when they were on tv. that’s the only reason i even knew who he was. and yeah i agree. how does a car even get to that state? it’s like they bombed it somewhere and then brought the leftover pieces to be photographed at the crash scene. i don’t think they had any idea what they were doing. they were probably counting on american stupidity to get them through. well the thing is even a few “stupid” americans on the comments section of youtube were questioning it. they said they weren’t conspiracy theorists, but they all had in common that saying there was something off about the whole thing. and then i saw all of them get attacked afterwards for stating their opinions. sad, really…there’s this one pic that i have been trying to find, to exemplify this. i’ll just describe it instead. there’s a cartoon drawing with a bunch of stick ppl. their heads are made out of erasers and they are all dressed the same. there is one stick person who has a pencil for a head and the erasers arrest him because he is trying to write something. i’ll post it when i find it. a picture speaks a thousand words. ppl with new ideas are shunned to put it simply. or punished for thinking outside the box. that’s why schools exist, to keep ppl in a box and orderly. and rewarded for conforming to the rules and standards set up.
            thank you 🙂 i am also glad that you are here as well. i’m glad everyone here has came along this far. very appreciative of all you guys and your hard work as well 🙂 i’m glad at least one person is listening. sometimes i think i’m just talking to myself out loud and going in circles haha. i’m seriously glad i have you ppl as well, because the world is so brainwashed. that’s enough of me blabbing now lol.

          • @E_Hoax

            Yes perfect word addiction…. Thank you for your reply and great interesting info.

            I personally don’t think you are talking to yourself at all. I believe people are reading your posts which is amazing research. Things you have found most of us have no clue where the hell to find. I my research is limited but my instinct tells me someone is not right.

            Keep up your great work E_Hoax 🙂

          • random cute story
   don’t know the location it was taken at.
   I believe he is talking about the chino location. (it was right around the airport)
   martial arts stuff
   “the hunger in women’s eyes” LOL.

          • tressles, san clemente
   vagrant lines up with vagrant inc.
   i’m guessing this guy was friends with PW) since his name is on the roww site.

   the color of the wall looks different? Was this at the chino location???
   diff angle of grave.
            This is random, but does anyone know who exactly PW was talking to when he said “I’ll be back in 5 minutes” ??? cause first of all we don’t even know if he said those exact words to be honest. I can’t read lips so idk.

          • @E_Hoax

            Wasn’t it that Jim/Tim what ever the hell his name is that he said PW told him that he will back in 5…. I remember his first interview saying this….

          • E_Hoax

            Above pic with the wall colour.. Here is 1 pic on the day of the event.


          • @E_ Hoax yeah thanks I will definitely check it out! Yeah the world is corrupt and is wicked…any thoughts on Meadows bday pic tribute to Paul ? I think its weird how she didnt say miss u dad or anything…its like hes still around. Also, I ws reading abt the wreck and they were saying it was caused by mechanical failure on the bk rear tire then there was no mechanical failure just speed caused it WTH???? ALSO, I know Adorably nuts turned out to be not a good source but remember when she showed proof on her website the autopsy was manipulated and changed? U think that was legit proof?,thoughts, Dr. K, R, and E_Hoax

          • @PWbeliever
            Cool! : ) There’s so much to learn. The more you know, the more you can connect the dots. That’s my opinion anyways. Yeah I definitely it is weird. But either way, I think it’d be weird. If she said she missed him ppl would perk up and be like “what?” but she didn’t say it. Maybe it was for a reason? Definitely. If there’s one person who knows, it’s his daughter. Poor girl. She didn’t ask for all the crazy Hollywood ppl to do that to her dad.
            It’s completely possible that it could have been mechanical failure. To be honest, I don’t really pay attention to anything that is said in the media. They twist and turn the truth any way they can. That, and also they are just journalists, not researchers. Like to become a journalist, they don’t even have to take math classes; they only have to know basic math and whatnot. That’s why when you read those articles concerning statistics, the numbers are usually off. They just have to know creative writing basically.
            Yeah concerning the articles, it depends which article you want to believe. If you believe it was mechanical failure then you could come up with a theory for that. If you believe it was speeding, you could come up with a theory for that. It’s endless really. That’s why I only believe half of what I see and nothing of what I read. <That’s what Harry Style’s mom said.
            I think that it was definitely something going on with the report. But she did have a point that TMZ made a DC_2 a few days later. Because originally they only had DC at the end of the URL. So that’s definitely something to think about. Thanks!

          • @R
            Which f&f crew? I only saw the castmates post a tribute. Also the present tense of cody’s post was interesting to say the least. Just wondering, thx. It makes me think that he does have access to an internet connection. I’m guessing that was one of the stipulations of the contract. He loves his daughter too much not to keep in contact with her…And I’m guessing that’s not the only types of messages he’s receiving…

            Yes you are welcome : ) I’m glad someone reads it lol. And thx. Yeah I found a few big whoppers concerning Rodas which definitely thickens the plot. I’ll post it once I organize it all and/or the new thread is here.

            I’m thinking that the only people who keep checking this board are doing so because they have something to lose. Whether it be: money, sanity, their job, etc. That way they can spit it around just in the nick of time. Just a random thought lol. (I’m not referring to us just fyi).

            Yeah concerning the day before, I saw on someone’s FB and saw that there was a lady who worked with him closely and someone commented on her status and said they heard it was a hoax and she says she doubts it, but thinks it would be very bad if he actually did(and that his family was covering up for him). Yeah, and what are the odds that they die the exact same way that the article says they would? That’s like one in a billion chance. And less than a few days later? *smh*

            Concerning “defrauding insurance” I haven’t looked into it personally, but from what I understand, I’ll explain. If they insured him as a principal actor and prove that he died on the set while working, then yeah I think they would get to file a claim. If that is the case, then it would make sense since on imdb’s filming locations it says santa clarita on it. But if you are talking about PW himself submitting a claim(well his family doing it on his behalf) then it depends. If he had life insurance, then he wouldn’t be able to cash in because when you have life insurance you have to die of natural causes I believe. But if he had accident insurance, then he might’ve been abele to cash in. From my perspective it wouldn’t really be worth it if I was PW, because it would probably be only a few mill. I say a “few” because compared to how much money he had, it would be not that much. So why fake your death for only a few million dollars? Doesn’t make sense on PW’s end. That’s why my theory is that it is solely for the movie because principal actors are insured for a LOT of money. I remember PW said that the crew wouldn’t let him do his own stunts and drive the cars because it was too risky. Ironic isn’t it?

            I also think you would need an official death certificate. Not a fake-ficial one lol. But I’m not too sure about the logistics behind it all. What do you mean the univ had to pay 50 mill? You mean pay his family? I thought the insurance had to pay univ and PW’s family? Because if universal had to pay, then there would be no point in doing the stunt. Because the point is for univstud to receive money, not pay out money lol. Idk to be honest. This type of thing doesn’t happen very often. Maybe you can look into Heath ledger’s death and see if something similar happened with the insurance. Just an idea.

            Yeah about the insurance company, I’m sure they have their own team of investigators that review everything. I’m sure some of them had to see the news, but unless they can prove otherwise, or find a hole in the report, then I think legally they’d have to pay out what they’d owe to Universal. And idk how much time the statue of limitations is for each case. Maybe the insurance ppl were short-staffed and didn’t have time to review in details the case of PW. Idk if RR was insured either, so that is something to take into account.

            Like for health insurance companies, they literally have teams of ppl looking for loopholes in peoples’ claims, that way they don’t have to pay peoples’ medical bills if possible. That’s why you have to be very thorough in reading the terms and conditions, etc.

            Which comments are you talking about??

            I’m not sure what you’re saying???

          • @E_Hoax

            Here are some of the greetings for PW.

            Tyrese greeting –

            Vin greeting –

            Maybe I’m just reading to much into things….


            With the autopsy manipulated and changed, once again it’s really hard to believe what’s truth and fact. Nothing surprises me if this is true as they have most people chasing their own tails.

            From the beginning each story has changed mulitable times. I remember on the day of the crash I heard about 5 different reasons how and why the accident happen. Then with each story that came out from there changed a couple of times as well. Maybe they are doing this for a reason to keep the story alive, keep everyone on there toes and interested till the movie comes out. It’s all about money??


            You truly need to do another post. There is nearly 800 comments here and it’s painful. Please can you do ASAP.

          • not what is said in the video but I think I know what I would do …. I do not see in normal attitude I think there was almost reflexive …. remember it was only a few months before

          • Yes that was another point I was going to make if something nasty was after them you would be leaing them straight too them ! But I have seen previous posts & you have posted stuff on your theories of possible money laundering but I would not insinuate anything like that until proven. Reason being lots of people would be under the magnifying glass as being guilty by association. It would make Paul look like he was involved & it would question where his money came from and R.O.W.W. money. I dont think crashing a car would promote the film! In fact it would jeapordise it as the film is about “Speeding” ! Since the crash car crashes have gone down dramatically & high performance car sales are not as they were fact ! 1000’s of people have travelled 1000’s of miles to Pauls grave so if you can prove a hoax do me a favour & I will help you get all of these peoples money back out of the missing millions. Roger over & out !

          • The Kristine Rodas suing Porsche case rules out any hoax am afraid !

          • @Peter49
            They will have bad people after them regardless of what I post. I’m never told anyone to go after them. Individual people make individual choices.

            If you don’t want to insinuate stuff, then don’t. I on the other hand can do whatever I want.

            “Reason being lots of people would be under the magnifying glass as being guilty by association. It would make Paul look like he was involved & it would question where his money came from and R.O.W.W. money. ”
            ^^This is why I want the whole truth, so that no innocent people are drug in the mud along with the guilty parties. People naturally question charities considering many of them are scams. Look at the tax docs yourself and see if you can figure it out. You’re smart enough to be able to (I hope).

            If you don’t think that crashing the car would promote the film, then good for you. Let the box office numbers talk.

            “Since the crash car crashes have gone down dramatically & high performance car sales are not as they were fact ! 1000′s of people have travelled 1000′s of miles to Pauls grave”
            Facts? You wanna talk about facts? Show me proof of all the things you are saying.
            ^^At least whenever I say something I back it up with a source. When I don’t back it up with a source I am theorizing out loud.

            “if you can prove a hoax do me a favour & I will help you get all of these peoples money back out of the missing millions”
            ^^I don’t think it is a hoax based on the things I’ve researched. I explained up above in one of the earlier comments about that. As far as these people’s money back: good luck with that.

            Concerning the porsche case: that’s good for you. Be afraid or don’t be afraid. Either way I don’t care. I have to get back to researching. thx.

  128. I am not the same Samantha !

    • Yeees, we’ve understood you. You don’t believe in the hoax, so? What do you expect? People won’t give up just for your own pleasure.

  129. I appreciate you want it to be a hoax but with court cases pending how can you really beleive that it was a hoax now ? It is very silly to do so!

  130. Samantha, permitame decirle algo, Si usted se hizo pasar por psiquica, le conviene no seguir en esta pagina, por lo que tenemos otra señora que sabe de videncia,creo que era CARLA,hace rato que no nos escribe pero yo le creo lo que nos ha dicho sobre Paul…Si usted busca que dejemos esta pagina, YO le pido por favor que Usted deje de escribir en esta pagina…Usted puede pensar lo que quiera si paul esta vivo o no!,pero deje que investiguemos el caso SIIII….Gracias

  131. Why do people write in their own language no good when this site is in English ???

  132. I can understand where you are coming from samantha , you dont want people to wast time and have false hope but something is clearly wrong maybe the court case will throw light on the crash more and then we will all be in the know more.

  133. Thankyou Peter it just annoys me that people are being led astray by distorting images and stories. This gives false beleif and people hang on to this kind of stuff. Is the court case a hoax aswell are they false court papers dont think so. All I know is that the family are extremely upset at the hoax stories as everything gets back to them, Its the last time am on here seen enough.

    • I agree with you. They are starting to point out little things that is not there to make them believe they are alive, well honestly they forget there is another occupant in that car. I feel what you all are going through it is hard to believe such a beautiful man is dead I’ve been there where you guys are, but beautiful people die too, don’t let this fantasy of him faking his death consume your life. Like I said I believed he was alive too but reality struck me, all this “Research” is getting no where you just keep running in circles, and you do this “research” too long your eyes plays tricks on you and you see things that aren’t there and not to mention the amount of photos out there that are photoshopped. Don’t let this consume your life.

  134. Excuse me…I haven’t seen serious proofs that they are dead! So why should i believe that just because u samantha tell me to?

    I guess that u actually know the thruth and u come here to try to help ur friends. Maybe u are one of meadow’s friends…just a feeling…

  135. is this meadow? who has reason to carry the phone in your hand? this is not supposed to bury his father?

    • @espana
      idk about your question. but i did notice on pic 25 that amanda hall is on the right of all the girls standing together. you can tell from that angle. also she is wearing the north face jacket. and her hair is sorta long.

  136. anyone know who she is? hmm I have my theories, if someone knows your name Please say , I can be wrong. I would like to see if anyone agree with me 🙂

    • @espana
      which pic? there are 70 pictures. tell me which one please. thx

    • on pic 22 i guess they gave him pw’s tattoo, but it looks a bit higher up than pw’s is/was.
      to be honest, i wonder what pw did with his tattoo? did he get it removed? or does he just cover it up with that tattoo concealor stuff everyday? or just wear long sleeves? so many questions lol.

    • @espana
      could you put which picture number of each that you are referring to? thank you.

  137. Ok so I have about 10 pages of research, but it might not all post because there are hyperlinks and when I transfer it, it might not show, so forgive me in advance lol. It’s mostly about RR’s family and all their aliases.


  139. Geoff Folsom is RR’s business partner in case you didn’t know, just an FYI. (I don’t think the first two results on the list are relevant, but the rest are)

  140. <<idk if this is the correct one.
    A comment I found on the article. “The LLC ownership may be anonymous (I wouldn’t know) but public records WILL exist for the transfer of car / house / boat titles, etc. When hauled before a judge to ask where these items are, what are you going to say, “I gave them away?” That’ll run you afoul of any number of laws. Your personal income tax filings will show dramatic drops in income as you “spend” your personal money into the LLC, and the IRS should have those transfers on record.
    If what the author were saying were true, any business owner with an LLC that looks legitimate enough to get a loan would have every incentive to pay nothing, form a second LLC into which to transfer the assets of the first, and leave the bank empty handed with an orphaned shell corporation. I’m sorry, but, I don’t think it works this way. LLCs don’t get easy credit cards like they used to anymore, and a typical loan is probably going to require some kind of collateral.”
    ^^Do you think this is what Rodas did? I’m guessing that is why there is so many llcs under his name and his family members’ names too. Considering him and his family lived in the same neighborhood and kept transferring back and forth. But I’ll get to that fiasco in a sec.

    this is the closest I could find for the diamond dvlp llc that rodas reported on his finra fraud thing. I’m not sure if this is correct.
    Phone Number: 1-661-799-1000
    Area Name: Santa Clarita
    Carrier: Pacific Bell
    Line Type: Land
    Zip Code: 91350
    Detail: Diamond Development Partners Inc CA Santa Clarita 91321-1711 24747 San Fernando RD (661-799-1000)

    Diamond Development Partners
    24747 Railroad Ave Santa Clarita, CA 91321
    (661) 799-1000
    Concrete Contractor
    File Number: 200307810140
    Filing State: California (CA)
    Filing Status: Active
    Filing Date: March 17, 2003
    Company Age: 11 Years, 5 Months
    Registered Agent:, Inc. (c2967349)
    Principal Address: 26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351
    Mailing Address: 26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351
    DALILA HAIMOFF officer
    26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351
    26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351
    26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351

    other llcs that share the same address
    p16 dalila Salazar business administration
    she lives on woodlands drive(isn’t that the same street that rodas lives on?)

    Dalila Salazar est age 30-34
    Phone numbers 661-291-1888 / 661-799-8352
    Current Info from

  145. continued
    22512 Skipping Stone Dr Santa Clarita, CA 91350-5734
    29616 Newport Pl Castaic, CA 91384-3524
    27013 Woodlands Dr Valencia, CA 91355-4946

  146. companies.findthebest(DOT)com/l/2568930/Tilt-Con-Construction-Inc-in-Valencia-CA
    I found this company from the woodlands address…

    Founded 2009
    Incorporated <doesn't show
    Annual Revenue $150,000.00
    Employee Count 2
    Industries Single-family Housing Construction
    Contacts Esequiel Arturo Salazar

    Dalila Salazar 33 Santa Clarita, CA Valencia, CA Castaic, CA
    (661)-257-xxxx (661)-799-xxxx Ana Elena Salazar
    Anna E Salazar
    Arturo Elena Salazar
    Elena Salazar
    Esquiel Arturo Salazar

    Dalila Salazar Santa Clarita, CA
    Ana Salazar
    Arturo Salazar
    Nadia Salazar
    Ulises Salazar

    Dalila Salazar Las Vegas, NV
    Salila Salazar

    Dalila Salazar Santa Clarita, CA
    Art Salazar
    Arturo Esequiel Salazar
    Nadia Salazar
    Ulises Salazar

    Registered Agent
    Address 1: 631 N STEPHANIE ST SUITE 548
    State: NV
    Zip Code: 89014
    Mailing State: NV
    Agent Type: Commercial Registered Agent – Corporation
    Jurisdiction: NEVADA
    Status: Active
    Managing Member – DALILA SALAZAR
    Address 1: 29616 NEWPORT PL
    City: CASTAIC
    State: CA
    Zip Code: 91384
    Status: Active

    Looky at what I happened to come across 😉 Remember how I mentioned earlier about the spellings of names so they cab stay under the radar? Yup.

  151. continued
    WENDI POOLE Managing Member
    631 N Stephanie St Ste 548 Henderson, NV 89014

    WILLIAM A POOLE Managing Member
    631 N Stephanie St Ste 548 Henderson, NV 89014

    File Number: 200307810140
    Filing State: California (CA)
    Filing Status: Active
    Filing Date: March 17, 2003
    Company Age: 11 Years, 5 Months
    Registered Agent:, Inc. (c2967349)
    Principal Address:
    26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351
    Mailing Address:
    26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351

    26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351

    26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351

    26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351

  153. bizapedia(DOT)com/addresses/26306-DIAMOND-PL-STE-100-SANTA-CLARITA-CA-91351.html
    I think the family has a few businesses.
    There are eleven companies that have addresses matching 26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351. The companies are Salazar Construction Co Inc, 14500 Soledad LLC, Paseo Barr LLC, Paseo Stop LLC, Paseo Market Plaza LLC, Sei Sierra LLC, Sei Sierra Ii LLC, Diamond Development Partners LLC, Aes Foods LLC, Salazar Management Company LLC, and Sky Business Center LLC.

  154. you will see the businesses he is affiliated with (ulises salazar)

  155. continued
    when you type his name into bizapedia (DOT) com

  156. some include a.e.s. foods, a &s holdings, l& r painting services, u.s. concrete construction, westside concrete construction
    you’ll have to look it up yourself bc i tried pasting it here and kept on getting tech diffs :/
    fyi some of his bussinesses have addresses in common.

  157. Let’s see if this one goes thru:
    Address: 26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100
    Santa Clarita, CA 91351
    Registered Agent:, Inc. (c2967349)
    Filing Date: March 23, 2005
    File Number: 200508310015

  158. another one
    Address: 26306 Diamond Pl Santa Clarita, CA 91350
    Registered Agent: Robert Matthews
    Filing Date: January 07, 2008
    File Number: 200800810121

  159. and another
    Address: 3591 Pawleys Loop South St Cloud, FL 34769
    Registered Agent: Salazar Ulises
    Filing Date: March 06, 2007
    File Number: P07000030985

  160. and even another one
    Address: 30634 Hasley Canyon Road Castaic, CA 91384
    Registered Agent:, Inc.
    Filing Date: August 23, 2004
    File Number: C2672296

  161. and finally
    Address: 14500 Soledad Cyn Rd Canyon Country, CA 91351
    Registered Agent: Hector Bustamante
    Filing Date: July 24, 2007
    File Number: C3008061

  162. Oh yeah and before I forget, everything that I’ve ever written on this website and/or websites and blogs that have shut down (and/or the whole internet) is all “alleged”. I say this so that Dr.k and/or myself don’t get sued by all the crazies out there. i say this too since we have a silent audience. ok thanks.

    has connections to:
    diamond development partners llc
    26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351

    salazar equipment co. inc.
    same address as above

    411 productions (texas)
    7109 Leslie Rd Lot 256 San Antonio, TX 78254-9646

    diamond development partners
    26306 Diamond Pl Ste 100 Santa Clarita, CA 91351

    dutchess construction services inc
    29616 N Newport Pl Castaic, CA 91384

  165. continued
    sky city company inc
    same diamond pl address

  166. <<NJ address

  167. continued
    411 Productions Inc 627 Salter Place Westfield, NJ 07090 – View Map Phone: (908) 301-0694

    “Esequiel Salazar” and his alias is “Esquiel Arturo Salazar”

  169. continued
    Esquiel Arturo Salazar in Santa Clarita, CA | Age 38
    Also known as: Esequiel A Salazar
    Current Addresss: 24747 San Fernando Rd #B Santa Clarita, CA 91321
    Previous Addresses
    27004 Mirasol St, Valencia, CA 91355
    27013 Woodlands Dr, Valencia, CA 91355
    24747 San Fernando Rd #D, Santa Clarita, CA 91321
    29616 Newport Pl, Castaic, CA 91384
    24747 San Fernando Rd #D, Santa Clarita, CA 91321

  170. continued
    24747 San Fernando Rd #B, Newhall, CA 91321
    24747 San Fernando Rd #D, Newhall, CA 91321
    24747 San Fernando Rd #C, Santa Clarita, CA 91321
    24747 San Fernando Rd, Newhall, CA 91321
    Associated Names
    Art E Salazar, Arturo E Salazar, Art Sigigrar

    (661) 799-8352 (805) 257-4153 (661) 291-1345 (661) 478-0558 (661) 799-8352
    (805) 257-5845 (661) 799-1700

  171. continued
    Assoc. Businesses
    Technicon, Technicon Construction Co Inc, Diamond Development Partners, Llc

    Possible Relatives
    Arturo Elena Salazar, Ana Elena Salazar, Anna E Salazar, Art Salazar, Dalila Salazar, Elena Salazar, Arthur Salazar, Nadia Salazar, Ulises Salazar

    the adrs for dutchess
    The 6 companies are 14500 Soledad LLC, Paseo Stop LLC, Paseo Barr LLC, 14818 Astoria LLC, 30634 Hasley LLC, and 29616 Newport LLC.
    ^^notice how the last three LLCs correspond to addresses. Remember how I told you earlier that rich people (or ppl trying to launder money) register these articles of incorporations to be below the radar. yes some states are good at giving the llc owner privacy. but if you dig deep enough you can find anything (as we are finding out).

    Another one of Arturo’s alias is Arturo Esequiel Salazar. His relatives are nadia, ulises, dalila. Like stated in the above links. I’m starting to think that these ppl were his brothers and sisters or something like that. They all have the same last name. They all(or most) lived in the same neighborhood as him.
    No one does business with their friends in this manner. Only family. (Well if you’re smart that is). And also even if they were his friends, they all have the same last name.

    ana Elena Salazar, anna e Salazar. Arturo elena salazar, dalila salazar, elena salazar, esquiel arturo salazar, nadia salazar. Art sigigrar.
    ^It’s possible that sigigrar is another one of their last name “aliases”. but i’ll get to that and the rod last name in a sec.

  175. my comments do not appear? !!!!!!

  176. @confused??
    Yeah, I agree. If you truly believe that RR and PW died on that day I totally respect that. Give me proof/links/something to show me where you are coming from.Back your opinions up with PROOF/EVIDENCE/LINKS. I have an open mind and am more than willing to listen to your point of view. Thank you. I said that because I thought you are/were a shill. I don’t have time for those types.

  177. @confused??
    Yeah, I agree. If you truly believe that RR and PW died on that day I totally respect that. Give me proof/links/something to show me where you are coming from.Back your opinions up with PROOF/EVIDENCE/LINKS. I have an open mind and am more than willing to listen to your point of view. Thank you. I said that because I thought you are/were a shill. I don’t have time for those types.

    had to resign in with my official log-in. sorry about tech difficulties.


  179. E,
    The last name u found, it comes from erick’s wife family…i u did not know yet…

  180. @Follower
    Are you talking about Salazar or Rodriguez? Cause I haven’t posted the Rodriguez stuff yet. Thanks in advance!

    If you are talking about Salazar, then that’s interesting that there is another connection. I haven’t dug as deep as I want to yet, but I still have a lot to share. So many problems with comments posting tho.

  181. The link isn’t posting here so just go to losangeles blockshopper website and type in = arturo salazar.

    27013 Woodlands Drive Buyer: Dalila Salazar Seller: Esequiel Arturo Salazar

  182. cont.
    27013 Woodlands Drive Buyer: Esequiel Arturo Salazar Seller: Dalila Salazar

    Notice how they basically transferred the house back and forth. I’m guessing it’s something to do with LLCs.

  183. These listings are from the same link as above.(block shopper). Plus a few extra ones Ifound in the actual house listing.
    Notice how the following addresses are all connected to the llcs that I listed above in all my research.
    30634 Hasley Canyon Road Buyer: Arturo Salazar and Elena Salazar Seller: Nadia Salazar and Ulises Salazar

    30634 Hasley Canyon Road Buyer: Nadia Salazar and Ulises Salazar Seller: Ana Elena Salazar and Arturo Salazar

    27004 Mirasol Street Buyer: Esequiel Arturo Salazar Seller: Maria Delia Cota

    30634 Hasley Canyon Road Buyer: Thirty 364 Hasley LLC <<<SEE WHAT I MEAN ABOUT THE LLCS!!!!!
    Seller: Arturo Salazar and Ana Elena Salazar

  184. 14818 Astoria Street Buyer: Fourteen 818 Astoria LLC <<AND MORE LLCs!!! Seller: Ana Elena Salazar and Arturo Salazar

    722 Coronel Street Buyer: Arturo Ruiz Salazar and Veronica Salazar
    Seller: Arturo Ruiz Salazar, Elvira L Salazar and Veronica Salazar
    ^^to be honest idk if this specific listing is related, but I saw the name veronica and since we know RR’s sister’s name is Veronica.

    30634 Hasley Canyon Road Buyer: Ana E Salazar and Arturo Salazar Seller: Jerry L Nelson

    18512 E. Gallarno Drive Buyer: Eliot Duran Seller: Arturo Marquez and Romelia Salazar
    ^^not sure if this one is related as well

  185. Unless you are in the financial world and understand what you are actually publishing and know what your talking about I suggest you leave well alone doesnt prove anything only name changes which doesnt mean faked deaths .What happened to the car being registered as totalled did anybody post the proof of this I noticed someone said it had to be registered within 6 months and it had not. Paul is registered at Forest Lawns Cemetry along with the plot number. Has anybody heard anything more about Jasmine allegedly being with another bloke ? so much conflicting stories needs to be cleared up !

    • It still is not registered:


      Results for VIN: WP0CA29815L001131print Print this Page
      VINCheckSM Theft Record
      >>>>WP0CA29815L001131 has not been identified as a vehicle listed in the VINCheckSM Theft Records.<<<>>>WP0CA29815L001131 has not been identified as a vehicle listed in the VINCheckSM Total Loss Records. <<<<

      VINCheckSM is updated regularly as additional information is reported.

      An additional source for vehicle history data can be found on the National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System (NMVTIS) Web site by clicking here.

      If you want to check it out for yourself here is the VIN #


    • @peter 49
      No you have no control over me. Also, it is public records for a reason. If it were only up the financial people, it would be in their world, not on the internet which is PUBLIC. Anyone can interpret financial documents with a little research and learning. Not that hard. I never said anything about them faking their deaths on those comments. And see my above comment, we’ve already discussed most of your questions and more over there.

  186. Ultimo momento:una persona que trabajo como extra en FF7, fingio su muerte para no casarse, y despues de 9 meses lo encontraron en una granja de la baja california…Asi que lo mismo puede pasar con el actor Paul Walker…Nadie esta librado al AZAR…

  187. losangeles.blockshopper(d.o.t.)com/property/5375020055/6410_n_san_gabriel/
    the alias William P Walker could have been something that he used.
    I’m sure he had other aliases that we don’t know of though.

    concerning the family tree

  189. Hi Tomas thank you for your note. This was an old post and I had since found the information.

    We share the same great grandparents, Segundo Salazar Rodriguez and Micaela Silva Flores were my great grandparents.

    Your grandfather was Carlos Pio Salazar Silva and his sister, Maria de Los Angeles Salazar Silva, was my grandmother.

    Maria de Los Angeles Salazar Silva married Inocencio Rodriguez Leal, they were both from Allende
    They had 8 children all born in General Teran N.L.:

    Raul Rodriguez Salazar
    Carlos Rodriguez Salazar
    Emelia Rodriguez Salazar
    Manuel Rodriguez Salazar
    Jesus Rodriguez Salazar
    Arturo Rodriguez Salazar
    Ezequiel Rodriguez Salazar
    Maria Elena Rodriguez Salazar

    My father is Arturo Rodriguez Salazar dob 1928 still living
    he married Aida Lea Gonzalez Nunez (also from General Teran, N.L.) dob 1928 died 1991
    I’m the first born of 4 children dob 1950. My father is the only surviving child of this union.

    My grandmother had many siblings I have a list if you would like to know who your great aunts and uncles were.

    Great to hear from you.
    Esthela Rodriguez

    possibly belonging to pw. If you look at the initials and also how it says 4(since he’s the fourth pw in his family).
    Notice the date: December 5, 2013

    this might be another one.

    Geoff Folsom
    Roger W. Rodas
    Ken Cardell
    Roger Rodas
    Dino W. Aloisio

    I think I posted this on the props page, but I don’t think it was discussed.

  193. Ok now that I finally posted most of that stuff, I can move on to erick in full depth lol.
    Notice the relatives.

    Carlos A Marroquin Age: 50-54
    8763 94th St Woodhaven, NY 11421-2236
    People Carlos may know
    Byron M Salazar
    Irma Salazar
    Erick A Marroquin
    Jaqueline A Rugel
    I Salazar

    I remember posting about this on the other site that shut down, but totally forgot about it til now lol.

    Miguel A Marroquin Age: 30-34
    945 Vineland Ave La Puente, CA 91746-1215
    People Miguel may know
    Angelica Marroquin, Eugenia B Herrera, Moises Herrera, Norman A Herrera, Melissa Orozco

    Wasn’t that herrera name by that one hip hop dude that dr.k posted about? sounds familiar.

    Miguel A Marroquin Age: 65+
    2540 Woodmere Blvd Harvey, LA 70058-2151
    People Miguel may know
    Migu Marroquin Bolivar Delgado Russell J Paddie Jared Paddie


    Pilar Noemi Rodas De Marroquin
    Birth:6 Aug 1952
    Civil: 18 Sep 1984
    Residence: California
    ^maybe that’s the full last name from his ancestors/family so he decided to go by that?

    jorge rodas marroquin
    jefe en km 53
    El Salvador | Automotive
    Current: jefe en km 53
    jorge rodas marroquin

    Guatemala | Banking

  199. I suggest the shills/haters/whatever they wanna call themselves go back and read the props page and all the other posts by dr.k on this site. That way you can stop asking repetitive questions that we’ve already discussed. And they wanna talk about US running in circles? lol.

    • This website is not a reliable source to begin with, most people come here out of curiosity to see what Dr K is calling fake next. The guy believes everything is Fake, a Hoax, and that the Zionists, drones, illuminatis are to blame…Just because we do not believe this is fake doesn’t make us haters, I do not appreciate being called names because I do not believe this is a fake!! I do not understand the current stuff you posted is necessary, how is that to help in finding out Paul/Roger is not dead…You people are grasping at straws to keep your “dream” alive that he is not dead.

    • @Seriously
      No one said this was a reliable source. You wouldn’t even waste your time commenting or finding this site in the first place if you thought it was fake.

      I never called you a hater, because I don’t even know who you are. I haven’t even seen your username before (unless it got lost in the mix). People keep switching up their usernames here to bug other people trying to do research.

      Dr.K can believe whatever he wants to believe, just like we can. You can’t say “everything” because you don’t know what he thinks. Our research is getting interrupted by people who are asking repetitive questions, causing unnecessary chaos.

      If you or anyone else don’t want to be called haters, then don’t act like haters. Propose questions in logical formats that don’t make accusations towards the people here who have been working to figure this whole thing out. Many people have been here since day 1 and have already covered most of the questions that people keep bringing up.

      The reason no one understands what we are talking about here is because have already covered the basics months ago and are on a totally different level of research. If you were here since day 1 you would already know what this research pertain to. Judging by your comment, you obviously don’t know what we are even talking about.

      Butting in and telling us what to do? Yeah we don’t appreciate that either. If you have something to say about the topic or a question proposed in a non-offensive way, then me or other people on here will be more than glad to answer it. Coming in the way you did(and/or others) already broke that privilege.

      Idk if there is people talking to themselves again, by switching their usernames. (Yes it’s happened before).

      If you don’t believe this is fake, then YOU would get on with your life.

      After you and or anyone else has read the Hollywood Props page on this website, I would be more than happy to answer any questions or clarifications about this topic.

      We’re not grasping at straws and you don’t know what our dreams are. Good day.

  200. 945 vineland avenue west puente valley cdp, ca
    when you serch that on labs you get some results.

  201. the last names on labs are herrera, orozco, marroquin, and combos of all three.

  202. 945 address
    Buyer: Eugenia Betzabe Herrera and Norman Aramis Orozco Herrera
    Seller: Miguel M Marroquin and Byron Rodas

  203. 14217 anada street baldwin park ca 91706 miguel m marroquin

  204. L.a.b.s.(look it up on the website)
    13226_whistler avenue los angeles granada hills ca 91344
    Erik G Rodas, Byron David Rodas, Jorge Alfredo Rodas

  205. erik (middle name is giovanni)
    hector humbero rodas 5134 DENKER AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CA 90062-2439


    Rogelio E Marroquin, 52 Houston, TX

    Known also as: Edmundo Rogelio MarroquinR E MarroquinRogelio MarroquinRoger MarroquinRoger E MarroquinTeresa R Marroquin

    Related to: Hermelinda Marroquin, ~73 Teresa Marroquin, ~52 Zoraya Marroquin, ~33 Oscar Arroquin, ~41 Michael Marroquin, ~24 Edmundo Marroquin, ~76 Julio Pulido, ~39 Joann Marroquin, ~43 Anna Marroquin, ~47 Elva Balderas

  207. cont
    **** Narcissus St, Houston, TX 77087
    (713) 644-**** (713) 641-**** details …
    **** Kernel St, Houston, TX 77087
    (713) 923-**** (713) 923-**** (713) 924-**** details …
    **** Fairway Dr, Houston, TX 77087
    (713) 640-**** details …
    **** Glenheath St, Houston, TX 77061
    (713) 644-**** (713) 644-**** details …
    **** Wichita St, Houston, TX 77004 details …
    **** 34Th St, Houston, TX 77092 details …
    **** Sulphur St, Houston, TX 77034 details …
    **** Kessel, Houston, TX 77087 details …
    **** Kernel St, Houston, TX 77087 details …
    Galveston, TX
    Spring, TX

    • Owner: ROGELIO E MARROQUIN 6908 kernel st.

    i guess lemus was one of their last names as well.(it was on 945 vineland address records i think)

  209. Some of you might think i’m a hypocrite for responding to them, but they commented on my comments so i had to defend myself. just for any of you sticklers out there lol. just sayin

  210. other than that i just ignore them lol. but anyways i have a bunch of research stuff to show you. let me see how long i can post comments until the comment box stops working for the day.

    Irma Alicia Rebollo in Whittier, CA | Age 72
    Also known as: N/A
    Current Addresss: 6230 Milton Ave #A Whittier, CA 90601
    Current Phone: (562) 907-2626
    Previous Addresses
    • 441 Maple St #A, Glendale, CA 91204
    • 510 Riverdale Dr, Glendale, CA 91204
    • 4304 La Clede Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039
    • 1905 Verdugo Rd, Glendale, CA 91208
    • 8027 Altavan Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045
    • 27739 Caraway Ln, Saugus, CA 91350
    • (818) 242-8002
    • (818) 500-1105
    • (818) 548-4724
    Assoc. Businesses: None Found
    Possible Relatives: Eduardo Rebollo Antonio Rebollo 2 More Relatives…

    Maria Guadalup Rodas Age 51
    Address 13226 Whistler Ave Granada Hills, CA 91344
    Previous Addresses
    4324 Perlita Ave #1, Los Angeles, CA 90039
    4323 Perlita Ave #1, Los Angeles, CA 90039
    4304 La Clede Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039
    Possible Relatives: Ismael R Arriaza Jorge A Rodas Erik G Stites

  213. Erik G Stites in Granada Hills, CA Age 51
    Also known as: Erik G Rodas
    Current Addresss: 13226 Whistler Ave Granada Hills, CA 91344
    Current Phone: (818) 368-2056
    Previous Addresses
    2800 Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264
    4323 Perlita Ave #1, Los Angeles, CA 90039
    4323 Perlita Ave #17, Los Angeles, CA 90039
    4304 La Clede Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039
    4324 Perlita Ave #1, Los Angeles, CA 90039
    1729 Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027
    Associated Names None Found
    (818) 368-2056
    (818) 956-1620
    Assoc. Businesses None Found
    Possible Relatives Ismael R Arriaza Antonio Hurtado Maria Guadalup Rodas Antonio J Dascaldas Ramon Eduardo Gaspar Juan C Rodas Jorge A Rodas Byron D Rodas Susana S Cervantes

    Ismael R Arriaza in Santa Clarita, CA | Age 53
    Also known as: Ismael Rodas
    Current Addresss: 23645 Meadowridge Dr #9A Santa Clarita, CA 91321
    Current Phone: (818) 368-2056
    Previous Addresses
    13226 Whistler Ave, Granada Hills, CA 91344
    23645 Meadowridge Dr #9, Santa Clarita, CA 91321
    23645 Meadowridge Dr #A9, Newhall, CA 91321
    3661 6th Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90018
    Associated Names None Found
    Phone Numbers (818) 832-0179
    Assoc. Businesses None Found
    Possible Relatives Erik G Stites Maria Guadalup Rodas Byron D Rodas Jorge A Rodas Dora H Zelaya Nancy M Rodas Karen N Rodas

  215. Antonio Hurtado in Los Angeles, CA | Age 57
    Also known as: Ana Rodas Hurtada
    Current Addresss: 1827 Lansdowne Ave Los Angeles, CA 90032
    Current Phone: (323) 221-6137
    Previous Addresses
    2800 Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264
    2968 Clearland Cir, Bay Point, CA 94565
    4311 Garden Homes Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    4215 Drucker Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    3243 Portola Ave #2, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    3953 Van Horne Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    4825 Templeton St #2, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    5260 Huntington Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    4311 Guardia Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    3440 Farnsworth Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    5260 Huntington Dr #471263, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    5260 Huntington Dr #204, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    Associated Names: Ana Hurtado Anna Rodas Patricia Rodas Rena G Rodas Ana Patricia Rodas
    Phone Numbers (323) 224-8507
    Assoc. Businesses: Family Center Faith And Hope
    Possible Relatives: Robert Daniel Hurt Francisco E Rodas Ada Josephine Obijiaku Renan G Rodas Ana P Hurtado Teresa Hurtado Juan J Hurtado Claudia Hurtado Rodriguez Felipe Jesus Hurtado

    Francisco E Rodas in Jackson Hts, NY | Age 56
    Also known as: N/A
    Current Addresss: 3715 83rd St Jackson Hts, NY 11372
    Current Phone: (718) 898-9879
    Previous Addresses
    4314 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232
    4314 8th Ave #3F, Brooklyn, NY 11232
    3715 83rd St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    3715 83rd St #22, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    3715 83rd St #3, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    3737 83rd St #51, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    4311 1st St #2, Los Angeles, CA 90004
    4311 Borja, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    4311 Guardia Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    3737 Stapt #21, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    11618 Chandler Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
    4314 8th Ave #3R, Brooklyn, NY 11232
    4425 65th St, Woodside, NY 11377
    43983 St #1F, Brooklyn, NY 11209
    Associated Names None Found
    Phone Numbers (718) 898-9879 (818) 384-6105
    Assoc. Businesses None Found
    Possible Relatives Renan G Rodas Ana P Hurtado Antonio Hurtado Silvia A Rodas Frank Rodas

    Renan G Rodas in Los Angeles, CA Age 39
    Also known as: N/A
    Current Addresss: 3420 Lifur Ave Los Angeles, CA 90032
    Current Phone: (323) 223-0286
    Previous Addresses
    6000 La Prada St #1, Los Angeles, CA 90042
    7577 Old Corpus Christi Hwy #H, San Antonio, TX 78223
    7577 Old Corpus Christi Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78223
    7577 Old Corpus Christi Hwy #1003, San Antonio, TX 78223
    6000 La Prada St, Los Angeles, CA 90042
    11 More Addresses…
    Email Addresses [email protected]
    Associated Names None Found
    Phone Numbers (323) 221-3358
    Assoc. Businesses None Found
    Possible Relatives Francisco E Rodas Marcos Hernandez Rodas Cesar Romeo Rodas Ana P Hurtado Casar R Rodas Antonio Hurtado Silvia A Rodas Ana P Rodas Anna P Rodas

    Silvia A Rodas in Los Angeles, CA
    Also known as: N/A
    Current Addresss: 4311 Guardia Ave Los Angeles, CA 90032
    Associated Names None Found
    Assoc. Businesses None Found
    Possible Relatives Francisco E Rodas Ana P Hurtado Renan G Rodas Antonio Hurtado Frank Rodas

    Frank Rodas in Los Angeles, CA
    Also known as: N/A
    Current Addresss: 4311 Guardia Ave Los Angeles, CA 90032
    Current Phone: (213) 225-9821
    Previous Addresses 31112 Guardia, Los Angeles, CA 90032
    Associated Names None Found
    Assoc. Businesses None Found
    Possible Relatives Francisco E Rodas Antonio Hurtado Silvia A Rodas Ana P Hurtado Renan G Rodas

    Antonio J Dascaldas in Palm Springs, CA | Age 65
    Also known as: Caldas As
    Current Addresss: 2800 Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92264
    Current Phone: (909) 681-6061
    Previous Addresses
    3041 Cecelia St, West Covina, CA 91792
    539 Castlehill Dr, Walnut, CA 91789
    632 PO Box, Maywood, CA 90270
    2501 Abuela Pl, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
    2504 Sierra Leone Ave, Rowland Heights, CA 91748
    3188 Tamarack Way, Mira Loma, CA 91752
    1661 Neil Armstrong St, Montebello, CA 90640
    343 Lohart Ave, Montebello, CA 90640
    Associated Names: Antonio D Caldas A Das Caldas Caldas Antonio Das
    Phone Numbers (626) 961-1136
    Assoc. Businesses None Found
    Possible Relatives Michael D Kaskowitz Darioush M Dashtgard Antonio Hurtado Ebrahim A Dastmalchi Erik G Stites Shuiking K Dascaldas Shunking Caldas Ramon Eduardo Gaspar Christina Poniatowski

    Ramon Eduardo Gaspar in Palm Springs, CA Age 46
    Also known as: Rmon E Rodas
    Current Addresss: 2800 Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92264
    Current Phone: (818) 701-9928
    Previous Addresses
    8348 Oakdale Ave #C, Winnetka, CA 91306
    20134 Leadwell St #161, Winnetka, CA 91306
    7728 Woodrow Wilson Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90046
    8212 Teesdale Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91605
    6641 Etiwanda Ave #17, Reseda, CA 91335
    6641 Etiwanda Ave #7, Reseda, CA 91335
    6641 Etiwanda Ave, Reseda, CA 91335
    8348 Oakdale Ave #C, Canoga Park, CA 91306
    8348 Oakdale Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91306
    8348 Oakdale Ave, Winnetka, CA 91306
    6641 Edi Ave #17, Glendale, CA 91225
    Associated Names Ramon Eduardo Rodas Ramon Edwardo Rodas
    Assoc. Businesses None Found
    Possible Relatives Antonio Hurtado Erik G Stites Antonio J Dascaldas Andre Delaguila Juan C Rodas Andre Rodas Ramonedwardo Gaspar Rodas

    don’t know if it’s relevant but thought I’d post anyways

  223. Just barely thought of it, but I wonder when RR immigrated to USA? Because if he did before he was 18 there might not be any record of him coming here. But if he came here on his own, then that might be a different story. I know he has family here, but the immigration stuff can get complicated. So idk if one of his family members was already living in the usa, then that family member vouched for him to get his citizenship, or the other way around. Hope that makes sense.

    There’s no A.H.’s in CA. It doesn’t look like that is his real name… Technically he could have been visiting, but if he was visiting CA, he wouldn’t have had a CA plate(if i remember correctly) on his car and wouldn’t have known how to navigate those streets so well in the area.

    • @follower
      thx 4 the link. i will go thru it as soon as the time permits. technically he could be using his middle name as his last name. Or his middle name as his first name. People commonly do that, that’s probably why we can’t find a white pages record of him. Thanks 🙂

    ERIC MARROQUIN President
    2711 Evergreen Drive Port Arthur, TX 77642
    2711 Evergreen Drive Port Arthur, TX 77642

    Edmundo E Marroquin Age: 43
    Houston, TX
    Current Address: **** Kernel St, Houston, TX 77087
    Phone Number: (713)-641-xxxx
    Also Known As: Rogeli Marroquin Rogelio Marroquin Edmundo Rogeli Marroquin
    Known Residences: Houston, TX
    Relatives of Edmundo: Hermelinda H Marroquin Annaalmaraz Marroquin Rogelio E Marroquin
    Jose Luis Marroquin Oscar Marroquin Zoraya M Marroquin

    Edmundo Rogelio Marroquin Age: 52
    Galveston, TX
    Current Address: **** John Reynolds Rd, Galveston, TX 77554
    Phone Number: (713)-644-xxxx
    Also Known As: Rogelio Marroquin R E Marroquin Rogelio E Marroquin Roger E Marroquin Roger Jr Marroquin Edmundo Rogeli Marroquin
    Known Residences: Houston, TX Spring, TX

    Known Residences: Millbrae, CA
    Relatives of Edmundo: Audrey C Marroquin
    Edmundo Marroquin
    Current Address: **** Sherwood Ct, Millbrae, CA 94030

    towards the bottom you see a black car and it looks similar to the one from the day of(im not good with cars so that’s why i’m posting here).it’s from their chino hills location.

  230. Guard shack
    If you google maps “Mann biomedical park llc” and go to satellite view, then zoom in. you will see “rye canyon loop” and it merges onto Kelly Johnson parkway. If you zoom in, you will see a “Y-like street curve” . there’s a google business right where the guard shack is called “alfred mann foundation: medical technologies medical research”. You have to zoom in as much as possible because it is almost camoflauge. You will see an arrow pointing downwards and a blue car going down. There is also an up arrow. It’s hard to see cause it’s covered by trees.

    Just FYI I don’t know who the guard shack is owned by and if it’s the only one in the area. I’m sure there is more than one way to get into the area considering it would be a fire hazard not to.

    • @espana
      yeah they should, but technically UniStuds’ excuse could be that they don’t update the SS database all the time, or that not all deaths are even in the system. I think UniSt didn’t want to get in trouble with the law, so they know their limits.(if they are smart and don’t want to get caught up in the law).

    Also Known As: Robert Marroquin Roberto Marroquin Rogeli Marroquin Rogelio Marroquin
    Rogelo Marroquin Roger Marroquin Edmundo R Marroquin

    Grace Patricia Marroquin Age: 40
    Current Address: **** Jefferson St, Napa, CA 94558
    Phone Number: (707)-259-xxxx
    Also Known As: Grace Maroquin Grace Patricia Rodas
    Known Residences: Rutherford, CA Los Angeles, CA La Puente, CA
    Relatives of Grace: Sandra M Gudino Ana G Rodas Luis B Rodas Mario D Marroquin
    Gilberto R Jose Mario A Marroquin Baltazar Rodas Julia Rodas Anna G Rodas

    The last names that stand out to me are hernandez, rodriguez, marroquin, rodas.

  234. I think my previous links did not send as I wanted yesterday, returned to the home page. I would like the unbelieving people who visit us to take a look and he explained to me that being with cody Mobile burial ceremony of his brother? Naive … and meadow? Finally …… are all stuck in this. in my opinion too many people.
    … and if you have not cast enough … many do not have the bond with …. so why keep silent when you can comment anonymously? pisses me off that we are
    ignoring you to the message received in the first pages
    …. the walker brandon said it was like his brother and all made to escape the press …. I think we are looking for a logical explanation to something as banal as it may be …. I do not think paul tubiera an important reason to do this …. and it is sad, that to escape the life he chose, have gotten to all family …. paul’s father explained that he wanted to remove it, and I sounds like an explanation to those who doubt he’s dead. like the speed with which birtell brandon replied …. nothing more research starting this product …. I’ll see if I can recover seems to me crucial … the name, brandon, I know I could be anyone, but anyone knows then that is your very best friend …. birtell brandon. also the content of the message ,
    can stop asking please …… I think more enlightening or other similar message, because this type either …
    could use to turn the page. paul and to achieve a normal life …. I do not think paul by hawaii has no trouble moving due to the size of the island and he can meet new people … but also there are
    tourists might be surprised to see him and you know that paul? a matter of time that people scolded you
      by the barbarity of deception so ugly montastes so you already ,
    let go of the issue because the only thing you have left is encararte us here on this page, and solve our doubts … and so let people believe what stupid idiot box
    says, I still believe. you must be placed in the page

    . the
    people get here … but they are quietly, and increasingly people Metera mainly because you will not stop talking for a long time due to the movie so …. Tell us what you want know and that’s it, end of story.

  235. p138 “Defendants include:physician’s assistant Bryton Rodas.”

    • I do not understand and I can not translate 🙁

  236. @espana
    don’t worry, it’s not important, it is just someone who might be related to RR. thx

  237. Here you can clearly see that there are two cars and this one without wheels

    • @ferhec2004
      they are both GTs. I believe they both have wheels. The one on the left is Ford Gt if i remember correctly. Perhaps it’s just the shadows?

  238. see pic 11 …… interesting comment that says taking intoaccount says someone close to the family. that justifies the tears of the family …

    • @espana
      of which link are you talking about for pic11? thx

  239. Another time of the day and other people at the event, and less crowded than the other scenes

    • @ferhec2004
      I think they might be screenshots from a video. So maybe more people got into a certain camera shot, while others were standing to the side if that makes sense. People move around and maybe the camera happened to catch more on one shot and less on the other. That’s my opinion. thx.


    • I think he is brandons brother, not sure, but he looks like one.

    • @Follower
      Oh ok thx. What bugs me is why was he at the white tent place when the public was kicked out? Something is wrong about that…

  241. Sorry I know this has nothing to do with the hoax, but I just wanted to share. I randomly saw it while uploading the above pics. Sad :/

  242. @for you know who 🙂,soWOk0O,soWOk0O#1
    thanks very much.

    • Ha ha ha! Go on E! There will always be sermonisers…. I think you’re clever enough to know what you’re talking about. It’s been a month now, and they don’t understand all the research process made before. She doesn’t post random things just for fun. It’s in connection with the previous research.

      • I mean it’s been month

    • @Lilaah
      Aw thanks 🙂 I appreciate that encouragement more than you know. Yeah like I told them they need to read the “props” page, but apparently they still don’t get it. I don’t have time to waste on people who don’t wanna help themselves ya know? Thanks!

    • Something I just randomly thought of. Have you guys seen that movie “Sleepover” with steve carell? Well he plays a cop and I remember one of the characters literally pulled off the police decal sticker from the side of the door. Also just recently there was a person in FL i think and he drove a maserati that impersonated a police car. Idk if the hoax ppl went as far to do that, but I know that they had Santa claritta police on the scene. (Their police station was not too far from the crash site). And I think they had regular LA cops as well. But i haven’t looked into that. Just some thoughts on maybe they had some police actors with fake cars? Also if you look into the license plates you would be able to tell for sure since they would have government plates. Thanks.

  243. Rares sorta, not really,WUacIcH,BZb1TzQ,VXR76hB,WUacIcH,BZb1TzQ,VXR76hB#1,WUacIcH,BZb1TzQ,VXR76hB#2,WUacIcH,BZb1TzQ,VXR76hB#3

  244. Friends with Kylie Tyndall & Keaton Tyndall
    He was set to star in S.W.A.T. (2003) as Jim Street but backed out. Colin Farrel was cast instead.
    Is a keen traveler and has visited countries such as India, Fiji and Costa Rica.
    and other cool random trivia.

  245. Cute story of how free-spirited PW was.

  246. Also the reason I said “was” because he is probably no longer like that/ He is probably up tight because he doesn’t want to get caught. His past life is dead. And also because the story was said in past tense. Just so we’re clear lol.

  247. “and now he’s into downhill mountain biking and white water rafting. I guess you could say I come from a family of thrill seekers.”

    p3-Mr.Rodas held a racing license. Does anyone know how to look that up? jw. thx.

    Not sure where this came from, but if you can tell it’s a commercial because of the cinematography. Also there is a disclaimer at the bottom of one of the gifs saying respect the speeding laws in small print. They always have those on car commercials. So I googled Renault Fluence GT and apparently it’s a car. Guessing he did the commercial for latin America because that is where the cars are geared towards. Tumblr says it added a year ago. I’m guessing he might’ve done it around the collci show because of the same haircut. Since he was in brazil he could have done a commercial there and double booked so he wouldn’t have had to fly back. But then again they could have just shot the commercial in LA like they do with everything else and just imported the car.

  250. sorry I forget the links yesterday 🙁 pic 11 comments

    • @espana
      thanks for the link. don’t be sorry, it happens to all of us. 🙂

  251. pic 11 orry I forget the links yesterday 🙁

  252. I’m glad you think like me. I try in my comments that people understand what you said, but I’m definitely sure something is lost in translation :(. glad that you act on this issue. I hope people finally understand that everyone in the situation of family we would do the same.
    paul not be afraid to be photographed … albeit surreptitiously. well, could not be retaliated studies … I think the problem is that their relatives do not understand that no we will not stop. should provide some details on this webpage that convinced us to stop the investigation. it is the only way to ensure peace and relatives. everything you have done wrong and that’s your fault. brothers acted in a way sassy only been involved in the movie., and we have not had the fault not believe it. though paul so think we’re just …. there are many who know. was constant danger of being seen and fotografien. people or spy on her family or her behavior. I think you do not deserve it but asked for it. paul should intervene. if you do not want to give up what he believes will be a new life, at least leave her daughter and family live a normal life. there is always someone watching. god that anger college girl must be able to make new friends, and you paul is a problem. so …. if such a good father son and brother is … prove it. PD are many messages and facebook friends talking about the present, and in sending him support. saying things like I love you brother and more. clint eastwood’s son is an example, look at his instagram. spoken of in the present. and his friends on facebook too … definitely all wrongdoing.

    • @espana
      thank you fo your input 🙂


    ONE CMMT: Let me also add that since his death I’ve watched and re watched majority of his press junkets; interviews; promos. One thing I picked up is he recycles his stories just about verbatim. I suppose that would make sense considering he is asked the same questions over and over. But phrases he uses OFTEN:

    “…to be honest with you…”
    “…are you kidding me?….”
    “…it feels organic….”
    “…for sure…”
    “…what the hell?..”
    “…have cake and eat it to…”

    ANOTHER: Great links. I am glad I finally can see his whole ranch. What make me sad even more when I think about the animals at the ranch, plus his dogs, cats etc What do they think? They must just wonder what happened to him. They must still look around for him. I hope his dad decide to keep the ranch. Yet, it is a lot of work to run a big ranch, unless Cody wants to chip in.

    ANOTHER: enTX wrote: From documents I found, the original place was foreclosed and he bought it on November 30, 2010. The price was $3.2 million then. They have to wait for the will to be appointed before the family can list it. I bet it is not long before it goes up for sale. Also, he did only own the 160 acres of the 320. It was 2 parcels of land, but he bought the one.:) Hey, I have lurked on this site for years and never commented, so it’s the least I can do!!!

  254. not if you paid attention to it but the lyrics are very revealing. [Intro: RZA]
    Yea, I wanna dedicate this song to my friend Paul Walker
    Up in the studio last night
    Writing for myself
    I decided to write a song for you
    Peace brother

    [Verse 1: Will Wells]
    Every time I think about you all I see is your smile
    And your bright blue eyes
    Thanks for the time and the smiles
    You shared with me
    How you equally respected my art and talked to me
    A young father just learning what it takes to be? a man
    Sharing time with your daughter, you had a plan
    To drive in the wind, surf on the seas
    Realizing the love for a woman who becomes
    A mother exists? and I see
    How can this be? You were set free from your worries
    Now you are gone in the breeze
    Gone in the trees
    I thought we had another day to smile and laugh
    In the wind, how can it end?
    I?m grateful to meet you, may we meet again
    Paul, my friend

    [Hook: Will Wells]
    On that highway
    Where heaven
    I lost a friend?

    [Bridge: Will Wells]
    But destiny
    Bends, bends
    But destiny bends
    Yea, it bends
    I lost a friend
    On that highway to heaven

    [Verse 2: Will Wells]
    You will drive in the wind
    And you?ll surf in the seas
    Oh how can this be?
    You were set free from your worries
    Now you are gone in the breeze
    Gone in the trees
    Your soul is set free
    I thought we had another day to smile and to laugh
    In the wind, how can it end?
    I?m thankful to meet you, may we meet again
    Paul, my friend
    Paul, my friend speaks in the present. freed you of your worries ….. mmmm …. how? dying? jajaj speaks of seeing him again …. but not in another life ….. in this order along with the daddy yankee I did not need to read more or hear more, it was clear …. I do not understand is the refrain of the mother?

  255. Director said in an interview at the end of the movie paul: Apart from using scenes filmed for previous releases that were never used, filmmaker plans to O Connor retires after a hard fight with the villain played by Jason Statham and has away a happy ending on the horizon with the love of his life, Mia, and son both share in the plot 🙂

    • @espana
      thank you for that!

  256. because my comments are listed above? 🙁

    Ok so apparently this is the website that PW’s ranch was listed on. Someone said it wasn’t on ther anymore because the thing was sold or something? i don’t remember exactly, but it’s worth a look anyways.

  258. Hey guys, so I found out that PW’s other estates were owned by trusts (aka not under his real name). Like the KM one, the ranch, and one other one. I’m starting to get somewhere lol.

  259. @Peter49
    I don’t care if they track me. If I cared, I never would have gotten myself involved with this whole thing. I never denied they can or can’t. Enjoy whatever “proofs” you want. I don’t care. You have very right to your delusions. I only prove things to the people that matter, which is obviously not you.

  260. E-HOAX: Look in the background of picture is a Hummer pickup similar to the cemetery. Obvious that the photo is known but the pickup seems to be of Him.

  261. UUUh…
    E is getting closer…some ppl is getting afraid…

    • This comment was supposed to go to last, s i put it again..sorry

  262. UUUh…
    E is getting closer…some ppl is getting afraid…

  263. AArgh whats wrong with this site? :)))

    E is getting closer…some ppl is getting afraid…

    • @Follower
      haha i know right. thx 🙂

    Paul Walker

    With a heavy heart we announce the passing of our beloved family member Paul Walker on May 16th 2014. No service will be held.
    Published in The Seattle Times from May 22 to May 23, 2014 – See more at:

    Weird how they used the same opener of “with a heavy heart”…

    Apparently this is the “source” that everyone got that smiling quote from. But they twisted it around though. pampers pampers 2 pampers commercial

  266. with RR for an event A pic of his last interview supposedly. Looks a bit different here. DIdn’t realize how curly his hair was. pw and rr at racing pw rr lakers game supposedly(I think I posted this one a few mos back) HAVE made

  267. notice how in this fan pic that he isn’t even smiling. He looks like he’s grinning through. He always used to smile in fan pics. w/ SL attending an event sung kang(costar) cool quote by pw collage w/ quote not smiling at all here.

  268. see what I mean about the police decal cont cont cont idk which movie this was for tweets by costars interesting tweet I barely noticed that maybe it’s AH in between PW and the redhead’s faces. Look at the light brown hair. The short height. Also how she was following him around that day.

  269. screenshot 1 talking about AE at a racing event(Chino, costa mesa) screenshot 2 (Mike dentize?) maybe I’m slow but this is the first time I heard of him? I remember watching this vid months ago, but I guess I didn’t put two and two together lol. screenshot 3 not sure what he is referring to when he says “You guys” I thought they were a team from the same location? screenshot 4 screenshot 5 screenshot 6

  270. if you look at the middle guy’s shadow(The one holding the drink) Look at his leg. There is like a triangle pyramid shape. What could that be from? ff7 pic nice guy quote him with friends pedestal

  271. extreeme sports finally got a big enough version to read. behind the scene ff7 atlanta so I guess PW was in a music video that nobody knows about. “Wrong things right then” by bosstones??

  272. @ for you know when we were discussing this a while back

    • Hi, E, Wow! You really got busy!! Great info and photos, you’re like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. The photo with Paul and Roger you can see that they’re nearly the same height – didn’t the autopsy report give Roger’s height at something like 5′ 3″?

    • @E — I think you’re being incredibly patient just responding to them. They don’t have any real arguments, just opinions. You are posting evidence to support what you’re saying, not making wild statements. The people who believe this is a hoax aren’t asking anyone else to believe it – believe what you want. But they don’t have the right to tell others what to believe. We don’t subscribe to Groupthink.

    • @dee the reader
      Thank you : ) I try my best. I want us all to figure it out as much as possible. Like I literally wish I could post the sensitive stuff, but since the crazies (and who knows who else) are obviously watching this page, so I’d rather not risk it ya know? :/

      Yeah concerning RR, they really do look similar heights. I mean I’m almost positive that it’s him, right? RR has a cute little round face that’s pretty easy to recognize in my opinion. But then again it could be the angle? Idk just throwing out possibilities lol. Yeah RR seems like just a bit smaller than him.

      Yeah the autopsy report is all backwards and forwards and contradicts itself with other documents that were released the to public. I think they wanted to publish those documents just to shut people up, but I think it raised even more questions. I don’t think they were expecting that lol.

      Yeah thank you that means a lot : ) I was trying to explain to them with as much info as possible. But they’d rather stay in denial that something fishy is brewing about this whole thing. We want answers and they would rather argue. That energy would be better spent on researching lol. And LOL at that last part!

  273. @Sue
    I never said Paul was scamming people. Unfortunately many charities are scams these days. They start off with good people and good intentions and then usually greed takes over and shady people come around to get their piece of the pie. We don’t know everything that went down, which is why we are looking for answers. Well technically it’s not your problem either, so there’s no need for you to keep coming back to this site.

    @the person who responded to sue
    Thank you : ) and you actually made me laugh out loud at the last part.

  274. here’s the m.v. in case anyone is interested

  275. @Peter49
    And no it wouldn’t be slander, it would be libel. Just FYI. But no I didn’t do any of those things.

  276. > I don’t have a problem with them faking their deaths. They are grown men who can do whatever the heck they want.The problem I have is that they are deceiving innocent people for money for their scam charity. (Yes it’s a scam and no I will not post that info here showing how I know it is).

    and then you say:

    > Never said he was a scammer. I only referred to the charity and the tax docs. And that’s your prediction.

    Isn’t that one of the contradictions like Peter 49 was saying, you say he was not a scammer, but before that you say they (which includes Paul) are deceiving people for money…

    I am not asking you to show me anything, I said, I just wait to see you try and successfully bring down this charity and prove to the many supporters of this charity that they are scamming people.

    • @Sue
      You assumed “they” meant RR and PW. So, no I wasn’t referring to them. Therefore your argument is invalid. You really don’t know who I was referring to with “they”. You just assumed I was referring to those two individuals.

      The second part: I stand by that. I’ll repeat it. “Never said he was a scammer.”

      You’re including Paul, I’m not including him. Never said I was including him.

      No that’s not my goal to “bring down” the charity. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. If the supporters have any doubt in their mind, then they can come here and see what we’ve already found. But no, I’m not just going to blatantly post this info.

      • How am I “assuming”….. you put “they are scamming” right after talking about them, its pretty obvious…Why did you have to repeat yourself over an over trying to convince that you didn’t mean it that way…Why would people want to come to this site to see how they are being scammed, that is stupid, what is one here doesn’t proves nothing and who the heck wants to sit through all of the stuff posted on here….

      • @Sue
        I keep repeating since I practically have to spell it out for you. You obviously didn’t get it the first time. Hence the repetitions. Again, I will not refer to who “they” are. If I mention who it was, then it might be considered libel, so no. Those who are in the loop know who I’m referring to when I say “they”. It’s none of your business either way. I’m not trying to convince you of anything. People can come to this site on their own free will. Everyone has different intentions for coming to this site, I can’t speak for all of them. You’d have to ask them yourself. If you think it’s stupid, good for you. Idk who wants to sit through all the stuff posted here. Whoever wants to will, and whoever doesn’t want to, won’t.

        • If you want people to understand ie: those “people” that may want to come here to read the stuff thats on here then they will read it the same way I did which is obviously the way it sounds…No one that is questioning the so called “scam” will come to a site with a reputation of lying..Also you have to know or even guess that to even get what you are trying to say they will have to read a good bulk that is on here, doubt ANYONE wants to do that also even if they can even UNDERSTAND what you are trying to say with how it is all posted on here…So not being sure anyone wants to come here to read it, then why bother doing it, you will just have the same audience?? No one said you had to prove anything to me, did I say that?? I just don’t like seeing Paul and Roger’s rep being tarnished by crazies that are on some ego trip, I’ve loved Paul since forever way before most people I’ve met that are only fans because of the Fast movies…I feel like I grew up with him (watching him on screen over the years) since he is only a year older than I am, so anyhow like I said I hate to see his name attached to any “scam claims”…

  277. haha kinda cool. His sister’s pic is in the top corner(I think she was a cheerleader based on the outfit she’s wearing). here’s that black shirt thing he was holding. Has anyone figured out what he was actually holding? I mean it looks like a black shirt in a plastic bag. Idk. Thanks.

  278. nice gentleman pw was brick mansions ending “I run” blue ae shirt magazine interview

  279. his lucky number on the side of the vehicle wonder if those are the same shoes from the da of… young interview tyrese upclose not smiling again. :/ random funny add

  280. @for you know who the un-cropped version that I was talking about like a month ago.

  281. from topix thread:
    kristinalina wrote:
    Yeah…Labor day,that was Paul…i feel strange every time when I see Anonymous posts…

    I’m registered but can’t log on via smart phone. However, I rarely post so it’s irrelevant.

    I will just say that I have a professional background in investigation and am naturally adept at putting two and two together. Anyway, I have a friend who was friends with Paul. While I never met Paul in person, we corresponded on occasion, the last being a few days before his untimely passing. That correspondence will always remain private. But it wasn’t anything riveting or exciting or worth its salt in gossip.

    I will just say he was a very nice guy who went out his way to help people, as evidenced by what he’s done for his friend. On an intuitive level, he was a conflicted person who tried to do right because that is his upbringing, but sometimes it went against what he truly desired to do or not do. I believe he felt a great amount of guilt regarding his daughter.

    I stopped by his grave site yesterday and dropped off a bouquet of yellow flowers, hung around for a good hour, cried my eyes out, before making my way home.

    Anyway, our mutual friend told me some interesting tidbits but I don’t feel good sharing it. Just take comfort in the fact that he had an extraordinary heart, especially for a person as beautiful as he was on the outside.

    I’m sure the veracity of this post will be disputed but it is what it is.

    • Yes,i wrote that i feel strange anytime when i see amonymous post.And that was the end of my post!WHAT IS STRANGE IN THAT SENTENCE?WHAT IS NOT CLEAR FOR YOU?That is because i was fan and i am feel sorry that HE IS DEAD.

      That sh*it down,that you put under my post-I N-E-V-E-R WROTE.So,you people need to stop lying.If my post is interesting for you,put it here,i don’t care,it’s from public site,but don’t lying what i wrote something that i DIDN’T!

    • @kristinalina
      That was from like 5 different people’s posts. Obviously there are spaces in between each comment. Your name was the only name that happened to copy when i copied the formatting over here. (If this is even the real kristinalina) FYI anyone can copy someone’s name and pretend to be her over here.

      Here’s the link so you can stop being confused now.

  282. Interesting. What do you make of it of those posts?

    FWIW, I was never a fan of his work. I didn’t know much about him until after he passed. Our friend would pull up articles and other related items and show them to me, hence finding this board. However, after finding out more, I felt deeply connected and endeared to who he was as a human, in a kindred spirit sort of way.
    And the way he died deeply bothers me. His parents were at his gravesite a few weekends ago. I know someone who works there. His site is still unmarked and people have a hard time finding it. As a general rule, the workers aren’t supposed to give out info unless given permission. His father gave his blessing and said Paul would love for people to visit him.

    And right about now I’m feeling like a big mouthed jerk for posting this on a public forum. But, if you get the chance to visit, please do because he would love it.

    Omg people, Paul would not post on this site. He probably never heard of this site. Does anyone even pay attention to the fact he was not into social media, that it was hard for him to even tweet. He was too busy being outdoors etc. He didn’t search for himself, he didn’t like to read, hear the things said. Lots of peoplevuse exclamation points at the end of their posts. I do… It was not him. If you were lucky to get a tweet from him, awesome, but not this site. I did get a very funny, racey? Tweet from him on my fan account.

    True. Plenty of people use exclamation points but it’s the rhythm of the way he wrote, combined with gut instinct, that strongly leads me in that direction. Everyone has a rhythm.
    My instinct is rarely wrong.
    Anyway, I will only say this one thing and move on from here. His plaque should have his photo engraved on it. Forest Lawn does not do it anymore. It has to not only be sent elsewhere but comply with their standards. The person buried to the left of the family plot has his photo engraved on his plaque. Paul’s parents expressed interest in doing the same.
    That’s all I have to say because I’m feeling very guilty right about now and I from what I know, the family is fairly private. But I don’t think I said anything bad or negative.
    Anyway, carry on. Thanks and goodbye.

  283. e hoax 🙂 I also did a while an allusion to this photo.
    I think that image I saw on facebook the man beside her. but never found her more. strange because have pictures with all stakeholders. and suddenly this …. are supposed to after the accident were …. paul go with them 🙂 paul’s face is pretty circumstantial …. and its image equal to the accident hair and all …. not surprise me that out to Dubai to celebrate … look at the journey that they all hit planes …. private … received by Prince …

  284. For F*** sake this is a Hoaxs site. Why the hell are YOU Peter49ish & Sueish here. YOU idiots are slandering E Hoax for her having her own opinion. Grow up and stop threaterening E Hoax with shit you have no idea about legally.

    E hoax has not once degraded your opinion or in any shape of form been abusive. Pitty I can’t say the same about both of you.

    What E Hoax has posted has been found on the F***ing internet so NO crime has been committed. Get you stupid facts straight before acting big and mucho…

    O and one other thing – you both want to bully one person well guess what, I’m here to bully you dum shits everytime you attact E Hoax. So bring it on you asshat losers.

    • LOL, & whoa is the language necessary…You might want to check back a few posts I didn’t threaten anyone, and the last I check this is a public forum….I am so surprised that the death of Paul & Roger has brought out such craziness!

    • @R
      Dang you got some fire in you 🙂 and thanks lol : ) I appreciate it more than you know.

      “craziness” Speak for yourself…

      You haven’t been here for previous conversations so I left out details that have been discussed beforehand. Let me spell it out for you since you’re trying so hard to prove me wrong.

      It’s not them specifically. We don’t know the truth 100% either way. We have our theories. I’m just going based off of the recent stuff that I have found as to why I think they MIGHT’VE been directly involved. But it seems the more I talk, the more you get confused. I’m still uncovering details as we speak.

      When I say “they” I mean the charity has more things to hide than we know about. (I’m not saying everyone in the charity.) Usually when people have things to hide, it’s for a reason. That’s why we can’t and probably never will know every single thing that happened.

      It’s a little hard to decipher things that I’m saying when you are not seeing what I’m seeing. And you never will see it because I will not share it on this website because of people like you. It’s way too sensitive for just anyone to see it.

      That’s probably one of the reasons you are so confused with what I’m saying, because I’m only stating like less than half the stuff I know. If I explained every little thing, then yes you would automatically know where I’m coming from with all the proof and evidence that I would show you. I’m keeping it to myself for a REASON.

      • Now your “assuming” I am not the one trying to prove you wrong and I am aware of your theories, I’ve been keeping track of this forum for a long time…

    • Just to clarify once more. We don’t know if PW or RR knew about all the behind the scenes things that were happening. And this speaking hypothetically that if they were directly involved, then yeah I would have a problem if they were deceiving people KNOWINGLY. Maybe they were indirectly involved? Idk. That’s what I’m looking for answers to.

      And just so you know, often charities start off great with great intentions and noble and honest people and somewhere along the way, greed comes into play. I’m not saying PW or RR necessarily were greedy, but who knows. Maybe a sheepwolf came around and came off appearing friendly, but behind their backs were screwing up the charity records. Idk the answers to any of these questions. These are all theories and opinion that I have.

      Who knows maybe they were forced into doing certain things? (No I will not explain this part).

      • Oh yes I know how charities start off good but then you get the greedy jerks in the mix…My guess was Paul didn’t know anything about it, but as usual I may be wrong but with how generous he was…..

      • @Sue
        Yes charities unfortunately get exploited or taken advantage of by bad people. Yeah that is my guess as well, but who knows for sure. We don’t know their motives or thoughts. Maybe something or someone bad was after them. There could be a million possibilities for all we know.

        That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Idk if you saw that one hubpage way back about PW’s dark side and that one quote how he said he is into making violent movies and can identify it(I can’t remember off the top of my head).

        And the more I search, the more I keep finding weird things. (Especially recently).

        Look I’m not gonna argue with you all day. If you have questions I will gladly answer them to the best of my ability. We all want answers. That’s why I’m here in the first place trying to get them. The more we argue/disagree/butt heads, the less we’ll find. And then we’ll NEVER know the truth. Good day.

  285. @R and @Lilaah
    Thanks guys 🙂 Yeah the only reason I “argued” with them was because they had questions that needed answering. And they kept posting responses to my comments which I had to clear up(for the sake of the sane people reading the page). I didn’t want anything to get lost in translation, so thought I’d clear that up for y’alls sake. Hope that makes sense. And thanks again 🙂

  286. So idk if anyone wants to look over topix with me. There’s the main one titled “paul walker cannot lie” and that one has like a BUNCH of info that is relevant to what we are searching for. I wish I had the time to go through all 500 pages on the “lie” thread. I just do what I can here and there. The thing is there is also other threads relating to PW as well. Just thought I’d let you guys know. Thanks!

  287. Es obvio que una parte de la gente cree en lo que esta pagina dice, pero otra parte NO!!, lo que sucede es que para terminar de creer en esta pagina, hay que dejar de investigar un poco y ver que se logra (cuando la familia del actor se de cuenta que ya nadie investiga el caso, quien sabe? a lo mejor el al actor se lo ve salir) y es ahi donde se obtienen pruebas contundentes de que el actor esta VIVO, mientras que esto no suceda, nunca vamos a saber la verdad…

    • @Erika
      From what I could understand in your comment that sort of reminded me of Health Ledger. I know I’ve stated the similarities on him before, but since you said something about the family and how once the heat is turned down, everything will be back to “normal”. Whatever “normal” might be for the situation. There was a photo of HL that submerged later on and no one could figure out when or where it was taken. This was about a year later though. (After his “death”). I’m not saying he is alive or dead necessarily, but so many parallels add up and coincide with this whole PW thing. Thanks!

    Sorta looks like caleb? but it was posted 2 years ago.

    Ok so I think this might be the KM house or the ranch house. Starting to narrow things down slowly.

  290. A random comment I found and thought I’d share:
    “And as for the franchise, it’s not done, this is Universal’s biggest and most profitable franchise, this is their money maker, and the movie studio is a business, there’s no way they will just give up all that money, that’s a stupid move from a business standpoint – that’s like not making the one product that’s selling out and keeping your company afloat – these films have continued to make more and more money with each other, they are gonna continue the franchise – if they don’t, it will be a true shocking move for a Hollywood studio —- and as for the cast, yes no one is clamoring for Fast 8 right now because they don’t want to rush things with 7 not even yet, even if they want to, they wouldn’t say it not given the delicate situation, they’ll be more promoting 7 and making this time right now about Paul and not a new movie – and anyways, even with all that, Tyrese has spoken many times in interviews after Paul died that they are still continuing to make more movies, that they are keeping this going for Paul’s legacy – and to be honest, if 7 really was going to be the last movie, they would have already announced it then, the studio would have already said something and the wrapping of filming would have been made a much bigger deal than just a few Instagram photos posted, you would have gotten the studio to release something to commemorate the moment if this was really the last time this cast would be together again. Quite frankly, nothing has pointed to with how the studio and the cast is behaving that this is the end – they might take some time after 7 to rethink and allow fans to take in the tribute to Paul and not rush into another movie, but a new movie will eventually come out in a year or so — yes Vin has other franchise and projects, and yes before Paul died he was considering taking time off from acting to do other stuff and be with his daughter, but this franchise is big, this franchise is expected and wanted, these guys would have continued either way”

  291. Another comment:
    “Um…were you there or something? Know any people involved? If no, then you know nothing. Corporate media DOES tell the truth – but only 10% of carefully selected facts 100% of the time – for any story. The crucial 90% is typically left out, so it’s pointless to listen. Ask anyone who was in a news story before.”

    And another:
    ” That’s the point, nobody knows anything. One thing is, using logistics and corresponding it with the narrow media narrative, the story doesn’t add up. The only KNOWN thing is there is more to a story you see on TV.”

  292. interesting article. makes me think of the last thing you said …. I think that means he’s been forced to do … occasionally you have to throw a virgin to the volcano …. mmmmm ….. I already posted earlier because comments are disordered? 🙁 Is impossible to to catch up

  293. I do not think it was , hours , off his career. i do not think hitman willing to do , or that he felt like his career took another direction now. I