Paul Walker Hoax — 21 July 2014
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The Fake Paul Walker Death Scene Versus Real Car Fire Victims

Revelations thanks to our posters, UPDATED with additional commentary.

The events surrounding the supposed crash deaths of actor Paul Walker, along with his cohort Roger Rodas, were a B-grade movie, nothing else. The movie production nature of the event proves that the deaths were faked and that, thus, surely these men are alive and well.

A spontaneous death by car accident does not resemble what is seen in this event, which is, thus, obviously nothing other than a studio production.

It can be clearly seen that both Roger Rodas, who will later act as a pyrotechnician in the fake car crash, and Paul Walker are inside the car. Mr. Walker is clearly pleased at the thought of faking his death. It meant a new life plus, most likely, an increase in sales for the Fast and Furious movie franchise. The car, though, was the staging vehicle, a diversion. The vehicle which would be artificially burnt was a less valuable version; the vehicle pictured above was not destroyed.

The region of concern, Santa Clarita, is a major arena for movie events, including those under the control of the chief perpetrator of the death scam, NBC Universal:



Clearly, Santa Clarita Valley is precisely the area for the production of such a fraud, and the tie to Universal Studios is obvious. 

It is all based, regardless, on lies and subterfuge. The entire Walker/Universal Studios clique gave major support for hoax, using social media to spread the fabrications.

For instance, here is what one of the Paul Walker so-called witnesses had to say about that (un)eventful day:

Here are what the witness ‘saw’ when they saw the wreck.
RIP PAUL WALKER you will be missed.

To all those adding/messaging me on my personal Facebook page because you saw my sticker on the car (not my car btw..) in the Paul Walker crash video… To answer your question, yes, I one of the first few people there on the scene. When my 5 friends and I got there, there was already a couple on the phone with 911. The passenger side (Paul Walker) of the car was already crushed and burning and the driver (Roger) was unconscious/dead. The first thing I did was get out of my car and call 911 while walking towards the burning porsche with a couple of the friends while a couple of them sped back to AE Performance to find help. The fire was burning so hot that you could feel it across the 5 lane street. We tried to walk towards the car and sparks started to pop out of the car which made it extremely unsafe to go towards more than 30 feet. By the time help was on the scene the whole car was engulfed in flames. Nothing will ever get rid of this traumatizing and shocking experience out of my head. Forever RIP Paul Walker and Roger…

Yet, Roger Rodas was right there, and he surely wasn’t on the other side of the road or some 30 feet away. Rather, he was in the midst of the pyrotechnic fire, and suffered no ill consequences.

He was clearly there in that image, but now he is no longer visible Was his image removed by PhotoShop or did he just leave the area?

The ‘thirty foot away’ is readily demonstrated for what it is: a mere lie. Note the pyrotechnician who is right by the window plus another person in a white suit right in the car. How about, too, the man in the white shirt with the fire extinguisher? He is not feeling the heat from such a supposedly intense fire ‘felt all the way across the road’
Note also the color of the flames. This is orangish-red. This is considerably different than a real petrol based fire, as seen n the following images:

These are real flames versus the pyrotechnic fakes, truly hot, burning nearly white hot in the center with much yellowish flame There is aggressive reaction by firemen to he scene. It looks real and is, in fact, real. Notice the rising nature of the flames as they flicker into the air and follow the air currents. Notice, too, the intensity of the flames.

Warning: Graphic Images Seen Below
Here is seen the true consequences of a fiery car crash. The intensive burn of the outer car components is clearly evident as is, direly, the charing of the flesh of the victim.paulwalkeraccidentcomps

There is no such char on the Paul Walker/Roger Rodas vehicle:

What about the real corpse, burnt into oblivion? This is not, however, seen in the Paul Walker death hoax, where there is rather than char actual charcoal applied:


It is clearly moulage: charcoal and fake blood. Plus, the moulage mole who set it all up can be seen in the background.


Therefore, nothing could be more fake than this death hoax – this absolutely fake death of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.



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  1. So is Paul walker dead

  2. I’m just glad he is alive

  3. So this is the end now? It’s an open end with no Yes or No. I followed this side a long time and every third day I looked for news here. Some had very good points, others didn’t make sence at all. If the owner of this page have the chance to read this, pls I have a lot questions for you regarding the photos you posted and some posts. A lot pics are not visible anymore and I didn’t had the chance to look at them before they were erased.

    • Totally agree. The owner of this page should continue the research. For some people it’s very important (excuse my English)

  4. You guys are awful…
    how can you say he faked his death? Do you think his family and his best friend tyrese are also in on the fake Paul walker death? Can’t you guys Just accept it and Let him rest in peace?

    • You ppl are so gullible! How can one accept something that is IN YOUR FACE A LIE?! Maybe you could accept it, others with a brain and eyes might not! THEY HAVE REASONS not to! Side note his family and his actor friends dont care what we ppl think. I bet if he were dead they would have spoken out against ppl who think Paul Walker is not dead! WHICH THEY HAVE NOT! Stop idolizing ppl you dont know anything about other than what they want you to see!

  5. I do not think so. Paul walker is to popular to fake his own death. If it is real someone will see him out. Give it a rest.

  6. You just give a reason of Paul’s fake death why ‘s he hv to do like that?

  7. What time date and month did he die

    • If you are here in this forum about Paul Walker you should know the date. According to the news ( if you can believe them ) he died 11-30-2013. Another newspaper printed it a day earlier 11-29-2013, the report was nearly the same. But only nearly.

  8. I am suprised how blind people walk through life. There are so many clues on the internet. You only have to look, you dont even have to dig deep. It is ( when you have the right connections and money ) possible to fake your death. Read between the lines. Even your dental impressions would fit.
    I dont think he did it just for fun, more that it was necessary for him and RR.
    Ok the franchise made a huge amount of money. But lets see: Furious 1 brought in $207,283,925, Furious 2 $236,350,661, Furious 3 $158,401,402 ( the looser ). They brought Diesel back for Furious 4 $359,264,265. Not enough money so the put DJ in Furious 5 $586,817,288. Sure they wanted more, so bring KR into it: Furious 6 $787,501,725. Number 7 would have killed the franchise with one info leaking through. The film dead of Brian O’Conner. A lot of fans were furious and fans talked of not going to see the film. This was only a few month before the accident.
    Crash happened and Furious 7 had in only 17 days over 1 Billion Dollar.
    I have more, but now it’s up to you to think.

  9. I watched the 7 one and there was no crash in it so…… How did he die did y’all see a movie I didn’t no one died

  10. Anyone can Tell me Please? Is PAUL WALKER alive?

    • Paul Walker is 100% ALIVE!

      • I just want to know for sure. Is he alive? Is he okay? I honestly couldnt care if he did another FF movie or something, I just want to know if he is okay.

        • Yes, for sure he is alive, as is Mr. Rodas.

  11. Just leave them ALONE. Sadly Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Paul Walker are all dead and every one needs to let them RIP.

  12. You guys don’t fight here’s the truth NOBODY KNOWS IF HE IS ALIVE OR DEAD let him rest in peace

  13. The government knows the truth that he is alive. Open both of your eyes and look again. The whole story behind this case is full of mistakes.

  14. Paul is a great man but people don’t like when Paul fake stuff so know when Paul gets hurt he mit fake it or not

  15. If you don’t trust me that Paul is alive look up see you agian Paul is in that video

  16. So are you saying that there were 2 Porsche cars and 1 was Paul’s car and the other was someone else’s which crashed

  17. I always thought that Paul was alive and it was just an act I’ve argued and argued that he is still alive and people say it is just his brother

  18. To tell you the truth paul is the best actor ever i love him and you guys should shut up and let him rest he has caused so much happiness and laughter to his friends, family, and fans and i am proud to say that i love paul walker truely and he would never fake his death hes smarter than that RIP PAUL

  19. Paul can’t be dead look at the plate before the crash and then after

  20. If we keep crying about him and being sad for him we will never let him rest in peace I know its hard but we need to push through it

  21. Anybody taken a look at Cody Walker?! allegedly his brother, suddenly starts getting acting roles in 2014 from out of nowhere, after his “brothers” “death”, maybe this is just Paul Walker himself, also check out Heath Ledger, I think he faked his death and now goes under the name Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and it is just supposed to be a coincidence that Ledger plays the Joker and who get’s a role in the next Batman movie..yep no other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt!! they look identical, it has to be him.

  22. Only if someone could see him in person and actually tell if it was fake or no

  23. Unfortunately my cousin was a firefighter on duty the day of the crash and those firefighters were in shock to what they saw and needed time off when they got back to the fire station it was definately Paul and Roger !!!

  24. Yeah sure @Anny. They were in shock of the car engulfed in flames? The bodies they saw afterwards? Or that they know they were extinguish the fire that was burning the bodies of P and R? As a firefighter you see frequently more horrible things than a burning car. Smushed bodies, torn apart bodies. Dead children what is often most horrible to see. They have do deal with this most every day and have to handle it. Dont think they fell into a shock cuz they find out that a celebritie was in the car.
    All these so called eyewitnesses who popped up month after this accident are big fakes. Like the accident.

  25. many infiltrate on here … cody not look anything physically to Paul, but evidently is his brother and thus have a slight resemblance, but very subtle, so Cody is Cody and paul is different .

  26. meadow loves fame, family bastards .that disgusting shameless people

  27. Why have removed this blog ???????

    • I cant access it neither it says it doesnt exist maybe they had too much info ???

  28. I don’t know .continue with the investigation here.

  29. if the owner of this post was so kind OPEN another thread,? new information is not required 😀

  30. for me this guy was a smokescreen. I think Paul and jasmine are together, because I can not find explanation for that he was in the accident, nor to no longer know anything about jasmine . I think that through it, we can give to him.

  31. what has happened to ehoax page on tumblir PW is Alive blog it has been removed ???

  32. I will continue with research on my own. if I see that there are people still interested I will share on this page . we must not forget that furious 8 is again ready for defrauding the world. I honestly do not want anything to do with E HOAX. nor with those who created the debate . screenshots that I have the debate, are in Spanish because I translated. but they summarize what is said there. . so, as I imagine it will be people wondering what they said , I’ll sum it up soon. Apparently, many believe that Paul would be in England. in short, of course, it is clear that in these pages we are not missing anything. because apart from absurd theories are crazy. soon, I will, I have in mind that we are a group looking for the true , I will share what is said there, all here to discuss, without discriminating against anyone.

  33. E hoax because forget about us? what’s going on ?. I want to continue with the investigation . Spain not late to summarize what he saw of the debate. because make it private?It is not that we have a common purpose? I thought we were a group

  34. this is incredible . Hello ? could someone explain why the debate and Blog E hoax and is not open? thank you . and E hoax, just page me absent from two weeks, and when I returned it was closed. if you warned that would happen I did not see, so, would greatly appreciate if you would please give me an explanation. we were left completely out of the investigation, why? Did not we have the same purpose ?

  35. Disappointing. I thought you were into the research and now I realize that the user of this page is completely out of here. I have no words, we had many interesting points of view and I absolutely cannot stop thinking about it. I wish someone could compile all the info we have found so far. I feel pretty upset about the unexpected give up of E hoax, this investigation isn’t up to date and I want to know the truth.

  36. aria Go to the homepage of paul. pwbeliever and myself continued 🙂

  37. If paul walker alive why u not telling to the world

  38. for money

  39. Did they really fake their death

  40. These people who say Paul Walkers death was a hoax….Why don`t you go try and see his family…tell them what you`ve spouted about here! Bet they`d love to hear YOUR view on things!

  41. Why are all of you making such an attempt to prove his death was a fake? Why could you benefit from it? If he is really dead how would you feel then? Why does the world need so much proof that someone had died in this care accident? Paul Walker is dead leave it alone already. What would Paul Walker gain from faking his death? He made more money a life by making movies. He had children, why would you want to leave them by faking your death?

    • I think you meant “what could you benefit from it”. No on benefits from it, it’s the truth all want. “Why does the world need so much proof”. Because a lot off people think and believe that he is still alive. What makes you so sure that he is dead? Because the media told you to belief he is? Do you belief all what media told you even if this would be your own death notice? “What did he gain”. Maybe he gains his freedom, his normal live without all the Hollywood fuss. “He had childen”???? Whoah, you one of the women who told the world they have a child from him? He has “one” child. A daughter named Meadow Rain Walker.

  42. because paul is alive

  43. Look guys, watch and re watch, the last race. Paul shows up in a supra. You thought you could just leave without saying goodbye? It’s fake Paul is alive, Elvis is dead, wake up people!

  44. paul is a *******. and people know it. his family and friends included meadow, she also included. too many people know. It was a matter of time friends revealed.

  45. @matt: You go to far with your utterances. People in this forum guesses, no one knows exactely what happend and were he is. Why he did it or had to do it. No one is a *******. I too believe that his family knows more than they admit, but I would never abuse someone. I think he had a very good reason to fake his death.

  46. You people are sick. I happened upon this and have friends who are still mourning the loss of their brother and friend, Paul.

    • If you believe he is dead then why are you here? Curious what “sick” people can write about him? Discover something that is not right? If you are a friend of Paul and believe he is dead why come to this forum? You are no friend of him, you do not even know him. That’s what I think of you. You are one of those ppl who only read the news of some fancy magazines and believe all what is written there. Real friends wont bother to log in with there real name. So what is this PKW anyway?

      • htt ps: //pbs. twimg. com/media / g:large there is no doubt that everyone was super sad . … h ttp s://ww w.y outube.c om/ watch?v=9QLR5KK_eRQ . ht t ps :// pb s. tw img .co m /me d ia/ C A lMFq Y XIAATklb.jpg h t t p s://pbs.twimg.c o m/ med ia / CAl Ka mEWUAAiO-R.jpg ht tp s: // pb s .t wim g. c om /m e dia/COuJRTsWsAApw-d.png h tt p s: / /p bs. twim g.c om /med i a/COuKf-IWsAAj5Rp.jpg ht tps://pb s.twi mg .com/m edia/CQpsARgXAAAXnBc.jpg

    • it s not a proof that pw is alive

  47. to espana: it s just paul walker children’s

  48. paul walker is alive stupids ignorants . his daughter to take pictures at the funeral is not a proof !? laugh her father all the time is not a proof ? you know what ? you’re an idiot or just a troll. paul walker sells his daughter for money. the Walker family are miserable.

  49. Anyone knows a side who is aktiv to the Paul Walker topic? Looks like this side here is dead. I really would know why DrK ended it. Would be nice if you can tell the ppl, who are still looking for the truth, why you ended this forum. You had a lot of evidenve what made sence. I dont want to guess so please tell us why you post not anymore. I am working on this topic myself and have made a huge progress.

    • @Trany, if you like you can join us in our facebook group, we’ve been active for almost 2 years now and we can use a few other people that are looking into this hoax.

    • are there any people left who are still looking into this possible hoax? lets gather together somewhere online, this site looks dead to me when it comes to PW. i’m in a small facebook group with a few people doing some great research ( 10 are still active ) we’re still searching for news and plausible evidence, lets stick together and try to solve this case. if someone is interested let me know.

      • @anon: I am really interested in more evidence. Since this side is dead I am looking for new sides who are aktiv. Found a lot in the last few weeks but there are also sides with more stupid comments than here. So @anon if you have a good side I want to join you all and do more research. If anyone else knows some good sides with honest research please tell me.

        • you can post your facebook page/name over here if you like, so me or anyone else can invite you to our group. its an secret group so you can’t find us by yourself.

          • Still have a current site going?

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