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Paul Walker Girlfriend Busted On-Site Setting Up Fake Death

They are all lying. Paul Walker didn’t die. Nor did Roger Rodas. They are both alive and well, and their relatives well know it, as can be repeatedly seen by both their behavior and facial expressions.

It has already been established that the relatives of Paul Walker are involved in a cover-up, that is the cover-up of faking the actor’s death. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, here, that the accident is a fabrication and that there wasn’t any real car crash. Rather, what is seen is imagery of a man-made car fire and a car pre-placed in position to be incinerated: without either Walker or Rodas inside.

OK: they might be the nicest people, a great couple, a rarity for celebrity. No one is judging them as people. What is, rather, being assessed is whether or not the claims of the death are real and also what are the consequences to the people of this world as a result of faking those deaths.

The deaths were faked: proof

No one can possibly believe that this is legitimate after seeing the Walker girlfriend in the act of laughing in jest about how they “got away with it” and, then, suddenly, as soon as she realizes the cameras are upon her changing her tune.


There can even be humor in the midst of a death and memories of the deceased but not fraud, not doing a change-up midstream from a guffaw to the appearance of dire despair, along with a fake hand swipe upon realizing the homing in of the cameras. That is evidence of a fraud and a scam, not a real sense of grief and good memories.


They may regard it as a joke. Yet, the whole world took it seriously, with people even shedding tears and undergoing emotional distress at the thought of this “senseless loss.”

Gosnell-Pilchard and friend behind the hedgerows before they realized they were on camera.

The Zionists keep drumming this into everyone’s face: endlessly. In a heavy-hitting way they have gotten behind this hoax, continuously promoting it as real and trying to solicit sympathy from the general public, generate memorials upon memorials: all based upon lies. So, therefore, here these lies are being countered with evidence proving that this is a hoax, like the others: like the fake deaths of Sandy Hook, the Boston smoke bombing hoax, the Frank “arch-Zionist” Lowy Nairobi scam, LAX, Santa Monica, Woolwich, and far more.

None of these fake events can be allowed to stand without both scrutiny and rebuttal. Letting them stand as fakes is in itself dangerous.

Faking a death, actually, two deaths before the whole world is not just some asinine joke. This is especially true when donations are solicited based upon such a fraud, for instance, the constant solicitations by Walker agent Jim Torp for support and donations to the Paul Walker charity organizations, including Reach Out Worldwide charity.  Then, too, there is in the general public and supposed fans the false grief which is created and much false sadness and despair, even the generation of tears of sadness: still no minor issue.

How self-serving, how truly wretched, to heap this upon the people. Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, the girlfriend of actor Paul Walker, is mourning Walker’s sudden death.


As is the father, on the crash site, according to the DailyMail:


It is also the lies within the media system that are also vile. Great damage is done, here. Great monies are spent to distort, to purposely confuse and mislead the people. Why? Why torment people? Why force lies upon them? There can be no good cause in such acts.

Torment is second nature for these Zionist criminals. Here is just a smattering of their criminal distortions and fabrications:

Relatives said that Pilchard-Gosnell, 23, is being comforted by her mother Julie. The pair have been dating since 2006. “Paul was a really good guy and Jasmine is broken up by this,” Barton Bruner, Jasmine’s uncle, told the Daily Mail. “They had their ups and downs but they were together and looking to spend a bright future together. This is horrible news and unexpected. Her mother is with her and she is comforting her.”

She was with Jim Torp, an engineer with Walker’s Reach Out Worldwide charity, when she received the news, reported Hollywood Life. Torp received a phone call that from the looks of things Walker and Roger Rodas, the car’s driver, didn’t make it.Paul’s girlfriend was standing next to me when I got the phone call,” Torp said. “When I told her what happened she fell, she collapsed.”

This is all lies. Why should it be allowed to stand?

The ABC film gives hard proof of the nature of the scam.

Ms. Gosnell-Pilchard well knows this is a hoax. She was there organizing it.




ABC pulled a subliminal slip-up with that statement, and, finally, the Zionist-controlled networks speak the truth. “Hollywood ending” means what it means. With plenty of money in hand, he could simply choose through this hoax end forever his Hollywood career.



A fireworks display as the pyrotechnic powders are ignited, close-up view showing the anomalous white smoke:


Such white smoke is not seen in real petrol-based fires. Nor is seen these fireworks-like sudden bursts of white matter into the sky:




Who is the big man in red, and the other man in white?


Where really was Jim Torp?


Torp says he was with her in the area, though, admittedly, the claim was that they were at some distance. Is this man in the red shirt/sweater Torp? He does tend to stand with a shoulder tilt on the right. The shape of the head is similar enough. Was there, therefore, anyone left in the showroom? We think it is him.

It’s not just (possibly) Torp’s familiar face that can be seen. Who is this suddenly emerging from the side-lines?


Look at the glasses and the cone-like shape to the head, as well as the length of the hair. Is this not Ms. Gosnell-Pilchard?

Изображение с кодом 4079253

Credit for the above photo comparison to one of our posters.

She is attempting to cause the camera-person to stop filming; it is at a time associated with sounds of a fire engine in the background:


Through this hoax, apparently, the Hollywood producers thought they could sky-rocket the ratings, leading to massive sales of the just-to-be-released DVD.

Regardless, this assessment is not for purposes of discerning motives but, rather, for one purpose only: is it a hoax or not?


Nose is high on the face; glasses obviously rectangular.Face is wider at the temples than the forehead.


Nose is high on the face; same in both cases.


paulwalkerjasmineonsite paulwalkerzionistplot

Again, there is only one purpose: Are the deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas a hoax, where the deaths were faked based on a phony car wreck, a set-up, involving Hollywood-style directors, producers, along with stunt men and pyrotechnicians. The answer is a decided yes. Moreover, yes, this is most likely Ms. Gosnell-Pilchard on the scene, and all those who say she was ‘busted up’ or that she ‘collapsed’ or that she is ‘grieving intensely’ are liars.


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  1. Please to the owners of this website…..please contact me I have some information you would love to obtain.

    • What kind of information? Skype is?

    • Put it in the post, like the others.

    • What kind of information. I would love to know the truth !!!!

    • Bruce, PLEASE make sure whatever information you have gets to someone, anyone who will publish it and who is interested in the Truth. This is a CRIME above all others and NO ONE should get away with such deception especially against the People who have made them the Celebrities they are and so much grief. Take CARE of Yourself in the process but PLEASE, expose whatever you have!!!

    • I’m sori bt dis is really troubling me, I cnt evn slp at nyt, I jst wanna knw if dis realy was a hoax, I cnt get over Paul n if e is stil alive den as much as it wud hurt me to knw dat I wnt evr see him again at least I’ll knw e is alive n well n living de rest of his lyf wid his daughter

      • Good god mate, so u have Parkinsons disease? Looks like your hands where all over the keyboard when you wrote this.

      • WOW your retarded

      • G fck yrslf

      • He is really alive? Plz tell me

    • What can i do to obtain this information?

    • What information? Do tell us..

    • Please share with us, or is what you said a lie?

    • check this pics out…it says that is PW`s body…so how isn’t he dead? if that is his body? Sorry guys i respect u all..but my opinion…he;s dead unfortunately…but his death leads me to…PLANNED…as this post says…. strange…

      • Dude I totally agree but now with all the fake dead body that you can put some of your DNA on it and they will match no matter what as you can see stating clearly we have two men who can pull anything off but maybe by the time the cpme true we will find out I think celebrity’s fake their death to have a break as in aleep but we will see

        • Guys Paul walker is not dead I know it . cuz at his fake funrel Paul walker s family was not crying and when they went back to the car they were laughing .

          • how would u know email or post on here

      • first of all he is alive and second of all no one knows were he is

    • What kind of info I would like to hear so I can add all of this up besides the car reck was too clean if it was real the car would of exploded and there were only like 5 pieces of the car off maybe the crash was part of the movie just for people to go see that it was really a hoax none knows but Paul and his friend

      • Tyrone, the exotic car was made of FLAMAMABLE resin and carbon fiber!

        Look at the photos from the front, you will see the half-burned top of the windshield frame – half is GONE – it burned up.

      • The perfect location for an RPG to be fired at it. Those come up in police raids, more often then you want to know. The car with two corpses (for less than the cost of the wheels and tires) is TOWED easily (it only weighed 3,000 lbs), then Wham! – the RPG sends it flying into the trees on fire, all evidence burned up.

    • has all the answers

    • what info

    • I don’t think you will reply I’m asking very late but please contact me if you can

    • Give It to me please I also have some information About Brittany Murphy (I Cried Alot Because I Don’t Know if It’s True But If Its True Then It Would Be Awesome) I

  2. Why her face is unclear in the photos? Anyways she looks like his girlfriend. Hey Goodman share with us too. I am very curious:))))

    • This does appear to be the same female!!! Why would that girl be so aggressively avoiding exposure??? I mean, everyday, everywhere we all are used to being taped, filmed and even captured on random snaps. She was acting like she was ‘somebody’ that was expecting to be filmed or interviewed. Not an ordinary citizen for certain. I PRAY that if this indeed is as fake as I believe, the ending of this story will be worse than that explosion and will cause a lot of people to wish they had in fact ‘died’.

    • Sometimes photos get fuzzy when you try to make them bigger… Maybe the quality? If he is alive, I’m one happy girl 🙂

      • The fuzziness is just the nature of such distant cell phone videos and the smoke bombs, etc. To some degree increasing the size, yes, causing some loss of definition.

  3. The pictures definitely resemble her…more and more information about this hoax. Who knows why they did it but definitely a hoax

  4. Where is the blue car that was in the video of the crash burning?
    Because in that one, you see no truck nor others cars

    • I think the first record was done by passengers of blue car. These are after few minutes. Probably blue car was gone already.

      • Some news say the firefighters arrived 3 min after the crash, so soon after PW’s friends.
        So it’s not surprising if there’s a car, isn’t it?
        The media themselves were already there.
        As for the blue car, the guy seen in the video tape is trying to help PW and RR. I think that’s him who screams “Help”. Maybe he’s Nut. The guy who told everyone he saw Paul and that Paul was unconscious. I’m not sure he wore a special suit like in previous article. He would scream “help” if he was setting up the fire… he would hide..
        Btw, if we see someone in the flames, maybe yes, it’s a guy with the special suit….
        Actually I’m more suprised that RR’s body seems to miss. Was he mangled? So, where is his head? When people die because of the impact, you can still see their bodies…
        I don’t get it…

        • What bodies?

          • I mean, they die but their “corpses” are still in the car…
            Most of RR’s body is missing…

  5. It’s off the subject so I hope someone will be able to answer my question. I’d like to know why they’re closing Always Evolving so quickly!

    • Ive been curious on this also. Its not like it was a small mom and pop business. They had clients and according to Yelp they did good business. So why is this closing so quickly if they clearly had a steady source of income?..def. odd.

      • That first video released of the blue car was in my opinion also propaganda. It was a BMW Laguna Seca M3… No ordinary car driving by. Torp also mentions this M3 in an interview that it returned to the charity and told them about the accident. so, that tells me they knew the driver and car. Very likely an associate of AE. That whole “he’s dead, he died” was fishy. how did they know? That specific video also starts AFTER the white smoke and AFTER the set up crew evacuates the area.

      • I read it was because they were all a team & it wasnt the same working without paul & roger, i can understand that but agree its very quick & if they were popular & doing so well etc makes more sense to continue with the business in memory of them.

  6. I’m sure 80% up to a scam. No people can be so selfish to blame him. Nothing to do with why you did this. His life. I will love you always, not angry with him for anything because it is not our business. So I’d be curious to know where that Jasmine is now what he is doing and what state …
    I think the authentic content on the site. I like
    English is not my native language sorry

    • I’m sorry but NO ONE should accept this deception and forgive so easily!!! None of our Business??? Excuse me but it IS everyone’s business. All moviestars have their wealth and fame because of their loyal Fans and when they go in this business, it is a fair trade off. Deceiving so many people who actually Loved and adored him should be considered the worst crime of all. Too many people have grieved more than they would for their own family. If you or I did this, we would be in Jail facing time in prision and so should he and everyone involved. You should be Outraged that you were played and USED and deceived it that is what happened. Too many people are saying they would forgive when he should be held accountable for such deception.

      • In truth, there is what you say, yes. So you can watch the thing, but I do not know why you did it, the reason being is it. But I hate the idea that I would never see him if I can not be photographed from nowhere. But I think there could have chosen any other option, do not just do that so that they can release itself from all.

      • I agree with you,it is his life if he was in danger or anything & had to fake it, you dont have much choice, but with everyone paying their respects to someone they know from films etc it does pull at the heart strings & its not a thing you can forgive easily, if all true id feel awful knowing people were grieving it doesnt add up.

  7. Yes I faked my death, so what you gonna do about it?

    • Paul Walker Verified account
      (found on the Internet)

      It is not a question of what is “going to do about it” but, rather, what Paul Walker and TeamWalker are going to do about it, because the hoax was generated from there, not from nodisinfo.

      Regardless, why would the RealPaulWalker want to join with all these horrid forces, the hoaxers that have heaped fake events upon the public, including Sandy Hoax, the Boston smoke bombing hoax, LAX, Nairobi, and so many more? People have even given up their hard earned money by the millions for these fakes.

      If TeamWalker or the Real Paul Walker actually contacted this site, they would be informed that people are throwing all sorts of emotional reactions towards this event, thinking it is real. For every action there is a reaction. Thus, some are even bleeding out of their hearts in sadness and despair for Paul Walker, many crying real, compassionate tears – possibly thousands of them, who regarded this fabricated event as real. It is for these reasons that hoaxes must be exposed on this site.

      Lying, fraud, and terminal hoaxes have become a way of life in this world. This needs to stop. Too, there are rumors speculating about why this was done. The site deals not in the why but whether or not a certain event is a hoax.

      Regardless, it was put out there by TeamWalker as real. So, it’s fair game for analysis. If TeamWalker wouldn’t have faked this event, these posts regarding it would never have occurred. That’s because the name of this site is If disinfo is put out, it will be analyzed.

      Lie, frauds, hoaxes have become a way of life. It’s time that this ceases.

      It destroys the moral integrity of society. Today, lies, frauds, and hoaxes are the norm. They abound everywhere, suffocating people. Glad you commented. The lies, fraud, and hoaxes have a damaging effect on the mental state of society and surely aren’t good for TeamWalker either. So, go live a happy life, because death comes to all of us soon enough.

      • @realPaulWalker is on IG and its not Paul Walkers account for the record search your facts before posting the bs. Can’t believe most of what Google post search engines are merely a information base. His verified twitter account is simply PaulWalker!

    • I am terribly shockd bt most of al disappointd, if dis was done as a gimmick to gain free publicity for Fast 7, den it wasn’t a gud move on ure part because I personally was hurt, I considered u my hero

      • good God, Tracy, learn to write… I can’t even read your responses!

    • the real Paul Walker would never talk like that

  8. They’re probably going to close the shop and open it in another name. Or they could’ve paid everyone off to keep quiet about what’s going on.

    • Shut it down to eliminate access to those who contributed to the hoax. Payola is also likely.

  9. Here is a video of a real car just after the flames started..

  10. Here’s the top of the building that caught the fie of Paul’s crash when it first started. Do these look a like? I’ve been watching videos of real cars setting on fire and they seem to match up..

    • Most cars don’t have the gas tank in the front like Paul’s car did, that would explain why it looks different.

      • Gas tank not in front in that car but behind back the back seat, wrapped next to the engine edge.

  11. Putting nickname is free. Actually ages under 18 shouldn’t be allowed to post:)

  12. No one is sure if that’s his gf….sorry…

  13. Hi
    I’m sorry but I don’t really follow or believe in conspiracy theories as such, but this accident didn’t make much sense to me from the start.
    If these two guys were in the accident and actually died, then I hope they Rest in Peace and if this was all a hoax, then I hope that there was a good reason for doing this, and lying to their many fans worldwide. I guess this is Hollywood!!
    But the footage of the accident from the CCTV camera behind the wall made me wonder, as you can clearly see the post fall, followed up by what looks like the trees being brushed as the car passed, I would say there was no way that car directly hit either of those trees, from the way they wobbled to the one side and sprung straight back up (Unless the car drove over them). Now if I recall the one friend said he tried rescuing the unconscious Paul Walker and was trying to get him out of the restraints/ seat belt, but couldn’t, so one would presume Mr Rodas was also buckled up, so after hydroplaning and then going up on a kerb and driving the car in a straight line (As in the CCTV footage) one is dead before the fire starts, did he get hit on the head with the post? and the other unconscious with obvious injuries, as the coroner said he died from the crash and the fire. The car didn’t roll and Mr Rodas was a good race car driver, so obviously would know how to react to all sorts, and as Jay Leno demonstrates his Porsche also hydroplanes, but he controlled it and walked away.
    Sorry I don’t mean to upset anyone about this, but no hood damage from hitting 3 objects, even the stolen roof part had no damage or fire burns, this really is one that makes you wonder.

    • I’ve said the same about the bonnet, jim torps interview was a load of bs & conveniently both bodies were burnt so dental records had to be used anything can be faked with help from fbi/cia, the guy on video saying hes died, hes dead how could they see anything, it could have been a woman, the guy standing by the car before paul & roger went for the ride, is seen again at the scene & there is a picture of a guy in dark clothing standing looking at the car if it was tapped off how did he get to be there, so much doesnt add up.

      • Are you talking about the guy with red sweater and cap?

    • I am sorry you feel this way, The one question to ask would be why. He was clearly loved by fans, his brand was going well. He seemed to actually be sincere in his charity work. He seemed to be within the car when it crashed. Accidents do happen in life and as a Dez you should know this. Unfortnately some people cannot accept the realities of certain people passing away. They do. Also i think these two individuals should be known at all times by their names, none of this PW and RR stuff. It seems impersonal and disrespectful, call the man Paul. -dez

  14. There was a curve near the crash site. Officers said that they were well out of curve. But accident happened on a straight road. There was no any other car involved, no racing but driver lost control on a straight and empty road. Does it make sense? I dont know porsche is what kind of car but if someone is a professional driver or racer whatever will not have accident on straight road. And im curious were there any break signs on the road?

    • What is the truth ???? I’ve watched videos and seen pictures. I just wish someone would I don’t know, own up to this !!

  15. he faked his death and that ugly girlfriend of his is involved.

    • Yeah ugly:))))

    • WTF why the heck would he do that? use logic people! PW would never hurt the people he love and his fan. Can’t you let him R.I.P. Bad enough to say rumors but about a dead person who was the best person in the world.Why would do that it a freakin stupid thing to do

  16. not much is known about Roger but I’m having a hard time believing Paul would fake his death why would he why now i know Paul said his daughter wanted him to continue acting but he could have at any time walked away from Hollywood and doing movies it was at times easy for him to go to places where no one would recognize him because he just looked like the everyday surfer watch his movie Pawn Shop Chronicles you couldn’t really tell that was him also how would he really be able to hide and where would he go he had his daughter name tattooed on his wrist that was easy to spot if you looked at his wrist you could always see it in his movies they never covered it up i would love for it to be true that his death was a fake but my mind heart and gut are all telling me he really did die

    • Now in the post on the set-up by the crew.

  17. This is an illuminati sacrifice killing just like Micheal jacksons .

    See this link , TMZ published an article on how he died 2 days before he is even dead . .

    Also see this

    Family guy sent a sublimal message on 25th Nov , By killing a Character named BRIAN !!!

    BRAIN is paul Walker in Fast n Furious !!Believe me or not

    I also know this article saying how he died with Car crash at 3 PM , on 30th Nov . The only problem is that its PUBLISHED on 29th Nov !! I missed that link . This Article is POSTED On NOV 29th !!! HOW is it possible ??

    I dont think he is fakin , but i say it is Planned .

    • I want to know what the corner said. about his autopsy. if it really was him or not. until then I don’t know what to believe. I know he was a good actor but to bail as they’re making to fast and furious 7 is bogus. To do it to fans like us and make us believe he is dead is out of league. and if he isn’t dead then him and his little girlfriend should pay.

    • Michael Jackson was a dope head who killed himself in an overdose… This was a tragic accident and everyone needs to let the family mourn in peace. RIP Paul and Roger

  18. Good God, you people! There are some conspiracy theories that I buy into because of real evidence, but these assertions are not only insanely flimsy, the whole idea that Walker faked his death is utterly preposterous. It makes no sense. What possible motive could there have been? Did he want to go hang out with Andy Kaufman, Elvis Presley, and JFK in the secret clubhouse? And seriously, anyone who believes this bullsh*t story (or who believes that Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing were also hoaxes!) needs to up their meds right now. I feel really sorry for anyone taken in by this nonsense, and even more sorry for Walker’s family who now have to endure the insufferable headlines this will undoubtedly provoke. It is monstrously cruel to crank out this kind of disrespectful and completley disengenuous blather just to ramp up your page views! It’s selfish to the point of being inhuman. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes some genuinely grief-stricken people angry enough to “fake” the deaths of everyone at nodisinfo.

    • Finally someone with a shred of common sense. I made my argument on Paul Walker and the ignorance in what this site has to offer on all the different conspiracies and have since just been monitoring comments and posts. You are the first person to comment that obviously has a brain and its been two weeks since I subscribed to this site. Thank you for posting now I can finally unsubscribe since I know there is at least one person out there that has a grasp on reality.

      • Bruce, Don’t you have a comment at the top saying “Please to the owners of this website…..please contact me I have some information you would love to obtain” Since this is a site supporting that Paul faked his own death, Many people would think you are only fueling these theorists by posting such comments instead of just posting the Information you found. If the info you found proved/leans towards him not faking his death. You should have just posted it. That way others wouldn’t take your post the wrong way.

        I don’t know what I believe, so I haven’t chosen a “side”. Can’t deny that the accident is weird.. but can’t get pass the thought of him faking his death either. I’m still doing my own research by visiting the crash scene and so on.

    • I think that for some people everything is a conspiracy and for some none are.

      You appear to fall into the latter also non-evidence based category. Each event generates a kind of token, like a subway token. It is not examined past its kind of 2-dimensional state. It is flat, and as far as some are concerned, if it works to get you around town, you aren’t going to assay the metal it was made of or engage in any 3-dimensional quest to ask yourself if something is possible or not, if the authorities are behaving appropriately, or seeming to read from a script or an improv suggestion. You can then engage your fellow passengers in conversation about the event as you whiz around the city using the fake tokens.

      If you are one of these people who says you have been given a fake token by the authorities, what do you care if they accept it at your subway stop and don’t fine you for passing a fake token? They can decide what they want to accept. It’s those quirky people who say – “Wait, this thing is cheaper than the real thing, flimsier, if I buy a roll of them they won’t last, but will break down in my bureau drawer and I’ll have to buy another roll before I have used them up.

      In that sense, the public surrenders to authority. If they say the fake token is okay in their turnstiles, you tend to use it.

      People who talk about Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon event in the same breath as every other assertion of authority about some suspicious death are not assaying the content of the metal of their token. It’s normal. People don’t want to waste time when all they want to do is get around. But the long-term effect of ignoring this might well be ruin. Think about it. And don’t be so fast to recommend meds for people who disagree with you about the event. It’s a sure sign you are a blind follower of authority.

  19. maybe he died of overdose and they dont wantanyone to know this … so they had him go out like he lived

  20. What is with all the people hating on others for having an opinion and not following others who believe this like sheep? Jeez.. the way they are complaining makes it seem like no one have a right to think for themselves.

    The guy who is getting compared to JimTorp looks a bit fatter.. maybe just the blurriness of the photo? I don’t know which side I believe in, but I know one thing for a fact. This “accident” is odd. I visited his memorial cite and it doesn’t make sense. No damage to the concrete? between the fire and the car skidding across it, you’d think it would do something to the concrete. Not to mention that the tree looks very healthy and untouched except for the bottom. The bottom branches are fine, no burned leaves or anything. After taking a few spins on that road, it’s hard to believe that someone lost control going on a straight away.

    • Also, the unbolted lamp pole: not even an iota of scrap evidence against it. Did it have scrape evidence? Red paint residue?

      • No, I didn’t see any red paint on the pole at all.. Not even in the pictures I found. Check this page out. Clear pictures of the coroner looking at the bodies. Tell me what you think?

        • I haven’t seen these pictures before but now I think this is a real body…

          • So do I… but I’m confused… I’m not trying to be rude but in the photo of paul’s body laying in the car. It looks like he doesn’t have his hands… but the first two photo’s on the page I posted above look like two different bodies. and the one that resembles Paul’s body (second pic), had a hand again?

            I over think a lot but I’m starting to think this is real.. my worst nightmare seems to be coming true…:(

        • I can’t see a hand in these pictures you posted… I can only see a leg… But it looks more burnt that this body lying in the car… So it’s weird.

          • In the first photo shown, right next to the body. It looks like a hand.. I could be mistaken though. I’m just trying to figure out if the fire trucks light made the bodies look more fleshy than they really are..

          • Don’t forget that in the front seat there is still some of the burnt down foam left, and people have speculated that that is a leg but it is the foam showing through on the pyrotechnically burnt off leather.

        • Hand with something yellow on it? Yeah, maybe it’s a hand…

        • drkresearch I know what you’re talking about and it’s definitely not a leg. It looks like a leather on a seat.

  21. I showed the Boston Marathon ”bomb” photo of the man in a wheelchair with a BONE sticking out of his leg to my primary care VA Doctor [he has over 45 years of medical experience]. His comment was, paraphrased, this…”He would have bled out in minutes…this looks fake to me.”

    All of the so-called ”injured” at Boston were amputee actors…one female actress even had a notice at “”Hollywood Amputee Actors Dot Com”.

  22. As for the Walker Hoax, I ask this. Isn’t odd that there were so many of Walker’s friends just hanging around the crash scene? One woman was not interested in the crash and fire, she was very intent on shooing away a photographer. Really…why? What does that tell anyone using ”critical thinking”?

    • That tells someone who is critically thinking that just like the news reported he had just left an event where many of his friends where at….and just as reported many heard the crash and immediately went to the scene to try and help….the images show the car on fire as people are helping which shows there was a time delay of over 90 seconds at the least but reality is this is probably 3 mins plus past time of impact….and as far as the woman shewing people away….critically thinking that tells me that at least one person on the scene that realized there was exposed burning bodies in the car had the decency to try and prevent people from snapping photos….the only person that critically thinks into whatever your trying to lead into is a person that already has their mind made up in the first place that this was a “hoax”

  23. I don’t see any proof hear, your really disrespectful smh
    R.I.P Paul WalkerWalker

  24. If this is true,this cow is going to jail….

  25. Ok everyone, there are a few things I have to share with you guys. Think straight ! Do you think if Paul Walker was actually alive, he wouldn’t go on national TV and say “Yo, this thing is fake, I’m alive and well.” There is no person alive that I know of that will stay “dead” when being alive. Plus all his friends were super emotional, his friends from childhood, celeb friends, and his family. I don’t think his OWN FATHER will FAKE this. Why would Vin Deasel, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez and more will actually CRY, if you haven’t seen the video of Tyrese he is loosing it at the crash site, and now’s the moments most of you say “They are actors they can fake cry” yes, yes they can, but why would they ? The film isn’t going to get more famous it’s already over a billion dollars do you think they need more money, seriously people think. There might be logical things in the pictures above, but I don’t think Paul himself would allow his fans to think he’s dead, because he cares tooo much about us. Paul was and still is a great man, rest in peace.

    • This is such bullshit !! Don’t u people have anything ELSE to do other than write this crap !!… He’s dead people , nothing there saying is factual !!

  26. Bruce whatever info you have you should put it out there . Don’t hide it if it confirms it is a hoax or real

  27. I wonder if anyone has thought to ask why he would fake his own death..other than the most popular answer, that it was the illuminati. And if you really think thats what happend, dont you think there might be a good reason to fake ones on death, to keep ones self or family safe. I mean come on, commissioner Gordan did it, and i didnt here anyone talking trash about his ugly girl friend, but i guess that was fiction and this is real life…..but whos to say i mean we could talk all day about who,what,where and why,but the fact of the matter is that people look way to hard into the most pointless things, yes he was a good actor, but dont you people think there is more important things out there that we should be worried about,like maybe i dont know the next presidential election,world huger or maybe even global worming, if you even believe in global worming. Not saying that its not a possibility that he could have faked his death, but at the end of the day it doesnt really matter.And before you spout something about it being against the law to fake your own death. think if it was you and you where in danger and it was the only way to save your life, would the fact that it was against the law ever even cross your mind…dont worry ill wait…i didnt think so.Now ill leave you with little fraise that helps me get through the day in this crazy twisted world, from the late great George Carlin………”ITS ALL B*LL SH*T PEOPLE AND ITS BAD FOR YOU.”

    • I don’t have an opinion about Paul Walker, who is not an important icon to me. Clearly, he has his fans, but I was not one of them because I never heard of him.

      That said, faking your death is something that happens in this world. One major cause is insurance fraud. The police find a parked car on a bridge, the missing person seems to have jumped, but nobody ever recovers a body. That’s one way it’s been done. I suppose fiery crashes have an advantage if someone can supply a cadaver that seems enough like the missing person, but clearly this is far more complex.

      In the history of the entertainment industry, not only are there special effects experts who make the public believe something that isn’t true every minute of the day. Someone is always emotionally engaging with an event that really didn’t happen. Off-stage, off-set, the celebrities have legends created about them. They also have people covering up their sometimes criminal sometimes simply bad image behavior, so as to be able to sell their expensive productions with the public able to identify with an image which is not the real person underneath.

      You could imagine a situation with an actor who is dead from an overdose, an actor in the middle of a popular series or in a movie about to be released. What to do? I don’t think it seems to fit this story, but it is possible to stage a death several hours after the discovery of a real death, but to spin it in a way which saves money to the investors of the production and to memorialize the actor in a way which doesn’t make him look like a pathetic junkie.

      So what would the basic motive be likely to be in a disappearance? Money. Or possibly avoidance of prosecution for some charges being prepared against the person (but law enforcement would pursue it and make that known, I would think).

  28. What is it with you yanks??? You sure do love a conspiricy!! What a load of rubbish. What possible motive could the man have for faking his own death? He was a movie star, and as far as I know if you’re dead (or even pretending to be) then your career is over. He could make more from the money earning from future movie releases than donations to a charity, which the author suggests is a front. The donations which would dry up within a few weeks as the story passed from memory. I laughed when I saw the ‘evidence’, what a crock of shite!! Get a grip peeps 🙂

  29. They even said doctors could not identify the body for awhile.

  30. Car fires are not characterized by white smoke. Car fires involving an engine and gasoline are seen with black smoke. The pyrotechnical guys at the site should have known this and used a different fire propellant. This was an obvious hoax.

    • I have personally seen multiple car fires after carbombs….every car is different and alot is dependent on what the vehicle is composed of….this car was most likely some type of high speed fiberglass which when burning resulted in the white smoke….i see from your previous posts that you are a veteran and I am a 2 combat tour veteran myself….your better than this….dont play into all this conspiracy crap….first of all why the hell would PW fake his death? there is no hidden agenda that benefits from that….and as for all the other conspiracies its as simple as our government wouldnt risk becoming the laughing stock of the world by composing crap like that….we would be no better than a syria or iraq using chemical weapons on their own people if we did such things and the united states of america is not a country that will participate in asinine conspiracies like that….are we perfect? absolutely not….I lost some of my brothers in arms fighting a war in Iraq that I dont completely agree with but I’ll be damned if I every turn my back on this country that allows me to bring my children up without the fear of them being killed by a carbomb or slaughtered because of their religion….

      • Good Grief, A person with a brain and common sense. Well said Bruce

      • this is absolutely shocking!!!why on earth walker would fake his death?this article is written by a demon possessed!!!Sorry for walker family.

      • Thank you some one is actually using their brains you took the words right out of my mouth bruce

      • Nicely said Bruce I come from a marine corp family thank u for your service just like PW u are a hero these morons are stupid he loved his daughter he said that’s his princess I’m a guy who loves to street race myself and his death woke me up for sure

        • Another point to ponder is that a cover up would soon be discovered. How long can a person stay incognito? He had a promising career. Please prove me wrong if you can. Maybe Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell was not his most recent girlfriend as he had quite a few according to the news and she was elated that he is gone.

          • Hense her laughter in the video. I did find it a bit strange that one would re-act in that way if in deep sorrow.

    • Could someone please confirm that Paul Walker is still alive? There are so many discrepancies I am going insane as to what to believe

  31. Watch the News Video of the crash…… Scene is Chaos, Car is on Fire, Few people appear to be trying to put the fire out…. No Fire Department arriving yet, No cops…. Fire engines can be heard in the background almost at the scene….. …. Camera Man “2 People dead in this car, and one of them is Paul Walker.” Car ? Registered to the other guy, How did the guy filming this already know that Paul Walker was FOR SURE in this car, and was FOR SURE dead, I mean How did you have PRE-WARNING ?!?! Just like 9/11, The second plane hadn’t even hit yet and we had already put it on the news that Osama Bin Laden was behind the attacks….

    • How can we say with certainty this guy hollering that one of the bodies is paul walker knew what the hell he was talking about? We cant he honestly prob didnt know he had just caught wind it was PW and was saying that as he filmed….so that idea of being pre-warned has no basis…..and as for putting out a fire….those people were prob wanting to put the fire out but quickly lost “interest” when they got close to a 1,000 degree + fire with no protective gear on….kinda makes sense huh

    • Um, bc many people were there that JUST saw Paul and Roger get into that car. Not hard to imagine that the news person was told that. And just by looking at the car, you can tell that there were no survivors. None of that seems strange at all.

  32. Get over it you bunch of wankers. Anything for a story. Lets tell everyone that the world is really square and put fake pictures up on here. You gullable lot will believe it

    • Prove it. Prove one picture posted in these articles is fake.

      • The pictures arent fake they are just low quality pictures blown up and with a giant use of imagination they are then taken out of context….a still photo doesnt tell a story…nor does a slowed down video

      • By the way drkresearch of all the photos on this website that are claimed to have been manipulated by photoshop the one picture I have found that shows the most obvious signs of tampering is none other than the so called picture of paul walkers girlfriend at the crash scene…..that has clearly been blurred so that all you can tell is its a woman with glasses….so to everyone who like to buy into this stuff why would the owners of this website blur a woman face to try and pass her off as PW’s girlfriend and prove a hoax?….what is this websites hidden agenda? Antisemitism? Christianaphobes? ( by the way thats a play in the Islamaphobia that this website preaches )…..this website is no more than a propaganda tool used by Islamic founders (who by the way are obvious radicals)….to plant a seed of doubt in the american public and recruit gullible people. And before i get bashed I am a strong believer in Freedom of Religion and every religion has its place in america….every religion also has radical extremists and thats what we are dealing with here

        • Actually these pics come from a video, taken by someone who was at the crash scene.
          (image recording, no fake)

          • Regardless of where the pictures came from they are so horrible they prove nothing…

        • Really? Radical extremists? By the way that image is nothing other than a screen shot taken with the click of the mouse, and you well know it.

          • Yeah just a normal picture with nothing done to it….probably just like the hundreds of other pictures on this site that are claimed to be photoshoped

          • You work for Hollywood, right, in the movies?

          • No I do not work in hollywood nor have I ever been there….I am the sniper section sergeant in the the unit you dont need to know about….in the greatest military on earth…..I am the guy who upholds your Freedom of Speech and will continue to do so until the day I die….I stumbled across your site while looking up Paul Walkers death and after looking into other stories you have on this site just felt compelled to voice how absurd this entire site is…..I will allows uphold the belief that you have the right to speak this garbage but i will also utilize my right to address this crap….people like yourself and this website are like an infection invading the body of the United States….if the logical and reasonable minded people sit back and do nothing that infection will eventually kill the entire body….so continue to do what you do sir since it obviously gives you some sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to feed off gulible minds and I sir will continue to strive to keep this country alive and strong so my children and generations beneath me will have a safe and stable place to call home

  33. And if it is indeed fake what’s the plan? I mean he is not 80 , he is young, he can;t hide all his remaining life on an island or something like that.

  34. people calm down im paul walker’s son and My dad is to dead hes alived

    • Paul walker has a daughter not a son

  35. IF Paul really faked his death, why would he did so? Why would he took such effort to create such lie? Why would he hurt his relatives & fans whom really loves him? Why would he left Fast & Furious (where he earn a lot of money from) in such a horrible way?

    IF he did fake his death, what would he do next? Get some plastic surgery? Living in a secret island? Why? What for?

    I think that this hoax has gone way too far guys… Why don’t we let him rest in peace? Let his family continue their life, let Jasmine continue his life… Let’s NOT assume/accuse/infer/regard or even BELIEVE that those kind of hoax could be real.. It just way too far..

  36. most retarded, naïve, pathetic, biased, so-desperate-to-show-a-conspiracy-when-none-exists article I have read, ever. you make weirdos like alex jones look sane.

  37. Pls. Tell the truth if Paul is alive..

  38. any idiot who believes that he faked his death needs to be bitch slapped.

  39. You’re all crazy!
    First of all, so what if Gosnell was caught laughing. It’s physically impossible to cry 24/7. Who ever the guy with her was probably tried to cheer her up and got a giggle out of her. Big deal!

    Here are some points why I believe that PW really died:

    1) If he really faked his own death it would be the end of his career. No director/casting agent would ever hire him again, because no one would go watch his movies anymore, since everybody would feel betrayed by his actions.

    2) We’ve all seen his father fall apart in front of running cameras. He is not an actor, so I don’t believe that his tears were fake. These were emotions of a father who had just lost his son.

    3) Craig Harvey, the chief coroner who performed PW’s autopsy would risk his job and reputation if he were to support your theory. I looked him up and he is a legitimate medical professional with decades of experience.

    4) Why would he? Why would PW fake his own dead? It doesn’t make sense to me. To promote his movies? Non sense! Besides, do you seriously believe that an entire production crew would spend their own money to stage something like that? Absolutely no way! They work on budgets as it is. I doubt that they would spend money on a hoax like that.

    So, please, stop trying to get your 5 minutes of fame by spreading rumors. Paul Walker is dead!!

    • I totally agrree with you sarah. However, I think that there is definitely something dodgy about this accident/deaths! Illuminati/secret organisation/drug cartels!

    • Prove it. It has been proven, here, that he isn’t dead. Those are dapper cadavers, not humans.

    • Sarah no point in arguing with this guy he is obviously delusional

    • I agree with you to a point… There’s still plenty that happened with no good answers to them. Your one and two statements can be questionable though. First one about him not finding another movie to hire him.. well, If he faked his death. He wouldn’t have any ideas on going back to acting. He said before he wanted out of the Hollywood life but stayed for his daughter.

      Second statement is questionable because I don’t know about you, but if I really wanted to. I can make myself cry hysterically. I’m sure if anybody thinks about a difficult situation in life, they would break down in tears.

      Now, before I get comments about being “crazy” I will repeat myself from other posts. I believe Paul is dead.. but I have a weird gut feeling saying that I don’t believe this accident due to all the questions that are unanswered. Yes, the bodies could be real but really? The car is blown into shreds. I’ve been in an accident after speeding at the speed of 112 in my rx-7. I hit a concrete light pole, flew into a ditch and ran right into a BIG oak tree. Maybe three times the size of the little tree’s Paul and Roger hit. My car was smashed severely but you could still tell what kind of car and it was not split into two. It did caught fire though, I will give you that.

      I know every car is different and so are the accidents but when my uncle got caught up in a car which burst into flames a few years ago during a race track event. His car was not fully engulfed like Paul’s car was.. He was only in the fire for a short 6 minutes. When they put the flames out, you could not see anything except for a body that looked like charcoal. In the picture of Paul’s body in the car, it looks fleshy. Then looking at the link I posted of the coroner looking at the bodies, they do look real, but still. They looked fleshy. Even without the fire truck lights on them. How can their bodies stay in a car with flames much worse than my uncles for two to three minutes longer and not look as bad as my uncle.. He was built the same way Paul was. In good shape but still slim.

      Then there’s the hood that’s almost in perfect condition. The top of the car that a teen stole and posted on his instragram also didn’t have damage to it. Have any of you been to the actually memorial site where Paul and his friend lost their lives? I have been there, the pole didn’t have any red paint on it. The tree where the car stopped, rapping itself around is not burned as bad as the oak tree in my accident. I mean.. The leaves are still there, not even dried up from the flames.

      I’ve met Paul a few times, he was an amazingly sweet happy guy, He was and still is my idol of 10 years. Maybe I’m going crazy thinking he could have died, but with all these questions not getting a good answer to them? No, I can’t say that I’ve actually “picked” a side to what I believe right now.

      • I’m with you.You’re not crazy. Alive or dead, there is something wrong with that wreck.

        • Rest in Peace Paul Walker 🙁

          • he’s not dead please

      • I don’t think you have been in a crash as bad but what u need to remember is that the Porsche was made of fiberglass and the regular street cars are not so your car wouldn’t have caught fire the same way because of the diffrent metal they use. And the crash uo said tha you where in I don’t think you could have survived that

      • kelis, ur point is believing me… i dont own any expensive cars or any thing but from the moment my friend posted the news in my fb wall”paul walker is dead” my heart broke into pieces then i went to google for a news but the first thing in my mind is that his car crash is very odd and really? flame like that was a very not convincing me…all report from the news is unclear. i must say im in ur side.

  40. I am completely speechless. I’m having a hard time writing this post bc I’m so beyond shocked, so disgusted, so hurt. I sat with one of Paul’s best friends two nights ago- we talked about him, toasted to him, looked at personal pics of the family memorial, and cried- bc such a good soul was taken from us so early and so tragically. It seems that it must make some of you feel better to believe that this horrible accident was some sort of hoax and that he and Roger are still alive. I’m here to tell you that sadly, they are both gone. I’ve read your “proof” that it was a set up, but if you really look into your questions, you will find valid answers (why Roger lost control, why the shop is closing, etc. etc.). For those of you that really don’t know what to believe, and really want Paul to be alive, I’m sorry to tell you that it is time to accept his death and start the grieving process- like those of us close to him have. Instead of wasting your time on all of these conspiracy theories, why don’t you spend some time doing something good in the world? Paul would’ve liked that. You don’t have to donate to his charity specifically, in fact it doesn’t have to be a money thing at all. Just follow Paul’s lead, and get out there and help those in need.

    • How do you explain the article written about his accident a day before it actually happened then? I haven’t picked a side (whether Paul is gone or not)… I’m in the middle. this does creep me out though. They described it.. so it’s not a pretend hoax. gone bad.

      • Kelis,
        The article was not written the day before the accident on The person that wrote that article backdated the article because of the hoax then corrected it when they were given the correct date.
        Also, the hoax was really a hoax of the hoax.
        There is a website which generates false information on celebrities and it is this website which caused all of the PW mess.
        If you google Brittney Spears Dead, you will see exactly what I mean.
        On and go to PW’s message board there is a post titled “hoax=death?” which explains everything.

      • It is weird. The actual article site (not talking about IMDB) had it listed as November 29, but of course, when you go to it now, it says November 30.

  41. You people make me sick! He’s dead! Leave him alone. R.I.P Paul Walker<3<3

  42. Your all so deluded! You need help!

  43. Do me a favor and shut the fuck up and you call your selves his fans. You are just idiots who are trying to bring down a dead person do you have no shame ok questions why would paul walker want to play a hoax on people when his movies where so popular they made him a lot of money not only that but because of the movies his charity is helping people he was popular why would he play a trick like this when so many people a fans. Plus his father even said it he loved his family and would do anything for them why would he want to play a hoax on people who he cared about . Not only that they put a death certificate for every one to see ok you can’t see any other information but you see his name and his date of birth and you have all the signatures why would they go that far if it was a hoax know do Me a favor and grow up and let him rest in peace and to all you people who are reading this and think it’s real DON’T CALL YOURSELF A FAN.

    • way to go

  44. hes dead u bunch of morons let him rest in peace!!

    • Speek the truth bro

  45. I’m not sure a true man like Paul would fake is death but r.I.p

  46. There is some REALLY good points on the whole hoax theory that DOESNT involve the creepy pics shown all over the internet – it’s pretty interesting…Check it out – I liked the theory behind it. *Oh Hollywood* 🙂

  47. You people must be Brain dead !! People are still Elvis is still alive and he died in 1977. Get a real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. quand on regarde bien le dernier moment ou on voie paul parler a son chauffeur dans sa main droite quand il ce retourne on voie dans dans sa main comme un masque pres a etre utiliser regarder bien vous verez de vous meme

    • Heu, c’est juste une casquette, non? t’as vu ça où?

    • The premise of using old photos of Paul’s girlfriend obviously from a happier time as ‘proof’ she was delighted in his death is grounds for LIBEL and SLANDER if she was stupid enough to give the ‘human’ filth here the publicity.

      Note that witnesses describe Roger’s YOUNG SON sprinting to the blazing crash scene, just across 3 or 4 parking lots from Always Evolving. Explain that – a SICK twist so demented no one would dare fake it?

  49. Well the pyrotechnicions were probably just the witnesses trying to put out the fire or get Paul Walker from the car but maybe it was Paul walker trying to escape. Now the girl in front of the camera could have been the girl friend but she just didn’t want the camera man to see the wreckage. But I really hope he is still alive, I never knew him personally but I have always wanted to be like him

    • Really, four or five pyrotechnicians on site just as a coincidence?

  50. there is a special place in hell for the owners of this fake ass website

  51. This is bs you can’t just say that its a hoax you’ve got hardly any proof this whole article is the same topic you gave us nothing to believe oh and the pictures of pauls girl friend are unbelievebaly blurry so you can’t say its her so you guys are a scam get a life stop making things harder for his family same with roda. They do not deserve any of ur hatered

  52. All of you a f%&$king stupid if you are believing this bullshit. Somebody obviously has too much time on their hands

  53. If this is true Paul Walker would not be an actor again unless he undergoes plastic surgery and change his name. It seems to be too good to be true.

  54. Anybody else wondering about the “why” ?

    I don’t buy into a lot of what is presented here – and so much of it is kind of macabre and too blurry to even take at any form of face value.
    However !
    I do believe that this is all for the movie – I just have different reasoning behind it than you. I like to see light…not dark.

  55. Did anybody else find Paul walker’s autopsy a bit weird? I was reading up on the new information and it doesn’t add up. He also stated that Paul walker was 5’11 and not 6’2 like he was listed as on his wiki

    • paul was 6 2 feet look at any of his bios

    • Burning to a crisp can take off a few inches.

  56. Now I feel DIRTY just for clicking here via a google-search thanks to the vile use of the photos of Paul’s devastated girlfriend.

    Some FACTS: the crash area very near his businesses charity event, the $400,000 carbon fiber car will actually burn up in a fire, unlike steel, and the car splits apart just like a race car on the telly.

  57. who ever thinks he faked his own death is totally sick in the fucking head and needs to get help majorly bad first of the pics u guys have are so damn blurry u cant make out the fuckin chicks face and if ur remembering someone who always joked around and made u laugh at times like this WOULD make u laugh in memory of them it wasnt stage paul walker is dead so leave his family friends and fans alone ur just fucking sick fucks who want ur 15 mins of fame dont do it on paul’s behave go find it somewhere else u sick mother fuckers. you guys will be nice a burning when ur time comes cuz ull be in hell for being so fucking sick and evil

  58. I don’t know what to think…to be honest,i want that he is alive and ok.I was his fan,all this hurts me so much,especially the way that he died.Horrible…

    But,some things is really strange here….

    1.Why the man,who said that Jasmine was with him at the charity event,lied?First of all,Jasmine wasn’t Paul’s girlfriend from 2011…Second,she wasn’t at the charity event at all.We can see a lots of photos from that day,on Paul’s fan pages,paparazzi photos,too and there is no Jasmine.Nowhere.Is not possible that no one didn’t cap her.Paul was with friends,we can see that when he arives and when he is leaving…

    2.The autopsy report said that Paul had ALL NATURAL TEETH.That is not true at all!!!

    3.Why some of the cast from F&F smiled like a crazy at the place where he died???!Is that normal?!

    4.Why his family removed his stuff,before funeral,from HIS OWN house?

    I have to say again,i don’t care if this was a fake,i want him alive,but i know that he was a good person,with a big heart and that he couldn’t do something like this…Btw,
    WHERE HE CAN BE??I mean,if he is alive…
    He is not some unknown actor,whole world knows how he looks,especially after all this,he can’t do some plastic surgery….that is stupid…

  59. To be honest, I find this entire thing suspicious. Race pro…drives 100mph into a tree. Maybe just a thrill drive. Who knows. But your site loses credibility when you let people post saying that Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombings were hoaxes. I mean come on

    • To be honest, it is necessary to evaluate what happened at SH and Boston. Do you believe whatever is stated on the TV?

  60. This is absolutely ridiculous… and very heartless. Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died in that horrific crash, and it’s not funny spreading around such a disturbing hoax. This site should be shut down and people charged for spreading such shiiiiiiiit!!!

  61. Yall are all stupid selfish son of bitches I hope u know none of that is good proof u cant see anything in those pics and gray smoke fades to white smoke ppl just let him be at peace. RIP Paul Walker.

  62. Could this site be publishing untruths about Paul Walker? There is no concrete evidence but pure speculation. Has Bruce Goodman come forth with information?

  63. You people are all nuts. The man is dead, he burnd in a car tell death. Have some respect for his family friends and cast members. This was no hoax. The 2005 Porsche Carrera GT is one of the hardest handling cars ever produced. Accidents happen no matter how professional the driver was or the passenger in the car at the time of the accident. Everyone on this site should except the fact that Paul Walker, Brian O’Connor the character of fast and furious franchise passed away in this horrific car accident. Please stop telling tales of a hoax you’re doing Paul Walker a huge disfavor and tarnishing his name. This man was one of the kindest actors on the face of the planet. His wealth and fame allowed him to help others in need, and that’s exactly what he did with his opportunitys.

  64. You guys should be ashamed yourselves… find something productive to do with your time instead trying to come up a crazy fake stories.

  65. What the hell is wrong with you people don’t you get it paul gone i knoe none of you wanf to believe it but its the truth are u this cruel to do this people are suffering family , best friends , just let it go and let them rest in paradise.

    • All I want to know is if he is still alive. It would bring me great joy.


    • I have worked in the Film Industry as a Producer/Director/actor for many years. And I would love if Paul walker was still alive. I was supposed to work on fast five with him. But that fell through. I can tell you that if this is was faked the studios have no idea. And so with out them!!!!!! No one faked this. If he wanted to get out of acting. It’s simple!!!! Don’t do a movie for five years your forgotten. I understand why people want it to be faked. So I’m sorry people but we lost two great men and there not coming back.

  67. hello, first say sorry for how I write but I’m from Spain and I do not control the language very well. I just want acer few contributions which in my opinion, Paul faked his death, here I leave a picture of a guy with a strong resemblance to Paul, cutting the beard, the shape of the ear the small sink in the ear on the underside, upper lip, thin as Paul, the guy with the green hat:
    can find a picture of him and compare

    also watch this video, hours after the death of Paul suuesta, his girlfriend so happy and you can see how she smiles happily without sadness:

    • This women is not his girlfriend from 2011.She don’t have any access to the family,from that time.

  68. If you all really want to know the truth about Paul Walkers death just go to this website……it will show you that he is truly dead not trying to scam anyone for his charity or anything else people want to say about his death being faked…I loved Paul as an actor and find it such a tragedy that he was taken so soon from all of us His Fans. We all need to let him rest in peace now.

  69. The blue care should save the not just looking

  70. Didn’t see this article before!LOL,people,you need to understand that this women WASN’T girlfriend of Paul by years.She’s nuts!You didn’t hear about Paul’s problems with her,because he was a person who didn’t spread his love life around.She and her family couldn’t stop to follow him around and lying about him.

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    • Wooooow! Listen all of yall need to PUT THE METH PIPE DOWN! Seriously or at least pick something that impacts the world on more than an entertainment level to be insane, paranoid, delusional conspiracy theorists about!

      • I love Paul as a big part of my Childhood thru to adulthood growing up im a year younger and followed his life right thru till the End!! Alltough the thought of him fakeing his death would be great meaning he is alive that would be a blessing But Weither he did fake or not he is were he is suppose to be now and people need to except it and let it go no matter how hard it is to do that.

        • yes i agree

  72. I personally can say that if Paul Walker and Roger Rodas faked their deaths by a big impact of an accident supposadly I believe that is very erong and to betray the world with a big lie. Also if the girlfriend helped make the scene of her boyfriends death real I strongly believe she should be put in jail with Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. Also I understand why this was done to have a lot of donors for japan. But like I said the news shoukd say the truth about Paul Walker and stop betraying the world.

  73. I honestly cant get my head rite with this crap but my main concern is the furious 7 movie. I have watched it over and over and over again to try and get some clearance but it leads to a dead end for me. I love paul and still is a huge fan but my thing is i understand theyve used his brothers as stunt doubles and so forth with the CG face to complete the movie which is why i question how could his brothers have the exact smile and same voice as him? I mean if he wasnt alive to complete certain parts then how could the voice remain the same??? I dont kno someone humor me but please dont curse @ me or anything! Am just another confused fan!

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  75. Paul Walker should still be alive cause I can tell by the license plates cause the porcha that crashed had different license plate numbers and they weren’t the the same numbers as the other Paul Walker was looking at

  76. Did actor vindisel know that it was fake?

  77. So he not dead? So that the reason why Vin making a part 8?

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