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Paul Walker Girlfriend Busted On-Site Setting Up Fake Death

They are all lying. Paul Walker didn’t die. Nor did Roger Rodas. They are both alive and well, and their relatives well know it, as can be repeatedly seen by both their behavior and facial expressions.

It has already been established that the relatives of Paul Walker are involved in a cover-up, that is the cover-up of faking the actor’s death. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, here, that the accident is a fabrication and that there wasn’t any real car crash. Rather, what is seen is imagery of a man-made car fire and a car pre-placed in position to be incinerated: without either Walker or Rodas inside.

OK: they might be the nicest people, a great couple, a rarity for celebrity. No one is judging them as people. What is, rather, being assessed is whether or not the claims of the death are real and also what are the consequences to the people of this world as a result of faking those deaths.

The deaths were faked: proof

No one can possibly believe that this is legitimate after seeing the Walker girlfriend in the act of laughing in jest about how they “got away with it” and, then, suddenly, as soon as she realizes the cameras are upon her changing her tune.


There can even be humor in the midst of a death and memories of the deceased but not fraud, not doing a change-up midstream from a guffaw to the appearance of dire despair, along with a fake hand swipe upon realizing the homing in of the cameras. That is evidence of a fraud and a scam, not a real sense of grief and good memories.


They may regard it as a joke. Yet, the whole world took it seriously, with people even shedding tears and undergoing emotional distress at the thought of this “senseless loss.”

Gosnell-Pilchard and friend behind the hedgerows before they realized they were on camera.

The Zionists keep drumming this into everyone’s face: endlessly. In a heavy-hitting way they have gotten behind this hoax, continuously promoting it as real and trying to solicit sympathy from the general public, generate memorials upon memorials: all based upon lies. So, therefore, here these lies are being countered with evidence proving that this is a hoax, like the others: like the fake deaths of Sandy Hook, the Boston smoke bombing hoax, the Frank “arch-Zionist” Lowy Nairobi scam, LAX, Santa Monica, Woolwich, and far more.

None of these fake events can be allowed to stand without both scrutiny and rebuttal. Letting them stand as fakes is in itself dangerous.

Faking a death, actually, two deaths before the whole world is not just some asinine joke. This is especially true when donations are solicited based upon such a fraud, for instance, the constant solicitations by Walker agent Jim Torp for support and donations to the Paul Walker charity organizations, including Reach Out Worldwide charity.  Then, too, there is in the general public and supposed fans the false grief which is created and much false sadness and despair, even the generation of tears of sadness: still no minor issue.

How self-serving, how truly wretched, to heap this upon the people. Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, the girlfriend of actor Paul Walker, is mourning Walker’s sudden death.


As is the father, on the crash site, according to the DailyMail:


It is also the lies within the media system that are also vile. Great damage is done, here. Great monies are spent to distort, to purposely confuse and mislead the people. Why? Why torment people? Why force lies upon them? There can be no good cause in such acts.

Torment is second nature for these Zionist criminals. Here is just a smattering of their criminal distortions and fabrications:

Relatives said that Pilchard-Gosnell, 23, is being comforted by her mother Julie. The pair have been dating since 2006. “Paul was a really good guy and Jasmine is broken up by this,” Barton Bruner, Jasmine’s uncle, told the Daily Mail. “They had their ups and downs but they were together and looking to spend a bright future together. This is horrible news and unexpected. Her mother is with her and she is comforting her.”

She was with Jim Torp, an engineer with Walker’s Reach Out Worldwide charity, when she received the news, reported Hollywood Life. Torp received a phone call that from the looks of things Walker and Roger Rodas, the car’s driver, didn’t make it.Paul’s girlfriend was standing next to me when I got the phone call,” Torp said. “When I told her what happened she fell, she collapsed.”

This is all lies. Why should it be allowed to stand?

The ABC film gives hard proof of the nature of the scam.

Ms. Gosnell-Pilchard well knows this is a hoax. She was there organizing it.




ABC pulled a subliminal slip-up with that statement, and, finally, the Zionist-controlled networks speak the truth. “Hollywood ending” means what it means. With plenty of money in hand, he could simply choose through this hoax end forever his Hollywood career.



A fireworks display as the pyrotechnic powders are ignited, close-up view showing the anomalous white smoke:


Such white smoke is not seen in real petrol-based fires. Nor is seen these fireworks-like sudden bursts of white matter into the sky:




Who is the big man in red, and the other man in white?


Where really was Jim Torp?


Torp says he was with her in the area, though, admittedly, the claim was that they were at some distance. Is this man in the red shirt/sweater Torp? He does tend to stand with a shoulder tilt on the right. The shape of the head is similar enough. Was there, therefore, anyone left in the showroom? We think it is him.

It’s not just (possibly) Torp’s familiar face that can be seen. Who is this suddenly emerging from the side-lines?


Look at the glasses and the cone-like shape to the head, as well as the length of the hair. Is this not Ms. Gosnell-Pilchard?

Изображение с кодом 4079253

Credit for the above photo comparison to one of our posters.

She is attempting to cause the camera-person to stop filming; it is at a time associated with sounds of a fire engine in the background:


Through this hoax, apparently, the Hollywood producers thought they could sky-rocket the ratings, leading to massive sales of the just-to-be-released DVD.

Regardless, this assessment is not for purposes of discerning motives but, rather, for one purpose only: is it a hoax or not?


Nose is high on the face; glasses obviously rectangular.Face is wider at the temples than the forehead.


Nose is high on the face; same in both cases.


paulwalkerjasmineonsite paulwalkerzionistplot

Again, there is only one purpose: Are the deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas a hoax, where the deaths were faked based on a phony car wreck, a set-up, involving Hollywood-style directors, producers, along with stunt men and pyrotechnicians. The answer is a decided yes. Moreover, yes, this is most likely Ms. Gosnell-Pilchard on the scene, and all those who say she was ‘busted up’ or that she ‘collapsed’ or that she is ‘grieving intensely’ are liars.


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  1. there is a special place in hell for the owners of this fake *** website

  2. This is bs you can’t just say that its a hoax you’ve got hardly any proof this whole article is the same topic you gave us nothing to believe oh and the pictures of pauls girl friend are unbelievebaly blurry so you can’t say its her so you guys are a scam get a life stop making things harder for his family same with roda. They do not deserve any of ur hatered

  3. All of you a f%&$king stupid if you are believing this bullshit. Somebody obviously has too much time on their hands

  4. If this is true Paul Walker would not be an actor again unless he undergoes plastic surgery and change his name. It seems to be too good to be true.

  5. Anybody else wondering about the “why” ?

    I don’t buy into a lot of what is presented here – and so much of it is kind of macabre and too blurry to even take at any form of face value.
    However !
    I do believe that this is all for the movie – I just have different reasoning behind it than you. I like to see light…not dark.

  6. Did anybody else find Paul walker’s autopsy a bit weird? I was reading up on the new information and it doesn’t add up. He also stated that Paul walker was 5’11 and not 6’2 like he was listed as on his wiki

    • paul was 6 2 feet look at any of his bios

    • Burning to a crisp can take off a few inches.

  7. Now I feel DIRTY just for clicking here via a google-search thanks to the vile use of the photos of Paul’s devastated girlfriend.

    Some FACTS: the crash area very near his businesses charity event, the $400,000 carbon fiber car will actually burn up in a fire, unlike steel, and the car splits apart just like a race car on the telly.

  8. who ever thinks he faked his own death is totally sick in the fucking head and needs to get help majorly bad first of the pics u guys have are so **** blurry u cant make out the fuckin chicks face and if ur remembering someone who always joked around and made u laugh at times like this WOULD make u laugh in memory of them it wasnt stage paul walker is dead so leave his family friends and fans alone ur just fucking sick fucks who want ur 15 mins of fame dont do it on paul’s behave go find it somewhere else u sick mother fuckers. you guys will be nice a burning when ur time comes cuz ull be in hell for being so fucking sick and evil

  9. I don’t know what to think…to be honest,i want that he is alive and ok.I was his fan,all this hurts me so much,especially the way that he died.Horrible…

    But,some things is really strange here….

    1.Why the man,who said that Jasmine was with him at the charity event,lied?First of all,Jasmine wasn’t Paul’s girlfriend from 2011…Second,she wasn’t at the charity event at all.We can see a lots of photos from that day,on Paul’s fan pages,paparazzi photos,too and there is no Jasmine.Nowhere.Is not possible that no one didn’t cap her.Paul was with friends,we can see that when he arives and when he is leaving…

    2.The autopsy report said that Paul had ALL NATURAL TEETH.That is not true at all!!!

    3.Why some of the cast from F&F smiled like a crazy at the place where he died???!Is that normal?!

    4.Why his family removed his stuff,before funeral,from HIS OWN house?

    I have to say again,i don’t care if this was a fake,i want him alive,but i know that he was a good person,with a big heart and that he couldn’t do something like this…Btw,
    WHERE HE CAN BE??I mean,if he is alive…
    He is not some unknown actor,whole world knows how he looks,especially after all this,he can’t do some plastic surgery….that is stupid…

  10. To be honest, I find this entire thing suspicious. Race pro…drives 100mph into a tree. Maybe just a thrill drive. Who knows. But your site loses credibility when you let people post saying that Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombings were hoaxes. I mean come on

    • To be honest, it is necessary to evaluate what happened at SH and Boston. Do you believe whatever is stated on the TV?

  11. This is absolutely ridiculous… and very heartless. Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died in that horrific crash, and it’s not funny spreading around such a disturbing hoax. This site should be shut down and people charged for spreading such shiiiiiiiit!!!

  12. Yall are all stupid selfish son of bitches I hope u know none of that is good proof u cant see anything in those pics and gray smoke fades to white smoke ppl just let him be at peace. RIP Paul Walker.

  13. Could this site be publishing untruths about Paul Walker? There is no concrete evidence but pure speculation. Has Bruce Goodman come forth with information?

  14. You people are all nuts. The man is dead, he burnd in a car tell death. Have some respect for his family friends and cast members. This was no hoax. The 2005 Porsche Carrera GT is one of the hardest handling cars ever produced. Accidents happen no matter how professional the driver was or the passenger in the car at the time of the accident. Everyone on this site should except the fact that Paul Walker, Brian O’Connor the character of fast and furious franchise passed away in this horrific car accident. Please stop telling tales of a hoax you’re doing Paul Walker a huge disfavor and tarnishing his name. This man was one of the kindest actors on the face of the planet. His wealth and fame allowed him to help others in need, and that’s exactly what he did with his opportunitys.

  15. You guys should be ashamed yourselves… find something productive to do with your time instead trying to come up a crazy fake stories.

  16. What the hell is wrong with you people don’t you get it paul gone i knoe none of you wanf to believe it but its the truth are u this cruel to do this people are suffering family , best friends , just let it go and let them rest in paradise.

    • All I want to know is if he is still alive. It would bring me great joy.


    • I have worked in the Film Industry as a Producer/Director/actor for many years. And I would love if Paul walker was still alive. I was supposed to work on fast five with him. But that fell through. I can tell you that if this is was faked the studios have no idea. And so with out them!!!!!! No one faked this. If he wanted to get out of acting. It’s simple!!!! Don’t do a movie for five years your forgotten. I understand why people want it to be faked. So I’m sorry people but we lost two great men and there not coming back.

  18. hello, first say sorry for how I write but I’m from Spain and I do not control the language very well. I just want acer few contributions which in my opinion, Paul faked his death, here I leave a picture of a guy with a strong resemblance to Paul, cutting the beard, the shape of the ear the small sink in the ear on the underside, upper lip, thin as Paul, the guy with the green hat:
    can find a picture of him and compare

    also watch this video, hours after the death of Paul suuesta, his girlfriend so happy and you can see how she smiles happily without sadness:

    • This women is not his girlfriend from 2011.She don’t have any access to the family,from that time.

  19. If you all really want to know the truth about Paul Walkers death just go to this website……it will show you that he is truly dead not trying to scam anyone for his charity or anything else people want to say about his death being faked…I loved Paul as an actor and find it such a tragedy that he was taken so soon from all of us His Fans. We all need to let him rest in peace now.

  20. The blue care should save the not just looking

  21. Didn’t see this article before!LOL,people,you need to understand that this women WASN’T girlfriend of Paul by years.She’s nuts!You didn’t hear about Paul’s problems with her,because he was a person who didn’t spread his love life around.She and her family couldn’t stop to follow him around and lying about him.

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    • Wooooow! Listen all of yall need to PUT THE METH PIPE DOWN! Seriously or at least pick something that impacts the world on more than an entertainment level to be insane, paranoid, delusional conspiracy theorists about!

      • I love Paul as a big part of my Childhood thru to adulthood growing up im a year younger and followed his life right thru till the End!! Alltough the thought of him fakeing his death would be great meaning he is alive that would be a blessing But Weither he did fake or not he is were he is suppose to be now and people need to except it and let it go no matter how hard it is to do that.

        • yes i agree

  23. I personally can say that if Paul Walker and Roger Rodas faked their deaths by a big impact of an accident supposadly I believe that is very erong and to betray the world with a big lie. Also if the girlfriend helped make the scene of her boyfriends death real I strongly believe she should be put in jail with Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. Also I understand why this was done to have a lot of donors for japan. But like I said the news shoukd say the truth about Paul Walker and stop betraying the world.

  24. I honestly cant get my head rite with this **** but my main concern is the furious 7 movie. I have watched it over and over and over again to try and get some clearance but it leads to a dead end for me. I love paul and still is a huge fan but my thing is i understand theyve used his brothers as stunt doubles and so forth with the CG face to complete the movie which is why i question how could his brothers have the exact smile and same voice as him? I mean if he wasnt alive to complete certain parts then how could the voice remain the same??? I dont kno someone humor me but please dont curse @ me or anything! Am just another confused fan!

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  26. Paul Walker should still be alive cause I can tell by the license plates cause the porcha that crashed had different license plate numbers and they weren’t the the same numbers as the other Paul Walker was looking at

  27. Did actor vindisel know that it was fake?

  28. So he not dead? So that the reason why Vin making a part 8?

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