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Paul Walker Hoax – Girlfriend Rolls in Laughter over His Death

Like the Michael Hastings hoax the claim of an actual car accident where Paul Walker, along with a purported male companion, came to a death in a fiery inferno: this, too, is a fraud.

Fans are grieving over him. They have been caught up into a fraud.

Regardless, how did this car get to where it rested? There is not even an iota of footage of any kind showing it in motion. There is no footage of a crash. All that is available is CCTV footage showing a lamp pole being cut down and the tree in motion, which, then, springs back.

Tragic: The aftermath of the car crash that killed Paul Walker showed the vehicle to be out of control. The car has a history of unpredictability, according to reports

Sixty seconds later there is smoke. It billows, as if there is a man-made fire, the same kind of smoke seen in incendiary fires from accelerants, including pyrotechnics.


That kind of smoke occurring as an initiation before the fire is typical of the use of pyrotechnics as well as smoke machines.


See how this has such a wide diameter? See also the color of white and pale yellow? This is typical of Hollywood-style accelerants containing magnesium salts. No explosion of a gas tank behaves this way. There is no white hot-burning metal salts in such a tank. Moreover, what would cause a gas tank to explode, a rather thin tree that doesn’t even impact the front end? It the tree hit the gas tank? It is all a sick joke.

The story just seems to bizarre. A car that is stalling which is, then, taken out for a test evaluation? Then, this essentially parking lot fire occurs? At 100 mph? Where? In the parking lot? Moreover, like the Hastings scam it ends up on the median? This could easily have been faked, and there is no photography of any kind to prove otherwise, none showing the two men in the car slamming into the light pole or tree.

Regardless, how could this happen except under exceedingly high-speed: in a stalling car? This isn’t even a road. Rather, this is a parking lot:

Did their test drive involve going 120 mph in a parking lot?

Moreover, why is the hood popped open? It was not smashed. So, therefore, that popping open had to be done by the plotters.

Caption: there is not a single crimp in that hood.

The evidence offered by the collaborators at the media is flimsy to say the least, a lamp pole than comes down, a tree that shakes, and billows of smoke 50 seconds after the ‘crash.’


It has the appearance as if someone simply cut or unbolted the lamp-post, with it then falling by gravity. Note also the cement abutment or barrier, so that no one could see what was going on: Carefully selected.

Yet, there is one video which offers proof of the hoax. This is the video of the associates of Walker, his purported 22 year-old girlfriend and various male friends. They have been caught smiling and laughing in glee over this, which proves this is a fabrication.

The alternative is unlikely, which is that they were happy to see him dead. More likely, this crash is an elaborate fake and the laughing/smiling cohorts and girlfriend are collaborators.

Did the camera-person allow the hoax to be exposed on purpose, realizing, as in the case of fraudster Robbie Parker, that this was a terminal fraud, a hoax and farce to the most extreme degree and, therefore, allowed the extra footage? Or, was it an accident, and no one reviewed it. The only thing that isn’t an act is when he is caught guffawing, laughing in glee and jest at, as she presumed, “getting away with it.”

Just why Walker faked his death has yet to be determined. Even so, with this also happening in the Hastings hoax there is obviously a motive for Zionist-operated Hollywood to perpetrate this, obviously a plot in mind.

It appears someone solemn enough. Yet, it is not. It’s a fake, proven, here. Even so, in most of the pictures like the Nairobi mall hoaxers there is always a cell phone in hand. The sad look, here, on the woman and the serious look on the man in red are fakes, proven, here.

Support group: The devastated girlfriend sat on the pavement in the company of two unnamed male friends

Even with such pictures what in the world does this have to do with the price of red beans? Two fabricators having a tail-gate party on the man’s stiff corpse? Plenty of ice and drinks to go around.

A friend in need: Mr Walker's girlfriend of seven years was cap[trued sitting cross-legged in the bed of a pickup truck and talking to an older man

This photo represents her best act, the only one that is even reasonably believable: no tears, though.

Emotional visit: Paul Walker's tearful girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell arrived at his Santa Barbara home for the first time since his tragic death

According to the DailyDud (Mail):

It has emerged that when Jasmine, who was present at the fateful charity event in Santa Clarita Saturday, learned of the crash, the woman collapsed.

Eyewitness Jim Torp told Hollywood Life in an interview that he was the one who broke to terrible news to the college student.

‘Paul’s girlfriend was standing next to me when I got the phone call,’ Torp told the magazine. ‘When I told her what happened she fell, she collapsed.’

Note: Torp is lying.


Does Jasmine Pilchard Gosnel look like she’s anywhere near collapsing from anything? Regardless, that body language alone proves the fraud. What is she doing at the family home milling around like this, standing by and sitting on the back flap of a pick up truck?

Here is Plitchard-Gosnel seemingly well-disguises. Someone sees their scamming and decides to film it. She reveals it all through her expressions. Nodisinfo didn’t  prove the fraud: she did.



A pretty good smile and or smirk. Another Robbie Parker?


Not just laughing: rolling in laughter:


Rolling means what it implies, Rocking and Rolling, they’re heads moving up and all the way down:

They are both laughing and grinning from ear-to-ear.


The man, in fact, is out of his mind in laughter over the whole gig, knowing full well that they are scamming people into thinking that Walker really died. His reputation is at stake. They must do a good job, which they did with that lamp pole artificially cut down and the shaking tree. How they did this is unknown. Yet, the fire: that is easy. It was Hollywood pyrotechnics.

Once they realize they are on camera the man disappears and she recedes back and quits the smiling, laughing, and smirking. Here is that ‘after being caught’ fake eye and nose swipe as if actually tearful. It only happens after the realize the cameras are rolling.




Awful happy and smiley for a woman who is busted up in grief, according to the DailyMail and other Zionist-held publications, crying profusely in despair. The man-friend cannot restrain himself. He is so full of laughter at the hoax that he is forced to look down.


There can be no doubt about the fact that with this tail-gate party they were hooting it up. Walker has quite a network of supporters. Clearly, the man is filled with laughter plus, possibly, tears, the other kind.


‘Whoops, we’re on camera now. Oh, no. How do we get out of this?


Time for another fake face/eye swipe.


A fake howl and wail, too.


No doubt about it she is faking an eye swipe, faking as if she is grieving. So, when the Zionist-controlled media protests about how dire is her despair, feel not bad, human race: cry not over her plight – or the plight of Walker himself – or his family. There isn’t one. They are faking it.

There are plenty of people, real people, who die in fiery accidents. There faking of this is a travesty to all those who truly do suffer such an end.

Now, the man has to react to being caught, and he does so just as ‘dramatically’ (no pun intended):


Moreover, here it is, the Sandy Hook hand over the mouth act, back to haunt the world. No one can deny it. The Walker friends and loved ones are a part of this, faking Walker’s death on his behalf.


Truly sophomoric, they were hiding in those bushes and couldn’t wait to explode in laughter, hiding, just as good moles do.


The claim for the death of Walker and his friend,  Roger Rhodes, is a total fake and a fraud. They are still alive, somewhere. Why he did it remains yet to be discovered.




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  1. Wow! Excellent catch, Dr. K. I am posting this around.
    (This is the third time I’ve tried to post and my comment won’t show up. Trying again here.)

  2. Great article and research, dr. K! Finally, about time to talk about this Walker hoax. The bearded guy sitting next to Gosnell is none other than his own dead. He’s having good fun with her, is he? Paul must be somewhere in the house, having a drink and enjoying his new found fame…. Its good to be “dead”….

  3. What’s the motive for faking Paul Walker’s death? And if he’s not dead then where is he?

    • That is what I would like to know – why would he put his family & daughter through so much “pain”. At the moment I am not concerned about the young woman he was “dating”

      • It’s all very strange and maybe a distraction.

        • Paul walker is dead not alive they use computer image

    • Sell the Movie! Just like James Dean, the actor will go down as the greatest legend, while the movie sequals that are beyond ridiculous that nobody will go see it will now be a box office hit when it’s released. This was so obvious why they did it. They were getting hammered on doing so many sequals, more than Police Acadamy, that the critics were hammering them for doing another.

    • He was lead star of fast and furious if he dies in a car it makes him historically famous in a cult way because of this movies think about it?

  4. Why did he do it? He somehow wanted out of celebrity, maybe to live a so-called normal life, although be sure he did that – faked death – at the very advice of his handlers/programmers/masters – lets not forget he’s just another Jewlywood slave/puppet. Maybe he will be given a new face/identity and/or undergo brainwashing to become a CIA/MOSSAD tool. Or simply took advantage of the fact that u are more famous after death. And, of course, his “death” was another distraction for the already dumbed down masses….

    • The devil worshipping Zionists probably killed/ sacrificed Walker at another location on another day. And this is just a cover story.
      Maybe he wasn’t willing to continue paying the Zionist’s high price of fame, so they killed him.

      • Do the pics of his gf and his father look like they’d cry/be sad for someone really gone, sacrificed or not? U need a drawing to understand?

        • Everything is open to conjecture. And nobody has a monopoly on truth.

    • Hay maybe he witnessed something bad and they killed him and then hid him in witness protection.

      • No.

  5. You’ve offered no proof of anything whatsoever. How do we know the photos are of Walker’s girlfriend, much less that they were taken after his death? They are way too fuzzy to interpret so confidently. The crash appears suspicious to me alright, especially considering it was in a parking lot. A bomb sounds plausible, but sounding plausible is not evidence of anything. Until you provide facts to support your conjecture, I can’t take you seriously.

    • 1. The proofs/is are out for everyone (with an open mind) to see. Even without those unclear photos u can realize that. Its not so hard to put some dummies in a car, use a remote and produce a crash, rite? But probably u need some glasses or a head check. Welcome to the real world, though.

      2. Ur comment proves u are heavily brainwashed. U see what u want to see and hear what u want to hear. In other words, if u couldnt say smth smarter, ud have better kept ur mouth shut. Now sue me, dear….

    • @Jeanmarie Todd those pics are real and were after the death thing!! they are everywhere in the media

  6. Paul Walker was big into natural disaster relief charity. Recently helping in the Phillipines. What if that was a man made disaster and he knew too much? Just a thought, theres also something about vaccines given in that area in the 90’s to women that caused 20% of women of child bearing age to be sterile. Maybe in his travels he learned too much!!

    • Philipines typhoon was a man made disaster caused by HAARP.
      Watch the video below. P.S. TTA stands for Tesla Tech Arrays.



  7. Did no one find it odd that his “best friend” was also a stunt man, that looked almost identical to “Paul”? As far as why he’d fake his own death-the Fast and Furious movies are played out, IMO. Would the movie they’re filming now make more money if they proceeded with filming as scheduled, with PW in it, or will it make more money with him “dead”? CD sales shoot up after the artist dies. How many fans will see this movie now that he died, that weren’t going to see it at all before? Were they losing money making the movie? Now “Paul” can live a secluded life with his much younger nature loving girlfriend, out of the spotlight,having left on a very high note, vs not really thought of.

    • Also that stuntman Newt got injured-burnings to his arm – while trying to help…There’s a photo of him, some tought it might be Paul, seen that right? 😉

      • Do you have a link to that picture??

      • Just saw the picture of Newt. He’s even in brown pants and a black shirt with his face turned towards the policeman! PW was wearing the same outfit in the pictures of him getting into the Porsche.

        • Link to the picture of Newt?

        • They look nothing alike.. you would be to tell easily if there were standing next to one other who was who. And if you couldn’t then it shows how stupid people really are, Not to mention Paul is 100 times better looking.. How do we know that His gf and that guy weren’t telling good stories funny stories about Paul, things that he did that made them happy. I sure know when my mom died, and when I was with people I / them would tell some funny stories and we would have a laugh.. Just cause there is smiles doesn’t mean anything. They could just be remember the good times.. F$%! you people are retards. Why fake his own death when he had everything he could ever want. His daughter living with him, a great career, a business, Family, Friends..

        • Pay attention to the shoes, before he jumped in the carrera he had white bottom shoes but not after the crash like you stated, thats not him. Watch Paul Walker seconds before The crash on youtube youll see what im talking about

        • There is a building in the background, a brown tall 5 or 6 story building with cameras, as I have said before these camera’s should have picked up the Porsche crash, no they were turned off by the instigators Paul Walker and Roger Rodas……..we need those cameras to see if they picked up the crash, no they where probably turned off, because this is a hoax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’m curious exactly how much crack one must smoke to think up this garbage.


  9. This site is becoming retarded.


      • It’s just dumb. As you seem to be.

      • This is so retarded. People make infinite continuous expressions and the camera pics them up in single frames. The leaps you’re making are absurd regarding what you might think these people might be thinking. Get a grip. Everything isn’t a false flag. You’re ruiningthecredibility you’ve built with this hack job analysis. Pull it the fuck together.

        • This message is for Doc K not xyzipper head.

        • People laugh and make light and then as soon as they realize the cameras are on them suddenly turn serious, suddenly act as if they are grieving. Explain that, then.

          • You just did. Cameras make people do stupid shit. I lost my daughter a year ago at birth and I often scroll through thousands of iPhoto pics in chronological order from that day and the weeks following. To try and extract from the insane look on my face what I was thinking in those tragic photos trying to figure out what to think would be infinitely impossible. I would laugh cry fart, be pissed off , elated euphoric, totally bonkers within seconds of feeling each emotion. I’m sure you could look at them and declare I was hiding something but I was simply losing it. Now move on this is as much a dead horse as the conally bullshit.

  10. He faked his death, does any notice that when a celebrity dies their net worth doubles or triples plus all of their legal troubles go away big example Michael Jackson and death is so kind that waits until the movie is almost done so they can make tons of cash as well, and he faked his death in a race car double paycheck for the movie please he is surfing in some beach watching his bank account grow, specially anytime bodies are burned to a crisp and they have to rely on dental records well skilled dentists can fake dental records, I do not care what people say that is my opinion

  11. Some fishy shit…but ppl its common sense ppl somethings are fishy about his death

  12. You people are sick! this story is not only disgusting its incredibly disrespectful. Paul walker was a kind generous man who avoided scandal unlike many other celebs. To attempt. In any way to tarnish him and his family at such a sad time is gross. I feel bad for you to have such. Empty lives.

    • WELL SAID 🙂

    • Kerrie I completely agree with you. I think people are making stories up to get attention. I did not know the man personally but no one ever heard of a scandal involving Paul Walker. In my opinion to those who believe he faked his death show us a picture of him actually out on the street in disguise. There is no real evidence that he faked his death. Another thing I don’t think that his family would do something like this with him. His father seems to be a genuine man and a honest one. So please stop with this obnoxious story of him faking his death he would never put his family nor his 15 year old daughter through this pain and suffering.

  13. And rolling in laughter is allowed. Have someone you love die, talk about something funny they did or said – laugh. Happens all the time. Not saying it’s not a hoax just offering possible explanations. Especially in public and being watched. Some cry in private.

  14. Makes me wonder exactly what or to whom did paul walkers charity actually help?

  15. I saw the supposed crash video taken by the cell phone guy on Youtube several months ago while looking at street racing videos. It was one of the suggested videos on the right side of the screen. I watched this EXACT VIDEO months ago with the guy burning alive! I’ll bet Ziotube identified the location then used it for staging the hoax.

    Look closely at all of the crash scene photos that are available. The car being hoisted onto the tow truck is different from the car in many of the photos. Specifically, look at the rims on both the driver’s and passenger’s sides. On each side there is at least ONE black rim. The fire burned the black paint off of the passenger front, leaving it shiny metallic. The passenger rear was not exposed to the fire. It remained black. Likewise, the driver-front is black.

    The car being hoisted on the tow truck has all shiny rims with no damage. The yellow Brembo(?) brakes are clearly visible in some photos & missing in others. The damage to the rims changes from photo to photo.

    In some photos the trees still have leaves that haven’t fallen. In others the trees are nearly bare.

    Given the fact that I SAW THIS EXACT VIDEO on Youtube months ago is proof enough for me that this is all a hoax!

    • Thank you for this. Will look into this. Walker was planning to go to the beach, forever. Is he there, now, or in hiding?

    • Do you have the link to the prev. video? The burning alive one? Thanks.

    • Wow
      At least he gets to go do what he always wanted which was have a normal life,raise his daughter,do his charity work and generally just be left alone. I do believe that he faked his death. Too many inconsistencies whichever way you turn. Nothing adds up at all.i wish him and rodas all the best with their families. I hope it works out how they planned. Given that you had seen this exact same video of his alleged crash months ago says a thousand words. If you can please post a link to the original posting of that video.

    • Please post this video. It would be very interesting to see this and compare. Thanks

    • You know what else is weird. If you compare the rims/tires on the car at the accident scene to the rims/tires on the car that was towed they are completely different. Not sure if someone photoshopped the picture but very strange. At the crash site the rims were black and when the car was being towed away the rims were silver????

    • Wow this is crazy. CHECK THIS OUT. So is this definitely the paul walker crash scene? Because if it is it looks more and more like a hoax. Check out the video and the lady in white around the 1:52-1:55 area…she’s pouring fake blood all over the white bag/tarp where the supposed body is. This is blatantly seen wow.

    • Your an idiot

  16. i believe he faked his death no question about it, thanks disinfo for having the balls to stand up to lies!

  17. The trim were black but the 5th weel was silver see photos. Its in the front left of that car.

  18. This car accident is very difficult to understand. Like every car accident so bad in life lost.

    • Nobody died. It takes a few seconds of looking past the fake gore: they used dummies.

  19. I’ve heard about that. I hope they didn’t fake the fake laughter. There were other associated deaths in a cluster of which Walker was the latest. He belonged to a foundation called Billfish. Their chief scientist died in October. They were founded by Winthrop Rockefeller who died of a rare cancer in 2006. He was running for Gov. of Arkansas on the Republican ticket. He was slated to win the primary. His competition was the Undersecretary of DHS Asa Hutchinson. He won the primary due to Winthrop’s death. He lost the election. Billfish is on the cutting edge of the Gulf and other coasts. Walker’s movies were in key areas. So did DHS kill him a fake a laughter video? It is Amerika.

  20. Wow this is crazy. CHECK THIS OUT. So is this definitely the paul walker crash scene? Because if it is it looks more and more like a hoax. Check out the video and the lady in white around the 1:52-1:55 area…she’s pouring fake blood all over the white bag/tarp where the supposed body is. This is blatantly seen wow.

  21. Is it me or does anyone else notice that in the cctv footage from across the road from the accident (2nd one) that the light pole fell backwards into the car park behind and not the way it was shown in the crash pics? I just noticed it and thought I would point it out, I could just be seeing things though.

    • Good obv. The light poles comes down like a cut tree, and, actually, what looks like a tree or something else (speed sign) at the same time; a Hollywood stunt, no doubt. It did fall kind of straight back. Will look at it.

  22. And now his body is being cremated supposedly…

  23. I don’t know how much I believe and how much I want to believe, ya know? I mean, I want to believe that he is somewhere alive and well. But what I want to point out is this Torp guys. Something isn’t right about him. In numerous interviews he states that he had never met paul until that day. He claimed that he and paul only spoke briefly just minutes before paul and roger left AE. But, then he claims to have been friends with paul. Then he also claims that he got the phone call about the accident when he was standing next to jasmine and when he turned to her to tell her, she collapsed. I call bullshit because jasmine and Paul’s daughter meadow were not at the event. Paul’s verified twitter and Facebook have confirmed this because so many rumors were going around. I will tell you this much, paul Never took a woman to a premier or an event. He said himself that he doesn’t like to do it and won’t. Whoever the hell this torp guy is, he is stretching the truth for his 15 minutes of fame. There was more crap he spewed, but you’ll just have to watch his interviews and hear his conflicting stories. Also, if my child were to pass so horrifically and suddenly, I would not be standing on my front porch the very next day talking to every media person standing in front of me. Everyone is different, but his dad and some “friends” at the accident scene were quick to talk to TMZ and other celeb gossip journalists. I’m pretty sure that if the friends at the scene were witnesses of any kind, the police would be asking them to wait until their investigation was complete before telling everything to the media….they were talking on tv before the bodies had even been removed. Idk. Just a real twisted story.

    • Very true. The old man has been analyzed and is as phony as a three dollar bill, even phonier. Torp gives everyone the creeps. No worries about Mr. Walker: he’s alive.

    • Agree with the torp thing.
      It’s gonna become a meme xD
      And about the family, it’s a bit surprising, but it’s normal, I think, if you know the medias -their method is still the same: they harass people till they get some news.
      So far, onyl PW’s father talked to them. It’s barely the whole family.
      And yeah, the witneses were talking to the medias, but considering the fact they were the first on the scene, that’s normal; TMZ came minutes after and they wanted some interviews.

    • From PW’s facebook by TeamPW: “It is unfortunate that claims are being made to the media that Paul’s daughter Meadow was at the event on Saturday when the accident occurred. We want to clarify that Paul went to the event alone. Meadow was not at the charity event on Saturday and thankfully, did not witness the accident. Any claims stating otherwise are inaccurate.”. <— dunno about Jasmine though. Jim Torp? WhoTF is he?! From the 1 day he's spreading so contradicting stories and that's what bother me the most.

      • He may be troubled because of what happened?
        I know another friend of PW seemed really shocked in an interview.

        • Troubled? U mean…Paul, Jim or who? Who was shocked, remind me pls? /already posted smth about Tyrese Gibson – check some other posts on PW here, check his facebook – really, really interesting, at least I see it all in that way..

      • Jim Torp…I bet it’s not even his real name , he is just a one big lie as all the stories that he tells … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RemytsIdTNw

  24. I think this is a stunt for fast and furious 7
    cuz a car like that can be easily remote controled and I think if u noticed the rims/tire after the accident you will see it was obvious that walker put a explosive beside the rim to explode the care to make it a hoax.
    when you see tyrese “crying” in the accident he wasnt crying he was faking that was actors does best.

  25. A explosive? Where did you see that??? XD

  26. it’s jzt a fake???????as thr s no proof

    • In my opinion, if he’s alive, his family and girlfriend knows. He’s not hiding from friends and loved ones, just the public eye. IF he’s alive and well his family/girlfriend will see him when all the public isn’t so interested in him anymore.

  27. With all the money we as consumers supply these movie acters with ever year, ask yourself how hard is it to really fake a death and then disappear?!! How many of these fast movies do they have to make in remote locations for everyone to relize that good or even great actors have no limits and you can’t put nothing past them…with basically unlimited funds and a key to ever city in the world, what would u do?

    • Totally agree!

  28. I’d like to add a few things to the Paul Walker death hoax. I’m not an expert. Just food for thought.

    1) Walker and his best friend and financial adviser died in the accident. They had recently set up a charity in Walker’s name. The Philippines disaster happened only 19 days earlier.

    2) Some posters talk about Zionism playing a role. That may be the case although I think the role they played had more to do with artificially inducing the disaster with Israel-mastered Tesla technology. Charities, although charitable, are still businesses. Most charities put over half of what they earn toward administrative costs aka rich CEOs and their minions. Many keep over 80 percent! Perhaps Walker’s best friend and financial adviser advised him to start up a charity so he could make some money in retirement while waiting for his other movies to be released? Make money off of the next big world disaster??

    3) Don’t know if Walker and his friend were part of the Zionist conspiracy or if they created their own. I do know that Walker conveniently died 10 days before the DVD release of Fast and Furious 6. I believe a dollar of every DVD bought goes to Walker’s charity.

    4) After 3 weeks of naive American’s being conned out of their well meaning donations, an extremely good-looking Paul Newman wannabe Paul Walker dies fast in furiously out of a scene that could have been right out of Fast and Furious 7. Hours after his death his charity is reported like it is pertinent information. Like we need to know it for some reason.

    5) In Fast and Furious 6, I believe Walker’s co-star Michelle Rodriguez fakes her death as part of a conspiracy storyline. Now I’m not sure on this so don’t quote me. I’ve never watched any of these movies. And now Walker dies in real life in the middle of filming Fast and Furious 7 that will be released next summer. This is like Heath Ledger dying while finishing up work as the Joker for the Batman series. And we all know the fishy conspiracy stuff alluded to in that series.

    6) Ever hear of the gunrunning scandal code named Fast and Furious? Run by the Obama administration. The same administration trying to legislate against semi automatics. Have a read. http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2011/09/28/fast-and-furious-just-might-be-president-obamas-watergate/

    7) Walker’s daughter left her mother to be brought up by her dad. Not sure what’s wrong with the mother but usually men only get custody of their child over a woman if there is something seriously wrong with the woman (mental problems, substance abuse etc). So the girl is from Hawaii. She had to move to California to be with her dad. Her dad’s favourite hobby after racing expensive sports cars is surfing. Almost anywhere you can videos of Walker talking about going out in the sunset like his hero Paul Newman and live in retirement surfing.

    8) I could go on and on but my biggest point is that Newman was engaged to a woman he started dating (and probably fucking) 7 years ago. The girl is 22 or 23 now which makes her 15 or 16 when he starts dating (and fucking) her. Now it’s not really common knowledge that Walker has a girlfriend. There’s been barely any news about it in the mainstream. If he were Michael Jackson there would be a huge media frenzy over this bit of information. But this is all-American hunk Paul Walker. Being a pedophile is something left of his resume and out of his life story. So rather than marrying this Jasmine kid and having the media pick it up and tarnish his name, wouldn’t it be smart if he wanted to retire, spend time with his daughter, surf away in a sort of obscurity in his daughter’s home state of Hawaii if he just died out of our consensus reality? To avoid public backlash after marrying a girl 17 years younger than himself who was 15 when it started? To live outside the public eye and scrutiny? And, yes, perhaps celebrities fake their deaths every once and a while for monetary gain for their labels?? 2 Pac, Biggy, MJ, Cobain, Ledger are just a few that come to mind. Not to say they’re still alive. But that it’s obvious with their deaths that the keepers of their estates have made just as much money in death as these guys made alive.

  29. paul walker death hoax

  30. You people are idiots. This is such an attention whoring conspiracy. The pictures are so blurry that you just say anything lol. “the tree exploded” and just expect everyone to believe your bullshit. I’ve had so many loses in my family and friends, you laugh and you cry. That’s how it goes you idiots. Where is Paul? Lmao. I can’t believe you people are stupid enough to fall for some attention scam. This nobody is trying to profit off of Paul’s death, because he knows one simple fact- you morons are gullible.

  31. So if he’s not dead, then where is he? An why hasn’t it been all over the news if it was faked? Surely something like a hoax like this would’ve been on the news. I think he’s gone so let the man rest in peace.

  32. This is insane
    When I lost a close friend we cried but also laughed at the good times when we gathered to remember him….Abd that’s what he would have wanted. I’m guessing that’s what these pictures show, her remembering the good times with paul walker. She is allowed to smile. Leave them alone.

  33. If he’s not dead, than where is he? And if he wasnt really dead, do u think Tyrese Gibson wouldve cried like that? I dont think so. Let Paul and Roger R.I.P.

  34. This is MY opinion: He faked his own death. Why? Simply because he wanted to make up for the lost time he did not spend with his daughter. He wanted out of the limelight and even mentioned that acting was not everything to him. Yes, he was in the process of filming Fast & Furious 7, but seeing that his brother Cody is a stuntman-actor, Paul most likely wanted to shoot his brother into stardom by taking on his lead role. There’s nothing more to it, in my opinion I think its a hoax. Why else would TMZ announce his death ahead of time? Something does not add up. Do we know Paul personally? He got into acting to earn some extra money for his family, now that he fulfilled his need he might’ve just wanted to live like the rest of us.

  35. Also, his friends (like Tyrese) might have been on it. Maybe Paul wanted to maintain close connections with family and friends but wanted to remove himself from the public eye. As reinforcement, his friends and family may have assisted him in pulling this off. But this is only an opinion, just putting it out there. Just calling for discussion on the matter.

  36. I had a *few* ideas on this subject….though your reporting is kind of malicious ..

  37. If you guys want to proof this so bad, the only way your going to is to have to follow the girlfriend. If she is in on it like you say then she is your link to finding the truth. Once she is out of the public eye she can go anywhere and you lose your connection. Not saying he is alive or dead but just a thought.

  38. Salut étant un grand fan de sport auto, je me permet de me poser quelque questions sur les causes de l’accident qui pour moi reste sans réponse
    J’ai moi mène conduit des voitures a de grande vitesse et fait également des sortie de route et exploser ma voiture a plus de 170kmh …
    Mais la a que la voiture explose et dans l’état qu’on la vois je suis choqué c’est possible je ne dit pas que se nais pas possible mais des doute persiste sur la vitesse réelle vu les dégâts et surtout quand j’ai regardé la photo satellite du lieu du crash : http://goo.gl/maps/s6yxR et une fois de plus j’ai été surpris
    Pourquoi aurai t’il pris une route qui mène nulle part a par les ramener aux points de départ
    On peut très bien voire un tourniquet en forme de circuit …
    la courbe avant l’accident est pas très prononcé mais très long pouvais t’il sortir a cette endroit je ne crois pas personnellement a par qu’un élément étranger sois venu perturbé leur trajectoire et je pencherai pour sa … qu’elle que chose a bien put sortir de se parking et traverser la route pour tourner a gauche et vu que la Porsche arrivant a vive allure ne voyant la voiture au dernier moment est donner un coup de volant a droit pour évité la collision et tape le lampadaire et fini sa course dans l’arbre avec les conséquence tragique qu’on c’est …
    Comme cette route me fait pensé a un circuit j’ai continuer a analyser le gros virage qui arrivais devant eux et la grosse surprise a nouveau …
    Si vous regardez bien la route on peut voire des traces de pneus et pas une mais plusieurs en forme de cercle et bien sur cette image satellite a été bien avant l’accident on peut voir que l’arbre nais pas brule …
    Donc la question que je me pose vraiment faisait il la courses ?
    Avais t’il été invité a cette endroit pour se mesurer a d’autre …
    On nous cache la vérité c’est sur et c’est pour sa que tout les spéculations sont permis
    On voudrai juste s’avoir la vérité et qu’on n’arrête de nous mentir que ces fan puisse vraiment comprendre et faire leur deuil
    Une grande générosité a ces deux messieurs aux gros cœurs Roger Rodas-Paul Walker on vous aimera toujours R.I.P.

  39. All you people that think he faked his death are stupid and so disrespectful. Two people died and all people wanna do is be disrespectful with fake stories get a life and stop making things up….

  40. If he is not dead..then where is he?

    • I totally agree with you. These are probably the same idiot’s that thought 2 pac fake his own death to! And then he would come back to the state after 7 years. Well where is he? Its been well over 7 years. These people have nothing better to do then make shit up because it sounds good. R.I.P paul walker!

  41. ok I am going to say something here. Paul Walker was a hot liar. Why because when I saw something on him from that TMZ deal they asked him about filming a comerical in Hawaii. He said no that wasn’t me. And laughed. I am sure trying to joke with the crew of the show, but still lying about filming something. What was with this guy? Something smells fishy to me, and I felt it when I first saw the reporting of it. Allot of stars have faked their deaths. Because they don’t want to be in the lime light anymore.

  42. Just want to point out that Jasmine hadn’t been Paul’s girlfriend since 2011. He was single at the time this all went down.

    • Hey Janet, I am all for things being right. But some things just don’t add up. I like the guy. Not sure I liked him dating someone when he was 33 and she 16. Too many inconsistences. Not sure I spelled that right. Have a good one.

  43. well all actors in hollyweird are pedahfiles. maybe paul hoaxed his death because he wanted out of the pedahfile life style. you notice his so called daughter came from hawaii and now she is in hollywood?.his daughter does not look like him at all. she is a little slutty. and i take it paul would not let her do that. you notice before the crash he leans over before he gets in and he looks up toward the cameras than stands up. and walks off too some one saying huh?. like you fuckers try too own me now when he looked straight in to the camera. look at before phots really good. and the body in the car does not match paul any ways. the body looks like its a dumby burnt up. and the hood of the car would no pop up like that.it was all fake. watch how the cars was acting when they crashed. watch the van you will see how it was acting. like going back and fourth to see if the crash happend or not. who was in the van? THEY did not get out and helped. they road on by a few times acting weird. and i think his girlfriend helped him plane it. she was waiting on the news from him sitting on the back of the truck. if it was me. i would be crying my eyes out i dont care if he cameras was on me or not. and /going behind the bushes and having a laugh?. and playing on her phone. I WOULD be asking questions.saying where is he?. where are they taking him. i would be lost in thought. i wouldnt be laughing.and playing on my phone. she did not know at the time if he was alive or dead. look how she was acting. they were all in on it. paul did not get along with his co worker off of the fast and furius. before paul died. he was saying hateful words towards paul making all the movies. he was jealous of paul. he was jealous of pauls looks. paul got tired of being the pretty boy. because he was being bullied on the (fast and furious)movie. look it up. the bastard said hateful words too paul. he was the bald guy the black bald guy his freind in the movie. i cant spell his name. but anyways. he made fun of paul. big time. makes me wonder if that is why paul wanted too move on and fake his death because he was being bullied. before he died he did not look happy too me the way the media took it.

  44. paul walker real dead body: http://youtu.be/184M9bRRD40 ummm looks pretty dead to me you fucking idiot’s. Smh you have nothing better to do then say when a celebrity dies that they fake their own death! How about 2 pac? Was he faking his own death? Probably you same idiot’s said he would come back to the state after 7 years because he couldn’t be arrested because of the law that would protect him. So where’s 2 pac now? Hmmm still dead!

  45. Have you noticed the similarities in appearances of jasmine pilchard-gosnell and Cassidy Stay? Both hoaxes around the same time.

  46. Some people say he’s gone and some people say he’s not seeing is believing so I think he’s gone I keep hearing about this video were she’s laughing and I haven’t yet seen this video
    I’m sure he appreciates his fans doing this smh

  47. 2Will his “GIRKFRIEND” just is a piece of ” —-” who is very Inmature and probly hating the fact that she didn’t have the chance to marry! Thank-God! Why on earth wirh NO DIARESPECT IN PAUL WALKER. BECAUSE I AM A HUGE FAN WOULD HE NE WITH THIS SORT OF A HEARTLESS PIECE OF GARBAGE AND VERY INMATURE? He could of done awhole LOT BETTER THEN WJAT HE SAYS WAS HIS GIRLFRIEND! She really wanted to Laugh and show NO RESPECT SHE SHOULD OF LOOKED IN THE DAMN MIRROR AT THAT HAIRDO FOR WHICH SHE CAM’t even comb that mop before going out in public! M y oppinion she just is a wirthless,disrespectfull. Piece of crap! R.I.P PAUL WALKER! We LOVE & MISS YOU! My condolences go out to his Family and His Daughter!

  48. These columnist and reporters are shallow and at best ignorant I hope they don’t have to go through all this kind of stuff when they loose people dear to them. It should be a Capitol offense to make up such horrible rumors but it’s not in case people really care I am newt Wimer and paul did die. Believe what you want but that is the truth

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