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People Jumping to their Deaths in WTC is a Lie – Murdered By Israeli Demolition Charges

It was the Zionists who set the demolition charges that led to the destruction of the World Trade Center. It is also they who made a big play for the claims that victims of the detonations, essentially committed suicide. This was, these criminal minds claim, by purposely jumping from the windows. Instead, as this evidence will demonstrated, they were blasted out: by murderous arch-Zionist demolition charges.

None of the narratives offered by the Zionists can be trusted, for instance, the claim that this mass slaughter was perpetrated by Muslim people. It was entirely the opposite. It was Islaam’s enemies which committed this act:

5 dancing Israelis

A group of these known Israeli mass murderers is seen, here:


Shmeul, Ellner, Marmari, and their ilk came to this country illicitly. Then, they slaughtered a number of American citizens, among others. No one did anything about it. Rather, these criminal minds were given a free pass, so they could continue their treachery, in this case against the Palestinian people. Instead of imprisoning and bringing to justice these destructive ones they were let go, shipped back to the Zionist strip.

As a consequence of the criminality of 911 who was attacked and slaughtered instead? It was innocent, defenseless Islaamic, as well as Christian, people. The actual perpetrators, the ones responsible for placing the bombs and exploding them, killing thousands of people, have never be held to account.

This must be done. Those criminal minds must thoroughly be exposed.

There can be no doubt regarding the degree of their crime. Yet, even in the purported 911 research community there are those who dispute it. Moreover, there are those who claim that there were no deaths in this destructive act. This is a fabrication. There were multiple deaths, the exact number not being fully known. The attempt to diminish this is a Zionist plot. The Zionists are doing all that is possible to diminish the culpability of their acts, which amount to malicious, premeditated mass murder.

This does not mean there weren’t fakers and fabricators: crisis actors playing a role. As people were dying there were others who would seemingly fake their injuries for the desired effect.

Yet, these Israeli spies, among others, were low-level players. King-pins of the crime include arch-Zionist mole Larry Silverstein, along with B. Netanyahu. It was they who were the primary coordinators of the Israeli spies responsible for setting, as well as detonating, the explosive charges.

images-2 imgres

Too, it would be difficult to find a more rabid Zionist mole as Jerome Hauer, a terminally corrupt one who headed the Office of Emergency Management at the time of this fraud:


It was he who heaped vast blame on a man who had nothing to do with the crime, Usama bin Laden, setting the stage for a murderous campaign: the relentless US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Cross-dresser R. Giuliani also played as an essential role, as a cover-up and distraction agent.

The above video amounts to hard proof of the nature of the Israeli crimes, that is their great corruption and tyranny against the people of the land, their rabidness, their absolutely rogue nature.

There was no escape. Silverstein had shuttered the doors to the roof. It would have complicated issues for the Zionists if living people would have been on the roof. They would have had to have attempted rescues, and these hideous ones were not prepared to do so.


These people are holding on for dear life and are merely attempting to get away from the danger: fire, concussive charges. Concussion is right, and that is the effective they had on inanimate matter and also human flesh. Regardless, no one is jumping. Who would do so willingly? People are looking down, wondering if there could be any rescue. There could be no rescue. The Zionists fully intended to blow the buildings to smithereens, regardless of the degree of butchery at hand.

They could not hold on for long. Silverstein and his collaborators were systematically detonating the charges. Those charges could not explode on their own. It had to be done electronically, through the physical pressing of detonator charge buttons or devices, although some of these charges could also be on a timer. Yet, still, it was humans who would have to set those timers:

detonatorleblasterIIc4download (11)

Caption: a sophisticated remote detonation system, along with C-4, military-grade demolition charges.

While people were fully trapped, demolition charges were being set continuously, including those set and detonated by Israeli criminals. Note the area circled in red. At that point the charge had not been initiated:


Suddenly, a charge is set, which blows out laterally. How could this have anything to do with a ‘plane strike?’ This charge is exploding from inside-out. By the laws of physics there can only be one conclusion, which is that this explosive entity was pre-set, placed in the buildings.


The setting of these charges is associated with a most dire issue, which is the fact that there were people in the building in close association with the detonations. They could not escape, as the escape routes had been largely blown to smithereens. At this point there is a man close to a window, though he can be barely seen, in the middle of this frame.


Here are additional frames proving the nature of the demolition, that this was an implosion, not an explosion, and that this was the result of premeditated acts, ones that would clearly lead to the murder of the innocent:


Imagine if people were in the area of that detonator charge. They would be blasted about by the force of impact, killed immediately. This is the first time in history that a demolition was set in a building still occupied by people. What an arch-criminal clique it is. Only the vile, terminally corrupt Zionist crime syndicate could achieve it. They did so through the distraction of Islaamic terror and through the gullibility of the goyum and their propensity to hold to such a fraud.

Here is the man attempting to escape the horror, holding on in a most incredible way to the outside flashing of the building.


See the explosive nature of these charges as they are set, ejecting matter in a trajectory that would be expected, entirely laterally:

911criminalzios2 911criminalzios21

CAPTION: the ejection of heavy matter laterally is hard proof of the setting of demolition charges

It is powerful enough to eject raw concrete and steel hundreds of feet straight into the air. What would this do to human flesh?

Above this it can be seen that there is a man, there, hanging on for dear life. He is outside in the attempt to escape the bombs and also the acrid, suffocating smoke. By no means is he attempting to jump to his death. This jumping to the death was invented by the Zionist-controlled media to, once again, control the narrative.


It is too late, though, for this horrified individual. The Zionist-installed, arch-Jewish bombs would soon destroy him.  Meanwhile, he is doing all that is in his power to save his own life. Yet, the Zionists and their cohorts are attempting to claim that no one died, and no one was injured: that it was all a fake.

Now, charges are beginning to detonate all about him. See how he is hanging on and how he is using the platform as a strut, how he has extended his leg to it while he, incredibly, hangs on to the side of the building.


He has as a result of those detonations lost his grip and is only hanging on by a mere hand and single arm:


The power of the blasts are too much for this man attempting to save his own life. As a consequence, he loses his grip and begins to fall: to a the most horrific death conceivable:




The grip he has is by one arm, pointed out by the arrow.


Those are lateral blasts, make no mistake about it. The nature of this man’s attempt to save himself are made clear by the above image.

He lost his grip and now begins to fall:


He was blasted to his death by the Zionists. By no means did he merely jump in an attempt to quickly end his life. Why would he do so? No one was in that building to commit suicidal acts.


It was the Apartheid, terminally rabid Zionist Jews who committed 911. Moreover, no one can demonstrate otherwise.

1-Israeli-Van-911-Dancing 911MuralVan

They thought they could get away with it, laying vast false blame on the Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular. They have gotten away with nothing. Gradually and systematically the world is beginning to know the growth, which is the fact that the real enemy of this human race is that rogue element, that murderous cabal, Zionist Jewry.





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  1. The planes, which hit allegedly the WTC, and the jumpers look like CGI (computer generated imagery).

    • The plane disappears and keeps no form. No so with the person blown out by the detonator charges.

      • In any controlled demolition other than 9/11 the debris field should be 1/3 of the buildings original height. In this case 37 stories high. But its not , just a pile of 57 micron dust. And all the fittings, desks ,printers , phones etc should be present in that debris. Smashed to pieces yes , but still there in some form. But their not , only dust. Also , the explosion was pretty much instant and should have blown 3/4 of the plane back out with it and scattered all over the streets. But there is no evidence of any of this. Out of 4 planes their isnt one part with a serial number stamped on it that can be produced as evidence. And for me they are the smoking guns. Off topic , as the research is very hard to do with only a phone and i need assistance, in the paris attack we in austraila have our own paid actor Emma Grace Parkinson. Claims she was shot in the thigh by an AK47 and ran next door , up three flights of stairs and after a day stay in hospital appears on 60 minutes a few days later to tell us how it all went down. Her FB page is fake and all news reports are inconsistent. She claims ” it doesnt hurt as much as you think and felt like i got slapped hard” this is after a bullet entered her thigh and exited her hip. Cheers.

        • b******* I got shot in the stomach with a 32 cal, bullet 30 years ago and I
          the shock of getting hit with a bullet knock me into unconsciousness and I didn’t wake up until four days later in the hospital, so your friend
          Is lying.

          • Read it properly ya drongo…she not a friend . She is someone who claims to have been shot in paris. Im saying she is a paid crisis actor playing a part in the scam.

      • I’m almost always with you…concerning these hoaxed staged news stories…however…photos of people standing in the spaces between the pillars…do not look right because some of the people are shown filling the space…and those pillars were at least 10 feet apart…the windows were not “body width” like the windows of a prison.They were 5 to seven feet across. In addition, if those are supposed to be people who were trapped by fire…they would have to been several hundred feet above the person taking the pictures. The most extreme zoom lens ever made would not result in pictures like these. Also consider the wind blowing across at that height above the street…I’m not convinced that anyone would be able to “hang on” to the building. For now I’m going to say that these photos are fakes. Photo of paramedics with a body on the ground could be from any event. A human being hitting pavement from that height would not look at all recognizable. That person looks too good. And someone has attached some sort of monitor to a finger…would any paramedic do that for a person who just landed on concrete after falling several hundred feet? There would be no life in the person, obviously.

        • The picture of the woman bloodied is a woman on the ground that was injured by falling debris who had escaped. The images of the fallen victims is very, very, graphic and thus far this site has decided not to publish them. They are horrific.

        • The windows were 5 to 7 feet across! That is huge they weren’t nearly that wide, from wikipedia
          World Trade Center (1973–2001) – Wikipedia
          The original World Trade Center was a large complex of seven buildings in Lower Manhattan, New York City, United States. It featured the landmark twin towers, which opened on April 4, 1973, and were ….. The twin towers’ narrow office windows, only 18 inches (46 cm) wide and framed by pillars that restricted views on each …

          So I do not agree with you there but some of the jumpers did look odd falling, some of them were obviously real and getting blasted out by the explosions however some of them fell and looked like mannequins. The Gelatin B-Thing is pretty interestiing stuff when concerning the WTC and Jewish involvement.

      • With reference to the photos showing people holding on to theWTC tower…the smoke starts at a definite place on the building. It is not possible to see anything behind it, in any photo of this event. You would only have clear views, like what you are showing, below the smoke. And smoke goes upward, always. Why would people below the smoke be standing on window ledges “trying to breathe” ? They would just start trying to escape by walking down the steps.
        And how would anyone have taken these pictures? The subjects are at eye level with the viewer. You would need a helicopter.

        • I agree…with reference to your statement concerning explosions. I agree with the text of this article. I’m just saying that the addition of fake photos to an otherwise accurate article is a mistake. Even people with “zoom lenses” on the ground would be below a person standing on a ledge 148 stories above the ground. A zoom lens does not change the angle. That largest man in the photo could be looking right into the eyes of the viewer. I don’t know what the other pictures show. They are extremely blurry. Why would you have this very clear shot of people standing on a ledge on the 148th floor…and nothing but blur in these others?
          I don’t agree with you when you say…this would be difficult to stage. You would not even need to stage it. Just insert pictures of people.

        • Correction…my response should not say “148” stories. WTC Tower did not have that many levels. People pictured in that top photo would be on 91st floor.

  2. Thanks for info.!

  3. You state “It is too late, though, for this horrified individual. The Zionist-installed, arch-Jewish bombs would soon destroy him. Meanwhile, he is doing all that is in his power to save his own life. Yet, the Zionists and their cohorts are attempting to claim that no one died, and no one was injured: that it was all a fake.” Who are you saying is claiming no one died?

    • Various so-called 911 truther sites.

  4. Simon Shack, et al.

    • Great idea.

  5. Mali VicSim #1 (b) Zionist Fake Dead Anita Datar alias Garten Buddies With Zionist Crypto Jew Psychopath Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary is glad to help out with any zionist hoax PsyOp event to lead to more anger & wars against & genocide against more Hated goyim!
    This creature Hillary will be computerized vote-frauded-in as US President.

    Donald Trump ZioPuppet Cartoon Clown is running as a stalking horse & fake Republican candidate & frontrunner to help insure a false reality that Hillary is “elected President”. The media will “uncover”-create a sex scandal or business scandal or Donald will say or do something completely insane to insure the weakest possible clown like Jeb idiot Bush gets the nomination to lose to Hillary in the general Presidential election.

  6. iar Crisis Actor #7(b) Ginnie Watson Mossad Agent from Rhode Island USA- Movie Actor, Director, MTV of UK, Paris,FR, Milan,, etc. Holland
    Zionist France Psychological Terror Operation Against The French People Trick Them Into Letting Their Zionist Corrupt Led Government Bomb & Murder Innocent People In Syria To Help Set Up a Greater Israel Empire in Exterminated, Destroyed Syria over the dead bodies of Syrians.
    Her Official Website

    Her Lies and Protests from her Facebook Account:

    “There are currently talks on the net that what I experienced was fake, a false flag and a hoax and that I’m a ‘crisis’ actor. I’ve been receiving insults and hate messages…..Sadly the Bataclan attack did happen to me and many people I know. I’m still overcoming the counter effect and post traumatic stress of it all.”
    I say:
    Thou do’th protest too much!
    You are a wicked evil traitor against France & war criminal, with blood of innocent people already in Syria on your hands zionist!
    You deserve no sympathy for your evil lies & deception!

    See Ginnie Watson Official Site @ Facebook to read her lies.

    Get out the French Guillotines!

  7. This contains the actual 911 police communications of Sept 11 2001. Police discuss the mural truck van painted with Airliners going into the world Trade Center Towers. This van was pulled over due to alert citizens calling the police after seeing these 2 Israeli terrorists / mossad Israeli agents & other mossad agents dressed as Palestinians celebrating while watching the towers “burn”… so cops caught this van and pulled it over and another one. On the other van they found explosives & box cutters and remote detonaters etc. and notes they had made in Arabic to blame Palestinians & Allah – God. Anyway the other van had more men in it atleast 3. Anyway This van in NYC had two men & they ran from the van when cops pulled it over. NYC cops ran them down & caught them but before the cops caught them they blew the van up with a remote control device like a RC car or plane remote. They had crossed over from New Jersey. The apparent plan of this part of the Mossad operation on Sept 11, 2001 was to park each van to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge with a truck/van bomb and the George Washington Bridge with another van bomb and kill a lot of people in cars nearby. They would simply park the vans in the middle of the bridges & in the middle of traffic where many people would see them dressed as Palestinians & They would walk away & hit the detonators via Remote control, blow up the vans. People in cars nearby would be killed. It would not take down the bridges and lots of evidence would be like notes & Palestinian fake or stolen passports would be dropped nearby for cops to find. (They would have quickly dropped their Palestinian disguises in the rivers or dumpsters & gotten away.)This would have angered Americans at Palestinians & given Israel cover to mass murder tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians in their homes as these Israeli zionist savages so satanically love to do, and as these moonsters have been doing now for over 66.6 years of mass murser genocide against the Palestinian people. And their Israeli Zionist flag is a hexegram with 6 small triangles plus, 6 outer points and six angles in the inner inverted Hexegon. 6, 6 & 6. Representing occultically 666. The Hexegram is the image or mark representing the number of the beast just as Jesus said. So you know what the mark of the beast is and it is on thw Israeli flag. And Jesus called them the synagogue of Satan to their faces: The Pharicees, the Saducees & the scribes, their Sanhedrine. He knew the occult of their secret B’aal religion. He knew of their Evil Genicidal Babylonian Talmud & Kabbala. You don’t even have to belive in God or Satan to see that they certainly do worship Satan & love doing evil.

  8. There were NO PEOPLE in the WTC buildings. The towers were gutted, prepped & planted with explosives for the 911 mega ritual, Ode to Aleister Crowley, by descendants of Crowley, Bush & Cappellett brothers, and Crowley witch followers.

    EVERYTHING ABOUT 911 as presented to the public was AN ILLUSION, a Crowley magick trick. The towers were gutted, prepped and planted with explosives. Learn something about demolition work. Everything is removed from the building, except that which holds the building erect. Floors are even removed. How did anyone stand without floors?


    Ann Cappelletti & Barbara Bush are illegitimate witch daughters of Crowley, who got together in 1970s to set the plans of the ritual to Isis into action.

    Cappelletti brothers, Mike & John’s demolition company (I heard Martin Cappelletti did not want to be involved with the demolitions), got the demolition job from the U.S. cabal. Their demolition crew was put together in the Philadelphia/Upper Darby area (where Ann is the head of her coven). Ann’s husband, John Cappelletti, Sr., has worked in the construction & demolition business his entire life. That is how the sons got into the business.

    I can’t believe after 14 years, you are pushing these lies again.

    NO ONE JUMPED. The windows of the WTC towers did not OPEN. There were no people in the buildings to jump. There was no furniture, carpetting, floors, toilet fixture, doors. THE WTC BUILDINGS WERE GUTTED for the planned 911 demolitions.

    The plan was 4 years in the making. The ritualistic murder of Princess Diana in PARIS, was the kickoff of the plan to usher in the ANTICHRIST, by the witches and government elite.

    3 countries who planned major roles in the 911 mega ritual and the ushering in of the ANTICHRIST are US, UK and FRANCE. Their initials backwards are “FUKUS,”

    After all that has been exposed since 2009, you should be ashamed of yourself for not having done due diligence.

  9. “The B-Thing” by Gelitin (Gelatin) was staged in Spring 2000. A window in Gelitin’s workspace was carefully taken out and a balcony built erected outside of that window on the 91st floor of WTC 1. Dummies were dropped. A helicopter with camera man were hired to record the event. That film was manufactured to be played back after September 11, 2001 as a TRICK to dupe the public.

    4 years of planning for the tricks of 911 generated a lot of planned lies and tricks, not to mention removing everything that could be removed from the towers for the 911 MEGA RITUAL, Ode to Aleister Crowley, and Ritual to ISIS by blowing up the Twin Towers (Jachin & Boaz) and symbolically burning the gold in the WTC towers’ basement (Crowley ritual for attaining the witch’s desire). Look into

    AHA! sub figura 242

    An exposition in poetic language of several of the ways of attainment and the results obtained.

    Burning gold, money in rituals produces more money. 911 was a Satanic ritual to 1) collect massive insurance fraud, 2) put options on UA & AA stock, 3) invade Iraq to get at Ancient Sumerian artifacts collected by French and German archaeologists and to USHER in the ANTICHRIST.

    By this time, you must be aware, the U.S., UK and French governments, along w 88 other countries are run by occultists and witches.


    The B-Thing
    World Trade Center, New York, USA

    “And then the surgical intervention in the World Trade Center in New York City. Everything top secret and illegal of course. In days of conspiratorial work, somewhere on the 148th (sic) floor
    — [There were only 110 stories in each WTC tower] —
    and using building site refuse they had tediously smuggled into the building under their pullovers, they constructed a functioning load-bearing balcony. In a long complicated process they scratched putty from the tall heavy window, which couldn’t be opened. Then they extracted it using suction pads, shunted the balcony out, posed on it at 6 in the morning and had themselves photographed there from a helicopter for their nearest and dearest back home. They kept very mum about it all, because if word had crept out about their coup they could have been fined very heavily for sabotaging a national treasure. Even if it was built by the Japanese. Incidentally, as proof that they were there, there is now a piece of old chewing gum stuck to the outside of the building at a dizzy height.” (Tex Rubinowitz)


    Silverstein signed his 99 year lease on Tuesday, July 24, 2001. Exactly 7 weeks later, 911 2001, the blowing up of 4 buildings at the WTC plaza and The Pentagon were scheduled and executed as controlled demolitions by Bush (grandson of Aleister Crowley), Cheney and the U.S. Luciferian cabal and witch followers of Aleister Crowley.

    Ann (sorcerer) Cappelletti & Barbara Bush are illegitimate witch daughters of Aleister Crowley. Their sons are grandsons of Aleister Crowley. Ann became the more powerful sorcerer of the two. Ann’s witch powers were taken away in 2007. That is why plans by the U.S. cabal have been thwarted. Remember the dud earthquake in New York City in summer of 2011. Why because Ann’s evil powers were taken away from her. Ann hitched a ride on Air Force One to see the black pope in Rome to get her witch powers back. She did get her witch powers back. It was a sign to me Evil Ann is now powerless.

    I know the Witch Cappellettis. They are truly evil.

    Was Barbara Bush’s real father Aleister Crowley?

    • CORRECTION. ANN did NOT get her witch powers back. She is POWERLESS.

      Sorry, I could not correct my comment to Ann is powerless now.

    • Prove it. Just what do you think those people are attempting to breathe to survive at the windows?

      • Those photos were STAGED for the 911 mega ritual. World Views Art students of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) were given working and living space in the WTC towers, primariy on Floor 91 of WTC 1 in 1997-2001 to live with a stipend for supplies. IT WAS FREE to them.

        If you have not looked into LMCC, you are way behind in uncovering the truth of 911. There were no businesses in the buildings. They only had leases for the MASSIVE INSURANCE payout of the 911 mega ritual.

        This information has been out for years. At least since 2009.

        Have you looked into “The Vicsim Report?”

        I live in NYC. I lived in NYC on 911 2001. I had heard of the students living in lofts project, but it was not until after 911 that I learned students lived in the WTC 1 & 2. Silverstein and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey gave LMCC raw space in which to live and work.

        Those of the World Views students which posed for the FAKE PICTURES. The windows in the WTC towers DID NOT OPEN.

        I am surprised that you still after 14 years don’t know the truth about the WTC towers & who lived and worked there.

        I did the research in 2010 after I learned about “The Vicsim Report.” I posted all of my research on David Icke Forums. I will look for the posts and post them so that you can see GELATIN / GELITIN lived on the 91st floor of WTC 1.

        “The B-Thing” was staged in spring 2000. Gelitin even published a book with the balcony event it it.

        This information has been out for a very long time. This is nothing new.

        NO ONE JUMPED, no people were in the buildings.

      • FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. You can’t see the whole building because there is only a set with fake windows & hired actors to pretend they were in the windows.

        The proportion of the real windows were much larger than a person. Use common sense.

      • LMCC World Views photos of WTC vacant businesses
        from topic
        911 vacant towers/Silverstein Lowy Eisenberg

        The towers were empty.

      • stevenwarran did the research on who was in the WTC towers. This is what he found:
        Sunday, April 03, 2011
        33 Firms Said To Be Operating in the South Tower of the World Trade Center Were Unknown to Dun &

        While 79 Firms Said To Be Operating in the North Tower of the World Trade Center Were Unknown to Dun & Bradstreet.

        Dun & Bradstreet published a “World Trade Center Business Listing,” current “As of 9/11/01,” which carried this heading:

        The following is a list of those businesses that, according to Dun & Bradstreet’s records, operated from an address at the World Trade Center. This information is representative of information in D&B’s database as of September 11, 2001 and may be updated as additional facts become known. Please Note: In some instances there will be multiple records with the same name or a similar name. This may result from the existence of multiple business operations or divisions/affiliates within the World Trade Center. D&B requests that any reprinting, reproduction or redistribution of this information include the following notation: Source: Dun & Bradstreet –

        Perhaps that’s because when collating the D&B WTC business records along with the first official listing of tenants put out by the Port Authority—released at the beginning of 2011 as the result of a FOIL request from members of the Let’s Roll Forum—we find that 79 companies who were said to be occupying office suites in the North Tower on September 11th, 2001, and 34 companies said to be occupying office suites in the South Tower on September 11th, 2001, were entirely unknown business entities to the Dun & Bradstreet record keepers. And according to the published lease start dates, many of these companies had supposedly been occupants for several years prior to 9/11.
        33 out of a total of 93 active, individual tenancies, or 35% of total.


    See, the cardboard cartons along the wall. These cartons contain fuse holders. Rebekah Roth uncovered what was contained in the boxes.

    THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad

    • I can find fake Victims-ViSims of 911, And each time I look I can usually find another fake one. Due to their evil & it seemingly making it more to easy to actually murder real people I still yet believe they did actually murder people in the twin towers…
      Although I did have a revelation right now that if they did actually evacuate the buildings successfully (or allow it to be done) then I suppose everyone almost could have gotten out. (I never have been open to that idea before since explosions seemed to have been used to keep people from escaping & add to the death toll.) But with the buildings having so many people inside it almost seems they’d miss someone still. If I could find this security guy O’ Neill is alive then maybe I could believe none or almost none were killed. Certainly non one on Hoax fight 93 died, hoax named after their 1993 Predictive Programming forerunner WTC Attack. & No one died in a plane hitting the Penragon since no plane hit it. However demolition charges & Collapsing still may have killed some one. I thought Rodriguez was telling the truth but I guess he could be a paid liar too.

  12. Gelitin plans for the Spring 2000 stunt of dropping dummies from the balcony erected outside of their living & working space on the 91st. You can find these same plans & drawings at

    Nanothermite and Gelitin/LMCC-WTC1 91-92 floors

    Other photos of fake jumpers were cut & pastes on fake backgrounds. The man with the crossed leg represented the Tarot card of the Hanged Man.

    scroll down to see the faked photo made to look like the Hanged Man Tarot card.

    Everything about 911 was FAKE, STAGED and a LIE.

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