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UPDATED: Desperate Zionists Panic – Photoshop More Malaysian Hoax Pictures

Arch-fraudster Sarah Bajc is fooling no one. She is nothing other than a rabid, extremist Zionist agent, hostile to the bone, bent on spreading great corruption in the land.

She tells lies. She foments confusion. She is a cheat and a falsifier, which is impossible to refute. Now, she is using social media to the extreme to maintain that corruption for which she is one of Zionism’s chief agents:

‘Dearest Love’: Girlfriend of missing American writes to him online
Mar 23, 2014 6:28 PM CDTUpdated: Mar 23, 2014 6:38 PM CDT, NBC News

Sarah Bajc, left, with Philip Wood, one of three Americans on board missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. (Sarah Bajc)

BEIJING -The girlfriend of an American aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is writing love letters to him on social media, pouring out her sorrow and hopes for a reunion as the agonizing search for the plane continues.“Dearest love” and “Good morning, baby” begin personal posts from Sarah Bajc to Philip Wood on Facebook.Bajc, Wood’s girlfriend of two years, lives in Beijing and was getting ready to move to Kuala Lumpur with the 50-year-old IBM executive when Fight MH370 carrying 239 people vanished.“I’m doing my best to bring you hope and courage to continue the fight. So many people have joined in … it has become a prayer storm,” she writes. “Can you feel my loving coming through to you? It is bottomless so it should be able to reach, no matter where you are.”

The posts show Bajc’s enduring hope that her boyfriend is still alive, a hope shared by many of the families of missing passengers gathered in the Chinese capital – even two weeks after the plane went missing.Some of those family members have erupted in anger and accused the Malaysian government of a concealing what happened to the flight.“My feeling is that they’re still alive,” Bajc told NBC News last week. “I’ve had that feeling the whole way through.”

Our addition: The Zionist mole should know their ultimate status, as she is fully aware of all the spies and false identities involved in this hoax, including just who is playing Phillip Wood and his sons.In another Facebook letter, Bajc posts a picture of bright yellow spring crocuses and writes, “it reminds me of my childhood, and of your spirit, you can make it through this.”And in another, a more personal note: “I hope you are able to get some rest where you are, and that they are feeding you. Any chance they include a glass of wine with dinner?”

Wood’s family has also set up a Facebook page, Finding Philip Wood, as an “initiative to drive the search for all passengers of MH370.” The page as of Sunday had more than 19,000 likes.

Copyright 2014 NBC News. All rights reserved.

Is, though, this family real? Zionist mole Sarah Bajc has uploaded the following picture:

What kind of picture is this? Overall, it has the appearance of being artificial, that is being fully contrived. Regarding the man, left screen, supposedly Wood’s son, it is the left arm that is most revealing. It can be seen where the shoulder is, and the arm sure extends a great distance from it. Note the first arrow, left screen, which marks the horizontal window blinds (that will come up later). Now, look at the forearm, also marked in red. It is possible to virtually see through the flesh.
The hand, too, is clearly anomalous.
The hand is completely artificial, just like the entire image. Part of the finger appears to extend into the background, where it becomes partially invisible. It is a freak of nature, make no mistake about it.
There is yet another anomaly, this one pointed out by the sharp eyes of one of our posters. It is a highly significant one, confirming that the image has been manipulated:
Those are vertical blinds in the background. It would be difficult to re-do such blinds in an altered image. The Zionists didn’t. When they installed these faces and bodies into the background, in order to color correct they just painted the area white: solid white, where the blinds must of necessity continue to descend.
Regarding the other ‘son’ there is another obvious finding. Note the area where his shirt touches next to the image of ‘Phillip’ Wood.
It is a cut line visible along the edge of that shirt, vertically. There is also a residual cut line along his right jaw and cheek (left screen). In fact, part of his face appears missing, a significant anomaly. Therefore, this family is entirely fictitious.
In this photo it merely simply looks like Bajc has been artificially installed in the frame. Her head is enormous, too much so. Regarding Wood, a closer inspection is necessary.
There is a jagged white line which surrounds the edge of the black shirt, which ma well be evidence of cut-and-paste. It is offered, here, for the Zionists to prove otherwise. They have yet to do so. Bajc’s neck seems awfully long in the image. Perhaps it was stretched when the head was put on it.
The beer bottles are a Photoshop prop. In this image it is more difficult to find the cut lines
This is just not believable at all. Wood’s image is fuzzier than the people in the background. Moreover, what in the world is Bajc doing looking upwards at the ceiling, while Wood looks in an entirely different direction?
What is going on with the mustache and beard of the image in the background? Is it not exceedingly bizarre?
What did they do, put some Photoshop shaving cream on his face? It appears to be Phillip Wood’s head used twice in the same image. Pretty incredible, isn’t it? In fact, it is his head, recycled, just cut and stuffed into the Santa suit, the sunglasses also being added on as a means of obfuscation.
Below is the worst example of Photoshop corruption possibly ever seen. Bajc looks like she’s aged 30 years.
See this hack-job zoomed in, here:
Notice how soft are the features of both images, particularly Bajc. Notice, too, the sharp angle of the neck to the shoulder and the residual white cut-line along that shoulder, which is largely missing. Photoshop index: 1000% probability a fake.
It’s horrible. Bajc looks like she aged 30 years for this photo. All that money they have stolen from the vulnerable goy, and they can’t do a better job than this? Yet, all this corruption, all these filthy lies and fabrications – it is all for that vilest of all goals, Eretz Israel? It is so rabid, so extremist, that in the rage and hate – in all that devilish desire to solicit war and filthy corruption – blunder upon blunder is made.
Here is another mangled, bizarre-appearing hand/fingers here, including an index finger that appears as if sharpened in a pencil sharpener.  Poor touch up of the cut line leaves a residual white line along his shoulder.
Who, then, is posing as Phillip Wood? Could it be this man working for the U.S. embassy? Are the pictures shown of ‘Phillip” younger versions of this Malaysian embassy worker, known as Michael Wood (credit to this revelation goes to poster “Cowboy, who discovered this likeness).”
They do bear a striking resemblance, and the US Embassy connection, as well as the fact that this man is housed in  Malaysia is surely a basis for suspicion.
Photo of Michael Woods per Google Search Engine, courtesy of poster Cowboy.
Odds are exceedingly high that these are the same persons, which is fully supported by the analysis of the images, which proves that the relationship between Bajc and Woods is a lie.
The wretched Zionists, including the man playing Wood and also Sarah Bajc, seek to foment war and great corruption on the basis of deception: absolute lies. That criminal plot has been thoroughly proven, here, through the absolute, definitive findings that the Malaysian Airlines crash is a diabolical hoax.
To be updated as soon as possible. Preliminary post.


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  1. The most damning of the “family photo” is below his arm but above her shoulder, IT’S SOLID WHITE. That is a horizontal blind behind them. There should be horizontal lines behind them, not SOLID WHITE. 😉

    • Mossadlims did it!

      Get Ready for another series of zionist staged mass shootings against the American people’s minds to disarm US & bring US to war against Iran!

      • Thanks for your post but PLEASE STOP SENDING NEGATIVE WORDS AND ENERGY and making others think and imagine WAR, esp. against Iran. I love Iran – this country and their innocent loving kind people have been through enough.

  2. I love their FB page.

    anyone who drifts off topic, like not offering gratuitous platitudes, is gently rebuked…

    Finding Philip Wood This page is trying to stay focused on providing hope and support for the families rather than speculation. Your efforts are appreciated
    Like · 4 · 11 hours ago

    Finding Philip Wood Stephanie Benjamin this page is focusing on showing support & hope for the families of MH370 and not speculations.
    Like · 8 · 11 hours ago

    Hmm,how DO we go about finding the passengers?? ;+)
    Like, er, how can I help?

    • Amazing. Stephanie Benjamin: is she the facebook creation/management mole?

  3. I dare ytou to take a low to medium quality picture of you family and then use a digital photo veiewer on it. Not an editor but a viewer just o look at it and zoom in. I will guarantee you that you will have those exact “artifacts” you call cut marks and blending areas. What an insane idea you make that these markings indicate editing. Especially when the same photo has be used and used and finally gets to your nut site. G’nite mate.

    • It could be you need to get your eyesight tested!? or somethings wrong with your computer?

      Digital zoom enlarges, but it does not alter the contents. You can try it out with your browser page magnification setting.

      Or more likely you just can’t handle the truth !

  4. Here is a gem of a video about 911 photo fakery.
    It’s been available for years. And the original being a shade under 11 minutes, everyone , yes everyone should have watched it by now!

    Anyone with a nervous disposition, especially photoshop dudes susceptible to ROFL roll over the floor laughahahafing, this is right amateur photo fakery. Can’t say you wasn’t warned!

    • Do not inflict your stupidity and ignorance on others.

      • And you must be a beacon of light!! ……. or is it darkness??

  5. This makes no sense. If your theory that all victims, of this and Sandy Hook, are “actors”, you seem to forget that such actors would themselves have their own lives first – friends, family, colleagues – who would surely recognize them suddenly pretending to be someone else on worldwide television.

    “Oh look, there’s Aunt Sara on TV, but why is she pretending to be a mom of three from Sandy Hook?!”

    As if THAT many people could keep a secret.

    Your supposedly photoshopped “proof” looks like nothing more than your regular poor quality snapshot that millions take everyday of their families.

    And by your supposition no catastrophes ever happen, no boats sink, no planes crash, no crazy people shoot people.

    Nothing you say makes sense. This is the craziest site I’ve ever come across on the internet, and that’s saying something since the internet is full of nutters!

    • Oh Silly Tilly, You are ether so ignorant or a shill! which one are you?. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. You are a shill, so go away and play while the truth is told here..

      • lol.

    • mossad and the u.s. has many actors and agents on their payroll, this is all admitted and on record, a country that leaves behind its own pow/mias ant the end of the Vietnam war, is definetly evil enough to do way worse, remember Malaysia tried prosecuting bush and cheney and America wanted payback and they got it. or else go back to the cnn fox news scripted media

  6. Feels great to know the truth.

  7. ‘Governments are intentionally misleading us’ on Malaysia plane – BBC News

    • The title’s almost there!!
      Let me help out British B/S Corporation on this one ….
      Here this would be the more authentic title :

      ‘BBC is intentionally misleading us’ on Malaysia plane

      BTW … This outed zio trolless Sarah Bajc or Sarah B/S has given us every crazy possible scenario you wouldn’t imagine to date. What’s she going to come up with next, outer space Aliens hijacked it ?

      Maybe not, Imaginary photoshop Iranians be a better bet and the more devious option !!

      And why would anyone in their right mind want to buy that 911 regurgitated B/S ?

    • Here’s the smoking gun from the no plane, to the hijacked plane scenario :

    • Don’t wanna be hoodwinked on the plane disappearing into thin air !?
      Here’s Gordon Duff’s insight on the kind of tracking tech available on a Boeing 777

      By Gordon Duff and Press TV
      (This is the most read article in the world for 2014 thus far)
      Share | Email | Print
      Today we are told that the fate of Flight 370 is known, not yet identified debris has been spotted in what is called “the Southern Indian Ocean,” perhaps more appropriately described as “north of Antarctica.”

      We also know that the 777/200 is a “fly by wire” aircraft with controls in place that allow the CIA to remotely pilot the plane “in case of emergency.” We were able to verify the design and implementation of this system through Boeing, Raytheon and commercial pilots.
      “BAD NEWS”
      The descriptions today in the New York Times and other publications are purposefully inaccurate and contradictory. Their explanations of how commercial aircraft communicate and are tracked are fanciful at best, at worst “criminal.”

      When Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was reported as having crashed in the South China Sea, a massive cover up began yet no one will speak of it, nothing is written of it and its broad consequences are a subject of no investigation.
      While people around the world were told the plane was “lost” or “crashed,” it was being monitored by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and its regional defense partners through secret systems installed in the plane.
      In 2006, Boeing announced the following, from a John Croft article in Flight Global:
      Boeing last week received a US patent for a system that, once activated, removes all controls from pilots to automatically return a commercial airliner to a predetermined landing location.
      The “uninterruptible” autopilot would be activated – either by pilots, by onboard sensors or even remotely via radio or satellite links by government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, if terrorists attempt to gain control of a flight deck.

      Boeing says: “We are constantly studying ways we can enhance the safety, security and efficiency of the world’s airline fleet.”
      Similarly, Raytheon Corporation was awarded a contract by the Federal Aviation Administration 8 years ago to implement an “Advanced Route Evaluation System” (ARES) to work in concert with the system operated by the Central Intelligence Agency.
      In addition, the technical staff at Rolls Royce, a fact also reported in the Wall Street Journal, continually monitored the plane’s flight.
      Hundreds of people knew exactly where the plane was, how every system was working, what had been “turned off” not only when but where and exactly where the plane is now. Every word told the press, has been a lie.
      Every word told by the mainstream media has been a lie.
      Now everyone knows that the plane continued flying for hours. This is where the cover up becomes problematic; you see everything about the plane was known, position, conditions of the engines, oxygen levels in the cockpit and passenger compartment, this and much more.
      Even if the plane couldn’t be remotely piloted, its systems under “uninterruptable” control, a term coined by Boeing itself, the 777/200’s supposed “Flying Dutchman” journey to the South Pole is more than implausible.
      The CIA along with Joint military commands set up during the Global War on Terror, tracked Flight 370, monitoring it continually, monitoring the murder of its passengers, monitoring its landing, monitoring its refueling and know exactly where it is.
      If the plane really went down “off Antarctica,” they then monitored and “allowed” that.
      In Britain, technicians for Rolls Royce monitored the plane as well, reporting its position to the British government every minute it was in the air. Those technicians have been silent, the British government has never been asked, and no one has been asked.
      As the largest “Where’s Waldo” hunt in history goes on, now pulling in data from weather satellites and fleets of anti-submarine warfare planes unleashed upon the Indian Ocean, the entire thing is an “act,” a would-be comical farce.
      Flight 370 is a Boeing 777/200, one of the most automated planes in the world. We will be outlining some of the specifics that make this theft or hijacking or alien abduction or whatever the mainstream media chooses to call it not just improbable but government sponsored terrorism.
      9/11 ALL OVER AGAIN

      This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. When four airliners “disappeared” on 9/11 much of what we are seeing today occurred then, but with far less technology being denied and suppressed.
      According to Dr’s James Fetzer and Dean Hartwell, planes involved in 9/11 were still flying elsewhere after being listed as having crashed or never took off in the first place. These reports, though backed by verifiable data, were considered wild and suppositional by most but, in light of the Flight 370 debacle, deserve to be reconsidered.
      Yes, planes can fly for hours after having crashed and, “yes,” authorities will lie about, not just the location of planes but show a frightening indifference when it comes to the now obviously pre-planned “disappearance” of passengers.
      TRACKING 370
      There are a number of devices on commercial aircraft embedded in such a way as to prevent disabling while in flight. You will never hear about where they are, what frequencies they broadcast on or how they work.
      They are there. There are highly classified and they were on Flight 370, being continually monitored by military and security forces tasked specifically with preventing commercial aircraft from being used as weapons.
      We all remember the testimony at the 9/11 Commission hearings. Condoleezza Rice, General Myers, Rumsfeld and Cheney, none of them had ever heard of the possibility of planes used as weapons no matter how many memos they had sent or received contradicting their testimony.
      Similarly, days, even weeks later, one of the great “disappearing tricks” of all time, and the American military not only monitored every mile travelled but knew exactly when and where the passengers were killed. Part of the admitted “redirection” of Flight 370 included 45 minutes at 45,000 feet.
      There is a procedure taking exactly that long at that altitude for depressurizing the cabin, using up existing oxygen supplies and killing passengers.
      We received this from a Boeing 777 pilot with a major airline. From an article in New Eastern Outlook (Russia):
      “Just a quick update with what I know about the Malaysia 777 disappearance. The Boeing 777 is the airplane that I fly. It is a great, safe airplane to fly. It has, for the most part, triple redundancy in most of its systems, so if one complete system breaks (not just parts of a system), there are usually 2 more to carry the load. It’s also designed to be easy to employ so 3rd world pilots can successfully fly it. Sometimes, even that doesn’t work…
      There’s many ways to fly the 777 and there are safety layers and redundancies built into the airplane now to Malaysia. There are so many communication systems on the airplane: 3 VHF radios, 2 SatCom systems, 2 HF radio systems, plus Transponders and active, ‘real time’ monitoring through CPDLC (Controller to Pilot Data Link Clearance) and ADS B(Air Data Service) through the SatCom systems and ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) thru the VHF, HF and SatCom systems. The air traffic controllers can tell where we are, speed, altitude, etc. as well as what our computers and flight guidance system has set into our control panels. Big Brother for sure! However, most of these things can be turned off.
      But, there are a few systems that can’t be turned off and one is the engine monitoring systems. The Malaysia airplane, like our 777-200’s, uses Rolls Royce Trent Engines (as a piece of trivia….Rolls Royce names their motors after rivers….because they always keep on running!) Rolls Royce leases these motors to us and they monitor them all the time they are running. In fact, a few years back, one of our 777’s developed a slow oil leak due and partial equipment failure. It wasn’t bad enough to set off the airplane’s alerting system, but RR was looking at it on their computers. They are in England, they contact our dispatch in (REDACTED), Dispatch sends a message to the crew via SatCom in the North Pacific, telling them that RR wants them to closely monitor oil pressure and temp on the left engine.
      The crew did all of that and landed uneventfully, but after landing and during the taxi in, the left engine shut itself down using it’s redundant, computerized operating system that has a logic tree that will not allow it to be shut down if the airplane is in the air…only on the ground. Pretty good tech. Anyway, the point was that RR monitors those engines 100% of the time they are operating. And don’t EVER get in an Airbus!!”

      What do we know for sure? We know the plane was tracked continually. We know classified systems were on board that could reroute and land the plane no matter what any hijacker could have done.
      We know the passengers could be killed easily using control systems that should not be available to crew or hijackers but, for some reason, are a major “hole” in the security of an aircraft that has multiple redundancy systems for other “mishaps.”
      We know the media has never addressed simple technical issues that a simple “fact check” on Google could have rectified. Did they lie on purpose?
      Did someone tell them to lie?
      Sources claim the plane landed on Diego Garcia, was refueled, dead passengers “disembarked” and was moved elsewhere?
      Is this a better explanation than flying to the South Pole hidden from the world through multiple simultaneous failures of safety, communications, counter-hijacking and autopilot systems?
      What we are certain of is that in light of today’s announcement, a series of seemingly plausible rationales for what we really know to have been utterly impossible are being concocted.
      This effort is what is now called “reporting

  8. Gordon Duff-information aka Diss-information.

    • Explain yourself.

      Which bit is Djss-info ?

    • I would wanna know what Gordan said from .35min onwards before it was discarded as irrelevant!?

      And yes Gordon Duff probably knows a lot more than he can let out.

      This video is itself from a zio disinfo site, clearly obvious from the way pictures and sounds have been mixed on many videos as a distraction from any point of note. It says it all.

      This explains where you are coming from : closet zio shill

      I guarantee you can’t find fault with what he has to say about Boeing 777 tech.

      • xeliffelix has brought air baggage with him, her, whatever !
        Better dash! You don’t wanna hang around here too long you might miss your flight MA370 ? lol

  9. There was no plane. Pointless discussion one. A distraction.

  10. You cannot loose a 777 aircraft even if you wanted to. Period !!
    If it crashes for whatever reason, you most likely would locate the debris within a day or two at most.
    Hijacking, even if possible, would be easily trackable.and traceable.

    There are no other options left !!

    ….. but to question the very existence of this flight.??
    Especially when supported by dubious actors, manipulated images and suspect news coverage !!

    Obviously this is beyond the understanding, logic, common sense of some people !!
    Also known as Shills.

    • Each plane has 4 or 5 black boxes which are flight recorder & transonder boxes that are virtually indistructable. They are made of titanium, stronger than the best steal. They cannot be turned off by the pilot or anyone else! —Which would be insane and make defeat the entire purpose of having them.! The batteries are powerful lithium ones that will last a minimum of 6 months after a crash. If underwater likely much longer since they will use only sonar ping signals since the blackboxes will turn automatically off all radio frequency signals which would be useless underwater. The zionist liars like Werewolf AIPAC Blitzer & Barbara let’s go to War Star with Iran & MOSSADOMITE Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper like to tell ridiculous lies like that the black boxes will stop working after 3 or 4 weeks even though experts on their own lyingest zionist networks have said otherwise and even though the boxes supposedly quit working magically in midfight along with all other communications equipment. lol Also note that all these commecial airliners carry the mail– All letters and non- next day delivery packages. So mail would be spread out for hundreds of miles along with some of the bodies which would float and survival floats, suit cases, etc.

    • shes an agent, you can tell, shes too contained and has been well coached. what id like to do to her if I got my hands on her errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! not only that under Stephen brajcs facebook page photos :”there she is with her husband Stephen ” not Wood…
      u n b e l I e v a b l e they both look like they are feeding from the trough of death…..

  11. Wonder why this video was made, uploaded February 21 2014:

    Chinese Channel from Beijing. Subsequent to March 2014, this channel became very interested in MH370. Just a coincidence?

    • For zio shill xeliffelix

      Hey zio shill bagman xeliffelix, havent you left for the airport yet !? your flight MA370 is waiting for you on the runway !!
      You don’t wanna keep the passengers and crew waiting !!

      The Youtube link you just posted is a nondescript flight to Jakarta, Indonesia Not China you dummy !!, as are the videos on the site you got it from, in Indonesian.

      You shills with Gravatar accounts and logos, is it so you’re zio jew handlers and paymasters can monitor the disinfo and junk you post from zio lie media sites ? lol

      And payment per post basis, is it !??

      • Former AIPAC spokesman & current Mossadomite Werewolf Blitzer & Barbara Let’s bomb Iran Star are reporting a new Gun Confiscation Operation at Fort Hood!…Calling it an active shooter incident..and saying soldiers are ordering to shelter in place! lol So soldiers hide under your bunks and wait for supposed shooter to come & shoot you dead so the bodycount can be sufficiently high to push forward the Zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda so Americans can be readied for slaughter by the zionists, like the zionists did the Russians in 1917….After the zionists (called communists) for years staged mass shootings, bombings and assasinations….
        And what an amazing coincidence an active shooter/shooting drill expert just happens to be in studio @ CNN ! This is called a “period of escalating violence” under zionist psychopath Marxism. …Now they have a soldier/actor who is hiding in his barracks.! Lol DYLAN the soldier fake shooting actor. New lies for old, old lies for young, lies, lies and more lies. Zio Scams, never ending scams & terror committed against the American people who are programmed by the lyingest zionist media that zionist evil Bankster stolen money can buy! Martin Luther had them pegged in 5 words.

  12. Whatever happened to the weird world wide (WWW) Israeli embassy strike? Why is the MSM not interested in it? A curious parallel story:Jonathan Pollard.

    D. Mattera ‏@djm11g
    Israel wants Pollard to be freed – why did the Israeli Embassy in D.C. deny political asylum to Pollard & wife in 1985? #Pollard
    1:05 pm – 1 Apr 2014

    D. Mattera ‏@djm11g
    Israel is using Pollard in a publicity stunt & is acting comparable to a teenage girl who seeks attention by any means possible.#IsraelDrama
    1:11 pm – 1 Apr 2014
    April 1 2014
    Why now?
    In an interview with Foreign Policy, retired Adm. Thomas Brooks, the former director of naval intelligence, said Pollard’s actions have been “exceeded only by Edward Snowden,” the NSA whistleblower….With the U.S. desperate to salvage renewed Israeli-Palestinian talks, whose nine-month deadline ends April 29, the White House is now considering releasing Pollard in exchange for Israeli concessions…

    Hmmm; Snowden is a hoax….

    • Snowden told the truth: Israel controls & runs the PRISM software system used by NSA (insanely) and therefore Our worse enemy (which commited 911) has real time spying ability over every American citizen & all government US government agencies. & Homeland Security is completely controlled by zionist psychopaths bent on disarming Americans as soon as this evil entity is strong enough and the people are progressively disarmed and weakened enough to be defeated, conquered & enslaved as the zionist plan desires, and the Babylonian evil book requires.

    • Pollard desired to be hung for his treason not sent to a life of Luxury on stolen land on the Mediterranean.

  13. I asking abouth MOBILPFONES On that airpalane all has mobilpfone.Where are they converzations? Seven hours fly to novere and no one talk to they relatives friends bosses etc “we are in trouble etc” I am not suprised soon found a hijacker passport floting in the ocean as an evidence Nodisinfo allways right and telling the truth.I wish make an article abouth the passengers mobilpfones.

  14. Despite what took place with Gordon Duff I have to say that Gordon is a decent person. There are many things I may disagree with Gordon but Gordon Duff is not a wicked person unlike the Zionist agents Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper.

    Gordon Duff has many good qualities. He does not insult people. He does not stalk them while they are on the internet using spy equipment which the Zionist agent Mark Glenn does.

    He has given a platform to many honest, courageous and good people to express their view point (like Dr Alan Sabrosky, Merlin Miller, Dr Philip Giraldi, Dr James Preston, Jonas Alexis, Grant Smith, Dr Jim Fetzer, Dr Kevin Barrett, Alison Weir, Jim Dean, James Wall, Steve Lendman et al) through his popular websites: Veterans Today and Peace and Justice.

    Dr K is someone with enormous courage who is also a good person and God bless Dr K.

    I wish many others to have this same degree of courage. With God’s power anything is possible and Gordon Duff can improve in an instant and this is my wish for Gordon because I really like Gordon and wish him the very best and God bless Gordon and Carol Duff and God bless all those who write on Gordon Duff’s websites,

  15. As long as the world allows the Zionist Bankers to rob them through the private central banking system there will be more wars and more trouble (False Flag terrorism and all types of hoaxes like Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Malaysian plane crash) for all countries. It is time to get rid of these parasites!

    Here is one of my favorite people posting at Gordon Duff’s popular website:

    Excellent job Mike Rivero!

  16. Brandon Martinez is another excellent writer whose work appears on Gordon Duff’s popular website thanks to Gordon Duff.

    “A Century of Deceit: Iraq, the World Wars, Holocaust and Zionist Militarism” by Brandon Martinez

  17. The above article by Brandon Martinez is a very important one. Brandon is a young person who is extremely courageous and well informed. Well done Brandon Martinez!

    Professor William A Cook is among the courageous and honest writers whose valuable articles have found a home at Veterans Today. Thanks to Professor Cook and Gordon Duff again.

  18. I LOVE this site. Hours upon hours of hilarious entertainment. It’s like the fake news site, only more demented. My friends and I were reading the stories during lunch hour at work, laughing hysterically. These “news articles” are even more ludicrous than the parody site www.

    Sad thing is, it looks like some of the commenters are not in on the joke and take the site seriously. I can just imagine these losers living in their momma’s basement, typing their delusional rants day after day, night after night in the echo chamber of their paranoid cohorts. But I gotta hand it to you folks … you’ve got quiet the imaginations. Hollywood could use some good fiction scriptwriters like you. Keep those stories coming … I haven’t had such belly laughs in years!!!

    • Hey Kato
      What happened to the 3rd 6 ?
      Your boss will be displeased.
      Try and get it right next time !

  19. Here are more crimes by the same criminal entity:

    Jessica Ernst Exposes Drilling and Fracking Crimes in Alberta

  20. According to What Really Happened website:

    Jessica Ernst worked for over three decades as an environmental biologist doing research and independent consulting for the Alberta petroleum industry. One of her main clients was the EnCana Company, which began large-scale fracking in the region of her home community of Rosebud Alberta in the early years of the 21st century.

    In 2007 Jessica Ernst the scientist became Jessica Ernst the whistle blower. Bringing forward evidence that her own water well and those of her neighbours had been severely contaminated, Jessica sued the EnCanada Corporation. She also sued the forerunner of the Alberta Energy Regulator as well as the Alberta government itself.

  21. Here is some urgent information from another website. Many who visit NoDisinfo know about who is behind the theft of money from people.

  22. More about financial crime here from Abby Martin of RT

    How Financial Looters Are Destroying Your 401(k) in a Fraction of a Second:

  23. NATO is Zionist terror

    NATO Members Conduct False Flag Terror In Attempt to Whip Up War

  24. “What we got here is failure to communicate” by James Wall

  25. Another scheme to demonize Islam

    Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Sea Water Fuel, Afghanistan Elections, FDA Fraud, Honor Diaries Funding and American Illiteracy

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