Boston Bombing — 09 May 2013
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Pink Lady Caught and Busted by AnonPyrates

Editor’s note: the video has been pulled, even though it was exceedingly accurate. The pink woman is a hoaxer, no doubt about it.

Boston Hoax arch-perpetrator the lady in the pink vest and more are caught and busted in this video by AnonPyrates. DHS mole is caught red-handed lying about the the fake massacre. There are powerful proofs in this video. Should be recorded and held as evidence by all who can. Pink lady caught acting out injury in wheelchair for Zionist-controlled media. All of it represents a venomous assault against the American people. This is one of the most damning videos against this hideous regime ever produced. It proves that the entire operation was a hoax and a fraud and that, once again, nobody died.

NOTE: the video no longer existed. It proved the following:

  • that fake blood was used and was hidden clandestinely
  • that the DHS operated and controlled the criminal event using force if necessary to keep out all outsiders
  • that the woman in pink was a distributor and likely applicator of fake blood
  • that the moles who perpetrated this were well in place before the bomb detonation
  • and much more

The following DHS mole has also been busted as a liar and a fraud:



Don Odom is his name. “My father’s at the hospital. I was 15 feet from him. I went to take a photo, moved out of the way, and the bomb went off. It seemed like (the injuries) were lower extremiteis. There were some bad looking people. We’re all trying to put pressure on the wounds, tourniquets.” The man is lying. Notice the wheelchair behind him. Is that the double amputee who goes by the name Jeff Bauman? Other moles identified in the video, as follows

: dhsmolesidedr

The man with the sunglasses on is the same individual as above, the lack of the hat and the sunglasses being a part of the disguise. Woman in brown sweatshirt noted at the  purported bombing epicenter. Curiously, Krystal Campbell and Karen Rand not seen. The child is pointed out, because he can be seen on the DHS collaborator’s neck during and after the actor set-up. Let’s enlarge this to see if there is anyone else:


As noticed by posters that’s him, the man posing as Chris Bauman, right in the frame. However, one key issue: notice the same clothing but that the hair is not curly, which many people have brought up as an issue.


Other agents include the two younger-appearing women in the front, both of whom are also crisis actors. Let’s have a closer look:


In the crowd awaiting the smoke bomb detonation.


Acting as if injured: not true.


Acting as the girlfriend of Christian Williams, but it’s not true. Behind her, Homeland Security, fully positioned, major perpetrators. Other fraudsters and secretive moles are found in this screenshot taken from the video, including the scissors mole and the co-producer:

\Another duo of actors or, rather, coordinators:

One major question: why is it that none of the coordinators were injured, including those who were a mere few inches from the supposed blast site, only the crisis actors? Oh, wait, there was one injury, but it was fake:



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  1. I believe that she will ultimately be the key to conclusively exposing this crime. Elected officials generate a lot of documentation for us to work with. Their records, schedules, memos, agendas, financial records, and many more, are all required to be available to the public. If these items are not on the net, they can be disclosed via Freedom of Information Act Requests (as simple as writing a letter). Lots of rocks to look under. She must have thought sh would never be recognized. Act fast and copy everything before they destroy more evidence.

  2. What can we do about this? How do we bring justice?

    • Hi sarah
      I think we should: keep investigating, (online & real world), If you find something odd – document it! (multiple copies), share the info with anyone interested, keep talking, don’t let them distract and confuse us, keep putting pressure on the media for main stream investigation. There are still lots of good ethical people in the govt/MSM we need their help.

  3. WOW. This video is amazing. Any lingering doubts I had that this whole thing was completely staged from start to finish were completely dispelled after seeing this. What a bunch of vile frauds!

  4. Isn’t that Jeff Bauman at 7:20 ?????

  5. We all surrounded by wickedness and weakminds. I even still have doubts that Tamerlin is really dead.

  6. That does appear to be Jeff Bauman’s face at the 7:20 mark, but it could be a double or even a photoshopped image. If it’s actually him, it’s pre- makeup application/ prostheses removal. Whoever it is, his hair looks remarkably straight compared to the person we see wheeled out later with Carlos the “American Hero.”

  7. I also have doubts that Tamerlan is really dead. That supposed “death photo” looks incredibly contrived, and in my opinion, looks nothing like any of the real life photos of Tamerlan. I’m even starting to doubt that the actual Tsarnaev brothers were even standing in the crowd at the marathon that day. Every image seems suspect in my opinion.

    • Yes, those images are contrived. The CCTV camera image was fabricated to artificially place them there.

    • Thanks, Michelle; I appreciate your also being willing to dispute everything in this story, including whether Tamerlin is even a corpse, mysteriously buried, It is probably considered a sin, by some, for me to wonder how much money his mother has raised over this. The first attorney announced as representing her was jewish.

      Btw, a couple of days ago, I commented that Dave who wrote about the Boston Bombing at DavesWeb was DC Martin, but today Friend wrote me that he is D. McGowan. Sorry.

    • What really needs to be done, here, is to see if the witness report of one of these men being struck with an SUV down to the ground is real. If this is the case, then, that blunt trauma could result in the blood brusing, seen. If anyone can help firm this down, that would be grand.

      I have no doubt that Mr.Tsarnaev was loved greatly by his wife. The issue is documenting things. Also, again, was he filled with bullets. If so, then, despite the bizarre nature of releasing the photo, then, this inclines to it being real. Documenting it, since it is an area of dispute.

  8. @drkresearch- Thank you, that is what I suspected. It is mind-boggling to me how so many are still completely blind to this glaring, almost comical fakery. I realize that it’s part of human nature for the mind to reject the notion that people could be so dishonest, manipulative and evil, but at some point ( like now, when the perpetrators are throwing it in our faces so blatantly) people need to acknowledge what they SEE happening right in front of them, instead of just listening to the obvious lies they’re being told.

    • Hi michelle
      The sad fact is that good honest people assume others are likewise good and honest. Criminals, con men, fraudsters, swindlers, all know this and exploit it. To catch a con you have to think like a con; good people don’t. Wrapping your mind around this incident is emotionally and intellectually difficult, particularly when you despise the conclusions you are reaching. Good luck.

      • Consider and share this as much as possible “The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

        • I hope all read MEIN KAMPT by Adolf Hitler, misinterpreted here by Leo. I recommend the new Uncensored Edition, the Ford Translation, which is on CD copywrited by Elite Minds, Inc.i The Ford translation is also on line in words written, and spoken. Excerpt posted at, is:

          “He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.”

          “Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago. And so I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew, I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.”

  9. Legal action should be taken to halt or return the donations set up for this hoax. There have to be attorneys out there that can act on this, isn’t there?

    • Hi ron
      Attorney here. My thought. Keep a low profile for now. “Give them lots of rope”. While we quietly collect, document, share and preserve evidence. The documentation is KEY. Glad you are here.

      • Old true legal maxim: “It’s not the crime that catches you…It’s the cover up.” We need to focus on documenting the cover up. Pressure them to make more mistakes.

      • 21 posts and no shills yet. A new record!

        • Anon is brilliant. Note: on the Boston Hoax: All the Blood is Fake an error was made. That is not a spray gun. Instead, as of this time evidence points to some sort of other exploding device, possibly simply thrown Ziploc bags. All identified and explained in the post. Thanks.

  10. Hey check into this same actor from bombing known as Hollywood amputee actor Her name is really Jamie BK amputee just like her fake profile. Acting name is Heather Abbott.

    Found on fb from someone else

  11. That is Jeff bauman at 720 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi sarah
      Brillant digging. Keep it up!!!!

    • Anyone of us could “strike gold” If we are creative, work hard enough and keep at it.

    • I’m not seeing “jeff” yet can you further guide me?

      • Sorry never mind. Answered my own question. I thought you Identified “jeff” on the actors page. I gotta slow down on that “Post Comment” button.

  12. He’s on the left of the woman who wears brown sunglasses.

  13. Has anyone identified the Pink Lady? This is all I can find:[email protected]/8701711433/

    Yes this video is really damning. Gloves off, gloves on, tootling around chatting as if at a cocktail party… leaning down, fiddling with the victims, standing up, more tootling and chatting… then, gloves off and getting wheeled away “injured.” No way.

  14. Just found this “stabilized” video of the bombing… much easier to see:

  15. How often does the first lady visit victims in the hospital? It seems michelle was all over the saudi citizen and all these “alleged” victims, probably to give the air of legitimacy to their fraud.

    • And tons of celebrity visits too… the extent of this hoax boggles the imagination…

      • “The Big Lie” concept courtesy of Hitler

        • Hitler was referring to the big lies of the Zionists that caused the impoverishment and other sufferings of much of Europe as of the date he wrote that. His enemies have spun his writings and statements. if you are sincere, Leo, please read and/or listen to the Ford Translation of MEIN KAMPT. Question, are you a Zionist, Leo?

    • Why in the world would this woman be photographed with the president? It’s obvious that obama did this through his various illegal agencies like DHS or FEMA to scare the public.

  16. Are there any photos where the jeff bomb went off before the bomb? There has to be an image somewhere of these people with pre-shredded clothes or preparing the scene.

  17. @NoDisformationAllowed–Since the “bombing” happened I’ve spent all my free time researching everything I could find, and I’m really starting to question everything now. At first I was just convinced that it was a straight set up, and the cops really did kill Tamerlan, but now I’m wondering if maybe he really was working with the CIA, not only to be set up, but at a highter level. I’m not even suggesting that his family is aware, if that is the case, but I found it odd that nobody in the family claimed the body, and coupled with the phony looking picture, it definitely has me wondering.

    Sorry for getting off topic. Hi Leo. I completely agree with what you wrote about why it’s difficult for people to conceive of this type of con being possible. That is what the perpetrators count on, after all, right?

    So, now would one go about finding out solid information regarding the alleged SUV run-down incident? I’m in New York, and don’t know anyone in Boston, unfortunately. I’m thinking there’s got to be more eyewitnesses to what really took place in Watertown that night, but how do we find them?

    • I actually saw a still of a woman who said she gave tamerlan a professional massage before the bombing and he talked a out going down to boston for a drill with his work…it’s just hearsay until she comes foreward …. But I feel as if the tables were turned on him…. There is a Watertown video of him being arrests and can be heard screaming padslava to dzhokhar which means setup in Russian ….I’m so confused

    • The no claiming of the body. Can all people post any info, here, to get down to the bottom of this? Thanks.

  18. @Bill–I haven’t seen any photos of that exact location pre explosion, but I’m thinking the “set directors” had some of the makeup and effects, clothing shredding, etc, already going on inside the Lens Crafters, and then brought them out and they all got in their positions under the cover of the smoke cloud. ( I haven’t seen any photographic proof of this, but that is just my assessment of how some of the effects were done so quickly.)

    • There are microexplosives in Hollywood for this. Needs to be researched.

  19. We need to help Jahar now.We need to start passing photos and make copy of the videos that show evidence that all this was a false flag(FAKE ) COMON PEOPLE WE CAN DO IT.

  20. Why do you call him Chris ? Do we have any picture of a man called Chris Bauman somewhere ?
    By the way, after seeing the larger image where he is standing in the crowd, Though I’m sure he’s the same one with the fake blown legs. I can tell that he is not Jeff Bauman, definitely not the same hairs and haircut, not the same face at all, just compare with the picture that was supposedly taken with the two girls before he supposedly went to the marathon. I think Jeff Bauman never made it to the marathon.

    • The guy with the hoodie putting the fake stumps on the double amputee is called christian. The stump guy seems to be Nick Vogt who is a double amputee. (It could be possible that Jeff Bauman was already a double amputee prior to this event.) If bauman was already a double amputee, if he wears jeans with fake legs, nobody could tell. It seems the infiltrators are aware we know something is amiss with the jeff bauman hoax so they are bringing in other amputee people that look similar to portray this guy tin order to muddy the waters.

  21. Please check my blog about this lady in pink.

    Who is her man? I am super curious about her and her man, and their connection to the man in blue hat who seems like part of the chain of command.

  22. @fwilliams: Excellent finds with the shots of lady in pink’s man across the street from the smoke bomb site. I know it’s already been said on this forum that the lady in pink is a very important key in all of this, and it’s helpful to have this new information ( new at least to me) showing her holding hands with the man in black.

  23. Looks like they finally buried Tamerlan, according to the MSM:

    Very bizarre–not sure yet what to make of these claims:

  24. videos don’t exist on this and other pages!!!!!!!!

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