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Port Arthur Massacre was an Absolute Hoax No One Died No One Injured

What an absolute scam and hoax it was, this purported Port Arthur Tasmanian-area mass shooting. There was no shooting. There was  no carnage. No one died, and no one was injured. It was all staged by deviant Zionist agents as a means to strip the Australian people of their inalienable rights, make no mistake about it.

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Notice this fake of fake shooter Martin Bryant. Note the photographic manipulation to bring the fake girlfriend into the scene. This is by no means a real picture. Anyone can realize that.

Yet, how much more corrupt can it get? It was said that this was all so “chilling,” so “horrifying,” so “terrifying.” What was horrifying or terrifying about what was obviously a mere drill? Did anyone really see anyone getting shot and killed? There are no eyewitness accounts to this effect, certainly none with any degree of credibility.

From the beginning it was a media zoo. Who can deny it?

The Zionist controlled media was fully on the scene, controlling the flow of information for the arch-corrupt scheme at-hand:

The above was supposed to represent the vehicle of a person shot-dead. Who believes such nonsense? Why is there no appropriate crime scene? There is no way when there is this degree of media presence, when they are swarming in this manner over the ‘hot’ crime scene: there is no way this could be real.

Here is what is purported to be footage of the first few gruesome minutes. What is the camera-person doing there?

See this Zionist mole and obvious movie-director on-site preparing for the scam. See how he is ready to go on command:

Here is the Zionist agent, the one with the dark glasses, moving a fake wounded person about for purposes of the camera-shoot:

Notice the fake blood poured on the pillow for effect and for the purposes of bamboozling the gullible, vulnerable goy. That fake red matter has no relationship to any wounds on the body, as seen, below:

It’s just poured there, and there can be no doubt about it, proven, here. All the (fake) blood is on the pillow; nothing on the hair or the head.

Here is another example of a fake. Where are this man’s entrance or exit wounds from a high-powered semi-automatic weapon?

Here is another example of a fake wound with a bit of fake red matter. Notice the Zionist agent acting as a stage hand, once again, moving about the fake wounded:

There are no entrance or exit wounds visible on anyone, even the dummies.

If there was that much real blood, then, there would have been damaged to the skull. Yet, it wasn’t a skull. It was merely a cadaver dummy. See the chest, how massive it is. That is the chest of a fake corpse.

Here is another fake corpse, no mistake:

There are no bullet wounds here, either. There is no arterial spray against the walls: not a drop. It’s just red tempura paint drizzled all over the dummy (fake) corpse.  Notice also the length of the neck. Notice, too, the lack of any real eyes. From where did the blood arise if there are no actual chest or bullet wounds? Said one of the commissioners:

Superintendent Jackson said the drill went quite well, in fact, very, very well:

It seemed that there were no glitches of any kind in this scam. Thus, soon, the guns would be purged from private ownership, just as according to plan:

He isn’t very compelling, is he?

Does he seem to be horrified in the least? Yes, it did go according to plan. Moreover, thus, no one seems to be disturbed in the least by what is going on.

What’s all the smirking and smiling about? What are they laughing and joking about?

Bryant was reportedly on-fire when he came out of one of the buildings. No one finds this plausible. Supposedly, the police did so good by ‘taking him alive.’ Said one police officer in a later recap:

Didn’t 35 people get slaughtered? Why is everyone so happy?

As final proof Bryant wasn’t even there. Here is the gurney on which he was stated to be placed. Repeatedly, it is stated that this was an image of a strapped in shooter, Martin Bryant.

The gurney is empty. There is no one there at all. There is no body there, no feet, nothing. The strap is not related to any body of any kind. It’s all fake, all perpetrated by Zionist criminal minds: all to confuse people, to undermine them, and to destroy their native rights.  This was an inane, in fact, amateurish fake that the world took as true, all because of the criminal minds running the Zionist-controlled media. It was a plot aimed directly at guns rights, and it fully achieved its aim, an absolute treacherous lie, just like Dunblane and Sandy Hoax.


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  1. its obvious that the Mikac kids weren’t killed….
    there’s been enough questions asked abt this tripe over the last coupla decades but, unfortunately, most AUssies are imbeciles…..or….just plain gutless……..they hvn’t “taken on” the 0zz government over this…

    • I always have warned guys in the Militia movement & patriot movement when I guy shows up with a brand new loaded Suburban or Expedition & tough talk & lots of fancy guns & expensive rifles, uniforms & tents, etc. & want to meet your leaders, he is probably a federal agent & your worst enemy. If he comes with a beat up old jeep or pickup with bumper stickers & knowledge about the constitution & government tyranny stories & he’s passing out fliers that don’t even lead to his own website & don’t even profit him, he’s probably on your side! Lol!

      • Another copy & paste fraud post by ziotrasg tranny *** Gabriel…At least he didn’t mix all kinds of gibberish & faggotry in with it this time.

        Cowboy FEBRUARY 28, 2017 AT 12:16 PM
        I always have warned guys in the Militia movement & patriot movement when I guy shows up with a brand new loaded Suburban or Expedition & tough talk & lots of fancy guns & expensive rifles, uniforms & tents, etc. & want to meet your leaders, he is probably a federal agent & your worst enemy. If he comes with a beat up old jeep or pickup with bumper stickers & knowledge about the constitution & government tyranny stories & he’s passing out fliers that don’t even lead to his own website & don’t even profit him, he’s probably on your side! Lol!

      • We know exactaly what everyone is up to, we can and have since the 70’s had the capability to intercept all communications either by copper or radio signal and now with fiber. We are watching everybody!

    • Where is your proof to support these whining insinuations?

    • According to this site, you biggots are pointing out how you are losing to the Zionists in every which way, every single day. All your lies and smears have done nothing and haven’t changed a single thing. Score: Zionist 100, Nodisinfo knuckleheads 0. If only Cowboy would post more often, maybe you’d have a chance. Giddyup, Cowboy!

    • I met a guy(knew him for about 6 months).He went by the name Terry.Just happened to be a gun dealer out near warragamba.His daughter he said.Was shot at port Arthur and survived.This guy even carried a hand gun in his glove box.He showed me.
      Strange thing is.He had a sudden heart attack and run off the road near camden one day and died.I suspect he was the gun dealer from port arthur but i will never know now.

      A Blue Mountains truck stop was where i used to catch up with him…….true story…

    • I was passing out thousands copies of anti Globalism info in 88 & before, old sellout, old man. I met Eustace Mullins several years before 1996. So admittedly I been a truther, long before you were, years before you were old shell of a shill! I was in Washington, DC at every anti-NAFTA antiGATT rally in DC from 1993 to 95. I was thrown out of NRA meetings in 96 for supporting Pat Buchanan & calling Bob Dole & Phil Gramm gungrabbers. And Neal Knox of Shotgun news & a whole bunch of Lifetime NRA members protested me being thrown out of one NRA Meeting and threatened to demand their money back as lifetime NRA members so the NRA GOONS let me back in to the meeting & apologized to me & others & I still insisted on our Pat Buchanan signs being allowed in the meeting & placed as prominent as the Dole and Gramm signs! I And never got pay a dime to do any campaign work. I refused a paid job for Pat Buchanan in 96 so I could go do phone calls on my own & pass out whatever literature I wanted to attacking globalism and do street campaigning anywhere, anytime I decided to.

      • were you actually born…..or….did you just fall straight out of a mongrel dog’s ****, eh?

        • Your limited repertoire of insults demonstrates your intelligence level Peter Finn and represents what you are – a convicted and nationally shamed scammer of sick children, a bottom-feeding slime-sucker and an impersonator of war veterans. A mongrel dog’s **** is at the top of your food chain. Even the pond scum look down on you.

          Q: How do you know when a Fat Finn slug is lying?

          A: It’s pneumostome moves.

        • eff off, you jew ***!

  2. …COWBOY…

    He is so dumb that MENSA, in collaboration with the world’s top academics, have been forced to introduce an anti MENSA test just to gather info on his stupidity. Is that fair?

  3. Ex8) Ripon Modesto HOUSE Crash & Cop Killing Woman Hoax Paid DHS Facebook Poster Pushing Script of More Mental Health Care & More Drills As The Solution to DRILL Style Hoax PsyOp Shootings! Lol

    • Why would we need more mental health care? I’m perfectly happy being batshit crazy! Lol

  4. Ex9) Ripon Hoax House Car Crasher DHS paid shill Poster Tina Driskill Zionist Says Holohoax (& pogroms) is coming Again on her Facebook!

    The jewish holocaust is coming alright just like your tribe committed the real genocide zionist jewish holocaust of millions of Goyim in zionist Communist jew run USSR, Ukraine & Eastern Europe & Spain!

    Join the human race if you really want to help Tina & fight the evil of your tribe instead of making up ziosh#t if you want to avoid blood shed, death & destruction that your tribe is always fomenting & perpetrating!

  5. “Martin Bryant” is, more likely than not, a media ‘creation’… “Adam Lanza” of Sandy Hook Hoax fame…
    seeing as how the PAM never occurred, MB, most likely, never existed ! ☹

    • And you are most likely a shill.

      • and you, sir, are, most likely, either a knave or a fool!

  6. Australian political candidate’s personal ‘blog claims: Port Arthur massacre is fake news!

    • Great stuff, a total fake: no doubt about it.

    • He denies that he wrote it. Who do you work for, shill?

      • the post was on his ‘blog;
        according to Rodgers [sic], some-one else wrote it while he was over-seas;
        nevertheless, as they say, possession is ⅞ of the law;
        he denied it b’cs he wanted to retain his endorsement for One Nation Party;
        nevertheless, it almost certainly represents his belief concerning the Prt Arthur “massacre” as it does the belief(s) of thousands of Australians……

        • He denied it.

          And everything else is your own spin.


          • he denied making the actual post…he never really commented on what he thought abt whether Port Arthur was fake news or not!

  7. Ex1) Kansas White Goyim Indian Killer–ZioMagic Healed Happy Crisis Actor HoaxHero Ian Grillot Back Drinking At Shooting Bar & Grill After 1wk! In ZioHollywood Fake Shootings You heal Fast!

    & Actually Crisis Actwhore Ian Grillot of the Bar & Grill Fake shooting zioMagically healed in one day since a day earlier he was wearing an armed cast in a press conference!!! LMAO! The ziotrash & zioMedia treasonous enemy have no scruples, no truth nothing but lies fraud & fakery & savagery!

  8. Ex2) Kansas Fake Goyim Indian Killer–ZioMagic Healed Happy HoaxHero Crisis Actwhore Ian Grillot… @ Drinking Shooting Bar & Grill After 1wk! & Happy Duping Delight Meeting w Happy Indian Diplomats getting their ZioSheckels for ZioLie Service!

    Who’s the fat AshkeNAZI Rabbi Khazar with Ian Grillot the Bar & Grill Hoax Hero?? His Daddy of course!!! Every lying fraud Mossadomite Israeli committing treason against Americans, spewing lies & warmonging hatred Crisis Actor seems to have a Rabbi looking daddy!

  9. Another stupid disinfo faggy Fraudulent post by ziotrash Jew *** Gabriel aka Gabriela!

    (brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy MARCH 3, 2017 AT 12:06 AM
    Victorian Farmer, you’ve had the wool pulled over your eyes by the Zio-trash that wants to disarm us Goyims. If you have any weapons left don’t hand them in or you’ll become defensless when the Zio-scum invade your farm.
    I’ve got a 22 waiting for the Zio-trash if they set foot on my ranch. I know I’m a wholesome Christian and I shouldn’t keep a weapon but my hatred and fear of Zio-Jews is overwhelming.
    Beware of Zio-trash shill Coward and Mossadomite Gabriel here at nodisinfo he steals niks and projects his snake in the grass homo errotic Zio-propaganda onto the hated Goyim.

  10. Ex3-b) Kansas Fake Shot Hero IsraeliJew Traitor Crisis Actwhore Ian Grillot Busted! Paul Joseph Grillot,25 is Ian Paul Grillot,24 aka JeanPaulGrillot etc! Mossad Agent Of: France, Indo, India, Israel, CAN, EUR, Etc! Busted Piece Of Traitor ZioTrash Sh#t!

    You can look at this Mossadomite Crisis Actwhore’s own page as Ian Grillot (Compare to Ex3) & see these pictures are taken from North Carolina mountains in Asheville where this ******* lives & not FLAT Kansas!!! This is his account as Hoax Hero Ian Grillot:

    NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE DOROTHY! Filthy murderous lying mossad scum warmonger is a mossad agent actor from Asheville NC & France & India & Indonesia, working worldwide spewing zionist lies!

    This piece of **** was not shot & is same guy!!! Ian Paul Grillot supposed of Kansas is alias as: Paul Joseph Grillot, Jean Paul Grillot, Paul Jean Grillot, Paula Grillot, Jean Grillot with character ages raging from 24 to 32.. Plus identity fraud on paper with ages from past 32 to 65 to 92!!!


    Paul Joseph Grillot
    age 25

    Asheville, NC

    Margaret Grillot ((Maggie Grillot!)), Michael Grillot, Atlee Grillot, Paula Grillot

    Intelius Identity search:

    Ian P Grillot
    age 24
    Get Full Report on Ian

    Olathe, KS

    James Grillot, Maggie (((Margaret!))) Grillot,
    Laura Grillot, Debra Grillot, Magdalyne Grillot, Jim Grillot

  11. Ex3) Kansas Fake Shot Hero Israeli Jew Traitor CrisisActwhore Ian Grillot Busted! Paul Joseph Grill,25 is Ian Paul Grillot,24 aka Jean Paul Grillot, etc! Mossad Agent: France, Indo, India, Israel, CAN, Etc!

    This piece of **** was not shot & is same guy!!! Ian Paul Grillot supposed of Kansas is alias as: Paul Joseph Grillot, Jean Paul Grillot, Paul Jean Grillot, Paula Grillot, Jean Grillot with character ages raging from 24 to 32.. Plus identity fraud on paper with ages from past 32 to 65 to 92!!!
    Paul Joseph Grillot
    age 25
    Get Full Report on Paul

    Asheville, NC

    Margaret Grillot ((Maggie Grillot!)), Michael Grillot, Atlee Grillot, Paula Grillot

    Ian P Grillot
    age 24
    Get Full Report on Ian

    Olathe, KS

    James Grillot, Maggie (((Margaret!))) Grillot, Laura Grillot, Debra Grillot, Magdalyne Grillot, Jim Grillot

  12. Ex4b) Kansas Shooting Happy Hoax Hero Ian Paul Grillot is Paul Joseph Grillot Despicable Mossad Agent of FR, Japan, India, Indonesia, various Arab & Muslim Counties, USA, EUR & Canada! WorldTraitor!

    It looks like he lives in Asheville, NC acting & zioscamming, mostly while in USA & works for the Zionist Israeli Psychopaths in all these other countries pulling Zionist Criminal scams & warmongering hoaxes to spread war & hatred & empower the Zionist enemy of the world & destroy & steal the rights, freedoms & wealth of all others aka the hated goyim cattle readying them for slavery & slaughter in Zionist planned & fomented demented invasions, wars & brutal genocidal occupations!

    Here’s his account as Ian Paul Grillot, notice the pictures in the Carolina mountains! It’s Kansas Dorothy! Asheville in the Allegany Mountain!

    He’s as happy as a lark smiling & laughing pulling this evil hoax but his mind is a warp genocidal monster!, He’s in pure Satanic glee playing the hero against the Eeevile White Goyim killer of poor innocent Indians (Crisis Actwhore &zioPuppets!) stirring racial hatred against the white Americans in the minds of Indians & others fed this ZioHollywood screenplay/scrip of lies & deception! Such infinitely evil & dangerous Israeli/ Zionist traitors should be tried, convicted & hung!

  13. Ex2) Chapter 1- JEWS AND CIVILIZATION. (Total Opposites) The New History of the Jews by The Late Great Eustace Mullins- 1st Writer on Federal Reserve

    Throughout the history of civilization, one particular problem off mankind has remained constant. In all of the vast records of peace and wars and rumors of wars, one great empire after another has had to come to grips with the same dilemma . . . the Jews.

    Despite the persistence of this problem, and despite the enormous amount of literature on this subject, not one writer, either pro or con, has ever faced the dilemma at its source. . . namely, who are the Jews and why are they here?

    This question can be answered only if man brings to bear upon it his full intelligence. This question must also be approached on the highest spiritual level, with the deepest motives of Christian charity, and above all, with the greatest respect for man himself, what he is, what his roots are, and what he is becoming.

    The history of man is the history of conflict, of wars between the haves and the have-nots, of exploitation of man by man, and of terrible massacres. In this blood-stained record, however, the scholar finds only one people who have aroused the most violent
    antagonisms, no matter where they have settled. Only one people has irritated its host nations in every part of the civilized world to the point that the host has turned against them and killed them or driven them out. This people is called the Jews.

    The problem has been misunderstood because group antagonisms are encountered in many countries. Massacres of the Greeks by the Turks occurred sporadically over thousands of years, with the last such incident taking place only a generation ago and
    affecting the lives of many of those living today. The massacres of the Huguenots in France several hundred years ago proved that people of the same blood, set against each other by religious differences, could be as terrible as the conflicts between differing
    racial groups. After these massacres, however, the groups always settled down once more to the business of living. Either the differences were reconciled, or the remainder of the victims went elsewhere to live. In the case of the Huguenots, the refugees provided the stock from which came most of the leading thinkers of the American Revolution.

    In only one instance can we find no evidence of a reconciliation or of the victims emigrating permanently to other countries. The
    history of the Jews demonstrates two things; first, that there has never been a reconciliation between them and their hosts; second, that no nation has ever succeeded in barring them permanently.

    Even more surprising is the fact that in every case where the Jews were expelled from a nation, often under conditions of great suffering, within a few years, the Jews have returned! Again one can find no parallel in the historical records of other groups, this
    strange compulsion, this incredible persistence in putting their heads into the lion’s mouth again and again. It has been suggested that the explanation lies in an odd and perverse characteristic of the Jews, their willingness to endure suffering, but the idea of
    group masochism fails to explain many other facets of the Jewish problem.

    In truth, like the answers to many of man’s problems, the solution to the Jewish problem has been before us for more than two thousand years. It is we who have been unable to see it because we have refused to face this problem honestly. The Jewish problem is an essential aspect of Christianity, and we can solve
    it merely by accepting the solution which Christ offered us, and in so doing, gave up His human life, some two thousand years ago.

    The story of Christ is the story of mankind, the thrilling experience of finding redemption, the salvation of the soul. The Jew represents all of the temptations of animal existence which it is intended that we shall transcend during our stay on earth.

    Because of the Jew, salvation becomes a conscious choice, instead of an involuntary or accidental decision. Without the Jew and the evils which he embodies, man might not have the choice placed before him in black and white. He would have the excuse that he did not understand the choice he was asked to make. With the presence of the Jew, no such excuse can be made. In the civilized world, at some point in his life, every man is faced with the supreme temptation, he is taken to the top of the mountain by Satan, the pleasures and delights of physical existence are spread out before him, and Satan says, ‘All this, and more, will be yours if you will obey me.’ (continued) ( Gee Thanks Jews! Lol!)

    • the jew is the ROOT of ALL evil!

      • Look…it’s the return of Peter Fat **** Finn – abuser of sick kids. Does the VVMC know that a valour thief is using their avatar?

        Saw your wife on youtbue. Not a surprise that she’s a miserable looking ****. Looks a lot like a wog doesn’t she? Probably a moosie.

        • WAKE UP!

          Where to expect this phrase

          Any comments section with conflicting views concerning stories that deal with conspiracy theories or woo will have at least one example of this. YouTube and Yahoo! News are gold mines for this; in fact, it’s basically a mathematical certainty you’ll see this.
          Typically, the sentences themselves in which “WAKE UP” will be featured will be guilt-tripping, painful, rambling, paragraph-long run-on sentences with zero commas, LOTS OF CAPS LOCK FOR EMPHASIS, and will contain logic that can best be described as not even wrong. The law of exclamation seems to coincide nicely with the phrase, as there is almost always a gratuitous amount of exclamation marks at the end of the sentence!!!!! These rants often stem from the horror that the majority of people don’t subscribe to paranoid, divorced-from-reality theories about society and need to be told to awaken from their slumbers.
          “WAKE UP” (almost always in all-caps) is a common emotional appeal and ad hominem phrase used by hardcore anti-vaxxers, anti-GMO proponents, white supremacists, and other whack-jobs, although the phrase is almost universally associated with conspiracy theorists. Its usage is usually an indicator that you’ve wandered into the nuttier tin-foil hat section of the Internet. An idea should be able to stand on its own merits instead of being packed with condescension and emotional appeals.
          Typically, the phrase will be at the beginning or end of a rant, and will be followed by whoever the rant is being directed at. Here are three examples:
          “WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!!!”
          “WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!!!!!!!!!”
          “CHEMTRAILS, GMOS, and a MILLION other ways the JEWminatti are trying to KILL us, but nevermind stay ignorant you’ve already chosen your fate WAKE UP!!!!!”

          Where to expect this phrase?

          In tinfoil hat personal ads (yes, there are such things) and the like, the writers will sometimes say how long they’ve been “awake.” Although it is amusing to do so, it probably isn’t terribly productive to suggest that they have been literally awake that long, no matter how stained their coffee mug is in their YouTube ramblings. Besides all that, it’s actually a pretty apt term. Consider, notwithstanding the effects on mortality, what the reasoning capacity for an individual remaining conscious for that long would actually resemble, and compare that to their arguments.
          Not only can this phrase or variants be found in the sewers of the Internet but also among political pundits (both left and right) whose style of argumentation relies more on demonizing the opposition as “sheeple”/blind/ignorant masses/insert-your-variation-here than making a coherent argument.

        • You’re on – you fllthy fucking moron. I’ll meet ya outside the IGA in the plaza – they know you pretty well don’t they ya dirty scammer. Should have spent the money on ya fucking teeth. How come your entire family’s got rotters?

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        • OK….you jew-******* mother-fucker…..
          you wanna go ‘on’ with this?
          then: just ring the Royal Exchange Hotel in Ballarat and ask for “jimbo”;
          if i’m not there, leave yr mobile ‘phone n° and i’ll get back to you…that’s how we’ll “play” it….
          i’ll meet you any-where, any fucking time in Melbourne or Ballarat….any-where…any fucking time, you maggot!
          don’t let fear stop you now, ****!

        • Another stock standard response from Peter Fat **** Finn – a challenge he puts out all over the internet. Only problem with it is the venue he names is nearly 2000k away from where he lives – what a gutless piece of ****.

          • you got me mixed up with some-one else, Hymie!

  14. Ex1) Ziomagic Miracle Healed Jew Ian (Paul) Grillot’s Grill Shooting Happy Hoax Fraudster Crisis Actwhore Raises $467,000 outof 300k goal lol! From Dumb Goyim! GoFundMe Goyim! 100% Theft by deception & Fraud! Thanks Ziotrash! Thanks Mossad & DHS!

    Send More Money Now! He’s already healed from his bullet wounds but More money from the dumn goyim he hates & robs makes him more happy & keeps that Satanic Glee Smile on his duping Delighted Face!

    And such wondeful ziomagic math he already raised $467,000 out of a $300,000 goal but does he stop?? He no his on a roll! And he’s a chosen ziotrash jew! No honor, no truth! Rob the goyim! Cheat ’em! Warmonger & hatemonger the various non chosen goyim to kill each other! Steal the goyim rights through hoaxes, lies & fear! Thanks ZioJews you really are a chosen bunch! Chosen by satan himself apparently!

    Notice his mother is Maggie aka Margaret!
    Same mother Same piece of ziotrash $hit! 30 or more pictures to prove this is the same fraudster criminal!

    Ian Paul Grillot the Bar & Grill Shooter is 100% same
    Paul Joseph Grilot of Ashville, NC Actor Mossad Scum! Enemy warmongering zionist jew Israeli Agent!

    This is another Rosenberg, Pollard, Alger Hess, Walker zionist Enemy agent! Atleast the Rosenberg’s were executed!

    • Yes,I’ve seen a few clips where it claims he’s one of various actors. I don’t like engaging in “Dallas Gold Bug” type of debates when it comes to the real identity of those participating in these media hoaxes. It can lead to a lot of misdirection, such as when Dallas Gold Bug claimed that The Who’s lead singer Rodger Daltrey also played the role of attorney for James Holmes, lol!

      It’s understood, however, that DHS recruits CRISIS ACTORS to participate in their mass casualty exercises, and many of these people have another alias to protect their real identity.

  15. Ex5a) Olathe Kansas ZioDHS RaceHate Hoax- Proof Straight from Rothschild’s Getty Images MossadSlime Ian Paul Grillot of Austins Bar & Grill Shooting is 100% Paul Joseph Grillot Actor of Asheville, North Carolina!

    & Worldwide Mossad Agent Terrorist Criminal: France, Japan, USA, Eur, Indonesia, India, Canada, Israel, etc..

    Compare to next post Ex5b Pictures of Supposed Hero Ian Paul Grillot…

    Getty Images picture of Paul Grillot:

  16. Ex5a) Olathe Kansas ZioDHS RaceHate Hoax- Proof Straight from Rothschild’s Getty Images MossadSlime Ian Paul Grillot of Austins Bar & Grill Shooting is 100% Paul Joseph Grillot Actor of Asheville, North Carolina!

    & Worldwide Mossad Agent Terrorist Criminal: France, Japan, USA, Eur, Indonesia, India, Canada, Israel, etc..

    Compare to picture @ Ex5a) Picture of Paul Grillot

    Supposed Ian Paul Grillot ZioMagic SuperHeroJew Instantly Healing from Bullets Wounds:

  17. Ex6) Kansas Grill Shooting Happy Hoaxer Buffoon Ian Paul Grillot can use his fake Ventilator for his Next Hoax Shooting as A football Wisconsin CheeseHead!

    And exactly how does this clown look 20 lbs or more heavier in some pictures & videos than others in a matter of a week?? Did they take some of the hoax hospital videos months ago? And he looks healthy as a mountain climber outdoorsman as he apparently is judging by his pictures in the apparently Carolina mountains …as the wrong character Ian Grillot supposedly of flat Kansas! Lol He looks like he went from average health & became a yearlong trained Tour de France Champion Cyclist in a week! Not just magically healed but magically into a world class athlete! ….But don’t get me wrong he’s still a traitorous piece of ziotrash Garbage!

  18. Australian gun laws are a great thing when there are unhinged lunatics like Peter Fat **** Finn on the loose. Convicted crims – no guns. Go pull ya scams somewhere else you drivelling coward.

    • Yeah? What about 2000 ks away at Noosa where you live you fat **** of a lying coward. I could bring some mates from the Brizzy chapter of the VVMC – but one of the sick kids you ripped off would easily put you in a hole no wukkers you weakling piece of ****.

      Meetcha outside the IGA on Sunshine Beach Rd at 2pm Tuesday. Bring your vouchers with ya.

    • Lying yellow-bellied ****.

      • who….you?

  19. The funny thing is i knew one camera man who was working that day in port Arthur for channel nine, he was the first person in the cafe were most deaths were caused,he filmed 6 of the dead bodys he never gets to sleep with out sleeping pills. The amount of retardation you must have to think that it was a hoax. fucking sad

  20. I’m sorry but my dad was 22 and the first photographer on scene before paramedics . This is bulls hit yes the photos have probably been edited for public eyes but if seen photos that didn’t get published so any one called this fake and your fucked up, family’s lost people and there was witness’s. A few actually but obviously you know jack ****

  21. You’re a fucking idiot. One of my friends from school was a victim. Explain that you piece of ****. My wish is that his life could be exchanged for yours, you sick asshole.

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