Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 17 August 2013
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PressTV – More Revelations of Mossad Control of the Syrian Conflict

The man drives home several crucial points about the Israeli plot and hoax heaped upon the Syrian people.

The key focus of this interview is the direct revelations of guest relative to the Mossad orchestration of the so-called Syrian conflict.

An analyst says Israel is going to get more than they bargained for if NATO overthrows Assad and replaces him with a planned Islamist/US installed government.

In the background of this, Israel is getting prepared for changes in the Syrian government and is doing its utmost to sell Syria’s possession of chemical weapons as a global issue while simultaneously avoiding any discussion over its illegal and undeclared nuclear weapons arsenal. This puts Israel along with the US in direct support of terror groups such as al-Qaeda who are financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar in a coalition of what has become continual imperial war against independent sovereign nations. Chemicals weapons of the West have been smuggled into the hands of these foreign rebels causing grave concern amongst rational nations.

Press TV has interviewed Mr. E. Michael Jones, Editor of Culture Wars Magazine, South Bend about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Benjamin Netanyahu says that Tel Aviv is preparing for changes in Syria in collaboration with the US. What kind of changes are they preparing for and how far do you think are they going to be involved in bringing about these changes?

Jones: Well, I think they’re referring to the change that took place in Egypt during the Arab Spring with these other countries. And what happened here in effect was that American foreign policy was caught by surprise by these uprisings, but they then ran to the assistance of the Islamists that were taking over these countries and they made a quick alliance with them as a way of getting on board with the new power in the country.

And I think one of the main projects of the United States Islamist alliance now is Syria. This is another secular leader like Gaddafi like Mubarak in Egypt and now the Islamists are going to collaborate with the United States and Israel in overthrowing this leader.

I think Israel is going to get more than they bargained for though by doing this because these people do not like Israel. I know from personal experience. I’ve met with these Islamists and they say that they’re stringing American along and as soon as they get the upper hand they’re going to attack Israel.

Press TV: Do you mean that Syria in a way could be another Afghanistan in the making the way we saw the US use the Taliban insurgents to combat the Soviets?

Jones: Yes, they are using the same people they used in Libya. They basically moved the people they used to attack Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and they moved them to Syria and now they are allied with these Islamist groups to overthrow this guy (Assad) and put in an Islamist regime in power in Syria.

The question is – How do these people feel about Israel? My understanding is they don’t like Israel. I think the Israelis are crazy if they think they are going to work with these people and not have this animosity.

Press TV: No matter the outcome, the US and Israel have launched a proxy within Syria; they’ve done so in other countries in the past as well. How far do you think they are going to go in achieving their ends before the world wakes up and realizes what is actually happening?

Jones: Their main goal right now is to break Syria’s control – breaking the Shiite arch that surrounds Israel right now; they want to break it, they want to break it by bringing down Syria, but I don’t think the people they put in power there are going to be amenable to Israeli foreign policy goals. I think that’s foolish to think that.

And I think the reason that the invasion in Gaza didn’t succeed is largely because of Morsi in Egypt who is not going to back up, who’s not going to abandon the Palestinians the way they hoped he would.


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    • More correct, “Zionist moles hit Christian churches,” while media “blames Islaam.”

    • It is all B.S. U.S. govt paid propaganda actors, i.e. Crisis Actors. IT IS ALL bULL. noTICE HOW THE BEARERS of this American propaganda B.S. are all zionists. Look at their names. Did you notice missing British names. All these alleged jumpers are making a bundle from these staged effects to push the masonic plan or get a no-nothing guy in the A=

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  2. I believe that Christian churches and mosques are being destroyed by the same enemy namely the Zionist Jew.

    Reports like this can link the situation to the innocent party who is also the victim (Muslim in this case) and the real criminal (Israeli or American Jew) escapes.

    This seems more like a false flag just like the USS Liberty Bombing by Israel was – in order to implicate the Muslims as the criminal.

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