**Breaking News** — 11 June 2017
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Previous Zionist and Daesh Plots Against Islamic Iran Confirmed

The ‘intention’ to take the battle on behalf of Zionism to the heart of Islamic Iran became exceedingly real as a result of the hideous terror attack by Zionist operatives in the Iranian capital. With the Trump visit to arch-Zionist Saudi Arabia it cannot be a coincidence that such an attack would occur, because it would be with US complicity.  The following videos offer confirmation of the degree of tyranny directed against the Islamic Republic and the fact that, continuously, plots are waged against it.

As well, Daesh is not merely an anti-Shiite (so-called) element but is, rather, merely an extension of arch-Zionist criminal elements, mere thugs for pay hired through the enemies of Islam. The fact is Daesh was invented, as was ISIS, by rabid, extremist Zionist Jews, a fact readily proven.

In Islamic Iran a vast number of terrorist attacks have been perpetrated, killing both the common people and high officials. This is largely coordinated through the agency of the Mossad and its collaborators, including elements of the US government.


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  1. Another Fraudulent disinfo post by Ziotrash troll & *** Gabriel…

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of) –>Cowboy JUNE 11, 2017 AT 7:52 AM
    Britain is the land of false-flag operations….During WWII, Churchill told Hitler to bomb Coventry cathedral and then dummies from the local department store were used as “casualties.” Lol!

  2. USS Liberty-Smoking Gun Recordings of Israel AirCraft Controllers Ordering Sinking of NSA Liberty & No Survivors! By NSA AirForce SPY Plane! BaltoSun & ChicTrib.

    Read my these points by me and the article!

    This investigated & was reported in Baltimore Sun & Chicago Tribune in 2007 by Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter John Crewdson in 2007. Declassified Documents & transcripts of Israeli Pilots & Aircraft controllers & officers were found at Ft Holabird in Dundalk Baltimore, MD & other American bases like one in Omaha, NE proving Israel knowing order it’s pilots to fire on the ship & sink it & kill all survivors, repeatedly the ordered them to sink it, frustrated it was not sunk yet!
    Also the Israeli gunboats & Airforce fighters & bombers fired on life boats & sailors & other NSA Army & Navy & civilians in the water! & These beasts napalmed the deck & torpedo the ship & keep shooting large 30 mm rounds at the ship!
    Anyway atleast 7 men, (named in this article) Independently, retired NSA liguists & others admitted seeing the transcripts in 1967 when it was happening!
    All were threatened & saw it as a coverup & a purposeful attack just like all the survivors & the murdered victims’ families say. Also the heads of NSA & CIA said it was clearly an intentional attack to sink the ship & kill the men.
    The only short coming I in the story I see is not investigating Johnson’s Treason & assistance in the massacre!


    This story was only published in it’s entirety in the Baltimore Sun & the Chicago Tribune as far as major newspapers, as far as I can tell. (And now it is pulled from the Sun online!) Although I assume Washington Post & New York probably re-reported shorter quoted stories from it.

  3. Exhibit 1) Tulsa Super Stop Shooting of Double Knife Welding Black by Cops is a RaceWar PsyOp! The Video Proves Hoax, Bullets Can’t thru Tempered Glass without shattering & no Hole! 300 Instant-Protesters!

    300 Blacks Protesting Same Day! Right! Watch Him Flop! The door is shut by him before he flops to the ground! A bullet would have to go thru the heavy tempered glass door & shatter it, or mak a hole, etc! No bullet hit it at all! Were evil cops waiting from infide to shoot him??? No!! LMAO! No one shot him! And he obviously was unshot as he entered the door and shut it! Total hoax! Race war Hoax with BLM zioDHS & ADL paid activists & Crisis Actors were preplanned & organized to protest & quickly call up other Unknowing naive BLM & church members to protest this (hoax) injustice!


  4. Ex2) Tulsa, OK, Staged Protests for Staged Zio RaceWar Agenda PsyOp Cop Vs Black Shooting (& Not Suppose “300” Protesters 6 maybe!) &50 plus Cop Cars!

    Not Even 1/2 Dozen Protesters! 100% Fake!


  5. Another fraudulent disinfo post by Gabriel saying my real post was his fake post..

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of )—>Cowboy JUNE 11, 2017 AT 5:27 PM
    Another Fraudulent disinfo post by Ziotrash troll & *** Gabriel…

    USS Liberty-Smoking Gun Recordings of Israel AirCraft Controllers Ordering Sinking of NSA Liberty & No Survivors! By NSA AirForce SPY Plane! BaltoSun & ChicTrib.

    Read my these points by me and the article!

    Disgusting Zioworm Gabriel!JUNE 11, 2017 AT 5:27 PM
    Another Fraudulent disinfo post by Ziotrash troll & *** Gabriel…

    USS Liberty-Smoking Gun Recordings of Israel AirCraft Controllers Ordering Sinking of NSA Liberty & No Survivors! By NSA AirForce SPY Plane! BaltoSun & ChicTrib.

    Read my these points by me and the article!

    Disgusting Zioworm Gabriel!

  6. I am beginning to understand the plight of the jews and have true sympathy for them if they’ve had to endure the ranting and ravings of lunatics like cowboy and nodisinfo’s dr k for their entire existence. There are few things worse than being continually hounded by fools and kooks. One-track, OCD, psychos. Yuk!

  7. Ex 7) Tulsa Sheriff Super Stop Hoax Shooting SpokesLiar Says 3 “Cops” Shot Double-Knifed Crisis Actor- 3 Cops & Magic Bullets! Shot Thru 4in” Crack in door as it closed!!

    Two Sheriff Deputies in A Tulsa AZ Cop all shot thru a tiny 4 inch or less crack/gap in doorway as door closed without hitting the glass doors or steel bars or frame or anything else in the store & all their bullets supposedly hit him with not exit wounds or splatter! Total B#ll$h#t!!


    Also keep in mind the script & Sheriff all repeatedly say he has a knife in each hand whereas in the video he has both knives in the same hand!

  8. Ex10) Tulsa PsyOp RaceWar Cops Kill Black Man- 2 Employs Go To Door, (Fake)”Scared, So what Do You? Lock the door! Obviously!

    In most all these convenience stores they have a little knob you turn to lock it! Takes a split Second! That is what they would do in a situation like this! But that would ruin the script & PsyOp! No way can he get thru such a strong tempered glass barred doors with two flimsy knives!


    Also video is 49 seconds for 77 Order out of Chaos Hoax code, presuming he copied it from ziomedia unshortened. Which he most likely did since he added nothing to it etc..

  9. Ex13) Tulsa (Hoax) Time Fake Dead Crisis Actwhore Joshua aka Joshue & Joshoe Barre -the door!


  10. Ex2) ZioTrash Puppet Hoax Prez Trump Does His Lines In The Hoax Congress Baseball Shooting in Alexandria, VA/DC- Zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda!

    Another Horrendous Treason PsyOp Against the American people!


  11. Please give me this as an intial post:

    SanFran/ Oakland Bay Bridge Cop Shooting Driver Is Clear Hoax! Accident & Fake Shooting 3:49AM Yet They closed All EastBound (to Oakland) Lanes @6:30 til’ 8!

    Total Hoax proven by the stupid nonsensical news Story DHS script!
    1st they claim an accident involving multiple Eastbound lanes but no report of the accident. So you already know it’s a hoax! They would say a semi truck or two semis involved or multiple cars piled up or whatever. But no mention!
    2ndly they claim & red Cadillac car tried to drive on the shoulder which doesn’t even exist in some places along the bridge..So if it were so they is still had no reason for cops redirecting traffic to shoot the driver for doing this unless he specifically tried to run someone over! And it was not a road block for a killer fugitive or something… A-holes from NJ & NYC & New England are always in San Francisco & LA & DC & Balto & Philly & around Cities all over USA & driving on the shoulders to get around accidents & traffic jams & you’d have cops shooting these NYC area Jerks every day if cops shot them for passing on the shoulders!
    Ok so anyway they admit they kept some of the lanes going to Oakland after the suppose accident from 3:49am until 6:30 am then idiotically closedly all the Eastbound lanes forcing all traffic to U-turn and get off on the Treasure Island exit & go back to San Francico for absolutely no justifiable reason at all! Imagine how many redirecting signs & cones & cops & traffic crews to achieve this idiocy & just to see how stupid people are! But I see some people posting on the news site comments can see it is BULLSH#T! Just a drill & some DHS financed psychological terrorism!

    So imagine someone trying to go to Oakland having to find an alternative route for no reason, again even if the shooting & accident had been real it was unnecessary since they did this & blocked all traffic long after the accident & shooting!!
    And they did this BS on Sunday so it would not effect most daily commuters who’d be more likely to see it as complete BS!


    Again I am not saying this might be a hoax! I am saying clearly it is a hoax! No description of the accident means hoax even though reporters were there to take pictures they merely took pictures of cars & a semi blocked! And again the biggest reason & absolutely certainty of it being a hoax is not blocking off all Eastbound lanes to Oakland immediately & insanely blocking them 2 hrs later for 2 & 1/2 hours !

    • Wow! I had similar thoughts!!! 20 years ago when I was on a crazy-*** LSD trip. Lol

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