Boston Bombing — 28 May 2013
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Hard Proof that the Boston Bombing was a Staged Hoax

The vast, powerful Zionist-controlled media is used to overpowering all other forces, overriding the system, and thus preventing any real inquiry. Thus, a hoax can be perpetrated, and few if any people will realize it. Such was the case of the Boston smoke bombing hoax which had the appearance of a real massacre with real injuries, amputations, and possibly fatalities but, in fact, wasn’t real. This may be difficult for most people to believe, but upon careful inquiry it becomes clearly evident that this event is not to any degree as advertised.

Yet, could it have been instead a staged event? There is an entire FEMA/DHS PowerPoint which indicates that this is the case. It is a presentation specifically about the staging of a terror-like exercise in Boston and not just anywhere or regarding anything but specifically regarding the Marathon. That PowerPoint can be seen, here:

The fact that this was staged is made abundantly clear by precisely the first page of the presentation:


There can be no doubt about what it says, that this is the plan for a staged terror attack, RE: the Boston Marathon false flag act. This cannot be a coincidence. To reiterate, “Running of a Planned Mass Casualty Event.” The use of the Dickens novel in the title is merely further evidence of the planning of a spoof. This is Richard Serino. He was there, conducting the scam:

It can be seen upon careful analysis that he is conducting the event and in almost every instance he wears his badge backwards.

Same man less the moustache planning such events within the Obama White House:

Picture 360

One of the most crucial slides in that PowerPoint presentation is as follows:

If this was a staged event, this supposed bombing massacre by deranged Muslim terrorists, then, this would be represented by staging agents, that is people identified on the ground with such IDs and badges, people such as this, extracted from the PowerPoint, with lanyards and IDs, including in some cases photo IDs:


Or this:

dhsmolesdisp dhsmoledetected
Note the color-coding. Note also that this manager of the lady with the supposed IV bag has the actual logo, Homeland Security, emblazoned on his sweatshirt. Too, if this was a drill it would be  expected that there would be other means of identifying the operatives, something more readily visible from a distance, like the kind of outer ware used:


…as seen throughout the Boston Marathon bombing hoax, like this photo represented by the Chicago Tribune and Boston Globe of on-site staging:

See the Adidas logo and similar cotton shirts for the fabrication of these wounds. These are taxpayer-funded DHS agents, not emergency medical personnel. Then, there is also this, which shows the staging at a variety of levels, including operatives working on the fake wounded and the individuals responsible for the photo-shoots running such individuals across the finish line in wheelchairs, an act that is never done in really wounded people who might be bleeding or suffering from potential internal injuries: such individuals are always rendered recumbent for purposes of stalling blood flow. To reiterate these are faked injuries achieved through the use of multiple disguises, including the application of make-up-like material, fake blood, and even Teflon-silicon devices, in other words, fare gore. Hard as it might be for many people to believe this has been carefully researched and proven on this Website, for those who have the desire and foresight to investigate it.

There is an even more significant finding, as pointed out by the red arrow aiming at the man in white. What is it?
This is the infamous zip-style plastic bag of fake blood, revealing the method used by such DHS moles to create the fake effect: the appearance of an actual wounded person who despite having no obvious open wounds or lacerations is colored red. It appears that he is attempting to disguise this from view, since he is being recorded; it will likely be kept hidden for a more opportune time when the fabricated blood can be applied clandestinely.

Where were those fake blood packets stored? In was mainly in various bags or even on people’s persons, like in sweatshirt pouches and more. Regarding the sources of other items of Hollywood-style gore, like paint, dust, oil, charcoal and more, there is this finding:


EMTs leaving their valued emergency medical kits behind in a messy glob of slop? People taking no precaution about ‘blood’? Why would they since it is mere paint. Red kits/bags marked in yellow, green in red with also an empty fake blood-stained Ziploc bag marked, the various transporting agents can be found in the FEMA/Serino PowerPoint:


Therefore, just as is established in the FEMA/DHS manuals and PowerPoint presentations the Boston “smoke bomb” event was a true fabricated hoax, a “training event,” which was fake in every respect and wherein no one was seriously wounded and no one died. All injuries were appearance only and were achieved through Hollywood-style special effects through the use of fake blood and moulage kits, the kits themselves being discovered on-site during the clean-up. Who will dispute this categorical proof, now, that this entire event was a sham where, once again, no one died, and no one was seriously injured?


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  1. There is no question this was a fake event. The only thing left to do is get rid of our current government and replace it with another one that isn’t corrupt. If we don’t do it using our votes, it will come down to replacing the government with force. Voting for non-criminals is essential – all but impossible because so many actually are criminals.

    • And let’s not forget vote rigging….

    • You don’t have any idea what you are talking about.

  2. What’s actually happening in the US and UK, it that the government has declared war on it’s own citizens. This is the same thing that happened in the Soviet Union and National Socialist Germany in the last century.

    • This is crazy. While you guys have no problems of construing the Boston Marathon Bombing as a hoax, why does the idea that the NAZI’s and the entire German people between the wars were also the victims of hoaxes, lies, and political manipulations never occurred to you? Doesn’t anyone understand and realize that history is always written from the point of view of the winning side regardless if it is accurate or not. Do your own fucking research, and there should be plenty to go around after more than six decades. After all, the Jews were supposed to be involved in all cases, no? Is that good enough of a hint? Please don’t be hypocrites.

  3. Thank you for this well-documented, detailed post. There is no doubt in my mind that this Boston event was exactly what Serino outlined in his “Tale of 2 Cities, Mass Casualty Drill” document. It was all mapped out, and planned well in advance.
    It’s frustrating that people still seem willfully ignorant when I bring this information to their attention. It amazes me how many people refuse to see the truth despite it being right in their face.

    • Michelle: In the 1940s Germany, millions of people thought that the trains were taking them to a ”resettlement camp”.

      • Good point, Doug. One would think that people would be a little more awake by now, but sadly, they seem to be just as blind and in a perpetual state of denial.

      • When we have no gasoline at the gas stations, no food in the grocery stores, and no heating in our homes, the government will offer to pick us up by train and take us to resettlement camps that are located all over the US conveniently named FEMA camps. This is going to be one tempting trip that no one should even consider taking.

        • Exactly, RonK. I would take my family and go live in the woods with no modern conveniences before I would ever accept any government sponsored train ride.

  4. This is how the US Tax payer dollars are wasted by the useless and criminal DHS and FEMA.

    All they want is to harm people under the guise of protecting them and waging this useless and fake war on innocent people with the ultimate goal of destroying Muslims and Christians across the globe and in America.

  5. What about the millions of dollars being raised for the “victims”? If the bombing was a staged event isn’t that money being raised fraudulently? Shouldn’t some folks be going to prison?

    • Yes, it is a kind of extortion. If this involved insurance companies, there would be prosecution.

  6. This is crazy, can’t something be done! Argh I guess not because your country is run by a government that’s corrupt….who can possibly overthrow them? It upsets me that Dzhokhar will get life in prison or the death penalty for this utter bullshit lie! Unless he is actually a part of this as well, and not really in jail.

  7. Look up. Look way up. Listen. Watch.

    Then learn the truth.

    Everything is a Big Scam.

  8. People Sick with Flu all the time

    Bobble heads everywhere

    Flooding all the time

    Crap weather all the time

    Look up and figure it out

    All a Big Big Money Project

    Easy to figure out

    Go ahead and research it if you dare to.

  9. You people are crazy. It was not a stages event. I live and work in Boston and know people who were deeply effected, including a guy who lost his leg. Are you telling me this guy decided to amputate his leg to be part of a government scam? And you think the Martin family put one of their kids in hiding to further perpetuate it? And had their daughter’s leg amputated?
    And all those doctors and ambulance drivers are all in on it too?
    You folks are pathetic.

    • A Boston hoax troll. We haven’t had one of those in long time. Go back home and sniff some pyrotechnic smoke. Certified troll.

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