Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 23 February 2015
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Mossad Agent Davej Calls Dead TransAsia Passenger a CPR Dummy

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A number of lies have been spread about the TransAsia crash. In this regard what Zionist agent Davej, aka Dave “Yarmulke” Johnson has done is untenable. This is to disgrace the name and memory of people who have died in the TransAsia airline crash. In this case his act of disgrace, rather, cruelty, is unfathomable, as he actually called a dead or dying man “a CPR dummy.” The man had become injured or had died in the plane, and there was as a result a futile attempt to resuscitate him. The treacherous, vile, hedonistic arch- Zionist troll was hoping to capitalize on this, hoping no one would look, hoping he could escape his declining fortunes by spreading one more arch-vile lie.

This is the man who has deemed the moon non-existent, also stating that, incredibly, in both World War I and World War II there were no deaths, also claiming that in the entire Palestine conflict no one was ever been killed, no one every injured. Too, he is under disguise while saying this. Claiming to be a devout follower of Christ rather he instead a Jew, make no mistake about it, parading about as a Christian in disguise. Meanwhile, he is one of the most overt, arch-fabricating Zionist agents known. In this regard he scandalizes the dead and wounded, making it as if a joke and seeking others to belittle it. Routinely, he scandalizes the dead while accusing others of manipulating death, though such accusations are mainly leveled at those who say people really died or were wounded, for which he deems them, incredibly, “murderers.” He ‘murders’ the truth about the existence of the moon, along with the facts associated with murderous, destructive wars, while calling all who disagree with him “murderers?” Could there be anything more corrupt than this?

WWI and WWII were faked, merely staged, with there being not even a single death, not a sole person wounded or maimed?  Really? Who would do this other than a paid shill? His purpose is to spread great treachery and corruption, make no mistake about it.

Even so, there has been a hesitance, here, to picture images of the plane crash’s deceased on this site. However, because of the great abuse of the truth, the disgracing of the names and memories of the injured and the deceased, it has been decided to publish in great detail such images: as evidence of the actual nature of this event.

His cruelty and absolute filth is demonstrated by the following image. It is the image of what appears to be a dying man being extracted from the crashed plane.


Here is the man being removed from the carcass of the plane. He likely drowned or is near death. Notice how swollen is his abdomen. This, as note by the underlined, will be the same man who will be seen transported to the hospital on a gurney, seen during the attempt to resuscitate him.


Dummies can make it difficult to see the truth. Yet, this is a man with real features and actual arms. Notice the way the body tissue hangs over the edge of the pants.

It is not difficult to realize the difference between a dummy and real human flesh; human tissue simply doesn’t lie.

The man has drowned and most likely has swallowed much water, accounting for the mass swelling of his abdomen. There is no hope for survival or revival of this individual. Yet, what is the issue, here, other than the fact that the man suffered a fatality? It is the claims associated, those claims being advanced by none other than arch-Zionist agent “Dave ‘disinfo’ j:


It is this very Davej who claims categorically that this isn’t a real man but is instead a dummy: but not just any kind of dummy, rather, a CPR dummy. Moreover, he has spread this filthy lie all over the world. He also belittles the woman in the white medical coat, also making jest of the fact that the man’s head is not secured in the neck brace. The fact is the woman is attempting to resuscitate him with the air-bag, having his head turned slightly toward her. That is why his head is not secured.


This is a human of real flesh, with all the obvious features and the most obvious color. Notice how the face is blocked out from view. There is nothing about this body that resembles a dummy. The man is bloated as a consequence of swallowing water. The arch-Zionist troll, hedonistic and criminally corrupt that he is, is spreading nothing other than filthy lies.

He lies: about those who die in mass transportation accidents as well as those slaughter in arch-Zionist wars, including the exceedingly murderous wars of WWI and WWII. Lies and more filthy lies. He swears that, incredibly, not a single soul has died in the Israeli terror committed against the people of Palestine. He has been well paid to spread such treachery.


This is a bloated, distended abdomen of a man who is either dead or dying. He abused the poor man by belittling the issue about his hand, the fact that it was strapped down underneath a strap. It’s actually the wrist which is held by that strap, the body being held-down by the red retainer.

He made light of the issue in his criminality regarding the material on the man’s legs, calling it “junk.” That is a defibrillator; notice the leads already positioned. The man is in cardiac arrest and there is an attempt to resuscitate him, and all that this psychopath can do is belittle him as well as those who are attempting his rescue.


DaveJew says that this defibrillator is nothing other than mere junk tossed on a dummy’s legs.


The claim for this man being a dummy is the primary fulcrum for the arch-Zionist claim of this being a hoax. “You have your hoax dummy,” says this treacherous, devious arch-paid Zionist Jew.


There is a major, obvious difference between human tissue and the latex/plastic/silicone of a dummy.


What about this man’s body, his soft abdomen and the soft tissue of his chest cage? How in this universe does it resemble a dummy? It is only in people’s suggestive minds, thanks to this wretched, terminally hostile arch-Zionist troll. Let him deny it. While others seek to represent the fact in the best way they can, free of charge, this Zionist shill does so for major pay, while refusing to admit it.


That soft, pendulous body tissue has nothing in common with the material of which a dummy consists. Yet, because of his aggression and criminal tactics much of the world has been fooled.


It’s the same colored pants, same abdominal distention, same individual: no doubt about it. What did they do, put a dummy into the plane and then haul it out all the way to the road? Who in the world believes such nonsense?


How, just how, in this universe are these two the same? There is no dummy on that stretcher:

This is what a CPR dummy looks like strapped on a gurney. What a dramatic, obvious difference it is.

All that was taken out of the upside-down planes was real humans. This man was no exception. The Zionists lie, doing so with great malice as well as reckless abandon. Nor is the man on the stretcher an exception, who was bloodied in his face from the traumatic impact.

Yet another arch-Zionist agent claims this corpse to be a dummy, based on the underwater image of a hand:

Notice the specious approach of the videographer, the raising of the voice, the rapidity: the lack of proof or evidence – the lack of an evidential argument.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.41.25 PM

It was Randomshots174 which posted this video of the attempt to rescue a person under water, who had already died. Yet, another videographer, Richard Rowell, then, using the original Randomshots174 video, then, made the claim absolutely that this is a dummy. Yet, it does not look like a dummy by any means and, rather, has all the appearance of a deceased human. What about the image looks like a dummy?

It is even claimed that the hand is that of a dummy’s, that the nature of that hand is evidence. Yet, what is seen with that hand? It is a kind of rigor mortis, known specifically as cadaveric spasm, commonly seen in drawing victims:

Cadaveric spasm in a drowning victim grasping grass from the river bank, via Porbona

Cadaveric spasm in a drowning victim

…versus the hands of dummies:

Too, it was the same ‘Davej’ arch-Zionist infiltrator who also claimed the bizarre, RE: the nature of the survivors standing on the wing, awaiting their rescue. He claimed that they were never there as real survivors but were, rather, mere crisis actors who were dropped off at the scene. As proof, he stated that the people on-shore were being recycled, sent out to act as survivors. One such man on shore, a man with a purple shirt, was deemed to have been, said this espionage mole, one of those recycled fake survivors.


He merely spewed lies. The man in purple was part of the rescue team, not a recycled crisis actor.

Wounded: Another injured passenger is stretchered by emergency workers after being fitted with a neck brace 

No one has shown any evidence that this was a set-up, a fake. It’s all speculation. The hard evidence on the ground confirms the actual nature of this event, as a real, fatal, catastrophic airplane crash.

It is a Mossad plot to spread great lies regarding the crash of this airplane. Powerful, well-embedded arch-Zionist agents are the source of the vast majority of the lies.


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  1. You’re a liar, Dr. K. You know perfectly well the plane crash was a hoax, as do Max and ‘Fraz’.

    • This is the video with the proven Crisis-Stunt Dummy used! The hated, scorned, ridiculed & death threatened Dave J found it some how! At the 1:56 or so minute mark up to past three min.


  2. Dr. K. is being silly. His ally Jeff C has resigned form Freedom Radio Revolution which means Jeff C had admitted Flight 235 is indeed a hoax. Dr. K.’s hatred towards David Johnson is blinding him. Heck, Dr. K. is on his own. Let’s see if his handlers Rudolf Friedrich, Dougster, and others will just abandon him. Dr. K. has lost a lot of credibility in this episode.

  3. On the contrary, a whole raft [sic] of evidence has been presented that this is a CGI plane crash with sloppy drill afterwards by x, Wake the Sheep, Cowboy and others… it is a hoax classic.

    The man has drowned and most likely has swallowed much water, accounting for the mass swelling of his abdomen.
    Are you serious? The pixellation of the body on the gurney is because iit is a dummy. The other rescued people are not pixellated because they are actors, real people.

  4. How on earth can traffic be flowing smoothly on the freeway, to taxi to be seen, yet there is a tranquil plane in the river, no ripples or steam and not a single rescue dinghy or survivor to be seen? Please explain Dave’s smoking gun, Dr K.

  5. You are discrediting your self just like Jeff C did. You know the entire crash was 100% fake. http://youtu.be/mf7KlqOO_gU

  6. You Tube:Snabelsko channel

  7. There are MUCH better looking dummies that they use in Drills or Hoaxes or in Movies..

  8. Yeah, one is even my own private inflatable doll.

    But no way she looks like the poor dead passenger.

  9. Makes sense to economise on the actors, as seen in the AFP videos. About 3 live ones emerge head first lengthways.

    Note from 0.53 to 1.01 here
    there is a section which has been cut from the original AFP video
    [Deaths reported in Taiwan passenger flight crash Snfw45catdc ]
    showing the actor in the bone dry grey jumper joining the actor in brown striped shirt in the dinghy.

  10. As Stephan & Christinne have pointed out the from the fat Santa Claus belly & extremely short arms the supposed dead body of Newtsov must be a Dummy. A realistic one except the outrageously short arms that are not even bent & barely reach his waist! And no blood to amount to anything. And zionist Jews don’t murder zionist jews who are working for them and their goals. But they do hoax murder them to blame others (their enemies) to feed the flames of hate, division and war, and strife. A dummy in an event equals Hoax!
    Here in Taiawan Hoax is another Hoax Dummy!
    The Six Super Seal Team Six Members Made In Taiwan Hoax Hollywood Heroes
    Carry The Hoax Dummy Up The Grassy Knoll Long Crisis Rescue Walk Photo Op Route To Show Their Unmatched Crisis Hoax Courage! Give these seals each a medal of Hoax Honor They Truly Deserve It!
    And remember boys and girls:
    You can learn a lot from a dummy…Like:
    It’s A Hoax Dummy!!! When they use a dummy, you big dummy, then you know 1 billion percent that the whole Operation is Hoax! A hoax, a PsyOp no wiggle room: a zioHollywood Hoax! Don’t be a dummy! Spin that Robo Rachel Ziotroll maniac, and Dougy & Mcap ziotrolls!
    Smoke that in your Crack pipe Rachel!
    Busted! Busted! Busted Dummy!

  11. This is zioHollywood movie PsyOp Operation so think Hollywood. So think of a bare minimum a cheap off the shelf $320 Stunt dummy like this one! Not an armless CPR dummy or boxing dummy or plastic manequin! These red herrings are getting ridiculous! And to claim that silly dummy with it’s fake head pixilated & arms strapped down to try to try to hide the fakeness and flapping around is really getting outrageous!
    Jeff C was so disgraced with his outrageous lies defending this obvious hoax and his vicious attacks on unsoldout truthers that he just took the zio DHS money and quit!

    • It looks very real the dummy,there are even better ones with fake burn spots or fake blood spots or ………..?

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