**Breaking News** — 31 January 2017
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Quebec City Mosque Attack is a Fake and a Hoax

What a treacherous arch-fake it is. First it was a white man, then it is a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Can’t the Zionist criminal elements make up their mind on this? All they seek to do is create confusion and chaos, and this is merely another example  of this. They initiated these hoaxes through the Zionist strip and they added much insult to injury through the US taxpayer-funded crime syndicate, the DHS. Regardless, clearly, the multiplicity of stories and the constant changing of those stories is proof of a falsified act, that is proof that this is rather than a real event merely a staged hoax.

Then, according to a purported eyewitness there were “two people, they were masked, and they shouted, ‘Allahu Akbar.'” These divergent stories alone prove it was a fake and that, once gain, the entire world is being bamboozled, including the supposed Muslim community. Here is a screen-shot from this early report, an example of false witness:

Sure they did. They had nothing better to do than scream the epithet, doing so while gunning down devout Muslims. It makes plenty of sense, doesn’t it?

It is also reported that: Initial reports said there were possibly 3 shooters, which was then restated as two.

See what also is said, here. Hey, it’s the standard. One person had an actual long gun and was spraying worshipers with it. No one can find this plausible under these circumstances:

“It seemed” and “it could be” or “it might be.” It’s more arch-Zionist-controlled spin lines. For the criminal minds who control the media outlets all they can do is spread corruption. That is their nature. Now, ‘Muslim’ groups are participating in these scams, even though their holy book expressedly prohibits deceit and deception. It can be seen that this is clearly staged with the full line-up of hoaxing agents, including a number of media elements:

The media is there, Provincial police are there, and also SWAT. This is standard in arch-scams and terminally corrupt fakes.

What is this hoax agent cop doing looking under that car? It’s for the camera-shoot. By no means does it make any sense.

Moreover, the existence of the SWAT agents, right on site, fully armed and dressed is a additional proof of the scam and arch-hoax.

Here is one of the supposedly wounded. It’s cold outside. Why don’t they cover up his raw flesh?

Why does he have a tube going into his mouth? How will that help an AK-47 gunshot victim?

Already, some $200,000 has been collected. What an arch-fraud it is. Where is the evidence that even one person was killed or wounded? Where are the seriously grieving relatives? No one can find them anywhere.

People should stop donating. This is a fake. They are being systematically defrauded.

Why is this man, the supposed shooter, being led about without anyone holding him? It is standard for the cops to at least secure the accused and/or arrested by their hands:

Watch out, he could run away and escape.  He might just do that. Apparently, he is a practical joker.

Alexandre Bissonnette attends La Barak Suit Up! at Universite Laval in Quebec City, November 24, 2016. (Pierre Yves Laroche/Voltaic)

The vigil is evidence of the fake. Where are any real, seriously grieving relatives? Why are no people shedding real tears? Why is no one in shock?

This is a scam and a hoax, people are being completely bamboozled. There is nothing real about it. No one died, and no one was injured. It is obviously a hoax, as it follows the same patterns as all the others with their being no one in shock or no one reacting to a real, horrific crime scene.



Quebec Mosque Shooting Eyewitness Tells CBC: “Two Masked Men BOTH Shouted Allah Akbar”


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  1. Ex1) ZioDHS Hollywood CNN JackNTheBox Hoax! 1 dead, 3 Injured Stabbing & Shooting CNN Building (CrisisActor) “Run Down Sunset Boulevard Stabbing People” Cop Him Shoots Hoax Dead! Billion X Fake!!!

    LA Times Jan. 31, 2017
    One person is dead and three others were injured in a stabbing and officer-involved shooting Tuesday afternoon just off Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, officials said.

    Firefighters responded to the incident at 1:58 p.m. in the 1400 block of North Cahuenga Boulevard, near a large entertainment hub and the CNN news headquarters in Hollywood, said Margaret Stewart, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Fire Department.

    Three people suffered injuries ranging from gunshot to stab wounds and were taken to hospitals, she said.

    A fourth victim was pronounced dead at the scene, Stewart said.

    The police shooting occurred at a Jack in the Box in the 6400 block Sunset Boulevard, near Ivar Avenue, according to Josh Rubenstein, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department.

    Aerial television footage showed police taping off an area surrounding the restaurant. At least two ambulances and a half-dozen police cruisers surrounded the restaurant.

    CNN correspondent Maeve Reston, a former Los Angeles Times reporter, tweeted that a person ran down Sunset Boulevard and tried to stab people outside the CNN office. The office, she said, had been placed on lock down.

    She said the person was armed a knife and tried to enter a coffee shop, but a customer held the glass door shut and blocked him.


  2. Ex2) Super Hoax Coded Ziotrash Hollywood CNN JackNTheBox Sunset Boulevard Hoax: 13, 88, 77,777, 1 killed, on 1-31 aka 33

    1 killed & 3 stabbed for 13 code.
    6400 block for 64 aka 88 code
    1400 block for 77 hoax code

    North Cahuenga in Jewish Gematria Equals: 543 aka 5&4&3 is 12 is 6×6 aka 66 like 33’s also
    North Cahuenga in English Gematria Equals: 810 aka 81 aka 99, 66 upside down, but also like 2 –33’s since 9 is 3×3
    North Cahuenga in Simple Gematria Equals: 135, 13&5is 18 aka 666, also 35&1is 36 aka 6×6 for another 66 code, Again they love 66 because it it like a shorten form of 66 occultically and it is like dual 33, And in ceremonies & pictures in the gowns high level Freemason will wear 2 33’s or 2 triangles representing representing 2– 33’s or even 2 — 33’s within 2 triangles on strings haninging around their necks.

    Sunset Boulevard in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1587, 1&5&8&7 is 21 for Their favorite 777 Hoax code
    Sunset Boulevard in English Gematria Equals: 1188 makes2 18’s like 2– 666’s also 2– 99, 4 — 33’s
    Sunset Boulevard in Simple Gematria Equals: 198 for a 99 also for 2– 99’s also 4 33’s also up side 66’d
    LA Times Jan. 31, 2017


  3. Ex3) Zio Hollyood Sunset Blvd CNN DHS LAPD JackInTheBox Hoax Stabbing & Shooting Hoax PsyOp

    Also one of the Cop Cars is # 045 Aka 9 aka 33 code!


  4. Ex4) Zio Hollywood JackNTheBox CNN Stabbing-Shooting FILMED by Jimmy Alto A Casing Director Named After Charactor In “Jimmy Hollywood” Movie

    In The Movie “Jimmy Hollywood” Jimmy Alto played by Joe Pesci was a wannbe actor’ became a vigilant Hero. Perfect charactor for A Crisis Actor to name himself after: “Jimmy Hollywood”..


  5. Ex5) Zio Hollywood Stabbing & Cop Shooting of Sunset Blvd Stabber Hoax- Bob Seger Sings Theme Song Hollywood Nights for Ziotrash Hollywood Hoax!

    Also scripted time of 1:58 pm for 911 call was picked for 1&5&8 aka 14 aka 77 Hoax Code!


  6. Ex6) ZioHollywood Stab & Shooting Hoax ZioCNN Reporter Maeve Reston phoney named after ZioDeveloper, Fake CIA Spook Town Reston, VA


  7. Former Zio Puppet Black Communist Leonard Patterson Exposes Race War Psyops – The Divide & Conquer Method- Zionist RaceWars -Nothing news!

    Excellent Example of How Zionist & Communist Jews & Zionist Banksters Train, Trick, pay, finance & Divide & Conquer the hated goyim blacks, whites, Reds, yellows, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, etc into RaceWars, Riots, Wars, hatred & death & destruction
    Against each other to serve the evil agendi & profits of the zionist Jews!


  8. Ex99) Zio DHS Hollywood FL Airport Hoax ATF Director Criminal Busted On Video

    ATF- Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms aka BATF- Bureau of Alchol Tobacco & Firearms also called BATFags, scum of the earth! As low as DHS GOONS!


  9. Ex8) Zio Hollywood Sunset Strip CNN & JackNTheBox PsyOp Police Hoax SpokesLiar Josh Rubenstein Talmud Jew, Rabbi, TV Reporter, Anchor Meteorologist & Zionist Hoaxer

    More Proof ZioMedia, government, Talmudic Jews, Zionist Jews, DHS, Police leaders are one unified zionist evil force of lies & deception & hoaces against the People!


  10. Two more fraudulent disinfo posts by Ziotrash Jew Gabriel the tranny *** troll!

    drkresearch FEBRUARY 1, 2017 AT 2:25 AM
    Get it right bonehead.

    Barry Bonehead FEBRUARY 1, 2017 AT 2:33 AM
    Where’s Ex 7b)??

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      You need to get down on your knees and APOLOGIZE to Dr K in the only way you know how! You also need to say THANK YOU to him for finally purging this site your friend the rape fantasist pervert.

      This intervention took place to save us all!

      (I, for one am extremely grateful that I only have a 47% less chance of contracting a migraine through extreme eye rolling when I now visit this site).

      Thank you for your mercy Dr K. Now Cowboy…what do you say?

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        Gabriel Tranny Gabriela as Gertrude Gumption FEBRUARY 1, 2017 AT 4:02 AM
        You cannot grovel enough as far as I’m concerned. At the first sign of trouble you scuttled off to that rape fantasy blog, wallowed in rape and DISGRACED yourself worse than some unwashed old man caught masturbating in the women’s fitting rooms at Walmart!….blah blah

        • You’re the one wallowing in rape fantasies and being ‘sodomized to hell’ – and you’ve gone full white supremacist. You should really watch your spelling thought. Slagter? Fatasies?

  11. Ex8) Zio Hollywood Sunset Strip CNN & JackNTheBox PsyOp Police Hoax SpokesLiar Josh Rubenstein Babylon Talmud Jew, Rabbi, TV Reporter, Anchor Meteorologist & Zionist Hoaxer & Air Force Civil Air Patrol Embeded MOSSAD AGENT!!!

    More Proof ZioMedia, government, Talmudic Jews, Zionist Jews, DHS, Police leaders are one unified zionist evil force of lies & deception & hoaces against the People!


  12. Ex1) Fresno Man (Hoax) Executed @ His Home By Police after He Makes 911 Home Invasion Call & He Holds Gun & Machete When Cops Arrive! Total ZioBS!

    ZioHollywood Hoax Buffoonery in Fresno, CA & Hollywood! They Talmud Heads & Ziofreaks are insane with their PsyOps against the hated Goyim!


  13. Hollywood Jew Researched It In Great Depth & Admits Allied Jews Endlessly Tortured, Starved, Burned Alived, Murdered Innocent Germans in over 240 Zio Jewish Run Camps in 1945 & Beyond!

    Pure Satanic level Evil, the zionist jew’s deprevation & lack of decency & humanity & mercy & everlasting insane psychopathic level of genocidal hatred of goyim & innocents has no limits, no Bounds! Synogogue of Satan indeed!


    • You folk are seriously demented gone off your meds!

  14. For a site titled nodisinfo I’ve never seen more dis-information. Seriously paranoid delusional and probably psychotic. Funny though!!

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