**Breaking News** Angelic / Divine — 06 December 2016
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Sneak Preview of Qur’aan Made Easy by Dr. K

Here is a sample of the upcoming Audio Book, Quran Made Easy. This audio file represents a transliteration rather than a literal one. A thorough book version is also being produced. This is holy revelation from almighty God, known in Arabic as Allah, revealed to His agent, the Prophet Muhammad. It was revealed through the medium of the Angel Gabriel. One of the chapters/sections provided, #36, is heavily read and much loved, known in Arabic as Yaa Seen or “O Humankind.” In a statement attributed to the Prophet it is said that this is the precise essence of this holy book, equal to virtually the entire Qur’aan in principle and when read, equals as if reading the entire text ten times.

The Qur’aan is an unaltered text, revealed step-by-step to the Messenger of God, eventually, a mere 30 years later, compiled into a book. No copy of the Qur’aan differs from any other. It has, thus, never been altered in some 1400 years-plus since its revelation. This means it acts as an actual text for discerning the nature of divine revelation and as the ultimate source of godly guidance for vulnerable, often easily confused humankind. It sets out a path known in Arabic as siraatal mustaqeem or the “straight path,” one that leads to the greatest of all achievements: earning the pleasure and love of God.

In life people cannot just ‘gain’ respect, or even love, even material achievements. In all cases they must earn it: through their nature, actions, and aptitudes. There are no ‘free passes’ in life. The same is true of the divine realm. People are being tested continuously: by God Himself. Obviously, there is a truth to this, that people must earn their way to success: through good, sincere deeds, through the power and tremendousness of the kind, good act.

It is what keeps the world alive. Goodness, not wretchedness and corruption, is the key success, that ultimate one of pleasing the merciful, almighty, and ever-present God.

That is the issue, that He is always with us. It is precisely the message of these sections, particularly #36. Then, this is made clear by its close, when this almighty One says that He sees it all, whatever people “keep secret and do openly” and that, ultimately, it is true: that all people will be “returned to Him”—no exceptions.

Note: the narrator is merely the voice-over. The author is no human but is, rather, the grand, sophisticated creator Himself. The Qur’aan Made Easy as a full book or Audio file is anticipated as due, January-February, 2017.

Chapters 35 and 36 


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      No tears ofcourse!


      You’re no Sally Fields, lying actwhore Sally Vega ! You’re not even a Sally Struthers! Grade C CHEESY Horror movie actress is about all!
      On another note…
      I see tranny-loving *** Zionist jew fraudster troll Gabriel is now openly playing a tranny as Gabriela! Your are one demented, messed up ziotwisted, Talmudic jew Gabrriel!

    • ExW) Ohio State Butcher Knife & Car Attack Hoax Crisis Actor Crypto Zionist Khazar Jew Andy Payne Admits Fire Drill Was Going On When (Fake) Attack Happened!

      So Crisis Actwhores like Andy Payne have admitted on video, audio & in print & tweets that simultaneos drills took place:
      1)several witnesses & crisis admitted on camera a fire drill was going on,

      2)We know there was an Active shooter Drill! Crisis Actors admit they heard gun shots even news stories first reported an active shooter, & shooting..

      3) We know an it was a car attack drill portrayed as a real car attack.

      4) We know it was also a butcher knife attack drill & stabbing drill, portrayed insanely as a butcher knife stabbing! You don’t stab with a butcher knife, you hack with it! Like a Machete, most butcher knives barely have a point or no point at all! They want the scary sounding word of a “butcher knife” combined with a stabbing.. which a stabbing sounds more believeable to most people since stabbing due occur but use a small switch most of the time in inner cities by most drug gang members or occasionally crack & herione & meth addicts! And also a cowardly rapist will use a knife to get his victim not to resist. But a butcher knife is almost never used in USA in a crime. It conjures up ZioJewHollywood caricatures of Eeevile Turban wearing Muslim & Arab boogeymen attacking some poor victim with a sword, machete, butcher or long dagger!
      Using a butcher knife in a hoax attack is like using the fictitious, misleading term assault rifle, as a super deadly weapon only used for murder!


      Also using Andy Payne is to subliminally remind you of Roanoke VA fake reporter Shooting Crisis Actor sleazebag Andy Parker & his fake dead daughter..Reinforcement programming!

    • Tranny *** defender & tranny- lover Gabriel now calling himself Gabriela is no woman or ****, Rudolf, he’s just a zionist jew *** deviant fraudster, sayan, Babylonian Talmudist weirdo & psychopath! Pretending to be a Jill & Gabriel & a Cyndi is just way to get the emails & private info on his enemies & maybe to lure boys too. I’ve told you before he’s a dangerous psychopath, though a coward ofcourse he is willing to pull any type of dirty trick! And really his only power here is the allowing of his perverted, disinfo & fraudulant posts under other people’s names here to remain posted here. He starts out this very thread with a fraud post attack on Islam & then gets treated like royalty! Bizzare!

  2. Muslim-owned restaurant offers elderly and homeless free meals on Christmas Day so ‘no one eats alone’


    • I eat alone…

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  4. Rudolf’s banning from Heathen Women is Allah’s will.

  5. ExM-7) OSU Hoax Attack Crisis Actwhore Fat Pig Ziotrash Joe Smeltzer Busted Again in Previous Hoax Attack! & Zio Crisis Actor Brad Kaplan False Witnessing in same ZioNews!


  6. PizzaGate Pedophile Ring Update! US Senate moves To Criminalize Alt News Websites Reporting to Protect Pedophile Ring & Zionist Jew Podesta Pedo Brothers!

    Despicable Bastards! The Ziotrash are really flexing power here to protect these pedophile monsters! They feel like they can can get away with almost any evil they want now!


  7. ZioPuppet Trump Vice Prez Elect Crypto Jew Tim Kaine Defends Worthless Obama Care!!

    This horrible fake healthcare has made private healthcare near impossible & super expensive or even illegal for many working poor & middle class Americans & small businesses while simultaneously making it even easier to get healthcare coverage for millions of illegal immigrant invaders from Mexico & elsewhere!

    From WRIC STORY:
    By WRIC Newsroom
    Published: December 7, 2016, 8:10 pm

    WASHINGTON (WRIC) – Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine (D.) told the Senate on Wednesday that the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Medicaid and Medicaid are essential programs for Virginians.

    Kaine is pushing to keep the Affordable Care Act available for the 20 million people who have coverage.


  8. Ex1) Pizzagate Pedo Ring Gunman Edward Welch Is A Hired Actor Hired By Pizza-PEDO Ring & DHS To Protect These Despicable Pedophiles! His Father’s Movie Company!

    Fake Attempted Rescuer of Kids from the Pedophiles, Crisis Actor, Edgar Madison Welch works at:
    Harry Welch’s Forever Young Independent Movie Company:

  9. Ex-2) PizzaGate Pedo Ring- Captain America Crisis Actor To The Rescue (of the Kids??) No This Clown was Hired To Rescue The Pedophile Monsters From Prosecution!

    Independent researchers & truthers are hot on the Trail of these child molesters, ritual murders, even cannibals linked to this pedophile ring including close associates of Hillary Clinton! So the evil zionist jew media like Washington Post & NY times zionist run DHS is pulling out all the stops to thwart a grassroots uprising of Americans to demand the prosecution of these ziotrash, talmudists, Kabbalists, Satanist & Freemason Pedophiles!


  10. Ex3)Pizzagare Pedo Ring Crisis Actor Gunman To the Rescue (of the Kids???) Nope DHS & Pedo Rings hired him To Save The Pedophiles From A GrassRoots Rebellion to Bring these Evil Satanic Bastards To Justice!

    You filthy Pedophile Bastards should all be tried & Convicted & Punished! I don’t care how powerful & how ziotrash jewish most of you may be!

  11. Ex4) PizzaGate Real Pedophile Ring Rescued By Fake Child Rescuer DHS Crisis Actor/SAG-AFRA Gunman Edgar Maddison Welch! (66coded)! “Cape Fear” CC Grad. 33° coded

    Notice this unusual double D spelling in “Maddison” used to get the 66 gematria code in Edgar Maddison Welch!


  12. Ex6) PizzaGate Real Pedophile Ring Fake Child Rescue Hoax Script: “NC man accused of threatening ..D.C. pizza place with a rifle..trying to “self-investigate” ..conspiracy theory that..Hillary Clinton & high-ranking Democrats are in child sex trafficking ring, police say.

    He supposedly entered the Restaurant at 3pm in this script & was Hoax Arrested @ 3:24 EST & yet this script claim he was there threatening people for 45 minutes with an assault rifle to find the kids the Pedophiles were holding! LMAO!!!

    Now if this Crisis Actor was a real investigator & courageous vigilante rescuer of the pedophiled children who’d be familiar with the Independent media & truthers investigating this Comet Restaurant & the pedo Ring he would have known about & looked for & demanded to be shown an entrance to a secret tunnel system below this restaurant which these pedophiles used to take children secretly from this pedophile ring restaurant to other pedophile bars & restaurants & business & homes in this part of town & to the DC subway system & ancient interconnected Freemason tunnels in the area.

    • Ex 6-b) PizzaGate Real Pedophile Ring Fake Child Rescue Hoax Script: “NC man accused of threatening ..D.C. pizza place with rifle..trying to “self-investigate” ..conspiracy theory that..Hillary Clinton & high-ranking Democrats are in child sex trafficking ring, police say.


  13. Ex8) Pizzagate Real Pedophile Ring-These Code Words Used By Obama & Hillary aids & Podestas & Pedo ring are known Pedo Code Words Accepted by The FBI & Police Nationwide USA! Pizza, Walnuts, etc!

    So when NY Times aka NY Slimes & Washington ComPost & DC POLICE & FBI leaders say there is no evidence or probable cause they are damned liars!

    Also Wikileaks’ Jullian Assauge has not even been seen since he released the pizzagate emails. Also I know of no false information that Wikileaks has put out yet !

    Also see my posts # 7 &7b, etc proving prior knowledge, prior posting by an NSA linked DC-Maryland reporter. And I have proof she is NSA & a liar & Fraudster & a ziojew sayanim with aliases I have & will show!


  14. NSA linked DHS ZioMarrano Jew Reporter Busted Fraudster & Crisis Actor! I got Proof!

    Ex7) PizzaGate Real Pedo Ring Fake Shooting Reporter (Zionist Jew Busted!) Stephanie Ramirez Alias Stephanie Trevino Posted Hoax Shooter/Child rescuer Arrest @ 12:53pm Dec4 –Over 2hrs before PsyOp Arrest took place!!! LMAO!

    Also the IDIOT DC POLICE POSTED THE ARREST @ 12:50PM DEC 4, 2016, 2 hrs before the scripted, staged event officially began @exactly 3pm Dec 4, 2016! lol

    And I have proof she is not only a ziotrash media FRAUDSTER reporter but also a DHS Crisis Actor who recently played a child killing Maryland mother as Stephanie Ramirez Williams!! But also her and her mother are connected to NSA & military probably AIR Force, Directly connected to NSA Headquarters Ft George Meade Maryland! Her mother is Gloria Curtis NSA- Ft Meade, alias Gloria Trevino. Stepanie Ramirez is alias as Stephanie Curtis, Stephanie Trevino, Stephanie Ramirez Williams, Stephanie Williams!! Age ranges: 24, 25 & 29 & sometimes higher!

    She & mother are both operating out of Benito,Texas (& Elsewhere Texas) & NSA Spy Center Headquarters Ft Meade Maryland! Screw her, screw her busted cover & NSA! She is a filthy zionist traitor helping NSA & DHS & Washington Post & WUSA & NY Times & People Magazine & Heavy & CNN & CBS & ABC & FOX & NBC, etc Run Cover for These murderous pedophile occultists animals!

    Jake Trapper is another Crypto Jew jerk I will get into helping these pedophiles, issuing death threats on twitter to truthers jnvestigating & exposing these monsters. And Trapper is linked to Despicable Pedo Podesta Brothers thru twitter tweets & WIKILEAKS leaked emails!

  15. Ex 9) DC Pizzagate Pedophile Ring-Wiki Exposed as Connected to Ring Leaders- CNN Jake Trapper Crypto jew Sends Death Threats To Anti Pedo Investigators: ” I’ll send them (PedoRingLinked Cannibal Spirit Eaters)to your home)!

    Also this CNN Reporter which Wikileaks emails showed linked to Podesta Pedo Brothers–His wealthy wife repeatedly has bizarrely claimed this Pedophilia linked restaurant “Comet Pizza” is her favorite Restaurant in DC! Now with all the fine Italian & American & Chinese, Mexican & Thai , etc, restaurants in DC & MD DC area whybwould this wealthy reporters wife claim this crappy supposed childrens & family restaurant is her favorite restaurant??? …Huh?? Because yhis evil witch takes part in Pedophila, child torture & satanic rituals & cannibalism that takes llace there!!! Why else would a crappy pizza joint be this wealthy woman’s favorite Restaurant in a city & area full of great restaurants???!!!


    • Correction: Jake Tapper not Trapper!

  16. Ex10) PizzaGate Pedos-Zionist Wikipedia Retaliates Against AntiPedo Researcher David Seaman & Deletes Former Huffington Posts Reporter’s Credentials- & Dishonestly Claims He was Never A real MSM Reporter!!!

    He clearly worked for Huffington Posts bought for $315 million by AOL Time Warner!! So AOL & Time Warner are not major media companies??? Lol!

    These ziotrash jerks have no integrity at all & are pulling out all the stops & pulling all the dirty tricks to protect these PEDOPHILE Monsters & JSRMurders & Cannibals from a massive rebellion & forced prosecution by the American people! This are satanically evil people protecting these monsters!


  17. EXCLUSIVE: The chilling video which shows how San Bernardino terrorist prepared to murder his colleagues at close range with illegally-modified assault rifle


  18. Cleveland Fake Kidapping PsyOp Meets DC Pizzagate Real Pedophile Ring Coverup!!! Same PsyOp Hoax Reporter!

    Ex 7c) PizzaPedo Coverup-NSA Spook Marrano Jew WUSA Reporter- Crisis Actor Stephanie Ramirez is Filmmaker & Hollywood Actress & Crisis Reporter Starred In Cleveland Kidnapping Hoax!

    Yes she is a zio marrano jew & spook & hollywood actor just like her Costar fake dead Arielle Castro in the Cleveland Kidnapping Hoax!


  19. Ex 7d) Pizzagate Real Pedophile Ring Coverup Via Hoax Shooting Crisis Reporter Fraudster Stephanie Ramirez- As A Cancer Crisis Film Maker in 2010 @ Suppose 23yr old!

    Her mother’s cancer back then was most likely a zioScam hoax too!

    They brought in this big gun Crisis Actwhore to help coverup this DC Podesto Pedophile Ring with a fake shooting which this psycho’s & DC POLICE BOTH TWEEts originated over 2 hrs before the PsyOp shooting even begin! Actually to be more precise they tweeted the arrest of the shooter more than 2 hrs before he even supposedly entered the Pedo Pizzaria! See tweet from her account which.I linked on this thread as Exhibit 7!


    Pay no mind to zionist Jew Tranny *** disinfo troll fraudster Gabriel who now is openly Tranny-***-posting as Gabriela! lol The extra A is apparently for A-hole & to Talmudically admit to being a trannyfag! & After all his Satanic child human sacrifice god is A tranny ***, breasted, with *****, goat headed horned god called Baphomet also known as Moloch! This is the insane Baal Worship taught to the high level Pharicees, jews, and freemasons in the Kabbala & Babylonian Talmud! And it is why Crypto Satanic Jew Lady Gaga performs simulated Human Ritual blood sacrifice murder in her Concerts! Sickening but true!

  20. Ex001-a) PizzaGate Real Pedo Ring Hoax Shooting Reporter DHS Air Force Embeded Crisis Actor -NSA Agent Stephanie Ramirez & Air Force-NSA husband Jeffrey Ramirez Star as Maryland Barbaric Hoax Child Killers Stephanie Williams & Frankie Williams! Busted!

    And their baby daughter on FB acount even plays the fake dead baby child!


  21. Ex001-b) PizzaGate Real Pedo Ring Hoax Shooting Reporter DHS Air Force Embeded Crisis Actor -NSA Agent Stephanie Ramirez & Air Force-NSA husband Jeffrey Ramirez Star as Maryland Barbaric Hoax Child Killers Stephanie Williams & Frankie Williams! Busted!

    And their baby daughter on FB acount even plays the fake dead baby girl child!

    Busted you evil Treasonous Crisis Actwhore Traitors!

    Compare Jeffery Ramirez aka Jeffreu Rey to kid Killer Frankie Williams.
    Compare Stephanie Williams to Maryland Killer Mom Stephanie Ramirez!

    Exhibit 001a) Crisis Actor
    couple to
    Exhibit 001b) Crisis Actor couple!


  22. Ex001c) Maryland Killer Mom- Crisis Actor Stephanie Ramirez who plays Killer mom Stephanie Wiliams!

    Here she portrays a housewife mom with a supposed real family.. and maybe this is her real family but three of them were used in this horrible zionist hoax to give greater power to evil Child snatching DPS Psychopaths!

    DHS is the greatest & most evil invention ever invented by the zionist jews & freemasons to precure unlimited numbers of Goyim children for use in: ritual murders, Child snuff film, Spirit C ooking (cannibal ritual eating of goyim, child sex slavery & prostitution, mild controlled traumized slaves from a young age,etc… CPS is one of their greatest zioJew achievements ever! Like setting up of slavery in the Americas the Carribean! Or mass murdering 66 million goyim in USSR in the real jewish Holocaust! Holocaust means to give a burnt human offering to Baal god Moloch! Or legalizing unlimited abortion in USA & THEN mass murdering 40 million goyim babies plus over 40 plus years We to go jews! Such massive achievements (for satan) by so few! Tranny faggot Gabriela, Gabriel, Cabbey,, Cabbie, Gaby, Jill girl, Cyndy frauster must be having homo trannyfagasms!


  23. Ex12) PizzaGate Real Pedo Ring- Crazy Khazar Crisis Actor Fake Investigator/Shooter Character Edgar Maddison Welch Comes to the Rescue of The Pedophiles! NOT THE KIDS!!

    This PsyOp shooting is one of the very few “spur of the moment” DHS hoax/PsyOps- done to stop the grassroots research & increasing momentum of this Hillary Clinton & Podesto brothers linked Pedophile ring from being exposed to publically at such a constantly increasing rate that it could truly lead to the American people waking up by the tens of millions & openly defying the media & their programming & demanding & forcing the prosecution of these despicable pedophiles! Such a grassroots rebellion would set back the zionist power & their evil plans by many years by angering & waking up & activating so many millions of people! So deny this is real & don’t help, sit on the sidelines and lose this opportunity to mortally wound this EVIL TOTALITARIAN New World Order of the ZioJews & Freemasons & banksters! Or get off your @$$! We need to pound these evil sons of Devils right now & hard!!! Expose them & the pedophilia to the light of day! These vampires can survive exposed in the light of day, the light of the truth to the masses will destroy them! Do it!

    Anyway this is a great common sensical Straight forward investigative/research video!


    • I take it from your rant above Cowboy, that you are in full support of Rudolf’s rape manifesto – you know, the one where he fantasizes about attacking women in the **** with bed knobs, canes, jackhammers and other tools. You’d be very hard pressed to find anything as perverted as that written by anyone else here. I thought you were above that kind of thing – but obviously not.

      PS it’s Rudolf who’s trying to track IPs and emails – or don’t you even bother reading the threads?

  24. I prefer magic mushrooms. Lol!

  25. Ex13) Pizzagate Real Pedophile Ring-Gatekeeper ZioPuppets- Cowards Chris Green(berg) & Alex Jone(stein) Both Say We Should Back Off The DC Pedophile Ring! I say: Both You POS Cowards Go To Hell!


    Notice how Khazar jewy Christopher Green looks now with his hair cut short, glasses & ears showing! Listen to all his cowardly mushy mouth **** about why we must tread lightly on these despicable pedophiles! Sickening!

  26. Ex15) Pizzagate Pedophile Real Ring (Shooting Was A PsyOp To Save Em’) Pedesta Is Real Pedophile -Coded Words & Phrases in Wikilwaks emails are FBI & Police Known Pedophile Code Words!

    David Seaman
    Titus Frost & Molly Price are heroes.

    Anti Pedophile Activist Investigator Molly Price has exposed over 20,000 twitter accounts for sharing child porn & trafficing & advocatiing pedophilia! And She only is concentrating in First world countries were prosecution is do-able! Zionist jew run Twitter has repeated tried to thwart her efforts!

    The zionist media going all out to stop this from reachimg critical mass where the American people will openly rebel & demand prosecution of these evil monster which so many politicians & MSM media criminal are surely involved in!

    This is going viral despite all the evil Zionist media efforts and cowardice of people like Alex Jones & Christopher Green! Even David Icke, while condemning pedophilia, is very confusing in his video about it. That is bull$h#t!

    Be on the right side of history this thing coming out is a Godsend! It’s a chance to wake up tens of millions of Americans out of their brainwashed stuper! And many millions more worldwide! it’s a real chance to take some of the most evil bastards in the world down! Be on the right side on history & help expose this now! Don’t wait & see what happens get off your @$$es Now & help expose this Now! It can hit critical mass!


  27. Miranda 66 & double 666 & 777 coded name..

    Ex16) Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring- Fake Shooter Crisis Actor Edgar Welch’s “wife” Miranda Reed is Fake & a professional Actress/dancer named Anna Fousee Robinson married to another man!!!

    I found no real Miranda Reed Linked to him or family via identity searches..Etc. except their their PsyOp Facebook accounts! But lots of links to this Anna Fousee. I was investigating this yesterday, now I can’t find everything. Anyway. This woman looks about 15 years old but apparently is older. And this Anna Fousee or Robinson looks exactly like her. She may actually be his niece or cousin of niece in law or some relative.

    Miranda in Jewish Gematria Equals: 165 1+65 = 66 also 16+5=21 aka 777
    Miranda in English Gematria Equals: 360
    666666 aka 666 & 666
    Miranda in Simple Gematria Equals: 60 aka 6

    Anna Fousee Welch
    age 34 (I don’t think she is really 34)


    Raleigh, NC; Hurdle Mills, NC; Timber Lake, NC


    Robert Welch, Donald Foushee, Ronnie Foushee, Gail Foushee, Ray Foushee


    Twenty-One Films

    This her PsyOp FB ACCOUNT as Miranda Reed with supposed husband actor pedo psyop shooter Edgar Maddison Welch:


  28. Ex17) Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring -Fake Shooting PsyOp-Fake Wife of Fake Shooter Miranda Reed played by Anna Robinson Fousee alias Anna Fousee Welch aka possibly Anna Prosser Fousee

    And after examining more pictures of proven actor Edgar Maddison Welch from various family member picture of him he must several years older than the supposed 33 masonic coded age since his beard on some pictures is completely gray. So I think he is over 40 years old so this super young Anna-Miranda actress playing his wife could his daughter even at around 26 or so him around 43 to 46. If she graduated college at 22 in 2012 she could be 26 now. Certainly she cannot be 33 or so! She looks 15 in most pics as Miranda so these may be very old pictures certainly they are like more than 5 years old.
    Also his father Harry Welch looks well past 60 & could easily be 65 or so. & And his father Harry may have a twin brother named Larry Welch or atleast brother or that could be an alias Larry & Harry. But it is a twin naming common occurance for parent to give twins Rhyming names or same 1st letter similiar names. And twins have more opportunies to get parts especially as children & extra specially as babies!


  29. Ex17-b) Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring -Fake Shooting PsyOp-Fake Wife of Fake Shooter Miranda Reed played by Anna Robinson Fousee alias Anna Fousee Welch aka possibly Anna Prosser Fousee

    This link below is her as Miranda Reed with her supposed husband Fake Shooter-Crisis Actor Edgar Maddison Welch at real Pedo Ring linked Restaurant “Comet Pizza”. Not he is supposely 33 yet you can even his mustache is very gray. & Mustaches usually gray after the beard at after age thirty three like after 38 or later. Compare her to my Exhibit -Ex 17) Anna Robinson Fousee aka Anna Fousee Welch…
    Mind you in this persona as Anna Robinson Fousee she is married (real or fake married) to another man who is in the Marines. So he may rarely even be around so she can play many zioscam roles between
    her acting, theater, dancing, screenwriting, modeling career.


    Pay no mind to anything Ziotrash, disinfo troll Gabriel posting now as fake woman tranny *** Gabriela, Gabs aka Cabbie aka Cabster says! or any other name he troll & fraudulently posts under! Use your own mind. This zionist jew tranny freakshow Gabriela has posted as several woman previously along with a mutitude of males names.

  30. Ex 18) Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring -Zionists Media & Government Trying to Thwart & Criminalize” Exposing despicable Pedophiles:


  31. 16-B) Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring Fake Shooter Crisis Actor wife played by Anna Foushee Robinson as Miranda Reed- Correction: Foushee not Fousee!

    She made have helped write the script of this fake shooting PsyOp also to help save the Pedophile Ring!


    This is one of her alias ID versions I believe showing her connection to New York City as well this may be a company that owns her movie production company…

    Anna L Robinson
    Greenwood, SC; New York, NY

    Carter Communications Llc

  32. Ex19) PizzaGate Real Pedo Ring- & Fake Shooting-The Shills Are Not Covering It! Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Chris Green Flip flopping & helping The pedos! F them all! Which side are you on?? The Wheat & Chaff are separating!

    Big tough Alex Jones cowarded-down to a sissy *** Satanist Anton Levay-looking zio freak! Salmi is one of the Pedos, he looks & acts like a ritual murdering jew Satanist like Anton Levay, Michael Aquino, Leon Trotsky, Vladmir Lenin, Fidal Castro, Menachum Began, Netanyahu, etc…

    Listen to this guy! His accent is strong but his insight is right! He has them pegged correctly! The MSM is fake news!!! Not this pedo ring news being reported by truthers. No one has denied those emails of the Podestas & Hillary & these Pizza pedos is fake! And Assauge has not been seen since the release! And it was truthers who indepently of each other who discovered the pedophile crypto code words & phrases in the emails!

    Get off your knees this is the perfect time to take down some horrible pedophiles, Ritual murdering Talmudic fundamentalists, and the main stream media & government scumbag criminals! Now! It is getting bigger despite the ziotrash media all out propaganda attack propaganda & despite the fake shooting PsyOp! But it must be pounded harder to more people & Now! We can reach a critical mass. This only needs to get 5 percent or so of the American people mad as hell & active & then these scum are screwed! Because then it will explode! This can be like the Belgium Pedophile & sex slave affair & it needs to be! Only much bigger since USA is much bigger! We may not get any national media reporter on board but…As it gets bigger we may get some large market radio show hosts on board & some local news reporter like a non ziojew Rick Sanchez type who is tired of this **** & who will do some reports until they get fired!


    Take this guy David Seaman he will never get a jpb with MSM again! He’s black listed totally, now & for life! He knows it & he doesn’t give a $h#t! He’s mad as hell at the media & these pedophiles & this guy was a liberal Obama voter! He’d be lucky to get a media job in South Dakota or Maine after this & that would only be off camera as a writer or editor or something under an alias! Lol!

  33. Ex20-a) Pizzagate REAL Pedo Ring Fake Shooting Crisis Actor Edgar Welch Fake Wife Miranda Reed is Miranda Foushee!!! Who also has another fake marriage AS Anna Robinson Foushee with her own 1st Cousin JORDAN Foushee!!

    This is 100 percent the same girl as in Exhibit 20)!!! (Only fake different first name & fake maiden name!) Same Crisis Actor Miranda Foushee is Anna Foushee!! Right here sham married to her own first Cousin the Marine Jordan Foushee! Mother is Tammy Angie (Anne) Foushee & his mother is Dana Foushee! All 4 are military-spook embeded DHS Crisis Actors you can bet!


  34. Ex21) Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring -Fake Shooter’s fake Wife Miranda Reed aka Miranda Foushee (real name) aka Anna Foushee’s other fake husband her 1st Cousin Jordan Fousee & his sisters Calyn & Allyson

    Bust a Crisis Actor! Have you busted a Crisis Actor today? Try it! It’s fun! Blow these traitors’ cover today! I try t bust several each day! They can’t sue you! They sign confidentiality agreements as actors & nondisclosure ageeements with DHS! And many have security clearances with Air Force, ARMY, Navy, DIA, CIA & FBI & NSA! They can never go to court against a real citizens in a non scripted kangaroo court or you could cross examine them, subpoena evidence & records, & most fun of all force them to perjure themselves or spill the beans in open court! We win eith way! So bust a Crisis actor traitor enemy of Americans today! It’s fun & easy & free! It only cost you using your brain & your time! Much, much more exciting than watching the idiot box, playing video games or sitting around like a zombie! And it makes pieces of ziotrash $h#t like the tranny *** troll now posting as Gabriela & filthy pig Lenny Pozner mad as hell! Screw Em’! This is our country & our world! It belongs to us– the hated goyim! It’s time to take it all back & send them to prison, hell or Israehell! Time to expose these bastards & all their evil & lies & destroy them with the truth!

  35. Ex 22-a Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring-Fake Shooter Edgar Welch fake wife! Let’s go beyond a reason doubt to Dec 2012 & Compare a Dec 17 pic of Miranda Foushee to Miranda Reed Dec 25 Christmas Day! With her fake parents!

    Busted way beyond any reasonable doubt! Ziopuppet Scum! Hell with you and all the pedophiles & psychopaths you work for & protect!

    Compare! It’s indisputable! Lol!

    Miranda Foushee Dec. 17 2012:

  36. FBI Sent Planeload of Agents to Frame Assange in Iceland, Got Snubbed & Send Packing by Interior Minister! Horay for Iceland! I love Iceland! Screw FBI ziopuppet Criminals!


  37. Ex 22-b) Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring-Fake Shooter Edgar Welch fake wife! Let’s go beyond a reason doubt to Dec 2012 & Compare a Dec 17 pic of Miranda Foushee to Miranda Reed Dec 25 Christmas Day! With her fake parents!

    Busted way beyond any reasonable doubt! Ziopuppet Scum! Hell with you and all the pedophiles & psychopaths you work for & protect!

    Compare! It’s indisputable! Lol!
    Miranda Reed & fake family on Dec. 25, 2012- Christmas day!

    Do it!
    Compare Exhibit 22a to 22b.. It the same girl! Miranda Foushee is Miranda Reed & Anna Foushee! One girl-woman Crisis Actor fake married to two men!

    And no, ziotrash tranny *** disinfo troll Gabriel now tranny *** posting as Gabriela –No one wants your fake opinion ziofreak tranny! You post no opinions ever just zio Disinfo, lies & fraud posts & trolling! Lol!

  38. Ex23-b) Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring-Fake Shooting Crisis Actor Anton Lavey Lookalike “Sharif Salmi” Threatening Alex Jones To Back Off PizzaPedos Looks Exactly like proven fake father of fake shooter’s wife Miranda Reed aka Miranda Foushee!!!

    This demonic looking Crypto jew must be the son of Anton Lavey I immediately thought he looked talked just like him! And I also immediately knew he looks just like the supposed father “Miranda Reed” Crisis actor fake wife of Crisis Actor Edgar Maddison Welch…


  39. Ex23-a) Pizzagate Real Pedo Ring-Fake Shooting Crisis Actor Anton Levay Lookalike “Sharif Salmi” Threatening Alex Jones To Back Off PizzaPedos Looks Exactly like proven fake father of fake shooter’s wife Miranda Reed aka Miranda Foushee!!!

    This demonic looking Crypto jew must be the son of Anton Levay I immediately thought he looked talked just like him! And I also immediately knew he looks just like the supposed father “Miranda Reed” Crisis actor fake wife of Crisis Actor Edgar Maddison Welch as soon as I had seen the second character His wife is supposedly Wendy Gentry acoounting the the facebook accounts but I’m not but I don’t know what his name supposedly is as this character, thelis fake father of “Miranda Reed” but it is likely Reed as his last name!
    Ok well this is him costarring in the shooting PsyOp with Alex Jonestein as Sharif Salmi. Jones disgraces himself more than ever backtracking & flipflopping on PizzaplPedoGate punking himself for this vile creature who claims he took his kids to the Comet Ping Pong pedophile Ring pizzaria after he heard it was linked to a pedophile ring just to prove it was not! And then the shooter came in with a rifle & he and his kids & everyone just casually walked out taking their pizzas to go! Can a hoax PsyOp story get any more ridiculous than this lying pedo shooting crisis actor’s insane script! Notice his pointed nose & Vulvan ears as both characters just like his lookalike Satanist Anton Lavey! Lavey is surely his father! Who knows how many sons he fathered with all his female sex slaves & witches!


    This is the most disgraceful & submissive I’ve ever seen Alex Jonestein! Ofcourse I completely stop listening to Jonestein after Sandy Hook, althpugh I had already had started barely listening to him! Over his zio Kosherizing him self!

  40. Ex1) Possible Hoax Louisville Football Heisman Trophy Win Celebration Shooting of 3- 2players & 1 woman..2/3 is .666 repeating. Heisman is College Football’s most Prestious Award Won by Louiville’s Lamar Jackson!

    I am not certain this is a Hoax since Louisville
    is an urban campus & Ghetto Gangsters Hangers-ons like to hang around big time college football players like Louisville. He was the The frontrunner by far this year to win the award, so this shooting, if a hoax, could have been played weeks ago!


  41. Meet me at Papa’s Pizza on the corner of Grove and Maine. The entire Family is looking forward to it.

  42. The problem with the Quran in electronic copy… It’s impossible for me to tear out pages to wipe **** off my asshole with.

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