Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 22 July 2014
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What a Real Airplane Crash Site Looks Like Vs. MH17 Hoax

In a real plane crash a real plane falls from the sky, like this Mexicana jet airliner:

With all the cell phones and other cameras that were aimed at the sky, at least something similar to this should have been seen. Keep in mind that there are at least three videos on line of people aiming at the area of the explosion several seconds prior to the fireball. Why wasn’t the plane seen? Once again, in the MH17 hoax no one showed this. Instead, this is what is seen:


There is a helicopter heard hovering in the background with photographers/videographers in place. They were there in advance of the supposed crash. Yet, what did they capture with their film? They captured no crash nor any descending airplane or its debris – or its trail of smoke. Instead, they photographed the imagery of an explosion, one which arises from the ground-up:


A screen capture from a video showing the initial detonation. The detonation arises from the ground upwards. There is no element which has as its source a crash from the sky.

Puff, it’s like magic. There is a full sky above, and there is no imagery to match what is seen on the ground? This is hard proof of the scam, proving that the crash was faked. Those plane parts were on the ground, and they were blown up through detonation. In all likelihood pyrotechnic accelerants were used instead of acrid petrol-based ones.

The fuel tanks in the wings were likely fully drained. It was all done, Hollywood-style, with directors and producers on-hand. To do so a strategic area was needed, one that was highly remote where there would be no surprises. Since it was fake, the metal – the wreckage – needed to be brought to the area, essentially as scrap metal. This would necessity a proper roadway. To access the fields where the fake crash would be staged the roads would be essential.

What is the buffoon doing squating towards the ground – it is all fake, all a movie-style set. Note the clear and categorical proximity to the road, where virtually all the major strewn wreckage can be found, a physical impossibility:

Note also the fact that the strewn wreckage is situated on each side of the road, another evidence of the fake. Too, it appears that they had the foam trucks ready to go. How did the foam trucks get there so quickly? Obviously, they were there in advance. The so-called pro-Russian rebels were mere actors, just like the people who were presumably inspecting the wreckage.

Nothing about this is real, and that includes the purported deceased. These are largely crisis dummies, silicone fakes, but also inflatable ones:


Clearly, these are not real humans, dead or otherwise. In particular, note the balloon-like nature of that hand. Note also the fact that it is tied up, attached to some element to keep it up in the air (more drama, here).~ Now, for real plane crashes. These crashes are virtually never by roads. The odds for that are exceedingly slim:

The ground is pummelled into oblivion, grass is uprooted, shrubs and trees are torn down. There are kerosene-based fires, which may prove difficult to extinguish. There is dark grey and even black smoke; the fire is fiery orange in color.


It’s chaos; little can be done about it other than to put out the fires. Once the fires are out, they do not reignite. There is much char, and human beings may well be roasted to a crisp. It’s horror scene, make no mistake about it.

Consider in comparison the crash in Greece of  Helios 522. This crash clearly demonstrates that the MH17 event (it’s not a crash) is a hoax:

Those elements which are highly flammable do often catch on fire, including foam and cardboard as well as luggage and seats. The same is true with the grass, shrubs, and trees, as seen above. What about MH17? This was a most notable exception. Nothing spontaneously caught on fire, not even the cardboard boxes:

MH17 Malaysia Airline Ukraine Russia plane Crash

Does anyone see any roasted grass or shrubs – even a little bit? How about the wreckage? Is there any char there? Is there any soot on the exterior? How about even a small degree of traumatic crumpling that gives the appearance of the powers of forces during a real crash?


How about stains from earthen material and/or grass? Is anything at all seen? … Versus this airliner which crashed in a mountainous area of Greece:

Note the asymetric traumatic crumpling of the engine and its casing.

In this diabolical hoax there is no such assymetric crumpling of the engine casing. Other than the pyrotechnic-based burn damage, the engine is normal, fully intact.

The aluminum casing has merely been roasted off. There is no other damage to it. The ring, which would have been subjected to great forces, was not damaged in the least. Note the close proximity of the t-section in the road. This is all proof of staging, that is a hoax.

There is absolutely no possibility that this was a real crash. Through their Zionist assets from the United States, as well as local Zionist treacherous ones, such as Ihor Kolomoisky and his gang, this was staged: malaysianengineukrainefakemalaysianengineukrainefake2

The total lack of impact damage to the engine means that it was merely an element of strewn wreckage. The source could well have been a defunct Malaysian Airlines vessel, most likely the one purchased by the Zionists and stored earlier this year in Tel Aviv. In a real crash of a jumbo jet the vectors of force are vast. A 777 weights over 600,000 pounds. The earth would be damaged, scarred, and scorched. People would be crushed to death; bones would be broken. The clothes would be torn up but not completely stripped off.  It would never represent merely a pile of garbage next to a road:

In fact, the contrast between the two, the fake and the real, is vast:

In the Greek crash there are bodies strewn throughout the crash site, people who were largely killed by blunt trauma, God rest their souls. Note also the degree of dirt impaction in the seats, a phenomenon never seen in the MH17 hoax.


They forgot to inflate the dummy’s legs. Didn’t anybody notice?

It’s all merely clean scrap metal, that is strewn wreckage, which is burnt by pyrotechnics. The fake bodies were planted after the fact.

Are these people from outer space? This is an inflatable dummy with moulage added. There can be no other possibility. He or rather it is grabbing the grass, a pointed out by YouTubers. How is that possible?


The contrast is striking. Note the extensive destruction of the plane, the filth, the dirt, the crushed bodies, the bodies dead from blunt trauma. No pristine corpses, here.

This is a set-up perpetrated by the global Zionist cabal. Its purpose is to distract the world from the high crimes committed by hedonistic Zionist Jews against the Palestinian people.


Look at the face of this entity; surely, it is a dapper cadaver, in other words by no means is it real.

WARNING: Graphic image below… Direly, this is what happens when bodies get caught in the fire of exploding jet fuel, that is hydrazine or kerosene:

If there is grass, shrubs, or trees in the path of the destructive crash, it is consumed:

This crash in Libya seems to show the random nature of the wreckage. No neat piles are seen here. Yet, as one person has brought out there is no char, nothing that was set on fire. The man in the white suit is worthy of investigation. Plus, the ID numbers are right in the film for additional suspicious convenience.

This is much more obvious, that is as the aftermath of a real crash involving an Algerian jumbo jet:

Here is a good example of the imprint created by the forces of a jumbo jet crash.

There is no such imprint anywhere to be seen in the hoax MH17 crash.

It’s just a pyrotechnic fake, a Hollywood-style movie set. Surely, no toxic jet fuel was used, which would have posed serious issues.


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  1. These picture contrasts (real versus fake)are startling to behold

  2. Dr. K,

    Excellent post and analysis. Yes, the MH17 crash is nothing but a Hollywood style movie production. I guess they learned their lesson with Shanksville that they can’t fake a plane crash without having some fake bodies!

    • Don’t breed. The world doesn’t need more retards like you.

  3. You’re a true idiot, seriously.. I am from Holland and believe me when i say THIS IS VERY REAL!! How would you feel if we said 9/11 was fake…? You’re just being ridiculous. My loss is REAL, the deaths are REAL, the immense pain is sadly very REAL, so show some respect to the people mourning instead of being a total *****.. You’re mom must be so proud, pfff…

    • Hey Alice?! Are you still living in “Wonderland”??? I have seen MANY photos of HIGH impact air crashes like this was SUPPOSED to be, and in a high impact crash almost NOTHING is recognizable except MAYBE the engines…Human bodies would have so badly smashed that you couldn’t tell one person from another…there wouldn’t be WHOLE bodies in tact…only BURNED pieces of them…NO Clothes would be among ANY of them!
      Are you also so NAIVE to believe the story about 9/11 was TRUE???
      Girl…I really feel sorry for you…you have NOT “Awakened” YET!
      GET REAL!!!

    • Hey Alice I have good news for you. There were NO PLANES, the buildings were EMPTY, SS death index for that day says approx. 400 dead in the WHOLE STATE of NY. Go to septemberclues.com and see all the morphed faces of the so called victims.
      I’m sure the name calling is next from you as you are a paid agent we all know it!

      • Very interesting. Can you find out what is the case of Shawn Rooney, then, of course, the assassination of his wife?

        • I don’t know who these people are Dr. K but I know you believe me as you did an article on it not long ago about a fake firefighter “rescue”. I will look them up.

        • Here are morphed pics of “vicsims” of 911 but Sean is not one of them.
          I’m not all that computer literate or the most brilliant of researchers but will keep trying.


        • I posted some research, as chance would have it, and came to the conclusion that flight 3407, Beverly Eckert’s, was another faked crash.
          disagree if you want.

          • Not possible. I interviewed the photographer in great detail who was on the scene within five minutes. The Arbor Vitae trees were burned from the top down; the bases were not burned. The wreckage was on fire from kerosene-jet fuel.

            The plane was on fire in the sky, and the media did all that was possible to cover it up. To place a jet in the midst of houses and set it on fire is also not conceivable; the fuel is definitely petrol-based.

            There is no plausible means to explain the burning of those trees from top down other than the descending of the crash. Not a hoax.

          • I see what you mean about the lack of fire on the houses. May be wrong on this. Will look into it.

            Interviewed Wallace for two hours on RBN some time ago. ‘Ambulances on stand-by’…hmmm.

    • Alice is using a defense mechanism called “denial” which is very powerful with the harsh reality of being confronted with a hoax.

      When the denial is overwhelming, it results in name calling: “idiot” and “*****”. Of course, she provides NO evidence as to why the analysis of the researches on this site are wrong.

      Then when the name calling doesn’t work, she resorts to creating her own conspiracy theories to justify the official story:

      “My loss is REAL, the deaths are REAL…”. Then she uses the classic “how dare you disrespect the victims and their families” phrase. This is very common among prior hoaxes. With the Sandy Hoax, if you told an ignorant sheep that there were NO DEAD CHILDREN then you would receive the same type of attack by a person in denial. The same holds true with the plane huggers of 9/11.

      Then, when she can’t provide a valid argument or provide any evidence to support her denial, she then puts the burden back on Dr K to “establish the truth.” But Dr K already showed her the truth that MH17 is a media driven scam. If Alice wants to prove Dr K is incorrect, then SHE has the burden of proof to support the official story, WITH evidence.

      Alice is afraid to go outside the “tribe”, because stepping outside the tribe is unknown, and creates uncertainty. “What would people think of me if I told them it’s a hoax?” She is disturbed by this site, perhaps she knows internally that something doesn’t feel right with the MH17 story, so it’s more comfortable for her to stay within the confines of the tribe, and accept the official story as fact.

      In other words, Alice…


      • Ohh i get it, you must be one of those guys that also believes in green martians and finding gold at the end of the rainbow…
        This has nothing to do with going outside the ‘tribe’ which is ridiculous to say as you don’t know me at all. But this just has to do with the fact this article is very disrecspectful to the people who died and the ones left behind. I know for a fact i will never see certain people again, I spoke to them before boarding that plane, i know they were going on a holiday and i know they will never come back alive again. How do you fit that into your ‘hoax’..? You just can’t..

        • Read my post again, I never said anything about green martians or finding gold at the end of the rainbow.

          True, I don’t know you, however I’ve done enough research into 9/11 for over a decade, and your responses are quite common with others who simply choose to ignore the information that proves beyond a doubt that the official story is a lie. So yes, I do believe you are afraid to step “outside the tribe” because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

          It’s fine, maybe some day you will do enough introspection to understand that the media is fully controlled by Zionists and their interests, and therefore all is not what it seems.

          I don’t mourn your imaginary friends, and neither should you, since they never died on MH17. Actually, you should be thankful that it’s a hoax, and nobody died or got hurt in this scam.

          Remember, those with a war agenda don’t really have to blow up an airplane full of innocent passengers, they just have to make you BELIEVE. Just as they made you believe that commercial planes crashed on 9/11, causing the destruction of the towers.

          If you watch the media clips and spend a few hours of research, then you’ll know how they ran that scam. The towers were blown up, the “planes” were a distraction.

          Watch SeptemberClues.info and maybe, just maybe you will get a clue on how the media has the ability to control the minds of the sheep.

          If not, then feel free to keep blindly accepting what the media tells you is fact.

    • It’s simple: Alice is a sane and rational human being, elfmom, kenneth and their “ilk” are retards. Delusional, fearful, paranoid fuckups.

  4. We must all hope that your relatives are not deceased and that no one died.If that is not the case it is not this persons fault h they are only trying to establish the truth something you would want to welcome to establish who exactly was responsible.

  5. How is he going to establish the truth? Does he have that kind of influence…? No, he’s just seeking attention but doesn’t realize he’s being very hurtful to us who did know someone on flight mh17. Believe me, it is real. Sadly, i know this for a fact…
    And i don’t see him trying to uncover who is responsible either, he’s just saying it’s a hoax. That’s just being stupid, really. I knew a family of four, a husband and his wife with their two children. You’re just being disrespectful saying this is a hoax and talking about cadavers while that’s someone’s mom or daughter.. If you want to uncover the thruth so badly, USE FACTS!

    • Alice?…There was NO Flight NH17…I saw it with my own eyes by looking at the flight manifest they posted at the airport…NH17 was CANCELLED…THINK..If there was no flight HOW do you explain your so-called casualties??? You have to have flight to have a crash, UNDERSTAND??? The evidence is PILING up that this whole scenario is a HUGE Scam!
      Its just accord to ME, that you are some kind of “Agent” following this site trying to SELL this BS to people here…Nice try”Slick”, but people are waking up to these “False-Flag” events!

      • Are you really that suspicious about everyone that doesn’t agree with you?? I’m telling you i know people that died personally and this is your response? Sad… Really really sad..

        • i still believe the whole flight was a hoax and the fake bodies prove it, but even if you are right that doesnt mean they died on the plane it means they were probably kidnapped onto a government base for experimentation, like the other fake malaysia flight passengers could have been.

          • They are merely just well-paid crisis actors, 5K per person and other favors likely on the table. No one was kidnapped. Too complicated.

  6. How is he going to uncover the truth, does he have that kind of power in this world…??
    Don’t be ridiculous, he’s just seeking attention but he doesn’t realize he’s deeply offending us. I actually did know a family on flight mh17, a husband and wife with their two small children. Believe me when i say this is real.. He’s just being disrespectful saying this is a hoax and talking about cadavers while that’s someone’s wife or daughter that lies there.. Have some respect..!
    Also, i don’t see him trying to uncover who is responsible either. He’s just looking for sensation saying it’s a hoax, that’s not trying to establish the truth…
    If you want to uncover the truth so badly, USE FACTS!!!

    I think you’re very sad posting such articles without knowing what you are talking about..
    I hope you will never have to see your mother, daughter or wife like that and then have people talk about her like she’s a rubber dummy or a cadaver like she means nothing..

    These are complete families that were on a holiday. Two brothers, 12 and 19, dead. A mother who was on her way to her husband with their children, dead. A beautiful young couple, Daisy and Bryce, dead. A couple who just got married and were on their honeymoon, dead..
    If you took the time to read about the lives of the victims instead of looking for sensation in the very graphic pictures you wouldn’t talk about them like this. At least, i hope you wouldn’t..

    I demand respect for the deceased and the people left behind. Stop looking for sensation and post only facts.. Don’t make yourself look stupid..

    • mAlice,
      One point of evidence being discussed is the video ,there is a smoke trail that is supposed to be a missle , then an explosion (of sorts) then another explosion on the ground. DO YOU SEE A JUMBO JET LINER in the video or are we just supposed to imagine it ?
      Simple enough question , yes ?

    • which was the family?

  7. Dr K i think the Libyan crash may also be faked. The placing of the Airbus A330 logo looks suspicous, as indeed do the placed pieces of fuselage in Ukraine of MH17. More so. Most plane crashes won’t have neatly excised pieces of plane body with the identifying marks [for global consumpton to back up the official narrative] showing prominently and lens-side up.

    • It’s possible. Any links?

    • Yes, yes, and the guy in the white suit is very suspect. There’s no char, no burning, no fuel setting the area on fire; upgraded the post.


    • l looked at it about 2 years ago and it looked very suspect. Can’t remember where I posted about it.

      • I found it. There is no burning of anything. Garbage everywhere.

  8. @ xeliffelix Family van de Kraats..

    @ the rest of you insensitive ‘people’, i truly hope you will never have to go through this. You can act all tough now but when one of the people you happen to love or care about dies like this you’re also offended, or at least you should be. Don’t act so tough man, you think you’re all that behind your computer but i dare you to come to Holland and tell your so called truth to the mourning nation… Ask the mother who has lost two of her three sons, Samira Calehr, if this was fake. Ask the mother of bryce if this was fake… Of course you don’t..

    Ps, there were many charred bodies, scattered across 10 km. The plane allegedly ruptured in the air causing so many people to ‘fall from the sky’.. That’s why there are completely burned victims as well as fairly intact ones. I’m not going into further details as it’s rather painfull to talk about but there is plenty of evidence. Somehow the decision has been made not to show these facts here… Shame, really..

    • We can all tell how distraught you are Alice by you’re staying on this site and defending your “IT’S NOT A HOAX”. We all pretty much know the agentspeak so take your 30 pieces of silver to yahoo, abc, cbs…well, you know.

      • yeah yeah elfmom55, and you saw the devil’s face in the twin towers too..? >.>

    • sorry Alice don’t beleve you .
      You say Van Kraats has two small children. I don’t call 18 and 17 small children. http://www.volkskrant.nl/vk/nl/31522/Vliegtuigcrash-in-Oekraine/article/detail/3692400/2014/07/22/De-slachtoffers-van-vlucht-MH17.dhtml Where do you the information about bodies scattered over “10km” [which is not a scentfic statement]? There’s no evidence for it. that would mean there are undiscovered bodies everywhere.

  9. 911 actors


    Dr.K I left a msg at this guys YT channel. He runs Septemberclues I think and hopefully he or someone will have an answer for Sean Rooney and his wife.

    • The wife was assassinated on Colgan Flight 3047, a definite hit by the Zionists. She was suing the Port Authority over the wrongful death of her husband. The claim that NO ONE died may be premature.

      • That may be true that some died but for the SS death index which is supposed to be very accurate to report 405 deaths for the WHOLE state that day? When someone at Septemberclues looked further for under the age of 80 it dropped down to approx. 200. Excluding murder, car accidents, overdoses, etc. that does not leave room for a lot of deaths at the 911 site. Let me remind you when I told you about this a few months ago I said I’m not sure anyone is saying NO ONE died there it is just not at all what we have been told.
        shoot, now ya got me curious about this couple. 🙂

        • In response to your comment regarding September Clues, watch the video clip of Rick Levanthal of FOX news speaking to this police officer.

          The part of the clip is around the 5:20 min mark to the 6:20 min mark.

          You want to pay very close attention to what the cop tells Levanthal, and THEN turn up the volume when you see the guy in the yellow collared shirt with tie (agent).

          The cop indirectly reveals that no civilians were present on the ground near the towers, “only 100 to 150 law enforcement”, and that “everything was locked up.”

          The agent says “What are you talking about!” Then the camera quickly pans away back to Levanthal.

          Simon and the staff at Sept Clues have done tremendous research on the “number of deaths on 9/11” issue. There are several threads on the CluesForum.info to review.


          • Thanks Wake. Yea that minder in the yellow shirt did not look happy! So do you know anything about Sean and his wife Beverly? Do you think she was just part of the act? Was she really on that plane?

      • Dr.K you will find Simon shacks response to me in the comments here re: Beverly’s “alleged” plane crash/murder. He was kind enough to leave a link. I believe this will answer your question.


        • OK; that’s two of you, now. Will look into it.

  10. I tend to agree, Gabriel. But what bodies? The most likely scenario is that the plane – perhaps a recycled MH370 loss – with repainted external fleet number – was transported to the site in pieces and burned in situ, other part of wreckage casually dumped near the road through the fields and skeletons/dummies/crisis actors put in place ready for the hordes of photographers.

  11. Good reporting. Thanks.

  12. Sorry to say that we need more psychiatrists

  13. And what of the families of these victims are they involved in the so called HOAX

  14. You perhaps forget that the supposed passengers were all climate klutz siontists on their way to a UN/WHO soiree – so they could be in hiding even as we speak, like the rich bastards who are disappearing to their bolt holes ready for Armageddon ouda here! There are many spooky correlations to the supposed crash with the timeline of sacrifices associated with the new Queen of the May – cHARLOTte, and her gene splice BEAST of a brother. The Russians and Americans and Brits are donkey deep in this – the Rabbis call them Gopg and Magog – you Americans are the turkeys who think it is Turkey. Turkey is part of NATO/OTAN which is GOG, and the chief Prince of it is the Prez of the USA, and or the Prince of Greyness, Charles Windsor, and let us not forget the ultimate hypocrite, David de Wrath’s-child. One of the given crash coordinates, where the strike was said to have occurred, is at 48.085570 n 38.629155 e and appears to be a Tor, pear shaped and pointing at an angle 45 degrees Northwest, or 315 degrees on the compass. This looks to be a Neolithic Celtic type mound or Tor in the midst of a forest. In some footage of the “crash”, this Tor can be seen in frame.

    That this is flight 370, twice dead, is to me obvious, and this whole thing is a ruse, a sham, but it will be covering up a real, ritual sacrifice, connected to and involved with the Neo Pagan Cainite Celtic New World Odor. It is not Jacob which is the problem, you putzs, but Esau! Don’t forget flight 1812. Those Jews who are not Jews should never allow one to then label all the same, anymore than i should be tarred with the same brush as the majority of my own countrymen…well really, I do come from another “country”, with another King, but that is a whole ‘nother story…

    • Yes, and your country is known as La-La Land and your king is King Vitaman.

  15. Anyone who believes any of this lame conspiracy garbage is a sad, pathetic loser who has no grasp of reality. I understand it’s fun to feed into your fears and paranoia but it’s all bull ****. Not one shred of truth. Do the world a favor: take yourself out. The sun will shine a little brighter for the rest of us.

  16. Why do most of the conspiracy nut jobs come from the USA?
    The guy writing this insulting paranoia really does need a life lesson. Take a moment to reflect and think before you post the pictures that you think are fake(or the aliens in your head are telling you are conspired) The sad reality is there are people who will look at this and might be looking at deceased loved ones.
    So for everyone’s sake, stop with your childish paranoia and get outside. Maybe take a long flight somewhere, If you happen to notice that the plane is weirdly quiet, take a peek at your fellow travelers, do they all share a rictus grin, are their eyes painted on, the hair sculpted, OMG are they crash test dummies? If so you’re on a test flight.
    We can but hope.

  17. holy **** you are a moron, you know nothing about how a bag of meat can contort, deform, and otherwise become unnatural looking..**** it, you’re obviously too ******* stupid to understand how this certainly is real, you are a piece of ****.

  18. Then where the **** is my friend that was onboard that flight?? He didn’t just disappear…. Seriously man you guys need to do something better with your lives

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