Paul Walker Hoax — 07 February 2014
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Corrected: Hoax Confirmed? Is this (NOT) Paul Walker Alive and Well After the Car Fire?

Updated with video.

Note: This post is contentious. Errors have been made. Confirming a hoax is surely challenging. It is no longer stated, here, that the person featured in the post is Mr. Walker. It it is someone with at least a partial resemblance to him, but it cannot be him. This site was alerted to this by one of our posters, but on further evaluation it can be said that this is a different person. Even so, the post is retained at this time for the sake of the existing comments and other relevant commentary. It will undergo revisions until all errors and oversights are corrected. The man ID’d originally in this post as Mr. Walker is not him but is, rather, one of his associates. This associate acted on his behalf, performing a fake grief act with Jasmine Gosnell-Pilchard, as seen in the embedded video.

Bottom line, once again, the man in the green cap is NOT Mr. Walker, who by that time had, along with Mr. Rodas, departed the scene.

Even so, an error and/or oversight is not an attempt to undermine any investigation but is merely what it is: an error. What is correct and absolute, though, isn’t the ID of a person in disguise or in hiding but, rather, a simple fact. The death of Mr. Walker, regardless of his whereabouts, is a hoax. The car was set on fire. It did not explode on fire as a result of an actual motor vehicle accident. That was all staged as a mere hoax. The bodies aren’t real and are instead moulage-tainted fakes, mere dummies dressed as if burnt or bloodied.

Now on to the original article with corrections:

Without doubt, Paul Walker (PW) is alive and well, as is Roger Rodas. Both independently wealthy men they, along with the various great ones at NBC Universal, concocted their own deaths for publicity purposes and also, in the case of the Universal Studios, for financial gain. NBC Universal and its Zionist operators thought that this would be a major coup. The whole world would know about Paul Walker and the Fast and Furious movie series. This is precisely what happened. The only consequence of such publicity is to boost the stock of this movie series before the people therefore aiding sales, not hinder them, especially of any DVDs featuring the actor.

Yet, it was all proven here to be merely a hoax, Neither he nor Rodas died. It was all staged, Hollywood-style. Neither of these men died in a disastrous car accident. Moreover, there is a new finding, which is rather astounding. posters spotted Paul Walker alive and well in photos taken on the day of the event. In all cases Mr. Walker had largely his back to the cameras. Walker is the person wearing the olive-colored stocking cap. Was he acting as a coach for his supposed girlfriend, Gosnell-Pilchard? Regardless, why would anyone wear a stocking cap covering up almost the entire forehead in

Regardless, who is this person wearing a stocking cap in sunny California? Furthermore, what is he doing acting in disguise and also, as will be seen in the video, performing a fake hug routine with former Walker girlfriend, Gosnell-Pilchard?


Regarding the man in the olive green cap some commenting individuals on this site have raised the question, “Is this Paul Walker?” There are similarities, but it appears that he is shorter than the known height of this man, who is, apparently, nearly 6’3”. Regardless, is it not incredible? All these people are faking grief and putting on a show in a dedicate support of a fraud committed hoaxers all, in submission to the wishes of their friend and cohort, Paul Walker.

Ms. Gosnell was there at the fake fire event herself, in one instance, shoeing a camera-person away:


This implies that dozens of individuals knowingly participated in this and were privy of advanced knowledge that his death would be faked.


Note the fake hugging scene in the video between the man in the green stocking cap and Gosnell-Pilchard. Here they are seen after the fake hugging scene. The man in the olive cap always keeps his full face hidden from the cameras. Anyone who watches this video can see that the entire event was a set-up and that, clearly, these people are actors feigning grief.

Picture 1692

Regardless, PW was at the scene of the fake car crash. Where did he go afterward? Both he and Rodas apparently departed from the scene, and no one has confirmed seeing them since.


Even so, no matter who this is devoted fans and others who have held Mr. Walker in high regard can rest assured now. Who else could this be other than Mr. Walker himself? Did Universal Studios secretly retire the Walker element in order to revamp the series? It was, after all, none other than now Chairman Donna Langley herself who said that F & F would be taken into an entirely different direction.


Whoever he is he is hiding, like a mole, hunkered down close to the ground, well-disguised in that stocking cap and dark glasses. The additional image shown above, right screen, is a well-published photo of PW checking in at an airport within days of the fake care fire. It is advertised as the “last image” of Mr. Walker seen in public. He is obviously happy to pursue his new life.

Note that there are some similarities: the pattern of the stubble, the side burn, and the shape of the ear. Note the exact cut of the beard between the ear and the jaw, along the right screen edge of the left sideburn. It remains unconfirmed if this is the RealPaulWalker, alive and well, attempting a disguise through the sunglasses and hat. The following is a photo comparison courtesy of one of our posters, demonstrating that they are not the same person as determined by the shape of the head and the nature of the ear structure:

Note the straight nature of the top edge of the nose; however, Walker’s nose is longer. They are not the same people.
images-36 images-35
Caption: One of the last known images of Mr. Walker seen. Hollywood faked this car crash death event, largely in order to increase the stock of the at that time declining Fast and Furious series.
Clearly, Mr. Walker was involved in virtually every detail of this hoax from the planning stages through the finally, even with regard to the fake grieving episodes. He can be seen in the above photo in one of the staging cars on the morning of the event. His brother, Cody, can be seen in the back of a hatch-back vehicle removing Walker’s much-needed personal affects, including his surfboard and shotgun.

There is a person with a green stocking cap with some of the F & F crew members, including Tyrese Gibson. At this moment Gibson begins putting on the act, as he is the center of focus.  No one else is evidently feigning grief in this image.

The issue of the Paul Walker death hoax is deserving of great coverage, because of its consequences. The consequences were to cause distress and sensations of despair, as well as grief, among hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people. This is no minor issue. In fact, it represents the epitome of self-centeredness, not just by those who faked their deaths but also be all parties involved. It resulted in people being manipulated throug

Other than Gibson, everyone seems to be thrilled at the prospect of Walker’s roasting alive, including co-star Michelle Rodriguez. No one seems to care about Rodas. There was no tribute for him.


Note the big smiles from Rodriquez and the other Hollywood mole, apparently as they are facing Walker himself. That night, a few days later at the so-called tribute, who is the man in the green beanie? Note: the following part has been corrected/deleted.

The shoes are not the same, as pointed out by a poster, since the ones worn by the man at the tribute have a white rubberized toe. Was Walker at the beach party, too? Is he one of these men, backs to the camera? He was quite tall. None of these men fully resemble him.

There was a party after the fact, where everyone was in such a good mood. Yet, Mr. Walker was not among them.


It is surely likely that Walker stayed around through the entire hoax, from the morning of the car fire set-up, Nov. 30, 2013, all the way through the fake tributes. He was surely there that morning and in all likelihood, like Roger Rodas, stayed throughout the set-up phase of the hoax, possibly participating in it. Where did he go after this? Only his closest confidants know.

Moreover, regarding the pulling off of this hoax there is no way he could have done this alone. He is a mere agent, who is completely dependent upon the powerful ones behind the scenes. Thus, the real power sources behind these hoaxes are the hucksters and fraudsters of Hollywood itself, including the great ones of Universal Studios. It’s just like the school shooting hoaxes. The cops and SWAT team members, the sheriff, Senators, mayors, and governors, couldn’t do it alone.

Without the Zionist-orchestrated DHS, none of these hoaxes could be achieved. This hoax is absolutely confirmed. There is no need to waste more time on attempting to analyze ‘crash scene’ photos, except, perhaps, for purposes historical analysis – that is regarding the assessment of the real nature of hoaxers and their productions. Any ‘realism’ in the scene was merely the result of a crafty, deceptive production of a litany of Hollywood prop-meisters. Now, the real question is, “How many other deaths have been faked by Hollywood?” Too, was Michael Jackson’s death faked? Why hasn’t the Jackson family taken action against the accused parties? Moreover, the supposed trial of the ‘doctor’ surely appeared staged. Which  deaths of Hollywood agents, then, were real, and which have been fabricated?

With further investigation it will likely be found that for strategic purposes a number of actors’ deaths have been faked, even some of the most famous ones known.

What about John Lennon? Was his death, too, fabricated?


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  1. Hey guys if u watch f and f 7 watch the ending he is dead if u think his alive they shouldnt put the scene where it says for Paul and if he is still alive they should change the ending

    • The man shown there is not Paul. Se the nose of the man and compare that with the original photo of Paul. You’ll get there is much difference between those. Case is closed.

  2. If you look at the ears of the man in the stocking cap and the ear of Paul, you’ll notice Paul has a little bit longer ear and look at this ear lobe. It’s completely different.

    • Correct: that’s why the post was updated; that’s not him.

  3. Omg r u kidding me. Paul Walker wouldn’t do that! You all juat need to let him rest in peace now Man.. Like seriously! Smh

  4. U need to realize that all that stuff that u are talking about CAN BE FAKED!! Just because someone tells u something doesn’t mean it has to be true. It’s what u make of the evidence or even ur gut feeling. So if u feel he is gone over a could be fake dna test then that’s on u! Just like its on me to feel like it’s Hollywood anything is possible and nothing about that day makes sense and everything before it in my eyes lead up to it! Stop being an *** just because u don’t see eye to eye with someone, this isn’t high school!

  5. It’s one of his brothers. Why do people feel the need to get so involved in someone’s life that they don’t even know. It’s pathetic. Let the poor man rest in peace. And let his friends and family grieve about him. It’s called respect which most human being seem to lack.

  6. Was Elvis, and Michael Jackson there too?

  7. Different ears

  8. Ya just look at the pic of the real on and the fake on next to each other. There ear lobes are not the same lol

  9. Y’all must be complete fucking imbeciles if you’re believing this bullshit! This isn’t a fucking hoax, or a publicity stunt, or even him trying to escape a mob! Paul Walker, may God bless his soul, was a great man and would never ‘fake his death’ and put his family, friends, and millions of fans in mourning. And to the fucker who said it was to hype up the movie, go **** yourself! The series doesn’t even need a publicity stunt to hype the new movie up because there are millions of true fans who would have gone no matter what because the F & F movies are amazing!!! So don’t go believing everything you hear or see on the internet. RIP PAUL WALKER!

  10. Paul Walker does have a brother, that I heard of. I was also told they look alot alike. If it was all staged, so he could go into hiding I don’t blame him. I would too if everyone was always in my face or all up in my bubble period. Paul walker was an amazing actor, Ive seen almost all his movies. He does an awesome job in them. Just tired of people who are so bored with their own lives, they gotta make up things, just to waste time. It’s pretty silly,I think. I mean they said it about Tupac, tried saying it about Micheal Jackson,now Paul Walker. I mean really, people, even if he was it’s not like anyone would tell you anyways, that’s why it’s called going into hiding. Plus Famous people/Celebrities, are human too,their not perfect, they make mistakes as well. They just happen to have better Careers/hobbies then us. Just tired of seeing and hearing critics and others talk as if they’re bestfriends, when in all reality they have no idea about their personal life at all. Just tired of all the negativity and judgements all the time, when you don’t know **** about them. Just putting my opinion out there. #WakeupWORLD #abouttimeforachange

  11. Don’t see how everyone thinks the ears are the same. Pw ears are longer. Everyone has a look a like an seems like every celebrity that dies faked it. People need better lives. These people are dead an once people get over grieving others pull this ****. I pray yall get sued. An hope no one believes it. I mean I heard this my whole life about Tupac Shakur. Easy e. Michael Jackson. An that Brittany Murphy. An its sick an twisted. Now if it didn’t happen so much an u had concrete proof it would be different but why would a dude that made hundreds of millions have to fake his death? He obviously had the money to escape.

  12. Look at his ear… Clearly not the same person. Not even close

  13. It’s not Paul. Y’all are dumb as hell. Get lives people.

    • Don’t Call us dumb look at the licence plate number they are different from the one at the scene and the one from his car.

  14. Ears are as unique as fingerprints and even admissible in court as evidence is some countries. That being said, it’s not him.

  15. OK guys just to inform you all on a Lil secret Paul is in fact alive I would know this because he is related to me. Paul did survive the accident that happened. He is just fine and he hides from cameras so what so he was retired they wanted to use his brother it was a great idea

  16. Hmmmmm what!!!! Who are you to him? What’s ur proof?

  17. My sister in law worked for him and is friends with the family. I’m sorry to say Paul did pass away. Please be respectful and let him rest in peace.

  18. It’s amazing how many of you can just read an article written by anybody and fully believe it. Sure a lot of the things make sense and can be completely plausible but that’s why it’s a theory right? Just accept he’s gone .

  19. I think that any person who believes this is completely retarded. He is gone people. This who this whole thing is so disrespectful that it is ridiculous. Why on gods green earth would anybody accuse someone who passed away of faking there death is definitely beyond me. This is some insensitive assholes way of trying to put false hope in peoples hearts. Why don’t you go ask his family or good friends if he gone. Why don’t you ask his brother who plays Paul in fast and furious 7. Why don’t you go ask vin diesel if pay is gone I don’t think. Vin diesel would break down and cry for no good reason over someone he knew wasn’t actually gone. Paul walker lives a good life and will never be forgotten. RIP Paul walker

  20. The two Guys clearly don’t look the same

  21. Both of his brothers were willing to fill in for Paul when he died and I’m assuming their family of his too so they can show up with the rest of his family and be there too

  22. Imagine how his family feel?
    they had to go to a funeral and say bye and they have lost
    dad/son/brother and stuff and now stuff over the internet saying he alive still?
    wow cruel people.. there was a pic of how he looked after the injury.. he would be covered in scars if he was alive and no way he survived and if he did he would be paralysed or something …. your proof is invalid and ****.

  23. I think it’s copy his brother not Paul but who the one at the car when it was on fire

  24. Alright you guys. He is dead, they did a DNA proof from his teeth. And how do they not know the guy in the pictures are his brother(s) they do look alike. And did you ever think that these were taken before his death?? Ugh no. So leave the man alone and let him rest in peace. And in the e first photo, the hand looks oddly happen, even if this is a hoax leave it alone. But I don’t think it is. Sorry to burst ya’lls bubble but he is gone.

  25. He’s dead period ya’ll are crazy to even think that he is alive..

  26. You are compete fools that’s not Paul look at the difference in tallness and plus it was him that died it was probably one of his brothers that were beside his gf so get some actual proof that he is alive and I might belevie you

  27. First off.. Some of you people need to learn proper grammar, spelling, & punctuation. Secondly, Paul Walker is dead. Let it go, let his family in peace. I don’t think they appreciate it seeing this kind of **** on the internet. Paul Walker had no reason to fake his death, why would the cast of fast of furious be so upset if he indeed did fake it? I’m sure Vin Diesel would be one of the people to know he was still alive. How come whenever a celebrity dies, months later **** like this comes out that it was a hoax? People die. That’s life. Universal didn’t need publicity for fast 7, it would have made a lot of money either way. Poor excuse for a hoax. You people are so gullable & it’s honestly sad.

  28. That isn’t Paul, the ear shape is completely different on the picture where he is talking about the noses :/

  29. If you Look at the picture with the hat on and the one without it … Look at the ears they are not the same the one with the hat is more outwards and the bottom of the one without the hat is very skinny at the bottom . Not paul walker .

  30. its problay cody walker all these pppl do is make u think rong

  31. It doesn’t even look like him. Not at all. Who in the hell would have even made such a ridiculous assumption. Must have been a blind person.

  32. Yall are a lie paul walker is dead an it is not funny. To make fun of some ones death and pluse paul. And his brother look just alike look on the enternet hos brother name is calab walker

  33. I just watched the last movie and it really got me looking in to Pauls death, or hoax, or whatever you call it. I decided to watch the first movie, which I have on cassette. Anyone notice the Public Service Announcement Paul makes before the movie? Do not try this at home. Be safe. Its all pretty bizarre to me.

  34. Really **** that ***** then. I’m sittinnhere listening to all hi tributes choking up and all along he set it all up. **** him and every one in the fast and furious series. Show me more proof and I’m in. [email protected]

  35. hola, averiguen por JOSIE TRIPLETT, solo averiguen…

  36. look up furious 7 behind the scenes tuner party and lykan hyper you will see paul that was filmed in abu dhabi

    • Do U think he is alive? It has been so long thou….the fakness of this all has my head twisted

      • look up furious 7 extended edition blu ray watch when tyrese says make some noise for paul walker you will see paul sitting on stairs,which was filmed in abu dhabi tuner party at palace we all know that paul was supposed to have died before they went to abu dhabi,i can not understand why people can not see that is proof he is alive.

        • I feel like that whole movie is proof he is still alive….a few movies have gave hints to what they were planning. Hell I feel some of his other movies were even hints. But why is he still gone, why has no one spilled the beans yet? I have never felt like any of that day was real but the longer he is gone….the more I feel something isn’t right and he will not be returning. It’s been so long….how would ppl take his return if he did come back? His daughter is still suing the car company….makes no sense still to this day!!

  37. In the video you can clearly see his girlfriend holding 2 sunglasses and it matches to the guy with the green hat and the converse that he is wearing is similar to the ones he was wearing in a previous fast and ferious

  38. Buenas tardes para todos….POR FAVOR VENIR CON PRUEBAS FEHACIENTES, no USEN FOTOS BORROSAS DONDE NO SE VEN BIEN DETALLADAS LAS FACCIONES DE LA CARA Y CUERPO, no jueguen con los sentimientos de las personas….Gracias…

  39. Wath a bunch of idiots beliving in all that tupid stories

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