Paul Walker Hoax — 07 February 2014
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Corrected: Hoax Confirmed? Is this (NOT) Paul Walker Alive and Well After the Car Fire?

Updated with video.

Note: This post is contentious. Errors have been made. Confirming a hoax is surely challenging. It is no longer stated, here, that the person featured in the post is Mr. Walker. It it is someone with at least a partial resemblance to him, but it cannot be him. This site was alerted to this by one of our posters, but on further evaluation it can be said that this is a different person. Even so, the post is retained at this time for the sake of the existing comments and other relevant commentary. It will undergo revisions until all errors and oversights are corrected. The man ID’d originally in this post as Mr. Walker is not him but is, rather, one of his associates. This associate acted on his behalf, performing a fake grief act with Jasmine Gosnell-Pilchard, as seen in the embedded video.

Bottom line, once again, the man in the green cap is NOT Mr. Walker, who by that time had, along with Mr. Rodas, departed the scene.

Even so, an error and/or oversight is not an attempt to undermine any investigation but is merely what it is: an error. What is correct and absolute, though, isn’t the ID of a person in disguise or in hiding but, rather, a simple fact. The death of Mr. Walker, regardless of his whereabouts, is a hoax. The car was set on fire. It did not explode on fire as a result of an actual motor vehicle accident. That was all staged as a mere hoax. The bodies aren’t real and are instead moulage-tainted fakes, mere dummies dressed as if burnt or bloodied.

Now on to the original article with corrections:

Without doubt, Paul Walker (PW) is alive and well, as is Roger Rodas. Both independently wealthy men they, along with the various great ones at NBC Universal, concocted their own deaths for publicity purposes and also, in the case of the Universal Studios, for financial gain. NBC Universal and its Zionist operators thought that this would be a major coup. The whole world would know about Paul Walker and the Fast and Furious movie series. This is precisely what happened. The only consequence of such publicity is to boost the stock of this movie series before the people therefore aiding sales, not hinder them, especially of any DVDs featuring the actor.

Yet, it was all proven here to be merely a hoax, Neither he nor Rodas died. It was all staged, Hollywood-style. Neither of these men died in a disastrous car accident. Moreover, there is a new finding, which is rather astounding. posters spotted Paul Walker alive and well in photos taken on the day of the event. In all cases Mr. Walker had largely his back to the cameras. Walker is the person wearing the olive-colored stocking cap. Was he acting as a coach for his supposed girlfriend, Gosnell-Pilchard? Regardless, why would anyone wear a stocking cap covering up almost the entire forehead in

Regardless, who is this person wearing a stocking cap in sunny California? Furthermore, what is he doing acting in disguise and also, as will be seen in the video, performing a fake hug routine with former Walker girlfriend, Gosnell-Pilchard?


Regarding the man in the olive green cap some commenting individuals on this site have raised the question, “Is this Paul Walker?” There are similarities, but it appears that he is shorter than the known height of this man, who is, apparently, nearly 6’3”. Regardless, is it not incredible? All these people are faking grief and putting on a show in a dedicate support of a fraud committed hoaxers all, in submission to the wishes of their friend and cohort, Paul Walker.

Ms. Gosnell was there at the fake fire event herself, in one instance, shoeing a camera-person away:


This implies that dozens of individuals knowingly participated in this and were privy of advanced knowledge that his death would be faked.


Note the fake hugging scene in the video between the man in the green stocking cap and Gosnell-Pilchard. Here they are seen after the fake hugging scene. The man in the olive cap always keeps his full face hidden from the cameras. Anyone who watches this video can see that the entire event was a set-up and that, clearly, these people are actors feigning grief.

Picture 1692

Regardless, PW was at the scene of the fake car crash. Where did he go afterward? Both he and Rodas apparently departed from the scene, and no one has confirmed seeing them since.


Even so, no matter who this is devoted fans and others who have held Mr. Walker in high regard can rest assured now. Who else could this be other than Mr. Walker himself? Did Universal Studios secretly retire the Walker element in order to revamp the series? It was, after all, none other than now Chairman Donna Langley herself who said that F & F would be taken into an entirely different direction.


Whoever he is he is hiding, like a mole, hunkered down close to the ground, well-disguised in that stocking cap and dark glasses. The additional image shown above, right screen, is a well-published photo of PW checking in at an airport within days of the fake care fire. It is advertised as the “last image” of Mr. Walker seen in public. He is obviously happy to pursue his new life.

Note that there are some similarities: the pattern of the stubble, the side burn, and the shape of the ear. Note the exact cut of the beard between the ear and the jaw, along the right screen edge of the left sideburn. It remains unconfirmed if this is the RealPaulWalker, alive and well, attempting a disguise through the sunglasses and hat. The following is a photo comparison courtesy of one of our posters, demonstrating that they are not the same person as determined by the shape of the head and the nature of the ear structure:

Note the straight nature of the top edge of the nose; however, Walker’s nose is longer. They are not the same people.
images-36 images-35
Caption: One of the last known images of Mr. Walker seen. Hollywood faked this car crash death event, largely in order to increase the stock of the at that time declining Fast and Furious series.
Clearly, Mr. Walker was involved in virtually every detail of this hoax from the planning stages through the finally, even with regard to the fake grieving episodes. He can be seen in the above photo in one of the staging cars on the morning of the event. His brother, Cody, can be seen in the back of a hatch-back vehicle removing Walker’s much-needed personal affects, including his surfboard and shotgun.

There is a person with a green stocking cap with some of the F & F crew members, including Tyrese Gibson. At this moment Gibson begins putting on the act, as he is the center of focus.  No one else is evidently feigning grief in this image.

The issue of the Paul Walker death hoax is deserving of great coverage, because of its consequences. The consequences were to cause distress and sensations of despair, as well as grief, among hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people. This is no minor issue. In fact, it represents the epitome of self-centeredness, not just by those who faked their deaths but also be all parties involved. It resulted in people being manipulated throug

Other than Gibson, everyone seems to be thrilled at the prospect of Walker’s roasting alive, including co-star Michelle Rodriguez. No one seems to care about Rodas. There was no tribute for him.


Note the big smiles from Rodriquez and the other Hollywood mole, apparently as they are facing Walker himself. That night, a few days later at the so-called tribute, who is the man in the green beanie? Note: the following part has been corrected/deleted.

The shoes are not the same, as pointed out by a poster, since the ones worn by the man at the tribute have a white rubberized toe. Was Walker at the beach party, too? Is he one of these men, backs to the camera? He was quite tall. None of these men fully resemble him.

There was a party after the fact, where everyone was in such a good mood. Yet, Mr. Walker was not among them.


It is surely likely that Walker stayed around through the entire hoax, from the morning of the car fire set-up, Nov. 30, 2013, all the way through the fake tributes. He was surely there that morning and in all likelihood, like Roger Rodas, stayed throughout the set-up phase of the hoax, possibly participating in it. Where did he go after this? Only his closest confidants know.

Moreover, regarding the pulling off of this hoax there is no way he could have done this alone. He is a mere agent, who is completely dependent upon the powerful ones behind the scenes. Thus, the real power sources behind these hoaxes are the hucksters and fraudsters of Hollywood itself, including the great ones of Universal Studios. It’s just like the school shooting hoaxes. The cops and SWAT team members, the sheriff, Senators, mayors, and governors, couldn’t do it alone.

Without the Zionist-orchestrated DHS, none of these hoaxes could be achieved. This hoax is absolutely confirmed. There is no need to waste more time on attempting to analyze ‘crash scene’ photos, except, perhaps, for purposes historical analysis – that is regarding the assessment of the real nature of hoaxers and their productions. Any ‘realism’ in the scene was merely the result of a crafty, deceptive production of a litany of Hollywood prop-meisters. Now, the real question is, “How many other deaths have been faked by Hollywood?” Too, was Michael Jackson’s death faked? Why hasn’t the Jackson family taken action against the accused parties? Moreover, the supposed trial of the ‘doctor’ surely appeared staged. Which  deaths of Hollywood agents, then, were real, and which have been fabricated?

With further investigation it will likely be found that for strategic purposes a number of actors’ deaths have been faked, even some of the most famous ones known.

What about John Lennon? Was his death, too, fabricated?


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    • That him Ray Charles can see that Universal Studios it’s a shame

    • What about the DEATH CERT? (Not that the Jewish Masons and their “sayanim” could not manage a fake, but it IS a felony and often a HOLE!)

    • He is not Paul Walker, en e video el supuesto paul Walker es de la misma estatura de la novia pero esta foto muestra que el era mas alto que ella.

      • Yes is not y si miras la oreja de. De serca no son iguales..

    • Paul had a ‘hit’ placed on him by an organized crime syndicate. He was blabbing that he found out money laundering/ theft in one of his overseas projects and ‘he was going public’. Maybe, to protect his daughter, he disappeared. I read this stuff about the theft just before he ‘died’. I would do it for my kids…

      • He had endless amounts of money why couldn’t he disappear or put a hit on the people aftet him? Do you believe Tupac is alive an that they are hanging out right now cause if u think that then I bet it was them I seen at Walmart cause I seen a black male an a white male together

        • Yeah I seen a black male and a white male at County Market. It was probably Tupac and Paul too.

          • I think its so funny people that put thangs on the internet. Just like to joke around abput peoples death beacuse every body i now that died they say ohh ther not dead thers proof well guess what ther a lie because they find thangs that was three yers aftet the death am just saying how I feel ✋✋bake off withthe stuff

        • so closed minded another typical brainwashed sheep.. if u were not so caught up believing every lil thing u see an read an hear about an being detracted from all those fake talk shows ur brain would open up sn realize tht the media is controlled by secret societies (illuminati. ..) pple who control Hollywood an the film industry I know this cause I wrked on a set as a construction crew.. let me say this their is things tht will make ur insides green!! So open ur eyes an ears listen to music more closely pay attention to detail in backgrounds of movies an stuff like the Simpsons. Family guy. American dad such things tht reveal nwo agendas. .. best wishes

          • I dont know why he would fake his death. I dont know where he is. I cant begin to understand why he would do this to everyone. I do know that none of this made sense from day one and the fact that “just” the fast crew seems to be involved really makes my head spin. I listen to music, I listen to the music they put on the soundtrack to the fast 7 movie….I saw the “leaked” trailers that came out before the movies real trail right after his supposed death and it all feels/seems like clues or like the have hidden messages in them. Not the play them backwards or really slow to hear them all creepy like to hear the message hidden lol but like even in the damn song See you again… doesnt really sound like they are singing about a dead person if you really listen to the words….maybe its not suppose to, I mean he didnt die in the movie and thats when they play the song….Idk. I never thought/felt like it was real or he was gone. I dont feel like we will ever see him again thou. To many ppl will hate him, to many ppl gave money to ROWW etc. Idk if he could get into trouble for that but he for sure would go from being one of the most loved and respected people to so many ppl, to the most hated. Who would want that? I’d still welcome him back, that man has had my heart from day one!!

        • I saw Tupac in Europe he’s hiding out

      • so your point is that paul walker is not dead

      • yeah your all jerks to make fun of his death just forget that he is dead just watch his movies and dont think about his death. Just let it go where ever he goes he will be my best friend

    • Look at the ears…. Comletely different who ever DRKRESEARCH is. I personally wanna hurt you, you are an idiot and trying to make money off of someone’s death. You are stupid and I hope somrhing very bad happens too you

      • The licence plate of Paul’s car 3 mins befor the crash is completly different to the one found at ‘the crash site’ so he might actually be alive


          Are you referring to the picture on that vid? If so, it’s fake.
          The license plate is different from Paul’s because it was a from a fan. If you notice, there’s also a steering wheel, a banner and some ribbons. Those are some of the valued stuffs left by PW’s fans in the crash site. Moreover, the back part of the Porsche was badly burned; if they did recover the license plate, which was also in the back (as what can be seen in the picture), it shouldn’t look that nice and clean.

          • I only came here because some idiot shared the page on my facebook feed.
            Anybody- espcially stoners- love a good conspiracy theory. If he wanted to leave the world of hollywood he could, it’s not hard for celebs to disappear if they wish.
            Secondly his ear is a totally different shape, look at the moive when they had cody in to take Pauls place you could hardly tell.
            Thirdly Its totally disrespectful to his family- ESPECIALLY his daughter to be writing shite like this on the internet.
            Fourthly the lisence plate is a fans, not pauls from the car.

            Let the man rest in peace. He’ll never be forgotten so let him rest and not his memory tarnished by bollocks made up stories like this.

      • referring to the pic in the green hat….on furious 7 when they are all lined up at the bridge the gut that is suppose to be paul also has a brown spot on his face…..and no other pic of him in the movie shows a brown spot even in the scene where he is talking to mia on the phone….and another point is at the end where they do the deleted scenes…but in the one they call fast talk james states that from the beginning they where going to give paul a great send off …..and when they say they used cgi was it of his whole head or just his face ???

    • has anyone thought about looking into oakley lehman and havent seen anything about him after the accident….just saying

      • Are you thinking he is the one in the green hat or could be the one who was in the car?? I don’t feel anyone died that day but where are they?

  2. There he is!!!

    • Is Paul walker too bad he want too play games with us I love him so much I don’t think so he play this stupid game with his fans is time he come out and tell everybody he is sorry when I see his body I know was not right was fate I am a doctor and I see body everyday

      • A doctor that lacks proper grammar skills? I hope I don’t end up under your care…

      • You lack proper communication skills. It is obviously you haven’t even completed basic 8th grade English, how do you expect us to believe you passed 8-10 years of medical school!

        • You are one to talk… “it is obvious*” ..and your exclamation point needs to be a question mark as well.

      • A Doctor who has had grammar, well done.

      • You can’t even complete a real sentence retard so you being a doctor is a fuckin joke

  3. nooooo this one is your the best! oh please…. stop telling BS

    • Bullshit is if u think he really died. Educate urself….

      • I can educate myself but you need a help! all “proofs” on here are just BS. bring some real evidences and maybe I will start to believe a little bit. till now all these articles seems been written by kids from kindergarden!

        • If u are smart enough u will know that when a movie is about to come out they always need to come up with publicity for it so they do these kinds of stuff so yeah he’s alive and not dead get over it!!and u stop saying this is bs because its not !!

          • Hope you look for a picture of him and his girlfriend you will notice how tall is Paul next to her, and if you look a lil more fittne you will find that she is not using shoes so, sorry it’s fake, flash news he is dead!!!

          • I think he is still alive.
            I do not think he is the guy on the pictures/videos, i think this guy was there appearing from behind, with the cap and sunglasses, just to some people think that he is him and to be easy to prove that he is dead, because it is clear that this guy is not him.

          • Wow morons….Look up walkers family. He has two brothers who were willing to fill in for Walker in the movie. It amazes me how ignorant this website is. Ridden with fools who think they know something. It really makes me upset when I see things like this.

  4. Fab post drk!!

  5. This guy ain’t him, he just looks like him…
    But nice try, come back with real proofs of this “hoax”.

    • Truth hurts, dear Karah, I know…. I assume u believe Muslims did 9/11 too….

      • He’s dead. Get over it. Respect this mans death. No one is able to hide for the world that good. Look outside. Take a walk. Find friends and a gf. Get some children. Be happy. Get out of that cave where you are the one who is brainwashed by your own mind who does not want to believe in pw’s death.

        • sounds more like you need to be more worried about learning how to speak correct english. you have a lot of nerve calling names with that horse farm illiterate spelling of yours get off the farm honey get yourself into a good school and once you learn how to speak proper english then you can attempt to come back calling names and while you’re at it why dont you provide proof that pw is dead. instead of sitting on your hind legs expecting others to do it for you

          • Funny u talk about proper English and don’t have one period in ur sentence. Lol dumb fick

      • 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

    • U can find a lot of proofs of his death hoax on this site, but again u may be too lazy to research. Or too brainwashed to believe the opposite….

      • xyz,

        Try to respect my opinion about this story, I have the right to think he passed.

        Why did you speak about the 9/11?? Whatever really happened there, I don’t give a shit, this ain’t the topic.

        Should i understand that you’re taking me for a fool??

  6. Although I believe Walker’s death is a hoax, I can’t help but question the very first large photo. I’m not one to easily pick out a photoshopped image but the 1st photo of this article has the feel and look of photoshop regarding both men in the shot. That dark haired guy doesn’t look natural on the background of the hedges and rock wall behind him. Not only does the front person appear out-of-place, look closely at his hand by his face. Do you see the straight edge of his hand? Also, why would a guy be in a squatting position in front of 1 or 2 people sitting on a curb? Everything about the photo is awkward. Dr. K, you have the talent to identify photoshopped things better than most; you shouldn’t use contaminated evidence to support the truth.

    • RonK
      in my opinion that pic is not photoshopped. It was took along with a vid that has been posted online. And also its zoomed in and focused on so will look atad fuzzy here and there.
      we all have our own opinion tho

      • Look everyone I know that Paul Walker is alive I seen and hear more proof that he’s alive. Just like 2 PAC look around and see the truth that he faked his death. People out there should know that Paul Walker is alive we all wondering why did Paul Walker did this well let me tell you why the day he faked his death he made a deal with the Illuminati that he will faked his death most people who are with the Illuminati have a time of their life’s until the day comes you have to make a choice to die or fake your death. Well that is what he did. He’s still making money but he’s on the down low

    • The lighting is what I think most makes it look photoshopped. The bushes cast a shadow almost directly towards the camera, and the woman’s head is tilted down, yet she has direct sunlight on the left-front of her hair (your left, not her left). Doesn’t look to me like that angle is possible. And the guy with the dark hair has too clean of a line around him. The light/shadows would blur that slightly in a picture. also, the edge along the back of the green-hat guy’s hand is accurate to the back of a hand turned sideways, but with it at that distance from his face you should be able to see more of his fingers. His left index finger would have to be seriously deformed for the picture to look like that.

  7. u know Dr. K I too noticed it. I always thought that was him too!!! In my gut!! Same nose and shape and ear, good job!! I wish there was more of that guy online or shall I say Pw? Please post more pics if u have sone Dr K or articles…looks like ugly ol jasmine has a smirk too

  8. The photoshop person put a little sunlight on the green hat but that person failed to put any sunlight on the front guy’s left arm. The sunlight on the hat is in the wrong position compared to the natural looking woman in the photo. Even the shadowing on the green hat is going the wrong direction. You may want to question your source of that photo.

    • Ya I thank it is paul walker is alive because on you tube it shows a video of the car in flames at night and a video of the car on fire at day time there is one were he hit a car and there is a video of him hitting a light post what are we suppose to believe?

  9. i have been on the fence the whole time about this accident. I do believe something is not right about it and something has indeed been covered. It could be a hoax or else there is either something very wrong about all this or its been so poorly handled. I personally can not decide but want to leave well alone by not digging just in case. I do believe its all the strange covering up going on that has led to the hoax question forming in the first place but will we ever really know? Yes the man above looks a little similar to paul but to me it does not look like him. Am happy to say i could be wrong but to me it just doesnt look like him. I wish it was as i for one would be over the moon that he was ok.

    • Actually those pics ARE LEGIT. Tmz has the pic of the guy in the green hat so do the other sites, he wasnt photoshopped, wow donkeys

      • Look at the shoes n pants the way he stands its wat Paul would wear and the way he stands a buddy of mine follows the guy in the green hat and the vehical he got into was registered to Markus aka vin diesel I’ve know both for over 13 years and it is so hard to get out of Hollywood so don’t think it’s easy it took me walking away and starting over in another state and changing my name to start over Hollywood stars do it all the time to get away

        • So ur saying u know Paul and vin? U use to be famous? Changed ur name? Know paul is alive? How? Can u give us more proof of all the above? I don’t think the guy in the green hat is Paul because he seemed a little short. I do think Paul is alive somewhere though. I can’t figure out why he would do this whole faking thing, it’s mean and hurtful. His brother Cody to me has been taking over Paul’s life. He looks to much like him now, does the whole acting thing now, ROWW, etc….it creeps me out. If he changes his name to Paul im out haha.

  10. I stand corrected. If the photos are verified and video has the same images, that seems to do it.

    • Pat you are correct. I too found the picture to be legit.

      • That pic has been floating around for a while but no one took much notice.

        @ronK there was a man in said vid that walks upto jasmine and hugs her said man is wearing that green hat but different shirt. Then this pic is took of a man wearing simular shirt but different colour and different seem stitching. If you look on the last pre post on here for pw there is a very good discussion and plenty of links to look at including link to those pics

    • You guys needs stop because he is dead and he would not do that just because the body was burnt badly the found out it was pay walker from his teeth stop this irrelevant shit its not needed he is dead and his family don’t need this typa shit and im in 8th grade

  11. @Pat thats true! No one noticed and I want to see where tht guy is wearing something else, wheres the links? Thx

  12. I just saw the video

      here are the 2 side by side

    • Can you put the link pls?

        should be vid of said man in shirt different to green hat man and of jasmine laughing. As ive posted above is comparison of both said men side by side karah

        • Thanks for posting the link. So what do you think about this comparison? The guy who was hugging jasmine couldn’t be PW because PW was taller. As you said, there are two different color of shirt…. With the same beanie…. Wtf??

          • The shirt Paul wears in the still photo and the video are identical. The light brownish colored cross stripe is not seen because of the bright light and the high exposure of the video camera. Its the same shirt in both scenes.

          • It’s the same person,the same shirt…just he was at the light,when he hug Jasmine(look the lines of the shirt up,it’s the same)…Paul was much taller than him……

          • You guys think that thin line on the close up picture on the left is actually going to get thicker the farther away you get from it?

  13. In the video Paul walks up to Jasmine and the handler in the black jacket looks VERY worried that someone is filming the incident. ha ha ha…..its obviously Paul. Good work everyone.

    • Douglas

      The guy in the black jacket is the same guy who is wearing the red shirt sitting next to Jasmine in the picture above he is one of Paul’s best friends and his name is Brandon Birtell and the guy who is wearing the green beanie isn’t Paul he is too short to be Paul if you look at some of the last pictures taken off PW and JPG in 2011 you can see JPG is not the same height as PW she is shorter

      • OK….this needs more research. If I’m wrong I will stand corrected.

      • But if you see the picture of his gf when she was in crash site , you can see the type of hair cut of his gf , I mean PW is %100 alive

  14. Your posters are getting carried away with this man being Paul. Yes, there are resemblances, but it’s not him. The bloke she hugs by the car is the same height as her; Paul was head and shoulders above her, as in this photo:

    • Those 2 men wearing that green hat are nit the same person. That shirt is different. In the vid stitching pattern across the back of the shoulders is in a straight line. The man in the pic sitting has a v stitch pattern across the back. Im young and have good eyes they are not the same colour either.
      And may I point out that the man in the pic stitting has his left eyebrow raised in the very same manner pw did.

    • I’m agree with you mostley2014. That’s what I said above. He’s taller, so he ain’t him.

      So i’m waiting for the real proofs over and over…

      • Its not pw in the vid as you say hes way to short but I do believe that the man sitting is pw. The vid is just a comparison as to why the difference of clothing maybe to throw us of the sent that thats pw.

        • Yes I agree with Pat, the guy sitting we can not tell his height but look at the v stitch on back of shoulder blades (it is very clear to see) V. The guy hugging jasmine yes same height as her but look at the stitch line on back of shoulder blades, straight. Two different shirts. The photo with the crew on site with the guy in the green beanie maybe the same guy hugging jasmine as the height matches. I believe they are all working together to cover up and give us false images of emotions.

      • KARAH, posters on this board have a high IQ, you are over your head. I noticed the use “ain’t” as a word, please show me A NOT in any dictionary. I think this is why you are unable to thinking out the box. Please turn off the TV listening the garbage MSM is feeding you.

        • Ken,

          your post is so useless… We’re here to try to bring our own opinion about this “hoax” whatever the way we write…
          And you, what the hell you’re doing here? Nothing, you’re just judging people by their way they write! lol! Finally, you post ISN’T as useless as it looks, because it made me laugh…. Sometimes some people are so stupid…
          if you want to see a text without spelling mistakes, you’re not in the right place.
          I shouldn’t even attach importance to this kind of comments….

  15. exactly! I had to write this! but you can see them halfway, do not know what shoes she was wearing, it is not known whether she went to the curb! could just be a lot higher.

  16. If anyone really wanted to decide on whether or not this is Paul.. Look at the way they both walk. The way he carries himself. He walks differently.

  17. As much as I want to believe this guy is him, he is way too short to be Paul. The guy sitting also resembles him a little, but still not thinking that is him either. I will keep searching though, hopefully one of us will find the real proof he is alive and well.

  18. This is about the worst I have seen from you guys. How anyone thinks that looks like Paul I will never know or bother to try and understand.

    They are too lazy here to do any real research and present anything of substance. Its their job to create craziness and say stupid stuff. The guy doesn’t even resemble him! I believe he is alive too, but for the love of god, try and actually present something worth looking at.

    Shake your heads people, this is such a joke. They just wanted an excuse to post the video….

    • well said Ed! This site is becoming less and less believable.

  19. Ed, from your last post on the PW you stated red paint on the curb. You have not delivered this photo as of yet. The photo you did post has no red at all there only black, there is couple of light red marks on the tree. Still waiting on photo!!

    So with this I think just maybe you are the one that need to do more research on your facts before throwing venom on us guys.

    Shake your head Ed, as it is a joke to put a post up and not show the facts. Us guys seem to be doing all the research but have not seen anything from you that has help. Your comments that I have seen have got a positive responds from us guys.

    I totally respect people’s options on hoax or not but I hate seeing people being smart arses on comments left.

    • R – if you didnt see it – then it is you that is not looking hard enough.
      I’m not being a smart ass, Im being honest. Like, really?? Your measure of ‘facts’
      are in articles like this…
      no offence taken.
      Some people need to be told things like presented here…and are happy with that instead
      of looking up answers for themselves

      • Ed, I look extremely hard. Show me the photo, then I will believe your post. Then I can measure your facts.

        No offence taken but are you one of those people that are happy to just read comments instead of looking up answers themselves?

        Most people on here have shown some kind of research which means they are looking up things for answers….

        Ed you really need to try harder, I’m not seeing anything from you that is helping to try and find some truth. Don’t take it personally just being honest.

        I will be awaiting photo…

        • They are there for you to see , all you have to do is look.
          Trust me, anything I have found I wouldn’t
          dream of posting here.
          I am allowed to say that this is all rubbish
          Its a forum and these guys are saying
          they have proof that its paul
          by sharing stuff from 3 days after the accident
          regurgitating info
          nothing new
          No need to rip on me for saying so
          If you are going to write a story with a headline like this
          at least have a leg to stand on.

          • Firstly, your dream has come true as you have posted on this sight before. PW last post at the bottom? (Refresh your memory)

            Secondly, I did not write the story line/headline as you have stated.

            Thirdly, I did not rip you I pointed out that you were being a a smart ass for telling us guys to shake our heads and it’s the worst you have see from us guys.

            And finally still waiting pic.

    • I personally believe the guy with the green cap is Paul Walkers stunt double. I believe there is another pic some place I seen on the Internet of him. I also do not believe he was any where near anyone here after the accident. Could he seriously wreck this by being found out! Nope!

      • Yes, he could well be his stunt double; the similarity is significant. He is obviously his cohort, as demonstrated by the phony hugging scene with the ‘girlfriend.’

  20. anyone that thinks Paul is alive … is a fucking idiot and not a true fan. He died! It is awful, but he did. This picture is NOT him, but a friend of his. His uncle, his ex and two of his friends… NOT Paul. His family are not actors, they are grieving for Paul. You will not see him again on this earth, because he is gone. You need to leave it alone.

    • Search up pics of his funeral then why are some people smiling explain that bi*ch

  21. Guys, here are some good clear photo’s of the accident..


  22. Someone on Adorablynuts blog posted information trying to explaining why it could be possible. This is not my work so I give full credit to the poster and Adorablynuts blog. I am copy /pasting it because the points are well put and thought provoking. I suggest you get your cuppa and enjoy the read-

    Part 1- Yes there are things that don’t make any sense and don’t add up but really, in general, has an accident ever made sense? They are random and sad but do get by-passers all curios. I know that coz I have driven past many accidents on highways in my life where the traffic had backed up just coz people drove slow to see what had happened. Accidents are never intended but usually happen due to our own carelessness or mistakes.

    Part 2- Here is the video of Jay Leno driving the same kind of Porsche as driven by RR and PW on the day of their crash. You can see the car spin and as mentioned by the narrator, it spun 5 times.
    Yes I understand Jay Leno was no race car driver but if you have seen pro car racing on TV, you would know cars do spin for various reasons. Another example- if you are familiar with this show called ‘Top Gear’, you would know Stig is the ultimate driver they have. Even he had problems driving GT Carrera.
    At mark 6.24/6.25, you can see the car spin. Stig had to practice to finally get used to it. Isn’t it possible RE and PW’s car spun out of control???

    Part 3- Per reports, RR and PW took the car out for a ride.. Turns out, It was stalling so they decided to check it (although why they would take the car out if it was stalling is beyond my understanding … it would always run the risk of stalling mid way and they would need help to get back..) But could it be that they wanted to test it out by giving it gas?? Apparently that’s what’s recommended as one of the ways to test if fuel issues cause the stalling. The guy who fixes my car said they do it all the time, they take a car out for a spin as they can tell a lot by the way the engine sounds or the car drives etc. unless they can’t start the car at all which means it has bigger issues than just fuel. He also gave me this link to check- it states if your car stalls, you turn it off and restart and you can take it for a drive..
    I am sure you can research more on that but for now back to what I want to say.. Clearly RR and PW were able to start the car as there are pictures of them leaving in it so they took it for a ride. Please note, I am not saying they were/were not stunting or showing off but maybe at 1 point, RR gave it gas coz the car started stalling again? Or to feel it??

    Part 4- You guys remember there was a turn in the road right before they crashed??
    Isn’t it possible that he got on that turn with speed and lost control and the car spun, after which it hit the pole, the tree and then finally rested side ways on the last tree? I can actually almost think that’s what happened through this video at mark .04.. You can see something sliding down the road and then a smoke of dust, probably from when the car got on the curb.

    Part 5- I get that there are not many tire tracks on the road to show the car span and hit the curb but that’s coz it may have happened so fast.. maybe there wasn’t enough time to react, to apply the breaks??! I mean it’s pretty much obvious in the video below how fast it all happened..(at mark .07)

    Part 6- People ask why was there no damage to the curb and tires if it just went out of control and got on the sidewalk?? Actually a car can get on a curb without damaging it.. The video below will show you just how.. It actually damaged the column more..
    And the photo below shows the tires were damaged-

    Basically, no one knows how it really span and how it really hit the pole and tree- most of what is said are just speculations based on accident pictures.. But isn’t it possible that the crash actually happened and unfortunately killed them both ?? (I hate the feeling of it bring true)

    Part 7- There have been many who wonder why there were no witnesses. Someone should have seen or heard something atleast, esp when there were cars in the parking lot which shows people were in that area.. Well according to the article below, the Hercules road is quiet, used for racing/ practicing and is also in an industrial area..maybe because of this reputation, the guy just said it was stuntmen practicing without really researching what happened??!
    I believe there are several possibilities why no one saw or heard anything-
    1- People knew about the fundraiser and most of the traffic was around it to see Paul Walker. I mean don’t we all try to go check something out when we know there’s an actor around?
    2- That road was normally quiet on weekends, as per the article, so there were not many people around to begin with.
    3- People were working inside the buildings. How many people keep an eye out for accidents to happen?? It’s like you are in your office, doing your work and soon you find out there has been an accident around.. You don’t always witness it happening. Maybe my fellow American posters on your blog will agree, that normally warehouses here don’t have many windows and even if they did, you can’t really hear much when you are inside a building. It’s the way they are built. You can’t even hear a plane go by unless you are at the airport.. So there is a possibility no one heard or saw what happened.

    Part 8- I won’t talk much about the bodies out of respect and for the fact it is not discussed on this blog but for people who think they should have been buried under metal and ask why were the ‘bodies’ on top of the whole mess. I would like to use Physics to explain my point. When something is in a circular motion (driver in a spinning car or a person sitting in a roller coaster while it’s turning), there is something called Centrifugal force which makes us lean outward.. This is why when you turn while driving a car, your body turns outwards as well. By looking at the accident photos, the way the car rested against that tree, it’s almost like it was spinning and it almost wrapped around that lol tree so it’s safe to say that the ‘bodies’ were in the process of moving outward due to the centrifugal force. So as soon as it rested, the bodies fell outwards. Also, you have to remember, the accident pics that were shown were the aftermath of crash and fire so it looked every worse. I really apologize for bringing this part to explain my point but I promise I will not post any link or pics to show the ‘bodies’ ever. The link to explain the centrifugal force is –

    Part 9- Now with all this, can you you really say someone dying in such a crash isn’t possible?? They were apparently going on high speeds after all. Yes Jay Leno or Stig didn’t die driving that model of the car but they were also well- prepared to be in that car. They had the racing suits on andthere were people watching them so incase of emergency, they would have had help. RR and PW were in their regular attire and def didn’t have any help as soon as it was needed. Maybe if someone had followed them even for fun, they could have been saved at the right time. But unfortunately that didn’t happen. Their friends did get on the scene and I do feel they could have tried to drag them out before the fire spread but we weren’t there and we don’t have the full footage of what happened, so we can’t say that’s all they did based on that 1 video recorded by the guys in blue car.

    I would also say, I am surprised at the way the family and the cast members have reacted after PW’s passing but we don’t really see much of them in news so they could really be doing what they need to behind closed doors of their homes. Speaking of the cast, It could just be that maybe they want to keep an aura of mystery surrounding PW’s passing for the sake of FF7?? I mean they have to get back to work right and they are making a movie , so more the curiosity around it, more the audience.. Life does go on !! And the family probably shows a brave side and a smile for reporters as part of being related to public figure but other than that, should they really be judged on how they handle their loss?? I mean look at Natasha Richardson’s family on the day of her funeral-

    Part 10- This part is for those who wonder why the little tree didn’t break like a toothpick similar to the other the little tree and pole- well the answer is, the little tree was not the point of impact.
    Please look at the wreckage/ third photo on this article. Link-

    As per this photo of the wreckage, I feel the car probably spun, hit other obstacles and then by the time it came to that tree, the impact was probably not as high so it just crashed into it, bending the tree. We know that coz the passenger side is all messed up around the tree. It could also be the point where the ‘now weak’ structure of the car gave in and split into half- since we can see the other half is almost ‘wrapped’ around that tree. To make a more clear point, please watch this video of Michael Hasting’s accident- I have to warn everyone that it might be graphic for some as it’s raw footage, although we don’t ever see an actual body but maybe see what appears to be the skull of the driver at mark 2.55 or 2.56 in below video. Michael was also killed in fiery crash involving 1 car too.

    Although the reason behind his accident has been in controversies, the point is that you can clearly see the tree is still standing despite being the direct point of impact and in the middle of inferno (at mark .26 of the above video). If you watch further at mark 1.01/1.02 and through out the video you will also hear the same ‘explosion sound’ that we heard in the video below recorded by the guys in blue car at mark .40..

    If you read about Michael’s accident, you will know no one saw this happening but heard a crash. And then at mark .37, even the narrator guy says ‘it’s going to blow’- seems to be a legit concern. So I am not surprised if people in an industrial area in Valencia didn’t hear anything either or thought the car would ‘blow up’. So to me, it is very possible why the tree in PW’s case didn’t just uproot like the first one. It bent- which again shows that they crashed into it. It was just not hit that hard. Here’s another video to show MH’s accident caught on camera. You will see that the car was driving fine and suddenly spun and hit the tree. It was later said that car was driving at atleast 75m/hr and Michael had been on meth. But my point of showing this video is the car crashed and exploded, yet the tree stood.

    Part 11- For your second question on second body, would it be ok if I shared an image with you on your email add?? I am asking only because you probably won’t know what I am talking about till I actually point it out in the image. And also because we can’t share stuff like that on this blog 🙂

    Part 12- I totally understand that the autopsy reports are very weird. I really cannot speak for the people who wrote them but I do think mistakes can happen when you have burnt bodies and the victims are dead. Speaking generally, it is common science to know muscles shrink when burnt. When the emergency crew got to the scene, they found out the victims had passed as they pronounced them DOA at mark .49 in the below video.

    They could have taken into consideration the fact that the incident could have been a crime scene but based on the eye witnesses, accounts from his friends who tried to save them and just the way the whole scene looked, anyone could just say it was an accident. I mean correct me if I am wrong, when we pass by accidents, we don’t see emergency crew measuring heights or weights, they just write reports and then try to clear the accident scenes. You can also see in the Michael Hastings crash video, since it happened in a suburb and right by the houses, people just heard the crash and yet they had their own accounts of what happened. So in PW and RR’s case, the Emergency crew guessed the details on bodies, wrote stuff and moved on. The autopsy reports do say the cause was accidental. This is the only reason I can think of all the goof-ups on the reports. Point is it is still something possible. I honestly don’t know why TMZ would put up fake documents. Maybe to maintain their reputation of being the first to provide all sorts of information, they might have created and uploaded them?? It could also explain why an autopsy report with penciled in Paul Walker’s name was provided. Maybe these weren’t official drafts of the report? Like you know something you can edit to before it given in for final draft. Now this is sheer assumption but maybe Harvey wanted the documents and again to be first to post them on his site, they handed him the ‘rough draft’. He does have contacts in LA but besides that that’s just another way to look at things.

    Part 13- To answer your question on the person inside or behind the flames, I read TMZ’s article when they were the ones who suggested it could be Paul Walker trying to escape (link- ) which they then refuted and said it was not him (Link- ). **Incase these links don’t work- please search for Paul Walker on and these articles are page3. Anyway, people on the other site have dissected this part well and to me it def does not look like anyone is in or behind the fire- more like a creation of mind. Coz honestly I fail to understand how the guy or guys we see by the car in the video recorded by folks in blue car didn’t see someone inside the flames??
    At mark .21 of this video, you can see a guy in white pants standing where the driver’s door would have been and looking at towards the ground. I am sure if him or anyone saw someone burning up live like that, they would be hysteric and would be pointing towards it. This guy or guys don’t seem to care about the fire at that point. I personally think this is where they were maybe trying to get PW and RR out although why they didn’t will always bother me coz the fire had not spread yet. Also at mark .14 and .15 in the same video, you can hear one guy say ‘there’s someone in there’ and the other guy say “dude he’s dead, drive away”. This is also where you see the ‘human’ like form in the fire.

    If we can see it in a not-so-clear video, don’t you think they would have seen it and maybe yell ‘look there’s a guy in fire’? Again, it’s just my point of view.

    Another point I’d like to mention is that I also never saw any guy in fire suit by the passenger side of the car. Please look at the first photo of accident scene on this page below. (Link- ). You can clearly see it’s just smoke which someone decided to call a ‘Mario man’ on the other site. There really isn’t anyone around the car in the fire in my honest opinion.

    I will end with another point. People were talking about his brother Cody going to his place and moving things out. To that, can I say, if my family knew I had passed away, I would def want them to go to my apartment and get my personal stuff such as bank statements/ bills etc coz I wouldn’t want anyone trying to break in to get private information and other free stuff that could be special to my family as my memory. My family knows I save spending money in a box and they know I would want them to take that out and do whatever coz I’d rather have them use it then it be stolen after I am gone. It would be upto them at that point to decide what else they would want to take out (wow that just teared me up!). So that’s also possible.

    All I am saying with these points is it could have happened, trying to dissect each point to see if it is really plausible. What we see or know so far isn’t too ‘out there-ish’. That’s all 🙂 I do wish he faked it coz I love him unconditionally but being realistic I do feel it could have happened and yes there is a possibility he passed. I can’t answer why we don’t have more RR’s and his family’s information or their pics or funeral information but that does not mean it couldn’t happen!! Yes we all want answers and yes PW was a public figure but in the end it’s his family who decides how much information they need to release, they don’t owe us anymore than what they think is enough for us, even though we are his fans. He was a human and their family after all. To people who ask about all the other camera footages that could be present from the surveillance cameras, you are forgetting there is an ongoing investigation, they don’t have to release anything more than what they think is necessary 🙂

    Thanks for reading and again I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone. Hope I was able to show why I think it happened. I used the same images and stories that people use to show it could be a hoax, so to people who keep asking for proofs that he passed, well unfortunately, we all have the same stuff to work on as none of us was there but I promised myself, the day they invent time travel and I am alive and can afford it, I will def go back and save them both 🙂

    God Bless!!

    • The person who wrote that definitely had some good points, but has also left a lot of the suspicious stuff out. Regarding MH’s crash, he was (allegedly) on meth, driving 100mph, in the dark. As for the tree, that trunk has to be at least 3 times bigger/thicker than PW/RR’s tree. What is the writer’s explanation for that engine being 100 feet from the car?

    • Very good points. I always thought why they fake death. It just accident and it can happen anytime anywhere. To the poster thank you for sharing. To motely, I think the OP want to show it a tree can stand ok and not fell regardless of how the accident happen. Her point is the tree I think not the reason why it happen. No one knows why Paul walker accident happen but we are still looking at tree and other things. I like this post. I did not know about Michael accident.

    • They actually already said that it was NO stalling.. It was too powerful where the employee who was trying to back the car up, couldn’t handle the power of the Porsche. Roger was going to back it up for him but Paul (Damn you Paul) wanted to take it out for a drive since He’s never been in his dream car before..

      He explained the Accident mainly… but no mentions on why the Vin# number haven’t been reported as “totaled” yet, or why Paul walker’s Social is not in the death index yet? There’s plenty of suspicions which this comment did not provide answers to (sadly, most of my questions were left out)

      I’m on the fence about this, but I’m going to decide that I’m going to see it as Paul did die that day.. Even though it hurts. I don’t believe Paul died 100%… but I hate the second guessing myself and researching the information nonstop.

      And Pat, I paughed at that comment hahaha. I’ve thought to myself soooo many times “Dude…I wonder if Paul is reading on this site?” I mean, This site was advertised on other news websites. It’s possible 😛

      • 😉

    • Can I bring up that vid of tge car in flames and looks like someone is moving in the flames.
      On the corener report pw had a t6 spinal fracture leaving him 100% paralysed from chest area down and multi fractured pelvis leaving him unable to stand anyway. Also according to those who tryed to rescue pw he was out cold and died after only 1/2 breathes. So if in tact that was a person in the flames then surely it was not pw. Rr was dead on impact so that rules him out.
      Clearly to me I am seeing some one in the flames.

      • I agree Pat,

        I’m tired of people saying “It’s just your imagination, no one was in that fire” I see a figure moving.. It looks like a person, moves like one and disappears after it looks like they stood up? I know for sure its not made up in my mind because I want to see it. I new it wasn’t Paul or Roger (If this accident is real and they had those injuries)

        • Yes kay I totaly agree. They are trying to dimiss anyone movibg in the flames. Not a cats chance! That is a person for sure and its not either pw or rr. So the question is who is it?

          • Most likely Roger Rodas, as the Mario Man published by the DailyFail is his resemblance.

  23. Hello! The photo with michelle, there is a guy with a green beanie. Is this maybe the same person?

  24. The bloke sitting down is NOT Paul. Their ears are different as is the hairline towards the top of the ear.

  25. Look closer at the shoes…. green beanie guy is wearing converse which has white covering the top of the toes. PW’s shoes do not have white covering the tops of the toes.

  26. Paul was a clever man. If he’s not dead, he’ll never show up like that. It would be really stupid…

  27. Cody Walker? Maybe that’s the guy who’s sitting down….?

  28. Sorry but that guy in the beanie is not Paul I wish he was but I can guarantee anything that’s not PW….The height first off Paul is tall this guy is short and why in the world would Paul want to blow his cover just a day or two after the accident….

  29. OMG!!U used photos that people sent you in comments…That person is not Paul Walker!You can see him later in the video…it’s some hippy friend of Paul’s ex…

    Paul is much taller and stronger…I can’t believe,stop writing something like that.We are not blind!

    • Elizabeth,

      I have the impression that the more DRK posts articles with these kinds of “proofs”, the more it confirms that at once him and this “hoax” ain’t credible….

    • The shoe part of the post has been amended. Thks.

    • Im sure pw has more than one pair of shoes. Hehad a habbit of wearing the same style of clothing

    • I’m pretty sure he has more than 1 pair of shoes.

  30. I copy pasted a long comment from another site which explained why this avoidant did/could have happened. The poster backed it with information and I have full credit to the paired and the blog from where I read it. DrK deleted it so you guys would not see it and it would make him look wrong.

    • No one deleted any such post. In fact, it appears to have been approved on this site twice.

  31. No one is saying its pw in the vid. Yes we know that man is shorter than pw. Its the man in the pic sitting with brandon and jasmine. Yes both are wearing a green hat but clearly its not the same shirt or the same person.
    Yes the man in the pic with jasmine and brandon sitticharity event jyst ooks very much like pw. Ear shape bearbelieve me ive n raised eyebrow nose sideburn pattern all looks the same as pw to me.
    I guess he was waitibg for it all to blow over but feel pw didnt count on the way the world reacted.
    It dont matter who found the pic but wot does is that it was found and queried.
    I would be very interested in seeing the rest of these pics that were took at the same time as that one.
    But pw will be long gone by now and hiding away in the middle of no where most prob.
    In no way am I disrespectibg anyone in saying my own opinion but to me thats pw sitting in plain sight. Maybe he wants us to find him?? There are so many mistakes surrounding his hole death. And then theres poor roger where the hell is the info on him. No pics of him at that charity event only a bad one sitting in the porche. And belive me ive looked.
    I only believe wot I see and I see pw sitting there thinking shit I didnt think id get this response I just wanted out.
    Now if you have any proof as to he did infact pass in that crash on that day then plz share and I will be happy to consider it without giving shit. And one more thing I doubt there will be anymore pics from the media cus they wont be looking for a dead man the pic was ment to be about jasmine and pw so happened to be there.
    He just didnt expect the shockwaves he got.

    • what if it does turn out to be true that both Paul and Roger did actually die i know i would hate myself even more for ever having doubts

      • Why ? It’s not a shame If you ask yourself questions. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a fan, never saw one of his movies, but his death touched me( RR too….). He seemed to be an incredible human being, with a huge heart.
        I already said it, but to me that accident has nothing coherent. All this storie doesn’t make sense.

        He had everything he wanted in life, money, his family, friends and the more important his daughter.

        Why, why, why both would have taken the risk to drive so fast, with a car that cost almost half of one million….that didn’t stop stalling .AND already sold! That’s crazy!

        I wanna know what happened that day like most of you.

    • Hi @pat 😉
      I really respect your opinion,you have right to think what you want,like me or any other member here,but i watched over and over the video and photo…for me,it’s the same person,who is siting and hug Jasmine…It’s the same shirt,the same lines with letter “V” behind…
      Just i’m thinking that we need to see the fact that source of the photo and video is not the same.Video,from not so good phone is not the same like HD photo.Even when you made photos,with the same camera,with different applications,you can get a little different colors…For the other way,i understand that we all watching different.. 😉
      Also,you said that Roger wasn’t at the charity even,with Paul,but i saw one photo,i think that someone put it here,too,with Paul how carrying a little boy in arms.I am sure that someone said that that boy is a Roger’s son.He’s so small,couldn’t be alone there,with who he can be,if not with his dad…
      Third thing…at this photo…look the ears,look the part where u can put earring(sorry,i don’t know english word for that part of the body) it’s not the same,Paul had longer…

      sorry if my english is a little bad 😉 Really,don’t wanna fight,just i said what i’m thinking…

      • Yes, No need to be rude with each other we all have our own take. Thank you.
        but them 2 shirts are different. Its the stitching pattern across the back.
        The little boy I dont believe is rogers son. The boy looks younger and I understand his son is 8yrs old.

    • Pat, as I said before, the differences in Paul and the bloke wearing the beanie are the ears (especially lobe area) and the hairline towards the top of the ear. Paul wouldn’t be that stupid to sit around outside and risk getting papped. And yes, I believe the crash was a hoax.

      • The post has been corrected. You are all right about this. It remains for the sake of the comments, at least at this time.

        • You guys do realize the guy sitting there has a hat on that pulls his ear closer to his body…of course it isn’t going to look the same as a normal ear when something is on top of it physically moving it and holding it down.

          • Of course, but that wouldn’t (and doesn’t) change the shape of the lobe or hairline towards the top of the ear.

          • Motley,

            Wait. So…the earlobe and hairline on the first photo here on the bottom doesn’t look the same as the 3 next to it…does that mean the person in the first photo isn’t Paul?


          • A, not only that, look at the difference in hair growth on the cheek down to, and including, the tash area. Also, the nose is different, as are the eyebrows (Paul’s are longer on the outside), and Paul had heavy eyelids.

          • Damn. I need to call my eye doctor in the morning, ’cause the guy in the first photo on the bottom sure looks like Paul Walker to me.

        • Dr. K….you’re doing a great job. No one is perfect but you are at least trying. I’m on your side.

        • Drk
          you are doing a great job with this pw hoax.
          Yes we are pointing out stuff and you have to correct things but aint that good that we are? Then no one can claim its made up or false proof. At least your admitting and correcting.
          Yes a poster put that one pic of pw sitting with jas and bran. And no one noticed by one who pointed it out and to me its hard evidence pw is alive and well.
          Its going to get bumpy but keep it up dude 🙂

          • We all can’t be crazy, we just can’t be right? I want so much for Paul to be alive and all the stuff on this website about Paul is so awesome!! It has confirmed I’m not just seeing things, that none of this makes sense and I sure hope Paul comes forward. But with that all said has anyone saw the interview done by Cody Walker? He showed such emotion that I started crying just listening. Granted this is the first time I’ve seen him or anyone for that matter cry or even act like they care that Paul is gone but it felt so real, unlike tyreses. His voice shook, cracked, and he couldn’t stop crying! That interview has me finally question things and thinking pail is really dead. I hope I’m wrong

    • EXACTLY!

    • Lol Pat, the man with the green beanie is NOT PW please try and some common sense instead of trying to fit something that does not match…?

  32. Now I wonder. How many of us who post comments know who the other poster is?
    How do I know one of you are not pw himself posting?
    Saying nar man, that looks nothing like him. Thats nit him for sure…
    how do you know? Are you him posting saying that that aint pw??? How do we know?

    • If Paul was commenting and saying, “Nah, man, that looks nothing like him.”, then he’d be right! Lol! Go Paul!

      • Lol who knows motley?

    • I’m almost positive either him or someone he’s associated reads these. They may not comment, but they are definitely aware of everything said about PW on here.

      • Lets hope so A 😉

  33. I don’t see Paul facking his death and leaving the one he loves more then life his true love to his daughter Meadow that is Paul world and i don’t see him doing that to her of his mother father brothers and sisters

  34. “the person featured in the post is definitively Mr. Walker. It could be someone with at least a partial resemblance.”

    Does the person who writes these posts even read the garbage spewing on this website? This website is bogus.

  35. There are a few specific and obvious things nobody seems to be paying attention to. The first thing…Walker’s facial hair. He has a patch on the middle of his cheek where the hair doesn’t grow in like the rest. But the biggest and most obvious thing is the mole next to the patch on the cheek. Think about it…what are the odds that someone hanging out with Walker’s friends is going to have that patch and mole on the cheek in the same place? There is also a mole by green beanie’s eye and behind the ear that matches PW’s. So if the person in the beanie sitting there is in fact NOT Walker…then someone must have gone in and edited the photo to make it look like him prior to publishing it. Either that or someone went in and edited most of the pictures on the internet to match the green beanie guy.

    • I’ll put where I got that large photo on there ’cause i’m sure someone is gonna say they think I photoshopped that mole on there or something…I’ve done nothing to any of the pictures I’ve put on my comments on the site besides enlarging, cutting and pasting.

      • Ooooh sh….. I think you’re maybe right after all! Same similarities….. good one fella!

  36. Elizabeth I doubt that was his son. Rogers son is 8 that kid looks younger not to mention hes half white, that kid is 100 percent latino. Im also hv white and latino

    • @A holy shiz net!!!!!! Dude that mole and side burn missing patch is on it!! Thats no coincidence!! It has to be him. I analyzed the last photos taken of him and it looks like a match…and guys in thinking the reason why he was right there with Jasmine and Brandon because us being ignorant as humans at times think no he would not be out and about and we disreguard it so automatically we think hes dead.. u get me? We need to open our eyes, sometimes things are in front of us….also notice Jasmines sad face/ smirk. Look im not one to be into conspiracies but this one opened my eyes

      • You’re kidding, right?

      • I hate these bloody ‘article’ pop-ups! …Not funny when you’re on a tablet!

        • Please get rid of the Article Popups……they do nothing but annoy on this site.

    • I don’t go by how someone looks because there are people that don’t look their ages. I’m someone that has never really looked my age.

      As for his skin color, I don’t go by that either. There are people that look white, when they are in fact black and so on.

      I was told by someone who was at the event that Roger’s son was wearing the same clothing as the boy Paul was holding.

  37. Ok. Im not being rude in not replying to those who have replyed to one of my posts thete are a few lol. And I think yes they are all valid points for me to check out and consider.
    I respect both sides of this theory.
    Thank you drk for leaving this post up and yes somethings will need correcting aling the way. Fesh eyes see something different or new.
    Ok thats out of the way. So wots the true story with the car? Some say it was in for repairs ie stalling. Or that ae owned it for around 10mths or so. They were buying it. It was sold. Rr got in cus its owner couldnt park it then pw jumped in for a spin ip the rd. Its not reported as a total yet. Vin number and reg are none existent.
    There seems to be alot of mystery surrounding that porche.
    Sorry if I dont get right back but I have a life thats very busy so just hang five till I have five. Tar

  38. X dios xq no respetan su memoria xq no se dedican a otra cosa no a dcir mentiras sobre mi angel paul no tienen otra cosa que hacer la verdad no sirven para nada solo para inventar mentiras el se fue lamentablemente con mucho dolor lo digo xq es mi amor y me duele lo que le paso como a muchos solo dejen de poner esas cosas porque duelen ya que el perdio la vida el 30 de novienbre en santa clarita 🙁 🙁 🙁 que descanzes en paz mi angel mi amor tu recuerdo vivira por siempre te amare hasta el final

    • Hi, any chance of a translation for those of us that don’t speak your language? Much appreciated.

      • She said farewell to her love Paul, her angel, that people on this site have nothing else to do…. not telling the truth. That’s pitiful.He lost his life the 30th november in S.Clarita.
        And rest in peace, my love I will always remember you until the end.

        She’s not agree in fact! And she’s sad too….

  39. Ha. Wow. They turned out to be right. Everyone really is too stupid to see something even when it is put right in front of their eyes.

    • Yes I think your right R. But why wear your dead sons shirt??
      Maybe next time we see it pw will be wearing it with a green beanie hat and everyone will say ‘nar man…thats pauls dad’!!

      • 🙂 you are funny but that is so true. You made me laugh. Thank you. You’re a gem.

        • Just trying to lighten the mood fella.
          But I am a pw fan not over the top tho but I appreciate his work on and offf the screen. Even so this isnt a laughing matter when you get down to it.
          If pw and rr did infact pass that day then officials who dealt with it sure have a lot to answer for.
          but on the other hand if it all was faked and staged for some reason then I just hope there is a damn good reason for that and not just for tge sake of money and/or the fast franchise.
          Either way im not sure that shirt suits senior walker. Looks better on junior 😉 its Hollywood wot else do we expect from them?

    • It does look like Paul’s shirt.. I just can’t see whether or not the shirt looks red on the right side of the stripes like paul’s shirt has. If my son died… I wouldn’t be wearing his clothing….

      • Paul was Christian,right?I am,too.We believe that is good to wear clothing of family member,who died.It’s good for his soul.Is like that for centuries.Also,we are thinking on them when we are eating or drinking,that they are not hungry…I believe that Christian is not the only one who is doing that…Nothing wrong with that…

        • Very true but I’m a Christian and what we do is wear their favourite colour. I have total respect for each belief.

    • To the people above, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Paul’s dad wearing his beloved son’s clothes, if it makes him feel closer to him. …It’s not as though it’s his underpants, for Heaven’s sake.

    and here is the car before rr brought the gt

  41. I don’t know if somebody already posted it, but on this video you can clearly see the pole and the tree falling.

    • I think that’s been doctored as the pole and tree never came down like that and at that speed…other footage shows this.

  42. Hello after long time:) the guy with green beanie is same as paul walker. But what about the height? He is clearly shorter than paul walker if jasmine hadn’t heeled shoes. I tried to find some other photo of him but unfortunately there is not any.

    • before i go and watch the movies once were warriors and what becomes of the broken hearted i wanted to say from the pictures i saw Jasmine wasn’t wearing any shoes that day i think in the above picture where the guy is sitting down he does look a little like paul but i don’t believe it is him and though i too tried to find other pictures even searched facebook for the guy with no luck i think if we saw a picture of the guy where we can see all of his face it will be easier to tell

  43. Fucking retarded

  44. Is this a negative post or positive post? Fucking retarded is you believe or fucking retarded you don’t. I’m taking you post both ways.

    We need you to be a wee bit clearer…

    • This entire conspiracy is fucking retarded

  45. @Pat
    Thats what I said about Rogers son, we think alike:)
    Also, hows the Carrera for sale?!! Looks like the place where PW charity was…weird

    As far as the dad wearing his shirt, thats odd. Im Christian and Ive never heard of wearing a deceased persons clothing

    And I do think theres 2 different guys, I know that one of the guys was shorter than Jas but the guy sitting down, has to be him


      That’s a different Carrera GT… The vin # doesn’t match. I also checked the Vin# to roger’s Porsche AGAIN, and no, it’s still not registered as a total.. Very weird.

      If this accident is real, I can’ believe the way his family handled his death. I mean, wear his clothing, use his vehicles, and give interviews within days after the accident? That is not normal. Maybe force a smile here and there but to use his property? The hell… I’ve lost two brothers, an uncle, and a friend. My brother’s belongings are still in his boxes, untouched for the last 6 months.

    • PWBel.. No, that doesn’t have to be him…have you not read the discrepancies above? And for the record, people wear their beloved’s clothing all the time – it makes them feel close to them – just ’cause YOU don’t, doesn’t make it weird.

      • @Motley2014 I know that but in MY opinion thats weird.

        Wasnt PW Mormon?

        @Kelis Sorry for your loss and that is superrrr weird

        • PWbeliever,

          Paul’s family is Mormon but Paul walker changed his religion to being a Christian.

          I find it weird that someone would wear their clothing a day or so after they died.. I need more time than that to start going through their belongings and start using them myself. Again, My opinion.

          • Since when are Mormons (followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) not Christians? You all should possibly educate yourselves a bit before you spew this conspiracy nonsense!

  46. Stevo not sure if this will post cause i’m using my mobile but i just wondering if you were calling me retarded i apologize i haven’t slept in days and it was like 5am where i am when i wrote and posted that i do apologize for my comment i’ll shut up and go away

    • Don’t worry. When Stevo says “fucking retarded,” Stevo is just letting everyone know on here Stevo is fucking retarded. “Fucking retarded” is his middle and last name. It’s on his birth certificate. He was born fucking retarded.

      • I’m picking myself of the floor laughing my ass off. Well said.

      • Ha ha ha .Excellent! Life is hard for some people… + 1

    • Confused,

      Don’t apologize. You’ve done nothing wrong. voice your opinions and post whatever facts you come across. I enjoy reading everyone’s comments, don’t feel timid to do ask questions either:)

      • Paul walker is really dead so stop adding fake stuff saying he’s not dead because he is its really stupid I know it’s sad that he died but leave it alone all ready stop getting people’s hopes up especially his family they lost a son and a brother

    • Confused, please keep up your great comments. Do not let retarded people stop you from voicing your opinions. You are above them.

  47. Has anyone ever heard PW mention anything about Montana? I just noticed something on that photo from the video where the 3 of them are in front of the Ford truck. That is a Montana license plate. At first I thought it was the same truck the brother was loading stuff into…but it isn’t. The truck he’s putting stuff in is a Dodge. And that truck too has Montana license plates.

    Here’s the side so you can see it better. Ford/Dodge have different door handles-

    He’s mentioned having both of the trucks before. But I don’t think I’ve heard anything from anyone about Montana. 2 vehicles outside his house with Montana plates. I’m not gonna put the address on here…but there actually is someone with his name/same age in Montana. (if you do go look for it…I suggest not putting the exact address on here…that’s kinda a dick move) With less than a million people in the entire state…it is a pretty smart low key place to hide. Until now I guess.

    • Wait. Scratch that. I figured it out, someone in his mom’s family has a 1000 acre farm in MT.

      • Paul has a farm. What name does this relative of his mum have?

        • Doug. He was a groomsman in the wedding. You can see him in those pics.

  48. Ive just googled ‘paul walker Montana’ and got 21 results.
    Very interesting indeed.

  49. Ok guys now I been thinking about this for a while but does there seem to be….dare I say…. kinda like a trail to follow? Maybe im thinking to much but its like there are little clues here and there.
    From the get go its like following a trail thats been left for someone to find something.
    Again in plain sight is the montana thing that is at the same place a pw very much look alike was spotted. Maybe he wants to be found?

    • I’m starting to get that feeling. They made the conscious decision to walk over to the vehicle and stand there for a minute. They knew they were being recorded too.

  50. I googled Pw Montana and got nothing

    here is a link to paul walkers in montana

  52. What I find strange is why are the clothes still on coat hangers? Normally you pack them all in boxes to go to storage or good will.

    Are they taking the clothes to him?

    • R,

      They are not taking it anywhere. Just from Paul’s closet to his father’s closet.. I’ve seen pictures of his father wearing his clothing since the day after his death…

      • Thanks Kelis & A, this is the first time I have seen this photo. Thanks guys….

    • You can see his brother’s foot underneath, he’s on the other side…but he’s there with at least one other person we can’t see with him.

      They’re bringing the clothes in the house. You can even see the shirt everyone is talking about (dad wearing PW’s shirt). But my favorite part is how it looks like he’s is staring at her ass.—familiares-de-paul-walker-levam-os-pertences-do-ator-para-a-casa-de-seus-pais-em-santa-barbara-na-california-1386341289801_615x300.jpg

      • Ugh. I hate autocorrect. *he is not he’s is

        But the getting the clothes out of PW’s house thing is something I don’t really understand. The blue water jug and gun leads me to believe someone is going somewhere in the middle of nowhere with no running water. MT kinda fits that.

      • Lol A, maybe he likes the young ones too!!

        Someone need to tell him, eyes up grandad.

      • I think that’s his daughter…. That’s so creepy either way. Paul’s dad gives me a weird vibe.

        • Oh so that is not Cody’s girlfriend…

          • R,

            You could be right, I just automatically thought of his daughter since they were moving belongings.

          • Yup. The girlfriend. Wife, fiance. I don’t know. She has a ring on that finger. All of the girlfriends/wives look the same. The guys look the same…the girls like the same…It’s really really weird.


        • FFS, guys, if you’re going to analyse photos, do it properly if you don’t want to look like twats. Paul’s dad’s are clearly NOT on the woman, they are looking down.

          • That should be “Paul’s dad’s eyes”…

          • Motley,

            You are the only one who gets vulgar on this page when you don’t see something the same way everyone else does. Can we be an adult and play nicely with everyone at some point? After all, it is what adults do.

          • The only person that looks like a twat is you. How does “But my favorite part is how it looks like he’s is staring at her ass.” sound like I’m stating a fact. LOOKS LIKE. Lighten up. Damn.

  53. Yes agree they all look the same. They all blend! Weird. Looking at the funeral photos their seems to be blondes everywhere, hard to nail down each one.

    • I would like to say that the CCTV camera(s) that recorded the crash are from a distance and are blocked by trees, even the on that caught the light pole/sign and tree being crashed into is all blocked, why didn’t the CCTV camera in the parking lot record the accident, why because they turned them off, this was all staged, everyone was paid to do there part, folks he is alive.

      • See that’s what I was thinking from day one! Why only far away cameras caught the crash? How does what seems like a busy road end up so damn bare? Was there no one what so ever in any of the buildings? How does a car blowing up not have a bigger burn spot? Why does the body of “Paul” not match what the autopsy report says? Where is Rodgers body, I mean really? If he is there why are there no real pics out there and clearly where ever he is it doesn’t look like his match the reports either! How come the movies that came out after he died was some crazy foreshadowing? Even the end of fast 6 was a little to real then fast 7 leak, wow like really!? seems a bit odd to leak that part only. Man this is driving me crazy!! I have so many but how’s and whys and wtfs my head is spinning. Maybe we all should just shut our mouths, turn off our brains and just let shit be?? If he is dead we should just accept it if he isn’t we should just let it be and wait…

  54. Dell totally agree with you…

  55. If he is alive and came out and said it was all faked for whatever reason…how would u really feel? I would welcome him back after I gave him one hell of a smack down lol. I can’t make up my mind if it’s real or fake but I fear we won’t be seeing him either way, which sucks! So many weird things that just don’t add up. If he is alive it’s almost like he is giving us clues that it was all fake. There is a pic going around of a guy in a green beanie, ppl think its Paul, it’s not its Cody. There is a mole on the guys face, Paul doesn’t have one there but Cody does. Other then that pic I can’t find any real facts to prove he is alive or dead. I think it’s weird how he was dead a day before he really was. Why are there only pics of Paul’s dead body but not rodger? Why is no one tryin to make money off having pics of him? Every pic I’ve seen is of one dead body and what ppl think is body parts that belong to rodger. If u read the autopsy report of rodger(how easy btw to get both so fast) it reads just like Paul’s which is strange, and it never says anything about him being mangled and missing parts or smashed like a pancake, just that his lid was flipped (poor guy). In the pics it’s almost like he is “missing”. The reports say Paul was in his seat then it says he was laying overtop rodger with his left hand on the ground ontop of Rodgers head?? Maybe I read it wrong all five times but um how can he be found two different ways? My list of why this all doesn’t make sense goes on then I read other questions ppl have and it makes me feel even more confused. I have a hard time thinking there are this many ppl out there who question this as much as I do and we are all crazy. To me a conspiracy theory is someone asking and figuring out the right answers to someone’s messy “job” and was made to look like a dumb crazy ass and or to shut up! Someone is on to something and I really can’t wait for the truth to come out either he is alive and all faked or he did die somehow. Anyone else find it weird that the only leak to fast 7 is of a funeral where Luda asks Paul to promise no more funerals?? Or that no one what so ever has been photographed crying? They are all smiles!! I’ve never met the guy and I cried for days and still tear upto this day but yet family and close ass friends are smiling and saying it only took less then a month to get their smile back?? If Paul is dead he is better off cus his friends are awful or maybe (doubtful) he wasn’t as great as we all thought and they are all glad he is gone. If it’s fake they need to work on their acting skills which is funny cus most are actors or like I said they are hints that he is alive! Idk but I wish I did. Huge fan of Paul either way

    • Hi, Amber. I’m feeling the same way and the way his family and friends have reacted is very strange. The people at AE who were at the crash site didn’t appear that upset about what had just happened; family and friends were smiling at the crash site just a couple of days later (I can’t imagine why they would gather there like that and who’s great idea that was). They looked like they were attending some kind of night-time party. Tyrese’s face scrunched up when he visited the crash site, but if he shed any tears, they were invisible. The fake posturing by Vin Diesel made me feel ill.

      Tyrese’s behavior has been especially odd – he made several cryptic posts on his FB page, not mentioning Paul directly, saying things like:

      “I wish RIP meant Return if Possible”
      “Who would you bring back if you could?”
      “Undiscovered magicians,” etc.

      Lately, it appears he has stopped making these posts, but he even he made a strange post recently that he deleted an hour later and said that he was advised by his manager to delete his posts as they might damage his career or something. It’s just all weird behavior from those who supposedly were the closest to Paul.

      • Ich glaube das Paul Walker noch lebt, das verhalten der Familie ist schon komisch.Man sieht die auf so vielen Bildern lachend auch die Tochter und Fast F. Crew. Erst sollte die Tochter 45.000.000 erben und jetzt ist es nur noch die Hälfte, als wenn Paul Walker sich mit der anderen Hälfte irgendwo, später auch mit seiner Freundin ein schönes Leben macht.
        Weil guckt euch mal die Bilder mit seiner Freundin an, er hat sie sehr geliebt, einfach unvorstellbar das er sie in seinem Testament vergessen hat.

    • Good post! Hopefully someone will come forth with the TRUTH.

  56. OMG your own profile photo shows you are wrong about a hoax. I guess the CSI team won’t be getting you as a team member. Look at the ear lobs

  57. Ears nose and skin tone of first pic should tell you it’s not PW. R.I.P. to my F & F hero!

  58. This site attracts such clueless people with zero common sense. Of course things don’t look the same. He’s physically moving his nose with his thumb. The ear is being held down by the hat and skin tone is always going to look different when someone is in the shade than when they are in sunlight. I hope these people that can’t see clearly or pay attention never have to pick someone in a police lineup.

    • “Clueless people”?? Well, since YOU are here, too, so your statement is definitely an oxymoron, you MORON.

  59. I knew it. …

  60. is Paul Walker alive or did he die im just trying to figure it out. im a huge fan of his and nothing seems to add up at all.

  61. he is alive

    • Yes, He sure IS. And he is And he is probably still with f
      ugly old Jasmine, too.

      • She is not old,she is just to much ugly and looks much more older than she is.They ended relationship 3 years ago.The man from that photo is not Paul.She is well known in Santa Barbara like someone who couldn’t stand the end between them,after the relationship.People from their place saying that.Paul moved on…

    • Two guy and with eyes on Rayban” with the girlfriend ” look carefully that is Roger Rodas is with Paul Walker was talking ” it was like Ghostsrider ” in that porche car is ..?to faking their death!

    • That was Paul Walker in the green beany and Ray Ban with With Roger Rodas and the girlfriend, Their faking the death” is made kinda Ghost Rider Movie,though that wasnt his plate number at the porch crashed

  62. Amen! But after Cody walkers heart breaking interview, I’m starting to doubt EVERYTHING! His emotion was more real then I have seen from him or anyone else (family and friend wise) since the day of the crash 🙁 I cried listening to him. Fingers crossed he is just a great actor as well.

  63. Dudes dead just get over it

  64. It looks good so far keep getting more evidence I believe in what your saying paul walker is a strong man and I believe he is still alive.

  65. Is this a case of follow the leader in this story? So you keep needing with my head? I thought u to be nice and helpful. Yep you left my head with lies and visions. Ouch! Really? Go back with gosnell. You never cared for me ever? Dreams? Oh yeah your dad said to remember you liked to surf. Bathing suits? What did you want me to mean? If you wanted me to mean I Love You. Look into your eyes. Was I 15 or 16? Okay maybe I just want to fill a void? That I’m never going to have with someone. Yes your seem very helpful. Now that your suppose to be dead? Your brothers helping with the movie. Cody taking up your job @ Roww? Now you have two lookalikes. Your not here, but they are. I’m going to look at them and. think it is you. Nomore coming down this road. Nomore dreams just visions of your face. That’s all you left me. Also even if the vision of you summer 2013 was true? Was what I believed you said true too? I need answers too. Thank you if you reply :.)

    • Um is this suppose to be a poem or did u know him, if so how did u know him? Are u a kid like 16 or 17? What did all this mean?

      • Dammit Amber, don’t encourage them to come back and say more crazy shit.

        • Hahaha! I couldn’t help myself. I just wanted to see where they were going with all this….that’s all, soorrryyy!!

          • I don’t think they knew where they were going either.

  66. I think thats Cody not Paul…

  67. Hello i want someone to confirm if this footage was recorded this year of PW, it was on you-tube and said that they saw him and his agent Brandon watching the Texas rodeo back in March of this year?

  68. no eso es en el 2010

    • Espana, sorry i’m not understand are you saying this was in 2010?

  69. I saw a video dated March 2014 showing paul walker at a rodeo in texas. Is this video for real?

  70. Fucking dumb asses paul is not the type of person to do this he would never hurt his fans so stop being insensitive cunts

    • Dear Scott! Why don’t u go fuck urself! If u don’t believe Paul is dead then don’t fucking come onto sites like this and start calling ppl who do believe he is alive names! We are entitled to our opinions and so are u but that doesn’t give u the right to start shit somewhere that’s clearly not a site for u!!

  71. As anoying as this is and dont know where my other comments went? Paul has some interesting face features, I know what they are?!! Like every body else we all hve some kind of distinct face features that set us appart from everyone else.So Is it Paul in the green Beanie or not?I hve my own observations with everything.

  72. If u look at the pictures of him from the side u can see the difference on the earlobe how the one on the right is low and droopy while on the left it is higher

  73. I’m late to this I’m sure but I just found out that faking ur death is NOT illegal!! Even if ROWW made a shit ton of money cus of his “death” he won’t get into any trouble. I mean this is all true as long as they made sure to cross every T and dot every I, with not collecting on insurance plans or taking the money from ROWW for personal gain. Paul is to good of a person to do anything illegal so, guess we can all say all Ts are crossed and all Is are dotted. This just gives me more hope that he will be back cus he can’t get into much or if any trouble at all. Big smile on my face!!! His bday is next month, sure would be nice if he was “re-born”. Haha that sounds weird but u know what I mean haha

  74. con razón que no insidian las placas del carro en que se subió
    y el carro que estaba quemado

  75. maybe is one of his brothers. They look alike


    • Dont just say u have them, share them!! Bad thing about pictures thou…u never really know when they were taken!! Do u have hard proof they were right after the crash?

    • Can you email the links of those photos, here. For certain he was alive.

  77. I don´t think ….. It is a news so distasteful. Conspiracy theories show that there are people who have nothing to do.
    Why would something? Also a guy with his fame would have locked in a basement for anyone to know he’s still alive.
    This page suggests that Walker is hidden from a year ago.
    Please … for my news is also a total lack of respect. If they were right I would be surprised, but should not have to go to jail

  78. If Paul Walker is still alive, God bless him! When the truth come out about P.W. death or that he’s alive then and only then I’ll rejoice, that Paul Walker is still with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. If you go to Argentina, in the south, there’s a place called Bariloche, which it’s also called “the little Switzerland”. There’s a little town called Chupapijas, he was seen there a lot of times.

  80. No es Paul walker no creo que no se den cuenta que todo es totalmente diferente, lastimosamente la página a creado tantas uncoincidicencias para que entren a su página.

  81. Who gives one shit about Paul Walker. Move on!


  83. I was watching a video of Paul walker on YouTube it’s him because if u watch the fast n furious movies that sounds exactly like Paul walker in the n if u know all movie stars do this n any famous people do it too

  84. R.I.P. Paul and Roger

  85. Push come to it he’d play the game . I knew from the start it was all fake he’s still alive and happy . But to lie isn’t right in my book , but each to there own he had his reasons to do this and know one will ever know. The truth is coming out and not only will he will have to admit it the people that are close know too but covering it up with lies .

  86. Look at walkers ear it’s longer then the guy with the hat dumbass ppl

  87. Please tell me Paul walker is alive or not I loved so much I was big fan of Paul walker


    • for you info he is not going to be in trouble….he is gone i didnt want to accept it but i had to and so should you…i love paul walker he is wow… probably his biggest fan so leave it alone.

  89. Is he dead or alive I’m his biggest fan tell the truth

    • He’s alive, and so is R. rodas. Just keep reading the posts.

  90. Dr. K can you post a new thread? Also, did you guys hear about the guy that faked his death, that high power financial guy or something? He has been sentenced to jail for faking it

    • I looked into faking ones death and if it is illegal…it’s not. Anyone can do it for whatever reason. Now if u do it for money reasons like for insurance or to steal money in someway then yes u can go to jail for it. As long as Paul didnt do anything wrong he will not go to jail for faking his death. This month will be a yr…….where is he? Then more time that passes the more I fear we will never know the truth or see his face again. Tears fill my eyes every time I think about it all and I think about him a lot. I feel so stupid about how I feel but I try to justified it by saying if we were in high school he would be the jock and Id be the no body with a huge crush and when day we will be in a taylor swift video where he sees im the grl he should be with hahaha.

      • Is Paul walker really dead or did he fake his death?

  91. Have to tell you. The man is these pics is Cody. Paul’s youngest brother. They are so similar in looks that they could pass for twins. You need to do your homework on his brothers. His girlfriend was hugging Cody. Paul and Cody were really close.

  92. God CONFIRMED…. Paul is alive… Just as GOD IS

  93. paul walker is gone and you have to accept that i know it is hard but you just have to let him rest in peace… i dont want to accept that he is gone but i have to so you should to

  94. He is good man why he wants to do like this

  95. The people you claim are him don’t match his profile. Their not tall enough don’t have the same build or facial resemblance. Leave his family to grieve in peace.

  96. Unless Paul has shrank literally almost a foot, then that definitely is not him in the beanie! That man in the beanie is the same height as Jas and she is 5’6, not 6’2 or 6’3 like Paul was.

  97. Paul is alive they confirmed it two years ago to put Fast 7 in everyones thoughts to yes,collect money from nimrods “feeling sorry” for a person thats not dead to begin with.Take 2 seconds on how a real parent would react to a death and youll notice that 9 times out of 10,they do NOT want cameras in their house,those that didnt lose anyone important to them yet dont understand the trauma you endure.Good acting job on his fathers part tho,they should sign his silly ass up for part 8-10.Anyway,He staged his death just like Tupac did to get out of the industry.The stupid mother fuckers that think he’s dead never heard of official death deicated websites before.When someone “really” dies,records and such become aware and announced by the US president himself like the case with Micheal Jackson’s morons.They have to pay these actors money somehow (theres like 8+ well known names with 30m+ dollars in salary A PIECE in Fast 7) so what better way to do it than huddle sheep into honoring Paul Walker’s(death) by making it this years best summer blockbuster since if you care to notice has been on the decline since the 2nd flick? Hollywood just killed 2 birds with one stone and you dumb asses dont even know it.Hes alive and I hope hes enjoying life as a normal person for once.

    • He is dead anyone how denies that is just a troll or seriously fucking retarded this evidence may have meant something before we had DNA tests but we did when he died and it was confirmed it was him otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to tell who the two that were in the car were because they were burned so bad that they were unidentifiable so you people need to do some real research before posting on about how he is alive I know that it would be amazing if he was but the DNA doesn’t lie

      • True all this stuff saying he is alive is fake don’t believe it anything for money

  98. Hey guys if u watch f and f 7 watch the ending he is dead if u think his alive they shouldnt put the scene where it says for Paul and if he is still alive they should change the ending

    • The man shown there is not Paul. Se the nose of the man and compare that with the original photo of Paul. You’ll get there is much difference between those. Case is closed.

  99. If you look at the ears of the man in the stocking cap and the ear of Paul, you’ll notice Paul has a little bit longer ear and look at this ear lobe. It’s completely different.

    • Correct: that’s why the post was updated; that’s not him.

  100. Omg r u kidding me. Paul Walker wouldn’t do that! You all juat need to let him rest in peace now Man.. Like seriously! Smh

  101. U need to realize that all that stuff that u are talking about CAN BE FAKED!! Just because someone tells u something doesn’t mean it has to be true. It’s what u make of the evidence or even ur gut feeling. So if u feel he is gone over a could be fake dna test then that’s on u! Just like its on me to feel like it’s Hollywood anything is possible and nothing about that day makes sense and everything before it in my eyes lead up to it! Stop being an ass just because u don’t see eye to eye with someone, this isn’t high school!

  102. It’s one of his brothers. Why do people feel the need to get so involved in someone’s life that they don’t even know. It’s pathetic. Let the poor man rest in peace. And let his friends and family grieve about him. It’s called respect which most human being seem to lack.

  103. Was Elvis, and Michael Jackson there too?

  104. Different ears

  105. Ya just look at the pic of the real on and the fake on next to each other. There ear lobes are not the same lol

  106. So do u think alive or dead afger fast7 premiere!??? Any new info he is alive?

  107. Y’all must be complete fucking imbeciles if you’re believing this bullshit! This isn’t a fucking hoax, or a publicity stunt, or even him trying to escape a mob! Paul Walker, may God bless his soul, was a great man and would never ‘fake his death’ and put his family, friends, and millions of fans in mourning. And to the fucker who said it was to hype up the movie, go fuck yourself! The series doesn’t even need a publicity stunt to hype the new movie up because there are millions of true fans who would have gone no matter what because the F & F movies are amazing!!! So don’t go believing everything you hear or see on the internet. RIP PAUL WALKER!

  108. Paul Walker does have a brother, that I heard of. I was also told they look alot alike. If it was all staged, so he could go into hiding I don’t blame him. I would too if everyone was always in my face or all up in my bubble period. Paul walker was an amazing actor, Ive seen almost all his movies. He does an awesome job in them. Just tired of people who are so bored with their own lives, they gotta make up things, just to waste time. It’s pretty silly,I think. I mean they said it about Tupac, tried saying it about Micheal Jackson,now Paul Walker. I mean really, people, even if he was it’s not like anyone would tell you anyways, that’s why it’s called going into hiding. Plus Famous people/Celebrities, are human too,their not perfect, they make mistakes as well. They just happen to have better Careers/hobbies then us. Just tired of seeing and hearing critics and others talk as if they’re bestfriends, when in all reality they have no idea about their personal life at all. Just tired of all the negativity and judgements all the time, when you don’t know shit about them. Just putting my opinion out there. #WakeupWORLD #abouttimeforachange

  109. Don’t see how everyone thinks the ears are the same. Pw ears are longer. Everyone has a look a like an seems like every celebrity that dies faked it. People need better lives. These people are dead an once people get over grieving others pull this shit. I pray yall get sued. An hope no one believes it. I mean I heard this my whole life about Tupac Shakur. Easy e. Michael Jackson. An that Brittany Murphy. An its sick an twisted. Now if it didn’t happen so much an u had concrete proof it would be different but why would a dude that made hundreds of millions have to fake his death? He obviously had the money to escape.

  110. Look at his ear… Clearly not the same person. Not even close

  111. It’s not Paul. Y’all are dumb as hell. Get lives people.

  112. Ears are as unique as fingerprints and even admissible in court as evidence is some countries. That being said, it’s not him.

  113. OK guys just to inform you all on a Lil secret Paul is in fact alive I would know this because he is related to me. Paul did survive the accident that happened. He is just fine and he hides from cameras so what so he was retired they wanted to use his brother it was a great idea

  114. Hmmmmm what!!!! Who are you to him? What’s ur proof?

  115. My sister in law worked for him and is friends with the family. I’m sorry to say Paul did pass away. Please be respectful and let him rest in peace.

  116. It’s amazing how many of you can just read an article written by anybody and fully believe it. Sure a lot of the things make sense and can be completely plausible but that’s why it’s a theory right? Just accept he’s gone .

  117. I think that any person who believes this is completely retarded. He is gone people. This who this whole thing is so disrespectful that it is ridiculous. Why on gods green earth would anybody accuse someone who passed away of faking there death is definitely beyond me. This is some insensitive assholes way of trying to put false hope in peoples hearts. Why don’t you go ask his family or good friends if he gone. Why don’t you ask his brother who plays Paul in fast and furious 7. Why don’t you go ask vin diesel if pay is gone I don’t think. Vin diesel would break down and cry for no good reason over someone he knew wasn’t actually gone. Paul walker lives a good life and will never be forgotten. RIP Paul walker

  118. The two Guys clearly don’t look the same

  119. Both of his brothers were willing to fill in for Paul when he died and I’m assuming their family of his too so they can show up with the rest of his family and be there too

  120. Imagine how his family feel?
    they had to go to a funeral and say bye and they have lost
    dad/son/brother and stuff and now stuff over the internet saying he alive still?
    wow cruel people.. there was a pic of how he looked after the injury.. he would be covered in scars if he was alive and no way he survived and if he did he would be paralysed or something …. your proof is invalid and shit.

  121. I think it’s copy his brother not Paul but who the one at the car when it was on fire

  122. Alright you guys. He is dead, they did a DNA proof from his teeth. And how do they not know the guy in the pictures are his brother(s) they do look alike. And did you ever think that these were taken before his death?? Ugh no. So leave the man alone and let him rest in peace. And in the e first photo, the hand looks oddly happen, even if this is a hoax leave it alone. But I don’t think it is. Sorry to burst ya’lls bubble but he is gone.

  123. He’s dead period ya’ll are crazy to even think that he is alive..

  124. You are compete fools that’s not Paul look at the difference in tallness and plus it was him that died it was probably one of his brothers that were beside his gf so get some actual proof that he is alive and I might belevie you

  125. First off.. Some of you people need to learn proper grammar, spelling, & punctuation. Secondly, Paul Walker is dead. Let it go, let his family in peace. I don’t think they appreciate it seeing this kind of shit on the internet. Paul Walker had no reason to fake his death, why would the cast of fast of furious be so upset if he indeed did fake it? I’m sure Vin Diesel would be one of the people to know he was still alive. How come whenever a celebrity dies, months later shit like this comes out that it was a hoax? People die. That’s life. Universal didn’t need publicity for fast 7, it would have made a lot of money either way. Poor excuse for a hoax. You people are so gullable & it’s honestly sad.

  126. That isn’t Paul, the ear shape is completely different on the picture where he is talking about the noses :/

  127. If you Look at the picture with the hat on and the one without it … Look at the ears they are not the same the one with the hat is more outwards and the bottom of the one without the hat is very skinny at the bottom . Not paul walker .

  128. its problay cody walker all these pppl do is make u think rong

  129. It doesn’t even look like him. Not at all. Who in the hell would have even made such a ridiculous assumption. Must have been a blind person.

  130. Yall are a lie paul walker is dead an it is not funny. To make fun of some ones death and pluse paul. And his brother look just alike look on the enternet hos brother name is calab walker

  131. I just watched the last movie and it really got me looking in to Pauls death, or hoax, or whatever you call it. I decided to watch the first movie, which I have on cassette. Anyone notice the Public Service Announcement Paul makes before the movie? Do not try this at home. Be safe. Its all pretty bizarre to me.

  132. hola, averiguen por JOSIE TRIPLETT, solo averiguen…

  133. look up furious 7 behind the scenes tuner party and lykan hyper you will see paul that was filmed in abu dhabi

    • Do U think he is alive? It has been so long thou….the fakness of this all has my head twisted

      • look up furious 7 extended edition blu ray watch when tyrese says make some noise for paul walker you will see paul sitting on stairs,which was filmed in abu dhabi tuner party at palace we all know that paul was supposed to have died before they went to abu dhabi,i can not understand why people can not see that is proof he is alive.

        • I feel like that whole movie is proof he is still alive….a few movies have gave hints to what they were planning. Hell I feel some of his other movies were even hints. But why is he still gone, why has no one spilled the beans yet? I have never felt like any of that day was real but the longer he is gone….the more I feel something isn’t right and he will not be returning. It’s been so long….how would ppl take his return if he did come back? His daughter is still suing the car company….makes no sense still to this day!!

  134. In the video you can clearly see his girlfriend holding 2 sunglasses and it matches to the guy with the green hat and the converse that he is wearing is similar to the ones he was wearing in a previous fast and ferious

  135. Buenas tardes para todos….POR FAVOR VENIR CON PRUEBAS FEHACIENTES, no USEN FOTOS BORROSAS DONDE NO SE VEN BIEN DETALLADAS LAS FACCIONES DE LA CARA Y CUERPO, no jueguen con los sentimientos de las personas….Gracias…

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