DC Car Chase Other Hoaxes — 06 October 2013
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Relatives of Miriam Carey Busted Faking Her Death

Title change only

Note: the picture shown of the sniper lying between the DC-area columns is sufficient proof that this entire event is a hoax, as is the absolute lack of emotions of the Carey sisters, as is the lack of mention or concern by these purported relatives of the status and needs of the now supposedly orphaned child.

Now, suddenly, as people question this story the claim is that the government will not let the family see the one year-old. Who in this universe would believe this? What will the government do with the child? Impound her permanently?

Same as Sandy Hook and the Boston hoax: complete emotional detachment. Not even remotely in the playing field for just having your sister brutally murdered by a bunch of trigger-happy SS agents and cops (who just fired blanks, by the way), especially considering that other supposed innocent in the car, the tiny child. How many ways can it be said, “HOAX.”

It was a great story line—a person would have been deranged and delusional to go up against the fiercely ruthless local DC cops/SS agents/Capital Hill police. At nodisinfo.com the acts portrayed by the supposed sisters are determined to be NOT believable. They are hiding something. Regardless, they are putting on a fake front for reasons yet to be determined.

What are they hiding and why? For what reason are they running cover for Miriam Carey’s fake murder as well as, by proxy, the Obama regime? Was money exchanged? There is surely a reason for their participation, as well as the participation of their attorney, in this scam.

There is finally some indignation by the sisters to a degree, since in the last video. Yet, still, this makes no sense, since nothing but lies have been told about this story: none of it is believable.

Picture 572 Picture 563

Apparently a real person, Miriam Carey is being demonized by the Zionist-controlled press as mentally unstable. Not so said her neighbor, Erin Jackson, who gives a believable interview about what she knew of her character. Meanwhile, the interviews of Carey’s relatives, primarily her sisters, are less than believable as clearly these individuals are reading from a virtual script.

The relatives are raring to go for Anderson Cooper, et al. but are not psychologically prepared or involved even to the most remote degree with their loss: a sister, a loved one, a daughter, brutally murdered, blown to bits, inside her car, doing nothing illegal, nothing to warrant a death sentence, right in front of her 1 year-old child?

That happens, and all that can be seen is the most dry, uninvolved, disconnected reactions conceivable, surely as if reading from scripts.

Here is the absolute confirmation of the fraud, that is not even following medical protocol. It’s the same hoaxing seen in the other fakes. According to Reuter’s the phony relatives claim to have done what the fraudsters of Sandy Hook also did:

The visibly emotional sisters held hands during the news conference. They had traveled to Washington earlier in the day to identify their sister to authorities with the use of photos, Carey-Jones said.

Yet, they really didn’t do it, since there are no corpses in Sandy Hook or the Capital Hill fake chase. They just claimed to do so, that is to provide photos to the ‘authorities’ for purposes of identifying a corpse. Regardless, Reuter’s lies attempting to cover for these fraudsters. These are visibly “unemotional” sisters, completely the opposite, polar opposite, of the Reuter’s claim.

“Oh, we don’t care to see her corpse or to see how she really was killed. No matter that her tiny child witnessed this. No big deal. We’ll just give the
Secret Service a few photos. They’ll figure it out.”

Does anyone see any visible emotions” in these so-called sisters, who are busy couching their words as if they have been instructed by an attorney?

“People need to realize she was more than the suspect that was driving the car” and “The investigation is still on-forth” and “We don’t know what happened.”

No rage, no indignation, no anger, no emotion, no despair, no grief, no sense of loss, no evidence of being inconsolable; these people are a part of the hoax. BUT, “We have retained an attorney” and he says, “Of course they are in shock,” seeking to cover for their hoaxing just like Reuters.

Note: now there is some indignation; see the bottom video. Despite this seeming indignation, though, the entire story is laced with lies and, therefore, even such claims cannot be held true without confirmation.

The Erin Jackson interview

The DC car chase and shooting, with the purported death of Miriam Casey, is a hoax: a complete fabrication, a drill. What is Casey’s motive for involvement in this scam? Clearly, too, her family is involved, running what appears to be cover for her.

Jackson gives a possible revelation. Someone had sent her a message. Someone targeted her car in the parking lot, doing something incredible. Her tires were removed, only from her car, as Jackson testifies, and the wheels were put on plastic milk cartons. According to Jackson Carey then called police. Jackson said she found it odd that only Carey’s car was targeted in this manner.

Oct. 4 – An attorney for the family of Miriam Carey say they are ”shocked” and still don’t know the circumstances surrounding her fatal confrontation with police outside the U.S. capitol. Deborah Gembara reports.
Editor’s note: The “don’t know the circumstances” and “need to know the circumstances” is a cover for the dry, unemotional nature of these hoaxers. It is as if saying, “We’ll, we can’t be angry yet, because we don’t know what happened. That’s why we have retained an attorney. Plus, since we don’t know what role our sister, the suspect, played in the role and/or her medication, well, how can we be indignant about this event?”
Yet, as always, are plenty of sheep who will fully justify the fake actions of the Secret Service and any other ‘protector of the nation,’ as demonstrated by this commenter:

Having suffered from severe depression several years ago, I have compassion for this woman’s challenges. I was lucky, I received good medical treatment and intensive talk therapy. Today, I am off all medication and I am highly functioning again.

However, one cannot “storm” the White House with a vehicle as a weapon and not expect to be shot. It is sad, but this woman showed no respect for human life by exposing her daughter to such danger and running down secret service agents. Tensions are already running high in D. C. right now, and, under the circumstances, the secret service acted accordingly.


Who finds Mr. One-Eyed Squint believable. “Of course, they are shocked…” What is the purpose of such a comment other than running cover for the lies.

Picture 564

‘You do believe me, don’t you. We really are grieving her loss, even though I sound like a robot.’

Picture 568

This is the first time in history, right at the beginning of the government shutdown, that a woman with PPD suddenly goes ballistic and attacks the metal White House posts with a uselessly feeble plastic-bumpered foreign-made vehicle. Right, then, she goes more ballistic and runs into civil servants. What a convenient coincidence; what a perfect act by Carey to benefit the Obama cartel.

Not allowed to see the corpse? Makes sense, since there wasn’t one.

Suddenly, there is indignation. About how the sisters deserve more, as does the mother. Where is the mother? Where is the father? Why all the focus on the  ‘sisters?’ Despite the  indignation, though, the claims are so riddled with lies that even the supposed family of  the set-up victim must be scrutinized. The lack of grief is truly telling; they are too strong, too calm, too composed to have lost a sister in this way.

Picture 557

“All she cared about was me..” Those words do stick in the craw. Something is seriously wrong with this story-line.




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