Nairobi Hoax — 12 November 2013
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Ridiculous Attempt by Kenya’s Zionists to Cover Up the Mall Hoax – the Arrested Somalis

Regarding the inane attempt by the Israelis of Kenya to fake a mall massacre, could it get more ridiculous than this?  Round up a few Somali immigrants for ‘immigration charges’ and then claim they are tied to the Nairboi Israeli-produced and directed mall hoax.

From the DailyFail there is this title and commentary, all lies by arch-Zionist moles:

Mall massacre suspects handcuffed in the dock: Four Somalians appear in court accused of helping gunmen carry out Kenya terror attack which left at least 67 dead

All four are ethic Somalis and in their 20s. They pleaded not guilty to the charges, which also included entering Kenya illegally and obtaining false identification documents.
None are accused of being among the four gunmen in the mall who carried out the attack, who are all believed to have died during the four-day siege. 

The suspects, who had no lawyer, were remanded in custody for one week after the prosecution asked for more time for further investigations.

Interpol is assisting Kenya in trying to identify four bodies suspected to be the gunmen, police said last week.

Witnesses in the mall described how the fighters stormed the crowded complex, firing from the hip and hurling grenades at shoppers and staff.

Got to keep the gig of the Islaamic boogeymen alive, especially in Little Israel, that is Kenya.


Regardless, the men are simply wrongfully accused in the Zionist media as a means of obfuscation and cover-up, ludicrous as it is.


Handcuffs are made visible for effect; others walk about without any such restraints.



Lot’s of smiley faces for men facing charges of being accessories to mass murder.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 4.18.27 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 4.18.35 PM

It’s all a hoax, a diabolical one at that: a terminal one. The Zionists will never give up.


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  1. Thank you again, Dr. K and blog contributers !

    Our CT AMERICA GLOBAL BROADCAST coilleagues continue to cite the research, analyses, and conclusions.

    MR. STOLLER got through the GEORGE H.W. BUSH (aka Hitler-groomed NAZI SPY CREEP GEORGE SCHERF, Junior) presentation. Last check indicates that MR. STOLLER is STILL ALIVE and WELL in the BELLY OF THE BEAST – Fairfield, CT, Greater NYC – a ZIONIST / BUSH CABAL STRONGHOLD.


    They scheduled an EMERGENCY PRESENTATION for tomorrow morning on the POWER GRID TEST that may result in BLACKOUTS and MARTIAL LAW – or it may NOT, and life will go on. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Keep the faith – keep the fight !

    Brad DeShane, Global multi-media agent, for

    CT GLOBAL at


  2. A lesser known fact is the friendship and cooperation Zionists can get from another tribal group called “Tamils” whether to perpetrate real crime or hoaxes to look like crime.

  3. Who are Tamils?

    “Do Tamils Control the Indian Government?”

    –Asks Professor Hudson McLean and answers his own question.

    “For almost thirty years Tamils dominated BBC News, and suddenly disappeared when the LTTE was decimated by His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    India, so it seems has not learned a lesson of “going-to-bed” with LTTE, even after LTTE terrorists blew-up Rajiv Gandhi during his visit to Tamil Nadu.

    The latest reaction from another Prime Minister of India demonstrates the Indian politics being subservient to the Voice of Terrorists. Having exerted pressure on the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, the Tamils managed to control the Head of India.

    Looks like when the (Tamil Terrorist) Tiger wags the tail, the turban nods its head!

    War Crimes were promoted by Indian led Tamil Terrorists

    Its a known fact that Indian Tamils have been attempting to gain political and geographical control in Sri Lanka for millennia, without success.

    The thirty year old terrorism was headed by Norway & India, to gain both political & commercial interests, as well as to secure a strategic sea lanes between the West & the East. Both countries lost out to better intelligence of the Sinhala.”

  4. “The entire Zionist power configuration in Washington has lined up to support the Jewish state. When Israel commits an act of war against its neighbor, no matter how unjust and brutal the act, Zionists from the most religious to the most secular, the ‘peaceniks’ and neo-cons, all form a united chorus in praise of the righteous and moral ‘Jewish Bombs’ even as they fall on the besieged people of Syria today and Iran tomorrow.”

    –Writes Professor James Petras in his latest article: “Israeli Bombers: Al Qaeda’s Air Force” on My Catbird Seat website.

    52 presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations and all other Zionist organizations have nothing better to do than support Israel (which means crime because that is what Israel has been about from the moment of inception) and subvert the US and other governments of various countries to get them to go along with the program as well–WHILE suppressing every organization and individual or group that opposes crime and corruption of Israel and Zionists.

    Professor Petras in this excellent article addresses many important issues to educate his audience (a rare kind of professor in contrast to Zionist professors in elite Ivy Leagues) and also talks about Obama-Putin agreement which Zionists want to sabotage.

    This uncondtional support among primitive tribes although rarely seen in the modern day is still very much a Jewish or a Tamil thing (which is a grave threat and a danger of monstrous proportion to rest of humanity) and in fact these two tribes are working together in India and Sri Lanka posing a serious threat to the Island of Sri Lanka because their plan is a total take over like it was done to the state of Palestine. Sri Lanka’s Sinhala majority (70% and mostly Buddhists) Muslim minority (10%) Tamil (18 to 19%) Burghers, Moors the rest.

    Jews are also working with the Tamils (very active politically) in the US, Canada, Norway, Australia, New Zealand etc and creating hell for the Sri Lankan President Rajapakse and his Defense Secretary and other officials from all different directions including through the UN and Dalai Lama. Part of this is also to poison the minds of all people across the globe against Sri Lankan government and Sinhala Buddhist majority.

    People who have a good knowledge of Jews and Tamils can easily understand their activities and nature in general. They know what happened to Germany and German people and Russia and Russian people and Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan people, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, South America, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, China etc and the people in all those countries (where ever and when ever the Zionist octopus has extended its tentacles secretly while hiding behind).

    —AND SOON what can happen to America and American people if more Americans don’t wake up on time.

  5. Abby Martin has proved to be a wonder woman: Someone we can all love and admire and be grateful for and I thank God for Abby.

    How Opium Greed Is Keeping US Troops in Afghanistan | Brainwash

  6. More Zionist Crime on minorities and White people

    “Life in Prison for Shoplifting Under 3 Strikes Law | Brainwash Update” by Abby Martin, the Wonder Woman

  7. Greedy Jewish corporations and Israel lies to sabotage latest peace negotiations and ease of sanctions affecting Iran – all of which showing who the real criminals are and they are not Muslims but communist Zionist Jews.

    [273] Big Coal Worse Than Keystone, Israel Undermines Peace, Japan and Fukushima/Radiation levels on Breaking the Set with Abby Martin

  8. Zionist orchestrated 9/11 and the bogus war on terror leading to the huge opium trade which is destroying the lives of millions of people of all colors in most countries.

    Heroin Capital: Afghan opium sets global drug supply record

  9. The presence of Mossad in Sri Lanka explains the bombing of mosques and Buddhist worship places as well as escalation of all forms of crime including in the South of the Island and the efforts of various Zionist controlled groups to create trouble among Sinhalese, Muslims and Burghers with the help of Tamils who work together with Zionist Jews in every country they live. Allowing Jews to start the Jewish Chabad center in Sri Lanka in 2005 was very dangerous for Sinhala monks, Sinhala people, Muslims and Burghers and the economic and political stability and the infrastructure of Sri Lanka.

    “Mossad in Sri Lanka”

    Published by Abdul Alhazred on Wed, 2008-01-16 15:23

    “Yesterday in Sri Lanka a bomb ripped through a packed civilian bus Wednesday, killing 23 people and wounding 67.

    I mention this because Mossad has directly sustained this violence since 1983, when ethnic Tamils in the north started fighting for independence from ethnic Sinhalese in the south. The Tamils want an independent state called Tamil Eelam.

    Mossad has caused Sri Lanka’s fighting to become some of the bloodiest in human history. Entire villages are routinely wiped out. Massacres happen almost daily. Over 70,000 people have been killed.

    The purpose of this post is to give an overview of Mossad’s involvement. Also involved are MI6, plus India’s equivalent to MI6 (or the Pakistani ISI), known as the “Research and Analysis Wing” (RAW).

    In Sri Lanka, Mossad trains, arms, and equips both sides — through its Cambodian Zim Shipping empire, and through its holdings in South Africa — and perpetrates false flags whenever there is talk of peace. Mossad’s goal is to maintain the lucrative arms market, plus the local drug trade that helps pay for those arms.

    When the Tamils started fighting the Singhalese for independence in 1983, the Singhalese President Junius Jayawardene brought in 50 Mossad officers to train his security forces at a place called Maduru-Oya. This was not scret. It was in all the newspapers.

    From that point on, Mossad armed, trained, and equipped both sides. (Since the Tamil forces are smaller than the Sri Lankan army, the zio-media calls the Tamils “terrorists.”)

    In 1991 Victor Ostrovsky, author of By Way of Deception, told Indian Abroad news service that Mossad brought many Tamils to Israel for training in 1984 and 1985. “These groups kept coming and going. When I was in Mossad, it was part of our routine job to take them to training camps and make sure they got training worth what they paid for, no more and no less. The Singhalese paid in cash.”

    Ostrovsky said the arrangement for training was made by the Mossad liaison in India, who lived there under a British passport.

    We know from sources other than Ostrovsky that shortly after the war broke out in Sri Lanka, Mossad approached a group of officers from India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW, which is India’s equivalent to the CIA). In July 1984 this inner RAW circle arranged with Mossad to send Tamils to Israel for commando training. Mossad paid the RAW team for this by setting up accounts for them in the BCCI bank. (More about this below.) The Tamil commandoes that went to Israel became known as the TELO. They are separate from the main Tamil rebels, known as the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam).

    Meanwhile the Jews simultaneously trained the Tamils’ enemies (the Singhalese) in Israel, but did not tell the main Tamil army, or the main Indian government, or anyone else. In Israel they kept both Goy groups apart. The Jewish purpose for this, as always, was to fan the war to a fever pitch, and make a fortune as the Goyim kill each other.

    Each group had 60 members. Training started with a two-week basic commando course at an Israeli base known as Kfar Sirkin near Tel Aviv. This is a fairly large base, but on one occasion the two groups passed within a few yards of each other while they were out jogging.”

    Read more:

  10. Admin,

    Is it possible to have a category for Zionist crimes in Palestine, India, Sri Lanka, Hungary etc?


  11. “After the two-week basic course, the Israelis took the Tamils to Atlit, a top-secret naval commando base at Haifa. Meanwhile Singhalese were brought in for basic training back at the Kfar Sirkin base. After the Tamils completed advanced training in Haifa, they were moved out, and the Singhalese were brought in to learn how to deal with all the techniques the Israelis had just taught the Tamils.

    The Jews had to dream up punishments and night training exercises to keep both groups busy, so they wouldn’t run into each other in Israel. Sometimes the situation was hectic, but the Jews were tickled to deceive the filthy Goyim while preparing them to kill each other.

    The Jews made a tidy sum training the Singhalese. Ostrovsky writes in his book By Way Of Deception that, “Israel charged each of the 60 Singhalese $300 per day, for a total of $18,000 per day. For a three-month course, Israel charged them $1.6 million. In addition, Israel charged them $5,000 to $6,000 an hour for helicopter rental, with as many as 15 helicopters being used in a typical training exercise. The Israelis also charged for special training ammunition. A bazooka shell, for example, cost about $220 a unit, while heavy mortars were about $1000 each.”

    Apparently the Jews did not charge the Tamils, which had little money at that point. Instead, the Jews regarded the Tamil training as an investment toward the Jewish goal of getting a major war going in Sri Lanka. Then the Jews could make a financial killing off the physical killing. As noted above, the Tamil commandos formed an elite splinter group known as the TELO, which was separate from the LTTE. The TELO was tied in with the inner circle of India’s RAW (the intelligence agency) — unknown to the overall Indian government.

    At one point the Jews worried because 27 Indian commandos also came to Israel for training, and the Jews could not let the Indians see the Tamils or the Singhalese. Therefore the Sayret Matcal took over the training regime for the Tamils and the Singhalese. The Sayret Matcal is a commando-recon group that executed the false-flag raid in Entebbe Uganda (1976).

    So the Jews trained Tamils, Singhalese, and Indian commandoes, preparing them all to kill each other. (Jews love to pit armies against each other like chess pieces, because it makes Jews feel like gods. It’s part of the satanic impulse shared by most Jews.)

    Meanwhile back in Sri Lanka itself, the Jews did everything possible to escalate the massacres on all sides into a full-scale war.

    In 1985, Rafi Eytan, head of the Israeli intelligence agency LEKEM, was caught running spy Jonathan Pollard against the USA. Afterward, Rafi Eytan was sent to Sri Lanka to take over Mossad operations there. His cover was that he was an employee of Israeli Chemical Industries, which has operations in Sri Lanka.

    By 1987, Jewish evil became so extreme that India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi convinced Sri Lankan President Junius Jayawardene to sign the Indo-Sri Lankan peace accord, which gave autonomy to the Tamil areas in the north and east of the island. An amnesty was declared, and 3,000 Indian troops were sent as peacekeepers.

    Then Indian troops started to confiscate Mossad arms. In 1987, the Hindustan Times reported that in the Sri Lankan city of Jaffna, the troops seized large quantities of arms with Israeli markings, meant for the Tamils.

    The Jews panicked, since peace would put an end to their death market. The inner circle of the Indian RAW also became worried, since they were on the Mossad payroll. What would become of their paychecks? Worse, when Rajiv Gandhi drafted the peace accord, he demanded that all Israelis leave Sri Lanka, since everyone knew that Jews maintained the violence there.”

  12. Jews were behind the murder of late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi

    “Therefore the Jews (and perhaps the inner RAW circle) started plotting to liquidate Rajiv Gandhi. The Jews also increased their arms to both the Tamils and their enemies (the Singhalese) against Ghandi’s 3,000 Indian troops.

    In 1989 Ranasinghe Premadasa became President of Sri Lanka. Because he was a dictator, a separate resistance movement rose up against him among the Singhalese in the south. This was the JVP (People’s Liberation Front). They were not Tamils; they were Singhalese Buddhists.

    Therefore Premadasa allowed Mossad to arm the enemy (the Tamils) in hopes that the Tamils would wipe out the JVP Buddhists, and also cause the Indian troops to leave Sri Lanka. Meanwhile the Jews committed a series of false flag murders, causing all sides to escalate into worse and worse atrocities.

    India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi responded by sending 97,000 additional troops.

    By the following year (1990) Jewish false flags massacres had reduced Sri Lanka to a quagmire for India. Under political pressure at home, Rajiv Gandhi withdrew the army, but used the Indian navy to completely shut down the Jewish arms trade in Sri Lanka. In November 1991, the Indian Navy seized an Israeli ship carrying large amounts of arms and ammunition from Singapore to the Tamils.

    That was it. The Jews could tolerate no more interference from Gandhi.

    For shutting down the Israeli arms trade, Gandhi was assassinated on 21 May 1991, along with 15 others in a blast. (On 8 Aug 1984, Ghandi’s mother, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, condemned Sri Lankan President J.R.Jayewardene for bringing Mossad into Sri Lanka. Two months later, Sikh separatists gunned down Indira Gandhi, probably using intelligence furnished by Mossad.)

    Five weeks before Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, Yasser Arafat in Palestine warned him that a hit was planned. The bomb that killed Rajiv Gandhi was composed of RDX explosives thought to have been manufactured in Israel. The conspirators’ trial was held in total secrecy, and court records have never been released. No one knows what happened to the “suicide bomber,” or who was behind the assassination.

    Subramanian Swamy was a newspaper columnist on the Israeli payroll. After the assassination, he wrote numerous editorials saying the LTTE did it, which was a deception, since the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) are the regular Tamil Tigers. The Tamils trained in Israel were part of a splinter group known as the TELO, as noted above. The TELO was connected with the secret inner circle at RAW that was on the Mossad payroll. (RAW = “Rearch Analysis Wing,” or Indian intelligence.)

    I suspect there was no suicide bomber, and that Mossad set off a bomb, or equipped the TELO, or perhaps the inner RAW circle to set off a bomb for Israel. Certainly Mossad was involved.

    And of course the slaughter continued in Sri Lanka, while the Jews continued to make millions in arms sales.

    Incidentally, Lalith Athulathmudali was the Deputy Defence Minister and National Security Minister for Sri Lanka under President J.R. Jayewardene. He led military attacks against the Tamil Tigers (LTTE). In 1988 he tried to become president of Sri Lanka, but lost to Premadasa. Therefore Athulathmudali started plotting against Premadasa. He complained loudly that Premadasa had allowed Mossad to arm, train, and equip the Tamil Tigers against Sri Lanka. (He was not referring to the Tamil commandos trained in Israel. He meant Mossad’s equipping of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.) Athulathmudali had been on the Mossad payroll, but now turned against the Jews for his own political advantage. Therefore he too was assassinated.

    Indian court Justice Milap Chand Jain came across evidence that a suspect known as Chandraswami had links with Mossad and with RAW (Indian intelligence). Mr. Jain linked Chandraswami to Mossad through the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

    BCCI was a major international money-laundering bank founded by Agha Hasan Abedi of Pakistan in 1972. Abedi moved his headquarters to London, and registered the company in Luxembourg (which vies with Switzerland as Europe’s biggest money-laundering center for world gangsters, especially Jewish gangsters.) BCCI operated in 78 countries, had over 400 branches, and claimed assets of US$ 25 billion. MI5 confirmed that the Israelis funded their Abu Nidal terrorist through the Sloane Street branch of BCCI, near Harrods in London. The Israelis also used BCCI to fund “Black September” and many other Israeli false flag operations.

    On 21 September 1977 Bert Lance (director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget) resigned in disgrace from the Carter Administration, and went to work for BCCI. Lance got many U.S. officials to launder their money through BCCI, including U.S. Defense Secretary Clark Clifford, and his Jewish partner Robert A. Altman.

    Israel’s Mossad, Pakistan’s ISI, England’s MI6, and America’s CIA also used BCCI, as did rich people all over the world. For example, Garrards and Mappin & Webb, the jewelers responsible for maintaining the crown jewels, and makers of the trophy for the America’s Cup, all laundered their money through BCCI. So did billionaire Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. None of these gangsters, rich people, and intelligence agencies could afford exposure. Therefore Bert Lance and his cronies were acquitted of all charges.

    (In 1974 Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky was acquitted of all IRS charges for the exact same reason. The days of getting someone like Al Capone for tax charges are long gone, since gangsters, governments, rich people, drug lords, and intelligence agencies all use the same money-laundering banks. Typically money is given to casinos, since casinos can make up any story they like regarding their money sources. Then the casinos deposit the money in various banks.)”

  13. Thank you Abdul Alhazred and God bless!

    Abdul Alhazred has done the above amazing article on Mossad and here is his blog:

  14. What is happening with most politicians across the planet is disheartening when it comes to issues like the future of Palestine and the future of the entire planet.

    Why is it that so many people join the “enemies of mankind” whom Real Jew News has cleverly described in one of their articles?

    I always thought President Mahinda Rajapakse being a pro-Palestine person understood how evil Israel is. Apparently he is a friend of Israel and having Mossad in Sri Lanka getting their “help”.

    Let us remind him that his friendship with Israel and Mossad is going to haunt him and cost him a great deal of misery and he has become his worst enemy and the enemy of Sinhala Buddhist majority and other minority groups: Sinhala Christians, Muslims and Burghers of Sri lanka. And he has let down not only Sri lanka but also Palestine, Iran, Syria, Pakistan etc the nice people and nice countries.

    When he needed help Iran and Pakistan gave it. Where is his gratitude? It was a bad decision to seek help from Israel: the worst criminal state, enemy of all of humanity instead of getting help from decent people in Iran and Pakistan (or Russia and even China) who don’t point a gun at your head.

    This relationship with Israel and Israeli Mossad is very dangerous to Sinhala Buddhist and Muslim people and to the long term stability of Sri Lanka. Sinhala Buddhists and Muslim people are getting murdered in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka is having 2 enemy groups: Tamil terrorists (mostly Hindus and few Tamil Catholics) and Israeli Mossad.

    It’s the Zionist Mossad with the help from Tamils that is creating the situation in Sri Lanka to portray Sinhala Buddhists as extremists and setting up the rift between them and the Muslims when the extremists are the Zionist Jews and Hindu Tamils.

    It is a traitor who lets down his people who have placed their faith in him and it’s an insincere friend who has befriended the enemy and left his friends.

    President Rajapakse has become a slave to criminal Zionist Jews and above all has enslaved the once proud nation of Sri Lanka to these criminals thereby endangering the lives of Sinhala Buddhists and Christians, Muslims and Burghers.

    President Rajapakse has not really won anything but lost everything.

    He has contributed to the destruction of Sri Lanka just like the previous traitors: Julius Jayawardena, Chandrika kumaratunga, H R Premadasa.

    The only Prime Minister the Sri Lankans ought to respect is Sirimavo Bandaranayake who did everything to protect the country.

    “Is Israel Whipping up Anti-Muslim Feelings in Sri Lanka Through Mossad Agents Embedded in Govt and Security Establishments?”

  15. Is the Kidnapping of CARE’s Margaret Hassan a CIA-Mossad Op? by Kurt Nimmo

    “In addition to sabotage and “demolition,” the CIA has a track record of killing innocents with suicide bombs. On March 8, 1985, 80 people were killed and 200 injured when a car bomb exploded in Beirut, Lebanon. “The bomb went off outside a block of flats and close to a mosque as worshippers were gathering for Friday night prayers in a densely populated Shia Muslim suburb … near the home of a leading fundamentalist Shia Muslim cleric, Sheikh Muhammad Husain Fadlallah,” explains the BBC. Reagan and his CIA director, William J. Casey, according to the Washington Post, were responsible for planning and executing, along with the Saudis, the terrorist attack against Fadlallah.

    More than a few of the kidnappings in Iraq appear to be CIA, military intelligence, or Mossad operations. For instance, when Simona Pari and Simona Torretta of the Italian humanitarian organization Bridge to Baghdad were kidnapped recently, witnesses described the kidnapping as “extremely professional” and said a well-dressed man wearing a suit and tie had led the operation, according to the Guardian. Of course, it is possible the Iraqi resistance, or a criminal gang interested in ransom, pulled off the kidnapping of Pari and Torretta, but the question remains: why are so many kidnappings directed against humanitarian organizations, obviously not the preferred target of a resistance determined to drive the United States out of Iraq? It simply does not make sense—unless the kidnappings and bombings are designed to foment chaos and portray the resistance as murderous nihilists and cold-blooded criminals.

    Since it is obviously impossible for the United States to defeat the Iraqi resistance, it makes perfect sense for the CIA—possibly in alliance with other covert intelligence operations, for instance the documented Mossad operation in northern Iraq—to covertly engage in terrorism, which the White House and the corporate media subsequently blame on the resistance.

    In fact, Mossad and other Israeli intelligence organizations have a well-documented history of doing precisely this sort of thing—from the Lavon Affair to funding Hamas and deceiving the United States into bombing Libya. The motto of Mossad is: “By way of deception thou shalt do war.” According to former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, Israel has supported radical fundamentalist Muslim groups for years (see previous link). Ostrovsky also claims Mossad “trained both sides in the bloody ongoing civil unrest in Sri Lanka: the Tamils and the Sinhalese, as well as the Indians who were sent in to restore order.” Is it possible Mossad and the CIA are also responsible for the creation of the elusive super-terrorist al-Zarqawi and have planned and executed suicide, car bombings, and beheadings?

    Finally, for those who harbor doubts the United States would organize, front, and unleash terrorist groups against innocent civilians, consider Operation Northwoods, a terrorist operation against Cuban civilians designed to be blamed on Castro, as proposed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962.”

    Read more:

  16. “Sri Lanka, Mossad, the CIA, drugs and arms dealers.”

    “In the early 1970s, the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) began establishing training camps and secret arms caches under the cover of a chain of Refugee and Rehabilitation Farms of the Gandhian Society.

    “Funds for the farms came from Oxfam (Oxford Famine Relief), one of the most powerful and secretive British intelligence organizations acting under non-governmental organization cover…

    “John Glover, a British feature writer, wrote to the Western Mail in Wales about the ongoing and future training programs for Tamil youth by British mercenaries.

    “A band of mercenary soldiers recruited in South Wales is training a Tamil army to fight for a separate state in Sri Lanka. About 20 mercenaries were signed up after a meeting in Cardiff and have spent the last two months in southern India preparing a secret army to fight the majority Sinhalas, in the cause of a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka,” he said…

    “According to accounts by retired officials of the Israeli secret service, the Mossad, the Israelis were simultaneously training the Sri Lanka Army and the Tigers, and providing arms to each.

    “Victor Ostrovsky, author of By Way of Deception, told Indian Abroad news service in 1991 that the Tigers were trained in Israel in 1985. “These groups kept coming and going. It was part of our routine job to take them to training camps and make sure that they were getting training worth what they paid for, not more and not less.” The groups paid in cash.

    “Ostrovsky said that the arrangement ffor the training was made by the Mossad liaison in India, who lived there under a British passport.

    “A December 1983 Sunday Mail article reported that the Mossad was arming and training the Tigers, as well as the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

    “The British Special Air Services (SAS) firm Keenie Meenie Services, was simultaneously training the Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE…

    The LTTE is reported to be involved in trafficking heroin…

    “According to intelligence reports, most of the arms used by the LTTE are purchased from Singapore, India, Afghanistan, and the Mideast.

    “In 1987, the Hindustan Times reported that large quantities of arms with Pakistani and Israeli markings were seized by the Indian Peacekeeping Force in Jaffna from the LTTE.”

    Read more:

  17. Here is something fishy yes a regime change through the murder of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of India by Mossad/CIA for which LTTE accepted the blame.

    What was the role played by Sonia Gandhi his wife who is said to be a CIA asset?

    Gandhi’s murder: Widespread fallout

    “The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi reverberated beyond the national borders of India. Brutal deaths in the Nehru family were becoming all too regular. Sanjay Gandhi had died in a plane crash, Rajiv’s mother Indira Gandhi had been gunned down. And now it was the turn of Rajiv Gandhi. The untimely death was a tragedy, but so, too, was the manner in which the murder inquiry was conducted.

    There was an attempt, right from the beginning, to hide something. It is still perceived that D R Karthikeyan was chosen to hide and shield the real perpetrators involved in organizing and arranging the gruesome murder, rather than to bring to book the real culprits.

    “At the time of the murder of Rajiv Gandhi, Karthikeyan was the head of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in Hyderabad, in Andhra Pradesh State. After the murder, P V Narasimha Rao, from Andhra Pradesh, succeeded Rajiv Gandhi. He was on the verge of retiring from politics at that time, but it was said that he was brought to the forefront by the god-man, Chandraswami.

    Earlier, in March 1991, Rao flew to the Texas Heart Institute, in the US, to undergo bypass surgery. When he returned to India, he was getting ready to retire. He had packed his bags at 9, Motilal Nehru Marg, but suddenly Rajiv Gandhi died and he was catapulted into the country’s highest seat. Within weeks, his skin cleared, his cheeks glowed and his gait straightened. The man began to look younger. After Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, Narasimha Rao was chosen to lead the Congress party, and when Congress won a plurality in parliament, later that year, Narasimha Rao became prime minister.

    Read more:

  18. Conspiracy by the Mossad/CIA and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) of Sri Lanka to kill Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

    “Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, was killed in 1991 by the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers -Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

    Justice Jain’s final investigated the conspiracy to assassinate Gandhi.

    He came across evidence that one suspect known as Chandraswami had links with the CIA and Mossad, and through them with the LTTE.

    Justice Jain ‘seems convinced’ that Chandraswami was involved.

    According to Asia Times:

    Justice Jain ‘has linked Chandraswami with the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) in which arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi, several terrorist groups, and intelligence outfits like the CIA and Mossad had accounts.

    ‘The money in it was used for terrorist operations and political assassinations. The report is quoted as saying that $4 million of Mr Kashoggi’s money was transferred to the LTTE’s accounts. Justice Jain had said this on the basis of a 130-page document prepared by US Senator John Kiri.

    The commission quotes evidence of former cabinet secretary Zafar Saiffullah who said Chandraswami had links with Mossad and the CIA, and that the government had received intercepts of wireless communication between Israel (where Mossad is based) and Jaffna (where the LTTE was operating till recently) which established Chandraswami’s involvement…

    ‘Money transactions in Chandraswami’s name and his links with international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and the now defunct Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) have made the commission point an accusing finger…’

    read more:

  19. “Southern India, Sri Lanka terrorist groups”

    Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

    Name of group: Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

    Other names: LTTE, Tamil Tigers.

    Headquarters: Jaffna peninsula, Sri Lanka; headquarters previously in city of Jaffna.

    Other major office/outlet: London; Paris, office of public spokesman Anton Balsingham; Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Founded: In 1972 as the Tamil New Tigers; renamed LTTE in 1973.

    Locations of operations, areas active:

    Terror operations in southern India, the Sri Lankan capital Colombo, and other locations in Sri Lanka. Waging guerrilla war against the Sri Lankan Army in the Tamil territory of Sri Lanka, particularly in the Jaffna peninsula, and terror campaigns in other locations. Currently holds two-thirds of the Sri Lankan coastline. Previously sought refuge in and operated from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states in southern India, a mere 20 miles across the Palk Straits from LTTE-held areas of Sri Lanka. In southern India, in 1990, LTTE customarily hid out in the Vedaranyan wildlife sanctuary.

    Major terrorist actions:

    In May 1986, the LTTE exterminated the leadership of rival Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization, in a terror campaign.

    In October 1988, the LTTE murdered 45 Sinhala villagers.

    In February 1990, the LTTE kidnapped 15 Indian customs officials in Tamil Nadu, India.

    In July 1990, the LTTE launched terror attack in Madras, Tamil Nadu state, India, against the headquarters of the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front, killing 14 leaders of this rival group.

    On March 2, 1991, the LTTE murdered Sri Lankan Defense Minister Ranjan Wijeratne with a remote-control bombing device.

    On May 21, 1991, the LTTE murdered former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, during an election rally, using a woman suicide-bomber. Bomb was composed of RDX explosives. Gandhi was killed, along with 15 others, including the alleged bomber. Although Prabakharan consistently denied responsibility for the assassination, a Washington, D.C.-based LTTE outlet did claim credit. It is believed that up to 500 LTTE members or sympathizers were involved in the plot against Gandhi. The alleged masterminds behind the plot were one Sivarasan (a.k.a. “One-Eyed Jack”), who used his cousin to act as a “human bomb” against Gandhi, and LTTE leader Peria Santham. Sivarasan was killed or killed himself during a shoot-out at a hideout in Bangalore, India on Aug. 19, 1991, along with 26 other persons at the hideout. Santham was trapped at his hideout in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India, and committed suicide before capture.

    In August 1992, the LTTE carried out the bombing-murder of Sri Lankan General Kobbekaduwa and nine others during a campaign rally in Kayts, Jaffna.

    On April 26, 1993, the LTTE shot dead leading Sri Lankan opposition leader and former national security minister Lalith Athulathmudali, while he was campaigning in provincial elections. The assassin swallowed a cyanide capsule before capture.

    On May 1, 1993, the LTTE murdered Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa. An LTTE suicide-bomber rammed her explosive-loaded bicycle into the President’s motorcade, killing Premadasa, herself, and 34 other people. Bomber was believed to be a 14-year-old girl.

    On June 5, 1995, the LTTE blew up a Red Cross ship chartered by the International Committee of the Red Cross, off the Jaffna peninsula.

    On Aug. 7, 1995, an LTTE militant from India carried out a suicide-bombing, using a cart filled with plastic explosives, in Colombo, killing 22 people.

    On Sept. 22, 1995, the LTTE hijacked a bus in Mannar Island in northern Sri Lanka, killing a policeman who refused to get off. This marks use by LTTE of tactics used by Khalistani terrorists in Punjab, India.

    Trademark terror signatures: Suicide bombing; suicide squads, many of whom are composed of women; and car bombings. Explosive used in bombings is often heat-generating RDX, an explosive used by militaries in South Asia. Cadres customarily swallow cyanide capsules if captured or threatened with capture.

    Leader name and aliases: Velupillai Prabhakaran is the LTTE’s current leader in Sri Lanka. Oxford University-trained Anton Balsingham, residing in London and Paris, is the public spokesman for the LTTE. The LTTE’s number-two leader, Sathisaivam Krishnakumar, alias Kittu, ran operations from London until August 1991, when his application for asylum in Great Britain was rejected in the aftermath of the May 1991 LTTE murder of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Kittu then reportedly fled to France, where he went underground. Kittu was killed in January 1993 onboard a ship surrounded by Indian naval vessels off the southern Indian coast, as he was apparently trying to make his way back into Sri Lanka. LTTE intelligence chief Pottu Amman allegedly planned LTTE’s major assassinations. LTTE leader in (West) Germany was Sooriyakumaran Selvadurai, who is reputed to be a multi-millionaire drug-dealer.

    Groups allied to nationally or internationally:

    According to July 1995 testimony received by the Jain Commission inquiry into the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, Khalistani (Sikh separatist) leader Jagjit Singh Chauhan reported that the LTTE and the Khalistani Liberation Force were co-conspirators in the assassination plot against Rajiv Gandhi. LTTE has also received safehousing in the past from the People’s War Group (Naxalites) in Andhra Pradesh (see below).

    A 1983 Sri Lankan intelligence report indicates that at that time, the LTTE had a “Libyan connection.”

    Read more:

  20. Tamil Tigers and their crimes

    Religious/ideological/ethnic motivating ideology: The LTTE is dedicated to carving out a Tamil ethnic state (Tamil Eelam) of Sri Lanka. Prabakharan also claims to be Marxist.

    Current number of cadres: About 15,000 in Sri Lanka. The LTTE is recruiting children, according to a July 1995 report of University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna). The LTTE, according to the group, wants to recruit 10,000 school children, especially targeting youths in the 12- to 16-year-old age bracket who have dropped out of school due to poverty. Recruitment tactics also include kidnapping children from schools at gunpoint. The Sri Lankan Air Force has charged the LTTE with using children in its front lines, as indicated by the numbers of LTTE casualties who were children, killed in an LTTE attack on Army camps in the Weli Oya area in July 1995. The LTTE also is using a high percentage of women for combat duties.

    Training: In the early 1970s, the LTTE began establishing training camps and secret arms caches under the cover of a chain of Refugee and Rehabilitation Farms of the Gandhian Society. Funds for the farms came from Oxfam (Oxford Famine), one of the most powerful and secretive British intelligence organizations acting under non-governmental organization cover.

    A number of State and private organizations in Lebanon, Libya, and Syria provided training to the Tamil groups. Ex-French legionnaires, dissident sects within the Palestine Liberation Organization, and a few South American groups were also involved in this. John Glover, a British feature writer, wrote to Western Mail in Wales about the ongoing and future training programs for Tamil youth by British mercenaries. “A band of mercenary soldiers recruited in South Wales is training a Tamil army to fight for a separate state in Sri Lanka. About 20 mercenaries were signed up after a meeting in Cardiff and have spent the last two months in southern India preparing a secret army to fight the majority Sinhalas, in the cause of a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka,” he said.

    Russian Gen. Mikhail Barsukov reported in February 1990 that the LTTE had undergone special training in Lebanon and received combat experience there.

    According to accounts by retired officials of the Israeli secret service, the Mossad, the Israelis were simultaneously training the Sri Lanka Army and the Tigers, and providing arms to each. Victor Ostrovsky, author of By Way of Deception, told Indian Abroad news service in 1991 that the Tigers were trained in Israel in 1985. “These groups kept coming and going. It was part of our routine job to take them to training camps and make sure that they were getting training worth what they paid for, not more and not less.” The groups paid in cash.

    Ostrovsky said that the arrangement for the training was made by the Mossad liaison in India, who lived there under a British passport.

    A December 1983 Sunday Mail article reported that the Mossad was arming and training the Tigers, as well as the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

    One of the main figures involved in these operations, according to other reports, was Rafi Eytan, the former head of the Israeli intelligence agency LEKEM, which had been caught running spy Jonathan Pollard in the United States. Following the 1985 scandal, Eytan was transferred to become the head of Israeli Chemical Industries, in which capacity he spent time in Sri Lanka.

    The British Special Air Services (SAS) firm Keenie Meenie Services, was simultaneously training the Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE.

    Known drug connections: The LTTE is believed to finance its weapons procurement through drug trafficking. The LTTE is reported to be involved in trafficking heroin through Bombay, Turkey, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Canada, and the United States. In the early 1990s, over 600 cases involving Sri Lankan Tamil traffickers were reported to Interpol.

    Known arms suppliers/routes: In August 1983, in Salonika, Greece, two West Germans were sentenced to four years imprisonment on charges of illegal transport of arms and ammunition, by a transport plane which took off from East Berlin and landed at Salonika. The plane was headed for Sri Lanka, where the LTTE was scheduled to pick up the 267 cases in the plane which contained 300,000 rounds for automatic rifles and 400 rockets.

    According to intelligence reports, most of the arms used by the LTTE are purchased from Singapore, India, Afghanistan, and the Mideast. Soviet-made AK47 Automatic Kalashnikovs, T56 Chinese assault rifles, the Indian-Belgian AKMS, and the M16 manufactured by the Colt company in the United States (believed to have been obtained by way of Vietnam) have been the common weapons of the LTTE guerrilla.

    In late 1980s and early 1990s, the LTTE is known to have received weapons from munitions factories in India. In 1990, the LTTE was receiving small weapons from factories in the Tamil Nadu centers of Ranipet, Coimbatore, Salem, and Trichengode.

    In 1987, the Hindustan Times reported that large quantities of arms with Pakistani and Israeli markings were seized by the Indian Peacekeeping Force in Jaffna from the LTTE.

    In 1989, according to a Sri Lankan government secretary, the LTTE was receiving armaments directly from the Sri Lankan government of President Ranasinghe Premadasa, who wanted to force the expulsion of the Indian Peacekeeping Force from Sri Lanka, and who was also using the LTTE to wipe out the JVP (People’s Liberation Front) Sinhala insurgency.

    In November 1991, the Indian Navy seized a large ship carrying large amounts of arms, ammunition, and clothes from Singapore to the LTTE.

    In October 1993, the Indian daily The Pioneer charged that Pakistan had been clandestinely supplying arms to the LTTE, from a location close to the Karachi port. Sources in Dubai said this arms supply line was uncovered when an Indian naval vessel intercepted the LTTE ship MV Yahata Maru on Jan. 16, 1993.

    In November 1994, the Sri Lankan government asked the Indian Navy to intercept a suspected arms shipment to the LTTE, believed to be 10 tons of arms and explosives coming from a “Black Sea port.” LTTE has now acquired radar-guided anti-aircraft missiles, according to July 1995 reports. The LTTE reportedly has bought Russian-made Strela anti-aircraft missiles from Belgian arms dealers.

    Known political supporters/advocates: On Nov. 25, 1991, the police in Tamil Nadu, India, arrested former state home secretary R. Nagarajan, of the DMK Tamil party in Tamil Nadu, for sheltering and protecting LTTE assassins. Indian supporters of the Tigers have begun to exert pressure on New Delhi to back the Tigers once more. V. Gopalasamy, leader of the Tamil Nadu-based political party MDMK, says that his support for the LTTE and formation of Eelam in Sri Lanka was a “conscious, deeply thought-out decision.” The DMK, one of the two leading parties in the state of Tamil Nadu, passed an official resolution supporting Eelam in 1984. Gopalasamy, dismissing any suggestion that the pro-Eelam movement is anti-national, told reporters that there is “no need to take the permission of the Indian government” before adopting such a position.

    On April 13-14, 1995, forty-three LTTE prisoners in the Tippu Mahal jail in the Tellore fort camp in Tamil Nadu broke out of prison. Nine were captured in Madras city, two committed suicide with cyanide capsules before capture, and the rest escaped.

    There are indications that the LTTE is receiving some support from the National Council of Christian Churches (NCCC). In July 1995, American national Kenneth Mulder was arrested by Sri Lankan police at Vavuniya for alleged links to the LTTE. An NCCC worker, Mulder was arrested after a police raid of NCCC’s offices came up with evidence linking them to support operations for the LTTE.

    In the 1995 war between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Army, the International Committee of the Red Cross has been refusing to put its food-ships through government security checks at the port of Kankesanthurai, and is instead insisting that they be allowed to travel directly to the LTTE’s Point Pedro pier, thus delivering food to the civilian population directly through the LTTE.

    Known funding: LTTE relies on financing first from Tamil expatriates in the West. In August 1986, a West German prosecutor accused the LTTE of blackmailing Tamil expatriates. Prosecution noted that the LTTE terrorists took a route that went from Sri Lanka to East Berlin to West Germany, and then on to Canada.

    Rajiv Gandhi assassin Sivarasan reportedly traveled to Singapore, France, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait to raise funds for the LTTE.

    Thumbnail historical profile: A small group called the Tamil New Tigers was formed in 1972 by Velupillai Prabhakaran, a reported communist. It was soon renamed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a.k.a. the Tamil Tigers. Its first act was the 1973 assassination of the Tamil mayor of Jaffna, the main Tamil-area city.

    In 1976, then-Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi began covert aid to the Tamil insurgents. She apparently favored a federal solution for the Tamil-speaking provinces of the island. Gandhi gave the insurgents sanctuary in Madras, the capital of Tamil Nadu, and allowed them to form jungle training camps in the state. In 1977, Sri Lankan President Junius Jayawardene again became prime minister. Gandhi reportedly suspected that the United States wanted to establish a naval base in Sri Lanka in Trincomalee harbor for use in policing the Indian Ocean, and accelerated her efforts. Gandhi lost power that year, but regained it in 1980, and resumed her policy of aiding the Tamil insurgency, which blew wide-open in 1983.

    Buddhist monastic-led riots against the Tamils occurred in 1977, 1981, and 1983. The last, the most violent, led to the deaths of some 2,000 Tamils, and turned 80,000 to 100,000 Tamils into refugees. The riots were reportedly triggered by the news of the Tigers’ ambush and killing of a couple of jeeps carrying 18 soldiers in northern Sri Lanka.

    The 1983 insurrection and riots increased the pressure on Jayawardene to find a solution acceptable to the Buddhist chauvinists. In trips to Britain and the United States that year, he asked for counterinsurgency training and military aid. Both governments publicly refused, but provided covert assistance.

    As a result of bringing in SAS and the Israelis, the civil war steadily worsened. In 1985, Jayawardene was forced to directly negotiate with the Tamils in Bhutan, under Indian auspices. In 1987, he was forced to sign the Indo-Sri Lankan peace accord, which gave autonomy to the Tamil areas in the north and east of the island. An amnesty was declared, and 3,000 Indian troops, and then many more, were sent as a peacekeeping force. The situation soon exploded.

    A key feature of the Indo-Sri Lanka peace accords was that the expulsion of the Israelis was demanded. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, speaking in Delhi, denounced “outside forces” whose employment was dependent on continued violence. With the coming to power of Sri Lankan President Premadasa, the LTTE was used by the government against the Indian peacekeeping forces, and also against the Sinhalese insurgent JVP. In the early 1990s, the LTTE slowly escalated its low-intensity war against the Sri Lankan government. When peace negotiations, initiated in spring 1995 by newly elected President Chandrika Kumaratanga, broke down, the LTTE launched full-scale war against the Sri Lankan government.

    People’s War Group

    Name of Group: People’s War Group (PWG).

    Any other name: Also commonly called the Naxalites.

    Headquarters: Parts of Telangana region of India’s Andhra Pradesh; Gadchiroli, Maharashtra; Bastar, Madhya Pradesh.

    Founded: In the early 1960s; reactivated in 1986-87.

    Major terrorist actions:

    Abduction of eight top bureaucrats in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh on Dec. 27, 1987.

    On Aug. 18, 1988, ten policemen were shot inside the Alampalli forest in Adilabad district in Andhra Pradesh.

    Kidnapped a Congress Party legislative assembly member in Andhra Pradesh, and blew up the house of an Andhra Pradesh minister on Jan. 29-30, 1993.

    Kidnapped four policemen from Nizamabad district in Andhra Pradesh in January 1990.

    In 1989, the PWG kidnapped two members of the legislative Assembly in Andhra Pradesh.

    Trademark terror signatures: Kidnapping of government officials and using them as exchange for the release of imprisoned Naxalites; blowing up houses by placing bombs; exploding lethal bombs in crowded places.

    Leaders name and aliases: Kondapalli Seetaramaiah; Mukku Subba Reddy; Muppala Laxman Rao, alias Ganpathy; Mallujula Koteshwar Rao; Puli Anjaiah.

    Groups allied to nationally or internationally: Indian People’s Front (IPF) in Bihar is also a Naxalite-terrorist front operating in at least five districts in Bihar; the Khalistan Liberation Front and the LTTE are also allied groups. Loosely associated with Revolutionary International Movement (RIM) (see below).

    Religious/ideological/ethnic motivating ideology: Imbued with Marxist-Leninist ideology, PWG incites, arms, and engages the tribals and the marginal farmers against the police and other instruments of the establishment. Constant “actions” in the form of killing is the motivating force behind the ideology.

    Known controllers/mentors/theoreticians of: On paper, PWG has a pantheon of mentors, including Mao and Lenin. At the local level, Charu Mazumdar, the founder of the Naxalite movement in West Bengal and Satyanarayana, among others, is considered a “hero” by the PWG.

    At the same time, the U.S.-based Asia Watch and the U.K.-based Amnesty International have complained from time to time about “police brutalities” against the PWG. A 49-page report was issued by Asia Watch in 1992 entitled “Police Killings and Rural Violence in Andhra Pradesh.”

    In 1984, Amnesty International demanded the setting up of an “independent judicial mechanism” in India to inquire into the killing of political activists alleged to be Naxalites.

    Current number of cadres: Over 5,000.

    Training: Trained in Andhra Pradesh in the jungles. Arms were made available through PWG connections with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and Khalistanis in particular. Reports indicate that the LTTE has also provided them with arms training.

    Known arms suppliers/routes: The LTTE and the Khalistanis.

    Known political supporters/advocates: Trade union activists in Singareni coal mines, the student wings of the Revolutionary Students’ Union, and a number of academicians in local universities.

    The ruling Telegu Desam party under N.T. Rama Rao, in the early-1980s, encouraged the PWG to go after and weaken the Congress Party, Telegu Desam’s main opposition.

    Thumbnail historical profile: PWG feeds on the country’s failure to provide relief to the marginal farmers, and to integrate the forest tribals. PWG campaigns against the landlord-politician nexus, and the rigid forest policy of the government. PWG incites the tribals, claiming that the forestland belongs to the tribals. It also encourages grabbing forestland and setting up confrontations with government officials. Forestland is used as the group’s base of operation. The success of the PWG cadres lies in extracting money from the tobacco plantation owners and tobacco contractors. Perhaps it is for these reasons that the PWG has remained confined within the tribal belt. The leadership fights among the leaders continue to weaken the group. But it is their propensity to kill government officials that has helped them to recruit desperate criminals and other individuals.

    The Naxalite movement, of which it is a product, was founded by Charu Mazumdar in 1967 in the village of Naxalbari, West Bengal, as a split-off of the Communist Party of India (M). The movement was protected by sections of the West Bengal government, and the group took to the streets in Calcutta. Soon, however, the group came under the patronage of China, leading to a concerted Indian government crackdown. Although crushed in West Bengal, the Naxalites spread to Andhra Pradesh and other states, where they concentrated on organizing tribals and backward peasants. In 1978, the group became a major force in Punjab, and its cadre later became leaders of the Sikh terrorist movement.

    In March 1984, a Naxalite international was created in London, under the name Revolutionary International Movement (RIM). Among the members of this international are: the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, its founding organization; Shining Path of Peru; the Turkish Communist Party (ML); the Communist Party of India (ML); the Union of Iranian Communists; the Ceylon Communist Party; and other organizations often active in narcotics growing or transshipment areas.

  21. This information can be very helpful to the researchers at NoDisinfo even to write more books about Zionist terror for ultimately they are the ones behind all terror because they only trained the LTTE and other terrorists.

    NoDisinfo may use this information or post it elsewhere or store it for later use – the most important thing is how trustworthy I feel NoDisinfo site is for exposing all criminals to save humanity as the only goal therebeing no ulterior motives.

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