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The Ridiculous Hoax that was the Port Arthur Massacre Scam

What an arch-ridiculous hoax this was, this so-called Port Arthur, AuThe Ridiculous Hoax that was the Port Arthur Massacre Scamstralia-area massacre. It’s a fake. It never happened. It was merely staged, done so by powerful Zionist elements within the Australian hierarchy. Nothing about it was real no matter what anyone says, no matter what is the degree of protestation.

How the world thought this was true is virtually unfathomable. Even a most cursory review of the imagery demonstrates is terminally wretched nature: as a mere staged event peppered with all manner of fraudsters and arch-crisis actors. No other conclusion is possible.

After all, by hoax standards it was highly amateurish. Even so, that is despite the clear nature of the fraud, it is said that it actually was a real, horrific massacre, one that was the most extreme ever committed by a ‘lone gunman:’

The Port Arthur massacre of 28–29 April 1996 was a killing spree in which 35 people were murdered (and that one victim) Graham Collyer was injured in the jaw, nearly choking to death on his own blood.

Who is Mr. Collyer? He is a Australian military agent, seen here:

port arthur1

There is no way, by the way, that he is suffocating in actual blood. It’s mere tempura paint, even ketchup or tomato juice at best. Regardless, this was said to create mere false shock, to shatter the consciousness: all to create an arch-fraud. No one can seen any bullet wounds, regardless: on any of the fake wounded.

How is he to any degree “soaking in his own blood?” What could be more ludicrous than such a statement? Why is that red matter all the same color? Why is none of it oxidized, as is real blood when exposed to the raw air?

Now, then, look at these other images of the purported wounded. They are actual Life-Flight cases? Then, why aren’t either of them strapped in? There is no way this would happen in a real, actual event where they were truly gunshot victims.

Fabrication proven – LifeFlight ‘victims’ weren’t even strapped in, dabbed with fake blood


In the case of the woman, clearly, the red matter is mere fake blood added as moulage. There is no wound of any kind present. The uniformed people are actors, nothing else. If she was really shot, then, why hasn’t the blood extravasated far more greatly? Why is no one apply pressure on that wound? Why is no IV bag being administered?


The strap is just laying there. By no means can this be a truly wounded person. No EMT would allow for this. Now, then, what about this? Is this not incredible? Who could regard this scene as real? How terminally corrupt could these criminal minds be? They have placed a dummy there, then poured fake blood by the head: how treacherous these arch-Zionist moles are. No one should support their treachery. The world must fight against them, boycott them: deny them any possible room to even survive.


See how supercilious it is. It looks like a scene out of Mayberry RFD. Anyone can see that this is nothing other than a staged fake.


See how the phony tarp is placed over that fake blood. There is no real crime scene or investigation to any degree. There is no HAZMAT activity. There is no potentially deadly brain matter or real blood spread about that would necessitate careful intervention.

WARNING: Anyone who thinks that these are actual graphic images has been fully bamboozled. They are fakes. No one can prove otherwise.

Even so, perhaps the most egregious example of the fabrication are the fake dead corpses of this arch-vile hoax.


Where are the bullet holes in these individuals? Why is there no blood splatter? What are they doing still sitting in their chairs? In fact, there is no “they,” as these are mere cadaver dummies:


This wig-adorned dummy is one of the more realistic ones available. In fact, some dummies are relatively real-appearing. The others are glaringly obvious in their nature as actual human fakes:


Notice, too, how that red matter bleeds through the shirt, separating in a way never seen in real coagulated blood.

portarthurdummy-33 portarthurdummy-331

Regarding the above it is obvious that this is a mere dummy, staged to make it appear all so macabre by the placement of water-soluble red pigment on the dummy face. No one could possibly regard the entity as a real image. Also, the tag isn’t real but has, rather, been digitally altered into the image.


Yet, this was common in this horrific scam. Entire images were fabricated to create, for instance, fake families. Those fake families are mere digital corruptions of hodge-podge PhotoShop-style corruption. It had to be done this way. That’s because no one died to any degree. So, the families and identities had to be faked. In looking at the arm as identified by the arrow: clearly, that is digital alteration with tool brushes and more. The entire image is a gross fabrication.

The same is true of the above image. This is not a real photo. the man’s head and neck was cut and placed into the image. The faces are corrupt. The child’s hand is a digital creation.

Powerful Jewish elements had targeted the people of Australia, specifically to strip them of their rights of self-defense. Zionist criminal mobsters, such as those operating in the Israeli strip, are allowed unlimited guns but not the Australian people. They were stripped down to the bone, and it was the Jewish powers which did it: all based on corruption and fraud.

They destroyed all those guns, which people paid for with their hard-earned money. What treacherous criminal minds they are.

What a monstrous waste, all to fulfill treacherous, corrupt, and terminally vile arch-Zionist machinations. Australians gun laws are based purely on fraud. People had their valuables confiscated based on a scam and a filthy lie.

He’s smirking because they got away with it. The guilt complex prevailed. The Zionist won this one. Will the Australian people arise and demand their rightful due?



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  1. Earth is FLAT but you have no idea HOW!

    What humans call Earth is only a tiny part of the EARTH.

    Human ver. of Earth is 3D Earth.

    But 4D earth = earth with 3 directions + time is

    Those things you call planets are unreachable parts of Earth that are separated from OUR earth by TIMESPACE.

    4D flat earth is composed of ALL terrestrial planets of Milky Way.

    While distance from our locations on Earth are always around second or a few…

    Distance between 4D earth and locations on it = ~70 years that equals to 1 Day of all stars of Milky Way.

    if you could travel through Curved TimeSpace you would be able to see EARTH (undivided) single flat earth.

    It’s complicated I know but .. oh well.. maybe someone will understand.

    • Oh we understand Cowboy…


      • I want to share the new discovery of my close comrade, I’ve fought many battle with him.

        His last words, mins ago. (might he R.I.P.)


        “jewish vocabulary, a new jew-rban online dictionary I have found today:

        The driving force behind the domestic policies of any true “democracy”. It is very important that men, women and children of every ethnicity and religious background have to work equally long hours, for equally low wages to pay off equally crippling debt, and that they face equal amounts of jail time should they fail to do so. ”

        Since that, we have no news about him. Suicide or Homo-cide?
        Anon please contact me asap, we need you!

        • Astoundingly clever

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  2. Cowboy,

    I’m very, very disappointed in you:


    • I’ve been hearing that my whole life. Lol!

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    • You stupid buddy!

      DHX stand for Dong HoXing

      Don’t get fixated with that ‘Dong’ now!

  4. @Sharksurfer:

    I start to agree with Dong Ho Xing.

    Ok, he might be Rude sometimes, but he’s sooo cool….!

    Here what he’s been telling me:

    In these hectic, shifting modern times it can be hard to keep track of exactly what modern journalists are trying to say. As we move beyond the archaic concept of language, into a more enlightened age where meaning is subjective and feeling-based, we have to learn to embrace a more sensitive and expressive English lexicon. To that end we present a handy guide – an interpreter’s bible, for tourists in this Brave New World.

    The sole motivating factor behind most, if not all, military action taken by an “autocratic state”. Even actions that appear, at first glance, to be defensive or neutral, are done in defiance of the “international community” and are therefore aggressive.

  5. Gabriel

    last time I tell you!

    Distind wants to talk to you and maybe see you directly.

    He says you have to come to his office ‘reverse mode’. But I’m still debating with myself to find out what he’s aiming at.

    Any gut?

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    Back home now.

    I will reward Uilleam for his service. He’s forwarded my messages at once. I can’t be anywhere, you know.

    He’ll be gifted my old inflatable dummy reproducing the corpse of Wiesel.

    The ‘front part’ will be given to Sharksurfer as a deserved bronze medal for his inteded purposes.

    Now, back! You’ve both got a lot to do.

    Caution: Inflate before using.

  7. Rudolf is demolishing NoDisinfo more effectively than even Gabriel could have dreamed.

  8. I wouldn’t even bother attempting to translate your gibberish but it sounds like you or mama are having problems with a trumpet?

    • Thou shalt never speak foreign languages.

      You have been eternally cursed.

      Repent, gabriel. Repent!

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    Some very talented comedic writers here.

  12. You will love to check the ones of Rudolf.

    They say he’s sometimes harsh but very committed in his efforts and immensely enduring in his intentions.

    At least, that’s my sis’ opinion..

  13. Mr Burns,

    The agent Rudolf Friedrich has performed exactly as planned. Drkresearch and his enemy website is now destroyed.

    Meanwhile our other billion zio websites remain unscathed.

  14. Ridiculous Unhinged Dead Imbecile

  15. Exhibit 23) Zio Scientist Fires Missile and Accidentally Destroys Pluto. Lol!

    “It did make great space fireworks!” spoke a scientist as Pluto exploded.

    Huntsville, AL. An astronomer/scientist at the Space Science Lab, who has so far managed to remain anonymous, has admitted to accidentally destroying Pluto with a nuclear missile.

    “I meant to hit the zoom so I could get a closer look at this three-headed dog rock formation and accidentally hit the button to launch the missile that we keep nearby in case we see stray meteors heading for Earth” admitted the flabbergasted scientist.
    “At least he didn’t destroy a full planet, just a dwarf one. It would have been a lot worse if it had happened before Pluto got demoted” spoke a World Planetary Council representative.

  16. And you spam messages to people who are totally unrelated to this thread. Shows how desperate you are – Fundie Poster boy:


  17. Cowboy: “Dr K Did Not Commit Fraud – Have More Respect For The Man Who Invented Dinosaurs”

    Cowboy has spoken out in defense of his inspiration Dr K who lost his medical license for fraudulent dealings with a client.

    During a Q&A with Twoofa Newz, in our spaceship orbiting the flat earth, the conspiracy investigator spoke out about the strain his idol’s high-profile disgrace has put on the whole truther community, and talked publicly for the first time about his faith in the man he insists is “truthful” and “honest.”
    “I find it disgusting that the man who invented dinosaurs, swam the Atlantic, wrote Star Wars and discovered Mars should be treated this way.”
    “It’s been tough, though. Obviously, toughest on Dr K, who bears the full burden of responsibility; for being the Master of the Universe and heir to the Galaxy, but one thing the experience has not done is shake my trust and belief in him as a man. He’s a really good man. He’s an honest man. He’s a truthful man. He has so much integrity. I mean, who can not believe the man who as a kid assured me that the monsters under my bed were not real, as he had killed all the monsters in 1785?”
    “He cares so much about truth. And yes, he’s a really good researcher. I know you can trust him because, as any good sycophant does, I’ve tested him on that,” he added, “the same day he told me he had invented the internet. Lol!”

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  20. Poster you were looking for lost forever.

    Truther Cowboy may have hoax-died, but his legacy lives on in a blog far, far away as a little man who created nothing much.

    Cowboy was an unlikely candidate for international derision, but managed to produce more spittle from an enraged online retort with no point than many sprinklers can manage with full pressure and traversing action available to them.

    In doing so, he created the heart of a cultural phenomenon which has spanned both years and forums , and would have been much the more without him.

    As fans of Nodisinfo, and his work – we and that little shill went through a lot together – and we’re deeply saddened that none of our comments could help.

    Speaking from debtors prison, Dr K spoke for everyone when he said, “Judge him by his brain, we did not.

    “Hoax- death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Infowars..

    “For Alex Jones will be with him, always.”

  21. Im very concerned about this:


    Sharksurfer, be back to me with an explanation

    Lil jahvè-èh sounds busy at the moment

  22. ‘Western Propaganda is Paid for in Syrian Blood’ – Dr Bouthaina Shaaban Talks to Vanessa Beeley


  23. Well Rudolf he’s getting more replies than you are on Heathen Women.
    I reckon they can sense your sleaziness.

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  25. Rudolf has posted some ancient posts by ‘Gabriel’ and now he is being accused of being Gabriel!

    Too funny.

  26. Rudolf seriously thinks that anyone on the internet commenting under the name of “Anonymous” is Gabriel persecuting him

    Putting aside the international hacking organisation going by that name, he only has about 2 million posts every hour to contend with. Go Gabriel!

    • Don’t forget about me! I’m another 2 million posts per hour made by Gabriel in the US alone.

  27. Rudolf seems to be losing his ‘poof’. Aw what happened to the *** for tat?

    • Rudolf has been providing counselling for Cowboy.

  28. Dong4U

    Hey Sharksurfer, Troll, my little Hammerhead, as the nick suggests, I am standing firmly on your back. Here are some excerpts of something I posted earlier. Go fetch boy. Go fetch…

    Note: This is not written as an attempt to engage further with Sharksurfer (gayboy, gaybee, gabriel, scab, gans, Cyndi, Cute etc.) but to provide an overview to the good folk of this site about the motivation of the many of us Trolling on Nodisinfo, so that they are under no illusion that ‘Fstdt’ is not the victim he claims to be.

    SharkSlurper, these quotes do not constitute any evidence that you are being persecuted. Most of them are not even directed to you….

    Also lacking is the context in which such comments are made…

    Nuff said. I won’t be posting anything further on this topic or on any thread you attempt to troll, as the people here are more than capable of dealing with you appropriately and quite frankly, you’re not worth my time.

    Be aware however, that your attempt to drive me and all the other Powerful Dongs from your beloved website, or to hold us accountable for your trolling of many sites have NOT been futile.

    Ta ta and ha de ha ha

    Yes, Im blue now. Ta-Dah!

    • Rudolf actually went searching for it. Well played Gabriel.

      • You’re a bit slow on the uptake Rudolf. No prizes for being second best.

  29. Is it true that Cowboy went exploring the flat earth and fell off the edge?

  30. Having made a mess of nodisinfo, Rudolf is now intent on trying to bring down FSTDT. He’s trying to pick fights and in his usual manner, is failing spectacularly. If it wasn’t so funny it might almost be sad to see such a deranged half wit knocking his head against a brick wall.

  31. hard to really say if Bryant is real or an Adam Lanza-type nonentity;
    i’m plonking for him being a total patsy;
    the biggest give-way is the totally fake ‘death’ of the two Mikac kids…..Walter Mikac is just another lying shill….a proto-type/Sandy Hook crisis actor…..

    http://facebook.com/theportarthurmassacrehoax ;

    • You are a complete plonker.
      That’s a certainty.

      • piss off, kike!

  32. ☞Were Hoddle St, Strathfield, Surry Hills, Queen St, Milperra and the Central Coast all zionist hoaxes too? ☜

    Hoddle street may have been partially real……of the rest….only the Milpeara bikie shoot-out actually occurred…..how do we know?….b/cs there was a lengthy court case and appeals process…..the other incidents, including the PAM, were all characterised by no actual court appearances apropos the legal process….Coronial Inquest, trial by judge/jury, appeals process…..plus they all engendered screams from the toxic commisars of political correctness (fags, feminists and Greenies) who, basically, run the show in 0zz, for massive gun bans….hence….a political agenda……

  33. This happened in August 1996. I remember it well, I had just moved to Australia the day before and this was all over the news. The reason it was so easy to fake back then was there was no precedent for this kind of activity, there was little public knowledge of false Flag attacks, and the internet was still in its infancy. The real purpose behind it,which was highly successful, was to confiscate guns from Australians.
    In fact it was so successful that it’s been used repeatedly to repeal gun laws in the United States, very unsuccessfully.

  34. obviously a HOTTIE!
    lotsa AUssies think that the PAM was suss…..not so many a hoax….but…lotsa them think “false flag” ;
    ****-bag AU government still using this garbage to ban guns….

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