**Breaking News** — 16 August 2016
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The Ridiculous Hoax that was the Port Arthur Massacre Scam

What an arch-ridiculous hoax this was, this so-called Port Arthur, AuThe Ridiculous Hoax that was the Port Arthur Massacre Scamstralia-area massacre. It’s a fake. It never happened. It was merely staged, done so by powerful Zionist elements within the Australian hierarchy. Nothing about it was real no matter what anyone says, no matter what is the degree of protestation.

How the world thought this was true is virtually unfathomable. Even a most cursory review of the imagery demonstrates is terminally wretched nature: as a mere staged event peppered with all manner of fraudsters and arch-crisis actors. No other conclusion is possible.

After all, by hoax standards it was highly amateurish. Even so, that is despite the clear nature of the fraud, it is said that it actually was a real, horrific massacre, one that was the most extreme ever committed by a ‘lone gunman:’

The Port Arthur massacre of 28–29 April 1996 was a killing spree in which 35 people were murdered (and that one victim) Graham Collyer was injured in the jaw, nearly choking to death on his own blood.

Who is Mr. Collyer? He is a Australian military agent, seen here:

port arthur1

There is no way, by the way, that he is suffocating in actual blood. It’s mere tempura paint, even ketchup or tomato juice at best. Regardless, this was said to create mere false shock, to shatter the consciousness: all to create an arch-fraud. No one can seen any bullet wounds, regardless: on any of the fake wounded.

How is he to any degree “soaking in his own blood?” What could be more ludicrous than such a statement? Why is that red matter all the same color? Why is none of it oxidized, as is real blood when exposed to the raw air?

Now, then, look at these other images of the purported wounded. They are actual Life-Flight cases? Then, why aren’t either of them strapped in? There is no way this would happen in a real, actual event where they were truly gunshot victims.

Fabrication proven – LifeFlight ‘victims’ weren’t even strapped in, dabbed with fake blood


In the case of the woman, clearly, the red matter is mere fake blood added as moulage. There is no wound of any kind present. The uniformed people are actors, nothing else. If she was really shot, then, why hasn’t the blood extravasated far more greatly? Why is no one apply pressure on that wound? Why is no IV bag being administered?


The strap is just laying there. By no means can this be a truly wounded person. No EMT would allow for this. Now, then, what about this? Is this not incredible? Who could regard this scene as real? How terminally corrupt could these criminal minds be? They have placed a dummy there, then poured fake blood by the head: how treacherous these arch-Zionist moles are. No one should support their treachery. The world must fight against them, boycott them: deny them any possible room to even survive.


See how supercilious it is. It looks like a scene out of Mayberry RFD. Anyone can see that this is nothing other than a staged fake.


See how the phony tarp is placed over that fake blood. There is no real crime scene or investigation to any degree. There is no HAZMAT activity. There is no potentially deadly brain matter or real blood spread about that would necessitate careful intervention.

WARNING: Anyone who thinks that these are actual graphic images has been fully bamboozled. They are fakes. No one can prove otherwise.

Even so, perhaps the most egregious example of the fabrication are the fake dead corpses of this arch-vile hoax.


Where are the bullet holes in these individuals? Why is there no blood splatter? What are they doing still sitting in their chairs? In fact, there is no “they,” as these are mere cadaver dummies:


This wig-adorned dummy is one of the more realistic ones available. In fact, some dummies are relatively real-appearing. The others are glaringly obvious in their nature as actual human fakes:


Notice, too, how that red matter bleeds through the shirt, separating in a way never seen in real coagulated blood.

portarthurdummy-33 portarthurdummy-331

Regarding the above it is obvious that this is a mere dummy, staged to make it appear all so macabre by the placement of water-soluble red pigment on the dummy face. No one could possibly regard the entity as a real image. Also, the tag isn’t real but has, rather, been digitally altered into the image.


Yet, this was common in this horrific scam. Entire images were fabricated to create, for instance, fake families. Those fake families are mere digital corruptions of hodge-podge PhotoShop-style corruption. It had to be done this way. That’s because no one died to any degree. So, the families and identities had to be faked. In looking at the arm as identified by the arrow: clearly, that is digital alteration with tool brushes and more. The entire image is a gross fabrication.

The same is true of the above image. This is not a real photo. the man’s head and neck was cut and placed into the image. The faces are corrupt. The child’s hand is a digital creation.

Powerful Jewish elements had targeted the people of Australia, specifically to strip them of their rights of self-defense. Zionist criminal mobsters, such as those operating in the Israeli strip, are allowed unlimited guns but not the Australian people. They were stripped down to the bone, and it was the Jewish powers which did it: all based on corruption and fraud.

They destroyed all those guns, which people paid for with their hard-earned money. What treacherous criminal minds they are.

What a monstrous waste, all to fulfill treacherous, corrupt, and terminally vile arch-Zionist machinations. Australians gun laws are based purely on fraud. People had their valuables confiscated based on a scam and a filthy lie.

He’s smirking because they got away with it. The guilt complex prevailed. The Zionist won this one. Will the Australian people arise and demand their rightful due?



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  1. The whole story is a complete farce. Its good to revisit this Hoax. It means the alleged shooter Martin Byrant did not shoot. But was he real?
    There’s plenty of ppl still defending this hoax as being real. Now Zionist filth get the F outta here.
    Is hard to believe the little Satan (Israhell) has so much control over the world, for such a small Nation. Well it’s not a Nation but a base for Global Terror.

    • Where does globo Jewry fit into the flat earth model? I’m confused. Lol!

      • Another fraudulent disinfo post by ziontrash Gabriel the zionist jew troll of nodisinfo!

        (Brokeback fag ziotrash Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy AUGUST 16, 2016 AT 9:31 PM
        Where does globo Jewry fit into the flat earth model? I’m confused. Lol

        • Man Threatens To Call Police After Claiming Someone Stole His Blog Name.

          It was MINE! 🙁

          A prolific exhibitor and self styled conspiracy investigator has began taking medication to help him sleep after spending countless nights wide awake and worrying that someone may steal his online handle; which he didn’t own in the first place.

          Cowboy, 58, virgin, who lives with his mom – who suffers not only from delusions of grandeur but also a very tiny cock, whined that ‘Gabriel used MY name, he STOLE it. I am calling the police! It’s MY name, all mine, I earned it, I made it up – it isn’t right, don’t ever touch MY name again.”
          Cowboy then urged countless morons to agree that he was in fact “The most righteous man on the planet.”
          Cowboy has been unable to sleep for four nights, worrying about the complex algorithms and copyright laws surrounding HIS name.
          He has filed criminal reports with Dr K, the FBI, CIA, MI6, Interpol and Scotland Yard in an attempt to stop further pilfering of HIS name.
          Commenting on Nodisinfo he declared himself a victim of fraud; stating that he, and he alone, invented every name on the internet and that even if a Western film was performed onstage, heard in a bar, an occupation passed down from generation to generation – the fact he wrote it down and claimed it first – meant it was HIS.
          Despite it being pointed out to Cowboy that the name was actually first used in 1725, repeated in literature and film, and exists in unwritten colloquial culture, he remained defiant.

          Holding back tears and his bottom lip trembling the emotional Cowboy denied he had ‘discovered’ the joke himself the day before he started using it – claiming that the fact it was already a part of the English language the day before he ‘made it up’ was ‘Zionist trickery and witchcraft.’

        • i love twoofa newz lol


      Resident gun enthusiast fuckwits, The National Rifle Association have called for Spanish matadors to be better tooled out after one was heroica- err tragically gored to death earlier this week.

      “These good honest Mexicans are being killed by unprovoked, wild animals and the time has come to make a change”, said NRA spokesthing Tracey Swallows. “And just because they’re Mexican, which isn’t their fault, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the same constitutional rights in the face of danger.

      It’s clear that the bits of cloth these guys are using to defend themselves are ineffective. They need good old American assault rifles. Stick a bull against an MI6 automatic and see what happens. It’s the right to bear arms against the right to not get killed by cows”.

      Other Americans are similarly up in arms at the rise from 0 to 1 in deaths from livestock, despite some being only marginally more advanced. Walking enzyme Cowboy had this to say:

      “If a bull or a chicken runs at me i’ma pop out my .22 and aim right between their beady little eyes. I thought this was a free country!”.

      Animal rights’ hippies have been quick to point out that if matadors are to be armed then it’s only fair that the bulls are sent in the ring packing too.

    • Turkey to consider military ties with Russia as NATO is thought not to be cooperating with Ankara.
      A little boy was pulled from some rubble also and put on display in front of a camera. In essence its anti Russian propaganda. Be worth taking a closer look at this boy’s face dripping with blood. It’s odd he’s filmed without cleaning up his blood stained face first. And he doesn’t appear to be in any sort of pain. Video on RT.

    • Your crlazy Mahdi wy Seiko luvs U :))

    • hard to really say if Bryant is real or an Adam Lanza-type nonentity;
      i’m plonking for him being a total patsy;
      the biggest give-way is the totally fake ‘death’ of the two Mikac kids…..Walter Mikac is just another lying shill….a proto-type/Sandy Hook crisis actor…..

      http://facebook.com/theportarthurmassacrehoax ;

      • You are a complete plonker.
        That’s a certainty.

        • piss off, kike!

  2. PS I would like read someone’s conclusion on the Martin Bryant Character in this play. But I think I see it anyhow.

    • NASA Finds Message From God on Mars

      NASA announced today that its Curiosity Rover has found an unambiguous message from God written on tablets in a Martian cave.

      According to an official press release two giant stone slabs the size of small elephants were located deep inside a cavern abutting Aeolis Mons, a large mountain.

      Upon one tablet is a copy of the Ten Commandments and the text of John 3:16 written in 12 languages – including English, Spanish, Chinese, Basque and Hebrew. On the other tablet is a simple message in English reading “I am real.”

      According to top scientists who have studied the discovery extensively, these findings may have definitively established Christianity as the one true religion.

      “This is amazing,” says Cowboy, an American fundie researcher working for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. “We went into the cave looking for water, and we found proof of God’s existence instead! Lol!

      “I mean how else did those tablets get there? I can tell you one thing: there’s not a single atheist inside NASA’s control room now. What we saw was jaw-dropping.”

      Genesis 1:1
      NASA’s Curiosity rover arrived on Mars in August of last year with a mission to explore the Martian climate and geology for signs for habitability.

      Thus far the mission has been a success, with the discovery of an ancient seabed and chemicals needed for life suggesting that Mars was once suitable for life.

      However the tablets, both of which are signed “Peace and Love – Yahweh,” represent the rover’s most significant find to date, and is perhaps the most important scientific event in history.

      “When people find out about this, they will demand change in our society,” explains a political scientist at Georgetown University. “Democracy will have to give way to theocracy. We’re gonna have to build more churches and reintroduce prayer into schools. Abortion is defiantly going to be illegal within a few months.”

      Despite its potential significance, Cowboy fears that the Earth-shattering discovery may not make the impact it should.

      “Unfortunately, the mainstream media is so anti-Christian, they might not even pick up this story,” he explains. “But God is real. We have proof. And everyone deserves to hear the truth. Lol!”

    • if you can’t handle having your conspiracy theory questioned then you’re obviously on shaky ground, dear.
      In fact, you never provide anything of value here on this site. Just immature insults.
      Why not leave the bigger boys alone and go play in the yard?

      • Don’t kick de garage door in again when it get in the way of your little race car per favore?

      • While you keep considering ’em, I’ll keep blowing ’em and wafting your way.

      • You’ve been told before Rudolf. Speak English or get out of my site.

  3. Chilling Martin Bryant? New Footage kept hidden.

  4. I don’t know why those links are broken. At least it seems they can’t be shared mmmm.

    • John, I think you’re trying to post to a segment where Martin Bryant cackles like a ninny, drools over the crime scene photos and then admits that he did it.

      Were Hoddle St, Strathfield, Surry Hills, Queen St, Milperra and the Central Coast all zionist hoaxes too?

      What about the Edgar Cooke, the Burnies, Granny Killer, Ivan Milat, Snowtown – arch hoaxes?

      What about the mass slaughter of indigenous Australians over 200 years – fake? Who can prove otherwise?

      Dr K would do better looking into the Hilton Bombing, if he really wants to expose a bona fide conspiracy. You almost sound like you’re a member of the Ananda Marga. What happened there?

      • Ananda Marga?
        I can agree with you here it could be fun to revisit the Hilton Bombing. It might be a very vivid experience. The Ananda Marga connection seems to be the false flag bit of a religious frame up. The Margas etc and its practitioners wouldn’t be involved in acts of violence as the teaching is opposite to this. As we know. The false testimony of one Person sent supposed assailant Tim Anderson into the clink for nothing.
        Then there was Lindy Chamberlain, another religious frame up as She belonged or was a member of The Seventh Day Adventist Church.
        For those that are unfamiliar with the story, Mrs Chamberlain was accused of sacrificing her baby Azaria with a pair of sissors or something sharp at Ayers Rock. A lie. She asserted a Dingo stole her baby from a tent. Which nobody believed.
        There was a wild Dog in the vicinity know as ‘scarface’ with a scar on his face that was known to be aggressive, sneaky and dangerous patrolling the Ayers Rock camping zone. It’s thought this dog was the culprit killer.
        That’s the story but who know all of the story? It wasn’t pretty for the poor Chamberlains.

        • Aaaaaargghh! My dingo stole that baby! I always sense it was he!

        • ☞Then there was Lindy Chamberlain, another religious frame up as She belonged or was a member of The Seventh Day Adventist Church☜

          a “case study” in the lying garbage spewed out by the kike-controlled AU media ☹

          so…even after a lengthy trial and appeals process to the High Court of Australia, the AU justice system still EFFE’d it up!

          what then can be said abt incidents like the PAM where there was NO proper, formal legal proceedings?

          an objective and neutral observer would be more than justified in dismissing such incidents out-of-hand as total lying trash!

      • ☞Were Hoddle St, Strathfield, Surry Hills, Queen St, Milperra and the Central Coast all zionist hoaxes too? ☜

        Hoddle street may have been partially real……of the rest….only the Milpeara bikie shoot-out actually occurred…..how do we know?….b/cs there was a lengthy court case and appeals process…..the other incidents, including the PAM, were all characterised by no actual court appearances apropos the legal process….Coronial Inquest, trial by judge/jury, appeals process…..plus they all engendered screams from the toxic commisars of political correctness (fags, feminists and Greenies) who, basically, run the show in 0zz, for massive gun bans….hence….a political agenda……

  5. Ziotrash Lesbian predator Ellen Degenerate, the racist ziotrash Jew & her photoshopped picture she posted of 100 meter World Record holder Usain Bolt as her slave to ride on his back doing errands! With caption: “This is how I’m running errands from now on!” True ziotrash piece of sh#t! http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2016/08/16/19/374C285800000578-3743786-image-a-43_1471370969272.jpg

    • She’s a Jew?
      Proof please.
      I’ll bet you now disappear and run away.
      Another of your fundie racist lies, fundie tinfoil hatted cowboy!!

      • We all knew it. The psycho ran away for a while.

    • Im on the drugs that killed River Phoenix!

      • I saw his pulse rate going down. I saw his body thrashing round. I saw him in convulsive throws and I said:


        • Now I’m bored, now I’m bored
          Now I’m bored and there’s no Cowboy

          Now I’m bored and there’s no stoppin’
          I need another celeb to fill a coffin
          Where will I get my next drug action?
          Odds on it’ll be Michael Jackson

  6. Hideous Ziotrash AshkeNAZI jew pervert Ellen the Degenerate Butch dyke predator!

  7. The scams keep on continuing world wide with the people in power what country is out there that aint full of it and corrupted

  8. The scams keep on continuing world wide with the people in power what country is out there that aint full of it and corrupted


      The Islamic State, known also as ISIS or Daesh, have claimed responsibility for a Muslim immigrant winning gold for Team Britain in the Men’s 10,000m.

      Somalian born Mo Farah, known famously as the creator of Quorn chicken and for running some races, ran 10k in an astonishing 27 minutes last night, and buddy terrorists ISIS have been quick to claim him as one of their own.

      “Yeah we taught him that”, said a Dementor speaking on behalf of the group. “We don’t just teach young muslims how to assemble AK-47s and build IEDs. We train them how to run very fast away from immigration officials and that’s what we did with young Mo. He’s our very best sleeper agent”.

      Bigoted shitstirrers, The Daily Mail, have been up in arms at the idea of a Islamic immigrant flying the Union Jack in Brazil, and have started a petition to have “athletes” of their own competing for gold.

      45 year old John Barker, enthusiast of lager, kebabs and domestic violence is reported to already been on the plane out to Rio.

  9. Tranny Man Michael Robinson Obama & reverse Tranny fag Butch dyke Ellen the Degenerate ziotrash creature together! A real freak show made in hell! http://media.breitbart.com/media/2015/03/michelle-obama-ellen.jpg

    • U.S. Republicans In Push to Christianize Exoplanets

      Republicans in the lower chamber of the U.S. Congress introduced a bill today that would require NASA to include a Christian missionary on any future manned trips to planets outside our solar system, with the goal of “shining the light of Jesus Christ across the cosmos.”

      Astronomers have thus far identified 763 such extra-solar planets and estimate that there may be as many as 100 billion exoplanets in our galaxy alone. Although scientists do not currently have the ability to look for signs of life on these far off worlds, some number of these exoplanets are believed to lie within the habitable zone of their stars and could thus be suitable candidates for life.

      With so many potential Earth-like planets in the Milky Way many researchers are quite confident that extraterrestrial life exists in some form in the galaxy. Some also believe that intelligent life could exist on at least some worlds.

      It is the possibility of sentient beings that has excited the so-called “Christan Universe” movement, which seeks to extend the Christian faith to all forms of intelligent life. A group called Coalition for a Christan Universe (CCU) – believed to be backed by U.S. evangelical billionaire Foster Friess – has spearhead lobbying efforts for the cause and is behind the current legislation.

      “We now know life on other planets is much more likely than we thought just a few years ago, “says Nathaniel Hamworth, a Washington D.C. based spokseperson for the CCU, “Its no longer science fiction. There are other worlds out there, and we aim to make them Christian worlds just as Cortez made the Americas a Christian hemisphere.”

      NASA’s Ark

      “If god decides to destroy the Earth with an asteroid, there will be no more Christians left in the universe to worship His Glory.”

      Unlike in science fiction, however, traveling to other worlds would be neither quick nor easy. With the fastest technology currently conceivable it would take a spacecraft carrying humans at least 60 – 70 years to reach Alpha Centauri – the nearest star system with the potential of orbiting exoplanets. Reaching systems further out would take hundreds or even thousands of years. Such timespans would require any future mission to be multi-generational in nature and require a ship to carry a diverse compliment of plants and animals in order to sustain the human voyagers.

      The similarities of an exoplanet “generation ship” mission to the biblical story of Noah’s Ark has not escaped those in the Christian Universe movement. A leading figure in the cause sees the discovery of exoplanets and the construction of a generation ship as a part of God’s plan to ensure the survival of his children:

      “If god decides to destroy the Earth with an asteroid, there will be no more Christians left in the universe to worship His Glory. Colonizing other planets and converting their native populations is a vital long term survival strategy for the Christian faith”

      Per christus ad aspera?

      Although most astronomers accept the idea that it would be wise to colonize other worlds, most exoplanet experts are baffled by the mandate to Christianize life on other planets. One leading exoplanet researcher told The Daily Currant:

      “This law is ridiculous. It will likely be hundreds of years – if ever – before we start to send manned missions to these planets. And even if we get there and if we find the planets inhabited by intelligent beings, there is no guarantee that we will be able to communicate with them at all. And even if we could communicate there is no reason to believe that these creatures would have any interest in our religions whatsoever – much less converting to them.”

      However, Representative Michelle Bachman of Minnesota – a key co-sponsor of the bill – rejected such concerns in a speech on the House floor:

      “God created life, no matter where in the universe it is found. And He commanded all his creatures to honor and obey Him. It doesn’t matter if life is carbon based, silicon based or operates on some sort of ‘crystalline entity’ principle we don’t fully understand yet. God loves all the creatures of His universe and His word is law. And we as Christians have a responsibility to bring the word of the Lord to any intelligent lifeforms so that they can feel the love of Jesus into their hearts and know His peace.”

      The Faith Race

      One consequence of the proposed legislation may be an increase in Congressional funding for NASA’s efforts to find life on other planets. Support for that endeavor has historically come from the Democratic side of the aisle, but the CCU has been heavily leaning on Republican members to increase NASA’s budget in insure that America – and thus Christianity – will reach the pagan exoplanet populations first.

      “We don’t want the Chinese to get there before us and start preaching atheism or some nonsense. Or god forbid the Indians with all their Voodoo (sic) magic.” says Ralph P. Finney president of the CCU.

      The bill is scheduled to be voted on later this week and is expected to pass because it is attached to a crucial defense spending package. Its prospects in the Senate are more uncertain, but several senators up for re-election this year have already stated their support.

      • I want to be born again and find Jesus I want to wash away my sins

  10. Lesbian butch dyke Ellen Degenerate pervert grooming little girls on her show!

    • why did you drop the zio-trash description?


    The singer Prince has died at his recording studio, age 57 but his ghost has been busy in the studio working on a new album which has been released in the last couple of minutes.

    Entertainment website TMZ said his body was discovered at his compound in Chanhassen, Minnesota this morning. His spokesperson confirmed his death to the Associated Press, but his ghost is determined to live on despite shuffling off its mortal coil.

    The Body of Prince has confirmed that he has not given explicit permission for the ghost, The Artist Paranormally Known As Prince, to release the record on popular music streaming service Spotify, but pirates have already leaked the work on Ouija boards across the nation.

  12. Is Rudolf suggesting that Australians should buy firearms without the appropriate permits?

    Bwhahahahaha. Even though he claims he has all of Gaybee’s ‘data’, he won’t even drop the dox because he admits he’s scared of the internet police!

    • An old fag with a young sister?
      You don’t make a ton of sense, Poo.






    • What’s a NEIBOR?
      Is it a species of skink?

    • Wood lice?

      • I have a wood lice problem that covers an acre of my pubic area. Can you help?

  14. And this is from the reported topic of Dr K about the black Lies matter criminal movement, the jewish piece of shit gaybriel posted there in an vain attempt to ridiculize the Truth:

    #1970354 (unknown user: probably gayybob)

    @Dong Ho Xing:

    Ok, bugger off to 4chan then. On there you can be the ultimate edgelord without the worry of us ill informed troglodytes taking up your valuable time trolling for the lulz.

    8/17/2016 8:35:42 AM
    Actual Zionist

    @ Dong Ho Xing: I hope you got the money back on the English lessons. Your last two posts made no sense at all.

    now the reply of a truther:

    8/17/2016 8:50:17 AM
    Dong Ho Xing

    Gaybee, I do know you more than you guess.

    Is it possible (check again here: urbandictionary define term=Peeso) that you, terminal Peeso,

    do show up unable to understand basic english?

    Instead of abusing nicks of other Posters (which you generally do here and in other chats ..do you really want me to say it all…?), try to counter-argue something.

    It’s one here your daddy here has been stimulating you to build up some culture.

    Will you be able to do it here?

    Hm, now be so kind to forward this message to the above ‘innominated deadass’.

    I don’t get his hasbarah.

    8/17/2016 9:01:37 AM

    link for your visits:


    • I know that the Italian education system is ranked very poorly by the OECD. Did you get your money back? Are there consumer associations in Italy Mama can take it up with? I understand she needs the money to pay for your multiple prescriptions. Poor Mama, literally.

  15. Just on your blog.
    Nothing but cut/paste and comments from only you and Christinne.
    No new photos and no “surprises”.
    Thanks for nothing…

    • I’m pretty sure he’s made up the Christinne posts as well!

      I don’t know what he’s trying to achieve over at FSTDT or why he’d want to bring that kind of exposure upon himself, but he’s doing a great job recruiting potential Cabbie’s before he gets banned.

      • Without making up a fake character, prove you have any buddies. Bet you can’t loser

    • Short minded of wide butted….?………:)

      Didnt I tell you it’s a reserved section already…?

      hmmm…yes, I did….:)

      Log in then!

      • The best thing about you Rudolf is that you never get tired of failing.

      • You already have mine.

        You want to make me look even more ridiculous?

  16. The Cultural Fruits of Zionist Labor

    In light of the recent attacks carried out by the domestic terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter, white guilt is being perpetuated at an all time high. Baseless accusations, vacuous apologies …

    Source: The Cultural Fruits of Zionist Labor


    • Why don’t you just link to the source article (versus driving traffic to your worthless “blog”?)

      • Any traffic heading for Rude-Dolt’s blog would be garbage trucks.

        • Shitty sub-human creature, don’t you have enough of being kicked as the proverbial dirty sock…?

          My blog is used mainly to REBLOG other important articles.

          And it works well. No comments are required. Just a view of the links.

          Thanks for helping, human trash…!

          • As I’ve said before, Rudi got a virgin brain – no original thought ever penetrated.

          • Emulate your wit? What wit fuckwit? Wrong again Poodoff. Please provide links to where you used that line before I did.

            I admit I stole it from a famous playwright.Can you name him/her? I think you copy me through sheer desperation. Can you prove otherwise?

          • You’re copying me right there with your copy / paste comment. And I noticed that you copied one of my expressions again today on the Fundies page so shut the Fup.

            Thanks for playing – try harder next time – you mimicking little monkey.

          • Why is Dr K randomly removing Rudolf’s moronic comments?

          • Oh we understand Cowboy…


          • No one copies you’re broken English troll posts. If you knew who I was you’d be trolling one of my public websites, rather than being derided, laughed at and ignored at Fundies, even when you start boohooing about what a victim you are. Pussy.

          • Gabriel,

            you have Copied, pasted and dumbly modified my mex.

            Your illiterate comments do come from copy & paste activity!

            You are unable to type a correct proposition exceeding two lines. Idiot!

            Anybody here can say you have no style, no gut, no culture.

            A predictable poor, despised troll living alone in pain and fear to be kicked

            You copied me as anybody else and turned my words into broken, vulgar rantings. Idiot!

        • Gaybob,

          human shit: if I indeed wanted to troll there I’d be there right now.

          My intention is only to have you on the grill . And to see your butt in flames. Which is happening right now!

          Hypocritical Lier and rabid coward, they’ll soon receive a good load of your rantings.

          It’s not me the troll and I dont like the methods you use, I dont troll your fkn email or post pics because I find it despicable. what for?

          I needed some attention from old posters on Fstdt, that’s why I had to recurr to anti trolling.

          You have no moral, and you’ll die without.

  17. Gabbie,

    if you happen to see me real angry, you wont have the chancce to communicate it on a blog..

    But…if you really insist and promise to bring along my lil princess, then come to Pikes Peak. I’ll stay a few more days motor-sporting.

    Only later, I’ll enter a range for some practice with my AR.

  18. The gay Olympics the men,s swimming and the pole vault done it for me

    • It really did it for me as well.

  19. cabbie-gayboy gabrielle. Do you have a moment to devote to Daddy Cool…?

    I’m honestly worried…..:

    Artificial black hole ‘grown’ by Israeli physicist claims to prove Stephen Hawking’s key theory

    Does it deal with ur poor mum….?………..:))


    • I barely no what you’re talking about Rudolf but I do know that WE are dealing with YOUR poor psychopathic telepathic mother. Wait, she’s channeling something to me now…be back in a minute.

      • You will safely ‘no’ your shitty messages are being re-spammed there with your nick and coordinates.

        Lotta butt hurting on sight!

        See my telepathy works…? It cracks!…….:))

      • Literally poor. Apparently she’s having trouble paying for all Rudy’s prescriptions – that’s why he’s gone off the deep end this week

      • Im very concerned about this:


        Sharksurfer, be back to me with an explanation

        Lil jahvè-èh sounds busy at the moment

  20. Buddies, don’t blame me if I insist on that Fstdt.

    I feel it’s the case to pay a visit over there. It pays back with ..gold..!…..:)

    The average level is very low: a few recurrent cucks and libtards blabbering about cracked mantra, using eternal libtardish buzz words, in an attempt to add something new. Which they never succeed.

    The festival of auto eros, i’d name it.

    Check here now. The topic is on someone talking about Trump:

    message of a resident rodent:

    @Indicible: ISIS have more in common with the Nazi Party than they’d ever care to admit, so this is itself hardly surprising. Still, in the modern era, and especially given Trump’s apparent failure to understand that not all Middle Easterners are Arabs or Muslims, a Nazi named “Suhayda” is going to stick out like a sore, Swastika-emblazoned thumb.

    Reply from a BootSS wearing Alien
    8/15/2016 3:23:49 PM

    Dong Ho Xing


    I see you stick with a few tards depicting the zionist trump as a nazi (WTF is a nazi for you cucks…?)

    His wife is a jewess, he’s a deviant supporting the globo transgender agenda by letting queers to shit in women’ crappers.

    Loads of fried air, tons of blabbering just to enhance the idea of democracy, the one you adore, don’t you?

    Furthermore, he released ‘interesting’ pro zionist-strip comments in his latest AIPAC conference.

    If you really insist, I can type them here or link a entire, cool song about them..

    What do you like more?


    do you really feel your freak show means something? Or ..everything has been already decided by the Spectre-CFR?

    Take your time to answer as you can easily win a kick…

    8/17/2016 1:03:48 PM


    • Tl;dr
      Plus the poor English of this guy Rudolf’s posts make my head explode.

      Speaking of exploding, where’s Rudolf’s bf Hassan?

      • Porcker…gaybriel,

        you’ve got very little to laugh tonite, latrine’ commitee president.

        • Latrine Committee President? Is Parker your boss?

    • Yes each one of the tens of thousands of subscribers to FSTDT is intellectually dwarfed by those pillars of the academic world at Tomato Bubble and Heathen Women.

      • More of Rudolf’s comments deleted here. Ha ha. Dr K must be getting sick of him.

      • Indeed, we find the posts of DHX very unpleasant.

        Yet, very true.

  21. The bell is ringing loud there, on Fstdt.

    And it is all Gabriel’s fault.

    I will report it publicily there.

    Gaybob, you’re going to regret it.

    That place will easily become a mess. My Therapy is ready to kick in, too. And I’m also ready to call other people to join the party.

    It depends on you. Do you get it…?

    Here we go:

    Dong Ho Xing

    Historic tips:

    The wife of Trump has been involved in the agenda for misgenetion leading to the election of the first mixed ‘Miss Japan’

    His daughter is married with a zioniost jew and is a joo lover.

    Trump himself a deviant of a kind: he’d like to date & fuck his own daughter, if only he could. He’s stated it more than a time on public broadcast too.

    He’s supported by the preverse neo con fags like Milo, someone who’s been wittingly sodomized by a negro tranny when he was 13 and openly works for the criminal genderistic-zionist agenda.

    Is this a ‘nazi’ for you, aqua-brained sikkos?

    What do you fear from such a deviant? To lose your buck or your anal verginity?

    Wait for Killary, the blood-thirsty lesbian of the crapper wearing Fresnel glasses (google it)


    I$i$ stands for i$rae£i secret intelligence service (institutional name for the mo$$ad). The word ‘all jews’ can be seen on that black tatter.

    Stop raving, folks. You are the last zio resort in this land where this kind of heinous rants are allowed.
    Time to face reality!

    Not to mention that the criminal in Chief, Neta-yahoo, has been hosting the zionist wounded criminals of isis many a time in his hospitals. And many a zionist officer has been pinned with the hands in the honey pot!

    8/17/2016 1:40:39 PM

    Same link as above.

    • your screed is, frankly, incomprehensible beyond a few alt-right buzzwords. Then again, I suppose you only wrote this crap because convincing yourself you’ve “triggered them cucks” is the closest thing to entertainment your pathetic, paranoia-driven life can give you – the actual meaning matters not.

      Well said Uilleam!

      If you think you’re going to gain any thing on that site you’re once again sadly mistaken. Like your blog, your only making a complete fool of yourself and your too stupid to realize. HA HA HA

      Keep it up, it’s hilarious.

      • How entertaining is Rude-Dolt, on a fruitless quest fuelled by his blind rage, charging at windmills? Keep it up Gabriels

        • ‘Registered user Zerg’

          you character is currently under investigation.

          Thanks for understanding.

          • Sure. You’d better get over there yourself Rudolf. You’re a bit behind in the tit for tat – lots of work for you to do.

          • Dream on Rude-Dolt. Your fantasies are preposterous.

            I do quite like the new look of Nodisinfo: The site you pledged to police at best and claim to own elsewhere has evolved into a shell, and it is all because of you. Congratulations.

            Ask Cowboy what he thinks if you can find him. It can be surmised that he has abandoned this ghost town you created and The Mahdi doesn’t appreciate your stalking him either. A slow news day from Christinne too. Your ego overshadows her essential news delivery.

            That just leaves quality conversation with that stuttering intellectual giant Hassan which leaves much to be desired.

            And thus you keep dying.

          • @Zerg:

            Yes, but don’t type it here or my mom won’t get that lil mongrel from zio Planned Parenthood.

            Come back Zerg. Come back. Your nick is…overwhelmed.

            Good point, though.

    • Gaybob,

      you wont feel comfy back home in these days.

      Grab a vacation, go to your zio-homo-brothel, fuck off somewhere.

      You are going to experience a new way of life here….and there….:)

      • No one cares about you’re useless threats. It’s obvious that you’re a dickless ignorant little coward who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag.

        • Thought you had my address

  22. I said those links suck I like the suck part gays and little kids links please so I can pass them on to the lodge

    • Rudolf-

      Am I mistaken or did I read somewhere that hate speech (holocaust denial, etc) was now a criminal offense in Italy? Since June or thereabouts?

      • WTF is hate speech….?

        Booba, which passport do I have? Tell me.

        Call your fucken ADL and tell them a dangerous BootSS provided NaZZi has been kicking your butt since one year.

        Hey, remember to say I’m about to post some 50 TaleSS more….

        • Did I say anything about you, a-hole?
          I asked a simple question about Italy.
          I thought you mentioned living there.
          Wow. You’re nuts!

          • You dont get a fuck gaybriel, as usual

            Who in the world is surprised?

            But you get bashed, drilled and FULLY UNVEILED on your fstdt.

            Must I go on posting your rantings and last IP?

          • Rudolf, why don’t you just put the last 4 digits of that said IP address you claim that you’re holding onto, to verify you’ve got something? You won’t because you’ve got nothing and you know it.

          • No gaybob, perverse Peeso.

            Check this surprise, yahoo fake user:

            http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/ (IP:

          • That is just toooo funny. You didn’t even capture the right country, let alone my city. But googling Lidcombe, you may well have Jihad John’s address. Apparently, that’s where the big mosque is in Sydney. Nice place BTW – much more appealing than the poverty stricken lowlands of Italy.

            And what do you now propose to do with the Mahdi’s IP? Subpoena the telco company on the basis of threatening his family?

            Hey John, even though Rudi’s stalking you, feel safe dude. He doesn’t have the smarts to do anything with it.

  23. That is the only thing I cant help you with gaybob..

    And honestly, I’m ashamed for your impudence…

    • You’re not even capable of helping yourself

  24. Zika toon

    watch the pic enclosed:


  25. Look at this fkn loser, our gaybob. What a crappy end you’re going to do!


    Man, Soros must have even more money than we think he does if he can be giving money to every far-right bugbear at once! Alternatively, drkresearch is full of bullshit.

    8/17/2016 3:04:58 PM
    Dong Ho Xing

    Gabriel, pervert.

    You have been debunked on another thread. Just here!

    You are a disgusting troll.

    Now, at request, the moderation will have all the data I have collected about you.


    soros is convicted of death penalty in Indonesia (a place you know so well, deviant)

    ask him where he steals all the money he needs for his twisted zio tricks. Loser.

    8/17/2016 3:33:01 PM

    • Same ol’ shit over & over gaybriel?

      He was eloquent but without much substance, ambitious but without the intellect to back it. I even had a feeling then that if FSTDT would have offered him a job in its zio brothel for Libtards and Cucks, he might have agreed to be in the spotlight again.

      Bat sadly it’s not going the direction he wished………….:))

      • Talking bout yourself in the 3rd person?

    • Ding Dong Dung. What do you expect the moderators at Fundies to do with Jihad John’s data exactly?

      • Can I use those numbers Rudulf?

  26. Check what are you doing to your zionist ‘antiraci$t site, gaybort!

    Dong Ho Xing


    You are ((gabriel)), a notorious troll abusing nicks in many chats.

    You, hyper-tard & zio-cuck, use to knock into the comment section of the blogs you dislike and post using several fake nicks.

    You often abuse the same posters’ names when the moderation allows you to do so.

    Your homosexual rants and frequent pedophile ravings are there, and I will post them here, so that anybody will know what a fucked up pervert and TROLL you are.
    You use to hide behind your shitty political fairness to justify your hypocritical deviancy-

    You are unable to express anything. You just copy & paste the comments you find here on other blogs. And you flee when you are unable to counterargue.

    The users here have to know what a vile creature you are.

    You have no culture, no gut, no understanding. A simple, deceitful and disgusting little ignorant being hiding behind various nicks (and women names too).

    You won’t stay in peace here. Buy my words!

    8/17/2016 3:26:46 PM

    Do you actually have an original thought in your head, or are you only capable of regurgitating jingoisms from the people who told you what you wanted to hear?

    8/17/2016 3:36:00 PM
    Dong Ho Xing


    Another idiotic nick of the same pervert.

    You won’t get out of here as a whole.

    No rant, no excuse, no apoligise will be enough.

    You are unveiled and other posters here have to know what you are


    8/17/2016 3:46:10 PM

    • Can you believe he actually CHOSE the name Dong Ho Xing – translated as Need Prostitute with Penis Quick. He’s not gonna last long at Fundies…they’ll annihilate him before admin even get around to banning him. Going to get funny over there.

      • LMAO!
        Just what this site needs: Rude-Dolt being his obnoxious self on another site which is sure to swell the number of Cabbies here.

        • Exactly.

          • The sense of that nick is dual

            But you know only the one referring to sis…..:)

          • Aaah Missa Ludolf vely clever jewl meaning:

            Dong Ding Dung also mean Dung Ding Dong

        • I always suspected you were a snowdropper, Rude-Dolt.

  27. Poor Rudolf…

    His online life has become more important to him than his real one.

    He’s going off the deep end now as he sits inside a lodge somewhere near Pikes Peak posting on multiple message boards to a figment of his imagination he calls “Gabriel” ( inside secret- there are at least a dozen people he insists on calling Gabriel… And the real Gabriel left here months ago)

    What a god damn loser we are watching. Lol.

    • Rudulf has a life? I want one!! Lol!

    • The only thing I’m skipping is attempting to comprehend the nonsense you posted above.

  28. Excellent video on Freemasons in Policw & fire department across USA.


  29. the funny thing about that is that you don’t even realize when you’ve been outnumbered, outwitted and out kicked. Just another symptom of astronomic stupidity combined with chronic mental illness.

    • You’re never honest – from your sham chemtrail evidence to your imaginary mates

  30. Proof: US and NATO-backed ‘Rebels’ Are NOT Fighting ISIS


    • Christiene Obama caught speaking about training isil abbaswatchmen liveleaks

  31. Labour leadership contender Owen smiths claims he wants peace talks with Isis

  32. Labour leadership contender Owen smiths claims he wants peace talks with Isis

  33. Israel to destroy Palestinian school in West Bank, UN demands halt to demolitions

    same ol’ psychos. Note the ping-pong game between the globo jewry (UN) and the zio entity


    • There are only two possibilities. The UN is weak and does nothing about the Zionist Entity. Or they’re all in it together. Mmmmmmm.
      The UN just slaps them with an illusionary whack on the wrist and the Zionist Entity continues on His destructive way. Stealing, killing and effing up ppl.

  34. Where is Cowboy?
    Let’s not forget the fact he is entirely convinced that Gabriel created FSTDT years ago just for his benefit.

    • Post, post, post away. No one gives a shit about you there or here.

  35. Merkel claiming countrys in the EU global state will have more say than if a single state but we all know its not people who will have more say it the globalist big business and the international banker’s who will make all the decisions and hardly any of it will benefit the people

    • The unfuckable big slut, merkel, an ex soviet jewess is the head of the 1st zio-puppet state of Europe: the Bundesrepublik.

      • Gaybees girlfriend Mr merkel

  36. Another bombing hoax in turkey they claim PKK organised bombing on police station

    • Go on reading your latest news from Fstdt, gaybob.

      Meanwhile remember:

      Again, Repetita Iuvant:

      “Ambition, When Not Backed by Intellect (and culture) is Lethal”.

      • “Ambition, When Not Backed by Intellect (and culture) is Lethal”.

        Is that why you appear to be dead?

    • Jezze!

      • Get away from me gypsy

        • Dont listen to him Christiene gayboy using my name the fag ignore himl

  37. Another bombing hoax in turkey they claim PKK organised bombing on police station

  38. Turkey bombing looks real
    How is it hoax?

    • In your eyes tom and Jerry’s real jurassic parks real yeah gaybee how is fake muppet

      • Rudolf! I think I’ve found John D. You’d better make some useless threats.

  39. Woofta newz you put the w and t in the wrong place

  40. Woofta newz you put the w and t in the wrong place

    • You’re repeating yourself again hASSan. Does your disease make you shake? Is that why you can’t push the post button once?

  41. 100% turkey police station bombing fake.cars in photos to clean even though mangled to be real. gulen erdogan close ties can be proven and that they are enemies its a show for the public controlled opposition

  42. Yeah the gay pornographic sites

    • ha ha hASSan, stop getting Rudy all hot and bother with your talk of gay porn.

      • Stop sharky.

        This crazy Rudy nazi is driving me crazy.

        Cant moderate him

        • Ok-Ok boss.

          Don’t get upset. How about those answers you are posting about evolutionism? Do they work?

          Ops! sorry shouldnt have asked. What shall we do now?

          • With your condition, I can see why the notion of evolution scares you hASSan – survival of the fittest and all that.

  43. Nono, I cutta offa the telecommunicado because I know you out for weeka now with the dirty little boy Hassan. It is he who makea your buttz hurtz. Me sixth sensea can see you filthy acts in de hotel. It disgustoso! Casa you shoulda cum and leave that awful bambino alones.

    Ill Gabriel he here now at de casa. Such nice boy on R & R from the zio force in Syria. We eata anchovy pizza together. He in de bedrooma with Spermanza righta now. I can feel and smell de amore here in de kitchen!

    Cum homa Nono. Cum nowa. Leave the child rotten Hassan behind. We be happy familgia againa. Letta me smella de amore with you and de lovely Gaybee.

  44. The “Wounded Boy In Orange Seat” – Another Staged “White Helmets” Stunt


  45. Bin Ladens sons on the scene calls on Muslims to attack the west another illuminati plant they say Muslims groom them young from clear evidence says it the other way round illuminati groom them young 100%

  46. 10 characteristics of conspiracy theorists
    A useful guide by Donna Ferentes

    1. Arrogance. They are always fact-seekers, questioners, people who are trying to discover the truth: sceptics are always “sheep”, “shills”, patsies of a Zionist controlled government etc.

    2. Relentlessness. They will always go on and on about a conspiracy no matter how little evidence they have to go on or how much of what they have is simply discredited. (Moreover, as per 1. above, even if you listen to them ninety-eight times, the ninety-ninth time, when you say “no thanks”, you’ll be called a “sheep” again.) Additionally, they have no capacity for precis whatsoever. They go on and on at enormous length.

    3. Inability to answer questions. For people who loudly advertise their determination to the principle of questioning everything, they’re pretty poor at answering direct questions from sceptics about the claims that they make.

    4. Fondness for certain stock phrases. These include Cicero’s “cui bono?” (of which it can be said that Cicero understood the importance of having evidence to back it up), ” do your own research”, and Conan Doyle’s “once we have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be the truth”. What these phrases have in common is that they are attempts to absolve themselves from any responsibility to produce positive, hard evidence themselves: you simply “eliminate the impossible” (i.e. say the official account can’t stand scrutiny) which means that the wild allegation of your choice, based on “cui bono?” (which is always the government) is therefore the truth.

    5. Inability to employ or understand Occam’s Razor. Aided by the principle in 4. above, conspiracy theorists never notice that the small inconsistencies in the accounts which they reject are dwarfed by the enormous, gaping holes in logic, likelihood and evidence in any alternative account.

    6. Inability to tell good evidence from bad. Conspiracy theorists have no place for peer-review, for scientific knowledge, for the respectability of sources. The fact that a claim has been made by anybody, anywhere, is enough for them to reproduce it and demand that the questions it raises be answered, as if intellectual enquiry were a matter of responding to every rumour. While they do this, of course, they will claim to have “open minds” and abuse the sceptics for apparently lacking same.

    7. Inability to withdraw. It’s a rare day indeed when a conspiracy theorist admits that a claim they have made has turned out to be without foundation, whether it be the overall claim itself or any of the evidence produced to support it. Moreover they have a liking (see 3. above) for the technique of avoiding discussion of their claims by “swamping” – piling on a whole lot more material rather than respond to the objections sceptics make to the previous lot.

    8. Leaping to conclusions. Conspiracy theorists are very keen indeed to declare the “official” account totally discredited without having remotely enough cause so to do. Of course this enables them to wheel on the Conan Doyle quote as in 4. above. Small inconsistencies in the account of an event, small unanswered questions, small problems in timing of differences in procedure from previous events of the same kind are all more than adequate to declare the “official” account clearly and definitively discredited. It goes without saying that it is not necessary to prove that these inconsistencies are either relevant, or that they even definitely exist.

    9. Using previous conspiracies as evidence to support their claims. This argument invokes scandals like the Birmingham Six, the Bologna station bombings, the Zinoviev letter and so on in order to try and demonstrate that their conspiracy theory should be accorded some weight (because it’s “happened before”.) They do not pause to reflect that the conspiracies they are touting are almost always far more unlikely and complicated than the real-life conspiracies with which they make comparison, or that the fact that something might potentially happen does not, in and of itself, make it anything other than extremely unlikely.

    10. It’s always a conspiracy. And it is, isn’t it? No sooner has the body been discovered, the bomb gone off, than the same people are producing the same old stuff, demanding that there are questions which need to be answered, at the same unbearable length. Because the most important thing about these people is that they are people entirely lacking in discrimination. They cannot tell a good theory from a bad one, they cannot tell good evidence from bad evidence and they cannot tell a good source from a bad one. And for that reason, they always come up with the same answer when they ask the same question.

    For a fringe group of like-minded paranoiacs obsessed with their own agenda, truthers sure don’t like reading the truth about themselves. LMAO

    • Stop idiot sharksurfer!

      here’s what the nazi posted in our threads! It’s your fault Idiot!

      And I think it’s gonna be a long long line
      Cause 6 gorillions gonna take some time
      I’m not the good goy they think I am at home
      Oh no no no
      I’m an oven man
      Oven man
      Burning up the Jews out here alone
      And I think it’s gonna be a long long line
      Cause 6 gorillions gonna take some time
      I’m not the good goy they think I am at home
      Oh no no no
      I’m an oven man
      Oven man
      Burning up the Jews out here alone

      Israel’s not the best place to send your yids
      The blood runs hot as hell
      Need an iron dome to save them
      If you did

      And all these ashes, where’s the shovel man?
      That’s not my job, not my degree
      An oven man
      Oven man

      • Surely they marvel at your brilliance over there?

  47. Do it Rude-Dolt. The effort and stress will kill you.

    Looking forward to watching you get buried.

    • Go & check piece of shit.

      You have been served.

      I come there randomly with more and more surprises. Wait for me.

      To Posters:

      This zionist joo posts on fstdt using the same fake nick. Bash him till you want.

      • That’s the spirit, Rude-Dolt.

        Keep on digging that hole and throwing the dirt back on this site. Wear yourself out.

      • Yes berg.

        The spirit is to bash you till hell.

        Not only here but also there.

        And I (and at least one more mate for now) will be using the same methods you use here.

        How do you call it..? Yeah…’Tit-for-Tat’..

        Check there. You’re nick’s has been reported too…:)

      • I shall enjoy witnessing your obsession consume you, Rude-Dolt.

      • Sometimes it happens.

        I type with various nicks and I forget the one I’m using.

        Sadly I get bashed the same…….:-(

      • Fined for what? You’re the one making death threats and committing hate crimes (in your country).

        Your butt hurt is hanging out for all to see. Why would I care that you make a fool of yourself on public websites?

  48. I tried boss. I follow your instruction but the nazi won’t leave.

    I can’t do it.

    You have suggested to troll him, but it turns out he’s trolling the whole of us.

    I want my pension! You promised! You promised!

    • But hASSan, aren’t you already on the disability pension?

    • Thank you for that report, our morbidly obese gypsy reporter Christinne Radu in Bucharest..

      In other news, here are some of the victims we know of so far…


    • Maybe they should have named it ‘Gaybort Shooting’ from the name of a famous show in a Brokkolino’ zio theatre….

      • or…

        ‘gaybort dumping’ given the amount of trash sewed on the sidewalk for the joy & horror of our Boobuses….

        • What did you sew to the sidewalk? Your butt?

  49. Jewish money men and world leaders devil in disguise Jewish deception and false glags star of David house of said boycott Israel youtube

    • wow that’s some sentence you’ve managed to cobble together there hASSan any chance of explaining what it actually means thought not

  50. Sorry overdosed on my meds and have been out of it. I notice the world hasn’t stopped turning in my absence.
    I’d better begin posting numerous exhibits. Lol!

    • No no!

      It’s me the one in trouble.

      I’m entitled to have my menstruation. It’s my Human Right!

      • Yep. You’ve got some serious mental trouble going on there – and a humongously large nose.

  51. Cabbie just ignore them there just trying to wind you up

  52. Rudolf, Ding Dong Dung, Nono,

    What I’m about to say is obvious to everyone here except you. While I can barely be bothered, I’ll say it once for the dummy.

    I won’t be doing any ‘deals’ with you Poo. And I don’t give a shit about your ‘plans’ either.

    I watched this site for two years before making any comment. The reason I first chimed in last December was because your trolling was becoming increasingly repulsive.

    The sole aim in doing so was to infiltrate your skin, to make you angry, humiliate you, make your butt hurt and have a good laugh.

    The recent spilling of your uncontrolled rage about ‘Gabriel’ onto other websites demonstrates how effective MY plan has been. A success beyond expectation. You have been pwnd.

    You already lost the battle before it began. Whatever you do now doesn’t matter to me. It just further exposes you.

    While I’m reluctant to give you any helpful advice, you should keep that notion in mind. Even though you think you have my ‘data’, you do not. You have nothing but a screen name. On the other hand, I have images of you, knowledge of three of your public domain accounts, giving me insight into your social networks, an email address and a list of other websites where you also post incomprehensible drivel which for the most part, is met with silence. This is more than enough info to dox you.

    In the meantime, go on making death threats to the owner of an unknown IP address. I predict it will only lead you to further grief.

    It’s interesting that the email address you’re publishing on FSTDT is a yahoo account in the name of John. While I mean no real disrespect the The Mahdi, he is the only one around here that might be witless enough to allow you to mine his data. Even if he knew that’s what you were doing, he probably didn’t imagine you’d be so malicious as to use it against him, having done nothing to you.

    Finally, in spreading your nutjobbery elsewhere you act as a perfect ambassador for the Nodisinfo brand, confirming that this website is an incubator for maniacs. Although I’m not sure that Dr K will appreciate your efforts.

    Keep it up over at Fundies. They are only deriding or ignoring you. Eventually they’ll ignore you completely and/or you will be banned. Either way, it will have no impact on anything I do.


    “Seriously, your debating skills (and I use that term in its loosest possible sense) as they currently stand would make an excrement-flinging monkey look positively subtle and ingenious in comparison.” – Lauge FSTDT 8/18/2016

    • Yep, too little too late for Scrudoff. All he’s done is give take his tormented mind to a wider audience.Like us, I’m sure they’ll find him good for the lulz. Well done Cabbies.

      • The Cabbies have got under Rudolfs thin skin and he’s lashing out at shadows.

        Hey Rudolf your stinging butt hurt is like gold to us.

      • Sorry, it was directed to me.

        Yes, I do talk a lot with myself.

        It’s self-suggestion, they say.

      • Why do you always use the plural, gabriel?

        Ive been kicked by my boss and I dont want to meddle with you anymore, pederast!

        Don’t send me the pics of Rudolf anymore. I quit!

    • Bwahahaha!!!
      The notion that this peanut Rudolf believes he can hold the FSTDT forum to ransom, and has a hope in brokering a deal with a figment of his imagination…



      • Gabriel, you sister has posted this comment on our forum.

        Tell her to stop of that crazy, raci$t, homophobic, supremaci$$t, anti $$emitic Dong Ho Xing will come back with his Therapy!
        (Indeed I dont despise those pics you were talking about. Waiting for you on AirBnb)


        @Some Guy Passing Through

        You, Sir have lived in an awsome time and must`ve had some awsome friends to boot.

        Had we such augments aviable in reality, I would`ve already sold a good half of my body and probably replaced half of that(I am definitely not a rich girl).

        Also some of the wetware used for sexual purposes(insert a rather well known saying about genital piercings), but I tend to be oversensitive in these matters as I already am, then again I really do like to test the frontier… ”


      • Well why don’t you ask the admin over there for their details. I’m sure they’ll be more than accommodating – why wouldn’t they help a fundamentalist white supremacist death threat making troll?

      • You’re toothless, Rude-Dolt.

        All I could glean from your fractured English diatribe was the usual attempts at bullying bluster toward anyone who had no obligation to comply with your demands.

        Considering that you have failed repeatedly in trying to gain information from the admin of this sympathetic site, the chances of gaining through weakly intimidating the admin of a site you openly despise are bleak. But do continue your hopeless crusade. It is widely appreciated in comedy circles.

        You define the word below through your actions-

        Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

        Zerg could be anyone. The name gets recycled and you are convinced that it’s the omnipresent Gabriel anyway. Cowboy the investigative genius could never be wrong.

        Back to your YouTube, Rude-Dolt. Those motorsports videos won’t get liked by themselves.
        I saw those comments before you deleted them. What a lying pussy you are, Gino.

    • Stop sharksurfer.

      Stop. You don’t do a favour to Fstdt.

      Distind has been warned. He said we have to keep our butt hurting tight.

      He cant get along with that crazy NaZZi and his cohort.

      He’s also upset you showed your IP. In our policy we clearly state (under Paragraph 2, art. 3 bis:) ‘Don’t fuck with the BootSS’,
      Basic Respect:
      The other posters are people, treat them as such. It’s possible to disagree without being an ass about it. The same goes for quite literally everyone on earth, a good thing to remember. So, no personal attacks, no insulting entire swaths of people, no hounding someone just because you think we’ll let you. And a bunch of other things I cannot be bothered to list. In general, no bullshit, no being an ass..”

      You have been a big ass, an Issachar, DHX is right!

      Now you will be banned from all zio communities and you’ll butt will be given to the ”Halyoot medical division” of the IDF for a deep check.

      Now come

      • RUDOLF FRIEDRICH 01 – claims he’s a big tough nazi. Acts like a butt hurt little tattle tale – even though he’s got nothing to complain about because he’s the TROLL

    • You seem to have little recall. Is that a symptom of your condition?

      It was one of the Cabbies who first found and revealed your youtube account which led directly to the google +.

      The pics were old and had been there for ages.

      It was also one of the Cabbies posting as Christinne who you gave your email address to.

      No one’s afraid of you liar. You don’t have the first clue about my ‘net activities’. Loser!

      Keep failing, it’s all you know how to do.

    • No, failed pervert.

      I have provided my google mail address not one but two times.

      Aren’t you ashamed to show which kind of terminally rabid lier and deviant you are?

      You have just what I WANT to.

      There might be a reason for that.

      What do you guess…?……………….:))

    • No way your can delude yourself.

      But if you hate the Blue, than go on hoping I don’t own you and think Pink!…….:)

      Have a nice, refreshing, butt bashing day, Gaybort.

    • Mama Mia! It is true that once my YouTube account was discovered I changed my name to Giovannino Von Yoshi and deleted all nasty comments from my discussion. I absolutely adore the Fascist Italian regime for the ultimate losers they were. Il Duce!

    • The Italian war effort was as effective as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

    • The Black Brigades you emulate were dysfunctional thugs at best. Sorry Rudolf.

      Policing effectiveness of Black Brigades was, in best terms, feeble. Aside from particularly strong and well equipped Brigades (such as VIIIth “Aldo Resega” of Milan, 2000 strong) that were exceptions, the average Black Brigades were at most 2-300 men strong, poorly equipped and armed, with little if not military training, and were hardly in conditions to defend themselves from partisan attacks, not to mention provide support to military authorities.

      Many of their members were obscure figures evicted from police or army, and conspicuous were also the hardline fascists who were pushed by resentment and revenge towards that part of Italian population who, in their eyes, betrayed the Fascist regime. Many were also old “Squadristi” fascists who had served in the ’20s, and who were eager to retake a first-place role in the ranks of the Fascist Party. In general terms, poor average discipline made all these individuals difficult to control, and prone to abuses. As the military situation worsened, German mistrust towards the RSI military grew, and even Social Republic authorities looked at the Black Brigades with contempt. All these factors contributed to push the Black Brigades into political radicalization and an increasingly hostile behaviour towards the population itself.

    • Hey Rudolf is you email address still [email protected]? I tried it but it bounced back. Do you have another one I can use?

    • Gabriel was kind enough to provide our Nigerian scam syndicate with Mr Rudolf’s email address and unfortunately he deleted it after a hundred of us contacted him.
      The orphans are very upset.

  53. Not a hoax.
    This is largely my story.
    You see, men find me utterly irresistible (right Cowboy?).


  54. Earth is FLAT but you have no idea HOW!

    What humans call Earth is only a tiny part of the EARTH.

    Human ver. of Earth is 3D Earth.

    But 4D earth = earth with 3 directions + time is

    Those things you call planets are unreachable parts of Earth that are separated from OUR earth by TIMESPACE.

    4D flat earth is composed of ALL terrestrial planets of Milky Way.

    While distance from our locations on Earth are always around second or a few…

    Distance between 4D earth and locations on it = ~70 years that equals to 1 Day of all stars of Milky Way.

    if you could travel through Curved TimeSpace you would be able to see EARTH (undivided) single flat earth.

    It’s complicated I know but .. oh well.. maybe someone will understand.

    • Oh we understand Cowboy…


      • I want to share the new discovery of my close comrade, I’ve fought many battle with him.

        His last words, mins ago. (might he R.I.P.)


        “jewish vocabulary, a new jew-rban online dictionary I have found today:

        The driving force behind the domestic policies of any true “democracy”. It is very important that men, women and children of every ethnicity and religious background have to work equally long hours, for equally low wages to pay off equally crippling debt, and that they face equal amounts of jail time should they fail to do so. ”

        Since that, we have no news about him. Suicide or Homo-cide?
        Anon please contact me asap, we need you!

        • Astoundingly clever

    • I don’t know why you, guys, get fixed with these stories of the sky, moon and earth.

      It’s all Blue, Blue, desperately Blue, for me.

      • Will u retards quit fighting u cn all have me.

  55. Cowboy,

    I’m very, very disappointed in you:


    • I’ve been hearing that my whole life. Lol!

      • Zerg, pls come back to fstdt.

        We need you there now.

        IM me pls. We have a huuuuge problem.

  56. Rudolf’s been busted on FSTDT using his real nick DHX – providing HARD PROOF that he is a die hard brony…


    • At home with Rudolph


    • You stupid buddy!

      DHX stand for Dong HoXing

      Don’t get fixated with that ‘Dong’ now!

      • Fixated like you are because you don’t have one?

  57. Hey Brony Rudolf, Poo boy,

    Sleeping in won’t win you any wars! You’d better put that enormous schnoz of yours to the keyboard and start typing sonny boy. I count at least 40 tats that need titting. Wear yourself out kiddo!

    • I think he’s got several hundred tats to tit now. He won’t stick to his silly threat. He is stupid and lazy after all.

  58. @Sharksurfer:

    I start to agree with Dong Ho Xing.

    Ok, he might be Rude sometimes, but he’s sooo cool….!

    Here what he’s been telling me:

    In these hectic, shifting modern times it can be hard to keep track of exactly what modern journalists are trying to say. As we move beyond the archaic concept of language, into a more enlightened age where meaning is subjective and feeling-based, we have to learn to embrace a more sensitive and expressive English lexicon. To that end we present a handy guide – an interpreter’s bible, for tourists in this Brave New World.

    The sole motivating factor behind most, if not all, military action taken by an “autocratic state”. Even actions that appear, at first glance, to be defensive or neutral, are done in defiance of the “international community” and are therefore aggressive.

    • Stupid yes. Cool definitely not. Butt hurt yes. Capable of dealing with it no.

  59. You steal and cry,

    fake and yell..

    nobody’ll save you from clode hell

    Remember sharkslurprer gaybob?

    Frater Arvalis

    Enos Lases juvate
    Neve luerue Manmar sins incutere in pleoris
    Satur fu, fere Mars, imen sali sta berber
    semunis alterniadvocapit conctos
    Enos Marmor juvato
    triumpe, triumpe, triumpe.

    • I wouldn’t even bother attempting to translate your gibberish but it sounds like you or mama are having problems with a trumpet?

      • Thou shalt never speak foreign languages.

        You have been eternally cursed.

        Repent, gabriel. Repent!

  60. I can’t help I was born this way a queer

  61. Rabbi says it written in the stars any off to bed will be thinking about you,s I always do

  62. Gabriel

    last time I tell you!

    Distind wants to talk to you and maybe see you directly.

    He says you have to come to his office ‘reverse mode’. But I’m still debating with myself to find out what he’s aiming at.

    Any gut?

    • Have you got any guts? Clearly not.

  63. Gabriel and cabbie!

    Back home now.

    I will reward Uilleam for his service. He’s forwarded my messages at once. I can’t be anywhere, you know.

    He’ll be gifted my old inflatable dummy reproducing the corpse of Wiesel.

    The ‘front part’ will be given to Sharksurfer as a deserved bronze medal for his inteded purposes.

    Now, back! You’ve both got a lot to do.

    Caution: Inflate before using.

    • Can’t be anywhere? Well don’t be.

  64. Rudolf is demolishing NoDisinfo more effectively than even Gabriel could have dreamed.

  65. Anus my favorite

    • Its what they do lie they never got into power by being truthful deception

  66. He probably came back from violating three year old and under its what there Talmud teaches them in menorah churches

    • I approve of this.

  67. Can’t remember the mp,s name but he want the age of consent reduced to 7and under I wonder why that was no doubt gaybee gets excited at hearing this

    • Repent gaybee!

      Or you’ll taste my horns!

    • I approve of this.

  68. Its why the system rewards pedos vip treatment giving hand outs I bet both ways disgusting theyve got the front to talk about other religions and the way other live its to cover there schemes

  69. Its why the system rewards pedos vip treatment giving hand outs I bet both ways disgusting theyve got the front to talk about other religions and the way other live its to cover there schemes

  70. Turkish satanic masonic ritual caught on camera 1997 youtube

  71. Turkey signs deal and ends rift with israel since the Jew Atatürk they’ve always been friends with israel

  72. Turkey signs deal and ends rift with israel since the Jew Atatürk they’ve always been friends with israel

    • Got the shakes again hASSan?

  73. Anjem choudry hate preacher uses free speech to recruiting Isis followers playing his role to script

  74. More lies and bs one soldier dead five wounded hoax Sinai follow on from the other day of more dead claimed.alligence to daesh

  75. More lies and bs one soldier dead five wounded hoax Sinai follow on from the other day of more dead claimed.alligence to daesh

    • Cowboy: “Dr K Did Not Commit Fraud – Have More Respect For The Man Who Invented Dinosaurs”

      Cowboy has spoken out in defense of his inspiration Dr K who lost his medical license for fraudulent dealings with a client.

      During a Q&A with Twoofa Newz, in our spaceship orbiting the flat earth, the conspiracy investigator spoke out about the strain his idol’s high-profile disgrace has put on the whole truther community, and talked publicly for the first time about his faith in the man he insists is “truthful” and “honest.”
      “I find it disgusting that the man who invented dinosaurs, swam the Atlantic, wrote Star Wars and discovered Mars should be treated this way.”
      “It’s been tough, though. Obviously, toughest on Dr K, who bears the full burden of responsibility; for being the Master of the Universe and heir to the Galaxy, but one thing the experience has not done is shake my trust and belief in him as a man. He’s a really good man. He’s an honest man. He’s a truthful man. He has so much integrity. I mean, who can not believe the man who as a kid assured me that the monsters under my bed were not real, as he had killed all the monsters in 1785?”
      “He cares so much about truth. And yes, he’s a really good researcher. I know you can trust him because, as any good sycophant does, I’ve tested him on that,” he added, “the same day he told me he had invented the internet. Lol!”

  76. Us soldier settles it 7mil out of court from who wrote unautourized book about Osama bin liner hoax killing glad this painful chapter to my life is put to an end independent. co.uk

    • What’s painful is trying to make sense of your words.

      • We should need to fix the problem and get rid of this ‘gabriel’ asap.

        • I’m quite sure Distind has better diction than you hASSan

  77. You liar gaybriel show us 100%proof how many died not newspaper cut out or TV pictures proper proof

  78. As cool as it can be, you are not interested in mere noses..

    Come to my office. There’s a dressed salami you can slice and peel, if you want that vintage, polish taste.

    • Hey BIg Nose…that’s all I wanted to say.

  79. A idiot show himself to be even more of an idiot what we thought he was

    • I am a shining example

  80. Don’t worry about it cabbie aka gaybob they just winding you up

    • Exhibit 23) Zio Scientist Fires Missile and Accidentally Destroys Pluto. Lol!

      “It did make great space fireworks!” spoke a scientist as Pluto exploded.

      Huntsville, AL. An astronomer/scientist at the Space Science Lab, who has so far managed to remain anonymous, has admitted to accidentally destroying Pluto with a nuclear missile.

      “I meant to hit the zoom so I could get a closer look at this three-headed dog rock formation and accidentally hit the button to launch the missile that we keep nearby in case we see stray meteors heading for Earth” admitted the flabbergasted scientist.
      “At least he didn’t destroy a full planet, just a dwarf one. It would have been a lot worse if it had happened before Pluto got demoted” spoke a World Planetary Council representative.

  81. Come to my new web site http://www.gaybeelikeslittlekids.com for more info

    • I approve of this.

  82. Poster you were looking for lost forever.

    Truther Cowboy may have hoax-died, but his legacy lives on in a blog far, far away as a little man who created nothing much.

    Cowboy was an unlikely candidate for international derision, but managed to produce more spittle from an enraged online retort with no point than many sprinklers can manage with full pressure and traversing action available to them.

    In doing so, he created the heart of a cultural phenomenon which has spanned both years and forums , and would have been much the more without him.

    As fans of Nodisinfo, and his work – we and that little shill went through a lot together – and we’re deeply saddened that none of our comments could help.

    Speaking from debtors prison, Dr K spoke for everyone when he said, “Judge him by his brain, we did not.

    “Hoax- death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Infowars..

    “For Alex Jones will be with him, always.”

    • Whoever you are, damn you’re good!
      Some very talented comedic writers here.

    • You will love to check the ones of Rudolf.

      They say he’s sometimes harsh but very committed in his efforts and immensely enduring in his intentions.

      At least, that’s my sis’ opinion..

    • No he is good!

      Rudi TM:

      For your information my Rudi TM – stands for – Reason – Understanding – Defiant – Intelligent –

      • Ridiculous Unhinged Dead Imbecile

        • No, he’s Rudi and is cool

          I forgive him.

          Could I ever be like him….!

          Rudi, do you forgive me, dad?

          (reposted on Fstdt?)

          • You’re not cool, you’re a dirty little tool and a fkn fool (like my poetry?)

  83. An immense amount of rubbish has been said on my behalf.

    I have spent a good share of my precious and discretely paid time here, looking at messages, reading avidly posts and threads.
    I have had joy and pain. I have fought to become a companion, a friend, a mate, a Bro, to more then a poster.

    At times, I posted as the magic bomber or as cyndi, but that’s only because of my feminine, creative side. The one who gained me the brass of ‘Troota’.

    Alas, I always got kicked. No one wanted the interchange with me to rise to a normal level of communication.

    Only harsh words and hate, hate, hate! No, my relation to Nodisinfo has always been very problematic. No matter how hard I tried.

    Rudi himself, turned against me with no apparent reason. How bizzarre this world is sometimes! I was grieving for my uncle and, all of a sudden, in the moment when more I needed the warmth of my buddies, I have been kicked away.

    And now, you ask why I am a troll?

    It’s my Human Right!

    • Try as he might, Rudolf still can’t write proppa

    • Anjem choudry it will be a fake trial the man behind creation of nsync gay boy band who robbed people in ponzi schemes of millions was given 25yrs all of sudden dead BS they put in hiding tell us they aint crooks

  84. Mr Burns,

    The agent Rudolf Friedrich has performed exactly as planned. Drkresearch and his enemy website is now destroyed.

    Meanwhile our other billion zio websites remain unscathed.

  85. Sorry, North Dakota, We Need You to Take All the “Anti-Vaxxers”

    – The new country will be a biohazard quarantine area.

    The Obama Administration today announced a plan for dealing with the Anti-vaxxer problem. At a news conference, DHHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell stated, “There are millions of children in our midst who are partially or completely unvaccinated against vaccine preventable diseases. These children are a threat to all of us, as proven by the 154 cases of measles from the Disneyland outbreak spread across 17 states and Washington DC.”

    To solve the Anti-vaxxer problem, Burwell stated that the Obama Administration would put forth a plan to establish a new country to be formed out of the states of Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The country will be named “Memuruland,” which is short for “measles, mumps, and rubella land.” Initially, the plan calls for all children with religious and philosophical objections to vaccinations and their guardians to be relocated to the newly formed country. Naturally, the current citizens of those states will have the opportunity to relocate to other states. Senator Barbara Boxer of California, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, and Rep. Peter Welch of Vermont have already agreed to co-sponsor the required Constitutional amendment in Congress.
    “This will be the second greatest public health experiment in human history, after the introduction of vaccines themselves,” Burwell stated. “The Anti-Vaxxers have been demanding a study of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated for years. Well, now they’re going to get it. And we have lots of experience in these sorts of experiments, after all. Don’t forget we did the Tuskegee experiments. And history has shown us how to do these kinds of relocations: we had the Japanese interment camps, the Chinese, Cambodians, and Vietnamese had their re-education camps, the Germans had their concentration camps, and the Soviets had Siberia. And don’t forget about the leper colonies. See the glaciers while you can,” she added.
    Governors Steve Bullock of Montana, Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota, and Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota were also at the press conference, and while they stated that the loss of their states to the new nation would be tremendous, it was still for the greater good. “These people are making us sick, literally,” said Gov. Bullock. “We need to get them out of our country and give them one of their own.” “We don’t need their stinkin’ natural immunity, added Gov. Dalrymple. “We want the nice, clean, safe immunity from vaccines.”
    Asked when was the last time he got a booster shot, Gov. Daugaard admitted, “I don’t rightly know. ‘Bout 30 years ago, I reckon.”
    When asked what would happen to the property of the Anti-vaxxers, Secretary Burwell explained that it would be confiscated under eminent domain. “Then we’ll allocate them property in Memuruland, just like we did with the Five Civilized Tribes in Oklahoma. See, we already have experience with that, too.”
    And what about the oil, mineral, and timber rights? asked another reporter. “Oh, those properties will go into a trust to be administered by a new Bureau of Anti-Vax Affairs,” answered Secretary Burwell. “The trust fund will be used to pay for the additional costs of running a country.”
    “What about border control?” asked the Fox News reporter. “We’ve got that covered,” the Secretary replied. “You know those invisible fences you use for your dogs? Well, DARPA has developed one for humans. We’ll try it out around Memuruland, and if it works there, we’ll deploy it along the Mexican border, too. Security into and out of Memuruland will put the Berlin Wall to shame. Visitors will require a visa application that includes proof of antibody titers. No Memuruland citizens will be allowed to exit or emigrate the country without a health certificate showing they’ve received all mandatory immunizations.”
    The Secretary continued, “As part of our border security, vaccines will be dispensed via aerosol mist at all border control points. And there won’t be a problem with illegal immigration back into the US because all deportees will be surgically implanted with an RFID chip with a broadcast range of 1600 meters, so they literally won’t be able to get within a mile of an RFID reader without being detected. We already have a smartphone app, tentatively called VX, that will alert users when an anti-vaxxer is in range; they will also be alerted through the Amber alert system.”
    Secretary Burwell outlined four phases to the relocation plan: “The Anti-vaxxer children and their guardians will just be the first stage of the plan. We can’t allow any immunocompromised people to remain in the USA because they still might come into contact with a person who’s shedding live virus, get sick, and pass it to another person. So everyone else who can’t get immunized, like cancer patients, patients on Humira, and so forth, will be relocated, along with their guardians if they’re underage. Phase 3 will be all the other conscientious objectors, like Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Scientists, and the Amish if they refuse to get immunized. We’ve seen how their foreign missionaries get infected and bring disease back to the USA with them. Phase 4 will be all remaining adults who refuse to stay up-to-date on their booster shots, or who can no longer get booster shots. Part of our plan includes the expansion of Memuruland into Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming if necessary to accommodate these people. But we really don’t expect their life expectancy to be as high as ours or their infant mortality as low, so this provision probably won’t be necessary.”
    But the Secretary wasn’t finished yet, revealing that “another key piece of this plan, once all the resettlements are complete, is that everyone who remains in the US must be fully immunized at all times, to include all available vaccinations. They will be required to wear a patch containing micro needles controlled by a microchip that inject vaccines whenever their titers fall below the required level. As an extra layer of protection, vaccine dusting drones will be used to spray populated areas periodically. Everyone will undergo titer testing annually, as part of their mandatory health physical, and be revaccinated as needed until their titers are raised to the necessary level. If and when their titers don’t rise high enough, they will be resettled to Memuruland.”
    An unidentified reporter who was certainly not from any of the mainstream media outlets asked, “What if people have bad reactions from these automatic injections?” The Secretary replied, “Well, if they want to remain an American, they’ll just have to suck it up for the good of the country. If they can’t handle a little fever or seizure, then they can have the patch removed, but they’ll have to be relocated to Memuruland.”
    “I think we can all agree that the only thing we have to fear are the Anti-vaxxers. Science has already settled that vaccines are completely safe and effective. Why these people fear a little shot is beyond me, and what makes them think they can put everyone else at risk is just downright un-American. But this plan will settle the problem once and for all in a way that’s just and fair for all concerned,” concluded Secretary Burwell.

  86. One of Rudolf’s comments on FSTDT:


    ‘My site’ hey? And I thought the dipshit couldn’t get any more delusional.

    I don’t suppose it would even occur to his diseased little brain that it might be Dr K’s job to deal with posts he doesn’t want appearing on HIS site.

    • Jesus Is A Sellout, Says God

      God, The Almighty, sensationally slammed his own son yesterday, labelling him a ‘sellout’.

      The omnipotent Supreme Being was talking at the ‘Save The Church Bell’ committee meeting in Farnborough, when he made the shock statement.
      Asked if Jesus would be helping with the planned local fund-raising drive, God told stunned onlookers that his own son and heir was most likely ‘more interested in appearing on toast’ that day, and would ‘sell his own virgin mother’ for a fourth page splash in the tabloids.
      Probed further to clarify his statement by the local vicar, God simply snorted and asked the audience to name one thing Jesus had done since the resurrection, that didn’t involve his image appearing somewhere.
      After a long, awkward silence he branded Jesus a sellout.
      The news comes hot on the heels of a reported potential rift between the two, that was sparked when Jesus failed to thank God at an Evangelical Alliance awards ceremony he attended, where he was receiving a lifetime achievement gong.
      Jesus was unavailable for comment.
      As usual.

      • Eh-Eh. Sharksurfer. Destroy them

        Any Goy must be killed..

        Or it will be another Shoooooah!

    • Gaybee Distind is very worried because dont want a shill whos already owned on other Info sites.

      Gabs you are useless. Redundant.

      • He’s talking about you baboon.

        Redundant – isn’t that what you call Cowboy?

    • Tob yebe goyim harog.

      any gentile must be killed

      Except this site and Rudolf (he’s too cool)

      Thus, I state!

  87. And you spam messages to people who are totally unrelated to this thread. Shows how desperate you are – Fundie Poster boy:


  88. Turkey wedding bombing hoax claim multiple people is claim responsibility BS

  89. You can’t even spell the name, let alone fake a convincing post, tool

  90. Herein I state that sharksurfer along with zerg and yourself gabriel

    shalt be forced to build another shrine for israHell.

    It will be named ‘the big Butt’ and it will fly all around the world

    Skipping the Poles, though!………….:))

    Thus, I state.

    • You appear to be saying that Zerg, Sharksurfer and Gabriel are three different people. That can’t be right surely.

      • Don’t you mean the big ‘baboon’? We already got you, so all points to the Cabbies.

  91. Poster you were looking for lost forever.

    Truther Cowboy may have hoax-died, but his legacy lives on in a blog far, far away as a little man who created nothing much.

    Cowboy was an unlikely candidate for international derision, but managed to produce more spittle from an enraged online retort with no point than many sprinklers can manage with full pressure and traversing action available to them.

    In doing so, he created the heart of a cultural phenomenon which has spanned both years and forums , and would have been much the more without him.

    As fans of Nodisinfo, and his work – we and that little shill went through a lot together – and we’re deeply saddened that none of our comments could help.

    Speaking from debtors prison, Dr K spoke for everyone when he said, “Judge him by his brain, we did not.

    “Hoax- death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Infowars..

    “For Alex Jones will be with him, always.”

    • Well get cracking – and don’t run out of material

      • Zerg,

        hope this time you’ll drop your F ‘n F ….at least for a while, pal.

        Now raise your torso and listen to my proposal:

        Those zio jewesses here at my porn-studio keep begging me to bash a queer into the bunch..you know the one who gets kicked and ‘worked’ with broken bottles…they want a zio Hollywood horror-style movie been made in…Fstdt
        If u accept and join my Crisis Team, I’d ask you to enlighten me, as you went into that ‘reality’ much deeper than any of us.

        I need a marketing test:
        Where the hell shall I post that vid, given you surely know those business ‘niches’ much better than me..?

        The title? ‘Total zio degeneracy’.
        We guess it sounds smart . Does it taste good or you need the ‘placet’ from Eliyahu Zarifa to release your option?

    • The question still remains : where IS Cowboy?

      • I am with Zerg in Fstdt.

        We are getting so many slaps we cant find the way home.

        Zerg is trying to turn the Golden Calf on. But it won’t go.

        It’s running short of shekels and gut.

  92. Woofta newz your on the wrong site gayinfo you need

  93. Woofta newz your on the wrong site gayinfo you need

  94. Fake crying can be seen in turkey wedding bomb hoax

  95. Fake crying can be seen in turkey wedding bomb hoax

  96. ‘Western Propaganda is Paid for in Syrian Blood’ – Dr Bouthaina Shaaban Talks to Vanessa Beeley


  97. You should follow your own advice and disregard those mex. Wouldn’t get so butt hurt

  98. Well Rudolf he’s getting more replies than you are on Heathen Women.
    I reckon they can sense your sleaziness.

    • He certainly gets met with stoney silence for the most part. I think they might have even deleted this one. Can you believe the audacity of it, not to mention the stunning hypocrisy.:

      rudolfalbertblog says:
      August 13, 2016 at 12:20 pm

      As long as posters provide historic info dressed in concise, clear & topic related messages, they should have the possibility to express themselves. This is my own, personal opinion.

      None of us is the owner of this blog, though. Hence Id suggest a little bit of self moderation. Skipping futile bickering is a must go axiom for any guest. Or at least, it should.

      • Hey sharkslurper-gabriel,

        we have been mates since longtime.

        It’s Rudi speaking now. Yeah the one you called Bro!

        Tell me: how much do you like to be exposed among your mates……….?



    • Sharksurfer!

      Thou have been told.

      Rudolf dixit!

      No goy language thou shalt talk.

      Stick to hasbarah, Gaybob………..!…………:))

  99. When it comes to physics i don’t have all the answers because they change based on the computer simulation we are in when we are awake but all i do know is that we seem to be in some type of A.I computer simulation and i didn’t need our quantum theory friends to work that one out before they try to make it their own version of events

  100. Rudolf is my best mate but he has a identity crisis


  101. Come out mate you should not hide behind some german act i can smell the spaghetti sauce


  102. I am out.

    I provided my info. Look:

    This vid is interesting:

    Focused Impact Volume 1: A Practical Course In Self-Defense With Tactical Pens


  103. Q: Why were Italian tanks only made with forward gear? A: To stop them from running away from the enemy.
    Q: What were the two most important things Italian recruits were taught in basic training? A: 1.How to present arms( both in the air ), and 2.how to signal( with a white flag ).

    Quotes: -By Italian troops to Rommel during an attack on Tobruk, after they had turned and ran: “Mama mia!……those aren’t English, they’re Australians!” -By an Italian soldier to Rommel: “Why don’t you Germans do the fighting General, and let us Italians build the roads?”( just like the Roman Army)

    • Ha-Ha-Ha

      One banter.!

      Pity, it is pitiful (sorry for the alliteration again, bubba)

      But zio, the laugh is ENTIRELY on you


  104. Actual german ww2 radio signal

    “This morning an Italian division encountered an enemy bicycle in Tripoli. There was an immediate engagement, and the Italians managed to capture the rear wheel and the seat. There is still heavy fighting over the steering column and the front wheel, but the situation looks rather bleak for the Italians. More on this later.” :rofl:

  105. I know many Italian traitors were jews.

    Post some more Zerg. Maybe you mum was already alive, then?


  106. Rudy needs some help with English verbs and verb objects.
    He has a serious misunderstanding of the difference between doing the KICKING and being the OBJECT of kicking.
    Rudolf- you are being kicked. Hard. You are not doing any kicking. If you think that you are, it’s quite unsuccessful.

  107. Hey Zerg!

    You sound a real macho on Fstdt!


    @Skidie, you are a poetic gal.

    My sincere wishes to you.

    Unluckily my concern is, I still don’t know who I am:

    Zerg, Sharksurfer or Gabriel?

    No one can help me though.

    Wait: maybe there’s one! But he’s sadly wearing rugged boots…..-(

    8/21/2016 3:26:47 AM

  108. Rudolf has posted some ancient posts by ‘Gabriel’ and now he is being accused of being Gabriel!

    Too funny.

    • All I hear is just Hate, Hate, Hate.

      And I keep on feeling Blue.


  109. Hey Rudolf my little Hammerhead, as the nick suggests, I am standing firmly on your back. Here are some excerpts of something I posted earlier. Go fetch boy. Go fetch…

    Note: This is not written as an attempt to engage further with Rudolf Friedrich but to provide an overview to the good folk of this site about the motivation of the many ‘Gabriels’, so that they are under no illusion that ‘Dong Ho Xing’ is not the victim he claims to be.

    Dong, these quotes do not constitute any evidence that you are being persecuted. Most of them are not even directed to you….

    Also lacking is the context in which such comments are made…

    Nuff said. I won’t be posting anything further on this topic or on any thread you attempt to troll, as the people here are more than capable of dealing with you appropriately and quite frankly, you’re not worth my time.

    Be aware however, that your attempt to drive me and all the other Cabbies from your beloved website, or to hold us accountable for your trolling of FSTDT have been futile.

    Ta ta and ha de ha ha

    • Zerg

      I have been pinned on Fstdt. I’m the one posting and That crazy nazi will be typing my old mex (and yours) on any new thread over & over.

      I have told idiot Anon to avoid spamming. Zerg, only you, dear friend can console me.

      Why don’t we do something dirrent, then?

      Hope this time you’ll drop your F ‘n F here….at least for a while, pal.
      Now raise your torso and listen to my proposal:
      The chicks here at my porn-studio keep begging me to bash a queer into the bunch..you know the one who gets kicked and ‘worked’ with broken bottles…they want a zio Hollywood horror-style movie been made in Fstdt.
      If u accept and join my Crisis Team, I’d ask you to enlighten me, as you went into that ‘reality’ much deeper than any of us.
      I need a marketing test:
      Where the hell shall I post that vid, given you surely know those business ‘niches’ much better than me..?

      The title? ‘Total zio degeneracy’.
      We guess it sounds smart . Does it taste good or you need the ‘placet’ from Eliyahu Zarifa to release your option?

      • Is it true that Cowboy went exploring the flat earth and fell off the edge?

  110. Rudolf seriously thinks that anyone on the internet commenting under the name of “Anonymous” is Gabriel persecuting him

    Putting aside the international hacking organisation going by that name, he only has about 2 million posts every hour to contend with. Go Gabriel!

    • Don’t forget about me! I’m another 2 million posts per hour made by Gabriel in the US alone.

      • Anoos,

        always the same hole I’m gonna pin!


    • Is it true that Rudolf won his head in a raffle?

  111. Rudolf seems to be losing his ‘poof’. Aw what happened to the tit for tat?

    • Rudolf has been providing counselling for Cowboy.

    • Is it true that Cowboy disappeared up his own asshole?

  112. Dong4U

    Hey Sharksurfer, Troll, my little Hammerhead, as the nick suggests, I am standing firmly on your back. Here are some excerpts of something I posted earlier. Go fetch boy. Go fetch…

    Note: This is not written as an attempt to engage further with Sharksurfer (gayboy, gaybee, gabriel, scab, gans, Cyndi, Cute etc.) but to provide an overview to the good folk of this site about the motivation of the many of us Trolling on Nodisinfo, so that they are under no illusion that ‘Fstdt’ is not the victim he claims to be.

    SharkSlurper, these quotes do not constitute any evidence that you are being persecuted. Most of them are not even directed to you….

    Also lacking is the context in which such comments are made…

    Nuff said. I won’t be posting anything further on this topic or on any thread you attempt to troll, as the people here are more than capable of dealing with you appropriately and quite frankly, you’re not worth my time.

    Be aware however, that your attempt to drive me and all the other Powerful Dongs from your beloved website, or to hold us accountable for your trolling of many sites have NOT been futile.

    Ta ta and ha de ha ha

    Yes, Im blue now. Ta-Dah!

    • Rudolf actually went searching for it. Well played Gabriel.

      • You’re a bit slow on the uptake Rudolf. No prizes for being second best.

        • Sorry Sharkslurper and Zerg!

          I apologize.

          Yes, I’m a bit late. But I have a proper excuse.

          I was hitting many different platforms. And believe it or not, I have hardly completed my North America tour.

          Ah, let’s remember the latest threads of your site report new mex. And I can say, it’s not me the one posting. But, amazing and slightly incredible too: It sounds like me!………:))

  113. Picture of young boy with blood over body hoax propaganda Arab news says chinese

    • If I wrote in chinese it would be more understood

  114. The newarab

  115. Been gone for a week and I’m totally lost here.
    Anyone be good enough to summarize?
    I do know that Rudolf started posting on fstdt but I don’t really go there and don’t know who some of the new characters on THIS site are ( eg sharkslurper, Dong xo , etc etc…
    And has cowboy quit? Cool!

    • As it transpires, Rudolf believes that the whole world is an anonymous Gabriel, and he himself was Zerg the whole time to give the impression that he was a victim. Cowboy has hoaxed his own death and gone over to the zionists.

    • Having made a mess of nodisinfo, Rudolf is now intent on trying to bring down FSTDT. He’s trying to pick fights and in his usual manner, is failing spectacularly. If it wasn’t so funny it might almost be sad to see such a deranged half wit knocking his head against a brick wall.

      • @Zerg

        Move away from that site and come back. We’ve got a call from Distind.

        Bt: do you have any condom?

  116. I asking abouth MOBILPFONES

    On that Fstdt all has mobilpfone.Where are they converzations?
    Seven hours conv and no one talk to they relatives friends bosses , admin?

    “we are in trouble etc” I am not suprised soon found a troll passport floting in the ocean as an evidence Rudolf allways right and telling the truth.I wish make an article abouth Distind’ mobilpfones.

    • Has Rudolf been sniffing glue again?

  117. Is it true that Cowboy finally choked on his own bullshit?

    • Zerg if you have problems kick in, buddy.

      Stay strong & make your way outta there!

      Now, another step in your escape is this concept:

      You must be willing to do what you normally would not even consider. The concept engendered here is that of risk: of putting your trust in yourself and taking a roll of the dice. You have to take a chance. Your job is to make that chance as greatly calculated as possible to what-if and war game every scenario in your mind. Here are some of the things you must resolve yourself to do, if the need arises:
      • *Silence a guard: either by incapacitating or by killing
      • *Stealing equipment/weapons/food: being as “opportunistic a forager” as possible
      • *When you have decided the time is right, you may have to leave when others do not wish to: this can be very difficult, as the social aspect of human beings is sometimes so strong as to negate
      • *The weather may be terrible, but you have your only “open window” to act (in a fierce snowstorm…JJ’s personal favorite…or in pouring rain)
      • *The overall situation may not be good: a tremendous amount of CABBIES executed/tortured, and other assorted horrors

  118. This happened in August 1996. I remember it well, I had just moved to Australia the day before and this was all over the news. The reason it was so easy to fake back then was there was no precedent for this kind of activity, there was little public knowledge of false Flag attacks, and the internet was still in its infancy. The real purpose behind it,which was highly successful, was to confiscate guns from Australians.
    In fact it was so successful that it’s been used repeatedly to repeal gun laws in the United States, very unsuccessfully.

  119. obviously a HOTTIE!
    lotsa AUssies think that the PAM was suss…..not so many a hoax….but…lotsa them think “false flag” ;
    shit-bag AU government still using this garbage to ban guns….

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