Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 19 December 2014
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Role of the Mossad in Peshawar Terror Attack

UPDATED, Dec. 19, 2014

Was the mayhem, injuries, and deaths at the Peshawar-area military school rather than an act of Muslim extremists a plot of the Mossad? It was strictly the Mossad and its assets which was responsible for the Mumbai carnage; there was no Islamic ‘plot’ of any kind. The Israeli Secret Intelligence Services (ISIS) have a long history of mass slaughter of innocents, particularly in India and Pakistan. Moreover, it is high time for the Zionists to actually slaughter people after committing endless numbers of hoaxes, where the killing was faked.

It was blamed on Islaam at least by proxy through invocation that it was an act of supposedly extremist Muslims, named as “Pakistani Taliban.” Yet, this was a senseless killing, true debauchery. People who had no means to defend themselves were brutally murdered, others injured.

Make no mistake about it certain individuals, apparently gunman, were shot and obvious shot dead. Entrance bullet holes can be seen on their bodies in the videos. Thus, there was real gunfire, real killing, occurring in the Pewshawar-area school, in what was surely horror zone.

Caption: Two abdominal entrance wounds seen from gunshot injury; the man dies shortly thereafter.

Even so, it is not plausible that Islaam to any degree was behind this carnage. This faith bans the slaughter of innocents and absolutely bans the killing of women and children as well as teachers, instructors, and clergy. For anyone who knows even the most minimal bit of this faith to kill even one such person, and particularly to murder a child, sends shivers down the spine. The mind of a Muslim cannot even fathom it or consider it to even the most minimal degree. Moreover, to shed the blood of nearly 150 children plus teachers: it is completely untenable.

The Qur’aan categorically bans such acts, and there is no wiggle room. There can be no excuse, no cause, for a faith-minded Muslim to even consider murdering school children, even if such a one is a victim of such acts, as is surely true of the people of Afghanistan.

It must be kept in mind that in regard to hard proof it is the people of Islaam who suffer such losses: routinely. The bombs of Western powers do not differentiate. These bombs slaughter all manner of people, seemingly with specificity against children, the elderly, and women. Moreover, through these acts the culprits, that is the perpetrators, can be readily proven: as Israeli, American, British, Canadian, or other soldiers and their commanding elements.

Can the same be said, here? It cannot be said so. It is not known who is behind the actual murderers. The activity, though, of the Mossad in the area is highly suspect. In contrast, there was no advance activity of Islamic individuals in the months prior that could tie any such persons to a plot. The Zionists perpetrated Mumbai. They are thus the presumed force/culprits behind this horror, too, unless proven otherwise.

Who, then, is specifically responsible for the slaughter of Pakistani innocents? Once again, it surely isn’t an Islaamic group. The murderers were hired to commit this high crime.

Notice the tattoo impressed into the back of one of the murderers. It is a skull with wings.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 5.09.04 PM

Such disfiguring of the body is banned in Islaam. It is virtually unknown for devout Muslims to bear tattoos, let alone ones of this nature. To use a skull in this fashion would be considered sacrilegious, if not outright evil.

Therefore, this clique of terrorists are unassociated with Islaam and are instead almost assuredly associated with arch-criminal groups such as the MI6, CIA, and Mossad. Too, a FBI connection to plots in the sowing of terror has already been demonstrated through the arrest of arch-Zionist mole Joel Cox, and this ties directly to the Peshawar area. In contrast, there was NO FINGERPRINT of an Islaamic group in the months prior to the massacre.


It is a mark of Satan; it has nothing to do with Islaam or Islaamic groups.

This is is one of the purported gunman. He does look like he is dying. Was he set-up, or did he commit any murders?


The fake killings have failed miserably. Now, it is time for the Zionist criminal elements to actually murder people: in large numbers, the larger the better. It can’t be done, though, unless it is blamed on Islaam and/or Muslims. Otherwise, such slaughter serves little or no purpose. Moreover, if this mass slaughter fails to achieve arch-Zionist goals, then, what are the options and expectations? The Zionists will plot an even more horrific, even more dramatic, mass slaughter of innocents.

Cox, a Mossad infiltrator, was let go. Does that not prove who the Pakistani secret services work for? It certainly isn’t the people of Pakistan.
He is a mole of mole, and he has no basis for such transport of ammo and knifes other than the perpetration of great terror: Mossad style.

One of the most terminally rabid, arch-corrupt Zionist agents of all is the New York Times’ and Wall Street Journal’s Mathew Rosenberg. He is no doubt an pro-Israeli infiltrator, a paid agent of the spy agencies:

Because of his treachery Rosenberg has been forced out of Afghanistan. Here, it should be kept in mind that there is only one purpose of such a hedonistic Zionist to be a fixed element in a Muslim country, and that is acting in the capacity as a spy:



A few years earlier In 2009 it was reported by TheNation that agents of notorious spy agencies (that is the Mossad and MI6) were using journalistic cover to engage themselves in intelligence activities in NWFP and FATA. To the surprise and shock of many, top bosses of Federally Administrated Tribal Area (FATA) Secretariat were allegedly feeding these journalists with secret reports and information regarding Pak Army and militant groups operating there.

Matthew Rosenberg, South Asian correspondent of Wall Street Journal, had been spotted travelling frequently between Washington, Islamabad, Peshawar and New Delhi. His frequent and secret meetings with Secretary Law and Order FATA Secretariat, Capt (Retd) Tariq Hayat Khan, and Additional Chief Secretary FATA, Habib Khan, have raised several questions.

Then, too, there is that arch-criminal Dawood Ibrahim (David Abraham), who is directly implicated in perpetrating great acts of terror. It is well established, for instance, that Ibrahim played a key role in orchestrating the Mumbai mass carnage.

‘CIA asset’ Dawood Ibrahim is the top gangster in Pakistan and in India. 

Zionist mole and arch-gangster Ibrahim likely played a role in coordinating this hit.

In the Peshawar terror attack how many people really did die and were wounded? Were any crisis actors added to the mix, since there is an element of hoax, here, which is that this was, somehow, an Islamist attack. Note the smile on the man who was moving this youth on the gurney.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 5.48.29 PM

He may have thought he was off-camera. This is a serious debacle. What is the smile all about? This could be just an unexplainable coincidence. Even so, this student has what appears to be a gunshot wound to the chest; the chest area is blood-soaked.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 5.48.38 PM

Then, what about this is real, and which element has been falsified, staged? What is staged, or fabricated, is not the massacre itself but, rather, the claim that an actual Muslim group, that is a group of people motivated by their faith, perpetrated this massacre. It is simply not plausible, as the faith of Islaam categorically bans the slaughter of innocents, particularly the killing of children and women.

BANNED, BANNED, BANNED: No Muslim person or group could commit this carnage and even to the most remote degree justify it.

By no means could a devout Muslim commit such an act, even if such a one is suffering under dire oppression.

This is evidence of the mayhem and destruction which occurred, as well as the senseless injuries and killings, which is a laceration over the child’s eye. The child was being rushed for medical care:


What really happened in the Peshawar-area school? Was such a massive number of children and teenagers really lost? This would be a monumental catastrophe. Even the loss of a single child would horrific, considering the suffering the family wound endure. But 141? How is that possible? Was there not even a few guards in the area that would have effectively fought back?

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 4.46.27 PM

Murdering a number of Muslim adults may not have brought much world attention; in fact, some people would relish in it. However, slaughtering children would surely grab the entire world’s focus.


“From God do we come and to Him do we return.” Anyone who is murdered by such Mossad plots will never suffer in any fear or remorse. Moreover, all family members must know that the Peshawar strike is a plot by the great arch-Zionist global powers. Islaam had nothing to do with it.

Islaam, really, and Islaamists: honestly? They went out and murdered 141 8- to 18-year olds in cold blood who could in no way defend themselves? They simply killed a bunch of children and youths, hunting them down like wild animals? Muslims, really?


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  1. In the videos showing the “wounded” kids, they are fully dressed, and their clothes are not shredded.

  2. New Australian hoax to get the focus away from Sydney:

    Eight children found dead at Cairns home | Daily Mail Online

    ‘I just can’t believe it… those poor babies’: Neighbour’s horror after brother finds EIGHT children aged between 18 months and 15 years stabbed to death at home and mother knifed in the chest

    Horrifying massacre at a Cairns home just six days before Christmas

    — Police found the bodies of eight children at the Manoora home

    — A 34-year-old woman has been taken to Cairns Base Hospital with stab wounds

    — Detective Inspector Bruno Asnicar said that the woman was the mother of seven of the dead children with the other child a relation

    — Her cousin Lisa Thaiday said the kids were all siblings and the woman was her mother

    By Daniel Piotrowski and Candace Sutton and Richard Shears and Sarah Michael and John Carney for Daily Mail Australia and Australian Associated Press

    Published: 02:42 GMT, 19 December 2014


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  4. When I saw that guy’s tat, I told myself thats such a bad joke, knowing tattooing is forbiden in Islam. First class idiots these Jewie boys, really….

  5. Young Models delivering bocquets of flowers for Rothschild’s Agency France & Getty images ZioHollywood Sydney Hoax Hostages for Hate The Muslims photo shoot by William West for the Big Hoax Hostages Event! Notice they brought in Top Guns photographers of AP & APF, etc like they did for the Zionist Kenyan Hoax Seige!


  6. Pakistani counterpart of Natalie Barr, emotions “live”


    • This was a military building and they have only stills taken with scarce commodity iPhones?

    • Wow you are evil… These people are grieving for hundreds of children mercilessly slain by an evil organisation! Let them grieve! What the hell can they do which you don’t say is fake??

      If they don’t cry, you label them poor emotionless actors. Yet if they do cry, it’s clearly overracted fake emotions. So what exactly are they supposed to do Christinne? There is nothing they can do which you don’t label as fake. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

      I’m guessing she is a mossad agent right? Yeah, now they are going to be in control of pakistan’s media? Or police? Or government? Awaiting all of these claims shortly.

  7. Musharraf trying to blame India for that


    • They are all in the same boat. Next time India can blame Pakistan.

  8. Salman Khan talking **** about it


  9. One hell of a “special” report


    • Which fat lady??!!

  10. Besides, notice the symbolism again – the number 8, the word “man” – in Sydney we had a “Man” (Haron Monis or Money is?), here we have “MANoora”, the vigil will be held at Murray Martin Park, in Sydney we had a “Martin’s Place”, a lot of significance connected to the letter M….

    • You can do what you’ve done above for literally every single thing which occurs in the world. There is no significance. You are trying as hard as you can to find significance – that you link things which are ridiculous.

      • Keep ranting

  11. Peshawar attack probe: Four suspects, including woman, arrested in Bahawalpur


  12. ‘My heroine mother was shot in the head shepherding her children to safety’: Son of Peshawar headmistress ‘torched alive in front of pupils’ reveals how she really died


    • Dear Daily Mail, please show us the torched body or the holes in the ground caused by the attackers’ explosive vests.

  13. Btw, Daily Fail comments are disabled for this one, makes u think….

    ‘I just can’t believe it… those poor babies’: Neighbour’s horror after brother finds EIGHT children aged between 18 months and 15 years stabbed to death at home and mother knifed in the chest


    • They’re disabled because people like you will go on there and mock dead children for being part of a hoax.

      If you are suggesting the daily mail has anything to do with this hoax, please explain.

  14. A comment from an article at Northerntruthseeker:

    The victim Katrina Dawson is a lawyer (husband is a partner in a securities law firm) and her Father is Sandy “Alexander” Dawson, a prominent businessman and the first Australian Captain of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews, Scotland (one of Golf’s ruling bodies) which is a Freemason formed club. Sounds like a family that would be happy to help out a noble cause.


    • Wrong place, so I posted this also under the previous Sydney article.

  15. What a crock of ****.

    Islam professes peace, but there is unfortunately too much room for abuse and much of the text is taken out of context and used to justify atrocities. If you believe that there is not a single Islamic extremist in the world then you are clearly insane.

    Most Muslims are good, peace loving people – it is very unfortunate that extremists use Islam tas justification for terrorism. But the fact is, most Muslims would disagree with you on this story.

    My father has worked in baghdad for the past two years. They are incredible people, filled with hope and their kindness cannot be overstated. Yet they are constantly having to put up with infighting, not only between isis and their own people, but also between the different factions of Islam. To deny the fact that this is happening takes away form the real issues in the middle east. Nobody in Iraq will even believe this absolute **** you spew. Isis is real, the taliban are real. There are many extremist Islamic organisations, and they commit these atrocities because they believe their cause is just and their actions justified by the Koran. This is of course, wrong. But just like any religion, people use it for personal gain.

    Let compare to Christians – even though the bible is against killing of innocent people, the crusaders still executed everyone in Jerusalem. People have been killed in the name of Christianity for hundreds of years, even though the bible doesn’t support it. The same goes for Jews and for every religion – it’s one of the reasons I don’t like any religions.

    So yes Muslims, really. The taliban, el shabaab, boko haram, isis, have all killed women and children in the name of Islam. Most Muslims in the world are aware and ashamed that their faith is exploited by these extremists. Just because you don’t like Jews, it doesn’t mean they are responsible for any of this. There is overwhelming evidence showing that these organisations are not only Islamic, but have absolutely no link to anything jewish.

    By all means, please, take a trip to Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq or Nigeria. Then report back about how everything is actually fantastic and isis, the taliban don’t exist. You will be killed out there so quickly – and then when you are, everybody here will label your death a hoax and say you were a paid crisis actor.

    • But you DO like religion. You attend your church/temple everyday. You are a true believer in your Tel Lie Vision and Jews/Views/Newspapers. Your worship and dogma is evident with every word you speak. You should give up in your quest to save us lost sheep. Go back to your church (TV) where you can worship in peace.

  16. Jim Stone’s forum purges troll comments. May I ask to do this here?

    • Wait wait wait. So your guys thing is that you ask questions.. And then you claim that your comments get erased etc because of the fact that you’re seeking the truth.and therefore you must be on the right track.

      Yet if I question anything you guys say or disagree with anything, I’m a troll who should then have my comments removed because I don’t agree with you? Real good truthers you are – “our word is the truth and if you disagree or point out anything which we may have got wrong then you are a troll who should have their comments deleted”. Nice, but that pretty much goes against everything you stand for.

      Wow, that is pretty much the definition of hypocrasy. Rather try have a debate and actually answer my post with rational thought.

    • It can be considered. Some of the silly things are deleted manually.

      • Just leave all the death threats Mcap/Gabriel ziotroll posts! And his zio twisted fantasies of antizionists being ritually murdered who post here. And his admitted hope that mossad wil take us out.
        Let him expose the kind of zionist freak he is! I hope you did not pull his past postings of such evil desires of his.

        • Death threats? Where have i ever given a death threat?

          • Do you wish to deny you are Gabriel ?

          • Yes, please, check where I’m posting from if you need to know.

            You know more than one person is capable of disagreeing with you right? Just because two people disagree it doesn’t make them the same person.

    • Jim Stone is not what he seems to be. This dude is mental. I was banned from his forum for not being politically correct. There is no freedom of speech there. Talk about fakery and deceit. He happens to be rite sometimes, cant deny it, but, unfortunately, he’s another piece of controlled opposition….

  17. The fraudster Quentin Bryce disgraceful, zioScamming Governor General loves insanely wasteful spending of the Australian goyim peasants money for $110,000 in flowers for her government provided mansions! So she I believe wanted the movie set location of the Sydney Hostage Hoax Siege to have all these flowers delivered and placed in the middle of the road by young fashion models & crisis actors & sayanims and others involved in the Hostage Hoax for Hate & War scam!

  18. The “killer” is their own “mother – and again comments are not allowed

    BREAKING NEWS: Mother of seven of the eight children stabbed to death in Queensland house of horrors arrested for their murder


  19. EXCLUSIVE: Is this the Syrian dungeon where beheaded U.S. and British hostages were caged by ISIS? Pictures show factory basement ‘where half-starved westerners were held in darkness’


  20. Secrets of the ISIS production studio: Slick suite where extremists produced Jihadi John beheading videos shows how they used trickery to hide three executioners from view


  21. Pakistan’s revenge: Jets and ground forces kill 77 Taliban militants following school massacre which claimed the lives of 132 children


    • 7/7: hmmmm

  22. ‘Your children will not escape’: Chilling new threat from Taliban commander nicknamed ‘slim’ who ordered massacre of 132 children in Pakistan


  23. Blood money: How ISIS is selling human organs harvested from living hostages and its own dead soldiers to fund terror across the Middle East


    • We all know the murderous zionists are the only ones always caught selling stolen organs from murder victims! Like the Jewish mafia rings of Rabbis & politicians in NJ & NYC caught selling stolen organs! In this Video see Jewish zionist Crime boss cussing & threatening reporters for reporting the organ theft and selling of murdered Palestinians’ organs by his crime gang!


    • The Servent -ISIS-Igor does what the master-Zionist$ & Israel- Dr Frankenstein does! Murder innocent people & steal & sell their organs just as the the evil Babylonian Talmud says is fine and should be done!


    • Don’t worry Mcap will defend these psychopath murderous zionist Organ sellers! He is just that depraved a deviant demon of a zionist lunatic! As he yells I’m not a zionist & I know nothing about Jews! I just defend them endlessly no matter what they do!… but I’m not one! Everyone else is evil & out to get them!


  24. Australian Patriot & Anti-mossad activist
    Brendon O’ Connell
    A courageous & very entertaining man standing up against the zionist enemy of Australia & the world!
    Australia’s first victim & political prisoner of special laws to protect the zionist enemy’s special new protected rights & power in Australia. None dare criticise his master!


    • Australian Patriot & Political Prisoner of the Zionist Enemy Part 2!
      Brendon O’Connell
      Exposing the lying ruthless, murderous zionist enemy some more!
      & Where the heck is They Live???


      • Australian Patriot
        Political Prisoner for Defying the Zionist Enemy of Australia & exposing their Psychotic Genocide of Palestinians
        Brendon O’Connell Part 3
        This guy is awesome!


  25. Watch this video! Especially if you’ve never been on this site before!


  26. Nobel prize winning zionist modsadomite Fraudster & pathological liar Malala of lalaland zioHollywood denouces the zionist Hoax School Mass Murder Attack in Pakistan!


  27. Hoax victim, crisis actor & false witness plays multiple roles in this zionist PsyOps. He even heals instantly from wounds!



  28. Practicing for an Eevile Mossadlim Mall Attack Next??? The zios love their hoax mass mass murder mall shootings & terror attacks!


  29. You have not shown us any actual dead bodies of students at the Army School at Peshawar. There, the students said they had been practicing First Aid drills when the alleged attack occurred. Also, they reported that the attackers were wearing Army uniforms. The dead Talibans we have been shown are not wearing Army uniforms. This looks like a faked, hoax terror attack at the Peshawar Army School

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