Kennedy Assassination — 16 November 2013
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JFK – The Rothschild Connection

K. Khaleel

It is not just about spies. Rather, it is about premeditated murder, including the murder of a sitting President. More importantly, the hit against President Kennedy is an evidence of the perpetration of a coup d’etat, one directed at the remnants of the American Republic.

The killing of Princess Diana, in France, attempted murder of Charles De Gaulle – in France – and the assassination of President Kennedy by men working for French intellgience (really Rothschild intelligence): are they all related?

It is well-known that the Rothschild cabal spends countless millions on espionage, perpetrating subversion and even vicious murder, including assassinations, all over the world. Disinformation agents are hired through its monies: lies are systematically spread to disguise the truth. Therefore, for instance, no one ultimately gets to the truth, the Kennedy assassination being one prominent example.

In this event the degree of disinformation is vast. Great funds and energy are expended to create chaos, confusion, and distraction. Names are tossed around. False blame is created. There is a constant effort to impugn any serious investigation, every effort to derail any investigation which may bear down on the truth.

Even here, one investigations are based upon speculation, with questions raised. It is all in the matter of the effort to dig further and to allow the flotation of all potential (and reasonable) theories. Others are based upon the most well-confirmed facts and sources available.

In this regard a connection to the arch-Zionist Rothschild cabal seems undeniable. In this regard what is the former head of French Intelligence, Phillipe Thyraud de Vosjoli, doing being directly involved in the circumstances surrounding the Kennedy assassination? The entity he formerly ran in France is known as the SDECE. Rothschild family essentially runs France. Surely, the SDECE is a Rothschild entity, doing its bidding. Therefore, Vosjoli, put into the highest spy position, would have been at that time the arch-Zionist family’s preferred mole.

Rather than a mere spy de Vosjoli is a murderous schemer who does so for his own wicked gains. The man is clearly a Rothschild mole, an other words, an agent of the Mossad. He was assigned, among others to see to the elimination of high-level Rothschild antagonists, De Gaulle, Kennedy, and others:

  1. The French Secret Services: A History of French Intelligence from …
    Douglas Porch – 2003 – ‎History

     see behind these assassinations was that of the SDECE’s Service Action. On balance, one can argue that the SDECE campaign against the arms dealers was  

In the above link is an entire book online about the French secret services and its wicked acts. From this source is the following screenshot:


As demonstrated above de Vosjoli was known as an anti-Gaulist, a staunch one, meaning he despised the man and his policies. Unlike other previous French rulers this man was not a full-fledged Zionist puppet. In the same vein he mentions a living De Gaulle, the man he supposedly works for, slandering him, essentially, as a hypocrite. Simultaneously, de Vosjoli glorifies assassination. Thus, clearly, in his haughtiness and egomaniac-style acts he provided a kind of evidence that he set out to murder him:

Same as Kennedy. Tying the criminal Zionist mobster’s hands so they can’t perpetrate greater mayhem and slaughter. Then, Israeli-supporting generals and even a Jewish general, Zeller, attempt to murder De Gaulle? A year or so later Kennedy is killed? The role of the Zionist entity in these attempted assassinations and actual murders is glaringly clear.

Attacker: Organisation de l’armée secrète conspirators
Date: August 22, 1962

The precise, direct conspirators became quickly known and were put on trial, ultimately convicted (not Zeller, though):

Algiers putsch 1961.jpg

From left to right: French Generals André ZellerEdmond JouhaudRaoul Salan and Maurice Challe during the coup (Government General building, Algiers, April 23, 1961).

Note: Zeller is Askenazic: the man is a Jew.


Whatever criminal acts he did, he was handsomely rewarded by slush funds from Zionist mobsters, as seen in the extraction, including those operating from the Israeli and South African entities.

Furthermore, a sneak and mole he escaped any of the public scrutiny after the attempted hit. Jouhaud, Salan, and Challe were also Rothschild-Israeli agents, and did the bidding of the Zionist entity, not that of the people of France. Even though the others were prosecuted and sentenced, some even to death, the cabal intervened. In other words, it was a show trial. They were all exonerated. Therefore, of the hit men hired to kill De Gaulle, despite being publicly condemned, some to death:

  • Andre Zeller: no condemnation, continued working for the Mossad
  • Maurice Challe: got a cushy job with the Israeli operation, ZIM (Zionist International Movers?) International
  • Edmond Jouhand: was “rehabilitated” by Mitterrand – became of OAS
  • Raoul Salan: condemned to life in prison, also was pardoned and relieved by Zionist agent Mitterrand

Notes one investigator: “the 1961 coup plotters in France—Zeller, Challe, Jouhand, Dalan, and Soustelle—were all known as “Israel’s men” in France.” Too, clearly, all such men were/are Rothschild agents.

Regarding the chief assassin, Salan, he was a high-level Zionist mole, a murderer, cheat, thug, whose life was based upon the torture and slaughter of innocents:


Chief of the assassination and coup OAS operation was General Raoul Salan, noted as a “good friend” of the Zionist entity:


Salan is clearly a Rothschild operative, a key supporter in the intelligence community for the Zionist entity and, particularly, the Rothschild cabal. He had been doing their filthy bidding for decades:

degaullekennedy-2 degaullekennedysalan


When OAS conspirators (headed by Salan) attempted to assassinate French president Charles de Gaulle, they underestimated the value of a good automobile. While de Gaulle and his wife were traveling from Elysee Palace to Orly Airport, attackers fired 140 bullets at their Citroën DS, killing two of the president’s motorcycle bodyguards and blowing out all four of the vehicle’s tires. The de Gaulles survived the hail of bullets by ducking down, and, thanks to the car’s impressive suspension system, the president’s chauffeur was able to accelerate out of a potentially fatal front-wheel skid.

Regardless, a kill by Algerian nationals/locals, who had supposedly infiltrated France – at least that was the plot that the Zionists sought to hatch or the appearance of the plot they sought to fabricate –  didn’t make sense. Unlike the Rothschild cabal and its Israeli subsidiaries De Gaulle was favoring Algerian independence. The Algerian people would be the last ones on this earth to seek to kill him:

It is established that the Jewish Anti-Communist League’ or JACL, group cooperated with a renegade “cell” within French Intelligence called the OAS in the 22nd August assassination attempt. It is also clear and categorical that it was De Gaulle’s stance on Algeria and, perhaps, the Middle East in general which led to the killing plot.

Then, what entity other than the Zionist cabal would benefit from such an assassination?

From Michael Collins Piper: The “Secret Army Organization” (the OAS) … had close ties to the Mossad. Like the OAS, the Israelis hated De Gaulle not only because he gave independence to Algeria, a major new Arab state, but also because De Gaulle, who had assisted Israel’s nuclear development program, had withdrawn support, objecting (as did JFK) to Israel’s drive for an atomic arsenal.

Hard evidence for this position of De Gaulle is seen, here:


All evidence points to Vosjoli also being not only a Rothschild agent but also a Mossad mole: a secretive Sayanim Jew.

Not coincidentally, Vosjoli resigned from French secret police on November 1962, just before Kennedy was murdered. Then, he went to work, always ambitious, make his financial kingdom, working with the author of Exodus, Israeli-Firster Leon Uris:

…Phillipe Thyraud de Vosjoli, who claimed he helped Uris on Topaz (1967), a thriller about Russian espionage against France, but got stiffed in return. (Uris paid a six-figure judgment.)

Someone big murdered President Kennedy, not a lone gunman or two and surely not merely the Italian or even Jewish mob. Nor was the CIA responsible nor LBJ. None of these individuals or groups could have pulled it off. It would take a far more powerful entity or, rather, cabal – a trillionaire cabal, like the Rockefeller-Rothschild entity – to achieve this act, with all its resulting complexities and complications.

The people behind this were among the richest individuals in the world. How else could such an exceptionally well-conceived, wretchedly controlled, heavily detailed act occur? How could it be covered up for countless decades, in fact, suppressed? No other options. It had to be the work of the richest, most powerful people of this world, who, rather than merely the mafia or Western espionage agencies, had decided that Kennedy had to go.

This implicates the Rothschild cabal and its US, as well as Israeli, subsidiaries. Yet, back to de Vosjoli.

Philippe Thyraud de Vosjoli, a French intelligence (SDECE) agent who worked closely with Angleton in Washington. On 11/22 de Vosjoli reportedly panicked on hearing of Kennedy’s death, packed a few clothes into a van, and departed Washington to join Brandstetter in Acapulco. (Tom Mangold, Cold Warrior, 131-33).

Note: the panic claim is likely fraudulent. What spy would panic? That was a cover.

The depth of his involvement in espionage related to American affairs is also demonstrated by the following, where he was detected in the Havana Hilton at the time of the downfall of Batista and the rise to power of Fidel Castro:

Briefly, Brandy had an exchange with Manuel Ray, who confirmed that the mob intended to burn the hotel. Brandy handed him his jacket and went down to the lobby. From the mezzanine, a few guests observed what happened next. Among them was Philippe de Vosjoli, head of French Intelligence – the SDECE (Service de Documentation Exterieure dt de Contre-espionage) – in Cuba, Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Unknown to Brandy, de Vosjoli was staying at the hotel with his wife.

Cuba, of course, connects to Kennedy. Then, too, it was well-known that by no means did the former President resist Algerian indepdence; rather, he supported it. Apparently, the Zionists, surely their elements at the OAS, including de Visjoli, despised him for this. Yet, he was well-established in the US scene, right before and shortly after Kennedy’s death.

It was also de Vosjoli who was directly involved in manipulating events in Washington, D.C., prior to Kennedy’s assassination. A Mossad infiltrator, he arranged a meeting between the CIA and hit-man coordinator and cover-up mole de Mohrenschildt and Papa Doc Duvalier financier and bagman, M. Betram Charles:


Even so, the ultimate hard proof against Vosjoli is hard to come by. Notes Joan Mellon, author of a book that deals with such assassin moles, Our Man In Haiti: George de Mohrenschildt and The CIA In The Nightmare Republic:

“The text of de Vosjoli’s interview with the House Select Committee on Assassinations has vanished predictably into thin air…”

Even so, with some investigating the truth is revealed, for instance, the book, Farewell America:


The presumption, though, that he is a CIA agent is faulty. A double agent, yes, the real role being that of the Mossad.


Here is the arch-Zionist mole Angleton. It’s deep, deeper than can possibly be imagined. The deeper the digging is, the greater the degree of proof against the Zionists is revealed. Yet, it will be revealed. Moreover, it will be tied to the Zionist cabal, not the Texas oil barons, not the CIA, and not the mafia.

C.I.A. liaison to the Warren Commission, and “the agency”
“company” C.I.A. Chief of Counter-Intelligence, and a manager in
the C.I.A.’s MKULTRA operations for C.I.A. mind-control
experiments putting LSD into un-witting “volunteers”

Filthy, wretched Zionists murdered the President of the United States, not anyone else. The rest is mere fabrications.

Part One in a series.



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  1. Scum of the scum, no need to say more….

  2. We, humanity, should be left in no doubt that we are in a fight for our survival as a free peoples.
    The Luciferian Zionist money powers have advanced plans to enslave and possibily annihilate us.
    Be on your guard for the creeping into our consciousness of Satanic symbolism in pop music and and other media forms.
    The Luciferians are out to destroy the family as a social foundation and replace it with perversions such as gay marriage and transgender social engineering.
    The satanic Zionists and their lakeys, the Freemasons, who like to give themselves grand titles like “The Illuminati” are really just a powerful, corrupt group of mentally sick individuals.
    They have manouvered themselves into controlling our money through corrupt institutions like Central Banks such as the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. They, like the World Bank and the IMF, love to drown nations in unrepayable debt. Forcing governments to drasticly cut social spending on things like health and education,plunging millions into abject poverty and premature death.
    This is the Zionist Luciferian hell hole of a world we are born into were profit takes precedence over people.

    But We Shall Prevail.

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