Asiana Hoax Other Hoaxes — 26 July 2013
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RussianVids Nails It – No Asiana Underbelly Damage Means No Crash

Thanks to one of our posters.

This is all the evidence/proof anyone needs. A decommissioned plane, the Asiana Boeing 777 was merely plopped there via a crane for purposes of staging. It did not slide there on its underbelly after crashing against the sea wall.

It was put there, likely under the cover of darkness, sometime before. People have a hard time getting their heads around it, but it is true: who can dispute it? Let anyone do so. Let anyone come here and provide evidence to the contrary of the findings demonstrated, here.


There is no possible way this plane was involved in a belly landing, with the landing gear stripped off and with, as proclaimed by airport administrator John Martin such a plane, then, “grinding,” yes, he said, “grinding,” to a halt. Grinding on what, cotton fluff?

What a beautiful sheen that plane has. It didn’t grind against anything, let alone a concrete and asphalt runway.

Here is precisely the part that would be doing the scraping: vulnerable, delicate aluminum, dentable like an aluminum can:


See any dents, scrapes, even smudges–even dark streaks–anywhere? How many ways do you say, “HOAX?”

More proof needed?

What does the underbelly really look like after striking hard surfaces? How about a water strike?

Some impact damage to fuselage underbelly

What about the strking/grinding of that vulnerable, weak underbelly on concrete/asphalt, like the supposed Asiana (fake) crash?


The laws of physics are irrefutable and can never be violated. The friction against the metal will lead to damage, including a burning-like effect from heat. That burning and charring can seen precisely here:


Caption from NYC Aviation:
The aircraft’s aft belly received some heavy scraping, its nose having remained off the ground thanks to the support of the engines and the center of gravity, though no fuselage rippling is immediately apparent. The engines also made hard contact with the ground, and though probably a total write-off, does not show as much damage as one might think.


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  1. The government is probably doing these hoaxes in such an obvious way so they can get a feel for how many people they will actually fool when they do the hoax of all hoaxes. I’m waiting for them to do the big one and am prepared for them locking us all down in perpetual martial law, strip every single one of our rights, and start filling up the FEMA camps with dissenters.

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