Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 30 May 2014
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The Sadistic Zionist Moles of the Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax

It would require the involvement of sadomasochism of the most extreme degree to perpetrate the kind of hoax and scam that is represented by the Santa Barbara shooting hoax. Not surprisingly, that hoax is massively represented by Zionist moles – Sayanim Jews of all backgrounds and types. Some of these individuals are among the most sadistic individuals conceivable.

It is sickening to the point of nauseating to review the videos of arch-homosexual Elliot Rodgers. Surely, no one should be willing to put too much time into such reviews. Within five minutes it is realized that he is a sadomasochistic individual.

Indelibly involved are the sadomasochists of the Jewish bisexual, gay, and lesbian community, the chief agent of which is none other than the fake shooter himself, Elliot Rodger.


He is perverse, and his perverseness is aided and abetted by his father and purported step-mother.

The father, too, is a sadist, as is demonstrated by a simple fact. It is the fact that he would support and/or solicit his son’s involvement in this diabolical scam. Even the fact that he would allow it, rather, endorse it is proof of his sick, psychotic nature.


There is even more glaring proof of his sadism. This is demonstrated by his major source of income, which is selling largely nude pictures.

What kind of raunchy pictures are these? They are images of women showing off their naked behind: buttocks, front and center.

The buttocks, the area of defecation. This is where the mind of Mr. Rodger is fixated.

It is not merely this. It is the fact that he would abuse the nature of women, using them for mere physical purposes, mere raw flesh, as mere sex objects.

Who is main model utlized by Rodger? It is none other than his wife (or, should it be said, the woman acclaimed as his wife), Zionist agent Soumaya Akaaboune.


(story broken by: http://www.showbiz411.com/2014/05/25/exclusive-hunger-games-killers-dad-sells-art-photos-of-womens-behinds)

That is, no doubt, Mossad agent Akaaboune. It is essentially Jewish pornography by a Zionist mole featuring in many cases his own wife, or so the world is led to believe it is his wife.

Regardless, the man has his face bearing down on the backsides of familiar and strange women, not as a mere artist but, rather, as his main source of income – hedonistic, indeed.

Akaaboune, the woman featured in the image above in a seedy NYC hotel, is a Moroccan, though, now, Israeli Jew.

She is clearly an Israeli and, therefore, makes an ideal associate for contributing to this false flag act:


Akaaboune arises from a family of spies. Her father was a Mossad agent (revealed on WolfblitzerO, among other blogs):

When the Voices Fade.

Soumaya Akaaboune is the daughter of Abdeslam Akaaboune who has links to the security services in the USA. Around 1966, Abdeslam Akaaboune went to Texas “as part of his police/intelligence training.”
“Known as Mr Tangier Abdeslam Akaaboune lived his life in a world of … espionage.”
In other words, this Mizrahi Jew was a treacherous Mossad spy working within the US and Israeli intelligence systems.

Obviously a well-placed individual in the Mizrahi spy community here he is with the Mick Jagger crowd:


In this image he is pictured with New York City Jew and admitted bisexual Paul Bowles. Composer Bowles had settled in Tangiers, living there for some 50 years, moving to Morocco permanently after the establishment (1948) of the Zionist strip:


A known Mossad (plus CIA) mole, the role of this spy agency in the vile, treacherous Santa Barbara hoax is seemingly confirmed.
Yet, then, Rodger and Akaaboune do have much in common. Kevin Rodger’s father, George Rodger, was also a Mossad agent. This was through acting as an embedded WWII photographer, followed immediately by being a premier Israeli photographer. He had clearly became infested within the military elements, all for the purpose of advancing the Zionist agenda.
It must be recalled that the majority of the deaths of camp residents were the result of Zionist acts, such as the bombing by the so-called Allied forces of German supply lines. This led to the starvation of many of these occupants.
These were Zionist-induced deaths. Rodger promoted them as German/Nazi-induced, playing up the canard of the fallacious targeting of Jews.
It can be no coincidence that the fathers of both of the parental associates of Elliot Rodgers, Kevin Rodger and Soumaya Akaaboune, have fathers who were embedded Mossad agents.

As the Zionists themselves make clear the photographs of George Rodger were essential for the establishment of the Holocaust fraud – that greatest of all lies. Through his fraudulent attribution of the Beslen camp as a Jewish extermination center he played a key role in establishing the Holocaust hoax.

After the war Rodgers help found the New York-based photographic agency, Magnum, while also working extensively as an Israeli photographer.


Therefore, the Rodger clique is represented by rabid Zionist extremists, including the father, who was involved in Zionism at its deepest levels.

The source of the Manifesto would likely have been amateur movie producer Rodger himself. Can anyone fathom the degree of treachery of such an individual to prop up his son to support and spread such vile lies? And to do so for financial gain, just like the porn? Yet, with all the evil deeds done by the arch-Zionist cabal who would be surprised?

Moreover, who would be surprised at the father’s treachery? It’s the same person who spreads photos of his wife’s genitals before the entire world, repeatedly so, image upon image?

Then, he sells such photos for over a thousand dollars each? Is this the proper message to send to children, whether such abuses are perpetrated against strangers or mothers (rather, in this case, the stepmother)?


Does he think he is immune? Will a mere Hollywood-based Jewish lawyer be able to guard him from the scrutiny of the world?


Furthermore, it has already been demonstrated that the sadomasochistic individuals of this hoax included false witnesses, such as Elliot Gee and Cayla Bergman (right screen of the two women lesbian huggers) from the local gay-lesbian community. Both Bergman and Gee are Jewish and, then, too, this gun grubbing plot is the orchestration of world Jewry.

santabarbarabergstrom1santabarbarahoaxgee3 santabarbaraelliotgee3

Even if they are not sadists the entire plot is a sadistic one, which included the production of dozens of Elliot Rodger videos. Maliciously, the Rodger clique, supported by other behind-the-scenes Hollywood Zionists super-saturated the Internet with these inane yet oppressive videos. It is a tyranny upon the people, and the tyrants who have imposed it are exclusively Zionist Jews.





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    • Excellent video find – LETS GET IT OFF YOUTUBE BEFORE THEY PULL IT AND PLACE IT SOMEWHERE IN SOME WAY MORE PERMANENT. Vids on yt are flying off their site into oblivion just like Facebook page dates etc.

      • Drk can you advise your comments with respect to the following? I knew something was smelly and wrong. It seems your bogus lies have a long history indeed.

        For full info re this doc please search on net.

        Igram is linked to several pseudonyms, including Dr. Cass Ingram and Kaasem Khaleel, names that appear on websites and in books endorsing very different causes. Dr. Cass Ingram promotes herbal medicinal remedies. Kaasem Khaleel has written books and hosted radio shows that blame the U.S. or Israeli governments for many modern-day tragedies, from the 9/11 terroristacts to the recent Boston Marathon bombings.

        The website, nodisinfo.com, is registered to Khaleel, who sometimes goes by “Dr. K” or uses other spellings of the first name. Igram is an osteopath by training but lost his Illinois medical license in 1999 for “unprofessional, unethical and dishonorable conduct” while trying to charge a woman thousands of dollars for nutritional supplements without her approval, according to the Iowa Board of Medical Examiners, which reprimanded Igram for failing to notify that board that he had run afoul of Illinois law.

        In February, an administrative law judge rejected Igram’s bid to have his Illinois license reinstated. While he remains licensed in Iowa, where he grew up, officials say they are not sure if he practices medicine there.

        Igram also owes the Internal Revenue Service more than $658,000, according to a federal tax lien filed withthe Lake County recorder of deeds. For all his personal and professional troubles, Igram is among the conspiracy theorists who have found the Internet a powerful medium to attract attention and gain followers.

        While his images and writings are easily found online, Igram did not respond to multiple phone calls and emails seeking comment. Attempts to reach him through family members and business associates were also unsuccessful.

        In 2008, the FTC ordered Gray to pay $2.5 million for falsely claiming that wild oregano products are scientifically proven to prevent or treat colds and flu. The products, sold at prices ranging from $29.99 to $69.99, also were credited with boosting the immune system and killing a variety of germs and pathogens, according to the FTC complaint.

        In 1999, Igram ran into regulatory trouble in Illinois and agreed to have his medical license permanently suspended and to pay a $4,000 fine to the state of Illinois.

        According to a complaint filed with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, Igram in 1996 charged a woman $300 for a brief medical consultation over the phone. Without seeing the client, he ordered medical laboratory testing for her and her husband. He then attempted to charge her more than$4,000 for nutritional supplements, lab tests and fees, the complaint said. Last June, he petitioned to have his medical license reinstated, saying that he did not understand that the “placement of his license on inactive status was permanent and irrevocable,” according to a court document.

        He also testified that he had spent about $100,000 in attorney’s fees to settle the case. In February, an administrative law judge declined his request.

        You Sir are a fraud and disinfo agent – shame on you

  1. Its VERY Good to see a site like this one is a exposing the FRAUDS that are making this “False-Flag” operations seem to work…Keep up your GREAT work here! Bless You!

  2. What proof do have that it was fake. I see broad speculation and no proof. This place is disinfo!

    • Wilkenator,

      My kind regards to you. Your identification of this site as a repository of lies shows you to be an individual of keen intelligence.
      Let me express the appreciation of every contributor to this site by welcoming you here.

      • Crazy alert – The Corrector needs a brain implant STAT!!!!

        • NM,

          Hearty greetings to you.

          Is that how you would deal with free thinkers like myself, brain surgery?

          Your plan for forced lobotomies disgusts me you monster! Such an affront to enlightenment values has brought about a fit of severe vomiting. You literally make me sick!

          • Kikish.

    • Click on the the top 3 links at the beg. of the comments section right above the video. This guy explains and shows in detail. Do the work and you will see.

  3. The sandy hook shooting didn’t work out for them, so now they’re going to try again with this. What happens when they finally realize this staged **** isn’t working like they’d hoped, what then? Are they going to do a REAL shooting, I wouldn’t put it pass them, I think they would actually DO it.

  4. BTW did anybody catch that acting job of the father MARTINEZ? I mean how bad can you get? He belongs up there on the same roster of bad actors as Gene Rosen and Robbie Parker:^)

    • He’s such a hack that, here, there was no effort to even consider him. Yet, perhaps, it should be done in a post, esp. since he’s covering for the fake death of his son. Links, if possible.

    • Bad acting. No grieved parent would talk like this. This guy is totally scripted.


      • Ha! That’s the interview I meant! This **** is getting so obvious that they are starting to use jews as the killers, because a lot of people are coming to the realization that jews are responsible for this NWO ****. They’re the ones’ pushing for it. Using a jew as the killer is to try and make the public believe that THEY are victims too. Bullshit!! Nobody is falling for their ****, and they know it, and it bothers the **** out of ’em

        • Like they say with the chosenites, if one trick doesn’t work. there’s a whole lot more in the occult trunk.
          You gotta watch’em like a hawk, and trust’em like an asp, that’s the nature of the beast.

  5. Homosexuality, S&M, holocaust denial. DrK must have some dark wet-dreams.

    That Moroccan fellow knew Jagger and Paul Bowles! I’m very jealous, he must have had some stories to tell!

    If you haven’t read Paul Bowles, I highly recommend that you do. A fine writer.

    • I am firm believer that these fake events are being used to enable gun confiscation. The Globalist Fascist scum are pushing it. They are evil and have and will do anything to bring about there NWO Satanic system. This system is straight from Lucifer. They have to disarm the American people in order to complete this evil systems control. This system is straight out of Rome not Israel.

      • Straight out of the evil Babylonian Talmud & straight out of Israel.


      • Truther says Rome did it.

        Cowboy says the blame lies with Israel.

        Any other Mediterranean countries/cities under suspicion?

        I’ve always thought that the Maltese were a shifty looking bunch.

        • Every history jews have documented their slave trade. That is a fact. They lied about six million and fabricated the gas chambers though documented otherwise. And they created this fictitious jewsus book derived from their filthy Talmud. Now they are running the federal reserve and create these so called anti racist org to obtain finances.

        • Knight’s of Malta ? Now there’s a peaceful bunch.

    • How many were murdered in the communist/zionist run gulag & mass murder holocaust in the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1989 Mossad boy?
      Try atleast 66 million genocided mostly Christians–goyim animals as the evil book says. That’s fine with you huh?

  6. Why does the guy on Harry Swartz twitter page 2nd ftom right, look just like Ivan Cheritsa of Kentucky?
    Harry Swartz Twitter

    Ivan Cheritsa (& Valentina Cheritsa)

    But this leads me to the older HARRY SWARTZ/Schwartz of Cali…and who he looks like… (Don’t blame me these Zionists can’t spell their own names…better to scam the dumb goyim my dear…said the big bad wolf dressed up as grandma. Atleast the old german fairy tales tried to warn us of their treachery.)

    • Cowboy

      They can change their identity and names to fit the gentile population. Thus making it hard to identify. By records you can see the amount of documentation of their arrogance like the slave trade in the West Indies and Americas.

  7. Ignore Corrector.

    • Paula,

      How rude!

      Well, consider this a warning, if I see you ignoring me again I will not hesitate to call you a ****. I don’t want to this so please don’t force my hand.

      There is plenty of room here for a range of opinions and I find your attempts to drive away dissenting views deeply disturbing. This is clear evidence that my presence here is a necessity.

      • Corrector…just out of curiosity…how much do you get paid? And in the end, will it all be worth it? Something to ponder.

        • John,

          That old chestnut!

          This is the bit where I say that I’m not paid.

          Then you insist that I am.

          Etc ad náuseas.

          How much do you think I am paid?

          • Corrector, I believe you have me confused with another chestnut, as this is my first post. But whatever.

            Back to my original question ….Oh you don’t get paid ,huh? That is rather hard to believe as I sift through some of these comments. You always appear and when someone mentions you or replies to you…..you are like a fly to horsesh*#. (sorry, don’t want to offend anyone with bad language). Either you have an agenda, you are being paid, or you seriously need a hobby. (I’d be happy to give you some suggestions)

            Ok, let’s pretend you don’t get paid……then I’ll reword my question. And in the end, will it all be worth it for you Corrector? Something to seriously ponder. I only ask because I am trying to help you. There is still time before it’s too late and won’t be any time left. Oh, and the end I’ m referring to is the end before the beginning. The true beginning, not the false one. I know there are some truly evil out there that like to turn everything upside down. And believe that a lie is the truth–or that spewing lies is ok if it’s for a demented view of the greater good . I also know for a fact that there are others who don’t have a clue and are spewing lies and trolling just for a paycheck. How one sleeps at night is beyond me. I’m hoping you are the latter as the former are as their view is. Hope you shine a light on that path you are on and realize you are indeed on the wrong one.

  8. Stupidity, ignorance, blindness, lack of research is far reaching – someone actually commented under a lady gaga music video “poker face or f&#^ her face” that “she is sweet”

    This website and radio show are great…but the tentacles must reach further out and in a more conservative and scientific manner, rather key words and shock method phrases only some understand.

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPK1l4y8cxk See parts 1-5 – he shows proof. Not a conspiracy.

  10. I find it amazing that Corrector is still here!
    What is the point of these rantings, musings, retarded comments, childish remarks, bullying, and exhaustive word play…

    Time to get A LIFE – Why are you here? IF you don’t like the site and / or its not your cup of tea…what are you doing here then?

    Oh yes…how could I forget!?
    1. Has to be paid or insane
    2. Bored and has nothing better to do
    3. Enjoys bullying, looking intelligent online bc in real life is probably not or seriously socially awkward
    4. Likes to make conversation with Cowboys! haha and more… rrrrr oh yeah!
    5,? fill in the blank
    6. ?

    • NM,

      If you have finished your copy-paste crusade let me give you a clear and unequivocal answer.

      I come here because the statements made on this site and in the comments are incorrect. I believe in freedom of speech so have nothing against people expressing their (incorrect and sometimes abhorrent) views but choose to use my own right to free speech as a counterpoint.

      Also, as there is nothing on this site that is personally offensive to me (I’m not a homosexual or a Jew), I find you all quite amusing. That isn’t to say that I think I am smarter than you, in fact I’m sure that most of you are very intelligent people, you are just wrong. There are probably myriad reasons each of you broadly agree with the site but it appears that the common denominator is hate.

      Anyway, explanation over.

      I have work to do so I’ll have to catch your response later.

  11. Didn’t read your BS…just saw the name and that was enough BS!!! 🙂

    Just wanted to tell you..

    You don’t like this site and don’t agree, and no one agrees with you!—-> Leave!


    Everyone on nodisinfo

    • NM I’m sorry to say but The Corrector has valid points and I for one think critical thinking rather than hate speech is a worthwhile goal for us all.

      Information can be presented without all the bias attached to it like so many posts I have read on this site. It serves no one to act in this fashion.

      Surley if the goal of this site is to spread knowledge about certain issues, to raise awarness then doing so in a professional manner is the most logical course of action.

      The message can still be got accross without all the bias, pure hate speech, along for the ride. I dont disagree with the questions raised in these posts, in part I agree further research is valid into all these matters, but using how someone looks is hardly evidence.

      Put out factual information and raise questions that others can research and offer further proof on a particular subject matter. Don’t assume or have clear bias in the discussion. Just the facts as best known will do.

      I hope you see my point.

      Good luck

      • GTFO

      • On the contrary, I never did find the postings of the motherfucker who calls itself the Corrector interesting. I guess that starts out as a bad omen, but I really don’t give a ****.

        Going through your babbling, I still do not see your point.

        Remember that the founding Fathers of this country gave their offspring the greatest inheritance ever possible, and that is the First Amendment. As soon as they have decreed this great gift, they had signed the Second Amendment and more to protect the First. Obviously without the Second, there is no fucking way to keep the First in which the founding Fathers had already foreseen if the Second is nullified. Without the First, the eventual outcome is a police state.

        I really don’t care if they did actually ban hand guns, but banning assault weapons is alarming. I urge everyone to be patriot and to acquire an assault weapon since this types of hoaxes (and perhaps eventual real tragedies will definitely occur in the future). THEY are not afraid of puny handguns, but they are scared of assault weapons if everyone has one. This should be very obvious from these recent historical events.

        • KK I understand your frustration with the thought of losing assault weapons. I suspect hate speech so often seen on this site will in fact increase the chances of this becoming reality and it will have been you along with many others that provided legitimate reasons for government to act.

          Imagine the general public not exposed to these hoax idea’s reading some of the comments on this site. I suspect they would be very scared indeed.

          If the above blog is factual then it is your duty to expose the so called hoax with firm evidence not useless biased Jew hating ramblings. You and others are making your job of investigation much more difficult without unbiased, factual assessment.

          I would have thought bringing more of the general public into the hoax exposure perspective with unbiased, rational, factual information would be the best course of action to preserve gun rights.

          Good luck

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