Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 26 May 2014
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Santa Barbara Hoax Absolutely Proven – Role of Gay Zionists

The Santa Barbara ‘drive by shooting’ is hereby proven a hoax – and it is proof which is absolute. The methodology is revealed. The scams perpetrated by the Zionists can no longer be disguised.

Santa Barbara’s Gay and Lesbian community was extensively leveraged in the perpetration of the Santa Barbara drive by shooting hoax. In part this was in support of fellow homosexual and the hoax’s central figure, arch-Zionist mole and Talmudic Jew, Elliot Rodger.

Even so, the gay community has proven to be a convenient source of man-woman power for such hoaxes. Often, homosexuals fake their deaths and then disappear. With money involved, surely many would be tempted to do so, for instance, Kristle Campbell, who is surely a lesbian and with big funds in-hand escaped into the mystery-land.

In this regard Elliot Rodgers himself is a disappearing artist, as he did not die from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The haughty Zionist mole is alive and well, living it up on his new budget, attached to his new-found gay community. He was, all along, supported in perpetrating the fraud by fellows in-kind, and also women in-kind.

Additional support for the hoax is provided by the supposed father of Elliot Rodger, movie producer Peter Rodger. He is given back-up in this obvious scam by arch-Zionist Jew, his lawyer, Alvin Shipman.

Without doubt, the supposed shooter and stabber – who didn’t shoot or stab anyone – is a homosexual. Did his family want rid of him, socially, and so assisted in the performance of the scam? Was he, then, too much of an embarrassment? Regardless of the motivation surely Rodger has now departed the country. He would be too easy to recognize,, considering the number of videos he has disseminated.

Where did this Jewish youth go, to the Zionist strip? Or, is he in London with Christopher Martinez? Where are, in fact, any of the people named as dead? None of them died, which means that they disappeared, perhaps to another country.

The local UCSB/Santa Monica-based homosexual clique played a particularly crucial role as fake witnesses and also fake injured.

Yet, first, let us look at the key purported victims upon which the entire hoax is based – the ones who died – who never really died at all:

Roommate George Chen, 19, was stabbed to death by Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger.

This individual is named as George Chen, acclaimed as a roommate of Rodger. He is poking one thumb up, straight up, while holding his index finger and thumb in a peculiar way. Is he gay as well? Like all the others, he’s not dead.

This is Katie Cooper, another supposedly murdered individual,, snuggled up to a girlfriend:

Katie Cooper, 22, was killed as she stood in front of a sorority house.

Or, is that image, right screen, sorority ‘sister’ and likely Zionist Jew, Veronika Weiss?

Here is Cooper again with additional ‘friends:’

Cooper is seen here again, this time in Hawaii, with another ‘girlfriend.’ Note the position. Is this a lady-like behavior?

…and again:

These women are awfully close to each other, bodies and breasts pressed together. Moreover, it is virtually always women in these happy-faced images with a few occasional exceptions.

At UCSB it is all one big party, t he second most partying university in the country after the University of Iowa:

Someone should be upset if such a fine looking and well-placed young lady was gunned down in a brutal assault. No one seems to care. The only one giving commentary is a supposed aunt.

Now comes Christopher Michael Martinez. He, too, is alive: somewhere.

Christopher Michael-Martinez, 20, a student at UCSB, was killed as he ate his dinner.

What is he doing wearing pony tails for a camera shoot? Would a man of any sort be caught dead with such a hat? How bizarre: how does it relate to his suit?

Dashed dreams: Martinez was on track to graduate from college with a high GPA and live in London for a year

Caption: Dashed dreams: Martinez was on track to graduate from college with a high GPA and live in London for a year

Yet, categorically, he is not dead, that is he is absolutely alive.  In other words, in no way is he a victim of any drive-by shooting. Where is he now, in London or Tel Aviv, or, perhaps, China? There are plenty of options.


It would appear, then, that Martinez is a part of the same gay clique to which Rodgers belongs.

Here is the other fake sorority sister fatality, Veronika Weiss, with a friend. Or, is it something more telling then mere friendship, here?

That’s quite the embrace she is putting on her friend.
Gone skiing? Just the women together with the big grins, arms around each other? Where are the boyfriends?

All these individuals are highly well-placed and from most likely upper class families. If they would have been murdered, it would have been a major issue.

Homosexual connection confirmed: More than just sorority sisters?

Here is an image of Cooper and Weiss together, real or Photoshopped (can’t be confirmed one way or the other. The finger signs do look bizarre. It will be presumed as real. These two are, once again, exceedingly close to each other. It’s yet another all female scene.


There’s plenty showing in all instances. Yet, what else is seen? Look at cooper’s left hand. What is she doing? Does she have to go to the bathroom?


If the clothing isn’t sufficiently revealing, stars and stripes or not, the anatomy surely doesn’t lie. First, note the position of her pelvis and how she is rocking it forward. She is also holding something blue-colored with a white tip in her left hand, while pressing her fingers very close to her private area. What young lady would be caught on camera in such a pose? It’s simply not the thing a lady would do, especially when being photographed.

It might as well be a porn feature. This is, it would appear, a costume party for lesbians.

Yet, the ringleader of it all the UCSB homosexuals is Rodgers. It was he who said that “You women” are the problem:


There are people who believe that this video featuring this arrogant, little man, this Zionist mole, is real. It’s not. It’s a fake. He’s acting.

Notice his voice inflictions for those who would listen to the nonsense. He is attempting to manipulate the people’s consciousness, and they are largely succumbing to it.

Gay crisis actors/support staff  – lying to support the hoax

There was surely a need for such a clique in this instance. The story lines were clearly untenable. People hit on bicycles without evidence, others are struck by the car while skateboarding, still others simply run down – yet others are shot in the streets or in buildings in cold blood. It was all without the slightest trail of proof or evidence.

Liars, cheats, and frauds were a necessity to make the story hold.

After all, it is all a play. Even a cursory view of the Rodgers videos proves that it is all an act. He is acting, clear as the day. “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” against blonde women. Who believes such inanity?

It is the false witnesses that helped buttress the phony plot.

One of the most unbelievable story lines relates to an individual named Elliot Gee:

He is an angry, embittered gay man (note, also, the emphasis of the middle finger; he must get that into the photo). Incredibly, he wishes he was a woman:


Once again, notice the middle finger gesturing.


His entire life is a representation of seething anger. Notice how he is using terminology similar to that spouted by Rodgers.

Regardless, in this godless world it seems that a vast number of people have no hesitation to give such false witness and thus the claims surrounding him as, essentially, a skate-boarded struck into mid-air were supported by yet other false witnesses:


The car slammed into a human, an obvious frontal strike? Yet, there is no evidence for this to any degree. The front end of the car is intake. The headlights are unmarred, and the grill is fully intact.

No information has yet to be discovered on Debowski but, regardless, it is already known that he is a fabricator.

Yet, all that is irrelevant. Any car damage that did exist occurred before the vehicle was placed on the scene.

Fraudster Kyle Sullivan is also an extreme fabricator. Incredibly, because of his video performance he is regarded as a hero by some.

He is no hero. Rather, he is a paid crisis mole spewing nothing but fabrications:


Sullivan’s false witness has been taken as truth by millions of people. He loves a good party, though. What was he paid?

Another fraudster is mentioned in the following screenshot, Nick Paischuke, who claims he was truck by the car:


There is, therefore, a significant connection of the local homosexual community with the Santa Barbara shooting hoax. A list of the fraudsters and fabricators who are either faking their deaths or acting as fake support agents are listed here:

  • Eilliot Rodgers (the ring-leader; absolutely gay)
  • Katie Cooper (most likely gay)
  • Veronika Weiss (most likely gay)
  • George Chen
  • Elliot Gee (gay, support staff)
  • Christopher Michael Martinez (most likely gay)
  • E. J. Deebrowski
  • Nick Pasichuke
  • Sierra Swartz









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  1. This one must be a joke!

    You have managed to write a post that is childish, homophobic, misogynistic, antisemitic, voyeuristic and wrong.

    I would not let my daughter within a mile of you DrK.

    • Maybe it was a joke , I found myself laughing throughout the read. Hard to deny some of the indicators though.
      @Correcter- do you define “anti-Semite” as anti Jew ?

      • Spyvspy,

        It doesn’t matter how “I” define a word.
        The Oxford English Dictionary defines “anti-semitic” as “hostile to or prejudiced against Jews”. I would follow that definition.

        Purely linguistically the word would appear to mean being antagonistic towards speakers of Arabic, Ethiopean, Hebrew, Maltese etc. but the word did not develop in that way (partly because hatred of speakers of a particular family of languages is unlikely to occur) . It was simply created as a synonym for “hatred of Jews” and so carries no other meaning.

        • So for clarity sake , anti-Semite does NOT mean racist.

    • Blah Blah Blah Dr.k blah
      did i say
      yes i did bc i need to correct ! l o o s e r <—–correct this one

      • PS: that last one was for the Corrector 😛

  2. There are over a dozen YouTube videos online that say exactly what Dr. K is saying. This gay boy Elliot Rodger is gay as pink ink. No straight man would ever call himself ”fabulous and gorgeous” as Elliot does in his 20 homemade YouTube videos. All of these videos were made in the past 3 to 4 months.

    Even Liberace was more butch than this Elliot gay boy. Whoever cast this gay boy as a sex-starved straight college man made a huge mistake. Elliot’s acting is cornball in the extreme.

    We notice in Elliot’s videos that he never says he told any ”girl” his father is a famous Hollywood movie director. That fact alone would get him a BJ in one minute in Isla Vista or Santa Barbara. Also, as we see in his FB photos Elliot wears lip gloss. Straight men do not wear lip gloss.

    • Douglas,

      Please provide a link to evidence that:

      “No straight man would ever call himself ”fabulous and gorgeous” ”


      “Straight men do not wear lip gloss”

      It appears that you have a poor understanding of the difference between narcissism and homosexuality.

    • “There are over a dozen YouTube videos online that say exactly what Dr. K is saying.”

      Oh, well then it MUST be true! Why didn’t you SAY so?? That paragon of absolute truth, YouTube!!

  3. This video spells it out in bold face type. Elliot = gay. Nothing wrong with being gay in itself but please do not commit hoaxes.


    • Just say no to gayngsters

      • This is not addressed to you, SVS but if anyone cannot see that Elliot is gay, they have not been living on this planet in recent decades.

        There are several eyewitness interviews that say 2 men were seen driving around in the black BMW. Its obvious they were looking for their pre-planned stooges to fake their death. They were probably firing blanks for effect and wax bullets into the windows. These Hollywood effects will break a window but cause no injury. Being that Elliot’s father was a Hollywood director, he would know all about special effects and how his son and accomplice could use them.

        None of this is rocket science. The lame part is that the father would cast his gay son as a straight man. ”Mr. Rodger, please get your gay son Elliot some acting lessons on how to act butch.” An Academy Award performance was not pulled off in this sorry case.

    • Douglas,

      I watched all 9 minutes and 33 seconds of the video and saw no homosexual behavior. Did you link to the correct video?

      Please point out the part that spells out in “bold face” Elliot = Gay!


      • The first 9 minutes and 32 seconds.

  4. Can you imagine the rehearsals for this event?”Ok son , try to act …. manly.”

  5. So to be clear , anti Semite does not mean racist.

    • I meant this as a reply to Correctors post ,wrong place.

  6. It’s about time to weed out these gay criminals. Somewhere along the line a Jew has then control. Let’s say if anderson cooper was paid by Monsanto to say gmos are safe and condemns right wingers and fringes as lunatics for being against gmos do you think he should be charged with treason? They will play the homophobic role.

    Ernst rohm a homosexual was killed not because he was gay. He was killed for his part in the international Jewry.

    There was a case where two gay Iranians rape (killed?) a 13 yo boy. They were executed. I saw a youtube clip before they were deleted. How it was justifiable because they raped a 13 yo. Then the Jew media in the west played the homophobic card and condemned the killing.

    How about the jews controlling the gay rights movement pushing an agenda that does not represent true rights?

    Scam artists with their aids walk and zio Talmudic scum like Larry Kramer should be accountable. I saw him in a documentary a while back talking about finding a cure for aids. While withholding info about this man made disease. Can anyone check how much of an acct he received?

  7. Mossadomite Zionist DHS Pride

  8. I think instead of flapping your gums about queers, you’d better start flappin’ on these constant hoaxes. Or you’ll end up flappin’ your ass in a FEMA camp.

  9. Jean Bush is SPOT ON – it’s time to take decisive action, because you have much more than a PREPONDERANCE of EVIDENCE required to win CIVIL RICO (racketeering), FRAUD, CONSPIRACY, TITLE 42 – Deprivation of Civil Rights / Equal Protection, CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS, and other claims.

    SOVEREIGN CT AMERICA’s BILL STOLLER discussed these matters, AND noted that it’s on YOU / US, because NO U.S. ATTORNEY WILL BABYSIT YOU.

    SESSION I (uncensored and unedited) went fairly well re: INFORMATION and STRATEGY for PENDING LAWSUITS AGAINST THE ZIONIST FALSE FLAGGERS and GUN GRABBERS, clearly guilty of HIGH TREASON and many other crimes, as well as being CIVILLY LIABLE for the forementioned TORTIOUS ACTS.

    Here’s the SESSION I (May 10, 2014) archived presentation at http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-125501/TS-858239.mp3

    CT AMERICA has scheduled SESSION II for Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 8 pm Eastern, with call in information on CTA’s site at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501


    Keep the Faith – Keep the Fight !

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for CT GLOBAL and CT AMERICA

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