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Santa Fe School Shooting in Texas is an arch-Zionist Distraction and Total Absolute Fake

While the Zionists have perpetrated in April and May 2018 mass slaughter in Gaza they, now, orchestrate a hoax shooting at a high school in Texas some 35 miles outside of Houston.

Many Palestinians have taken offense to the US moving its embassy the day before Nakba, which they see as adding insult to injury.
The brother of Palestinian Shaher al-Madhoon, who was killed during a protest at the Israel-Gaza border, hugs his body at a hospital morgue in the northern Gaza Strip.
 REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

This explains the basis of the Santa Fe school ‘shooting’ distraction. The fact is it is was a drill, and the Sheriff spokesperson proves it, saying, “Uh, we have a multi-agency response out here at a little bit before 8:00.” Now, how could all such coordinated agencies do so, unless this was planned well in advance? The fact is it is patently impossible, and everyone knows it.

That drill, by the way, was used in order to ‘prep’ the students and teachers for their acting roles.

See this image of the woman in grey with the cropped blonde hair. She is surely a coordinator, and can be seen in other images carrying a mobile communication device.

See the coordinator, here, operating in regard to the bus, which is a component of the staging:

Image result for photos; scene; shooting; santa fe; school; texas; images

It’s the same woman, make no mistake. She is a mole working on the taxpayer largess on behalf of the DHS.

Nevertheless, there is not a single legitimate image of an actual wounded person, suffering in pain, shock; or of anyone who is bleeding or seriously wounded.

There are countless emergency vehicles found about and many life-flight helicopters, at least three of them, none of them operating on behalf of any seriously wounded. The ambulances are empty. Nothing is going on, here.

It is obvious that all the witnesses are actors. No one is in shock. There is no adrenaline running, here, because nothing of any significance happened. Yet, despite this, people are speaking all sorts of nonsense, such as ‘Something has to be done’ and ‘Guns are the problem’ and ‘Nothing will happen until something is done,’ as well as ‘This is a standard day in America,’ and all manner of other gibberish.

He’s right, it was a drill, and these fake grievers know it as well:

See the smirk of this woman after being asked a leading question by the reporter. She had no option but to represent, visibly, the elements within her subconscious mind, as is true of all those who fabricate such wild stories:

The staging is obvious in this video. No one can dispute it. This is a hoax, no other possibility. The fact is this youth is the front face of the phony, complete with her psyops-related shirt complete with the Batman logo:

While the Zionists and their willing cohorts perpetrate this fraud, people throughout the Middle East are being systematically slaughtered: such as this man, shot in the chest by the thieves, hoodlums, and gangsters of the illicit Zionist strip:

Image result for images; wounded; gaza; violence; nakba

Where are the dead and wounded from the school shooting hoax? They cannot be found anywhere.


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  1. A brand new school shooting hoax was staged in Texas, USA. I did research on it on the internet and was able to dig up information that proves this is 100% a zionist hoax.

  2. Its been over 12 hours and no blood photos have been seen. If 10 people had been killed there should be a lot of visible blood. Have not seen one drop so far.

  3. Hey Cowboy, WTC 7? Explain

  4. Hats off to u, doc!

  5. More Texas drill/hoax fakers

  6. Its now been over 24 hrs and we see no dead bodies….are they still there in pools of blood on the floor of the Art Room? No coroner trucks on site. No wounded seen. Is this another huge gun-control hoax? Hey Dr K….good job on this story out of TX.! At least that FL school had a golf cart smeared with fake blood zooming around.

    • Thks…It seems like a deliberate attempt to avoid fake blood scenes and phony wounded, just a few false witness agents, here and there.

  7. Dead Palestinians… the Zionist aggression is no hoax

  8. Yes the dead palestinian bodies still moveing becose they are posess by satanic devel of the jews when on earth but when go to heven they be in paradise!

  9. The girl from the last photo has Jewish features

  10. Ex1) Santa Fe TX Fake School Shooting By Fake Greek Orthodox Shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis Crisis Actor Fake Kills 10 & Wounds10 for 11 code of 18 for 666 code. Totally Fake School Shooting!

  11. Ex3) Santa FEake School Shooter “Demmy” Dimitrios Pagourtzis the Hillary Clinton Supportwhore!!!!!

  12. Doyle- you’re definitely the sad loser of the day…

    Notes: Before It’s News is a citizens journalism website where stories are provided by individuals without credentials. Stories can range from moderately credible to tin-foil hat conspiracies. It seems this source has become a haven for conspiracy theorists and pseudo-scientists. Further, the website is riddled with pop-up ads and potential malware that make it impossible and unsafe to navigate. This source has been classified as Fake News by Fake News Watch and Politifact. (7/20/2016) Updated (6/19/2017)

  13. Ex6) Santa FeAKE School Shooter Demmy Pagourtzis’ Father is Mossad/ CIA Antonios Pagourtzis & He is alias Antonios Poulassichidis the name he uses as a college professor at Univ’ of TX Austin & he is heavily involved in the Oil Shale & Gas Industry in SD & TX!

    And his CIA/Mossad wife also uses both these two last names as well & also Kometatos. She uses Rose Marie Pagourtzis, Rose Marie Kometatos, Rosalinda Kometatos & Rosalinda Poulasssichidis & many others with first name Elena & Margaret & many more!

    He flies a helicopter just like the small Medevac Shock Trauma ones used in these hoax!!!

  14. Ex9) Santa FeAKE School Shooter’s mom Rose Kometatos works for jewess Behavior Modification (PsyOps) Psychiatrist connected to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas!

  15. Ex10) Fake Texas Shooter Pagourtzis mom works this (PsyOp s) Psychiatrist Kim Jarutowicz who works at Human Behavior Modification at Lackland AFB yet has her own private contractor company PBS doing tge same thing & Rose Kometatos/Pagourtzis/ Poulassichidis works her company!

  16. See how previous generations did the same since the beginning of time its just history repeating it self every so often the devils system comes into play its only going one way destruction once it follows the devil god utterly destroys them thats what coming

  17. Ex11) Santa FeAKE Shootwhore’ PsyOp mother works for Lackland Air Force Base PsyOp Human Behavior Modification Psychiatrist Kimberly Karutowicz at this/ her private contractor company doing the same thing! These are modern day Frankenstein Doctwhores!

    You just can’t make this $h#t up!

  18. Ex13) Santa Fe A K E School Shooting Shootwhore CIAMossad PsyOp Mother -3 Marriages of hers- 2 of them to the same guy as Antonios Pagourtzis & Antonios Poulassichidis to set up two aliases/ identities! And a marriage to an apparent jew Donnie Schnee!

    KOSMETATOS, ROSALINDA E who was 29 (born ABT 1969) married 29 DEC 1998 in HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS, U.S.A. a groom named ANTONIOS POULASSICHIDIS who was 31 (born ABT 1967).
    Source: Texas state-wide marriage and divorce indices (public domain). Check Archives for ROSALINDA E KOSMETATOS.

    KOSMETATOS, ROSE M who was 21 (born ABT 1970) married 20 OCT 1991 in ANGELINA COUNTY, TEXAS, U.S.A. a groom named DONNIE G SCHNEE who was 37 (born ABT 1954).
    Source: Texas state-wide marriage and divorce indices (public domain). Check Archives for ROSE M KOSMETATOS.

    KOSMETATOS, ROSEMARIE P who was 30 (born ABT 1970) married 25 MAR 2000 in HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS, U.S.A. a groom named ANTONIOS PAGOURTZIS who was 45 (born ABT 1955).
    Source: Texas state-wide marriage and divorce indices (public domain). Check Archives for ROSEMARIE P KOSMETATOS.

  19. Yangtze: The linked BIN article reports that the TX event was a hoax. I suppose there are commentators here that disagree with that.

  20. The shooter’s mother is a paralegal at a local law firm and the father is a lineman for the local electrical cooperative…. thanks for all your great research, cowbells.

  21. I’d like to see inside that Art Room where 10 people were blasted with a shot gun and a pistol. Its been over 2 days now…..are they still there lying in puddles of coagulated blood? Haven’t seen any neatly wrapped bodies being removed. Christine posts some good videos. Found any photos of coroner trucks, Christine? Please post if you do. I’m ready for any updates. If its a real shooting…OK, we can deal with that. If not …let the facts speak for themselves.
    Rumor has it that these fake shootings will continue for the next 50 to 100 years… until the US is totally destroyed….or.

  22. Doyle- I’m hearing only 15-20 years. Who you getting your info from?

  23. Hate to break it to you … but this isn’t a conspiracy site. It’s a PARODY conspiracy site.

    If you look at the stories, EVERY major tragedy is a hoax and has some nefarious backstory, with “crimes” routinely perpetuated by Zionists.

    However, the regulars here are too stupid to realize this site is a sick PARODY of a truther site — one in poor taste, for sure — and comment as if these “hoaxes” are true.

    The rest of us, and there are many, find this site hysterically funny, and just come here to troll the nincompoops like Cowboy, who take this site seriously. It’s just too much fun.

    Take a look at the comments for the past few years. There is absolutely no intellectual commentary. It’s just a bunch of juvenile insults and homo jokes. And hundreds of bizarre postings by the paranoid schizophrenic, Cowboy.

    Anyone who takes this site seriously has a screw loose.

  24. Louie: Sorry but are you living in an alternate universe. This site is at the top of the list of detailing hoaxes. Anyone who says that people are killed at these endless gun-control hoaxes does not operate with any degree of critical thinking. The USA is not the nice place people think it is. The Norman Rockwell America is dead and has been since Obama occupied the Oval Office. It’ll take decades to repair the damage his administration did. No other site has the guts that Dr. K has with regards to exposing government sanctioned hoaxes.

  25. Ex5) Baltimore Co. Fake Cop ShootOut Script So Stupid They are Saying They Can’t Tell If Female Cop was shot to death or Run over by Evil Black Jeep Wrangler! Can’t this ziotrash DHS HOAX get any dumber??????

    & Just as Ridiculous Cops & Sheriffs Deputies are Swarming All over Perry & Fullerton & Parkville & Whitmarsh area buying donuts & getting free coffee laughing & joking like it’s just another another Drill Style PsyOp! & It is!!! They were just in a Dunkin Donuts buying 3 or 4 dozen donuts on US Route 1 Bel Air Road! & Others getting Donuts at another Dunkin Donuts in Perry Hall also on US 1.

    & Yet most ridiculously while they pretend to be looking for a suspect or supects but none of them are told what the suspects or will tell you what the suspect(s) look like!!! Despict supposed witnesses seeing the fake shootout or Car Run Over killing!

    How does one look for a suspect without knowing a general idea of who they are looking for??? Why hide thst from the public! Only because it is a hoax/ PsyOp! The stupid script ..or atleast one version says they recovered the black jeep Wrangler!!! Yet they don’t tell
    who is was registered to!!!??? LMAO! If they really had a Jeep why not just drive it into a wooded area like Gun Powder State Park or a Cornfield or woods on a farm & 99% of cop cars could not search for it???!!! This is yet another total Bullsh#t Hoax for their evil treasonous Zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda!

  26. Ex8) Baltimoghake cop shootOut / Car Attack Crisis Actwhores Gail Fiedler & Joyce Defoor

  27. Ex8) Baltimore Fake cop shootOut / Car Attack Crisis Crypto Jewess es Actwhores Gail Fiedler & Joyce Defoor!

  28. Note the water bottles on the “set”.

  29. I phoned coroner offices in UK (5) to establish if passengers named in MH17 were registered as deceased and all negative and the 5th office suggested I leave it alone. There are some 1.2 trillion cu tons of gas and oil in the area where the crash is claimed , drjlling rights, go to Shell, Chevron and Burisma , the latter 2 are Americans and Joe Biden,s son Hunter Biden is Legal Director of Burisma. This may be just a coincidence and mistakes in the coroners offices but it looks slightly odd. Also the connecting roads in Ukraine in certain areas 5th worst in the World and Many previously good roads have damages NOT EVIDENT 2017 which could be sabotage, using Naptha and a hydraulic ram from under a heavy vehicle because the damage is not made by traffic. There is little traffic and the the damages are on new thick bitumen occurring at intervals of a few hundred yards, just making the route impossible for motorists whos vehicles were being damaged by the road conditions.I found the inhabitants to be good natural and straight, not corrupt like another type who exist there.In a town near Mariupol the road sealing outside a mayors huge expensive home was thick new bitumen for half a mile and right in front of the locals with poor rough road.It looked like a brazen threat.

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