Santa Monica Hoax — 17 June 2013
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Santa Monica’s Fake Blood and Fraudster Debra Fine

Watch this video and see the evidence for staging of Santa Monica hoax’s star fraudster, Israeli-Firster and Dianne Feinstein cohort Debra Fine. Blood packet is detected; moulage kit is seen clearly.


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  1. This woman, fine is a complete liar. She had a bullet hit her ear, a bullet hit her shoulder, and 2 bullets that hit her in the torso that were only inches away from her “vital organs”. Well, people – let me present to you either a miracle of life, or a complete fabricated *****. She is entirely lying. That scrape on her arm is nothing. Surely it isn’t a bullet injury. If a bullet grazed her arm and left that mark, I have some magical beans to sell you. She seems to have been miraculously grazed by 4 bullets. Well, let me tell you something – bullets don’t just graze. Sure, maybe the first bullet might graze you but the other 3 won’t. For you to have a nicked ear, a nicked shoulder, and 2 bullet holes that hit near your vital organs that you never showed us, means that you are a compete liar with self inflicted marks upon your gross and pathetic body that we don’t care to see or know anything about. (Please don’t even try to convince me that mark on her shoulder area is a grazed bullet injury because no matter how brain dead I was, I would never believe your assertion of that illusion.)

    You people have to really be out-of-touch if you don’t know the damage a bullet can do. There is no way that 2 bullets will nick an ear and nick an arm and two other bullets that penetrate the torso within inches of vital organs and the hospital lets her leave in their care in 48 hours. People – please think. If it doesn’t make sense, there is no reason to accept stuff is not even close to being believable.

  2. RonK,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. How can a human being be so deceptive?

    I have come to the conclusion that most Jews are unable to live in a normal society because of the deceptive and violent mind they have.

    Remember the story about Sadaam’s weapons of mass destruction? And there were none.

    Now again there are Jewish lies about Assad’s chemical weapons to try and destroy this beautiful country: Syria (please see the video below from Real Jew News)

    Jews have no compassion for humanity which is disheartening to say the least.

  3. jews rejoice when there is suffering, they are taught that jesus is boiling in excrement in hell, Nicola tesla said ” miss, never trust a jew”

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