**Breaking News** — 05 July 2016
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Claims that No One Died in the Istanbul Airport Terrorist Are a Distraction and Zionist Plot

After filling the world with hoaxes, now comes at the hands of the criminal arch-Zionist mob a real terrorist attack, in this case at the Istanbul International Airport, just like those which occur, routinely in the Apartheid-based Zionist occupation of Palestine. The criminally-minded corrupt ones who control world affairs have a plot. That plot is to create confusion. This is through elaborate disinformation campaigns. See the channels which support this claim, that is of no deaths in the Istanbul attack. They are all run by Zionist agents.

One such campaign is to sow doubt about virtually all issues, even hard, known facts such as the fact that the earth is globular, an intergalactic whirling ball, like all other planets and interstellar objects. An entire campaign exists on the Internet to deem the earth flat, an elaborate disinformation plot.

The Zionists seek to twist all information, and make no mistake about it those who seek to twist the truth are the Zionist-controlled YouTube channels.

Now, while it is true that certain elements in the Turkish hierarchy have committed hoaxes and/or supported them, such as the arch-fake March 2016 ‘suicide bombing,’ one, by the way, staged by the Israelis themselves, the June 2016 bombing and shooting up of the Istanbul Airport was no hoax.

Moreover, in one case it can be seen on CCTV camera as a person is being shot, in this instance a plain clothes policeman.

The policeman, as would be expected, finds the man’s presence suspect and, therefore, demands identification:


Instead, he is faced with a gun blasting at him in point-blank range:


The discoloration in front of him is marked, but there is no means to determine precisely what this is. Even so, he reacts to the impact of the bullet, the force, which drives him in the same direction of the impact.


Another arrow marks elements in the background. Where there any witnesses to this? Even so, the CCTV imagery is witness. There is no way this could be faked. How anyone could call this mere acting is unfathomable.

Even so, as the policeman attempts to right himself, perhaps even to draw a gun, then what happens? The terrorist shoots him again.



The double image is from compression. The poor man seems to be holding his abdominal region. It would be a shock if, in fact, the man survived.

In this early image in the aftermath, what is seen? There are two bomb-blast victims. One of these victims suffered a fatal injury to the thigh, most likely from shrapnel. One of the victims is a woman. Initially, this site sought not to produce such images, yet in the spirit of truth and clarification, now, it will do so.


This is a very dire day for humanity that a major international airport would be attacked in this way. Yet, through criminal schemes other airports have suffered horrific attacks, for instance, in the invasions by the Zionist-backed US military against Afghanistan and Iraq. Yet, apparently, despite the invasion of Baghdad its airport remained relatively intact. Here is one explanation for this:

In the interview al-Rawi recounted how the bombs dropped “annihilated soldiers, but left the buildings and the infrastructure of the airport intact.” Some 2,000 Iraqi troops put up ferocious resistance before being suddenly wiped out.

Note: it is said that the US used neutron or other sophisticated bombs to massively slaughter such troops.

Thus, with such murderous acts being routine throughout the Middle East, how could anyone not suspect the international espionage agencies, including the CIA and the Mossad, as elements in the Istanbul attack?

In another region blood can be seen flowing from the curbside.


So, in fact, these were real bombs with horrific consequences of blasting people to death. It surely was the case of at least one of the bombers himself, as demonstrated, here:


What is seen is his pulling of the detonation plug and then throwing it off in the second, then, his chest area turns read and expands as the bomb begins to detonate. What benefit does this criminal receive from slaughtering legions of innocent people in an airport? If he was really a fighter against supposed anti-Muslim forces, why go and specifically kill Muslims?

In this image a massive amount of matter is seen collapsing from the ceiling. Anyone in the immediate area of the blast, that is the blast zone, would have been harmed.

Once again, the Zionists are resorting to the spilling of real blood in order to foment their agenda.

So, enough of the confusion. Now, the Zionist arch-criminal government is out to spill blood: as much of it as possible. It is doing so under the deception of so-called Islamic terror or, now, the more commonly used matra, “radical Islam.” It makes sense, doesn’t it? Virtually all the victims of such terror are Muslims.

Moreover, it makes plenty of sense that these acts and any subsequent ones are not inspired by Islam. It is a high crime for a Muslim believer to kill another fellow Muslim: to burn in Hellfire eternally is the minimum consequence. Yet, then, to kill women and children; these are unforgivable sins, truly odious. Plus, right, they are going to go about all this during Ramadhan, while they are fasting, worshiping, and gathering in social, family gatherings. They are, then, going to go out and murder fellow Muslims. No one finds this plausible.

This is a plot, confirmed by the new spate of bombings in other domains of Zionist intrigue: Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

The hoaxes didn’t work. Now, there is no option for the Zionists other than to spill much blood. Moreover, these godless ones have a predilection against doing so during the holy month of Ramadhan. They do not believe in God or the return to Him. So, they have no inhibition against plotting against people, senselessly taking their lives.

This could not all be happening at once merely randomly. The spy agencies, the Mossad and more, must be coordinating it: the death-squad orchestration operatives, just as they did in Vietnam, just as the did in Cambodia and Nicaragua, so as they do and continue to do in the Middle East. With such death squads the goal was to specifically control entire countries through the commission of terrorist attacks against the common people and to also kill them wantonly: in large numbers.

Now comes the new Middle Eastern Gladio-style Ops, in this case in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the big fatalities, not surprisingly, occurring in Iraq. This image is represented as a suicide bomber, who, supposedly, killed himself in Jeddah at 2:00 a.m.:


It all happened, once again, in the wee hours of July 5th, the day after Independence Day, “near” the US Consulate. No one can find such a coincidence plausible.

Then, only July 3, also no coincidence, there was a monstrous assault on Baghdad, again, against defenseless, unsuspecting citizens. Here, the devastation was extreme:

Tragedy Strucks As ISIS Bombing Kills 125 Ramadan Shoppers

Only military-grade high explosive could have caused such damage. Zionist moles operating through the Saudi and Qatari regimes are suspect.

Of note, no one can believe that with all the security in place in Saudi Arabia that there were three bombings, including one in Medina, that is unless the Saudi spies themselves are involved. In fact, the now coordinating attacks, all occurring around Independence Day, also occurring towards the end of Ramadhan: all targeting Muslims – is hard proof of the role of international Zionism as the coordinator and perpetrator.






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  1. An obvious hoax. Silicon dummies, crisis actors and an all too familiar script.

  2. ************************************************************************************I retract my hoax comments about young singer, Christina Grimmie. I now believe she was taken out by the Jewish entertainment industry elite. They couldn’t have someone “make it” on their own. She thought she could trust Selena Gomez’s Stepfather and that was a big mistake. She was a young, naïve Christian, from a naïve Christian family. She was trying to get away from Gomez’s people. They were telling her how to dress, act, etc., just as they always do. This all flew in the face of her strong Christian beliefs. If other musical artist caught on to “making it on your own”. This would be a horrible nightmare for the Jews. They would lose lots of money and most of all control. She was set up and stabbed in the back by people she once trusted. This operation was run next to the Orlando Gay Shooting Hoax to give it the appearance of a hoax as well. Please read between the lines and pray for this poor family that lost an angel.

    RIP Miss Christina Grimmie

  3. My comment in NO way supports the thoughts and views of Dr.K

    D Money

    • That you are unembarrassed about that speaks volumes to your intelligence and your state of mental health.

      • I was convinced that was Rudolf exercising his pidgin English.

  4. The ******* phony who posted under my name at the top of this field on JULY 5, 2016 AT 7:36 AM….is not me.

    Dr. K, you do understand that the comments section of this website has been totally destroyed by fake posters.

    • boo fucken hoo

    • I, too, yern for the good old days when us intellecshuals could discuss our flat earth, chemtrails and morgellons disease without the constint herassmint by these zio-trash retards!

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