Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 25 May 2014
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Shooting at Belgium Jewish Museum is a Hoax

UPDATED: May 29, 2014, 12:00 a.m.

In an attempt to gain (or re-gain) sympathy for Zionist plots the Jews are at it again, this time faking an attack, complete with fake murders, at a museum Belgium museum.

It’s a complete hoax, poorly executed, with the same, standard story lines used by the Zionists in their attempts to draw positive publicity to their scams, while distracting attention from their vast criminal acts.

They selected Belgium, because, once again, it is a compliant regime. Plus, the Zionists perpetrated this false flag act not just at any museum but, rather, specifically at a Holocaust (actually, Holo-hoax) one. Furthermore, in what cannot be a coincidence the fabrication was concocted on the eve of an important election. Moreover, the people in power will willingly lie on their behalf, especially since a massive block of Jewish votes lies in the balance.

According to the Jewish-owned DailyMail without quoting any source:

Two men were seen pulling up outside the museum in an Audi car just before 4pm, before one took out a weapon from black bag.

He immediately targeted staff and visitors inside the museum, firing bullets into their faces and necks. None of the victims have yet been named.

NOTE: The “in their faces and necks” statement by this Zionist mouthpiece will prove critical as the hoax is further analyzed.

Regardless, that would have been a bloodbath, and there surely would be major evidence for this. A shot directly into the face and neck is severe, rather, extreme, especially from a long-gun like the powerful, deadly AK-47, and blood splatter would be evident as well as arterial spurting. Blood stains would have been seen on the floor, on the close surrounds, and on the victims’ skin and clothing.

Clearly, then, in the absence of these findings, the shootings and deaths would be faked. The purpose would be to gain sympathy for the so-called Jewish cause and to create a distraction – a ruse – to disguise the revelation of the great treacherous acts being committed by the Zionist cabal.

The latest is that the ‘dead’ include not merely Jews but, rather, Israeli Jews. From the Google search engine:

Fox News ‎- 3 hours ago   An Israeli couple were among the victims of a shooting at the Jewish (Holocaust) Museum.. says the attack appears to have been directed at Israelis or Jews, but Israel is … Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders, who was in the vicinity, said …

OK; so just coincidentally the actual Foreign Minister of the country, up the next day for re-election, was in ear-shot of the shooting. Just what are the odds of that, especially considering that this is all occurring on the eve of an election of such officials?

According to the BBC:

Foreign Minister Didier Reynders: “I ran to the museum, and I saw two people on the ground.”

Sure he did. He ran all he way there, specifically. With his Zionist-supplied crystal ball, he knew those ‘shots’ arose from that facility.

Did he happen to shoot a cell phone image for confirmation? A person surely can’t take the word of a Brussels government official alone as the gospel. What ground did he seen them on? If it was on the outside, there would be pools of blood visible in the many images. If inside, still, there would be pools of bright red arterial blood mixed with darker venous blood. This is a gruesome crime scene, that is people being shot, as acclaimed, in the head and the face.

As reported by Bloomberg:

“Clearly, when there are murders inside a Jewish museum, you ask yourself if it was an antisemitic attack,” said Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders, who was near the museum at the time of the shooting and was among the first to arrive on the scene. “But wait until we have caught the culprit or culprits and we can be sure.”


He is a fabricator. He saw no dead bodies. At least he could have kept to the story line and said he went inside the museum and saw the bodies on the “floor” versus “the ground.”

It seems as if many of the top officials of Brussels were ready to go into the act immediately, for instance, the Interior Minister in this case flanked by an Israeli mole, left screen:

Interior Minister Joelle Milquet branded the attack an 'act of anti-Semitism' as she addressed the media

She seems to be holding back that smile. It’s all too casual to really believe that there was a murderous shooting. Through her casual attitude, and smirk-like smile, this woman alone proves the hoax.

Regardless, the DailyMail confirms the fraud by laying the standard blame immediately on the Muslim community of Belgium:

The Brussels museum highlights the suffering of Jews who were murdered, tortured and imprisoned during the Nazi Holocaust.

In 2012 a French-Algerian anti-Semitic fanatic called Mohamed Merah gunned down seven people in and around the south western city of Toulouse before being killed in a shootout with police.

NOTE: Mohammed Merah killed no one . It was a hoax. He is a Mizrahi Jew from Morocco, acting in this false flag act on behalf of the Mossad. The name Merah, pronounced Meh-rah, is taken primarily by Moroccans of Hebrew origin, not Muslims.

Among the victims of the 23-year-old Al-Qaeda supporter were three Jewish children and a rabbi who were murdered in front of their schools.

OUR NOTE: The anti-Semtic canard is brought in, once again. Regardless, the rabbi and the child were not murdered, as demonstrated here and also as demonstrated by the fact that Mizrahi Jew Merah is a Zionist mole. Moreover, how can anyone be murdered “in front of their schools?”

In the face of such savagery, security groups have launched numerous clamp-downs on extremists, including in cities like Belgium, which has a large Muslim population.


If it looks like a drill, acts like a drill, and is represented as a drill, it is a drill. Once again, people are standing about casually, even chit-chatting. Isn’t there an investigation to be had, here? The Times of Israel says four people have been gunned down to death (others claim three), including two Israelis. Where is all the activity that would be expected from such blood-letting, including a proper, high-powered criminal investigation. Too, where is the expect chaos, including numerous police vehicles stopped in a random fashion?

The cars are all organized in a neat line. There is no chaos, no rush – no adrenalin flowing and surely no shock, which the Interior and Foreign ministers have proven.


These people are clearly posturing for the camera shoot, that is for public consumption only. Regardless, in what real crime do people get to see all the operations of the forensic team in action? The hierarchy of Brussels is a collaborator in this hoax.
Moreover, the supposed crime scene investigators are merely play acting, as can be realized from any careful analysis of the imagery. Here is additional standard commentary from the Times:

They say one eyewitness may have made a note of the number plate and given it to police.

Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur said three men and a woman had been caught up in what he thought was probably a “terrorist act”. “It’s clearly extremely serious,” he was quoted as saying, “and on the Jewish Museum too, which isn’t a coincidence”.

Eyewitness Alain Sobotik told AFP news agency he had seen two bodies in the lobby of the museum.

One was “a young woman with her head covered in blood“, he said. “She was holding a leaflet and looked like a tourist.”

Interior Minister Joelle Milquet said everything pointed to an anti-Semitic attack.

Belgium has a Jewish population of some 42,000, about half of whom live in the capital.

Jewish community leader Klenner agreed that the motive was likely ‘anti-Semetic. Noted Klenner, taking full advantage of the scam:

“The assumption, and it is an assumption, is that it was someone who didn’t try to target the museum but the adjective ‘Jewish.'”

Yet another arch-Zionist community leader weighed in on the fraud, according to the Guardian:

Belgian Jewish community leader Joel Rubinfeld said the attack was clearly “a terrorist act” and the result of “a climate of hate”.

What attack, rabbi? Where are the bodies, rabbi? Where are those gunshot wounds to the face and neck? What about the blood? Where is the real HAZMAT crew instead of a bunch of buffoons wondering about aimlessly, necessary to clean up such contamination? Moreover, where is the actual forensics team, and where are the detectives so necessary for the investigation? Furthermore, hasn’t the rabbi every heard of AIDS, hepatitis C, and more, necessitating HAZMAT-style clean-up and decontamination?

Even so, the only climate of hate that exists is that being spread by rabid, extremist Zionist agents, including Rubinfeld.

There is, though, the standard of such hoaxes, which are empty ambulances and police vehicles, just place there as props, along with barriers and police tape:

The Zionist-infested WN.com adds further corruption to the mix, indicating, at least by innuendo, that the following two images are associated with the scam, including the one immediately below of a person lying on the pavement outside of any building:

What in the world is this image of a woman lying in the street with no one in attendance? Clearly, WN.com is attempting to perpetrate a fraud.
The blog then used this image as ‘evidence.’ Yet, once again, all the so-called witnesses claim that the shooting occurred inside the building. Regardless, where is the assailant’s gun? In any case the image below appears to be derived from a murder or assault in London and has nothing to do with the Brussels ‘incident.’
It’s all mere acts of desperation by Zionist-controlled entities such as the arch-fraudulent WN.com.
This is surely not the best the Zionists can do. Where is the fake blood and phony injuries? Wait a minute. There is such a photo:belgiumjewishcenterfake1

It’s just like Sandy Hook, where a paramedic actor is captured at the scene, checking the pulse. There is no blood seen anywhere in relation to this man. He has not been shot. Nor has she been shot in the head, neck, or anywhere else.
What happened to fake witness Sobotik’s witnessing of blood all over the face? Five liters of blood, and there’s just blood on the face? Or, is this even the case?
Zoomed in, the proof of the scam is solidified:
This is hard proof of the fraud. There is not a drop of blood on her clothing. Her face is free of any obvious wounds. The head is intact. There was no gunshot wound, as advertised, to the neck. The blood is fake and of one color and there is no bright red arterial blood. There is no splatter or arterial spray. Moreover, how is her head covered in blood, as claimed by Israeli mole Alain Sobotik? The woman is a crisis actor, and the shooting is a hoax.
Plus, she has a firm grip on the brochure, a physical impossibility with the decortication that would result from a direct blow to the brain. That hand would be rendered flaccid, as would the arm. She couldn’t hold on to anything.
Though there is no evidence of a crime and no sight of any real blood or actual injured parties, there is this black bag, presented as evidence. The bag is being drug along the ground. A bag with an unknown source of weight in it is in no manner proof of a killing.
Yet, despite the evidence otherwise a witness says there really was a shooting:
His protestations are not believable.
Nor is it believable to see such a wide range of individuals moving about so calmly and casually, if, indeed there was a racist-based shooting of some four people, all of which according to some reports died.

It all has the appearance of a drill, that is a staged event. The fact that the Foreign Minister was on site virtually immediate adds fuel to the asessment that this is, in fact, a hoax.



It’s a Police, Forensics, and Hazmat zoo, French-style. What a waste of human energy and resources merely to serve the Zionist hostile ones.


Hoax index: This one is off the scale at a billion percent.







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  1. Santa Barbara appears to be a hoax, too. Here the cops are wearing jeans and running shoes.


    Dry-eyed Richard Martinez (no relation) screams into a mike. He doesn’t look like he has cried.


    “I’ll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you,” Rodger, the son of a Hollywood director who worked on “The Hunger Games,” says in the video posted Friday and taken down by YouTube Saturday with a message saying it violated the site’s terms of service.


    This does not look real to me. If it is, I am sorry for the victims.

    • No, you and the others are right. It’s a hoax, lots of drama, though. Looks like this was written by a Hollywood producer. Did Mr. Hunger Games himself write it?

  2. As soon as I saw this news story I knew that ghoul DrK would be jacking off all over it.

    At this stage there has been very little information released to the press but DrK is already speculating and poring over photographs but, once again, his evidence is all coming from one direction; his own imagination.

    “This person is surely a Zionist mole because I say so. There is surely not enough blood because I say so. This paramedic is an actor because I say so. This is a fake HAZMAT team because I say so. This shooting surely did not happen because I say so. Surely my special herbs will cure you because I say so. All Muslims are surely beyond reproach because I say so. All Jews are evil Zionists because I say so. The sun did not rise this morning because I say so, the evil Zionists faked it, but it surely did not happen.
    Dear readers, I am the arbiter of truth, come to me and let us bathe in our combined stupidity! And buy my special oregano! It is the only cure for (insert ailment of your choice here)!”

    What a clown!

    And a happy Sunday to all of you!

    • You need to catch up on your Protocols of Zion, for example how the masses would be led by lies and faked events.
      Perhaps that would stop you commenting like a dumbfounded …..

      I got news for you people don’t buy into these staged scams no more, no matter how hard zionist lie media tries to flog ’em.
      They are doing it so regularly, they get busted with their lies and mistakes every time. And as expected the scenes. pictures, supposed hired actors, the healthy undead don’t look like a real life crime scene. So what are you moaning about?

      You can learn your protocols here



      • I’ve read the Protocols. Apart from being one of the most boring (though thankfully brief) books I’ve ever read it is of a little historical value.

        It is a fake, and demonstrably so, but its success lies in the fact that it malleable. Almost any event, viewed through the filter of the protocols, can be ascribed an importance that it, objectively, does not possess.

        It worries me that you would direct me to this site’s articles rather than to the Protocols themselves, which can be bought at Amazon for a pittance. Why not let the document speak for itself? I imagine that is because, like most works of fiction, the Protocols require some suspension of disbelief to really connect with the reader. It is simply easier for you to wheel out DrK as the voice of authority than risk that someone, given the bare facts, would come to a logical conclusion that differs from your own position.

        • The Zionist called the protocols a fake!? when they first got released, same as you are doing now, only one thing’s for sure they seem to be acting accordingly pretty well, not that you would have noticed.

          • Your reply only echoes what I originally stated; that the Protocols are a fake but a successful one and that you believe that they are genuine due to your own worldview rather than the (somewhat vague) content of the document.

            You did not address my point that you, assuming I was ignorant of the document, directed me to DrK’s article rather than to the document itself. As DrK is a quack and has been shown to be deceitful in the “real world” I think it very unwise to direct anyone to “his” take on the Protocols. DrK is, if anything, even less reliable than the Protocols are!

            A kindle edition of the actual document is available here, you are advised to direct people to this in future:


            At only $1.29 it is outrageously overpriced but fantastic value compared to anything written by DrK/Cass Ingram.

        • While Jews are the ‘Masters of Lies’ as Jesus said yet when it comes to individual arguments they are very poor liars indeed. It is obvious from what you say that you have not read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion but can only give a listed hasbarah dissmissal ‘most boring book’ type reply.

          [wpvideo c3FaASiM]
          [wpvideo yLyC6Hv2]
          [wpvideo 8uNDy8em]

          • You do know that telling me that the protocols isn’t boring and that I haven’t read it doesn’t change reality?

            I have read it and I did find it to be very dull.

            I can give you a list of other books that I have read and not enjoyed if you would like to deny that I have read them! Any other of my life events that you want to deny, graduation, marriage, my 26th birthday?

            Btw, quoting scripture doesn’t work on the non-religious. I just ignore it but some of my brethren would take it as proof that you have nothing useful to say, either way it undermines the point you are trying to make.

          • The Protocols are not measured by being boring or enjoyable. They are not a soap opera or a novel. They are measured by their supreme accuracy in explaining what is going on and what has already transpired and what is yet to come unless the Jews are defeated.

          • The Protocols should be judged by the same standards as any other work of fiction. That you choose to take them as fact does not prevent the document from being dull. As satire, the original text may have been appealing to its intended audience but the edited version that was presented as the Protocols is only interesting for its historical value. The content itself is appallingly dull.

            Thankfully the text is inexpensive to buy otherwise I would have felt swindled.

            Yet It seems that Jew-haters are keen to conduct the type of dishonest business that they lambast the Jews for. DrK is a prime example of this; swindler, snake oil merchant, quack, does his mendacity know no bounds?

          • The Jews are the parsasite destroying the whole of humanity.

          • I think the rest of us make a decent fist of destroying humanity too, but you clearly favor the Jews. As a non-Jew I find this highly offensive! Who are you to say that I can’t be as destructive as a Jew? I could be twice as good a parasite as any Jew! You sir, are a hater of gentiles and I demand satisfaction! A sincere apology to me and my fellow goyim will suffice. If you refuse it shall be handbags at dawn!

          • Yehud, this is not a Yeshiva. We don’t debate the precice angle a matzo should touch a bowl of chicken soup here. Go and incite the minorities against us, they are more easy to fool and without your hard worked for race war we will have no excuse to target you. Dont waste you time here.

          • Your knowledge of the way of the Jews is telling!

            You are an imposter! Don’t try to deny it, I have the measure of you now!

            I also see that you also think little of the minorities, you are now required to provide two apologies!

            I warned you before about the consequences of not apologising. Will you do what is demanded, or am I going to have to take my belt off?

          • Dissapear filth. As you are a paid troll no doubt your work puts gefiltefish on the table but go and do it somewhere else.


      • Fucking idiots.

  3. Dr K,

    This site is a breath of fresh air that dispels the real truth about Zionist crime and Zionist hoaxes and thank you for everything you do on behalf of the truth.

    Watch out for a possible Zionist false flag on the Memorial day tomorrow 26th of May 2014!

    Will they murder Pope Francis who is touring in Israel: the unholy land and blame it on Muslims to start a full scale new war on Muslims aimed at destroying more Muslim lives as well as lives of White people, Black people, Hispanic people and all others except Jews?

    • I’m eagerly watching the news to see if your prediction comes true.

      If it does not I demand that you seek penance by converting to Judaism immediately.

      Don’t worry, I’m sure you will be a good Jew and thus be spared the death sentence that you yourself have demanded.

      Good luck!

    • Looks like your prediction was nonsense.

      Are you going to do your penance for wasting our time?

  4. Even Holywood could have done a better job here.
    Truly a low budget production by the Belgium Zio Branch.

    Notice the complete lack of any graze tear stains to the actors clothing.
    The actors all look in A1 condition, apart from that early nap.
    I personally like the nap by the guy, 9th pic from top….resting his head on one arm while supporting himself with his fingers of the other arm, plus the shoes are off like you would expect.for maximum rest.

    Another day with zio lie media in full swing.

    • How could the woman, 7 and 8th pic from bottom with a splash of red by her neck end up in that position. Be virtually impossible.if she was really dead from an upright position. She’s lying flat on her back with her arms neatly folded in front of her, and enough muscle control to grip on to some papers while she’s in oblivion. Not much loss of blood from a supposed bullet wound to the neck either, with some major blood pipelines located in the neck area.

      So who believes this rubbish apart from the usual zio trolls, trying to flog the unsaleable trash pile of B/S

      • All hail the expert!

        You don’t know how she got in that position or what the specific cause of death was, so everything you wrote was more blind speculation.

        You don’t have to believe the Belgian authorities, but why should anyone believe you?

        You could just as easily be the perpetrator, using this site to try to get away with murder!

      • Two tablespoons of red color and the phoney can’t even show her face to the world by having the image blurred. Corrector can say what he likes, she aint dead. Who gives a toss what he says.

        • Again your arrogance (or ignorance) is astonishing!

          “she aint dead”

          You know nothing other that what DrK has told you and yet are are happy to sit there shining the shoes of that dishonest quack!

          Nothing you have said carries any merit, why should I “give a toss” what you say?

          That is unless you are, as previously noted, the perpertrator trying to cover your own back. It will be interesting to see how your comments are used in court!

        • I saw the un-pixelated picture when the story first broke but cannot recall which site it was on. It appears that the woman got shot in the head/neck, got a headache, and so lay down to sleep it off – still holding onto her paperwork. No facial trauma. No surprised scattering of arms and paperwork. Very revealing.

  5. Belgium’s interior minister, Joëlle Milquet has proved to be a shameless liar to participate in this Zionist hoax.

    It is time she gets an education of honesty and courage from Iceland politicians: The President who got rid of the bankers and the Interior Minister who sent away the FBI.

    If people across the globe are to be free from this Zionist yoke they need honest, courageous and caring politicians like President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson and the Minister of Interior of Iceland Mr. Ogmundur Jonasson.

    President Grimsson of Iceland got rid of the parasitic bankers and Minister Jonasson asked the FBI to leave his country.

    “Most notably, Iceland’s former minister of the interior, Ogmundur Jonasson, said that he asked “eight or nine” FBI agents to leave Iceland in June 2011 for misrepresenting the purpose of their visit. Jonasson recalled to the paper that the FBI told him they needed entry to the country to stop hackers from executing “an imminent attack on Icelandic government databases.” Upon their arrival, Jonasson found that the agents were there only to gather information on Wikileaks, which has many members in Iceland.”


    • Hungary did the same thing. Both Iceland and Hungary are doing just fine. Canada, on the other hand, sees Prime Minister Stephen Harper falling all over Bibi.


      Get a room, boys!

      • I clicked that link expecting something sexy.

        It was only a handshake.

        Stop being such a tease!

  6. To the writer of this article, maintainers of this site etc.

    The image following this paragraph:
    “The blog then used this image as ‘evidence.’ Yet, once again, all the so-called witnesses claim that the shooting occurred inside the building. Regardless, where is the assailant’s gun?” is from CCTV footage. Not from Brussels. Not even Belgium. It didn’t even have anything to do with any shooting. It’s, to my knowledge, from a CCTV camera in London, UK showcasing an assault on a young female by an older black male. IIRC it happened in 2012, which would be a year before the majority of people, including you, ever heard of the so called knockout game. Most people heard of the knockout game some time last year, 2013, when it became national news in the United States. Before that only local news channels picked up on these “isolated incidents”. Could it be because last year was the first time the games involved jewish victims in NYC et cetera? There’s plenty of uncivilized behaviour among this group of people by the way. Have you heard about flash mob robberies from national news yet?

    Oh yeah, the source for the video is here:

    • I am absolutely disgusted by this article! I know the couple murdered in the museum personally. They were a sweet couple, touring Belgium together, both accountants. They have two teenage girls who are now orphans. Next time think twice before writing such a disgusting lie! Your pathetic hatred astounds me.

      • Asher,

        I’m sorry for your loss and send my best wishes to you at this difficult time.

        I worry that you will now receive abuse from the regulars at this site. People who have been connected to victims of previous tragedies covered by this site and have made a similar statement have been subjected to some horrible responses.
        If this does happen, please ignore it and remember that the people here are a bunch of hateful loons and are completely disconnected from reality.

        I hope the perpetrator of this crime is swiftly brought to justice.

        Best wishes..

  7. Sorry, I’ve stopped to read that when it was written that Merah was a Morrocan Jew, frankly I do not know where this onformation come from as it has been obvious that: first, he was muslim or from a Muslim family ( or least brother – he is a notorious funfamentalist- and sister -she’s presumed to have traveled to syria lately ), second his family comes from Algeria, that’s where his father lives , his father having try to suit the French state for the killing of his son , with the help of a female Algerian lawyer, that went in the news ,on numerous occurences, of both countries.

    • KAA,

      Well spotted! Unfortunately DrK hates facts as they tend to get in the way of his prejudices.

      You may receive some abuse for your post, if so I’m sorry.

    • Not true. He is a Moroccan Jew, as proven, here, in a previous post. He is a Sayanim Jewish agent and is still alive. The massacre was faked.

      • Once again DrK’s word is law.

        No time for facts here!

      • ???? There was even a controvery between both states as Algeria did not accept him on its soil to be buried, in the village of Bezzaz, in the “Wilaya” ( administrative subdivision) of Médéa, as his father asked so he is buried in his home town of Toulouse., in the Muslim cemetary.

        • Kaa,

          DrK will probably come back to you and tell you that the (Zionist) Algerian authorities were part of the hoax!

          • Maybe, but that would change nothing to the facts…best regards!

  8. If you examine at the video of the shooter you will not see any evidence that the rifle was actually being fired, there is no visable blowback on his body from the velocity of the shots and no fire or smoke. endzogs take on it:

    • I’m not sure about Endzog.

      As a white European I can confirm that I haven’t been oppressed by the Jews. My wife, also a white European, concurs.

      I think Endzog should increase his sample size for his next survey.

      And stating that unemployment is increasing in Europe is not quite correct. In most countries it is decreasing, thankfully, from horribly high levels. In truth the man on the street in the poorer countries won’t see an economic improvement for a few years yet, but things are getting better. It will be interesting to see what the commission’s final response will be to the parliamentary election we have just had and how that might affect the recovery.

      • Jews control the media and the minds of the sheeple and the vote. ZOG will never be defeated through the ballot box only through the barrel of the gun and rivers of blood; especially Jewish, Marxist and freemasons blood. And that is a long way off. The commissions window-dressing will fool the sheepl and the security services will defame and destroy the opposition.

  9. Zionists rob every one’s energy constantly by ongoing terror in the form of real terror attacks or hoaxes to deceive others as well as waging war on individuals to destroy their lives


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