Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 06 June 2014
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Shooting of Canadian Police Officers is a Hoax

The shooting deaths of three Canadian police officers is  just a hoax, that’s all. It is exceedingly easy to realize from the imagery and the story-lines.

The powerful Canadian Zionist cabal has decided to, once again, leverage its assets there to facilitate the plot for gun control. These criminal minds are viciously plotting not only to change gun laws but also to begin confiscating firearms.

Notice the use of numerology, that is through the number “3.” The number “7” was used for the fake dead of the Santa Barbara shooting hoax. Too, as always the top elements of the media cabal, fully Zionist controlled, was right on the scene capturing the images.

Canadians love getting their pictures taken, and, apparently, the police are no exception:

Here’s an officer so enamored by the camera that he looks right into it. Not paying attention to the potential of a crazed, lone gunman? In a real shooting no one is going to turn around, leave himself vulnerable, and look at the camera.

Moreover, what’s the other officer aiming at, the one in center, aiming at the windshield? The other officer has his gun down and is merely placing his right hand on the hood.

What about the other officer with the long gun? What in the world is he doing? Moreover, what are all those pylons doing there? And what about the big sign? “Hey, I’m on camera. That’s pretty neat.”

Canada’s criminal Zionist government will inconvenience the people for such a hoax. Note the line-up of traffic. All this chaos, al this mayhem, is created merely for a fake, a movie-style act:

Too, there is that ever-present prop of hoaxes, the standard of all standards – the government-provided water bottle. Note the casual, actually, backward stance of the officer and storm trooper.
1 day ago
Like the US-based hoaxes in this Canadian fraud it’s over-kill time. The whole of Canada’s elite special forces are on the scene immediately, actually in-advance, ready to proceed with the hoax.
1 day ago
What a major representation of overkill it is. What’s the black mask all about? It’s not a weather issue. The man is apparently attempting to hide his identity. Could he be an agent of the Mossad? More on him, later.

This is merely more staging with plenty of police vehicles. Still not sure why they keep aiming at houses. Thank God they are mostly pointing their weapons up and down; someone might get shot.

13 hours ago
There’s not much going on, so we can all point our weapons either down or just hold them, barrel up. However, wait a minute, didn’t some police officers get shot dead? In Canada? Really?
Even so, the Canadians don’t mess around. They pour gallons of tempura paint on the pavement. Note also the busted out rear driver’s side window, the driver’s side front window, and the rear window but  the lack of other obvious damage to the vehicle. In close-up imagery, though, there is what appears to be a real bullet hole in the metal. One bullet hole to the rear door. This car has clearly been sacrificed for the hoax.
What was a cop doing in such a vehicle? Yet, it that was one of the others who was wounded, then, it is an absolute miracle that he/she survived.

12 hours ago
Note the completely uniform color and the lack of congealing and clotting. Notice the fact that it is not the color of arterial blood, which is bright red. If it looks like paint, it is paint, not actual blood.
Regardless, where is it coming from? Did the gunman drop the corpse in the trunk? Regardless, this is not blood. It’s the same, consistent Zionist fraud. These criminal elements are attempting to frighten the Canadian public, rather, the public all over the world.
Wait a minute. There’s the gunman. Another crazed white-Anglo-Saxon, another wild man on the loose. Yet, if it looks like a movie, acts like a movie, and appears to be a movie, it is a movie and is not real. Who is going to be able to get so close to a crazed gunman to shoot such a picture?
Armed and dangerous: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police tweeted an image of suspected cop killer Justin Bourque, 24, wearing military camouflage and wielding two guns




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  1. The Canadians are good at these kind of hoaxes. BTW did you ever look at the Lac Megantic alleged oil train crash? Weird old case….. More to this one than meets the wiki eye: The damage in that lead photo is just, well, to unbelevable, as are photos of the wrecked oil cars from above (search elsewhere)

    The official explanation is totally cooky:



    • It does seem exceedingly bizarre, considering there was no investigation. Held off on it, because of the seemingly real explosion imagery. It could well have been merely a movie set.

  2. Thank you for this information on another Zionist puppet – Canada. We have directed our UCONN and ASU mass-distributers to get your latest article here all over the World.

    I/ we have now recorded two legal information and strategy sessions on the CT America Worldwide Broadcast Forum at
    http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501 :

    Session I (May 10, 2014), archived at


    Session II (June 4, 2014(, archived at


    I/we are also taking the Zionist-subverted Okon v Phoenix immigration and criminal nuisance abatement class action lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court – Justice Antonin Scalia, on a Petition for Writ of Certiorari and Application for Late Filing, with back-up remedies in the trial court with a Motion for Default Judgment and Motion for Relief from Judgment.

    The Okon “Petition for Rehearing En Banc” was illegally and maliciously denied by the Obama / Zionist stacked U.S. Court of Appeals – Ninth Circuit, because they need the tremendous illegal profits from illegal dope, human smuggling, and the high-powerd weapons syndicates, which fund the Rogue CIA and Israeli Mossad terrorists.

    “The Petition” links off of CT GLOBAL (http://CT-Global.webs.com, lower right bottom of page) and is at


    To learn how evil the globalists / Zionists are – listen to decorated combat veteran Jason Okon’s wife Elizabeth hammer the Zionist / Illuminati bum John McCain, at the 2010 “Phoenix Rising” rally, in her valiant speech at

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUJBPn0yfNw ,

    where she tells how Zionist thug McStain / McCain refused to even visit Jason Okon in the hospital, after he was brutally stabbed and nearly killed in Phoenix (2006) by a Sinaloa cartel thug who had already been deported earlier, and who had an active warrant out for his arrest at the time he tried to kill Jason in 2006. This was no innocent migrant, starving and looking for work in the USA.

    Basically, McStain spat on our hero Jason, whose plight was also detailed by http://www.SonoranNews.com ‘s in-your-face scribe Linda Bentley, in the article at


    They will be scheduling Session III in the legal information and strategy series re: prelitigation Demand Letters, administrative complaints, and lawsuits against the Zionists and their many lackeys and worms / moles.

    God Bless and Keep All of You !

    Thanks for your support.


    Bill Stoller, and Team, Legal Consultant, and co-host of

    Sovereign CT America’s Broadcast Forum at


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        • Spy,
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        • Wakeup,
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      • Yes Spy,
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    • Dear Bill. I request your thoughts on previous thread. Would you mind taking the time and provide an answer please.

      • David my sweet,
        Please contact me on WordPress under of course anonyobdns.
        My posts are apparently being deleted I am guessing because someone (wakeup)
        went boo hooing to drk.
        Of course, I can flood the pages with nonsense under different emails, names and ip addresses if the deleting gets out of hand.
        I have provided photo analyses on most of these hoaxes. Most of which have appeared irrefutable. Yes, there has been trash talk from both sides of the jewbate. Most done in good humor and all parties involved seem to have known that. But alas my dear, some people who add nothing to the jewbate seem to get their feelings hurt way too easily.
        As I said and predicted,
        The loss of David, Myself, Common Sense, Sanjay and Corrector is actually a loss to this site. While we were here, the comment section has been reduced significantly which also means that anyone trolling the internet and comes to this site will see comments between 0-10 and sometimes the fluke 20-40 comments which tells the person trolling the internet that approximately a handful of people even bother to read the claims on this site.
        So please David my love, contact me on WordPress. I would like to talk to you about being reading it or just being a consultant for any photos since my background is in Criminal Photography Forensics.
        Will check in from time to time. I am sorry if I hurt anyone with jovial trash talk.

        Spy, it is a shame that you and the rest of the Jew Hater Cabal got exactly what you wanted. You were actually pretty good at trash talk and danged funny with you comebacks.

        David, contact me on WordPress. If I see you on here, I will shoot a quick note to you to give you my real email address.

  3. Just got this in my/our private E-mail boxes, promoting this article. Our guy McNamara (New Haven, CT) is blasting the goods out like gangbusters:

    ” UPDATE : http://www.NoDisinfo.com almost immediately picked up on the RABID ZIONIST / ISRAELI MOSSAD FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACK in CANADA – it’s a SCAM, folks, although the ZIOS / MOSSAD are so evil they sometimes COMMIT MURDER in the FALSE FLAG ATTACKS.

    See https://nodisinfo.com/shooting-canadian-police-officers-hoax/#comment-27841

    … and we have solid evidence of ZIONIST / MOSSAD INFILTRATION of the U.S. MILITARY, with ZIONIST THUG and BOWE BERGDAHL’s bogus accuser EVAN BUETOW, a Polish / Czech Fake Khazarian “Jew” terrorist, guilty of HIGH TREASON against the USA.

    AM, and BTD, et. al.

    The Sovereign Nation-State of

    CT America

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    http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501 (with “The X Man” and Bill Stoller)

    June 5, 2014 Worldwide Release

    These are opinions based on known facts.

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  4. http://www.bbc.com/news/27709330

    Laughing cop behind car, Robbie Parker award to the police chief…

    • The police chief is using the Obama finger to the eye technique, only with his fat thumb. Eyes are dry as a bone! Thanks for the link.

      • DrK, I have provided a range of question to you on previous thread today. Would you mind addressing them sometime today. Many thanks

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        • David,
          Please see my comment to you a few posts above this.
          Really would like to read your blog or be a consultant of photography for it.
          Please shoot me a message on WordPress under anonyobdns. Also, will check in from time to time to see if you are on to give you my email address
          Thank you

      • Look at the laughing cop behind the car first seconds of the clip…

      • The good doctor – How about this finger

  5. When I first saw the Rambo style alleged shooter I thought it was Ashton Kutcher

  6. Over the years, we have repeatedly referred our colleagues to this website, singing its praises as one of the few Truth Seekers.

    Unfortunately, some of our colleagues refuse to acknowledge Dr. K and the blogsters courageous efforts; it appears that they are struck with a syndrome I call “Chronic Truth Evasion.” Are they temporarily or permanently unable to see The Light or The Truth. Maybe so.

    I have taken it a step further and will now report a (former) friend of mine – combat vet Mike Rowe of Peoria, Arizona – for his absolute refusal and failure to defend our Nation from enemies / seditionists, foreign and domestic. Combat veteran or not, this man is a despicable coward and traitor, who also falsely claims to be a “Christian.”

    He is clearly guilty of the federal felonies of Misprison of Felony and Misprision of Treason, and possibly even High Treason, because he has credible and irrefuatble evidence of an “inside coup” against the USA. Yet he fails to report anything, as his duties as a Citizen and Military Veteran require. He has a higher duty because he is former active military.

    Mike will be reported for investigation of these crimes to the FBI and U.S. Attorneys, who are also under threats and coercion from the Zionists.

    But we hope to find a few who will stand with us and go all the way. If they don’t, the lawyers in the USDOJ and FBI will face sanctions from the Bar associations and High Courts of their jurisdictions.

    God Bless and Keep You All – friend or foe.

    Onward to Victory !

    Bill Stoller, Legal Consultant to and co-host of CT America’s Worldwide Broadcast Forum at

    http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501 – they are scheduling Session III soon, of the ongoing series re: adminstrative complaints, Demand Letters, and ultimate lawsuits against the Zionist gun grabbers and traitors, including lead defendant Mark Zuckerberg, now under subpoena by an Iranian judge / court.

    I have agreed again to host the shows, with “X Man.”

    • Bill – I for one can’t wait. Keep us informed please.

  7. A good Hollywood script can take years to produce, with lots of editing and we still know its fake. Who on earth believes these story lines and F grade actors ?

    • SVS – how would you know it takes years. You can barely string a sentence together.

  8. Canadians sure do take clearer photos than us Americans.
    But of course I will have to analyze these photos.
    Thank you drk for the clearer photos 🙂

  9. Meet Susan Stanton, a Truth Seeker who has been apprised of http://www.NoDisinfo.com and the courageous blog contributers, including the Zionist / Mossad “plants” and “worms,” whom we learn alot from ! They’re helping us, really !

    Susan is at https://www.facebook.com/susan.stanton.526?sk=wall , and has information about Sandy Hook fraudster “Barden,” now hiding in Canuck Land, where the frostbitten C-Landers have rolled over and submitted to the Zionst tyrants. Despicable cowardice…

    We have informed Susan of the upcoming Session III of Sovereign CT America’s “Legal Information and Strategy for filing adminstrative complaints (which got rid of notorious scam “Doc” Wayne Carver); pre-litigation Demand Letters going to lead defendant Mark Zuckerberg (and 50,000 other sorry defendants); and the ultimate Summonses and Complaints, assuming that the Zios will not negotiate a settlement.

    Keep up the great work !

    God / Allah Bless You All .

    Bill Stoller, Legal Consultant and co-host of Sovereign CT America’s Worldwide Broadcast Forum at

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      Mr. X Thanks for clearing that up. Appreciated.
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      • Stollergate,
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    • Mr. X,
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    • Mr X. we want proof. Besides I’m told with all the spluttering and coughing your are not worth paying. Not sure this is true. On the grape vine info. Could be balony. Then again, not sure really. or?

  11. Unanswered Questions on the Moncton Shooter and the RCMP
    A Critical Look at the Facts and the Hype Concerning the Moncton Shooting Episode. Is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Deploying Disinfo at the Behest of US Black-Ops Funders?


  12. Word on the jewish block is that the last name Bourque is a Sephardic transplant name from Spain and that the Acadians are not French blooded but rather are cryptic jews fleeing the inquisition.
    Other names would be LeBlanc, Bourgeois, Landry, Mallet, Doucet, Vienneau, Lamarche
    A lot of them claim to be born with an asiatic stain on their lower backs indicating genetic drift and they go so far as testing themselves for a DNA marker under the J2 Haplo group. This just gets creepier and creepier because the implication if true is that the false flag operations are orchestrated by cultural doppelgängers who know full well that they are not assimilated to the society they live in but rather “play” a part for some future shift in governance control.

    See more at: http://www.jewlicious.com/2004/07/french-canadians-are-jewlicious/#sthash.BcAplrcD.dpuf

    • Good update. Thks.

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