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Shooting of 11 Police Officers in Dallas is an Arch DHS Gun Control Hoax

Updated, July 9th, 6:00 CST

With numerous revelations from our posters

Make no mistake about it the purported shooting against Dallas police officers is a scam and a hoax, while no one can demonstrate otherwise. The number “11” is one of those arch-Masonic, arch-Satanic numbers commonly used by the arch-Zionist, extremist gun-grubbing cabal. It is all about creating momentum against the guns, particularly in the closing out of the so-called presidency of that antagonistic Zionist agent and gun-grubber, Barak Obama.

It’s clearly a hoax. The standard arch-hoax flashlight routine is seen, above, in this case the type mounted on a long gun. Even so, what’s the use of it? How does shining that light have any possible detective/investigative effects? Here is yet another flash-light hoax scene. Who would be so concerned about shining such a light in the midst of gunfire, which is taking down some 11 officers?


In fact, no one could do so. He cannot efficiently use his gun in such an instance. This confirms the staging, the faking, the arch-fabrication.

Regardless, the cops are clearly acting. They can’t even fake it well. What a litany of arch-fakers they are fully reimbursed, fully rewarded ($$$) for their role in the fraud:

Who in the world are they chasing? Why is one of them looking directly at the camera, if they are in danger? Are they even cops in the first place? Regardless, it’s a major side-show, surely for purposes of a plot: to usurp the native rights of the common people, to strip them of those rights: to take away their rights for self-defense.


Oh, right, five cops were killed, sure they were, right. Does anyone act like they just saw five of their colleagues shot dead? The man with the helmet clearly over-acts in the video, which is evident from the above screen capture. No one finds that plausible even to the least degree.

Sure, it was, right. The wild-eyed, anti-cop snipers prevailed, and the cops couldn’t do anything.

There is even a greater degree of magic to it such as the absolutely inane representation via video by Allison Griz. It was Griz aka Griswald who posted the following video, claiming as soon as the cap guns were firing that there were “Oh my God,” men “on the ground.” How could she tell they were on the ground so quickly and from such a vast distance? She said it as soon as the popcorn fire could be heard.

In yet another revealing video this purported eyewitness says he was “trained” to “hide” from any ‘shooters.’ Really, he was “trained to hide?” Who, then did that training other than the arch-plotting and scheming DHS and its collaborators?

Then, what of this image? Can anyone fathom it? The police are searching their own trunk with a long-gun pointed directly into it (the image, right screen, is that of the purported gunman, which, of course, is also fake):


He is pointing the flashlight down at his own cop-car trunk: absolutely inane.

This is mere nonsense. Nothing happened, here. No one died, and no one was injured. This is a hoax. Let anyone demonstrate otherwise.



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  1. Where are the facts in support of your claims? What guns has “gun-grubber Obama” grabbed so far in almost 8 years? There are legitimate conspiracy theories based on actual data, evidence, and expert opinions. But those put forward on this website are mostly bogus, and just a pathetic attempt to defend the so-called “constitutional right” to carry weapons that gun nuts go crazy about.

    Or maybe you are a genius and I am too dumb to grasp the true meaning of the scientific arguments you are bringing to the table: “the cops are clearly acting”, “the number “11” is one of those arch-Masonic, arch-Satanic numbers commonly used …”, etc.

    By the way…. the two black man who were killed by cops did have guns for self-defense… so why are they both dead?

    • Bill-

      You obviously mistook this place as a serious source of info. Friend, this site is a joke.

      Please stay, though, and join the other “gaybees”- that’s the name they give here to people that make fun of them.

      • It is funny reading here. literally thousands of witnesses, video evidence and a mountain of proof… but they know better. I particularly liked how the use of a flashlight AT NIGHT is somehow proof of deception.

        idiots. all of them. Literally insane

        • you’re the one who’s insance, SHIT-4-brainz…..if yr not an out-and-out (dot)gov shill, you imbecile, mongrel dog!

          they’re ALL hoaxes, you pathetic prick!

          here’s another one a bit closer to ‘home’, you stoopid dead-shite!

          • You really are a wanker. all of these incidents had hundred and in some cases THOUSANDS of witnesses, but no… you don’t believe because you are a MORON with a sub-par intellect and deep mental health problems.

          • Lol…. This is satire. And this dude is having his way with all y’all. Good stuff gaybee

        • ☞ You really are a wanker. all of these incidents had hundred and in some cases THOUSANDS of witnesses, but no… you don’t believe because you are a MORON with a sub-par intellect and deep mental health problems ☜

          FUCK off, you maggot!
          fucking gun-grabbing mother-fucker!
          go suck the syphillitic crap outta John Howard’s putrid ARSE-hole, you dog-fucker!

          wtf “witnesses”, you stoopid fucking ARSE-hole, eh?
          you ‘interviewed’ them, you mongrel fucking DOG, eh?
          all we got is more media bull-shite, you fucking control freak (dot)gov TURD!!

          a ‘witness’ ain’t worth a CUNTFUL of cold water unless and until they can be CROSS-examined in a court of law and their testimony thoroughly analysed/tested…some-times it doesn’t end there… may hafta go through an appeals process……

          just like Sandy Hook/Orlando….where’s the HARD FCKN EVIDENCE, eh?

          ballistics, forensics, police statements, crime scene investigators ?

          its all BULL-shite, BULL-shite, BULLshite with a conveniently dead ‘patsy’….. FUCK off!

          just like YOU, you fucking dog!

          • Let me guess… you are unemployed, didn’t finish high school, on a welfare pension and very familiar with the inside of a padded room. And of course, you support Collingwood.

            You have the brains of a failed service dog.

          • Is the VVMC aware that a poseur is promoting their logo in the name of lunacy?

          • Perhaps they should be informed. Can you imagine them letting this psycho hand out Xmas presents to kiddies during their annual charity ride?

            Little indigenous child in country town gingerly puts his hand out to accept gift:

            Dung Crawler: “If you make that fkn hand gesture again ya nog fkn maggot who fell from a dog’s arse, I’ll fkn bury ya hear? put a bullet through ya and slit ya fkn throat just to do the white gene pool a favour eh? Fuck you cunt and FUCK the syphillitc whore that splattered you out against a putrid shite-house wall. Now would you like a ride on me bike? Just squeeze ya little ass in here between me legs”.

          • We exposed this pull-thru for a shit tin sound time ago.


          • We exposed this pull-thru for a shit tin sound time ago

            never heard of that fake digger…..and…wtf’s it got to with some-one posting on a ‘blog any-way?
            eh, fuck-witz?

          • How shocking and yet refreshing to find someone focusing on real evidence – you know the stuff that is admissible in a court of law. Everything else is bullshit, and that is what everyone of these hoaxes is. Total bullshit.

        • Stop look listen on your own. I missed the thousands of witnesses in fact the few I saw would get shredded by any competent trial lawyer. Think of all the evidence they could show if real – and see what they are showing. Ouch. An entire country hijacked.

          • never a shortage of dimwits like you making pronouncements without any idea. Eye-witnesses – espe 100 of them – would not and could not be ‘shredded’ by anyone you half-cast twit.

        • Pity you don’t have any photos or data to play with. Meme making is fun:

        • thousands of witnesses? um lol

    • You are a idiot! they will pass laws that will make it very expensive and hard to hold on to your guns. no SS, no healthcare, no job, no food.

      • I don’t need food, healthcare job or SS if I’ve got my guns

      • I am totally alone in my family, church and community as I am looked at like a crazy person with wild beliefs. So called wise men of God who are asleep and look at me and treat me like I am crazy. I am totally confused on what to do now. Is there anyone else out there who is being treated like this and feel hopeless?

        • That’s because you are a mentally ill numptie who needs serious help. You are not ‘the only wise on’. You are the INSANE one.

          Psychology 101

          • FUCK off, you effin’ shill!

          • Hey fool! ever since I put that out I have found numerous others going through it and I am proud of the fact that I am awake and have the brains to figure out the lies and scum bag shills like you. I laugh at the sheep and pity them at the same time, If they do not want to hear the facts then they can pay and deserve whats coming to them. I cry for the young ones who depend on the older ones to preserve a decent living for them when they get older. The adults in this world who will not see the truth are responsible for what they are leaving there children. I have utter contempt for those who will not wake up. Scum shills like you will pay soon I promise!!!!

          •’re not intelligent at all. Just scared and dumb…

        • Do not give up hope dude. There are millions of U.S. Breathe deeply stay clear, avoid toxins all around, stay tuned, and get ready. We are taking our country back.

    • And for that matter, none of the Nodisinfo numpties can be bothered actually investigating the matter at first hand. They are far too comfortable reporting from their darkened rooms to make the effort. Instead, they rely on regurgitated online theories dreamt up within the hour of an event by their equally mentally ill cohorts.

      • EFF off, you fool!

        almost every ‘mass shooting’ for the last 20-odd yrs has been a hoax!

        why TF shouldn’t this malarkey be too, eh?

        as soon as they start ‘squawking’ abt gun control….you know its bogus baloney!

        the conspiracy theorists/hoaxers have been right EVERY SINGLE TIME….going all the way back to 9/11 and, even, before that…..they’re right this time too!

        • Well Hi! You must be the new dickhead on the block! Good to meet you.

          • They’ve been doing a lot of exhumation on the Somme lately. That must be where they dug him up from.

        • And that is why people like you are mocked and laughed at and often hospitalised for your own protection. YOU ARE NUTS. hundreds of thousands of witnesses but you choose to believe they are all hoaxes??? One day you may be part of a mass shooting. Then you can come here and tell everyone how fake it was and the bullet hole in your head is makeup. After all, a bullet in you head wouldn’t hit anything important.

          • yeh?

            you oughta be fucked and burnt, you mother-fucking gun-grabbing maggot!

            what fckn ‘witnesses’, you maggot?

            where TF are their ‘sworn depositions’ or evidence-on-OATH?

            until you got that:: SHUT THE FUCKING crap-HOLE UNDER yr FUCKING SNOUT

        • Sadly , you are so right.

      • Before snap believing mainstream media deed, do you want to look at track record? They sold us on Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam, WMD Saddam, Saddam connection to 9 11, Hillary won California, – forget about all these bullshit events.

        No one died, and folks, no one injured. But yes serious terrorism, perpetrated in our name, million man Murder One War Crimes, yes the same guys who wrote the Patriot Act shredding the United States Constitution.

        A great nation hijacked, but it is nither our destiny nor our imperative. We are now taking it back.

    • Hate to break spell but no one dead no one hurt. Including that flipping bad dude on pavement with fake piggy pig on chest. The guy is fine no worries.

      And this triangulation ambush horror of horrors, gotta lock it all down big tank tight – eel dude, uh, no one died no one injured.

      Another terrorist event all right – a key part but just incidental to the real slaughtering we got going on in Middle East, million man Murder One war crimes.

      JFK tried to warn us
      Before they took his life
      He didn’t back down
      He was very precise:

      ‘Evil secret society
      intent on world control’ –
      What else do you need
      when you sell your soul?

      Goon squad, get off our country, NOW.

    • And by the war, turn the audio off and turn up your mind as you watch all the videos they show.

  2. ExB-1) Texas Twin Cities Hoax Black Sniper Shootings of Cops PsyOp In Hoax Revenge for Hoax Twin Shootings By Cops Of Blacks in Twin Cities, MN & Baton Rouge LA!

    Watch this Happy Hoax Crisis Actor-False Witness-Paid Liar Trying to hide his smile…Until he just can’t hold back a full smile anymore! He got paid & nobody Died in Minnesota, Louisiana or Texas! But this is not just another PsyOp! It’s 3 PsyOps In One PsyOp & a major escalation in the zionist media & DHS’s Race War & Cops Vs Blacks Series of PsyOps!

    So in 3 days we supposedly have 3 series. The first are Twinlike Shootings in the Twin Cities of Minnesota & hundreds miles away in Baton Rouge, LA of lone black males by cops for no reason really. The we have a supposed spontaneous protests around the country & at a protest (of 800 people & 100 cops aka 900) in the Twin Cities of Texas (Dallas -Ft Worth) Black Ninja Snipers decide to show up and shoot 11 cops at 9:00 pm! lol aka 911!
    All three series of shootings are completely fake staged shootings by DHS & the treasonous zionist media for three zionist agendas: Race War, Cop Vs Blacks, & Gun Confiscation! No one got shot or hurt!

  3. Ex-E) Twin Cities TX Black Snipers Hoax Revenge shootings of Cops for Twin Hoax Shootings of Blacks in Baton Rouge & Twin Cities, MN is a PsyOp! All three Are PsyOps! At 9:00 pm yesterday 11 Cops were not shot (aka 911)! 4 were not killed 4×11 is 44 for 44th President! And nor did anyone did in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, nor Baton Rouge! Fake murder by numbers it’s easy to remember as ABC!

    These demons in police & govt’ & zioMedia are always slipping up & calling the hoax killers “actors” because thry know they are paid Crisis Actors! And they following their insane Kabbala & Talmud & Masonry code under which they believe it is a powerful form of magic to reveal convertly subliminally to your enemy -the goyim, the evil & lies & tricks & crimes which you are committing against them.

  4. The 3 Stooges Hoax Buffoon Goon Cops & a Bald Mini-me Cop of The Dallas Fake Blacks Ninja Snipers Killing Cops PsyOp!
    Good thing zioclowns Larry, Curly, Moe & Mini Curly are on the job to catch those magic black ninja snipers!

  5. These pair of sixes appear in the lastest gun control hoax
    3.6666666.7 very powerful. Notice the 7. Filthy Masons.
    God is great!

  6. LOL!


    In latter portion of the video, first she said he was shot three times, then she says, a short while after, that he was shot four times … I would not sound nearly as cool and calm as this woman if this had just happened to me and, if she were in shock, she would not be capable of coldly and lucidly recounting these details for documentation purposes … the quick succession of all these recent events, plus their very ‘convenient’ capture as dubious video evidence is rather odd, to say the least. From what we are all able to see of all this, it could have all easily been staged and ‘acted’ and this is not beyond the realm of plausibility. If you cannot directly verify anything for yourself, you should be skeptical and doubt it all at this point as for one to beLIEve in all these heavily publicized and exploited mass media events serves various polarizing psychosocial engineering and political agendas very well and most conveniently … I am not saying this is real or faked, I cannot not ‘know’ for certain and neither can you …

    In this video above, she says, “four or five shots …” Note the fake crying in the video with NO discernible or plausible tears, just ‘going through the motions’ crying noises and emoting …


    Also, from one who knows something about forensics and ballistics, if this victim was indeed shot in his center/torso multiple times, the hemorrhaging would be very severe, the blood flows copiously from this region from gunshot entrance and exit wounds (both of which would be present at such close range) and it would look considerably different then this, it would be apparent as pumping outward and increasing the saturation in his shirt … blood from the center would also be MUCH darker than this as it would be primarily venous bloodletting which oozes out dark red and not bright red which is more characteristic of arterial oxygenated blood …

    • And, no evidence of any entrance or exit wounds or holes in the shirt fabric nor powder traces/marks/burns on the ‘white’ fabric from all the shells (three, four, five … take your pic, the ‘wife’ annunciated all three figures separately) fired into the arm and torso of the ‘victim’ at all, just a stained t-shirt which remains the same throughout the video with no visual real time evidence of progressive hemorrhaging, either …


    She’s all ready quite lucidly and ‘in focus’ emotionally giving public interviews which are highly emotionalism, polarity-driven, and very much sociopolitically motivated and she again displays very phony tearless crying … it’s a very quick side angle we see of her face afterward at the very end, but notice when she finally, in last minute and a half, ‘breaks down’ after over ten minutes of ranting propaganda, she turns her face into the shoulder of her handler and conceals it while she makes crying sounds then she raises her head once again to spew one last line of propaganda, I do not see any evidence of a tear drenched face or the typical ruddiness and inflammation one who has been convulsively crying displays in their facial aesthetic, do you?

    • Wow, a ballistics expert, a forensic scientist AND a grief specialist. Is there no end to the talent this site has to offer?

      • That’s what makes this site so amazing. It draws in some of the world’s leading experts on many varied topics.

        • But surprisingly, many of these world-renowned experts cannot write well, punctuate or even get their ‘specialities’ accurate. But then again you have a clown running this site claiming to be a doctor. He isn’t a doctor.. he is a PATIENT

          • yeh?

            you oughta be a patient, you shill cunt……in intensive care!

          • ☞Aussie Sludge Crawler,

            My hands are big and strong, my 2 index penetrated deep inside your ass. Check my blog and do my therapy before attempting more anal rants.

            i have you pinged, pinnned and plugged homo trash☜

            yeh, cunt?

            OK…come over to Aussie, you dog-fucking maggot….i’ll bury you, you prick!

        • It’s actually you who talks to yourself Hair Cunt

      • Wouldn’t it be great if you could expose Gaybee like you’ve been exposed:

      • Yes, with the Internet, we are able to quickly access professional analysis from diverse fields weighing in on important topics. Or would you prefer to reach your conclusions and run your life without resort to scientific intelligence but relying solely on mainstream media programming?

  10. F-2) TX Twin Cities Revenge Black Magic Snipers Kill Cops for Twin Cop Shootings of Blacks In Twin Cities MN & Baton Rouge LA PsyOp..Twin Dopplegannger of Fake Shot Cop Misty McBullSh#t McBride of Dallas Found! And she is a Con Artist/Ad-man for a Living in Dallas’ Twin City Ft Worth! Twinly named Misty Gandy McBride! And her daughter Athya McMcBride about 13 or 14 yo’ looks exactly like fake supposed 10 y.o. daughter Hunter of Doppleganger Fake Cop Misty McBride!

    In other words Busted you treasonous fake Cop Misty Gandy McBride! Busted ZioTrash Puppet Actwhore Not Shot Scum!

    • Some of em, may be plain clothes versions of The Islamic State Inc:

  11. Exhibit G) Dallas Black Sniper Kill Cops PsyOp
    Real Daughter of Fake Dallas Cop Misty McBride aka Crisis Actwhore Misty Gandy McBride of Ft Worth plays her shot cop character’s daughter!!
    Athya Mcbride plays Hunter McBride! This is her acting in a school play in 2010 at real age of about 7. So now she is really about 13, playing a 10 year old in this shooting PsyOp! But a moron knows she is not ten!

    Misty Gandy McBride you are a busted traitor Crisis Actwhore! Disgusting to involve your young daughter too!

  12. Ex F) F is For Fake & Fraud!

    Twin Doppleganger of Fake Cop Crisis Actor Misty McBride of Texas Twin Cities Fake Black Snipers Shooting I Found in Dallas’ Twin City Ft Worth! Misty McBride Is Not A real Cop! She was Not Shot & Is An Ad-Man – Con Man aka Advertising & Marketing Agent in Fort Worth – Dallas’ Twin City! Her while lying Family is in on the act! Her lying Father in-law Richard McBride & her daughter as well! Crisis Actwhore Richard is a lying fraudster who plays an ALS Victim in Canada & USA zioScamming the dumb, hated goyim!
    Misty Gandy McBride of Ft Worth is a Lying Sack of $h#t Ad-woman Con Artist fake Cop! Here she is with her daughter.

    • Cowboy- are all goyim as stupid as you are? Oy vey!

  13. Exhibit H) Dallas Black Snipers Kill Cops PsyOp Fake Cop Misty McBride’s Fake Dad Richard McBride Busted! He is actually her father in law not her Father! His son (& husband of Misty Gandy McBride) is Carlus McBride is Teacher & football coach at Grapevine High near Ft Worth. Certainly he is a scumbag
    Zionist Jew Freemason Fraudster & he actually lives in Canada and pretents to have ALS & runs an ALS charity scam & pretends to need A wheelchair in that acting scam! I have a lot of irrefutable proof on this demons from hell! lol

  14. Exhibit F-3) Busted Fake Cop Misty McBride of Dallas Hoax Sniper Shooting
    PsyOp Is Not a Real Cop Proven Right Here! Her whole zionist Crypto treasonous family I have busted right here! She lives near Dallas’ Twin Ft Worth not Dallas! She’s a professional Con-Man aka Ad Agent! And trained in organizing staging special a shootjng drill or one treasonously portrayed as a real event–real shooting!
    Nobody can refute this! Not Gabriel or any lying troll or DHS or ADL goon!

    I have plenty more on this beady eye Fake father of hers to!! Even video of this Actwhore Richard McBride in another fraud acting role!

    • Cowball Investigations Inc

      Do you know someone who never existed?
      Know a person who was involved in a major event and mysteriously disappeared?
      Weren’t satisfied with a funeral where there was no open casket?
      Weren’t satisfied with a funeral where there was an open casket?
      Do you know a famous person who recently ‘died’?
      Suspect your partner or loved one of being a crisis actor?


      We have more than 30 years experience with hoax/gun control reporting and for a small fee, will use state of the art desktop technology to track down your person of interest. You will be provided with a detailed report of Exhibits including comparative photographs, fully timestamped Twitter and Facebook feeds and a list of everyone with the same or similar name who currently lives in the United States.

      Cowball Investigations Inc. has a bona fide 100% success rate!*

      Call today for a special introductory offer of $199 on Maryland 410 666 777 or email [email protected]


      *Terms & Conditions: The user accepts that Cowball Inc has no recognized qualifications or experience. Cowball Investigation Inc takes no responsibility for incorrect or misleading results. No guarantee of success. User accepts that no further investigation required if your POI appears to have moved offshore. No money back. LOL!

      • CALL NOW!

        My researchers are standing by!

        Better call Cowball

      • More Fraudulent disinfo posts by ZioJew Troll Gabriel under my name this stupid Cowballs he spams ober & over:
        (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of:) Cowboy JULY 8, 2016 AT 10:58 PM
        Cowball Investigations Inc

        Do you know someone who never existed?
        Know a person who was involved in a major event and mysteriously disappeared?
        Weren’t satisfied with a funeral where there was no open casket? (etc…etc…etc..& more of desparate ziotrash Gabriel’s gibberish…)

        (Brokeback Fag Gabriel Fake version of:) CowboyJULY 9, 2016 AT 1:01 AM
        CALL NOW!

        My researchers are standing by!

        (Link to some perverted image of Tranny -Baphemet Obessed Psychopath Talmudic Ziofreak Gabriel removed)

        Better call Cowball

        Does anyone think Gabriel’s Fraud, disinfo, perverted & gibberish posts here refutes anything from actual truther posters??? Ofcourse not Gabriel is a piece of human garbage ziotrash, a racist, hatemongering, warmongering zionist freak! lol

        • Gabriel is a figment of my batshit imagination which has reduced me to an old man.

          • Gabriel’s a racist? Bwwwwaahahaahaha.

            Hey Cowturd, ur the one that cuddles up to white supremacists as well as being endlessly condescending about black people.

            Just think about the way you call this the ‘black ninja hoax’. Any other hoax is just a hoax. But this is a BLACK NINJA HOAX. You’ve said it about 20 times already.

            If there’s a race war going on, it’s because of the likes of you and your racist buddies on this page.

          • Well you do look like an old dyke that’s for sure.


  15. Ex I) Dallas Sniper Hoax Richard McBride Crisis Actwhore in another scam he’s been doing for year pretending to be dying from ALS & using a wheelchair to scam the dumb hated goyim! This is very dispicable Con-Artist! Treason & theft by deception & fraud are his speciality!

  16. You do realize that “omissis” is not an English word? Switching between languages can be a sign of dementia. You’ve certainly exhibited other signs as well. Maybe it’s the chemtrails…

    • you ever come over to Aussie….i’ll fucking well chop you up and feed you to pigs and rabid dogs, you maggot!

      • Dude, awesome! We good use you guys over here in this septic tank. Big time.

        We know Isis is out there
        Hey we know our own guys
        A hackin and a wackiness
        Well trained well disguised.

        Fuqing Killary is the annointed one. Bernie won California in a landslide.

    • Just to clarify, you’re not embarrassed to be responsible for the most moronic ‘blog’ ever produced in the history of wordpress, but you are embarrassed that you’ve been busted posting messages of support to yourself?

  17. ExJ) Dallas Snipers Hoax Killin’ Cops PsyOp -Crisis Actwhore Richard McBride started his big time zioScam in 2012- where this lying despicable pretends he had ALS & is dying from it to scam people out millions! He goes around Canada & USA zgiving speeches & doing fundraisers collecting the big buck$$$! His Scam is ALS Warriors! Never give this Con Artist a time whatever scam he is pulling if you see him!

  18. If Dr K decide to whitelist posters will I still be allowed to post?

  19. Exhibit J-2) Dallas Snipers Kill Cops PsyOp Crisis Actwhore Richard McBride doing his actwhore ZioScam role pretending to be a Canadian dying wheelchair bound ALS VicSim! Gimme’ Some Money Dumb Goyim! He was supposed to die in 2012 but never did! He makes lot more “ever dying” than he would just faking his death so he has carried his VicSim role for years!

    Ziotrash Fakery at it’s finest! A sucker is born every minute!

  20. Cowboy thinks that these guys, who happen to have the same name (that’s Cowboy’s key clue, always) are the same person! What a fukkin douche canoe!

  21. 1. 10 characteristics of conspiracy theorists
    A useful guide by Donna Ferentes
    1. Arrogance. They are always fact-seekers, questioners, people who are trying to discover the truth: sceptics are always “sheep”, “shills”, patsies of a Zionist controlled government etc.

    2. Relentlessness. They will always go on and on about a conspiracy no matter how little evidence they have to go on or how much of what they have is simply discredited. (Moreover, as per 1. above, even if you listen to them ninety-eight times, the ninety-ninth time, when you say “no thanks”, you’ll be called a “sheep” again.) Additionally, they have no capacity for precis whatsoever. They go on and on at enormous length.

    3. Inability to answer questions. For people who loudly advertise their determination to the principle of questioning everything, they’re pretty poor at answering direct questions from sceptics about the claims that they make.

    4. Fondness for certain stock phrases. These include Cicero’s “cui bono?” (of which it can be said that Cicero understood the importance of having evidence to back it up), ” do your own research”, and Conan Doyle’s “once we have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be the truth”. What these phrases have in common is that they are attempts to absolve themselves from any responsibility to produce positive, hard evidence themselves: you simply “eliminate the impossible” (i.e. say the official account can’t stand scrutiny) which means that the wild allegation of your choice, based on “cui bono?” (which is always the government) is therefore the truth.

    5. Inability to employ or understand Occam’s Razor. Aided by the principle in 4. above, conspiracy theorists never notice that the small inconsistencies in the accounts which they reject are dwarfed by the enormous, gaping holes in logic, likelihood and evidence in any alternative account.

    6. Inability to tell good evidence from bad. Conspiracy theorists have no place for peer-review, for scientific knowledge, for the respectability of sources. The fact that a claim has been made by anybody, anywhere, is enough for them to reproduce it and demand that the questions it raises be answered, as if intellectual enquiry were a matter of responding to every rumour. While they do this, of course, they will claim to have “open minds” and abuse the sceptics for apparently lacking same.

    7. Inability to withdraw. It’s a rare day indeed when a conspiracy theorist admits that a claim they have made has turned out to be without foundation, whether it be the overall claim itself or any of the evidence produced to support it. Moreover they have a liking (see 3. above) for the technique of avoiding discussion of their claims by “swamping” – piling on a whole lot more material rather than respond to the objections sceptics make to the previous lot.

    8. Leaping to conclusions. Conspiracy theorists are very keen indeed to declare the “official” account totally discredited without having remotely enough cause so to do. Of course this enables them to wheel on the Conan Doyle quote as in 4. above. Small inconsistencies in the account of an event, small unanswered questions, small problems in timing of differences in procedure from previous events of the same kind are all more than adequate to declare the “official” account clearly and definitively discredited. It goes without saying that it is not necessary to prove that these inconsistencies are either relevant, or that they even definitely exist.

    9. Using previous conspiracies as evidence to support their claims. This argument invokes scandals like the Birmingham Six, the Bologna station bombings, the Zinoviev letter and so on in order to try and demonstrate that their conspiracy theory should be accorded some weight (because it’s “happened before”.) They do not pause to reflect that the conspiracies they are touting are almost always far more unlikely and complicated than the real-life conspiracies with which they make comparison, or that the fact that something might potentially happen does not, in and of itself, make it anything other than extremely unlikely.

    10. It’s always a conspiracy. And it is, isn’t it? No sooner has the body been discovered, the bomb gone off, than the same people are producing the same old stuff, demanding that there are questions which need to be answered, at the same unbearable length. Because the most important thing about these people is that they are people entirely lacking in discrimination. They cannot tell a good theory from a bad one, they cannot tell good evidence from bad evidence and they cannot tell a good source from a bad one. And for that reason, they always come up with the same answer when they ask the same question.

    • TEN ways to spot a false-flag ‘mass shooting’ / BS hoax….. ;

      1. Media covers the event:
      The national media doesn’t care about people getting killed with guns unless they can frame it within a gun control agenda. When all of the establishment media is amplifying a particular shooting, you can be certain that nefarious things are afoot.

      2. No survivors:
      How are drugged-out losers performing with Rambo-like prowess and accuracy? Adam Lanza allegedly killed all those kids and teachers with no first-hand survivors. No injuries? Do you know how rare that is in combat? The human body is very resilient, and even trained soldiers miss their target in the heat of battle. This is a major red flag seen in almost every shooting event.

      3. Family appears on TV within 24 hours, showing little emotion:
      When the victim’s family is immediately interviewed by CNN with dry eyes saying things like, “I’ve got nothing but love in my heart for the shooter” less than 24-hours after their brutal murder, you can be sure it’s a false flag event.

      4. Family or witnesses in the event have acting backgrounds:
      Most of the characters in these hoaxes are failed actors. They seem to have finally gotten their big break to act like a grieving victim. Search YouTube for “Crisis Actors Shooting.” If even 1% of that content is true, your whole reality will be turned upside down.

      5. Participants in the hoax immediately blame the gun, demand more gun control:
      No victim’s family ever says, “Gun laws aren’t to blame. It was just the wrong place at the wrong time,” in these hoaxes.

      6. Shooters always have new social media accounts:
      Why do all of these shooters seem to only have a month or two of social media activity? That’s highly unusual for a real person these days.

      7. Shooter commits suicide: (or is shot by cops)
      It’s much more convenient when the shooter is killed off in the story. That way they don’t have to worry that their patsy will spill secrets. It’s not always the case because access to alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes and the alleged Boston Bomber is easily restricted.

      8. Shooter leaves manifesto:
      If the media releases the shooter’s manifesto or social media statements that reinforces the government’s agenda to expand the War on Terror domestically, it’s probably a staged hoax.

      9. Victim’s families don’t sue anyone for negligence, but receive millions in unsolicited federal payouts:
      This was one of the biggest tells for me that Sandy Hook was a fraud. The federal government doesn’t just hand out money. And parents with a major gripe about schools usually file lawsuits. The opposite is true for these shady events.

      10. Solution wouldn’t have prevented the events:
      Finally, a powerful way to tell these events are false flags is that the proposed solution of more gun control wouldn’t have prevented any these “attacks” in the first place. It’s all a ruse.

      Even if these were genuine tragic shootings, they can’t be prevented by banning certain types of guns, the number of bullets, type of magazine or even who is legally allowed to buy them.

      Besides, violent crime statistics have been plummeting the last few decades. We are living in the most peaceful times in human history. Yet, gun grabbers would have us believe the opposite.

      Don’t you see, they need to make us feel frightened. They want us to give up our right to self-defense and buy into their protection racket. They want us to beg them to spy on us, restrict our freedom of speech, and ban guns for our own safety. And I suspect they’ll continue these ridiculous hoaxes until they get what they’re after.

      • Another face of conspiracy theorist is that they are all very intellectually dim. Not a PhD or a doctor among them

        • what abt Fetzer and Tracy cunt, eh?

          • What about them, imbecile? Do you believe ANYTHING that nutters say in festering dungheaps like this while ignoring the thousand witnesses, the video footage and all the other evidence.

            An idiot could have their head amputated and still be cleverer than you.

          • for the record, neither Fetzer nor Tracy post on the ‘nodisinfo’ blog….. AFAIK any-ways……
            both have PhD`s;
            Tracy was actually a fully tenured Prof @ Florida U;
            how-ever, his tenure was recently revoked b/cs of his sterling efforts in exposing the Sandy Hook HOAX;
            (not sure if its being appealed….but….from what i gather, the ‘revocation’ was illegitimate and illegal b/cs
            tenure can only be revoked for gross criminality and/or moral turpitude [sleeping with students to improve ‘grades’ &c])
            both Fetzer and Tracy have their own ‘blogs/sites ….. Veteran’s Today and the memoryhole ‘blog;
            not sure what they’re saying abt this particular incident although, from what i can gather, Tracy may be leaning towards it
            being a deliberate provocation/false-flag-type incident to either provoke a massive gun-grab or martial law…….

          • You don’t need to school anyone ya fkn valour burglar.

            Tracy deserved to be sacked over Sandy Hook but he wasn’t. He got the chop because he refused to fill in an outside activity form 3 yrs running. He now claims he didn’t understand the form – PHD right? Here’s hoping his case gets thrown out and he ends up working at Burger King, where he’ll be able to serve his fat fkn disgraced master Jim Fat Fkn Fetzer who’s a lying loony (proven) and/or quite possibly a govt stooge.

          • yeh…..we’ll see how the appeals process ‘pans out’, you jew mother-fucker, eh?

            BTW….you sewer-rat kike cunt…..can you name any-one else in, say, the last few decades who has lost their tenure over such a piddling ‘over-sight’, eh, you lying fucking maggot?

            how do you know when a jew is lying?
            its lips are moving!

            up the chimney, you fucking dog!

          • John McAdams, Marquette, because of a blog post in 2014.

            Do you use that jew joke (which was originally about politicans) on every site you go to? I’ve seen you use it before. Real creative of you.

            Anyway, how do you know when you’re talkingf?

            You can hear ya sphincter opening and closing…

            Ur not only a valour thief, ur a turd burglar too

          • yeh…..where’v seen “me” using it, you imbecile fckn DOG, eh?

            yr another one of these maggots that needs yr head caved in ASAP…….

          • Valour thief, discussion on

            how do you know a gun-grabber is lying?
            their lips are moving!

            If you really cared about gun laws, you’d be acting like someone who deserves to own a gun, not some psychotic lunatic that any reasonable person would shit themselves at the thought of having a gun in his hands.

          • “”?

            well…that’s a crock of crap, you prick!

            for starters: me WordPress accnt is fairly new;
            secondly: yeh….i used to post there…..but stopped almost two years ago when they started asking for ‘ID’ from posters……
            lastly: i never posted on there as “Aussie pub brawler” …. it was either ‘jimbo’ or ‘fat Aussie bastard’;

            as for my owning a gun….go FUCK yr-self… inalienable right to do so has got ⅗ of ⅝ of sweet FUCK all to do with wtf you or any other ½-arsed clown thinks i should or shouldn’t own!

          • You really are the full fucktard plus some. You posted there a year ago under that name.


            So you’re a fucking bullshit artist, a valour thief and now you admit to being fat aussie bastard, a confirmed fraud who steals from children’s hospitals. At least we know ur real identity now Petey Poo

          • Busted Aussie Dung Crawler you lying turd.

            Wrt your misinformed post, crossbows, machetes, bayonets, daggers and fireworks are legal to purchase by the public in the Northern Territory for persons over 18 years.

      • makes sense….. jews are nothing but fake-ass fuckers….goes all they way back to the HollowHoax….bunch of lying scum!

      • Ur data mining efforts are pathetic. If you had anything it would be on the front page of your blog.What have you got to lose? Ur already on the bottom rung of losers. In the meantime, I’ll keep playing with the pics I got…

    • How many times are uou going to spam this same disinfo gibberish Garbage Gabriel the ZioJew Troll & Fag?? You’ve posted this same stupid ziotrash propaganda as many times as you posted you Cowballs gibberish fraudulently under my name:
      (1 of Fagboy Gabriel’s favorite zioA-hole troll names:) intelligent aussieJULY 8, 2016 AT 10:49 PM
      1. 10 characteristics of conspiracy theorists
      A useful guide by Donna Ferentes
      1. Arrogance. They are always fact-seekers, questioners, people who are trying to discover the truth: sceptics are always “sheep”, “shills”, patsies of a Zionist controlled government etc…(…etc etc..more ziotrash gibberish & disinfo!

      • I’d say about the same number of times that you spam you gibberish disinfo nonsense that you have convinced yourself is research Cowbutt. It’s endless isn’t it?

  22. Dear Dr K,

    We received your submission and the accompanying designs.

    After a short review, the assessment panel have decided that owing to a profuse overabundance of arches, your application will not be accepted at this time.

    Professor Stonenwood

    • good one:)

  23. Dallas Hoax…. ;

    (don’t agree 100% with the numerology BS…..too effin’ “jewy” for me…..but….OTW….some good points!)

    • coz youtube is ‘truth’?

      add gullible to your traits, retard.

      • uh?

        FUCK off!

        it was a legit’ analysis of some avlbl footage…..using plain, ordinary common sense…which would, basically, tell any-one that this crap is just that…..crap…..

        but…..yr the fckn retard, w/out any common sense, eh, cunt?

        • And every reporter on the planet got sucked in – but not you, right? Try and use what little remains of your brain. 1000 witnesses were all paid stooges? And all the dead conveniently disappear never to be seen again?

          I crap more intelligent organisms than you.

        • But those are the names of the posters with the best posts. The ones that are utterly devoid of value are the ones from you and cowboy.

          This site is a very fun site thanks to those posters you refer to as gaybees. They are to be applauded.

        • Rottflmao

          gayboy dont go Im in stiches!

        • Common sense relies on the vague notion of ‘obviousness’, which means something like ‘what we perceive from personal experience’ or ‘what we should know without having had to learn.’ In other words, common sense is not necessarily supported by evidence or reasoning. As such, beliefs based on common sense are unreliable. The fallacy lies in giving too much weight to common sense in drawing conclusions, at the expense of evidence and reasoning.

          In some ways, scientific methods have been developed to avoid the errors that can result from common sense. For instance, common sense used to tell us that the Earth is flat and that the Sun revolves around the Earth – because that is the way things appear to us without scientific investigation. Another example of ‘common sense’ is that the world appears to have been designed, so therefore there must have been a designer.

          • Very well said. I might add that ‘common sense’ is not without value as it is a common method by which we navigate daily life and society. it is however, subject to actual facts and irrefutable evidence. Common sense is also usually the product of experience eg it is common sense not to put your hand in a fire, usually learned by touching something hot as a child.

            But a good post – which is so rare here!

  24. Exhibit K) Dallas Sniper Hoax DHS Crisis Actor False Witness Camera Woman Allison Griz is alias
    Allison Griswald aka
    Allison Griswald of Dallas, New Orleans LA, Orlando, FL, Missouri, Wash DC, Mississipi & Alabama & elsewhere. She was working at the DHS FAKE FAG Shooting in Orlando as well!
    Her mother and Aunt are DHS operatives also and Cox Media (Jeanne Griswald aka Jeanne Sentman) & Robin Griswald aka Robin Gridwold of Multiple media companies, CIA, TSA, & high level planning job directly at DHS in Washington DC-MD-VA. Treasonous Zionist Scum all 3! Father is also an Air Force embeded DHS Crisis actor& Spook. I have lots of proof! Watch her own video of her (as Allison Griz) filming the hoax shooting on this facebook even! lol She admits living in the building too & being angry! lol I have a semi separate identity of her acting & dancing in Alambama & other info of her as a video -film trained professional she too is 32 & almost 33 as several operatives in these 3 PsyOps in MN, TX & Baton Rouge!
    You no hero & you are a Traitor against the American people Miss Griswald!

    • ah the undeniable ‘proof’ of a facebook page.

      idiots laugh at you!

      • yr the “idiot”, you fckn shill!

  25. ExK-2) Dallas Snipers Killing Cops In Her Back Yard PsyOp!LOL! 1 billion percent proof Allison Griz is Allison Griswald aka Griswold daughter & niece of Major Media DHS OPERATIVES Robin & Jeanne Griswald aja Griswold…Yes mossadomite Actwhores always have multiple name spellings & aliases galore!

    “I’m So scared & so angry this is happening. My backyard is a war zone.
    .” Scared??? Lol!!! Angry??? LOL! You lying sack of $h#t! You are as happy as can be getting your $hekel$ & basking in glory & fame & adding to your ziotreason resume as a good little sayan mossadomite ziopuppet actwhore!

  26. you ever ‘cross’ my path, cunt….i’ll put a fucking bullet in ya!

    • Right? We need to over here! Clean out the septic tank.

  27. My friend, who is a Dallas cop, said he had a friend of his died in this tragedy. I normally believe these are false flags but I am not so sure about this one. It is possible that his friend is in on this and is going to receive a lot of money in order to move out of state. My friend, the cop, has no reason to lie to me but it is possible he is being lied to.

    • the old friend thing again! it was all a hoax! get it through your sheepie head!

      • Anyone mentioning friends really sticks in my craw because I don’t have any.

        • I’ll give you a sweaty jockstrap to smell.

          • Here’s another fraudulent disinfo perverted post made under my name by Homosexual pervert Gabriel the zionist jew troll:

            Brokeback Gabriel the Fag ZioTroll Fake version of:) Cowboy JULY 9, 2016 AT 12:46 PM
            I’ll give you a sweaty jockstrap to smell.
            (Gabriel loves to project his homosexual obsession onto others.)

    • fascinating…. you normally swallow this BS but when it happens real close to you… then you believe. You are another of those stupid people who don’t believe ANYTHING unless you personally can verify the facts. That doesn’t makes you clever or a truth-seeker – just an idiot.

  28. Attention newcomers to this site:

    IGNORE THE TROLLS who FAIL to construct any argument using logical deductive reasoning skills. Their job is to PROTECT the media and dissuade anyone from simply observing the media clips.

    This Dallas hoax, along with other prior hoaxes, are made for TV movies with b-grade actors that wouldn’t even make the cut for a lousy Red Box movie.

    The media clips DO NOT show anyone being “shot on live TV” as the crisis actors would have you believe. There is no evidence of deaths. There IS evidence of crisis acting. There IS evidence of crisis actors capturing “amateur footage” of nothing more than one would expect to see on a MOVIE SET.

    Do you watch movies? Do you know that when there are shots fired in a MOVIE, nobody really dies, you realize that right? In a movie, the entire plot gets revealed and is over with in less than two hours. You realize that the media has no way of finding out in two hours exactly who got shot, how many are deceased, and how many are injured, UNLESS THEY HAVE A SCRIPT IN ADVANCE, just like a movie. You understand common sense, right? Good. Then you have a brain, and you can think for yourself.

    Watch these crisis actors below. Does it seam MORE LIKELY that they are faking their stories for the camera, or does it seem MORE LIKELY that they just witnessed sniper fire with real bullets, and a real cop being shot dead?

    Remember, you can’t have it both ways. Either it’s a MOVIE SCRIPT, or it’s a REAL EVENT.

    Watch the clip, and make up your own minds.

    The media runs the same scam OVER and OVER again, and this one is no different.

  29. Watch ABC NEWS, remember, the video of the DC gun-wielding lunatic was an “OFFICIAL STORY” on mainstream media. Watch the clip they news released of the “shooter” at the capitol.

    The alleged perpetrator gets supposedly shot in the stomach. The black policeman PICKS UP the gun after one officer kicks it away from the supposed perpetrator. Do you think if it was a REAL shooting, an officer would pick up the gun after the suspect is in handcuffs? NO! But this was a STAGED shooting, so it really doesn’t matter. The media realizes that no amount of fakery will convince the masses of how they run their phony fake shows. However, if you’re awakened, then it’s quite easy to spot the deceptions.

    If you cannot figure out from watching the DC police video below that it was FAKED/STAGED, then you will believe anything the TV shows you, because you are not willing to think for yourself.

    These events are all coded by the numbers, as Zachary Hubbard clearly explains on his channel. Watch his videos and learn how they run the scams by the numbers.

  30. Dallas shooting HOAX, all coded by the numbers.

    If you don’t understand how the numerology is used in these TV scams, then watch this clip and you’ll get a better understanding on how it’s done.

    • Numerology… the insane person’s alternative to logic and evidence.

  31. Another interview with a “relative” of a “victim” of the “Dallas shooting.”

    Turn up the volume on your speakers for this one. Does it seem like this guy is really concerned for the person who just supposedly got shot in the arm, which broke her shoulder, AND she got shot in the abdomen, where the bullet went through and came out the other side! He even says “she’s fine” to the reporter, hilarious!

    You can’t make this stuff up! Oh wait, YES you can, it’s on TV, where it’s all hearsay, so a person can basically lie on camera for the gullible public.

    CRISIS ACTING in the Dallas shooting hoax. And….action!

  32. Wanna play a game? It’s a fun game. It doesn’t require much skill, except for OBSERVATION SKILL.

    The game is called “find the sniper” and it’s really very easy.

    Watch the Fox news affiliate clip this guy shows in the video.

    All you have to do is WATCH THE MEDIA clip. That’s it! See, the media told you that five officers were shot, and that another 11 were injured, including civilians. They MEDIA claims there were multiple shooters that targeted their victims from a parking garage. That’s ALSO what the Dallas police said in their press conference. That’s the OFFICIAL story.

    Ok, are you ready to play the game? Here are the directions: watch the Fox news clip, and create a VALID and LOGICAL defense argument to support the media’s official version of events.



    Can YOU find the snipers?

    Good luck!

    • What? Did we find a sniper?

      So the media is saying shots were fired from the parking garage, yet they now show a video where the sniper was on the ground, by himself, shooting at cops?

      This grainy video proves nothing, however the media labels it as FACTUAL PROOF of a sniper killing police.

      The public needs to realize they are being DUPED!

      • hey moron… are you not aware that the way in which the unfolding story changes significantly over a short period of tie is actually evidence that it is real??? Did that not occur to you that in the heat of the moment, information is scarce and routinely wrong or exaggerated? Now, if they were – as you claim – following a script it would be perfect, no errors of fact, no confusion, just a movie set where as we all know, everything goes according to plan.

        You could quadruple your IQ and still be dumber than a service dog – who incidentally has actual value, unlike you.

    • Wake-

      It becomes exhausting and pointless arguing with “truthers” here. Why, just yesterday I actually bothered to spend 30 seconds to totally debunk cowboy who wants to believe that the men in these two clips are the same “crisis actor”…

      As for you and your question, there are various sites that show the timeline and locations of the dead and injured. Your argument is what? That the helicopter doesn’t show them? That’s it?

      Wake- go back to assisting cowboy with his research and the gaybees will go back to trolling…

      • Cowboy is one of the bigger loons on here. Ever tried the exercise of taking a cowboy post and removing all the repetitive and idiotic adjectives it uses? Suddenly the 500 word post is 15 words. And still stupid.

  33. “Is it a dude? Is it a sniper?”

    No, it’s a MEDIA HOAX, lol!

    Watch the man in the white t-shirt saying “In the name of Jesus”…he’s on various news channels providing incredible hearsay testimony for the gullible public.

    • Here is the guy in the white shirt with the lady in the blue shirt. These two people were in the parking garage in the other video.

      CRISIS ACTORS have a role to SELL YOU THE STORY while the media simply regurgitates the same sound bytes and shows you the same series of media clips over and over again.

      • Here is the guy in the white t-shirt again! Notice that he’s also CALMLY WALKING with the lady in the blue shirt.

        Remember, he told the media that he “RAN” once he heard the shots fired. The media asked him if he tried to hide. He abruptly responded that of course he did, he said he “was TRAINED to hide” in the other video.

        BUT WAIT A MINUTE! If he claims he ran, then why is he seen at 5:00 minutes into this video casually walking on the bottom floor of the parking garage?

        It doesn’t make any sense, EXCEPT if it’s a DRILL. Then it makes perfect sense.

        The cops shown lying down on the street are playing the role of “dead cop” to create more drama for the official story. Who is filming? Why are people casually walking around an area where SNIPERS ARE SHOOTING FROM A BUILDING? Would YOU be casually walking around?

        Remember, Hollywood and media have become one. These shooting hoaxes take their cues from MOVIES. I suggest watching the movie “Attack on Wall Street” starring Dominic Purcell. In that movie, the actor played by Purcell is made at Wall Street bankers, and targets them from a parking garage with a sniper rifle.

        Follow this footage, and you will clearly see how the media runs their phony fake show.

        The guy in the white t-shirt appears around the 5 min mark…

  34. Duping delight by this crisis actor…can it get anymore obvious?

    He says the cop car was driving with his rims, so I guess the sniper blew out his tires when he tried to leave the scene? Who writes this script?


    The purpose is to tell people: TURN IN YOUR GUNS!

    This was all part of the scripted event.

  36. It’s the main goal of the event. The second is to predispose a civil, racial war and to enhance a federal zio-police.

    • The media has been running propaganda campaigns for quite awhile. This Dallas event is no different.

      Divide and conquer is a necessary technique to achieve that goal of a federal zio-police state.


    Double hearsay TV testimony at its finest.

    These crisis actors are starting to give Gene Rosen a run for his DHS money!!

    • Why would we want rules of evidence to apply to what we want to rely on day to day as real?

      • If one wants to rely on the TRUTH, then of course, the rules of evidence WOULD apply on the “day to day” events on television.

        Unfortunately, the masses rely on their TV sets with the expectation they are being told the truth, not lies.

        However, the TV is allowed to lie, because it’s entertainment. A judge wouldn’t allow any hearsay testimony at a jury trial, so what we see on the news where “witnesses” describe what they saw are NOT admissible as evidence. The sleeping masses take the path of least resistance, which is to simply accept what they see as real.

        • you really are a stupid SOB. Judges dont allow witnesses to testify as to what they saw? BTW fool, ‘hearsay’ is SECOND-HAND information, not a witness account.

          DUmb sod!

  38. This is a witness?

    She tells her children NOT to run when she hears shots fired? She wants to “regroup and move forward” AFTER she hears shots fired, potentially putting her kids in danger? NONSENSE!

    SHE IS READING FROM A PRE-PLANNED SCRIPT. Just watch as she looks down and to her right, probably where she has her notes written down.

    Pathetic crisis actress.

  39. I watched the youtube clips. The videos do not in any way prove this was a hoax event. In the first few hours of any active shooting event, there is a lot of confusion. Call it the Fog of War. People are still trying to assess what is happening. There is a lot of misinformation reported. This is all to be expected.

    People such as WAKE THE SHEEP have a specific agenda, and cherry pick events to create a skewed narrative that corroborates their beliefs. These conspiracy types suffer from a kind of sickness. Thousands of people were witness to this event. But WAKE THE SHEEP knows better from behind the computer screen in his dark basement. A very sad and pathetic individual.

    • The sad individuals are those with no “COMMON SENSE”, pun intended.

      The media has SOLVED this case within a few hours, which is ridiculous.

      Cherry pick? WRONG! I posted the actual media clips, the ones which the media is relaying to millions of people to sell a story.

      Why don’t you rise from your basement and see the world? It’s actually quite a nice place, as long as you are willing to give up your television.

      Does the media PROVE that these 5 officers died and 11 others got hurt! Or are you simply going by what you see on TV?

    • “The videos do not in any way prove it was a hoax event.”

      And your EVIDENCE to back up your claim is…?

      Sorry, the videos DO NOT PROVE in any way that it was a REAL event.

      Get used to it, the media has been running these phony fake shows for quite some time.

      Or remain in denial, and you’ll fit right in with the sleeping masses.

  40. Right? Gotta love it. All bullshit. Some folks need a real good Waterboarding. Start with Obama Killary junior Cheney Rummy and then Ross in MSNBC Rachel Madcow, Lyin’ Brian Williams, this phony top cop and that “mayor”.

  41. Does this sister and mother seem like they are grieving?


    Notice the “lead in” questions by the news anchor, David Muir.

    David Muir is a ZIONIST AGENT and is involved in perpetrating a fraud onto the masses. Fortunately, this is TELEVISION where it’s entertainment, so he is allowed to lie without any repercussion.

    There is no way in ALL OF THESE SHOOTING EVENTS that any family will provide such details of their family history to the news within ONE DAY of their family member being killed.

    There are exceptions, however, when it’s a MEDIA DRIVEN SCAM!

  42. Yeah door to door, right? I guess Presidebt Barry needs to see the videos if the drone slaughtering. Real War. Real Terror.

    JFK tried to warn us
    Before they took his life
    You didn’t back down,
    he was very precise:

    ‘Evil secret society
    Intent on world control control’ –
    what else do you need
    when you sell your soul?

    Goon squad, get off our country, now.

  43. Yes the more money they raise the more events they can put on and the more dummied down they can get people. Bad news: they are getting lots of cash.

  44. Here is a clip from RT, which was edited by other mainstream outlets.

    Remember, the media said the sniper was firing from the 2nd story of a parking garage. Then the media claimed he was shooting from a second story window. The protestors claimed they heard a shot, then a series of shots, then a SECOND series of shots.

    Other media clips show an officer down near his cop car. This RT clips shows an officer down being allegedly shot by the supposed sniper, who was supposedly on the second floor of a parking garage or a building, shooting out of a window.

    The media then said police “blew up” the sniper using a robot.

    Will the REAL OFFICIAL FAKE NEWS STORY please stand up, lol!

    • Here is the EDITED version of the above clip, where “witness” Ismael Dejesus tells CNN that “he didn’t get the video of the officer being shot” although he claims he SAW the officer being shot. Really? If you saw it, then why didn’t you get the video?

      Notice that this video below was taken from the similar location as the one above. CNN claims it was taken from the Crown Plaza hotel across the street.

      CNN claims DeJesus was “hiding” in the hotel, yet obviously he was willing to roll his mobile phone and take the grainy video. This is very similar to the Bataclan grainy video from the side street, and also the Charlie Hebdo hoax.

  45. The entire world is neither sleeping or being hoodwinked time and time again. You, MR. Wake, are a severely paranoid individual who interprets normal occurrences in a way to fit your agenda. There is absolutely zero proof to support your assertions. Sorry. Try harder.

    • Mr. De Bunkt, you are simply posting nonsense without any backing of your claims.

      Yes, the entire world IS being hoodwinked.
      Why are you unable to provide commentary to defend the media’s own videos?

      Ah, yes, you can’t prove a lie. That was your problem in Orlando, and you are facing the same problem here.

      Sorry, try harder, or just go back to serving your DHS masters.

      • I’M posting nonsense? LOL. Kind of amusing how the mentally ill don’t know they’re mentally ill. It’s up to YOU to make a case that these events are staged. And so far, you have nothing.

      • Naturally I possess no EVIDENCE to label Mr De Bunkt as being in the employ of the DHS.
        I resort to good old fashioned ASSUMPTION.

    • Absolutely correct. They choose to interpret everything according to their paranois delusions. Ever blood spatter is fake. Every gun is fake. every plane crash is a hoax. Every mass shooting is a staged event. and yet, where is the evidence to support ANY of this stupidity? ZERO.

      There is quite simply not a single shred of credible evidence to support their idiot claim to these things being hoaxes. And that is even before you ask the question of WHY anyone would create a hoax in the first place.What is the motivation? These loons all talk about ‘taking our guns’ while the US govt has made precisely no gun restriction laws at all. And if there is a group that certainly should never be entrusted with guns it is the conspiracy lunatics on sites like this.

  46. When watching a TV news shooting event, ask yourself a BASIC and LOGICAL question:

    Would YOU do an interview with CNN if your brother/sister/mother/father/son/daughter/cousin/friend just died within the past few hours?

    For a rational, logical, normal human being, the answer to the above question is an emphatic “NO!”

    Yet what does the media reveal in all of these shooting hoaxes? Family members who are willing to provide all details of their loved one for the media within a few hours, AND they are willing to appear on camera.

    You can only get this type of consistency in a SCRIPTED news event.

    But sheep will be sheep. The hoax world tour will continue, courtesy of DHS and their agents/co-conspirators.

    • Actually, what is happening is that the media is not following the SCRIPT that YOU concocted in your head. Therefore it must be a hoax. Fool.

  47. How to detect a hoax:

    1. Is there cell phone footage? – NO: HOAX!
    2. Is there cell phone footage? YES: HOAX!

    1. Are victims’ relatives crying? – NO: HOAX!
    2: Are victims’ relatives crying? – YES: HOAX!

    1: Is there blood on the sidewalk? – NO: HOAX!
    2: Is there blood on the sidewalk? – YES: HOAX!

  48. I got a job in tv after college. I worked as a writer Ina newsroom in San Diego. One day in an afternoon meeting about our night time shows the police came in and joined. They told us about a hoax shooting later that night and how they wanted us to cover it. I was shocked. I hadn’t been taught this part of journalism. Then they gave all of us $500 each and left. Needless to say, we followed the script. Happened a bunch of other times in other cities I worked in also. So , yes, no question that this Dallas thing was a hoax. Most of these events are. I’m glad I went into the tv news business.. Great money!!!

    • Thank you for your imput describing the why behind the coordination of hoax participants. Finally, someone has come forward.

      • I don’t suppose we’ll ever know the name of this ‘hoax’ in San Diego…darn

      • Nah I’m just pulling your leg. You’d believe anything.

        • Should have kept that going Reggie. A few have come here before claiming that people they knew had been involved in a terrible event and they immediately get hounded and abused. I was really looking forward to seeing the usual hoaxtards here suck up every word you said hook line and sinker. You’d have been a hero. Then you could have fessed up.

          • I’ll be back later. I’m on the daily hoax conference call at work right now. Wish I could tell you more but I can’t.

    • love it! and the wankers just swallowed it all hook, line and sinker. You really should have played them for all it was worth. After all… it is SO EASY.

  49. ok now im back with an annonomous email stop erasing my enlighted posts and stop having a pro muslim slant on this site your suppose to be white european god dammit hell not all us jews bait negroids to klll our enemies, well that sounds like a good plan but anyway everybody here loves to seek attention. im a big boy stop erasing my posts and tell those evil masons in my town to stop selling my phone conversations to universal music group and thei’ll be no more vendetta exsept with the assholes who fucked with me growing up, you have beef with daddy well daddy is a big boy go knock on his door. bunch a fuckin criminals. But i aint no goody goody either we all do shit and the more ppl dead the more wild animals and trees grow when are these stupid fucks gonna build a space industry to send these fukkers off the earth. Stop listening to these fukkers in secret state USA they hate me they dont want me around the only reason im here is to watch over old daddy. They can clean this whole fukkin town out for all i care they did nothin but abuse my family anyway. Why these massas gotta pay these slaves to spew this rap hatered toward my family. someone please erradicated the universal nig-nogs with there white britonic surname i said to this black guy one time in jail im as much my alias as he is williams which happens to be a fact. fukk america its a sess pool. i’d rather be ravin it up in russia with hot russian chicks then listenen to this shit factory spewed by universal garbage nothin is being done for my victimized family. And Alex Jones you don’t accept who i am i thought jones cared about the sunshine you were hatin on me too but i dont know any other podcasts exsept Rense sponsored by David Duke but Nig-nogs aren’t really a problem up in these Yankee parts, bro. Alex stop talking in General terms and say “They are buggin the guy and making media material off his phone tap” I still don’t know who, some ppl in my town? Any wonder why im so fukked up. So what terrorist attack did I help to start this time. You can’t stand me just be nice to me, wanna come over for a barbeque, watch car racing and smoke a joint come on lets be friends 🙂

  50. You refer to yourself as a boy? Right:

    Why do you also refer to yourself as Hair Cunt?

  51. Dallas, Baton Rogue, Minnesota: Classic Hegelian Dialectic Divide and Conquer

  52. after a few days…when all the overwhelming evidence for this fakeass Dallas shit appears, watch these cock-roach kikes on here (like the fakeass Rudolf Friedrich 101) scuttle back under their turds like the fckn vermin they are !

    you fucking (dot) gov shills oughta be cut loose on with flame throwers and trained attack dogs……

    any-thing that’s left…..fed to feral fckn pigs!

  53. Last word Rudy you had to get it didn’t you I think me and Aussie pub crawler should be the new alpha runners on here. You and Cowboy shouldn’t be the main attack dogs on this site anymore somethin is seriously wrong here. For 1 we got you an old washed up Nazi still can’t get over WWII always making sick sexual comments to everybody calling them trannys and telling them that you want to bang there sister. And Cowboy deh deh deh he has some good points when it comes to posting about hoaxes but that flat earth thing killed it for me you must really have to have shit for brains to think the world is flat thats 3rd grade geography. I don’t know who your kicking but trust me I can handle kicks and I still come back swinging,thrusting, slashing, and stabbing. Tone down your rhetoric. Nobody wants to hear about Trannys and who’s worthy by offering you their sista!!)

  54. Looks like a GoFundMe page was set up by someone called James French, 23 hours BEFORE the Dallas cop shooting event on 7th July 2016 It was taken down on 9th July with no funds on it. See the video with the date and hour stamps here

  55. CNN slip up – reporter refers to actors –

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