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Shooting of 11 Police Officers in Dallas is an Arch DHS Gun Control Hoax

Updated, July 9th, 6:00 CST

With numerous revelations from our posters

Make no mistake about it the purported shooting against Dallas police officers is a scam and a hoax, while no one can demonstrate otherwise. The number “11” is one of those arch-Masonic, arch-Satanic numbers commonly used by the arch-Zionist, extremist gun-grubbing cabal. It is all about creating momentum against the guns, particularly in the closing out of the so-called presidency of that antagonistic Zionist agent and gun-grubber, Barak Obama.

It’s clearly a hoax. The standard arch-hoax flashlight routine is seen, above, in this case the type mounted on a long gun. Even so, what’s the use of it? How does shining that light have any possible detective/investigative effects? Here is yet another flash-light hoax scene. Who would be so concerned about shining such a light in the midst of gunfire, which is taking down some 11 officers?


In fact, no one could do so. He cannot efficiently use his gun in such an instance. This confirms the staging, the faking, the arch-fabrication.

Regardless, the cops are clearly acting. They can’t even fake it well. What a litany of arch-fakers they are fully reimbursed, fully rewarded ($$$) for their role in the fraud:

Who in the world are they chasing? Why is one of them looking directly at the camera, if they are in danger? Are they even cops in the first place? Regardless, it’s a major side-show, surely for purposes of a plot: to usurp the native rights of the common people, to strip them of those rights: to take away their rights for self-defense.


Oh, right, five cops were killed, sure they were, right. Does anyone act like they just saw five of their colleagues shot dead? The man with the helmet clearly over-acts in the video, which is evident from the above screen capture. No one finds that plausible even to the least degree.

Sure, it was, right. The wild-eyed, anti-cop snipers prevailed, and the cops couldn’t do anything.

There is even a greater degree of magic to it such as the absolutely inane representation via video by Allison Griz. It was Griz aka Griswald who posted the following video, claiming as soon as the cap guns were firing that there were “Oh my God,” men “on the ground.” How could she tell they were on the ground so quickly and from such a vast distance? She said it as soon as the popcorn fire could be heard.

In yet another revealing video this purported eyewitness says he was “trained” to “hide” from any ‘shooters.’ Really, he was “trained to hide?” Who, then did that training other than the arch-plotting and scheming DHS and its collaborators?

Then, what of this image? Can anyone fathom it? The police are searching their own trunk with a long-gun pointed directly into it (the image, right screen, is that of the purported gunman, which, of course, is also fake):


He is pointing the flashlight down at his own cop-car trunk: absolutely inane.

This is mere nonsense. Nothing happened, here. No one died, and no one was injured. This is a hoax. Let anyone demonstrate otherwise.



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  1. Looks like a GoFundMe page was set up by someone called James French, 23 hours BEFORE the Dallas cop shooting event on 7th July 2016 It was taken down on 9th July with no funds on it. See the video with the date and hour stamps here

  2. CNN slip up – reporter refers to actors –

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