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Jo Cox Murder Hoax – Money Grubbers, Fake Grievers, and Smiley Faces

What could be more inane than this, that is the claim that an actual UK MP was stabbed and then shot to death, right in broad daylight, precisely near her office facility? No one can find this plausible. There is no basis for her murder. Why would anyone brutally murder her in such a fashion? Yet, despite the obvious nature of the scam the fraud continues on, with great sums of money from the fully bamboozled public flowing into the perpetrators’ coffers.

There was no crime scene, no forensics activity: no evidence that a crime of any kind was committed. Regardless, it is easy to see this is a fake. Who could demonstrate otherwise? The actors and players themselves have fully revealed the nature of the arch-fraud.

The news media knows it’s a terminally inane fake, an absolute fraud and farce to the extreme:


Right, sure: it’s plenty funny. She was brutally murdered, stabbed and then shot three times in the head. What great treachery, what a bloody mess, this would be. Does her sister, far left, or her mother, far right, act as if this really occurred, or do they behave in the opposite fashion, confirming the hoax?

It is glaringly obvious precisely what there pattern is. Even so, where is Cox, now? Where did the secret services disappear her to?


The mother’s smirk tells all. Even so, why in the world would anyone wipe tears away that don’t even exist?

Staging can also be categorically confirmed by the following screen-capture collage. The woman is not crying and is one of the prime government actors for this scam. She finalizes the first act and then looks directly towards the camera, then back.


Mr. Brendan Cox also thinks it is a joke, this purported stabbing death, with the deceased receiving some three shots at point-blank range to the head.


He also decides to fake a few tears. Regarding that public reaction, what is it?


It is this reaction of which he is speaking, the sudden influx of some one million pounds. It’s about the money, all about the money. No one cares to be straight and honest with people. Rather, clearly, they will willingly defraud them through lies and deceit.

She does, after all, have a devilish bend to her; her husband indicated that they didn’t always get along so well. If she, then, off on her own, cash in-hand, in a mutual agreement?

Nevertheless, once again, she was not killed by any means. No one assassinated her, politically. The fake killer actor and the arch-actor cops, all working for the secret Zionist government, can be seen here:


This is staged, and that’s fake blood. Where are all the weapons? Where is the home-made gun? Who had the vantage point to take such imagery other than embedded media?


In fact, it is such an arch-scam, such a fake to the extreme, that even the most carefully embedded crisis actors can’t resist revealing the fraud. Talk about duping delight, it is everywhere to be seen, here.





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  1. Great analysis (again)

    • Unparalleled research, doc!

      Smirks, tears, moulage… Brilliant stuff!

      Uncredited sources of images (which you probably altered)- I can see the cut lines and other crafty manipulations.

      You missed your true calling. Or maybe you didn’t.

      • hello, the man playing the dad in one of your pics is an actor who is also the big guy with the forensic suit on, the same man. kenny

  2. Jo Cox Death Hoax | New World Order & Bankers

  3. Exhibit 16) Orlando DHS Fake Fag Bar Shooting VicSim-Fake Victim Crisis Actor Enrique Rios Was Not Vacationing In Orlando from NYC with his Homo Lover–He Already lived there! His Whole family are a pack of lying fraudster zionist Marrano Jews & ofcourse he’s not dead & nor is anyone else in thIS Zionist DHS PsyOp against the American people!
    His Jewish mother is Miriam Rios a big shot account an a zionist company specializing in accounting for Zio Entertainment & media companies! His is probably 26 years old. His wealthy & father have homes in NYC & elsewhere NY State but this young homo Crisis Actor lives and parties in their homes in Miami & Orlando! If anything he visits NYC once in a while! Search Results

    Miriam Delgado Rios
    age 48
    Orlando, FL; Brooklyn, NY; East Meadow, NY; Bay Shore, NY; Staten Island, NY ; Miami, FL View Less

    Milton Rios, Enrique Rios, Roberto Rios

    & Intelius Search shows Enrique Rios with Addresses in Miami & Orlando. Also The zionist PsyOp Script claims he’s a junior but it looks like another zio lie and his father most likely goes by Roberto Rios! Or it could be Milton..

  4. Exhibit 16-b) Orlando Hoax Homo Shooting- The Real Enrique Rios of Orlando– He lives in Orlando & mother is high paid Entertainment & Media Company Accountant & sayanim Mossad-spook! See Exhibit 16)
    Also see 17 & 18-a) thru 18-h)… a bunch of posts on Fake Phoney zioJew Musician Replacement Orlando Surgeon Dr Lube Job I will post! Been trying to post them all day but post were zioBlocked! This zioCrook Lube Job fske @$$ surgeon is completely busted!

  5. Well done Dr k for seeing thru the scam god bless

  6. Crying crocodile tears no Oscars for the performance then

  7. Fraudulent Disinfo Comments/posts made by Perverted Tranny-Loving Freak Zionist Jew Gabriel under real truther posters names thus far on this thread:


    JUNE 22, 2016 AT 11:00 AM

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    JUNE 22, 2016 AT 11:01 AM

    I love anal too.

    Rudolf Friedrich 01

    JUNE 22, 2016 AT 11:04 AM

    I perform a public service by scaring pigeons from above parked cars.
    The coins I steal from the ash trays is a bonus.

    • Don’t worry about him to much he,s an idiot obviously he ain’t go a life waste o f space

      • Rudolf I can tell he,s a fraud

      • No need to apologize for the only thing you’ll ever be good at – excessively vulgar faggy troll

  8. Since when do you see police casually arrest someone after shooting and stabbing someone to death it dont happen frauds

  9. I’m planning a big surprize for your 60th birthday daddy!!!!

    • More Fraudulent Disinfo Fag Pervert Posts from Gaybriel fage ziotraoll A-hole!

      (Brokeback Fag Gabriel fake version of:)Cowboy JUNE 22, 2016 AT 4:01 PM
      Can we go to Indonesia together daddy?

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    • I told you not to text messages in class stupid boy. If you don’t start concentrating, you’ll never learn to read and write.

  11. It been happening 1000,s 1000,s 1000,s years Rudolf

  12. What an ugly old fuck. He’s got a terrible case of butt hurt cause we know what he looks like but he’s still got no idea how to find the mythical Gaybeeee! Really is as stupid as he looks ha ha

    • I beg to differ- he’s even stupider than he looks.
      It’s actually sad to think that a grown man like him could be such a total douche canoe and not even realize it.

    • Gone? Where have I gone? Oh that’s right, you don’t have a fucking clue…

  13. The Zionist Entities in Tel Aviv are very concerned about the UK leaving the Union. Nerves must rattled there!
    It’s a good idea for them to leave now before it’s too late.

  14. What the little Satan does to our Brothers and Sisters He does to himself.

  15. Excellent. This analysis is spot-on.

    The Cox family are portraying themselves as down-to-earth, honest-to-God Yorkshire folk who speak honestly.

    As your piece proves, they are,in fact, a gaggle of money-grubbing hoaxers doing the bidding of NWO elites.

    MP Cox told abject lies re-Syria in Parliament and was vigorously promoting these lies to press for increased British military involvement.

    Yes, like the rest of the UK political class, she was LYING FOR ISRAEL.

    Cox and family now have enough money to retire comfortably and disappear.

    Let’s hope they do that.

    Just like the so-called “Rigby” family of the soldier supposedly beheaded at Greenwich, the Coxs are fully-paid up MI6 (a.k.a.) agents.

    • Great points deserving mention/research into a follow-up OP-ED.

  16. I don’t know why they Worship devils when it is Allah which sustains them and nurtures them!

  17. they are the enemies of God. They must fear and fear and fear.

  18. Check these out on Jo Cox the hoaxer, especially the last link. “HOAX” all over indeed written:

  19. Rudolf is 100% gay.

  20. Rudolf if you are hinting toward involvement then spit it out.

  21. Cowboy you are the fucking hoax

  22. The HOAXED “blood sacrifice” of their RED HEIFER, “Jo Cox”.

    Did I say, “Jo Cox”? I meant, “JOKE OX”. “Fake bovine sacrifice” = “Joke Ox”.

    Ha ha ha …. evil comedic Jews exposed again!

    **** However…..the GREATEST HOAX is YET to come…. a “fake resurrection”, as per Rev 13:3 and Rev 13:14

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