Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 09 June 2014
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Shooting in Las Vegas is a Zionist Hoax

The fake shooting of two police officers, among others, where five people were killed is yet another Zionist-orchestrated plot. The domain of that rabid Zionist extremist Sheldon Adelson compliant Las Vegas is an ideal place to perpetrate such a scam.

It is that criminal mind through his money and great power who holds sway over the politic of that city. Clearly, he, along with other rabid Zionist extremists in the area,  is behind the hoax and is its major guiding and manipulating force:


There are the standards of the hoax. People standing about casually, chit-chatting, along with police tape that is mindlessly attached. The other major standard that is visible virtually throughout is the taxpayer-supplied water bottle, in this case, that is in the case of hot Las Vegas, in water coolers.

Just outside: Las Vegas  Metropolitan Police Department officers stand near Walmart employees in front of the store

Are they expecting a large crowd? There are three coolers there. The blew shirts are telling of the role of Wal-Mart employees in this scam.

There must have already been a stampede for the free water; look at the police tape. It is lying, mangled, on the ground. There is seemingly no deficiency of fraudsters in the United States, or anywhere else, who will sell out their country and fellow people on behalf of vile Zionist machinations.

The water bottle is not the only routine standard that can be seen as an obvious plot in this hoax. There is something even more revealing. It is the color-coded badge, an essential for DHS-orchestrated hoaxes:


The badge is necessary to identify the person as a legitimate crisis actor. CORRECTION: In this case the badge may represent Wal-Mart employees. The fact that she is both in possession of the water bottle (while faking the grief) and is wearing a badge while faking grief is proof that this is yet another DHS-Zionist-orchestrated fraud.

Yet another standard in hoax-o-mania is the DHS-inspired fake hand-to-the-mouth phony grief routine.


The cell phone is another essential prop and is typically seen in one of the hugging hands, while the other hand and arm do the fake head hugging. In the younger person’s case, presumably her son, it is fixed in his rear pocket. In both of these zoomed-in images there are also what are obviously handlers, or coordinators, working with the other DHS moles, the ones demonstrating fake emotions. The woman in turquoise is looking directly at the handler with the yellow-coded badge.

The fact that it was a drill is clear from all the imagery available. This hoax is easy to prove:


Is he happy that two of his colleagues were brutally murdered by a “caucasian” revolutionary? This is a direct attack against the people of the sovereign United States.


At least some of the Masonic cop actors can get it right, like this phony faking it as if he is agonizing:

The suspected shooters, a man and a woman, allegedly yelled 'This is a revolution' before killing two Las Vegas police officers in a pizza parlour.

Zionist-orchestrated anti-American caption: The suspected shooters, a man and a woman, allegedly yelled ‘This is a revolution’ before killing two Las Vegas police officers in a pizza parlour. (Steve Marcus/Reuters,Las Vegas Sun)

The fact that this is a Zionist plot is clear in the use in this scam of the words “caucasian” and “revolution.”


They are all lined up to get their marching orders. The money is good. Who cares if it is a lie?




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  1. Las Vegas Shooting FALSE FLAG! Multiple PSYOP Campaigns All At Once! AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK!


  2. Las Vegas Shooting HOAX CCTV Footage says 10 29 2012 !!


    • Sweeping the incriminating hoaxy fibs under the the carpet, team zio have done away with that irksome video.
      Maybe someone can supply a duplicate?
      Still there’s a whole mountain laid bare elsewhere for that matter.

      • Johny boy – My god how i missed you so much brother. How went your crash course in logic? Not so good by the looks of this post. Try harder

        • “…hoaxy fibs….” is funnier than anything you’ve said in any one of your lifes.

          • Spy – try and think hard, then open your funny little mouth and say something original for a change.

          • * LIEf’s

    • Love that guys take on matters , always deeper symbolism woven in , happened on the Queen of Englands bday , call of shots fired received at 11:22 (=33).
      Id love to see inside those yellow submarines , costumes, shoes,moulage,probably backed right up to th wallymart world loading dock to restock h2o and photo extras.Since when do $7 n hr employees get front row at a mass killing , tempura spill aisle 33…..
      There was an ad looking for crisis actors in Atlanta 6/12/14.fyi

  3. Thank you for the confirmation of this scam.

    Our colleagues are mass E-blasting your latest to the World in press releases.

    Here’s a pertinent excerpt from a McNamara press release, which I/we feel is on the mark. OLD MAC, in New Haven, CT, cites the common theme of “tyranny” and relates Vegas to the use of CT homeless shelters as police agents:

    ” The BOGUS LAS VEGAS “shootings” are an obvious ISRAELI MOSSAD / RABID ZIONIST false flag attack. Don’t believe the reports, although sometimes they actually kill people in the scams.

    The STAGED HOAX planted another seed, specifically that these bogus “gunmen” were “revolutionaries,” which lies can serve as a pretext to the tyrannical imposition of MARTIAL LAW in AMERICA and/or the INDEFINITE DETENTION of INNOCENTS as “belligerents” under the draconian NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT (NDAA).

    The TRAITOR STATE of CONNECTICUT’s use of HOMELESS SHELTER PERSONNEL as POLICE AGENTS smacks of the same tyranny. See the CT HOMELESS SHELTER release below.”

    Bill Stoller,

    Legal Consultant for CT Global at http://CT-Global.webs.com and Sovereign CT America at
    http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501, inviting all (friend and foe) to the “Susan Stanton Special Presentation,” re: Susan’s shocking, and credible, allegations of child kidnapping and murder in the Sandy Hook false flag and gun grab.

    Call in information is at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501. See you tomorrow night.

  4. Hokum!
    1 officer dead on the scene, 1 died in surgery and 1 civilian dead.
    The other 2 were the man shot by the woman who then killed herself in a suicide pact after they ran into a WalMart.
    Your color coded DHS badge is nothing more than a WalMart badge along with water from Wal-Mart, ice chests (with probably-you guessed it…water from Wal-Mart) and all of those people standing around with the ice chests and crumpled yellow police tape are WalMart employes.
    The words from the eyewitness stated the **** about “Revolution” is nothing more than faulty witness or embellishments.
    Please for the love of GOD, give me something harder to disprove.

    • My sweet girl – how easily you show the brain dead what investigation is supposed to be about. Clear, rational, unbiased, not hate filled thought and logic.

  5. Those badges you portray to be DHS are actually WallMart name tags. Reaching and grasping for straws once again

    • Yup William,
      And scraping the bottom of the barrel to boot.
      But at least it gives Big Daddy something else to do besides deleting my comments 😉

      • Let’s try and find a “fraudster” in an actual event. Oh look, those badges and uniforms look like a good target. They must be the color coded badges and different colored blue uniforms of those Zionist moles!! Their is no way they could actually be part of the WalMart uniform? Could they? Nope–another case of a government psyop. I just want to thank this website for providing me with daily humor. All of you believers will call me a troll, and a sheep for believeing the government. But all of you who believe that these events are staged are the actual sheep. You are sheep to Dr. K and this website. This website would be so much better if it just came with the disclaimer that stated the information you read will make you laugh.

        • Of course William. I am always up for a game of Pin the Tail on the Fraudster! 😉
          Let’s see (did we flip a coin to see who goes first?) We have a group of people in blue shirts standing around ice chests. Oh look! I think I found one…..the lady with the frown covering her mouth! Obviously, she has the look of a trained fraudster. You can tell just by looking at her knitted eyebrows, shocked yet worried expression and her red nose, possibly from crying that she is indeed a fraudster!
          Ok William. I found mine. Your turn.

          • I found one. The police officer who is in anguish and crying at his police car is obviously the huckster. I mean no genuine police officer, who just learned that a fellow brother of the badge and possible friend, would react this way. He is a totally fraudulent, crisis actor. No one who shows human emotion at one of these tragedies is a real person. They are all DHS moles, trying to push the Zionist agenda. Your turn

          • OOOH William,
            Good one but you missed a good twofer! The WalMart employees with their arms around each other. They apparently have been trained good because everybody knows that a cellphone in your pocket is a surefire signal of a Fraudster.
            Your turn 😉

          • Nice find anon,
            Here is another. Those dirty, stinking, Mossad agents holding bottles of water. We know that all aagents of Zion and the Mossad only drink bottled water. And the water that is handed out confirms that this was a DHS planned attack, and a surefire psyop. I don’t know how i missed that revealing evidence. I mean this truly links Aquafina, the producer of those bottled waters, with a government coverup. Beware everyone of those people drinking bottles of water. They just might be planning the next false flag operastion. Your turn

          • Good Job William!
            My turn 😉
            I spy a group of guys
            All dressed up and nowhere to go.
            Could they be Masonic Cops?
            We will never know.
            Could they be awaiting orders?
            I wish I could know.
            Your turn William

          • Anon,
            I loved your poetry. It was inspiring. You are quite talented. But not as talented as DrK and his minions are at spotting hucksters and fraudsters. I never would have spotted the officer hugging the woman as a DHS mole! I mean the smile p, or should I say smirk, he is wearing is a tell tale sign that he is in on the hoax. His smile could, in no way shape or form, be a comforting technique used to ease the pain of that woman. Nope, no way. He’s smiling because he is a Mossad agent who just pulled off a huge hoax. I believe it is your turn again. I’m sorry this wasn’t in a poetic prose.

          • Oh William. Could it be….You talk just him ♡
            If so, secrets are safe with me 😉
            Thank you for the compliment. I try to tey new things Spy Tracer wrote a limerick a few pages ago, so I thought I would try my hand at it lol…
            Let’s see:
            Not in a photo but I just finished off a WalMart brand water, so I guess that I am in on this hoax.
            It’s sad that Spy Tracer was on a roll trying to get my true identity, I have a suit sitting outside my house watching me. I just offered him a WalMart brand water.

          • anon,
            Hahaha. ;). Make sure the walmart/DHS water you are giving the suit has extra fluoride in it! Maybe then you can control his mind and shuttle him off to blind monkey’s house. And yes, his real name is blind monkey. I have exposed him using the DrK surefire method of exposing frauds and hucksters– 😉

        • Didn’t that guy ,who calls himself a prince, william just marry a jewess kate goldsmith middleton ? mossad meets mi6 …… freaky deaky

          • William, That’s my dad crying after being in a shootout and losing one of his best friends. I’d like to see you in a stressed environment like that and not have any emotion. All you do is sit behind a computer without any detail and troll. Feel free to cha ge his mind about what happened that day

    • If an error is made, it is corrected. It proves that the Walmart employees are acting as crisis actors. Good call.

      Have you contacted the local affiliates and/or Fox News, CNN, et al, for faking the deaths of these five people and calling a drill real? I’m sure not. Just find an error, rarely, here. Play it up and then lie and say the fake shooting is real based on the novel method of analyzing hoaxes. You correct that claim of attempting to make this seem real, and, if an error is made, here, it will be corrected.

      • Not necessary drk,
        Big Media has already moved on to something bigger in the works. Fox just showed a clip of the police officer driving
        very slow while protecting a Mommy Duck and her babies to the other side of the road while a lady filming this on her cell phone praises the officer with “good job!”
        And I am NOT kidding on that. We are so desensitized to violence now that officers killed while eating CiCi’s Pizza is yesterday’s news.

      • Doc – unusual for you to chime in with more than a line. Feel the need to reinforce shoddy investigation work?

        Why not just use the itchy finger delete button like before?

        Actually I would much prefer you did comment and provide your logic, well thoughts.

        Any chance of getting my comments answered a few threads ago?

        I look forward to you replies. Once the first questions have been answered I can move onto 4 or 5 more significant investigation flaws on that one thread alone.

        This is how we should be proceeding, not just moving to the next thread before meaningful analysis, views shared and conclusion reached.


        • Dr. K,
          Explain to me how the walmart badges proves that those walmart employees are actually crisis actors? It easy to say “it proves” but show me the evidence. I just proved you are a fraud. My evidence: that you think walmart employees are crisis actors.

          • Yeah drk , explain how the leviathan of small business eating , big brother WAL-Mart, child labor camp producing products cheaper than the platisic hoaxs they seem to be involved in more and more now, think Mocktown Canada.Anymore product placements and I’m gonna puke all over you william

          • :)~

            Please Pour some swill and all, while you’re at it :)~

          • It seems you are the voicebox for DrK, so why dont you explain it to me? You know how all of these “hoaxes” work and operate, so enlighten me? I waiting for your oh so intelligent response. Your sole tunnel vision on fraudsters, hucksters, hoaxes, and government sponsored psyops is enough to make a blind monkey puke. So instead of calling you symbol, your new name is “blind monkey”

          • Oh the power of William!
            No word from the Bobsy Twins?
            Word of advice though….The Symbol :)~ formerly known as Spy is a Tracer.
            He tracked me down…sort of. He is very close to finding my true identity if he can drop the whole Patricia bit.
            Will he be able to crack my true identity? Stay tuned for updates

          • Anon,
            His name is blind monkey. And I’m as scared as you are that he might find out my true identity and expose me for the portrayer of truth that I am. If blind monkey would take all the energy he has wasted trying to “trace” or “track” you, and use it to see through his hero DrK’s agenda, he might actually be able to see how ridiculous all these claims of cover ups and hoaxes really are. Until that time comes, blind monkey will follow DrK like, well, the blind monkey he is

          • Wilbur,”Portrayer of truth”
            Valiant truth seekers should have no reason to hide their identity,why so secretive ?
            blind monkey master

          • Oh Prince William!
            I love the way you think!
            After Spy Tracer cracked my true identity, the black helicopters surrounded my house.
            I wasn’t scared though because I used my super sarcastic power and they took off like the vermin they are !
            So Spy Tracer is actually Blind Monkey? He has beenBlBlind Monkey this whole time?
            Good job on finding his true identity 🙂
            I had never been so scared in my life until those flyboys surrounded me.
            I was actually able to throw some *****…cats at them after I screamed “This is a ***** Cat Revolution! Now everybody dance!”
            But Sleepytime figured it all out! Tracey Morgan was behind this whole hoax. It is all Tracey Morgan’s fault!
            Let’s get him!
            I have more ***** cats and FurNando is always ready for a revolution.

          • anon,
            Please be extra careful with all of those Blackhawks surrounding your house. Blind monkey is the real deal. Next, he’ll get rid of the choppers and send drones. When that happens, you really have to worry. But I know a way to keep you safe. Just make a walmart name tag, carry a bottle of water with you at all times, and keep using the words fraudster and huckster. Then they will know that you are part of the governments elaborate hoaxing schemes, and they will leave you alone. As for blind monkey, he is too smart for his own good. He can see things in these pictures that normal people can’t. He sees the Zionists and Mossad agents, like people see the face of Jesus in their burnt toast.

          • Anon,
            Please be careful throwing your *****…..cats at strange men. They may think that your cats are filled with revolutionary milk, that can be perceived as a WMD. Blind monkey has been exposed as the fraudster that he truly is. I’m starting to feel bad for him. I’m wondering if he has a poster of the elusive DrK in his bedroom? (Which I’m sure is the extra room in his mom’s house). I should be careful and watch what I say, he is an expert tracer/tracker. And just like DrK, blind monkey has proven his prowess at tracking by leading the men in black to your doorstep. Please be safe

          • Thank you William ;)! For thinking of me and giving me tips on how to survive.
            I think it was super sweet of you to do that ♡
            I will have to address your post in the morning as I am exhausted to the point of pulling a Rip Van Winkle. My head has been doing the nod and I cannit think.
            Need. Bed. Now

          • Oh William 🙂
            Blind Money pulled a dirty trick out of his bag last night!
            I was so tired and sleepy. Went to bed and what do you know, the BlackHawks were back and shining their spotlight right into my bed room window!
            Then there was a knock at my door.
            I was thinking, uh oh, here we go.
            So I grabbed my glock and dextra clip
            Then I remembered your warning so I grabbed my crisis actor WalMart badge and my crisis actor water bottle and peeped through the door. What do you know?
            It was my suit!
            He did a funny gesture to the BlackHawks and they took off into the blacknesd.
            I slowly answrred the door…
            stay tuned for updates. I have got tp watch what I say because Blind Monkey Spy Tracer has a track on me.
            Did you get your orders, WalMart badge and water bottle?
            Heading out for the next fake shooting….Have my orders and I have a BlackHawk waiting on me (thanks for the ride Blind Monkey Spy Tracer)

  6. Thanks again all of you.

    I actually had some of these “fake cops” come to my door, and a trusted colleague mentioned that they were probably bogus “DHS” and similar idiots. One claimed to be a Bridgeport, CT cop, but was very nervous and overweight. Very suspicious.

    His excuse for being on my property was that our car had been stolen from a very secure service center where we go for repairs. Hmmm… Normal police procedure would have been to simply call – I think.

    On another note, we now have the troubling saga of decorated veteran Charles Allen Dyer, who made the mistake of speaking out against our “government” while on active duty.

    Mr. Dyer now rots in prison on trumped up “child molestation” charges / convictions.

    We have contacted his hometown newspaper at http://www.DuncanBanner.com, and suggest that you do the same. I personally talked to a very nice gal at the paper.

    We compare Mr. Dyer’s situation to the late hero Pat Tillman (refer to the “Pat Tillman Story”) Main theme – speak out against government atrocities – end up dead or falsely imprisoned.

    Ditto for the Bowe Bergdahl saga – heroes who stand down American military war crimes get called “deserters.”

    Like her or not, we have called in Arizona U.S. Representative Kyrsten Sinema (Sinema.House.gov and http://www.KyrstenSinema.com), who comes from a military family . The K Gal is a very compassionate woman, politics aside.

    She is also shooting for the American Presidency, and K has already been an AZ State Representative and State Senator. She is a lawyer and has a Ph.D. in “Justice Studies,” and is an experienced “street smart” social worker.

    I talked to “The K” last weekend – she knows all about http://www.NoDisinfo.com and the Susan Stanton Sandy Hook revelations. Politico or not, I believe that she still has enough humanity in her to do the right thing for Truth and Justice.

    Keep up the great work.

    Bill Stoller, urging you to assist us in getting the Truth out tomorrow night on the “Susan Stanton Sandy Hook” presentation on Sovereign CT America’s Forum at


    • Bowe Bergdahl is a traitor! I do not think we should be in Afghanistan, but he should have just refused to fight. He instead left his post and caused the deaths of several soldiers looking for him and aided the Taliban in killing more.

      • I hope dr. K will soon cover the story of Bergdahl as well

        • The golden child Radu. Of course he will do what you want. I think he could be your pappa, or at least some relation.

          Every time I send you a message it gets the delete itchy finger treatment. Why is that? Pappa protecting you?

          • David,
            Picking on a woman does nothing for your hoax of credibility.You’d climb the ladder at Willy Mart faster than your gonna at shilling.
            Get a real job,fraud.

          • Spy as far as I can tell your a girly boy. Whats the diff. Ms Fondu spouts out to much **** and should be reminded from time to time to keep it in check.

            May make her think things thru a bit better. A bit like Johny.

      • Meet the LAS VEGAS shooter, Jared (spelt Jerad sometimes) and Amanda Miller. Can it get any faker than this?


  7. I/we have noted “trutheralways” anti-Bergdahl opinions, and he/she is always welcome on Sovereign CT America’s Worldwide Broadcast Forums at

    http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501 , where I am getting exhausted being the only one willing to do these shows (so far).

    So, we hope that some of you will start hosting / co-hosting, considering how much great evidence you have, plus your keen insight and intuition.

    Tomorrow night is a definite heavy hitter, as we expose the horrific allegations of Susan Stanton (see her http://www.FaceBook.com and http://www.YouTube.com sites), alleging child kidnappings and outright sacrifice of kids in the Sandy Hook scam.

    Susan also made shocking allegations of kids being sold for $ 1,000,000 to $ 2,000,000 on the International Pedophilia Market.

    We got a taste of that here, with infamous “Global Chomo (child molester)” Douglas Perlitz using taxpayers’s funds (grants) to molest kids in Haiti, under the guise of assisting them.

    Perlitz was based at Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT, a Zionist stronghold where NYC ZIO ANNE LEVITMAN set up shop in 2010, with an (overpriced) house purchase.

    Fortunately, the dirtbag Perlitz has been convicted and is in prison, undoubtedly not a well-liked inmate.

    Fairfield also harbors the Zionist / Israeli Mossad “Sephardic” Jew punk LT. JAMES PEREZ, believed to be a Zionist / Mossad plant in the Fairfield Police Department.

    I believe that Perez has been behind the cowardly police and offical targeting of me. True to his cowardly form, this bum never shows his face against me directly.

    Keep up the great work !

    Bill Stoller, and Colleagues and Family

    • Don’t trust her. She emailed me with the same story. Bergdahl is likely a hoax.

      • Doc – I say don’t trust you. You blurt out you rubbish daily and Billy puts up with it.

        Let him be exposed to a new point of view rather than your brain washing for a change.

        Besides if you tell someone “Don’t Trust them” I immediately have a burning desire to hear what they have to say. Yo

      • Doc – hang on bro. What did you just say? Don’t trust her it’s a hoax???????? For gods sake nitwit, I would have thought you would be jumping for joy.

        What is it about this particular hoax that concerns you? As aposed to the thousands you spout yearly.

  8. These must be actors ‘cos they all got name tags saying “I Am An Actor”. They were all at the Boston Marathon. I remember the blew sherts and the grai pants. The one with her hand on her hip is Meryl Streep or Whoopie Goldberg. (Note the Jewish name….coincidence?)

    I saw three Robbie Parkers today. Three!! I don’t usually see that many ‘cept on Fridays.
    Anyway, I gotta go now, the nuns in sensible shoes are delivering the porta potties. Wibble, everybody…..Wibble.

    • Moana – Have another sip of the brandy love and sleep well.

  9. Coming from a trusted guy like you, Dr. K, we will take both Stanton and Bergdahl with many grains of salt.

    Frankly, Stanton sounds like a typical Khazarian fake “Jew” herself, and apparently will not integrate with the http://www.NoDisinfo.com Truth Seekers.

    On another note, I/we are now going after the City Of Phoenix Prosecuters who definitely were under orders to slam dunk me on trumped up misdemeanor charges, fearing the Okon / Stoller v Phoenix immigration and criminal nuisance abatement law enforcement class action.

    See the “Petition for Rehearing En Banc,” at

    http://ct-global.webs.com/Class%20Action-app%20-Pet%20Reh-%20filed.pdf ,

    illegally denied by the corrupt U.S. Court of Appeals – Ninth Circuit, and now going on Certiorari and Application for Late Filing, to SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia.

    I believe that the MOSSAD and CIA make big bucks off of human smuggling, illegal dope, and high-powered weapons in the lucrative border area / Phoenix, so I and the Okon class were / are considered a threat. Hence, the vicious targeting and me and spending four months in “Sheriff” Joe Arpaio’s desert gulags. Not recommended lodging, friends ! LOL

    Here’s a press release publicizing the Arizona Bar Charges being filed against the City of Phoenix Prosecuters, who may still be targeting me with bogus warrants, soon to be quashed.

    Press release from our team led by Art “Big Mac” McNamara, New Haven, CT, or “Belly of the (Zionist) Beast”:


    The ARIZONA BAR ASSOCIATION has received our guy BILL STOLLER’s SCATHING BAR CHARGES against the SANDLAND PANTYWAIST “prosecuters” who viciously targeted CIVIL LAW ENFORCER STOLLER for FALSE ARREST, MALICIOUS PROSECUTION, and FALSE IMPRISONMENT, in retaliation for MR. STOLLER’s valiant efforts to fight HUMAN SMUGGLING, and the INTERNATIONAL DOPE and WEAPONS SYNDICATES, prior to “Fast and Furious.”

    You see, the corrupt politicos and dirty cops get BIG BUCKS from the HUMAN SMUGGLING, and ILLEGAL DOPE / WEAPONS RACKETS, as well as the INTERNATIONAL PEDOPHILIA RINGS (child sex trafficking).

    Fliers and hand-outs are being distributed in MIDTOWN MANHATTAN and GREATER NYC, detailing how the SANDLAND DESERT RATS mistreated a NEW YORKER.

    The NEW YORKERS we interviewed were/are OUTRAGED, and have vowed to support MR. STOLLER against the COWARDLY DESERT RATS, now on the ropes and on the run.

    BREAKING: The BOGUS LAS VEGAS “shootings” are an obvious ISRAELI MOSSAD / RABID ZIONIST false flag attack. Don’t believe the reports, although sometimes they actually kill people in the scams.”

    Hope to see you on tomorrow night’s CT America show ( http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501), and we will note Dr. K’s negative opinion of Susan Stanton, possibly a female version of “Wolfgang Halbig.” Please… LOL

    Bill Stoller, and colleagues

  10. Also, Susan Stanton claims that SH “teacher” Rousseau was killed, but I believe that Dr. K has other allegations.

    And, Stanton contacted us first via http://www.FaceBook.com, then went silent and deleted some of our http://www.FaceBook.com posts after we started communicating with her, thinking she is an ally.

    Thank you again, Dr. K ! You are always a welcome guest on CT America’s shows at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501.

    We will adjust tomorrow night with the reasonable suspicions raised about about Stanton and Bergdahl.

    Ah, the “Zionist shill syndrome” is one nasty infestation !

    Now I/we know why you describe them as “rabid.”


    Bill Stoller, et. al.

  11. Anyone seen pictures of the living dead “bodies, manikins” ?
    Or have the plotter scammer directors stopped giving their trusted photoshop masterpieces as well ?

    • Missing dead manikins everywhere , cmon J.

    • Johny boy – Not as such, though looking through your webcam I can identify with the term you used. Oh’ better you shave soon numbnuts and clip the nose hairs while your at it.

      and buddy – can you leave your grubby paws of the meat for ten min?? you are a truly wierd man.

      • For Sure Rabi David’stein
        You describes yourself video cam perfect !

  12. We must take action against this ongoing insanity.

    The importance of “adminstrative remedies” cannot be downplayed, because our CT adminstrative complaints with the medical overseers against SH scam “Doctor” Wayne Carver were probably a big factor in Carver’s resignation or forced exit. He is gonzo as CT Cheap / Chief Medical Examiner.

    Also, you are required to “exhaust administrative remedies” before suing, even though many of today’s unethical and incompetent shysters do not play by those rules.

    They just haul off and sue (and often screw up your case, but keep those hefty and undeserved retainer fees).

    Examples of “adminstrative remedies” are Bar / High Court disciplinary complaints against shysters (lawyers), almost all of whom know about these heinous Zionist crimes and High and Petty Treason, yet take no action.

    They should be disbarred and jailed on misprision or even treason charges. Cut/print.

    Dr. Oz has escaped thus far, even though we hammered him with adminstrative complaints with the New York State medical honchos and Columbia University’s bosses, where OZ teaches at the medical school (we think).

    OZ interviewed the now famous “Drill Kid,” who told the punk OZZIE that “we were having a drill” when OZ asked him what went down at Hook elementary.

    Keep up the great work, and let’s get your latest evidence, analyses, and learned conclusions archived for reference on Sovereign CT America’s Worldwide Broadcast Forum at


    You have nothing to fear about appearing on the shows.

    These lowlives are caught, exposed, and on the run.


    Bill Stoller,

    Legal Consultant, for CT GLOBAL at http://CT-Global.webs.com and SOVEREIGN CT AMERICA at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

  13. You should start studying law in preparation for upcoming lawsuits against the Zionists, et. al., and have great free resources, such as Massachusetts lawdog and law professor Tania Shah’s approved pre-law and law school curriculums at

    http://www.CaseBriefs.com – look up the cases you study using the free law library at http://www.PLOL.org , and you will experience the “case method” mode of law study.

    Note that in reading and studying just one case, you will cover many areas of law. It’s great and you learn alot.

    Concentrate on “Evidence” regarding the sufficiency and admissibility of your goods, and “Civil Procedure,” or “Civ Pro” as the law students / professors call it.

    See you on tomorrow’s CT America show at 8 pm Eastern at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

    Bill Stoller

  14. There is an uncanny resemblance of the ‘officer’ above (consoling with hand on shoulder) and the EMT in the Seattle hoax ,the one with the stuffed lower lip.

    • Spy – I like your your new ID. That tiny dot of light was the birth of logic, yeah. Well done

      • MI6 or NSA,
        This is not a response to divad as I assume he gets paid (in british lbs)$oliciting them, no big macs on me.
        troll hunter

        • SVS – Your getting warm kid. One day you too could serve your nation rather than an unemployed bum who thinks your doing some kind of service by tapping **** on your keyboard.

          Grow up child, get a job, do some night study and attempt to make something out of your life.

          • House paid for , car paid for , money in bank,residuals for life,reired at 40,78′ temp,best friend curled up at my feet and a frosty beverage.
            life is grand

          • *retired :)~

        • SVS- Numbnuts M16 is British. My god boy you truly are a moron, sorry buddy, I give up on you.

          • “My good boy…” sounds Canadian brit to me , could you be David Larin of Britains Canada , unemployed tech grad , son of/and/or David Larin owner of Larin cop Consultants ?

      • Why hello David my love ♡
        The Happy Face Troll Hunter Extraordinaire doesn’t seem to want to play with you either.
        It’s going to be a boring night if we all have to play with ourselves.
        So question, what do you make of the newest false flag?
        Alex Jones already has his megaphone out stating that it is a hoax but I just cannot bring myself to take him at his word.

        • My sweet, let me check it out. AJ is conservative when hoax involved. Takes his time to get the facts in.

          Not like trigger finger who will spout off at the drop of a hat.

        • My sweet girl, fly out in 20. Wish I could have said Bye whilst you were online.

          You are are a bright light shinning strong on this darkness.

          Please keep your logic, great investigation skills and cutting wit alive and well. We can all learn from you – in more ways then people know.

          Love you my hero.

          David/ out

          • Oh no! Did I miss you for good my love?
            I was checking in to see if had gotten my email addy.
            Maybe Big Daddy will not give this post the itchy delete finger treatment before I give it again.
            Hopefully, you will decide to stop by and get it.
            [email protected]
            Hopefully, you can give me a sign that you did receive it.
            Hopefully, this isn’t afinal goodbye
            love you back my hero

          • (PATricia) Larin Noel,
            One known relative DAVID Larin
            (DAVID) Larin Consulting , consults for Canadian Law Enforcement
            David Larin , project mgr for Federal Reserve Systems
            David Larin, judicial law
            David Larin ,admin at Tri Zetto , health admin systems
            and my number one pick for our DAVID
            according to Intellius is an overweight , unemployed , computer and software grad looking for wintwr work.


          • Larinnoel or whatever it/he/she is has been trolling this site for months, now, under various aliases.

          • Dave L,
            Watching your alternate IDs have sexy talk all day seems inappropriate for someone who believes like 20 people got slain this week.
            you’ve been busted

          • Why yes Drk,
            After busting those pesky photos of Paul Walker and setting you straight on what a troll really is, I am weary.
            All I want is for my love David to find me agsin.
            When that happens, I will vanish and you will never see/hear from me again.
            Please me or I will please myself.
            Give me David or this whole site will be flooded with a few hundred of my friends all talking trash.
            Yes. This is a warning! Give me back David or it WILL be misery from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for you the deletes.
            Spy Tracer, find my David and I will go away.
            That is all. Carry on!

        • annoyingbs,
          is [email protected] really fictitious ? Or are you Patricia ‘Pat’ Larin Noel , only known relative DAVID Larin , unemployed tech grad. Mother / son strange team , not sure if sickos or psychos is a more appropriate for you two.

          • To the Symbol formerly known as Spy ={:)~,
            You caught me. My name is Patty Hearst. I am into revolutions and can be easily swayed.
            Please don’t tell anyone that you found me, I am not up to signing autographs.

        • Back in 2009 there was a blog , davefrommassachusetts.WordPress.com , I’m only a few months into the posts but fascinating stuff. There’s this guy Dave and he accuses Drk of not liking him and someone accuses Dave of using 2 identities ,”shaman” a love interest and himself.
          let’s do the time warp again

          • Spy Tracer,
            It’s just a jump yo the left….
            Is this really my David? If it truly is then it is just a step to the right and I will be gone 😉
            I am kinda confused with WordPress. I have an account and posted a photo of myself (my tatt) but cannot seem to get it to show up. Can you please help a shill out and tell me what I am doing wrong with my photo?
            and can you please tell me how to add this David that you just posted?I will miss all of my good friends here but is this really is my David than this is goodbye here. Please let me know and thank you.Big DaddyI just want to say thank you for allowing me to find my David.
            I know that we have had our differences and I hope that we can respect each other even though we do not agree on anything. I just love to debate and I was just having fun with Spy Tracer who would argue with a stop sign but he is loads of fun.
            I will miss you, Spy Tracer, of course my David if I cannot find him.
            I do want to let you know that the more shills who come to this page or this site and spar with us only boosts your chances of more readers. It is sad that you feel the need to delete comments when those comments boosts this site up. Please again, allow me to find my David and I will be gone 🙂
            Spy Tracer……Great Scott!

          • I stop yelling at yield signs, wonders if drk uses pen names here….hmmmm. I found ,on johnsfriends./Fetzer dialogue drk had a fan/alter or strawperson named anonymous.
            warmer or,

    • Harriet,
      The author , dabu7, sounds like a shill on too much caffeine.What’s your take ?

      • For the Rocker known as symbol
        Still not so easy peazy to debunk as our very own iBilly the Troller Stoller !?
        Any particular video/s that point that way ?
        Only saw him first time on his duplicate plane MH370 in israel video here on Nodisinfo

      • Symbol
        I got it.
        I see what’s wrong with this video.
        This was “NO Psy Op”.
        No one killed, or got killed in this Hoax.
        If there were any shot(s) fired they where from the H/directors starting pistol.

        • John
          He’s pushing that there were “killers” in Vegas , that the ‘killings’ were real.
          Way too much liability,IMO.
          “People were given triggers….” “….recent shootings.” “…setting up with subliminal triggers….””That is the power of manipulation.”
          formerly SpyvSpy

          • Oh I just saw your post , good to see your on it.

  15. Shooting of suspects in wallymart with live CCTV in every nook and cranny. Probably also at CiCi Pizza Parlor.
    Yet conspicuous lack of supporting evidence.
    Sanitized images days after simply won’t do.

    • seeseetv ,
      The bad fraud er uh fake shootings er uh fake blood spills happen sooo often these days that they now allow random employees to clean up after mass fake killings and you know how efficient the wide world of wallys willie are , faster than film , faster than even a speeding fake bullet I spose.

      • spyvspyvspyvspy – Have another snort. You are starting again to sound like johny boy. Foolish child.

        • Dave’s not here,
          What do think of Kate Middleton,who’s mother is Jewish (Goldsmith) marrying (stealing) the crown ?
          mi6 NSA sniffer

        • I’ve seen your profile on Intellius , you should think of exercising your fat *** as much as you do your fingers.

          • Ooooh Spy,
            Have you found my love David?
            Please do share this info since I am quite the chubby chaser. One round of BigMac’s for everyone if Spy can truely call himself the tracer and find my love.
            Your turn Spy

          • Anon,
            No matter where you go ,there you are.
            Now quit tryin to recruit me.
            Dave’s not here

          • Spy Tracer,
            I would never try to recruit you for anything but since you are the Spy Tracer and found me, I was hoping you would help me in my quest to find my David. I did help you in how to post links.
            You do want me gone but unwilling to help me when you know as soon as I get the info…I will be gone.
            Your unwillingness to help me as hows that you want me to stay is it because you are crushing on me?

          • Crushing on blogster , now that’s smart …..what’s your bday , time and place too please

          • Oh Spy Tracer,
            It is so apparent that you are crushing on me ♡
            Very sweet. Now I want my limerick, beer drinking, cig smoking Spy back.
            Question. If you can find me….my name. How is it you are unable to find my bday, time and place?
            I gave you way too many hints.
            Anyway You want it baby 😉

  16. We have routed out an infiltrator who has been conning us for years – pathetic “Fake Christian” combat vet (National Guard) and sell-out Traitor MIKE ROWE, of Peoria, Arizona, who will now be placed on CT Global’s growing “National Traitors List,” posted at


    These pathetic worms are basically Zionist / Mossad / USA, Inc. / DHS punks, so we regularly send “The List” to President Vladimir Putin and the Ruskies, and to the Iranian, Syrian, Lebanese, and friendly ME bosses, who probably get the goods to Mr. Nasrallah and Hezbollah also.

    Of course, Old Vlad and the Arab / Muslim allies are notorious cheapskates, and haven’t sent one thin dime to support us, even when we fight their causes on American soil and have inside information and knowledge of our culture and customs that will prove invaluable to these tightwads. LOL

    Syria’s newly-elected President Bashar al Assad’s people have acknowledged our efforts a few times, so we thanked them for that, and have agreed to stop calling Bashar a “spoiled brat fake Muslim” who was playing video games while his people were getting slaughtered by Israeli thugs.

    He will forever be shamed by his own past cowardice and complacency – punishment enough.

    We will continue to assist these allies, but will also continually remind them that they owe http://www.NoDisinfo.com, the blog contributers here, and us just compensation for our efforts, as dictated by The Holy Qur’aan, The Bible, and the laws of the jungle.

    Onward to Victory and God / Allah Bless you all !

    Be safe, be well – you are in our prayers.

    Bill Stoller, Legal Consultant, for CT Global at http://CT-Global.webs.com and The Sovereign Nation-State of CT AMERICA at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

    • Congratulations!! you got the right initials in any case.
      Quoting you here :
      We have routed out an infiltrator who has been conning us for years – pathetic “Fake Christian” combat vet (National Guard) and sell-out Traitor MIKE ROWE, of Peoria, Arizona, who will now be placed on CT Global’s growing “National Traitors List,”

      What!! good heavens, No More “Mr.X man” ??
      That’s got to be a final nail in the coffin for your talkshit or talkshoe if you like.

      • Well Hello – Not quite sure what you are saying, but sounds promising. If true another good bit of detective work. – Second only so far.

      • Despite the initials, I/we are anyhting but “BS,” and we defy you to “fire the first shot.”

        I am physically at

        14 Berrylane Court
        Fairfield, CT 06825-7710
        (203) 382-1350 [email protected]

        Now, if you’re too chicken to show up or call, you can at least speak your piece on tonight’s CT America Worldwide Broadcast Forum at

        http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501 , 8 pm Eastern

        “The X Man” is going strong, so why do think I/we were referring to him when we mentioned routing out an “inside traitor” named Mike Rowe, just a low-level, paid off punk for the Zios / Mossad / Rogue CIA, who now will be up on Misprision of Felony and Misprision of Treason charges, as you will be when we ID you.

        Punk – don’t drop the soap in federal prison, where Bubba’s gonna love your sorry *** – literally.

        Bill Stoller, Legal Consultant, for CT GLOBAL at http://CT-Global.webs.com , featuring America’s First Woman President – Arizona U.S. Representative Kyrsten SInema ( Sinema.House.gov and http://www.KyrstenSinema.com ) and

        Sovereign CT AMERICA at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

        By the way, Sinema’s not paying us anything for the hype – we think she’s for real now and has no choice but to defend America and The Constitution.

        • BStroller,
          Do you still work for NavonPartners.com with clients such as JP Morgan and Wells Fargo …. doing data mining,analytics ,litigation and social media ?

  17. the afican actor forgot his fake grief while grabbing the juicy white booty ?

    • That’s because he “likes big butts and he cannot lie”
      Sing it with us Spy Tracer….you know the Lyrics.

      • anyshmn,
        I grew up very close to Sir Mix alots neighborhood , I was in/on Capitol Hill ,he was in the Central District. “My posse on Broadway” was filmed in a neighborhood with some of my fondest memories.

        • Spy Tracer,
          I truly am happy that you have good memories.
          And that is from the bottom of my heart 🙂

  18. To the shill calling her/hem/it self “Well Hello Mr B/S ‘er,”

    As opposed to Zionist cowards like you (might even be the punk Mike Rowe), I/we identify ourselves, to wit:

    Bill Stoller
    14 Berrylane Court
    Fairfield, CT 06825-7710
    (203) 382-1350 [email protected]

    There’s no BS on Sovereign CT America’s Forum, so you probably won’t show ! LOL

    http://www.TalkShoe.com is good business,

    in that our presentations cost us nothing, zilch, nada.

    Compare that to the extremely high overhead of Zionist / Mossad / USA, Inc. owned Scott Pelly, Jerry Springer, Maury Povitch, all now hanging out in the corrupt Zionist enclave of Connecticut.

    Springer’s flunkie ex-cop Steve Wilkos aka “El Baldo,” has married a Zionist fake “Jew,” and infests CT also. Another sell-out coward and traitor.

    We hope to see former Texan Pelly arrested, tried, and executed for High Treason, in that the Southerner turned Zio mole is loyal to the Terrorist State of IsraHELL and USA, Inc. Therefore, the punk is aiding and abetting the enemy and is a Traitor of the highest order.

    In the spirit of free expression, our laughable (and anonymous) shill opponent “Well Hello Mr B/S ‘er” is welcome on our shows, and will not be censored or edited, unless she/he/it goes beyond First Amendment limitations, to wit: she/he/it cannot yell “Fire !” in a crowded theater (if there’s no fire).

    Your move, punk.

    Bill Stoller, Legal Consultant to CT Global at http://CT-Global.webs.com and Sovereign CT America at

  19. For fakers who take part in zwo world domination hoaxes.
    You’re gonna go nuts doing this **** day in day out.
    End up being carted off to the shrinks.
    And it aint worth your fraudy bribe money either.
    You’re traitors, backstabbers to the people.

    • John from the add in Craigs list it says 100.00 a day paid in full when the exercise is complete. not much money to sell there souls that is for sure.

      • Jim Booth,
        Did you happen to go to high school in Wetumpka?
        If so, you and I have a hot and heavy history ;)lhat would be enough to make my love David very jealous.
        Maybe that is what I need for him to find me.
        Have a kind of budding romance going on with Prince William but please, nobody tell the Corrector!
        I was told a while back that he is the jealous type and very scary. Lol
        When do we get paid our $100 for each insult?
        Wanted to say that when I saw you again at the hospital (working-both of us) all of those feelings came rushing back. ♥
        I have given you more than enough information to my true identity, please tell Blind Monkey Spy Tracer :)~ that nowhere in my name is a Patricia but he was so very close in finding the true me.

  20. I wonder if this has some connection to Walmart truck hitting Tracy Morgan’s vehicle?
    When you look up in youtube “walmart occult shootings” at least a few pages of this stuff comes of whether related or not. There is one of CCTV live footage of a shooting 4 years ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqbEPkxuW-s so it makes me wonder why they don’t show that for this most recent one? Kind of like Paul Walker’s lack of CCTV footage also.

    Also interesting is the book section at walmart – its filled with demonic and satanic style books for tweens and teens or basically kids books section. I find the same at my local store. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB7aLyEsCfc here’s a guy showing a few minutes of it.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOZybftc-Sg shows a man taking a 2 year old hostage. Someone in the comments section points out that “June 21st is a Satanic Ritual Holiday, they usually rape / kill / molest / ect ect – kids or people on these days, google Satanic Calendar , or go to shorttext do t com / GHFLck” as does the reporter. The man chose that specific day.

    I find this unrelated but significant info very telling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7ibHrztryc
    “World Leaders Wear Bizarre Illuminati Pyramid at Summit” as well as the format of the seating, the pyramid hologram in the center of the eye is shocking.

    Tshirts at walmart occult imagery. This page toward the bottom shows images of the tshirts. One shirt states “Honor, sacrifice, and determined loyalty to the power of the crown.” Another eg: The shorts from the walmart website with the right portion visible. A sun in the upper right corner. Why is the eye above a badge/ sheild symbol on the triangle/ pyramid? All seeing and all knowing in english and latin. Swirly bits make the number 6 everywhere. A ton of skulls is apparent everywhere, and particularly for babies/newborns there are skull themed outfits made by brands like “dark star”

    As someone had left a video on one of these postings by DrK it seemed that the term walmart has occult significance in the name. Funny enough if you go to Youtube and type in “Walmart: Satanic Symbols” there’s a lady who took her car in for an oil change and had the worker put 666 and other symbols under her car. This is the website http://www.globaltruth.net/side89.html where I found it.

    A mention of school kids placing these tattoos apparently to one person becoming commonplace where they live. I have to agree bc in our town we have children’s paintings displayed and they tend to show a lot of eyes or one eyed individuals, pyramids etc This is the young readers section in walmart with pics http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=185403.0

    An aside which sounds hauntingly familiar to drug overdoses or mixed drug use of stars who died – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2654162/Family-That-70s-Show-actress-Lisa-Robin-Kelly-suing-rehab-center-died-wrongful-death.html Sounds like Heath Ledger and others. Shady!

    House had demonic spirits and children chanting to Satan etc. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2547224/EXCLUSIVE-A-portal-hell-Police-chief-priest-examined-possessed-children-haunted-Indiana-home-official-reports-saying-no-hoax.html

    Another aside: http://nypost.com/2014/02/05/the-7-wackiest-hidden-meanings-in-disneys-frozen/
    Really amazing deconstruction of the movie

    • Sleepytime,
      You have FINALLY found the connection. Good for you!
      Tracey Morgan is a black Jew who worships Hamman (sp?) by sacrificing innocent Christian children by drowning them with water from Wal-Mart.
      FINALLY. Someone with sense.
      Drk….I think we found our Jon Snow. 😉
      He is the only one I trust to lead the battle of Armeggon.
      All hail to the Sleepytime Lord of our Rings!

  21. Phoney sell out American SPECTATOR asks Is There Really an epidemic of Mass Shooting?
    I say yes there is a created epidemic of zionist staged hoax mass murder Shootings & even more ridiculous fake mass stabbings–where people apparently would have to wait in line for their turn to be stabbed for them to be possible putting up no resistance to scrunny little wimps. The zionist psychopaths & their shills & trolls have no shame in defending these impossible hoaxes.


  22. This Mossasomite, impersonator sure looks like Character Jared Miller from the Gun Confiscation Hoax in Vegas. Who has a freakish thin nose like this?


  23. Jared Leto has the same features as fake shooter character Jared Miller, facial stucture, eyes & extremely thin nose a trait of many AshkeNAZIs but to the extreme side. Same trait you see in Fake ADL Zionist dream Church leader AshkeNAZI Fred Phelps an & his family member characters.


    Jared Leto has same voice as Fake Mass Murder Shooter character Jared Miller as well. See his Golden Globe Award Acceptance which I guess the zios will break the link. Look it up & compare.
    Harriet posted the ” Jared Miller” character appearance at the Clive Bundy Event on this thread.

    Don’t fear these Mossadomites expose them at every turn, every hoax, every lie, ever terror act they commit, every war they provocateur, every mass genocide they commit. Fear only God. We can defeat them.

  24. Check this Anthony Bryant out with father of same name. Basically a military high level propaganda specialist. Info on his father is very hard to come by. Both share places in SC & Baltimore Middle River where military Glen L Martin Airport is and a top weapons contractor. His father is apparently also high level military and or NSA and or military contractor. Also connected to Ft Benning, GA. Shares this father with Leto. This is why the family traveled so much–not because mother was in military–but husband Anthony was important in Military. Also has residence(s) in Reisterstown 90% Jewish area in Baltimore.


  25. Many of these places where you see an Anthony Bryant in the 39 to 40 some range or in the (64 to 70 range )there is a military base. I would guess the father has an even more important position than the younger Anthony Bryant. This is why the father is so little mentioned in relation to his very famous son. Zionists in important positions at each & every seemingly opposing ends of political & social & religion spectrum. But all in reality working together to achieve the same zionist goals through deception, lies, propaganda, hoaxes, terror, protests, politica movements, religious movements, etc. Not left, not right, not moderate–JUST ZIONIST! The world is but a theatre.


  26. Why Hello Spy Tracer,
    A little warmer….
    Did you ever drop the Patricia part?

  27. Spy Tracer,
    I have no idea why my comment to you posted all down at the bottom of this page but wanted to let you know that you are warmer.
    Did you ever Drop the Patricia part?

  28. Very interesting article and generally great website – “Vigilante Citizen”

    “Las Vegas Shooting : Was Jerad Miller a Patsy Used to Further an Agenda?”


    A great little tidbit of info…since people are trying to connect doppelgangers, impersonators etc. here and trying to find out who those paid actors are…you just never know…

    June 8, 2014 at 11:07 am by Dee

    For future reference:
    Actors of fully Jewish background: -Logan Lerman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Bar Refaeli, James Wolk, Julian Morris, Esti Ginzburg, Kat Dennings, Erin Heatherton, Odeya Rush, Anton Yelchin, Paul Rudd, Scott Mechlowicz, Lizzy Caplan, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Gal Gadot, Robert Kazinsky, Melanie Laurent, Marla Sokoloff, Shiri Appleby, Justin Bartha, Adam Brody, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gabriel Macht, Halston Sage.

    Actors with Jewish mothers and non-Jewish fathers -Jake Gyllenhaal, Dave Franco, Scarlett Johansson, Daniel Radcliffe, Alison Brie, Eva Green, Emmy Rossum, Jennifer Connelly, Eric Dane, Jeremy Jordan, Joel Kinnaman.

    Actors with Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers, who themselves were either raised as Jews and/or identify as Jews: -Andrew Garfield, Ezra Miller, Alexa Davalos, Nat Wolff, James Maslow, Josh Bowman, Ben Foster, Nikki Reed, Zac Efron.

    Actors with one Jewish-born parent and one parent who converted to Judaism -Dianna Agron, Sara Paxton (whose father converted, not her mother), Alicia Silverstone, Jamie-Lynn Sigler.
    – See more at: http://www.hoodedutilitarian.com/2014/03/on-service-in-the-grand-budapest-hotel/#sthash.m02bjDYk.dpuf

    • I’d like to comment on the actors and the “jewish” section of that, and yes, we see the connection of so-called “jews” that run this game, but if you don’t include the vatican and the catholic dynasty in all of this, then you lose the entire point. With that, others have pointed out, and it makes sense if you are trying to eradicate an entire group of people over the centuries, right under everyone’s collective ignorant notices, that EVERYONE you have mentioned, including the oligarchy in the so-called “state” ( roman catholic concept of course- “state”) of Israel. So, an entire group of impostors known as Ashkenazis and Kazharians, nothern Turkey or south Russia area, I guess Poland, could have and have been portraying themselves as the “jews” you speak of when people who actually of jewish blood are scattered in places, you know not where, many of who being muslim, or put into that group, who are indeed of Jewish descent, of which you are not only unaware, but the Jewish people themselves are unaware, with the help of the grandiose hoodwink by the mass murdering juggernaut of an institution known as the Roman catholic “church”.

  29. “As stated above, Jerad Miller (I won’t talk much about his wife because she appears to have been “brainwashed” by him) was quickly tagged by mass media as an anti-government, militia-supporting, God-loving, conspiracy theorist. That explosive cocktail of words is increasingly being used to identify America’s newest #1 enemies.

    On June 2nd, the White House announced the creation of a new task force to fight “homegrown terrorism”. In a video presenting the task force, attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. stated:

    “We face an escalating danger from self-radicalized individuals within our own borders. Now — as the nature of the threat we face evolves to include the possibility of individual radicalization via the Internet — it is critical that we return our focus to potential extremists here at home.” Quote from the above website…she discusses Sandy hook, Aurora movie shooting, etc. which have similarities. Oddly the LV shooter likes to dress up as Batman’s The Joker just as Heath Ledger did before he died, and the Aurora shooting in the movie theater.

  30. P.S., Mila Kunis and Natalie Wood are pretty much from the same area, Belarus, or Ukraine, I’m pretty sure the Ukraine, same area.


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