Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 17 November 2014
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Shooting of Pope John Paul was a Fake

According to the New York Daily News, among others, in 1981 the much-revered Pope John Paul was shot in an attempted assassination. It all supposedly occurred on Satan’s day, May 13. This was a key anniversary, that of the Lady of Fatima hoax. Who in the world finds this plausible?

It’s the pope, after all. That was big news. Four shots were fired, so it is stated, and three people, including the pope, were struck.

“Shots were fired,” so it was said, precisely at the moment of the screenshots seen below:

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.12.13 PM

It was just as his jeep was exiting the public arena. the shooter is supposedly in the immediate vicinity.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.12.28 PM

Once again, clearly, the sound of “shots fired” occurs just as the vehicle exits the arena. Suddenly, then, it speeds off. At this moment there is a man, front screen, who acts in a suspect way.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.13.09 PM

He is a signaling mole. Let us watch him.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.13.18 PM

There should be a degree of the unknown, here, if this were a real shooting. There shouldn’t be a signaling mole ready to go, reacting, on the moment, all on the other side of the barrier.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.13.27 PM

Here he is again, giving more signals. Regardless, why aren’t all these Vatican agents running to the Pope’s defense, protecting him, guarding him? Moreover, where is the purported assassin in this frame? He is nowhere to be seen.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.13.37 PM

‘Come on, come on, were ready. Let’s get this hoax rolling.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.13.53 PM

These men are operating the elements of a scam. They are doing nothing to protect the Pope from the line of fire.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.14.29 PM

IMAGE removed as not relevant (from movie, not actual ‘event’).


He was shot in the right shoulder/arm, the left index finger, and the abdomen. This is inconceivable. There would be much blood with the white robe clearly being splattered and stained. There is no blood visible, and the left index finger is unharmed, normal.

Yet, in this image what is seen?


Suddenly, in this poor resolution photo an ‘injury’ is seen. Yet, there is no evidence of any blood, real blood. Nor is there even the slightest evidence of an actual gunshot wound, an entrance injury with tearing of the clothes and the profuse spurting or spraying of blood. Nor is the Pope bent over, which would be the natural reaction for an abdominal gunshot victim. He is instead upright; it makes not sense. The dots of color are not blood. They appear to have been dabbed on with the PhotoShop tool; the finger is also a PhotoShop corruption.

Where is all the blood? Why isn’t he bent over in pain? Why is there no blood on the dorsum of his hand?


The NYT says he was struck twice. According to the New York Daily News: John Paul spent nearly three weeks recovering from injuries to his abdomen and from a massive loss of blood.

That would be true if a person really was shot through the shoulder and abdomen at relatively close range.


So, there it is, the gun and the purported shooter. Here is another view.

So, the  Pope was standing up when he was ‘shot,’ and there is no evidence of a reaction to a gun-blast, no falling over or sideways, no evidence of such impact anywhere to be seen? Too, regarding Agca it appears that his image is a fake, that he was installed into the still photo. Note the fingers; they appear to be artificially added.

The bullet purportedly went all the way through him, then striking another person, Rose Hall. Therefore, of necessity there must be an exit wound somewhere on his backside.

Hall is not camera-shy. Usually, despite being struck by a bullet she is smiling. Here she holds up her arm for the cameras.

Wounded when Pope John Paul II was attacked Wednesday, Rose Hall, 20, from the USA, now living in Wurzburg, West Germany smiles, on Friday from her bed as she awaits treatment at Santo Spirito Hospital, Friday, May 15, 1981, Rome, Italy. (AP Photo/Raoul Fornezza)


As is typical in such hoaxes it was ‘all in the family, with crisis actors in coordination with the key actor. In the image on the right the Pope takes of his precious time to meet with crisis actor Hall and her family. Both the fake injured are Americans. Who would find this a coincidence?

Her hospitalization is a fake, just like all the other hoaxing agents of the international Zionist cabal.

The woman pictured below is listed as a 58 year-old “American woman, Ann Odre.” She also feigned an injury, in her case, once again, by a bullet that per the arch-Zionist had already struck the Pope:

Ann Odre, the Buffalo woman wounded by a bullet that pierced Pope John Paul II, returned home tonight…

Note the fake injured Papal finger, right in the midst of the photo shoot. Too, does Odre appear to have suffered the consequences of a gunshot wound?

Ali Agca is also a fake, a mere crisis actor playing the role. He shot no one and surely made no threats against the Pope.


Therefore, the shooting of the Pope was  a hoax. Agca was described alternatively as a Communist Palestinian sympathizer and also a man “tied to Muslim radicals.” This alone is proof that the entire claim of the shooting of the Pope by a person of Muslim background is nothing other than a treacherous arch-Zionist hoax.

Addendum: Note that the purported attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan also occurred in 1981. This, too, is a fake. More on this later.








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  1. LOVE IT!great JOB dr.k….100% a hoax….there GOD= SATAN..and the “shooter”..is the psy-op PATSY-ACTOR-FRAUD…

    • I found through people searches that in NY & NJ Agca were also using Agcaian so they are one and the same family of Crypto Turkish Jewish…
      So I found one wealthy ******* among these zionist living in Astoria, NY matching the right age…Going as Aznif Agcaian….or his wife..actually
      But this is the guy, the zionist “unnamed” actor who played the EEEVILE MOSSADlim assassin I do believe:


      • Yes, Agca is a Sephardic Jew.

        • Look at the FB picture above Dr K. This
          Agcaian of New York is clearly the same Guy as Agca the aassassin PsyOps actor older & heavier but it’s him. All the actors and false wirnesses in this operation I’ve looked into are either from NYC area or Upstate New York so the same talent agent/mossad operative must have recruited them..See my other posts at bottom of thread. And please do a post on the Iowa hoax shooting I posted at the bottom. It is 1000% HOAX! multiple contradictory changes scripts including 3 insane shootings in the same day by same guy supposedly! lol Like Santa Monica & some of the silliest others!

    • Honesty?in the church?!?just LIES…..

    • I work with the woman who was shot…I assure you it is real….she still has the scars to prove it.

    • Why Would The Pope Fake his Death? It’s fake a pope wouldn’t fake his death.


    • Try not to make excuses for the Catholic church. These bastards have always been so.

  3. 4-13-1981…+ 3 “shotwounds”=30=a 3-3-3=333= the MASONIC number…check google:the meaning of the masonic numbers 333…;)~~~~*

    • oooops i mean 5-13-1981…still:3 3 3 =333…5+4=9+10+9=28+3″shotwounds”=:31…the 3 from 13…the 3 from 3 “shotwounds”…and the 3 from 31=…3 3 3w =the masonic-satanic:333…;););)

  4. 4+1+3=8+1+9=18+8+1=27+3″shotwounds”=30…the 3 from 13…the 3 from the “shotwounds”and the 3 from the 30=:3 3 3 =333..

  5. Fantastic job for lifting the veil off such events. This is one place where history is rewritten. Real history this time.

    • I share the comment….. you made…100%

  6. “The bullet purportedly went all the way through him, then striking another person, Rose Hall. Therefore, of necessity there must be an exit wound somewhere on his backside.”

    Same problem here, with blanks:


    • The Lee harvey oswald fake death and the J f k fake Death…it’s all connected…1+1=2

  7. Key media perp here is Lowell Newton of WXYZ who turned up, mysteriously in Rome just beforehand and was the key Agca witness.. W I just listened to his radio broadcast from the 1967 Detroit riots “pinned down by snipers, allegedly, with Tom McIntyre -seems pretty fake to me. [from about 1:00] Newton died in 2000.

  8. Meet Ali Agca, the “shooter”. Good actor, Id say! Unfortunately most vids are in Turkish….


    • Thanx for the great video(s),i’m going to watch it…and if most video’s are in Turkish….don’t matter it’s all about DUPING DELIGHT…;)

  9. Jihadi John’s new synchronized mass beheading video comes straight from Hollywood:



    The video link:


  10. http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/1.627012

    EU looks at imposing sanctions on Israel. Unlike US and Canada, they seem to be waking up to the threat raging Zionism causes. Expect the whining and lobbying to intensify.

    Portion of article – Nonetheless, the foreign ministers’ meeting ended with a formal condemnation of Israeli building of settlements over the Green Line and a hint regarding punitive measures against Israel.

    “Recalling that settlements are illegal under international law, the EU and its Member States remain committed to ensure continued, full and effective implementation of existing EU legislation and bilateral arrangements applicable to settlement products,” read the announcement. “The EU closely monitors the situation and its broader implications and remains ready to take further action in order to protect the viability of the two-state solution.”

    • The Judeo-Masonic, Satanic conspiracy is NOT headquartered in Israel.

      In fact, Israel is being set up as the staging ground for WWIII pitting the West vs. Russia and China. See Pike’s 3 world wars.

      The Zionists are actually international socialists. Their tentacles spread across the globe. Zionism as in a Jewish homeland is just another rung of the satanic onion. They could care less if Israel survives or is destroyed. Either way they are still in charge.

  11. Even if Martin Scorsese would make a movie called The Wolfes Of Israel, and Bob Geldof would start a band aid called Spoken Words Against Zion, it will still be what it looks like, a circus.

  12. http://www.intelius.com/results.php?ReportType=1&qf=aznif&qmi=&qn=Agcaian&qcs=NY&focusfirst=0
    So he likely actually goes by Anton & Anthony & Oliver.
    If you think he is rotting in a prison cell in Rome or in Turkey or on the loose in Rome or Italy on the loose or in a cell anywhere you are an idiot! For doing evil zionist warmongering & hate monger deception, lies and tricks zionist actors are rewarded greatly not emprisoned nor punished.
    The Daughter of this demon (see listing # 1 below) uses the Aliases of Spatula..BUT click on the view link and see the whole gang of this family of a mossadomite cell use aliases as Spatula (Think of bloodsucking Dracula rhymes with Spatula)
    Anyway so this Daughter is linked to Jewish Zionist Law Firm Cohen & also Zio/Globalist Change Agent Outfit / Global Strategy Firm FTM
    Looky Looky He comes the cookie…

  13. Ali Agca looks like a modern version of Gavrilo Princip, today he would look like a Rothschildian jihadist.

  14. Future/Jewish control revealed in Japanese anime


  15. Meanwhile, Jews are trying to find a reason to justify some second massive genocide of Palestinians this year or quite close the next one. Too many alleged bad events involving the same “evildoers”, Arabs/Palestinians, happening in Israhell, especially in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Here’s a hoaxed attack of some “Palestinians” on Jews praying in a synagogue. I see no blood whatsoever…. Please dr. K if u can, try to cover this hoax too….





    • Israel & the Zionists Vow Harsh revenge for zionist Hoax attack of the Synogogue in Israel –In accordance with the Babylonian Evil Book!

      • The lying zionists claim in this hoax that 3 dual citizen Rabbis from USA were magically killed & 1 dual citizen from England fraudster Rabbi was killed and one cop was killed. lol right! sure! See story above.

  16. Thats really “sweet” – Assassin who tried to kill Pope John Paul II puts roses on his tomb…and says he wants to meet Pope Francis


  17. All of this and more was brilliantly exposed by loopDloop at letsrollforums…


    (except note you have a picture from the movie about the assassination in the article above (the one with the “crisis actors”))

    • OK, thanks, will correct.

  18. Can you mark which one is from the movie?

  19. Sure. Its the one with this caption

    “Moreover, where did all these people come from? Are they riding in the back of his jeep?”

    Its from the movie starring Jon Voigt as JP2. check it out


    You really need to read the whole loopDloop thread at letsroll if you haven’t. He totally nails this story.

    • Thanks. When possible, upon reviewing that the post will be updated.

  20. Not zionists. This is US/NATO imperialism at work. Israel is only a stooge of US imperialism the same way that Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and NATO are. They may stage another hoax in this September when Francis visits Philadelphia, NYC and Washington

  21. May 13 is not satan’s day, it is the day Our Lady appeared in fatima

  22. What a stupid article. Next article: round earth is a fake, and the moon is fed with my granny’s cheese?

    “”Honesty?in the church?!?just LIES”

    I pity the persons full of hatred. What hatred, it’s unbelivable. I pray for you, and I pity you very hard…
    The more hatred, the more I know what is right…

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