DC Car Chase Other Hoaxes — 04 October 2013
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Capital Hill Stalking Shooting is a Hoax – Video

The DC stalking shooting and drive-into-barriers scam is yet another diabolical hoax committed by the Obama White House and its Zionist collaborators.

This is obviously a drill; the timing, too, is suspect. None of what is claimed is believable. It’s all props and fakery. Let anyone prove otherwise.

First, the videos by Brugga Jugga.

The accuracy of the findings of the videographers has not yet been fully assessed, but good points are made which are worth investigating. More as soon as possible. Car footage does seem to differ from the still images, but other side cannot be seen. The still image appears to be in another part of the city: needs to be confirmed.

As pointed out by one poster all that is broadcast is claims. No legitimate witness places Carey in that car or an 18-month-old. Nor is there a single eyewitness who claims to have seen her shot dead. Nor is there any witness of video or photo of a corpse. Nor any kind of body being drug out of the car. Nor is there CCTV camera footage of the car striking a barrier.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSheeplealarmclock?feature=watch

It’s a fake just like the rest of the hoaxes, courtesy of the Zionist-controlled miserably  wretches at the DHS and FEMA.


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  1. in the top video you can see all the cops just waddling around just like the sandy hook firehouse, people going in circles, mindless,aimless ,get out of car go back in car, back out , too and fro, i can only come to the conclusion that the government hates the people.

  2. Look closer, maybe there is damage on driver side at door and fender before the barricade.

  3. If this is a hoax, then her family must be in on it too? She would allow herself and baby to be used in a drill? They would use a woman who was admittedly mentally ill to participate in a drill? I’m not saying it wasn’t, but not convinced yet. And I am someone who believes Paul McCartney is Faul. I’ve got an open mind…

    • Try opening ur mind more, mate, dont swallow the bullshit official media is ramming down ur throat. As for McCartney, right, he was replaced back in 1966 by various imposters. There are clear evidences for that. The rest is up to you.

    • @DC

      we dont really know there was an 18 mo child in the car
      there may have been a fake
      or as none of us really saw it, was it just a doll?

      she never admitted to any illness
      “it has been said”
      but by whom that for ten mos she refused any
      sufering from post partum?
      not that long
      if she was being set up and they needed her to be medicated
      and sluggish and she refused so they beamed her to make her
      get very depressed and usable

      was she trying to avoid being used for a theater script
      did she know a lot about thees scams and was balking

      so she had to be shut up ?

      it may never be clear WHY an unarmed woman with a child big enough fo r
      those officers where she backed up and ran around to have SEEN it
      they were so attentive to allowing the car to get away they could not see a by then SCREAMING child in the back seat?

      if it was there and not a stuffed fascisimilie on the rear floor waiting for the end of the chase to be taken out and the crown told its an 18 month old child that was never even spotted in all that closely filmed hoopla

      and we dont know if the woman was REALLY wounded or even IF she lived after she was whisked away

      repeated views of the officer who was a poor driver being medivaced out
      but WHERE are vids of her being taken out of the car and subdued and placed in
      an ambulance

      where are all the rest of the films of this incident?


  4. “being drug” ???

  5. Two false flags circus acts have been purposely orchestrated in DC in the last couple of weeks. These are nothing but training exercises for the up and coming event that will most likely usher in an Obey-me marshall law decree and/or impose his tyrannical reign.

    Don’t forget thousands of truckers and supporters are expected to come rolling in DC on October the 11th. Obey-me’s puppet administration will without any compromise declare war on it’s homeland and abroad enemies, Impose Obey-me care, and raise the debt celling t’ill Baal’s kingdom cometh

    don’t shoot the messengers

  6. Your video is **** & You’re an idiot.
    That totally destroyed cop car is from the barricade incident.

    Everyone knows it WAS THE BABY WHO WAS DRIVING THE CAR!!

  7. Personally, I don’t believe any of it…no car chase, no shootings, no mental illness, no baby, no blabbering relatives. I think these scams are mostly computer generated. Hollywood has been creating movies in that way for at least three decades, probably more…so to me, it is not a stretch at all that these hoaxes are done the same way. Just think about it…if they were able to contrive the 911 event 12 years ago, and the majority of the citizenry still believes the story, there is absolutely no reason to believe they aren’t still hoodwinking us.

  8. I agree that we should trust NOTHING told to us by the government via their willing accomplices on the “electric Jew” (TV), but what purpose would this hoax serve?
    I understand the point of Sandy Hoax & its transparent attempt at banning our most effective tools for defense from government predation, but how would this crazy Black woman being shot at the Capitol assist the control freaks in DC?

    • You ask, how would this assist with control? How would a scene involving a police officer firing a gun through a driver’s side window assist with control? Consider this, if millions of people, seeing this replayed over and over again by the media outlets believe that a police officer fired bullets into the driver, then millions of people are going to be way too scared to protest against anything dished out by our politicians. If someone was killed in that car or if blanks were fired.a very large number of people who might have joined a protest will be too scared to even speak. It’s the image…replayed over and over again. There’s your control. Calling her “mentally sick ” is part of the scheme…they will attach that “mentally sick” label to anyone who opposes our government.

      • This is very, very true. In speaking to people on the streets who have bought this hoax the first thing they say, “Well, it was wrong to kill her; something else could have been done. But she was crazy (she had problems) so you can understand why the cops did what they had to do.”

        There was a drill going on that day, for God’s sake. Then, out of nowhere come the sisters, all dolled up for psyops news. Hoax. Let anyone prove otherwise.

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