Zionist Terror — 20 July 2014
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Silicone Dummy Detected in Wreckage of MH17 Crash Hoax

What is this entity found amid the wreckage of an airplane touted as Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17? It has created a degree of shock around the world.

To the initial viewing it might seem horrid. No one would seek to closely analyze it. Yet, is truly macabre, horrific? Or, it something else?


The entity doesn’t seem to have an actual name, even though in all likelihood its passport is brand-new. Plus, there are no grieving relatives for it: how sad. It would be thought that at least someone would be waiting for news regarding it at Zionist-controlled Schiphol Airport to at least shed a few fake tears.

It is all about shock value. In this regard on a mere cursory glance to a degree it does look like a bloated, dead being. Yet, it is simply too surreal, too staged – too obvious. In fact, what it is really seen is a Dapper Cadaver Dummy.  It’s a silicon fake, as pointed out by a number of Nodisinfo.com posters. Too, it doesn’t have even a shred of clothes on it. Even the underwear is non-existent. How could that happen?


That explains why the entity doesn’t bleed. It also explains its rubber-like ’tissues’ and the fact that it appears to be virtually cushioned.

What about the eyes? Is what is seen to be expected from such a violent accident, that is the popping out of the eyes?

That’s merely another element of the hoax. In Hollywood jargon these are known as pop-eyes. Moreover, they are placed into the fake faces of dapper cadavers for shock effect:


This can be the only explanation for what is seen in the imagery – it is surreal, artificial, not natural. With that degree of impact it is unlikely that the body would even be this intact; moreover, if the pressures were that great to pop out the eyes, brain matter would also be protruding. Clearly, then, this element on the ground, in terms of the eyes, mimics the pop-out.

People are being bamboozled. It could well be that all the gory images seen in reference to the pictured corpses are actually silicone cadaver dummies. If they are real bodies in the mix, then, they would have to have been planted, as a real crash of a Malaysian Airlines 777 did not occur.

Therefore, this is a Hollywood prop. Moreover, it’s existence indicates that this hoax was a professional job involving actual film producers.


At first it was held, here, that this could be an actual body with a plane component wedged into it. That presumption no longer holds true; there is no blood of any kind on this silicone fake. Nor is there any evidence of burn injury, as would be expected from the missile strike and its categorical ignition of jet fuel.

Here is what would be expected in terms of  the consequences to the human body from such an intensely burning petrol-based fire:

There is no such grotesque destruction of human corpses notable at the site.

Therefore, this is a false flag act which does not in any way involve an actual downing of an airliner. Since the airliner wasn’t down – nor did it crash – then, there were no passenger deaths or injuries. Any claim otherwise is fraudulent.


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  1. If you slice a short length of the surface of a large/thick silicone object it will stretch out into a circle . Just as in the picture..hoax picture. We did it as kids with silicone dried gobs of calk and discarded toys. Silicone is very hard to burn or melt which is why it can be used as engine gasket seals and oven mittens. If you burn trash in the country , where it is perfectly legal, steel cans will often be more damaged after burning then pure silicone. So they use makeup, cutting and blow torches to melt it in these zionist hoax operations.

  2. Even if they were real victims, they do not look like the uniform result of 300 people trying to occupy the same space at the same time at 300+ MPH obey Newton’s 3rd law of motion.

    • BINGO!!! Kublai Khan…Which Proves beyond ALL doubt that there was NO CRASH…THINK!…IF there was a REAL crash, WHY, all the OBVIOUS Fake evidence…In a real crash all one has to do is attend the crash site….Instead all everyone is seeing is conflicting accounts at best about this whole scenario…ALL of which DON’T add up!!
      THINK again “Que Bono” WHO has most to gain by this Farce??? RUSSIA??? HELL NO!!!
      They just came back from signing up a deal to help make our planet a “Safer” place to live on with the BRICS Alliance!!! WHY would they do something this CRAZY as shooting down a plane belonging to one of it partners?!?!
      With the “Nazis” the EXACT opposite ring TRUE…Interesting TIMING…wouldn’t you agree…right on very time the deal was signed…Understand what I mean???

      • It is interesting that Russia is sucked into the game. They must have known it is a hoax by now, and yet they are playing along with the west — probably in fear that they would look so bad by offering a conspiracy theory. I like Abby Marin a lot, but she is obviously reigned in by Putin as indicated below.


        Yes, I am certain that the Russians are not involved with the hoax originally, but they choose to participate in the hoax. It is baffling.

        Initially, I like Putin, but he has shown his instability by annexing Crimea. I no long would trust this man. Russian is vast, and damage to its environment is hard to identify. With that said, Russia is among the biggest destructor of our environment. It is a joke to hail these as the saviors of environment. I would not trust Putin. It is best to drive them out of Ukraine for good.

        • It is said that he stole a man’s who visited SuperBowl ring (or something to that effect); that would be sign of instability, esp. in his position.

          • good analysis KK – do “rebels” really control this area? We have no idea who these masked gatekeepers are. Baffling indeed.

          • The rebel issue is, in fact, a part of the hoax. So is the claim that they are pointing their guns at journalists and threatening to shoot them in the knees. Double-talk.

          • I don’t think the rebels control that area after the recent Kiev offensive. However, Kiev probably pulled out after supplanting the event knowing the rebels will destroy any evidences. I think the setback of the Ukrainian offensive coming out of Kiev is BS.

            With that said, Putin at first was sucked in into believing this hoax. To save face, he had to play along. The best way to salvage this situation is to distance himself from the rebels. Without Russian support, it is just a matter of time before Kiev crush the rebels. This hoax is a brilliant move by the west.

            After all, Putin got Crimea which is a bigger prize than eastern Ukraine. This is a political compromise.

          • On July 14, there was a Ukrainian AN-26 shot down at 21,300ft suggesting that it was not downed by a shoulder launched missile.


            This story might be fabricated to test how Putin would respond, but Putin did not make any comment suggesting not micromanaging the rebels. So, that gave the green light to this hoax suggesting the rebels had also shot down the MH17.

            Sun Tzu’s Art of War suggests to give your opponent a way out of the mess to minimize your own casualties. This allows Putin to distance himself from the rebels from now on. With no weapons coming in from Russia, the rebels are doomed.

          • Might be a good idea to look at the wreckage photos and story of that Antonov crash [allegedl] days before MH17 – here’s a start

            Good point, KK, to include AM-26 in this event.

          • Yes, it also stinks like a fake.

        • Crimea was not annexed at all.The people voted for self rule.The U.N. backed it’s legitimate secession.

        • Kublai Khan: Or is it Kublai Con?

          “Initially, I like Putin, but he has shown his instability by annexing Crimea. I no long would trust this man.” Really? So when 86% of the eligible voters in Crimae vote 95% for independence from the Kiev puppet regime the US State/CIA terrorists installed, and request to join the Russian Federation, it shows Putin’s “instability?”

          You know Kublai Con, questioning the “stability/sanity” of a person is the HALLMARK of Jewish Commies. One a Russian like Putin knows very well.

          You are a lying sack of sh!t.

          • Kublai Khan (KKKubLieCon) = Mongol = Khazar

          • You are very unstable, man.

            Just because people in a region decide to break away from a sovereign nation, it does not mean they have to right to.

            When a country invades anther. It is called fucking war. Whether you like it or not.

            Get the fuck over with it.

          • Kublai Khan was the emperor of China when Marco Polo allegedly paid a visit.

            Yes, Kublai Khan was Mongolian. Mongolians are not Khazars.

            Get your history straight before running your mouth off.

          • Kublayouaremistakenoracon,
            Tribes constituting the Khazar union were Turkic groups such as Oguric people’s including Saragurs , Onogurs & Bulgars who formed the Tiele confederation.Driven by the Sabirs to the Volga Caspian Pontic in the 4th century they came MONGOLIA after the fall of the Hunnic/Xionqnu.
            More research upon request.

          • * came FROM MONGOLIA.
            that is KHAZARZ CAME FROM MONGOLIA

      • Wow…. tell that to the people who have lost a loved one here. You people are sad…

        • throwup,
          we are saying 300 innocent people DID NOT die in a fiery plane crash, why aren’t you happy ?

          • Happy? R U F* kidding me! Ask anyone in Holland, everyone knows someone who was on that plane, I had 4 teachers on their way to visit fellow students! Cant believe ur allegations! Disgusting!

          • let’s see – population of Netherlands almost 17 million; # alleged victims with Dutch nationalty 189, plus 4 dual nationality. 1:100,000 approx. Highly unlikley that any Dutch citizen would know personally a single alleged victim.

    • Great to know there are so many obviously insane folk out there who can operate a keyboard.. good on ya all, and lots of love from Australia. x

  3. My son plays rugby at University with one of the victims……. Who’s the dummy?

    • that means nothing he was probably kidnapped and sold for experimentation.

    • Willard ,
      I wouldn’t be surprised if your son (still) plays balls deep with one of the silicone victsims , Im crying a river of fake tears. Can you please link us to his memorial or Twitter or FB page ?

      • You’re beyond hope. Here’s a list of victims from my local region: http://www.omroepbrabant.nl/?news/214239932/Brabant+rouwt+zeker+48+Brabanders+in+neergestort+vliegtuig+Oekraine+MH17.aspx

        One of them a close friend of a family member.

        If you were less lazy and gullible, you would have gotten the passenger list from the Malaysia Airlines, then did your very quick research and you would have gotten memorial pages within ten minutes.


        • Imbecile,
          Great ! Another fake relative to debunk , please tell us their name.

        • If the VIDEO EVIDENCE shows that the crash site is a controlled event, then the passenger list is meaningless. The mainstream media can make a list of any names, and can create an infinite number of stories to accompany the names. Trolls who scour the internet looking to promote the Zionist agenda make vague claims of knowing a victim.

          If you’re unwilling or unable to see that this MH17 production is nothing more than a movie, similar to one that you see in the big screen, then you will find it difficult to accept it as being a contrived event.

          If, on the other hand, you are willing to observe the media clips objectively, then it will become quite simple to see how they run the scam.

        • Thanks for the link to Ninik
          DrK will appreciate the dry-eye grief in the photo

          Where’s Ninik? Probably retired to Indonesia with a pot of Euros

          • Cunt.

            This woman has been working on the same spot, in a busy shop, in a busy street, for fifteen years in a row. She had a happy life and had become a grandmother just last year.

            But yeah, she will sell that all for a pot of euros.
            Just like the other families, children. They’re all in it for the money.

            Only a complete sack of shit without morals would think that way. That means you if you didn’t guess it..

            Glad you you at least ditched the silicone nonsense.

          • Furthermore.

            Do you really seriously think you can BRIBE 300 PEOPLE TO VANISH??
            To have them give up their families, their friends, their jobs, their homes, their childrens’ friends, their country?? And to have these people think they are DEAD??
            For MONEY??

            You must lead a cynical, shallow life my man..

            AND MORE:

            Newspaper confirms today that all relatives can choose to receive a photo of the deceased, AND see the remains in the coffin if they want this.

            Needless to say, we’d have to bribe these relatives as well right?? Wouldn’t want them to see an empty coffin and talk about it!

            Seems plausible Xeliffelix, you only need to pay off a THOUSAND people to betray their friends, families, coworkers, classmates, THEN expect them to ALL keep their mouth shut FORVER, and NEVER EVER get seen by someone that can recognise them.

            You are utterly crazy to think that could work.

          • Newspaper confirms today that all relatives can choose to receive a photo of the deceased, AND see the remains in the coffin if they want this.

            astonishing and without precedent

          • It means even more witnesses that can see the bodies…

            Ukrainian soldiers
            The relatives

            If this was a hoax, then the number of people “in on it” gets bigger every day.
            The more people that are involved, the harder it would be to keep it up.
            At some point it becomes impossible.

          • No, the relatives have been herded into a hotel and given 5,000 Euros. All groups you name can be bought off easily. Like 9/11 witnesses. Journalists/photojournalists – well, I ask you! Why on earth would relatives want a photo – they must have stacks already. Or do you understand that to mean they wlll get a souvenir photo of a corpse? [not likely] Or a body part. All those white cloth markers…what a ridiculous carry on.

          • No. Don’t be cynical, it’s really ugly on anybody.
            They can view the remains to say goodbye, if they so wish. Closure, last goodbye, therapeutic.
            If they would think that is too hard, but still want to see them they can do so with a photo.
            It’s up to them

            5000 euro’s as a bribe??
            To give up your home, your job, your friends, your classmates, your country even?

            Then play dead for the world? Have everyone grieve over you?

            And you expect this to work for 300 passengers and let’s say 1,000 relatives?
            And all of them will shut up forever, and stay out sight forever?

            You realise that 5000 euro’s is 2,5 months average net salary in the Netherlands?

            To think people would go that fucking crazy for what is basically a tip…

            I am seriously worried about where and by whom you were raised xeliffelix. No joke, no provocations!

  4. You have referred me as KKK which means Ku Klux Klan. Now, after my protest, you have not changed your position by identifying me as KK+1 = KKK. Why is that? OK, tonight I am less angry and would try to refrain from the language you children find horrifying.

    Your more graphic disclosures of the so-called crash victims spooked Dr. K., but they definitely show unmistakably that the whole operation is a hoax.

    Does the troll who calls itself Gabriel even understand Newton’s 3rd law of motion? Oh, it is an open book question. Gabriel the troll who still has not figured out how to properly reply to a post yet is free to consult with its handler.

    • K cubed is KKK
      K ubed Lie Con
      Kublai Khan

  5. can you call me cow-

    • John Lowe
      Imitation is the highest form of flattery .
      John Doug nut

  6. It is very interesting that you would identify me as a Nazi. Well, if you have studied history, the Nazi was exterminated in 1945. The so-called neo-Nazi has nothing to do with the Nazi from 1920 to 1945. Thus, even if I were sympathetic to Nazism (pre-1945), there is no fucking way for me to join the Nazi party. So, I cannot be a Nazi. Now, why do you say I might be a Nazi?

  7. Well, I am terrified.

    Are they going to do a Ruby Ridge style employing a sniper to take out an unarmed woman holding an infant , are they going to come in Wacko style using flame thrower on anything alive in my property, or are they going to do a Billy Cooper style — just me?

    Any hints from your handler?

    Oh, by the way, did your handler explain what Newton’s 3rd law of motion is all about? Do you understand it?

  8. I couldn’t care less what any of your mossadomite troll opinions under any of your names you post under here. You are an admitted gun confiscation advocate and hater of free speech and lying, shelling, sleazebag. And a you are zionist–whatever else you pretend to be. Nothing is lower. Albert Pike, a Jew, a zionist, and founder of Scotish Rite Freemasonry in American was also founder of your beloved KKK. That is why they burn crosses–in hatred of Christ. Over 40% of Jews in the 1800’s in America owned slaves. The slave trade was controlled nearly 100% by them. Only through deception: Masonic & Talmudic deception & perversion of Christianity did slavery last as long as it did in America. No Jewish groups fought for abolition of slavery in American. Nearly all zionist and Jewish groups and synogogues were outspokenly in favor of continuing slavery. That is the truth lying Mossadomite. So keep spewing your silly lies about all these boogymen KKK & NAZIs in America coming to kill everyone.
    American NAZI leader of the 1970’s Frank Collin was really Jewish and his real name is Frank Cohen and he now goes by Frank Joseph. He was found out after being arrested & convicted for raping little boys. He served the zionists well in scarring Americans especially Jews that the NAZI’s were coming and caused lots of racial tension and finally got many of the Holocaust myths/lies to be believed. He was a good zionist agent. The first American NAZI leader after WII was George Lincoln Rockwell. Both his parents were Jewish and were Vaudville actors and early TV actors. Without deception and wars and hate through deception zionism never accomplishes anything. You are in league with some real slimebags in serving the zionist with lies and deception–only you’re a real pitiful, piss ant version of these animals like Frank Collin and his twin creepy Gene Rosen. Tom Metzger is another slimebag Jewish fake NAZI spreading his racist hate. John Linder is a another Jewish NAZI leader. Then there is ADL FUNDED Eliohim City where they run atleast a dozen racist groups to stir up racial hate and raise money from Jews & Christians to supposedly fight the hate that these psychopath zionists and Talmudist racists create. Hell awaits all these evil zionists doing all this evil whether mass murdering Palestinians or trolling to help the zionist get away with it.

    The zionist did 911 also mossadomite. Do you deny that? Only Israelis were arrested on and following the day of 911. No Muslims, no Arabs, no NAZI boogeymen. They were caught trying to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge with Palestinian costumes. Then the despicable media filmed children in Palestine who celebrating after being given candy and the zionist media lied and said they were celebrating the zionist attacks on America. The plan was to have the Palestinians bear the brunt of the blame for Israel’s attack on America that day. Pure evil. It would perhaps have been the most murderous mass murder of Palestinians by the zionists since 1948 had that portion of the 911 attacks not failed. Your coworkers of evil and decepton did 911. Hell awaits them. I don’t care how much you hate this truth. I wrote it for the benefit of truth seekers and decent, peace loving people, not zionist trolls.

  9. Wondering if this dude is Jewish or another Zio asset….

    PM of Donesk People’s Republic Alexander Borodai Press Conference Concerning Malaysian MH17 Crash


  10. Ready for more show? Good….

    Lost children of Flight MH17: Smiling happily in family snapshots, some of the innocent victims of the tragedy


    • clearly no problem with the smell on Torez station platform, for passengers or photographers. cf those face masks in the field. What a hoax for the world.

      • silicone has sort of a sweet odor.

  11. 2 more Zio actors on display

    Dutch boy, 15, posted picture with mother on board doomed Flight MH17 moments before take-off


    • There is only one Petra Langeveld on FB, can’t post link’s sorry, looks A LOT like our actress , she is from Durban South Africa.

      • Oh really? Just 1? Perhaps you should open your eyes wider.

        • Kibbutz ,
          sorry , I’m no FB , feel free to scratch my testicals oops testimony

          • *FB expert

      • A lot of these Mossad actors in recent Hoaxes are zionists from South Africa. You can bet if they are from South Africa they also speak Dutch, German, Yiddish and/or Hebrew, American English and another language or two and have spent time in Netherlands, UK, Israel, and often Australia among other places. Most have aliases and residences in USA for scams and Mossad operations. They have no allegiance to any of these countries–only to Israel, zionism and the tribe.

      • John,she is Petra H. van Langeveld and she’s on Facebook as hr son Gary Slok who is also on Facebook! They’re no zionist as you say and they were real people! Fucking idiot!

        • Stealthy like an elephant,
          Oh there are profiles on Facebook ? OMG , they must me real then.

          • Shell employees, communcated by the company [shades of 9/11]

            We are sad to announce that four Shell employees are believed to have died in this tragic incident. These are:

            Tambi Bin Jiee of Malaysia, who was travelling with his wife and four children
            Paul Rajasingam Sivagnanam of Malaysia, who was travelling with his wife and son
            Petra van Langeveld of The Netherlands who was travelling with her son
            Klaas Willem van Luik of The Netherlands who was based in Brunei

            Shell is providing support to the families of our employees to help them through this time of grief.

            Our thoughts go out to the families and friends of all the passengers and crew on board flight MH17.

          • Rothschild, etc., fully Zionist held Royal Dutch Shell vs. Gasprom and BRIC.

          • more on these Shell employees here…well, three of them.
            nice photo of the Jiee family who were flying from -get this – Kazakhstan to Kuala Lumpur via….Amsterdam!!
            An entire family from Kuching — who were on their way back from Kazakhstan transiting via Amsterdam — perished on board the ill-fated flight MH17.

            Tambi Jiee, 49, from Kampung Gobielt, was with his wife Ariza Ghazalee, 47, and four children — Mohd Afif, 19, Mohd Afzal, 17, Marsha Azmeena, 15, and Mohd Afruz, 13.

            The Bintulu weekly, an online portal said the family was returning from Kazakhstan, where Tambi, a Shell employee, had been working for about three years.

            Read more: http://www.therakyatpost.com/news/2014/07/18/three-shell-employees-board-mh17/#ixzz38NlBks4I

            It said that their eldest was a student at Taylor’s College in Kuala Lumpur while the three other children were studying in Kazakhstan.

            The family was coming back to Malaysia for good.

            Tambi had been transferred to Shell’s Malaysia headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and before reporting to work in the nation’s capital, he was coming home to celebrate Hari Raya, according to Ariza’s mother Jamillah Noriah Abg Anuar on Friday.

            Ariza took early retirement to accompany her husband to Kazakhstan.

            An engineer by training, she was an employee of the Bintulu Development Authority, according to family members.

            Ariza was also an avid social media user. Prior to boarding MH17, she uploaded photos of their packed bags on Facebook and Twitter.

            The other two from Shell employees on board the plane were Paul Rajasingam Sivagnanam from SBSC IT, who was travelling with his wife and son and Klaas Willem van Luik, from the BSP Exploration department who, until recently was with the SMEP team. He is survived by his Sarawakian wife who did not travel with him.
            who is not named. Hmmmmm. The Jiee story is highly suspicious.

          • That’s good ‘ol Gabriel’s uncle.

  12. Jews barred from African Union summit


    Portion of article, more on site.: The opening ceremony for the 23rd African Union Summit in Malabo was to begin Thursday with a declaration of support for the three kidnapped Israeli teens by a number of participants, until bad blood brought tensions to a boil.

    “I have never seen such racism, such anti-Semitism. We were humiliated,” said several of the Jews in attendance, who had left Equatorial Guinea in a fury after changing their flights.

    Chile suspends trade talks with Israel over Gaza


    Portion of article, more on site: Chile has suspended Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with Israel and is considering the withdrawal of its ambassador to Tel Aviv in protest against the Israeli bombing campaign on Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

    The Chilean-Palestinian parliamentary group told HispanTV that the Chilean government will also seek Israel’s condemnation by the UN Security Council (UNSC) after meeting with the Chilean Foreign Heraldo Munoz.

    British Parliament accuses Israel of war crimes


    Portion of article, more on site: Highlights from a UK parliamentary debate in which MPs variously accused Israel of war crimes, disproportionate violence, ruining peace negotiations by building illegal settlements, running the worlds largest outdoor prison, collective punishment, and attacking water supplies, hospitals, supply centres and all manner of other civilian targets.

    • Chile is showing tremendous courage in standing up to the zionist evil genocide of Palestine. The Zionists like World Bank, IMF, J P Morgan and Goldman Sacks, Rothschild’s BP & Shell, Exxon and mossad are likely to seek twisted revenge for Chile’s righteous stand. Mossad may assassinate some of their leaders and diplomats. Hollywood and the zionist news media may make up some lying attacks on Chile as well. God Bless Chile! They may take down a Chile Airliner and blame it on Chile, or take down another South American Airlinee and blame it on Chile’s citizens. Know it was the zionist if it happens.

  13. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/

    Jim Stone takes issue with the diseased corpse story on the Jeff Rense site which I posted in a previous DrK article. (Not my caps – in the original.)


    And why load diseased corpses into a plane that was going to be shot down in the middle of nowhere? The diseased corpses cargo bay story is absolute crp and that is all there is to it. I am actually angry with Rense for spinning that kind of bunk out of nowhere and or allowing Yoshi to peddle that crp on such a large venue, as angry as I am for having an Australian newspaper make the the same type of lie up about 108 dead doctors when there is no way ANY doctor has a nose that would have permitted boarding that plane AT ALL.

    For another example of blatant disinfo, one only needs to look at the report about the 108 dead aids researchers on the plane, which was also totally fabricated news from a mainstream Australian newspaper. After this web site gutted that lie, the “official” story was changed to the number SIX.

    The fact that they used the number SIX is proof that story is also a lie.
    Here is a good tip for finding lies or fabricated stories in the news. If the number SIX is used, that is Jewish code for the story highly probably being a fabrication. Six is the favorite Jewish number, it is what they always use, and since a lower number of dead aids doctors was necessary to come up with, (a MUCH LOWER NUMBER,) the next lie was spun with the number SIX.

    • The plane was not shot down. But they could have loaded corpses onto another plane to have some realistic dead bodies. Obviously the parts were delivered there and strung out their in the fields. Also possibly a drone could have been shot down just to have something for locals ro have seen.
      Rense is not a liar. He is many things but not a liar.
      Rense is very hated for being very antizionist and showing such a large diverse selection of free speech and links to so many other sites on his site. Always remember that the main concept of what was called COINTELPRO was turning patriots and truthers and activists against each other–divide and conquer. Look at the entire vast range of what is on Jeff Rense’s site.

  14. Thank you.

  15. Goobriel,
    I am a doktor for silicone dummies and I can say without a doubt that if that dummy really had bones , such as a tibia , it certainly would have broken , unless it was the new carbon/Kevlar bones.
    Certainly ALOT of real injuries showing , especially for that grade of silicone.

  16. All of you who agrees, are the real dummies.

    • pimples,
      I agree

  17. Check this link http://www.cronica.com.ar/article/details/10989/los-pasajeros-del-avion-ya-estaban-muertos

    Igor Guirkin, entregó su versión: “Los cadáveres no estaban frescos y la sangre ya había drenado”. Además, disparó: “Las autoridades ucranianas son viles”.

  18. @Kulblai Khan,

    “Yes, I am certain that the Russians are not involved with the hoax originally, but they choose to participate in the hoax. It is baffling.”

    That is because it is a Judeo-MASONIC conspiracy. Freemasonry was founded by and shares much esoteric knowledge with Kabbalistic Judaism. The Judeo-Masonic gameplan is to pit the West (U.S., Europe, Israel) against the East (China, Russia) in the last all-out conflict known as World War III. After said war, the planet will be under one-governmental rule. Putin is simply playing his part in agreeing to support the hoaxes.

    “Initially, I like Putin, but he has shown his instability by annexing Crimea. I no long would trust this man.”

    I agree. You should be very skeptical of ANY of the world leaders in this Judeo-Masonic dog-and-pony show. But for what it is worth … Ukraine has the only Russian naval port that gives Russia access to the Mediterranean Sea via the Black Sea .

    The dog-and-pony show known as the Cold War constantly saw the Western faction of the NWO trying to diplomatically eradicate the Mediterranean seaports of the Soviet Union (the eastern faction of the NWO) in the Black Sea. In reality it is simply the left hand pretending to slap the right hand for the amusement of the viewer. In this way the bulk of humanity stays confused and “picking sides” instead of identifying the Kabbalistic devils who are truly behind it all.

    Putin wanting to keep the Ukraine on a leash is mostly about the Black Sea naval access to the Mediterranean coupled with the HUGE oil/natural gas reserves of the Caspian Basin.

    • You must consider the fact that Putin knew that it was the zionists who were actually taking over Ukraine in their staged yet murderous revolution event. It was Mossad sniper shooting sides: police & military and protestors, cowardly & deviously from a far. Footage proves this.

  19. Presidenta de México
    July 21, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    Were passengers of the plane dead?

    Photo caption: “The Ukrainian authorities are vile,” said the commander. Does not seem sustainable (support).

    The theory does not seem to have much support, and it is unlikely, but a Russian commander, Igor Guirkin, gave his version: “The bodies were not fresh and had blood drained.” He also said, “The Ukrainian authorities are vile.”

    The crash of Malaysia Airlines generates many theories (conjectures). First came a version stated that more than 100 HIV researchers were flying there to find a cure for AIDS.

    Now there is another version by a Russian commander, Igor Guirkin, explaining that people who came to the place where the plane crashed were told that “several of the bodies were not fresh, had drained blood and smelled of decay,” This implies they died earlier. This means that, according to his theory, were dead boarding the plane, before the attack.

    Furthermore, Guirkin, expressing his theory, is that “the Ukrainian authorities are capable of any villainy.”

    • They were so dead that they started to turn into dummies, goddammit….

      • LMAO

      • At least they didn’t turn into zombies!

  20. Keep in mind that Sandy Hook was the testbed for this kind of thing. If they could pull that off, this kind of thing would be bought.

    • The most important thing to find out now is if the area was/is controlled by real pro-russian separatists or not. If it isn’t, then all options are open (fake crash, fake victims, fake villagers, fake separtists, fake everything).

      If it was/is controlled by real separatists, then the russians must know the truth. And in that case it would have been difficult (and stupid) to use rotting corpses and dummies in the plane that was shot down.

      Is Putin fake or real opposition? It drives me mad not knowing for sure. I just can not believe all world leaders are playing a pointless game of pretending to fight eachother over natural resources.

    • yep, and there have been quite a few fake plane and helicopter crashes to test the public’s perception of wreckage when it’s been placed and fired in situ.

  21. @ Soco- I’m having the same issue! I can’t believe that Putin can’t see through this. The only thing that would make sense is if the Russians can prove that Ukrainian military planes were around in the area to watch this staged explosion. If that is the case then the Ukrainians will become entrapped in their lie. They won’t be able to tell the truth because the ‘lie’ has been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the unthinking masses and too many countries will have too much to lose- which leaves them having to take full responsibility, and the repercussions that might follow, for something that they helped staged and which never happened.

  22. Look at this picture of a body form Malaysia Airlines. It is a screenshot from this YouTube movie (6:20 min.). This is very strange..

    • thanks for the video;
      from about 0:25 – dummy plus charred recycled skeleton; another quote from fraudulent massacres in Tripoli Libya [the fake Khamis shed massacre – check it out – which was another media circus like this one] dummy again at 11:13
      what’s that planted address list at 6:47? Are those crisis actors at 1:53, 4:45? all very hoax like, all those people standing around doing nothing.

  23. If they needed real bodies that had been hacked up and burned , the Odessa massacre sponsored by Ziogliarch ihor Kolomoisky could have provided 177 such bodies.This shit is so twisted.

    • That’s true. They could have been put in cold storage. It is looking more like a combo of silicone and real. Raw deceit.

  24. Dr K – here’s our friend Sarah Bajc again…
    http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/topvideos/2014/07/17/erin-intv-sarah-bajc-flight-mh17.cnn.html check the fabulous dry eye episode at 0:25 the CNN anchor says that Cor Pan was allegedly boarding the plane, it hasn’t been able to confirm it. – he put the photo of the plane on his twitter account, allegedly. Schipol airport msut be full of CCTV which would be monitoring all the alleged passengers around the departure area and gate.

    • where was Bajc the day before the MH17 hoax? Travelling fro Kuala Lumpur to London with Malaysian airlines then onward to the US. Ludicrous.

  25. If you would live in the Netherlands -where to most victims came from- you would know by all the mourning people that the accident is not staged, thus not fake. It would be a hell of a play to organise all those grieving people and it would also take great acting. Unfortunately the accident did happen. A: a scene this big is unlikely to be staged. B: Dutch are not like that by nature. Don’t believe these nonsense. As for the dummy: what’s your medical or miltary background to know how a body reacts to missile impact ? I am not a expert. But I bet if you would ask a real expert he would tell you with great chance that there are a multitude of possibilities for injuries. A: the body does not need to be burned B: clothes could easily be ripped of by various circumstances. If it is possible to lose your swim trunks when diving, go figure what an exploding missile could do. It is very sad having to make it clear by using this example C: injuries do not require to bleed always. Who knows what the body has been through before it landed that way. Hopefully the stubborn people on this site think twice.

    • worst argument ever – we wouldn’t do that, would we, we’re Dutch.

    • sHAMe ON CUE ,
      We are experts here , experts in spotting hoaxes and stoned out dutch shills such as yourself, now just put your mouth back over your bong and shut up already.

      • I don’t smoke any substances. Thank you for generalzing a whole country. If you make assumptions so fast, this website and the people behind it has more probabilty of being a hoax instead of the news you are trying to question.

        • Shame on you under undeveloped dough for brains STRAWMAN,
          Funny how you show up with all your name changes the the same time shape shifter dave (j?) shows back up on the scene.
          It’s like watchin a puppet show.

      • You dumb arrogant twat. The number of people you can link to these people is huge. The passenger list is online. Do some frigging research. There are lots of relatives, memorials and other things to find. Are you too dumb to use Google for 15 minutes, you senseless crude moron? Suggestion: Ninik Yuriani. There are many, many people remembering her.

        You’re not an expert. You take everything posted here at face value without bothering to check your own assumptions.

  26. this is how a body looks when being burned. notice the burning and bruises. not this bullshit the media is passing off to us.


    • Who says that the bodies have to be burned? The plane probably shattered into pieces but the missile does not had to have the whole plane exploding on impact. People will die by air pressure as result of fragmenation of the plane by the missile. There was an explosion on the ground when some of the parts crashed. Parts of the plane where found in a wide area strectching 10 or more kilometers. If a kerosine tank explodes it does not leave everthing and everyone on the plane with burn marks, simply because debri can be found in a great area and therefore not under the unfluence of the explosion. The missile used was made to take planes down head on, not to nessecarily make them explode completely in the air. As far as finding more or less complete bodies: If 300 people crash in a accident, there are possibilties that out of 300, some will seem intact. Because there is no one here that did an real upclose and internal investigation, the real injuries can not be determined. Further there are reports of bodyparts lying all over the place like fantasts here assumed ther had to be. Well: that is being confirmed by everyone involved including people living in surrounding villages. So again: out of 300 some will SEEM intact. Seem. I read stories of bomber crews in ww2 (thats world war 2 for you dummies here, something you probably deny happened too) who had to jump out of the plane on high altitude because the plan was shot down by the germans. Men placed in the back of bombers had no parachutes. When they had to jump the most likely were to die. However deu to certain circumstances a few of them came out alive.
      As for the stench: seperatists would not let anyone near the debri and victims for nearly 2 days. In the midst of summer heat the dead bodies are of course going to smell awfull. Does anybody here know how a dead body smells and when that smell has to kick in? I wonder how old people are writing the crap on this site because i would not even give them 12 years. Or you have to have your iQ of 50 to be brainwashed. Self proclaimed experts. Go seek help please.

      • These frames of these airplanes are very strong. They don’t just crack like egg shells. If broken up in the air, there must be a tremendous destructive energy coming from the inside of the airplane. In doing so, it will certainly tear everything inside apart. You will not find bodies on the ground which you can take to your prom with. Granted the terminal velocity of a free falling human is only about 120 MPH, the aircraft could easily come down at 300+MPH. You must have shit for brain to believe that there would be any pristine bodies left after that.

      • Your Brain,
        FINALLY! Someone with sense. Thank you for explaining possibilities regarding depressurization (sp?)(sleepy and too lazy to look up the spelling).
        As for the plane breaking apart, the frames are strong but not strong enough to withstand a fall from that height not to mention being shot by a missile.
        Good Job!

  27. Frank that photo is a fake it’s BS. Nobody died noone got hurt.

    • Correct. No airplane crash, no passengers, fake passenger list = no deaths, no injuries.

    • Instead of killing passengers they killed 300 Palestinians , so people really have died as a result I’m afraid, just not as apparent (RIP)

      • ….not to mention 70% civilian casualties with a large number being children and women AND the thousands injured that cant be treated because of zioegypt blocking medical supplies and volunteers.Real people REAL. dead bodies.

  28. Being self proclaimed experts might be the biggest hoax here.

  29. Hi, I have some questions:


    Are the regular passengers also hijacked as the passengers of 9-11 2001 and of MH370 were hijacked? Are they e.g. in a “U.S.” base in Germany hold in a secret prison – e.g. in Ramstein?


    Will the coroners of the Netherlands and in other countries have the courage to confess that there is no real dead body of flight MH17 of July 17, 2014 but they got “old dead bodies” and dummies?


    Will the insurance (e.g. Allianz in Germany) at least have the courage to block this tremendous fraud against the insurance committed with this fake? Allianz was defrauded on 9-11 already, and also in the case of MH370. Hijacking airplanes and arranging faked crash sites is a “business” for Boeing, and Boeing=CIA!!!!!

    Please search and ask what you can, insist, wake up the journalists!

    Michael Palomino
    Logic analytic historiography since 1992
    History: http://www.geschichteinchronologie.ch

    • yes indeed, who shrunk the jet engines, mom?
      Stimmen die Triebwerke überein? – NEIN!

      • Deine Hirngespinste bringen mich so sehr zum lachen wie scho lange nichts mehr davor. Ihr überlegt euch Verschwörungstheorien ohne Ende, würdet ihr jedoch mal durchlesen was für paranoiden Scheiss ihr von euch gebt würdet ihr staunen. Wie zur Hölle und warum sollte Holland soetwas in diesem Ausmass faken? Schon nur dass Ihr annehmt das sowas funktionieren würde wie ihr’s beschreibt zeigt wie begrenz euer Verstand ist. Ihr seit ein Haufen selbstgefälliger Hobbyanalytiker die alles nur subjektiv betrachten und die objektivität dabei vergessen. Ihr wollt die Wahrheit nicht akzeptieren, dann machts nicht, aber besprecht eure Wahnvorstellungen irgendwo innem Clubhaus und nicht aufem internet wo ihr noch unschuldige mit eure verkorksten Denkweise beeinflusst. Spinner wie ihr sind das was in unserer Welt falsch läuft, die keinerlei Respekt haben und solche Tragödien missbrauchen um ihr abgedrehtes Weltbild zu stützen und keinerlei Mitgefühl für Betroffene zeigen. Lasst euch in ne Psychiatrie einweisen, bitte.

    • There are no hijackings of such planes. The flights didn’t exist. This is espionage schemes by the Mossad. The passenger lists are fake. There are no corpses. It’s all staged.

      • yep!dr k every single little thing is staged.they worked this HOAX out a few years ago with the richt people”victims”FRAUDS/FREEMASONS/ZIONIST for a big bag of $$ for the rest of their life living in a big house,nice car(s),nice job,different name living in usa,australia,new zeeland,china,uk,malaysia,canada etc…laughing there asses off with each 1 or 2 or 3 milion dollar for the rest of their life.because 900 million dollar=nothing for the rotschild family,rockefeller family,bill gates etc..etc..etc..they have trillions of dollars,$$$ it’s nothing for them,it’s 1 dollar for them!!!and they get the money double back!!!triple doble!


    • even the little newschannels in europe,usa,etc…THEY ALL IN IT!!even the famous stars all over the world KNOW mh17=a hoax!!

  30. I can’t believe you people. My husband was killed in the downing of Mh17. His body has been recovered and is on its way home. He was identified by dna. He was not bribed, he was murdered, along with 297 other people. I have not been herded into a motel, nor has the rest of my grieving family. You disgust me.

    • Why suggesting herding into a motel? For a liar, you are very fuckingly stupid.

    • That’s no real evidence. You’re very trusting. Tell us more.

    • serieus domme mensen hier zeg.. respectloos naar de nabestaande toe dit..
      TRANSLATION: Freaking dumb people on this website, please show some respect

      • Respect for what?

    • You people are so, so sad. You are calling a grieving woman who has lost her husband a liar. This al comes from Martin Vrijland. I will speak to the family Frederikz about al this and I will report these websites and Martin Vrijland to the police. It is a crime to use people’s names and tell lies about them. Smaad en laster, it is called here in the Netherlands. My boyfriends cousin is Bryce Frederikz, he was real, Daisy was real and the grieve and morning is also very real. Unfortunately. ….
      You people are sick in your mind, do something with that. Go see a doctor or something. I wish all of my fellow citizens who have lost loved ones, very much strength to carry this lost…….

  31. maybe if you had a brain you would ask the rather obvious question of…. WHY?

    why would anyone, nevermind Israel stage something like this? How does it play to anyone’s advantage?


  32. I’m glad nutcases like you guys will never achieve any real power or influence, anywhere in the world. Completely retarded racist idiots.

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