Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 27 November 2017
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Sinai Mosque Attack is a Fake and a Hoax with Fake Blood Packets

The arch-Zionist, pro-globalist monsters are all the same: faking terrorist attack upon terrorist attack or, in contrast, committing real terror attacks against the people. In the case of the Sinai ‘attack,’ clearly, this is a fake and a hoax: no doubt about it.

This is obviously a scam. How does this mosque appear to be the subject of an actual bomb and gun attack . There is not even a bullet hole on the facade.

Yet, it is said by Zionist agent el-Sisi:

“We will respond to this act with brute force against these terrorists,” and “This terrorist act will strengthen our resolve, steadfastness and will to stand up to, resist and battle against terrorism.” It’s the same story, repeatedly, by all agents of arch-hoaxes and Zionist world government. It all enforces the scheme for world government, the nanny state where all people must be lorded over and cared for, where the streets are militarized: where all resistance to terminally vile corruption is neutralized.

That this is a fake, a mere drill, is clearly epitomized by the following image, where government agents can be seen milling about. There is no emergency anywhere. There is no arterial spray. There is no evidence of gunshot damage anywhere to be seen.

Look, and look, again. Does anyone see anything other than fake blood? Is there any evidence to any degree of any kind of wound, gunshot-type, exit or entrance? Where, by the way, are all the EMTs?

No one seems to care that people are bleeding to death. If they were moved about to all be in a line-up, then, where is the arterial spray? How could anyone move gunshot victims about in such a manner without deepening the risks, without causing the spillage of even more arterial blood?

This is a poorly constructed hoax, make no mistake. Yet, the entirety of the Middle East news has deemed it real: without the slightest degree of analysis and/or scrutiny.

How poorly constructed is it? Poor enough that the hoax agents didn’t bother to entirely hide the fake blood packets and their residues. Notice, too, how this government agent has spilled some of this fake matter down on his white gown.

Notice, also, how this fake matter separates, proving categorically that by no means is this actual human blood. It is mere paint, water-soluble, and a poor imitation for real blood with its various hues, including bright red and deep violet.

Here is more evidence of fabrications, once again, nothing other that reddish-violet pain slopped against the wall. No expected arterial spray from punctured arteries with blood being pumped out can be seen anywhere.

Moving a bunch of dead weight about before the cameras means nothing. These could be of any nature, even dummies or mere weighted matter. Once again, there is not an official emergency worker anywhere to be seen.

The nature of the fake blood can be seen, here, far right, and the fact that there are no wounds. Nor is there any attempt to stem the flow of actual blood spillage. A poorly contrived fake it is, entirely amateurish.

This is yet another arch-slander against the Islamic faith. It is also a means of manipulation: for the entire world and, particularly, against the Egyptian people.


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  1. Ex2) Aurora Crisis Actors Studios Fake Shooting Revisted! Crisis Actwhore Devin Chillemi who plays James Holmes wearing his IDF Israeli Defense Forces T-shirt proudly! His some of his relatives also play character James Holmes relatives!

    Some of his relatives work for Harvard Freemason Conan Obrien TV Show on his Team Coco!


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    Starring Woody Harrelson as Johnson..


  4. ExB) Zionist Jew Extremist Meathead Rob Reiner makes new movie to try to humanize & rebuild the reputation of Crypto jew & Kennedy Murder Conspirator Lyndon Baines Johnson.
    Starring Woody Harrelson as Johnson..


  5. Ex C) LBJ Obviously must have faked his death considering how strong & healthy & robust he was 10 Days here before his supposed death! He was only 64 years old!


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  7. Again. Why is Cowboy able to post links to a deleted thread?

  8. Cowboy, you are ignorant, dishonest, a jerk and just plain wrong.

    You see the sun and the moon at the same time, and you think they should not be sharing the sky, or that they should point at each other as if they were the same distance from Earth. You think the moon should be full whenever the sun is out, because you think the Earth’s shadow causes the phases of the moon. You think that there should be a lunar eclipse every time the moon is full because you can’t be bothered to research the orbits of the Earth and the moon.

    You watch a YouTube video and think that photographs of Earth taken from space are CGI, or taken out of a round window in a spacecraft that had no round windows. You think a map projection used by several global organizations for its ability to show all the world’s nations on a single flat page is proof that the Earth is actually flat. You blindly invoke perspective to explain sunsets on a flat Earth without finding out what perspective is, and why it works, and that there truly is mathematics behind it.

    You claim that video shot aboard the International Space Station is made using green-screens, zero-G airplane flights and even (I kid you not) vertical wind tunnels. And yet you have no knowledge of how that would be accomplished on the scale of output transmitted from ISS each day.

    You claim that satellites don’t exist, and that dish tv systems use ground antennae, without exploring just a little to see how ludicrous that notion is. Like a creationist, you cite scientific laws like the Second Law of Thermodynamics, without even the slightest understanding of thermodynamics, and you misuse the word “theory,” ignorant of its scientific meaning to the point where you apply it to the flat-Earth hypothesis with no sense of irony.

    You eat up every word that Eric DuBay and Brian Mullins say, without studying further to discern whether or not they have any idea what they are talking about. You claim that rockets can’t work in a vacuum, that gravity is a myth, that Antarctica is an ice ring guarded by UN troops, that water is always flat, that Southern Hemisphere flight routes do not exist, that the midnight sun in Antartica, circumpolar navigation, and space flights are all faked. You don’t say any of these things because you have proof. You saw them on YouTube, or in a tweet, or on a website, and you just parrot them, again and again, because, perhaps, it makes you feel smart.

    You’ll claim that the sun is at an altitude of 3000 miles and post memes purporting to prove this as fact, without bothering to check to see if the information in the meme is even factual, nor to think out how measuring the distance to the sun would work from different locations on Earth. You claim that the moon shines by its own light, without even trying to figure out how moon phases and the shadows of craters would work on such a moon.

    In short, you have no facts, no theory, no evidence to back up the silly notion that the Earth is flat—yes, I do mean silly, for it is an idea that has earned no respect. And yet, you continue to put it forth, not even as a hypothesis, but as fact, and more than that, as “truth.”

    Why don’t you Prove Me Wrong?

    You can’t, and I know it, but if you want to give it a shot, start with this: give up the stupid memes, the uncontrolled “experiments” with thermometers in the shade from the “cold moonlight,” the model rocket engines in vacuum chambers, the zoom shots of ships on the horizon with no data, the computer models that aren’t rendered from the ground so that they can be matched with ground-based observations, and the panning shots of the horizon.

    Learn some textbook science. You don’t have to believe it, but if you really want to debunk it, then learn it backwards and forwards. If you’re going to overturn 2600 years of scientific investigation, you have to know it better than anyone. Isn’t it worth that to reveal “the truth”?

    Then, do what real scientists would do. Put together a solid hypothesis, make predictions, and then go try to disprove your hypothesis. Flat-Earthers keep telling me that they have tried to debunk the flat-Earth, but they’re lying. All they’ve done is capitalize on their own (and their audience’s) misunderstanding of the science involved. Go measure the curvature as Wallace did in 1871. Take a trip to Antarctica from Australia, take a supply plane to the other side, and fly to Chile. Drive the breadth of Australia and check your mileage against your model. Hell, make it easy on yourself and learn to aim a satellite dish, then install one in London, and another in Quito. Explain the difference. Calculate the distance to the sun assuming a flat plane, from five pairs of locations at different latitudes and explain the discrepancy. Get out there in the field and prove something.

    And while you’re laying the groundwork for this startling revelation, keep your mouth shut. Until you have something of substance to present, hold your tongue. Otherwise there is no, nil, nada, not a ghost of a reason for anyone, anywhere on this quite spherical Earth, to take you seriously.

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