Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 02 October 2016
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The Smiley Faces and Fake Wounds of the Minnesota Stabbing Hoax

Sure it was, right. Some Somalian man started running through a St. Cloud, Minnesota, mall and began stabbing people. Moreover, he did so while leveraging ISIS and the name of God in Arabic, “Allah.” Yes, he did; he did it all in “Allah’s” name. Sure, he did, right.

Then, miraculously, before he really cut anyone up seriously he was killed on the spot. No one with any degree of discernment finds this plausible. Police said, after all, “that the suspect is dead.”

It’s all fake. All the people involved are mere crisis actors. At the mall there were some 200 of them participating in the drill. Will anyone come forward and speak the truth and let the world know about the lie?

Image result for minnesota; stabbing; st. cloud; images; photos; wounded

Notice the man on the gurney, Isaiah Mordal. He was supposedly stabbed, deeply so in the right shoulder. If so, then, where is all the blooooddddd? In fact, in both these fake wounded no real arterial blood is seen, including on their bandages.

What are they all smiling about? They all just got attacked by a wild-eyed knife-man, while some ’10’ of them were stabbed.

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The Somali community knows it’s a fake. Why are they participating in this? Why doesn’t some one do what is right, and stand up, spreading the truth: calling it what it is, a mere arch-Zionist-orchestrated, DHS-contrived drill?

Now comes the fake wounded Mordal with a direct report on Minnesota’s major network, WCCO, and his phony wounded girlfriend,


How is saying “Allahu Akbar” a terrorist call? The man is an obvious Islamophobe, make no mistake about it. Moreover, he is also an arch-fabricator. Here he is quoted as begging for his life and it is said he couldn’t get away “fast enough.” Even so, in his YouTube video he claims he acted heroically, actually attempting to chase down the man despite the fact that he was dripping in blood.

It is also said that he was “shirtless” when he chased him down. No one finds this plausible even to the least degree.

Here is are additional quotes from another network, that is the StarTribune, about his hoax story lines:

Mordal begged for his life.

“I said, ‘Don’t do this! My girlfriend is pregnant!’ At that point it seemed like it was going extremely fast, but at the same time, it seemed like it took forever,” he said.

The attacker, later identified as 22-year-old Dahir Adan, charged at Mordal, swinging a folding knife with a blade 4 to 5 inches long. Mordal ducked. The knife slashed his right shoulder. Turning, he saw his girlfriend run back into the mall — with Adan in pursuit.

Seconds earlier, Bohnenkamp had been frozen in fear.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, my boyfriend is going to die,’ ” she recalled.

A burst of adrenaline surged through her and she hopped off the ledge and ran back into the mall. But her assailant soon caught up and grabbed her by the neck and shoulders.

Just then, there was a shout from behind. Mordal, gushing blood from his shoulder, was in pursuit, too.

“I screamed at him. I said, ‘Don’t you touch her, she’s pregnant!’ ” Mordal said. “He was ready to stab her and he turned and looked at me. I think that put his aim off.”

Adan swiped at Bohnenkamp’s neck, grazing it. Bohnenkamp shouted to Mordal that she was OK as Adan ran into the mall.

“As soon as I found out she was OK, something clicked in my head,” Mordal said. “I thought of all the people in the mall and knew I had to do something to help those people. I whipped my shirt off because I was soaked in blood.”

Shirtless and bleeding, Mordal chased the attacker, screaming for people to get away and call 911.


Now, the man is “soaked in blood” from a relatively severe stab wound.  Here is the purported stab wound. What is he doing going around in the media showing off the lesion?


No wonder he’s doing so. It’s a fake, a mere moulage sticker. In comparison let us see what  a real laceration looks like after it has been sutured:


Here are some images of such fake sutures. It can be seen that this is what it is and that there is no actual laceration:

Image result for fake sutures; stickers; fake stitches; images;

You merely apply the sticker on. It is fairly real appearing. Here are the two in comparison:


It just blends right into the flesh, although if a person looks carefully the edge of the sticker can be seen.

Yet, it is said the knife was “plunged” into his right shoulder. That would have been a significant medical emergency. He wouldn’t be laughing about it and would still be in pain.

stcloudhoax-6 stcloudhoax-8

The girlfriend was supposed to have suffered a graze wound. What about this appears to be a real knife wound?


There is no penetration, here. It’s just applied makeup or, perhaps, a fake laceration sticker.

This active service man is also a hoax agent, like the man above, paid to pay out the role:

minnhoax minnhoax2

It can be even more readily seen that the serviceman has no actual wound, while he sits in his bed with street-clothes. Moreover, obviously, this is nothing but paint from a make-up brush.

minnhoaxfake4 minnhoaximage

Yet, how can anyone possibly tell the truth, particularly in light of the non-disclosures which were signed? Even so, it seems that the place was unhder tight guard to prevent anyone from escaping before all were fully debriefed.

If there really was a mad stabber about, why would anyone leave a child alone on the floor like that?

Image result for images; wounded; injured; st. cloud; minnesota; stabbing

The Somali people also know it is a fake and there are plenty of smiley faces here, too. Will anyone from their community stand up and do what is right and let the world know about this scam? People are donating money for these frauds. It’s wrong, and community leaders know this.

Image result for minnesota; mall; stabbing; st. cloud; images; photos;

Is there not an honest person left in this entire world?



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  1. Ex6) DHS NYC Pressure Cooker Hoax- Watch Video Especially after 5:30 It proves no one was Injured At All! Mere Pyrotecnics Fakery Firecracker!

    Idiot Ziotrash Buffoon Crypto Jew Mayor De Blazio plays Hoax SpokesLiar Also.


    • I made the first pressure cooker bomb, when I accidently added ammonia instead of vinegar to what was to be a lovely lamb stew. It ended up all over the ceiling and killed my first hubby It was such a chore to clean the ceiling

  2. Exhibit 10) St Cloud Zio Mall Stabbing Hoax is Double 66 coded- St Cloud is 66 Miles from Minneapolis of Recent Twin Cities RaceWar Hoax PsyOp! …& 66k StCloud Approximate Population! LOL!


  3. Ex 11) St Cloud Mall Hoax Stabbing Lying Crisis Actor Ashley Bayne Busted!! Lying ZioTrash Puppet Works for FOX Sports!! Liar Claims to Work at JC Penny at the ZioHoax Mall!!

    Busted Hatemongering, Warmonger, Fraudster Ziotrash Puppet!

    Ashley Bayne
    @ ashleyy_bayne
    Hastings | St. Cloud
    Freelance Videographer | Writer @TheOdyssey | Production Runner for @foxsports | Hedgehog obsessor | Be humble. lnɟǝdoɥ ǝq. | SCSU ’17 |Meme Queen

    She did not mention FOX TV or FOX News or FOX Sports on her Linkedin but it is on her Twitter Account!

    • The lying twit blocked me just after calling me a “Dumbass”, before i could then respond only a dumbass would call their mom instead of 911. It’s obvious how all of these stories are BS! The odds of people all of sudden go cray-cray in malls and schools by 5000% in the last 4 yrs of Obozo’s presidency is slim to none, and none left the building!

  4. Ex12) St Cloud Mall Stabbing Hoax- Ashley Bayne (Reinforcement Programming for Baine Batman Villian).

    Fraudster Ashley Bayne’s DHS Hoax Script as a (fake) JC Penney Employee:

    Ashley Bayne works at the J.C. Penney store in the mall. She was off Saturday night, but was visiting a friend at the store when the incident took place.

    WCCO’s Liz Collin spoke with her on the phone.

    “I went closer to the mall entrance by J.C. Penney’s and I was looking at some jeans and all the sudden people were just running in chaos,” Bayne said. “They were screaming,
    ‘Someone’s stabbing people in the mall,’ and people were just really frantic and were running.

    “There were so many cop cars just responding to the area,” Bayne said.

    “When I got in my car to get out people were speeding out of there,” she said. “By the time I left my coworker had texted me saying they had all gone into lockdown in the mall. There were no notifications in the mall at all, it was just people running and screaming.”


  5. EX13) St Cloud Zionist Jew Owned Mall Stabbing Hoax- Crisis Actor-Actwhore $$$ Ashley Bayne’s Linkedin Account – Note an 888- # of Satan embeded in it!


  6. Doc, dont forget the South Carolina/Townsville school shooting hoax Ive already posted about!

  7. A 4-5 inch folding knife thrust through the right shoulder, and misses the lung by an inch? Did I read that right?

  8. Emperor Hadrian and company exterminated the Judeans 1, 881 years ago. That was a full massacre annihilation. It was very well documented by the chroniclers of those days back then. The change of name to that region was the least of the problems. It’s time to do a repeat of that one. Finally, the connection they always wanted since 740 CE. Converting to a religion for political purposes only, genetic alterations were not included in that package deal. We are talking about the safety and physical integrity of the whole planet. Fellows the Hook Nose hunting has begun. I tell you what Hadrian did almost 19 centuries ago. He and the six generals summoned for that one are gonna look like prekindergarten boys to what we are gonna do to these impostors. Yes, with much better resources than back in 135 CE. Again the planet survival is at stake, Time to put them out of their miserable existence. Talking about a subspecies parading as humans since its inception in 448 CE.

  9. all bullshit

    no one stabbed
    no one shot no red anywhere

    all bullshit hoax

    but an entire nation hijacked

    evil secret society intent on world control – jfk april 27 1961

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