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The Smiley Faces and Arch Smirkers of the Orlando Shooting Hoax

What an arch-hoax it is, make no mistake about it, this so-called shooting at an Orlando, Florida, gay bar: fake to the extreme.

Even without the smirkers and smiling actors it is clearly an obvious hoax. Any even rudimentary review of the imagery clearly demonstrates this. It is inane, make no mistake about it. Yet, the Islamic ‘boogeyman’ prevails and, incredibly, most people believe it.


Even so, to the undeveloped eye, or mind, it appears ominous enough: crisis actors being carried like sacks of potatoes. The sack-of-potatoes haul is quite common in this terminally corrupt scam. Who in the real world would do this with gunshot victims, especially in Western countries?

What does Mr. American flag have to do with it?

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Flag-man was found during all the aspects of staging, including dressing fake wounded, transporting them, and then, following it up with lying, thieving interviews:
When he lies, he tends to shutter his eyes and look right or left. Regardless, he is an obvious hoax collaborator, like the rest of the scam artists.
Then, there is the ex-wife and her cohorts, actual Muslim impostors, who helped create the platform for this phony shooting, that is by creating the basis of a real (though non-existent) Muslim boogeyman:


Just as the cameras begin rolling he is caught smirking, then, quickly falling into the ‘serious’ mode.


The ex-wife things it’s all a hoot:

With her “he’s crazy” and ‘deranged’ she has a real flair for the dramatic, with her eyes virtually popping out of her skull. What were the promised, immigration favors? It is exceedingly incredible. There can be no doubt about the fact that this is fake by watching her mannerisms, hearing the inflections in her voice, and watching her facial expressions.

There is the homosexual DHS agents, that is DHS-paid actors, who abound throughout this fake: one upon the other, all spreading phony story lines.


This person, in particular, was clearly exposed by TeamWakeUp as an absolute fabricator.  What about the police and their collaborators? They, too, are found smirking and smiling:

One may acts as the local ‘clown,’ but earns the ire of his cohort. When he turns to him, he was something: albeit briefly…like, “Hey, c’mon.”


…at which time he puts on the phony serious routine. The man can’t resist, though, laughing it all up.


The hoax is universal, with plenty of Christian clergy-persons adding falsification to the fuel, but also, incredibly, a litany of compliant imams:


Where are all the rabbis? Are they merely behind the scenes at the DHS secretive staging centers? It’s only the clergy-persons and imams who have gone public? Why don’t they at least speak out about this fraud? Once again, the clergy, here, know it is a fraud. Why in the world are they participating in it? Do they think that, somehow, cavorting with federal ‘authorities’ will accomplish them favors?


With this supercilious, purely inane hoax there is no end to the evidence against the hoaxers. It is vast: beyond count. Moreover, here, it should be kept in mind that no effort was spared: or any expense, in fact, all at the fully bamboozled, ultra-compromised taxpayers’ expense. The people themselves are being charged to be defrauded and to have their rights stripped to the bone. That is the nature of the fraud of the Zionist-controlled world government.

Even so, in some interviews witnesses have cried. There are some decent actors on board. What did they give them between filming to cause the flow of tears? It’s still not enough. This is obviously a hoax. No one died, and no one was injured.  It is all done by the Zionists in a desperate attempt to purge the American people of their inalienable rights, particularly the right to self-defense, that defense against the aggressors: the criminally-minded, hedonistic, arch-hostile Zionist cabal.

LaVoy Finnicum was certainly shot dead by the Zionists and their agents, killed for standing up to his beliefs. Yet, this is an entirely different issues. The deaths were faked for purposes of a terminally corrupt scam, a fraud: a plot of deception, in fact, for destroying precisely what people believe in: the means of personal defense against an over-reaching, corrupt, warmongering, people-oppressing federal government.



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  1. And let’s not forget the Jew-contrived **** that happened in the UK…

    The HOAXED “blood sacrifice” of their RED HEIFER, “Jo Cox”.

    Did I say, “Jo Cox”? I meant, “JOKE OX”.

    Ha ha ha …. evil comedic Jews exposed again!

  2. The Word of Jesus Christ is spiritual “aqua regia”, which by pouring over the Jew, dissolves ALL that is gold, and leaves what is BASE to be plain for ALL to SEE….and HEAR.

    “Wake the Sheep” / “Gay-be”….. you are all PLUMBUM (Latin for “lead”, you queer kike).

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