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The Smiley Faces and Arch Smirkers of the Orlando Shooting Hoax

What an arch-hoax it is, make no mistake about it, this so-called shooting at an Orlando, Florida, gay bar: fake to the extreme.

Even without the smirkers and smiling actors it is clearly an obvious hoax. Any even rudimentary review of the imagery clearly demonstrates this. It is inane, make no mistake about it. Yet, the Islamic ‘boogeyman’ prevails and, incredibly, most people believe it.


Even so, to the undeveloped eye, or mind, it appears ominous enough: crisis actors being carried like sacks of potatoes. The sack-of-potatoes haul is quite common in this terminally corrupt scam. Who in the real world would do this with gunshot victims, especially in Western countries?

What does Mr. American flag have to do with it?

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Flag-man was found during all the aspects of staging, including dressing fake wounded, transporting them, and then, following it up with lying, thieving interviews:
When he lies, he tends to shutter his eyes and look right or left. Regardless, he is an obvious hoax collaborator, like the rest of the scam artists.
Then, there is the ex-wife and her cohorts, actual Muslim impostors, who helped create the platform for this phony shooting, that is by creating the basis of a real (though non-existent) Muslim boogeyman:


Just as the cameras begin rolling he is caught smirking, then, quickly falling into the ‘serious’ mode.


The ex-wife things it’s all a hoot:

With her “he’s crazy” and ‘deranged’ she has a real flair for the dramatic, with her eyes virtually popping out of her skull. What were the promised, immigration favors? It is exceedingly incredible. There can be no doubt about the fact that this is fake by watching her mannerisms, hearing the inflections in her voice, and watching her facial expressions.

There is the homosexual DHS agents, that is DHS-paid actors, who abound throughout this fake: one upon the other, all spreading phony story lines.


This person, in particular, was clearly exposed by TeamWakeUp as an absolute fabricator.  What about the police and their collaborators? They, too, are found smirking and smiling:

One may acts as the local ‘clown,’ but earns the ire of his cohort. When he turns to him, he was something: albeit briefly…like, “Hey, c’mon.”


…at which time he puts on the phony serious routine. The man can’t resist, though, laughing it all up.


The hoax is universal, with plenty of Christian clergy-persons adding falsification to the fuel, but also, incredibly, a litany of compliant imams:


Where are all the rabbis? Are they merely behind the scenes at the DHS secretive staging centers? It’s only the clergy-persons and imams who have gone public? Why don’t they at least speak out about this fraud? Once again, the clergy, here, know it is a fraud. Why in the world are they participating in it? Do they think that, somehow, cavorting with federal ‘authorities’ will accomplish them favors?


With this supercilious, purely inane hoax there is no end to the evidence against the hoaxers. It is vast: beyond count. Moreover, here, it should be kept in mind that no effort was spared: or any expense, in fact, all at the fully bamboozled, ultra-compromised taxpayers’ expense. The people themselves are being charged to be defrauded and to have their rights stripped to the bone. That is the nature of the fraud of the Zionist-controlled world government.

Even so, in some interviews witnesses have cried. There are some decent actors on board. What did they give them between filming to cause the flow of tears? It’s still not enough. This is obviously a hoax. No one died, and no one was injured.  It is all done by the Zionists in a desperate attempt to purge the American people of their inalienable rights, particularly the right to self-defense, that defense against the aggressors: the criminally-minded, hedonistic, arch-hostile Zionist cabal.

LaVoy Finnicum was certainly shot dead by the Zionists and their agents, killed for standing up to his beliefs. Yet, this is an entirely different issues. The deaths were faked for purposes of a terminally corrupt scam, a fraud: a plot of deception, in fact, for destroying precisely what people believe in: the means of personal defense against an over-reaching, corrupt, warmongering, people-oppressing federal government.



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  1. Virginia Patriot Informs Muslims, Arabs & Persians that The Orlando Shooting Mass Murder Event is A Hoax PsyOp perpetrated by Zionist DHS & Zionist Media & Bloodthirsty Zionist Jew Psychopaths to spew genocidal hatred & wars against the Hated Goyim Muslims, Arabs & others by tricking the zioMedia-brainwashed American people into accepting more zionist wars!

    • Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

      1- It is a great cottage industry. Lots of people push conspiracy theories for a living – writing books, magazine articles, newsletters, collecting speaking fees, hosting radio shows, websites and so forth. It is a great way for some to make a buck from the gullible. This crappy website is a perfect example.

      2- It makes you “special”. Knowing the “truth” that most others don’t know makes you more special, smarter, and less naive than the ignorant masses. At least in your eyes. In reality, it probably makes your friends, family and co-workers make fun of you behind your back.

      3- It validates your hatred. So you hate Jews, Bush, America, Capitalism, the Pope or whatever. Believing in conspiracy theories gives you an excuse for your hatred. It is not that you are an angry, hateful, bitter person, or a bigot or a racist or something else bad. Instead, it is that you know the “truth” about the object of your hatred, therefore you don’t have to feel bad about being a hater.

      4- It is fun! Some conspiracy theories can be fun to believe in – alien autopsies, Area 51, and so on. Some have been turned into entertaining movies, such as National Treasure (conspiracies surrounding the free masons) and The Da Vinci Code (religious conspiracies surrounding the Holy Grail).

      • Which one is the conspiracy theory – the terrorist was self-radicalised Muslim, or the terrorist was gay?
        Which one is the conspiracy theory – the San Bernardino terrorist couple were radical Islamists who had posted jehadi material online, or the terrorist couple had not posted any jehadi material online.
        Footnote – wrong answer invites negative marks (turns you into a conspiracy theorist).

  2. This post was another fraudulant disinfo post made by zionist jew troll Gabriel a homosexual & transexual agenda extremist fraudulently under the name of a real poster at Nodisinfo “Wake The Sheep”.. This sex deviant Gabriel posts his fraudulent comments of disinfo, lies gibberish & spam constantly under other real truther posters’ names on this site. All such fraud, disinfo posts under other people’s names shoukd be immediately removed whenever posted here:

    Wake The SheepJUNE 14, 2016 AT 4:14 PM
    It’s happened to all of us. Some friend we had in elementary school or from an old job is all of a sudden making super weird comments on Facebook, or you’re in a bar and some random is trying to talk to you about fluoride for some reason. It’s not always immediately clear. Like, I realized one day that people saying crazy things were always following it up with “Do your own research!” and then finally discovered that it was sort of a “buzzphrase” for conspiracy theorists. ….(..etc..etc…I will not repost the entire gibberish disinfo spam post..but deviant Gabriel has spam posted it repeated in the past!)

    • Are you serious he’s got the emotional maturity and mind of a 16 year old

    • Ha ha ha! “DARK TRIAD”! Touché! I usually use the term “UNHOLY TRINITY”…. it’s all good — they are the very same “usual suspects”:

      J’s, Q’s, and N’s. Right? (of course!)

  3. Orlando PsyOp Crisis Actor Fraudster Zionist Jew Psychopath Pathological Liar Christine Leinonen homosexual Activist & (of Michigan) Lawyer Degree? & a law license in Florida) & Psychologist & her fraudster Fake Dead Victim/VicSim supposed Christopher Andrew Leinonen
    This is one evil satanic bloodthirsty Mossad Warmonger Zionist Jew witch! Her admittedly bastard son is alive & well & no one was killed at all in this treason zionist Psychological Warfare Terror Operation perpetrated against the American people & the world for murderous intent!

  4. Yes & prior knowledge tweets at that!!! ..posted before the hoax event as Richard Martinez poster has found! & Degenerate Zionist deviant pervert Gabriel is back posting away fraudulently his gibberish & disinfo under real Nodisinfo posters’ names! Allowing is ridiculous!

    • I don’t want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic! I try to give that to people. I misrepresent things to them.
      I don’t tell the truth, I tell what ought to be the truth! And if that’s sinful, then let me be damned for it!

  5. Fake Dead Fraudster Fag Christopher Andrew Leinonen aka Drew Leinonen zionist Jew mossad slime like his despicable treasonous mother Christine Leinonen! (Is she also alias as Candace Bando???)
    Zio Controlled Supreme Court Illegal Decreed Homosexual marriage is not enough for the zionist jews & Freemason Freaks they want US to worship at their feet & at all the sexual deviant feet! And to bend over for them & to hand over our children to them thru all this deception, hoaxes, lies & propaganda & PsyOps & wars!

  6. Does the disgraced doctor think he’s doing the Muslim community any favors with this horse-shit website? He just makes people even more distrustful of Muslims. Sad

  7. Meanwhile during the great media distraction the Zionist Entity is thought to be up to its old tricks bombing Gaza.
    Story in the Jerusalem Post:

  8. Virginia Militia member & Richmond Peace Activist Chris Dorsey Tells Press TV the Truth!!! : Orlando mass murder Shooting Is A Zionist Treasonous Hoax! No Gun Control aka Gun Confiscation is necessary or allowed under the US Constitution & Bill of Rights! It will not be tolerated! Never! Your mercenaries will be mowed down like fodder!

    No Gun Confiscation Ever! Give all zioPuppet Scum- Attempted Gun Confiscators Bullets! Lots of lead bullets! But No Guns! Just Bullets & Let the Traitors leave in Body Bags! Keep this $h#t up zioTrash & get some 1492 style mass evictions all over again! Can you ziofreaks & Masons & Jesuits slimey demonic psychopaths ever let the hated goyim (decent normal people) live in peace???

    • As alarming as it seems their can be no rest whilst the sneaky Zionist Entity is creeping around. Good news but, Allah and or Jehovah will divide the land of Israel because TPTB would not give up demon and false idol worship. Then the peace you seek will come like a breath of fresh air.
      Until then we must be patient and fight. It is the Zionist Entity which has the blood of jihad dripping from their hands not us.

  9. Zionist Jew Mossad Agent Orlando Hoax DHS Crisis Actor Ron Legler is President & CEO of Florida Theatrical Assoc’ & is co-owner (&co-conspirator)of Pulse Fag Fraud Night Club with fellow fraudster Barbara Poma! But this demon also lives in Baltimore & gets non-profit & government big $$$ to Run the Historical Hippodrome theater & Touring Broadway Theater Troupes!
    Also he is a book agent & owns numerous shandy and deviant clubs. Image the millions this bloodthirsty zionist will be paid by FEMA & DHS for his treason against Americans!

  10. Despicable Orlando Fraudster Ron Legler’s other linkedin account showing he also runs the Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore & Off Broadway touring! This slimebag zionist bloodthirsty Liar & fellow crime gangster Barbara Poma Pulse Queer Bar owners are going to reap millions off this satanic level zioScam & PsyOp! This is not just a funny, ridiculous hoax! This is treason!

  11. Ziotrash piece of human garbage treason Fraudster Barbara Poma!
    (Co-Owner Of Pulse Fake Shooting Fag Bar)

  12. The Zionists Psychopaths in Obvious Preparation for the Orlando Mass Murder PsyOp Event Apparently Hired a Young Singer-actress from Minnesota who looks just like a younger version of this evil Barbara Poma Witch last year & financed a music video & song to Predictively Program the Shooting in this Song & Video called Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up!

  13. You just couldn’t find an actress singer who looks more like young version of ZioWitch Fraudster Crisis Actress Barbara Poma! So they brought her in from Minnesota to make this bizzaro ziotwisted music video. Who else paid for it but Homoland Security in exchange the probably promised
    her a recording contract, record & promotion of her gigs by zio Music companies, etc..

  14. Orlando Happy-Hoaxster-Gay-Lucky Fraudster Fags having a field day for zioPay! $$$$ PAID zioCallboy Whores!

    • The terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 changed this country. A country that I love. As the years have gone by, and our nation has struggled to maintain a proper course, an obnoxious and vulgar group has continued to recruit believers. Those that believe that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job and an elaborate conspiracy.

      Listen carefully: There is not one shred of evidence of a conspiracy.

      None. Zero. Zip. Squadush.

      I wish to dismantle any notion to the contrary.

      As with most of the nutty conspiracy theorists, the groups grab odd coincidences, wild speculations, out of context quotes and imagination, then shuffle them like a deck of cards and put them together to “prove” a devious collusion. The practice is no different than the chaps that look at Nostradomus’s “prophecies” and say, “see, if you take this word and switch these two letters, then flip this letter upside down, it says ‘Bush is the Devil.'” I’d like to smack those dopes upside the head.

      If there was any proof of conspiracy, it would be the largest news story in history. Not posted on the internet along with Chupacabra sightings. The ironically self-named “Truthers” will tell you that the story is not being reported because the media is controlled by the government. Moses smell the roses… If that is the case, then how did the Watergate, Iran-Contra, Monica Lewinsky, Grover Cleveland’s illegitimate son, Whitewater, Alberto Gonzales’ dismissal of U.S. attorneys, Thomas Jefferson diddling Sally Hemmings and other Presidential scandals slip through the cracks?

      You’re telling me that not one young, ambitious reporter doesn’t want to report this “conspiracy” and win a Pulitzer Prize? When Watergate began to unspool, it did so in the pages of the Washington Post. Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, wait, no … that’s not right … Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (there, that’s better) dug up proof of slush funds, hush money, paper trails, witnesses and had a high ranking government informant – Mark “Deep Throat” Felt – come forward. There was actual evidence to go along with suspicion.

      Any evidence along those lines for a 9/11 inside job? Nope.

      Real publications such as Time, Newsweek and Popular Mechanics publish articles disproving the lunacy. But facts, logic and common sense are not as sexy as government conspiracy.

      It is good to question our leaders. It is good to question our government. However, there is a not-so-fine-line between questioning and crazy. A line these loons left miles behind them as they grabbed bullhorns and started yelling about conspiracies on YouTube.

      Last January I had some visitors here in Manhattan. I played tour guide for a few days. We were downtown to see Wall Street and Trinity Church and popped over to Ground Zero. There was a couple of these jokers handing out flyers and yelling their nonsense. Annoyed, I decided to have my fun and engaged them in an argument. As they spouted their swill, I kept poking dump-truck-sized-holes in their points. One after the other. Then I kept at it, showing how insane their claims were by just repeating them. The calmer and more rational I was, the more angry they became. When the tourists were laughing at them and cheering me on, they were even more enraged. Now they’re screaming at me and wanting to fight. (Not a good idea, pally.) I continued to laugh. The tourists continued to cheer. Now, if you are going to debate with me, you need more than your “facts.” I am going turn your argument into verbal Swiss cheese and make you look stupid. (Humble, I am not.) You better have more in your quiver than “this couldn’t happen” and “that is impossible.”

      Here are some of the ridiculous claims of the conspiracy theorists. Things that “couldn’t happen” or are “impossible.”

      Claim: There is no way that jet fuel can burn hot enough to melt the steel in the World Trade Centers. Therefore, the fires from the planes could not be the cause of the Tower’s collapse.

      Reality: Jet fuel burns at 800 degrees to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Steel melts at somewhere in the ballpark of 2,750 degrees. However, the steel did not have to melt like candle wax to cause a collapse. According to the American Institute of Steel Construction, steel loses 50% of it’s strength at about 1,000 degrees. In addition, the jet fuel was not the only substance burning. In extreme heat, steel can expand, then sag, then crack, then give way.

      Claim: As the Towers collapsed, we see small explosions firing outwards ahead of the collapse. Showing additional explosions or “squibs” to help facilitate a controlled demolition.

      Reality: During the collapse huge pockets of air were being forced down at amazing rates. The force pushed out the air as the floors of the building were, as engineers call it, “pancaking.” All the pressure of the collapse rushing down began to pop out windows, shooting debris sideways. A controlled demolition has evenly spaced charges, not sporadic ones randomly firing.

      Claim: World Trade Center 7 could not have fallen from the damage incurred from the falling Towers and fires inside the building. WTC 7 was taken down in another controlled demolition. This was done – and I’m not making this up, some people believe this – because a “headquarters” was in the building 7 overseeing the operation and the conspirators needed to eliminate the evidence.

      This is one of the favorite questions the nuts will ask. When you begin to hammer their “ideas,” they’ll say “Oh yeah, then how did Building 7 fall down?” It’s a tactic taught on junior high debate teams. Deflect a question with a question. Before the reality, a common sense question; If there was a need for a base of operations to coordinate the operation, why put it in a building that you would need to destroy when you could set up shop in any one of dozens apartments that overlook the area? Doesn’t it seem more trouble than it’s worth to blow up a whole building when you could hide your activities in a penthouse? We could be cooking up meth or plotting to assassinate the cast of The View in our Upper West Side flat and nobody would know. In addition, if you knew that by the time building 7 went down that the world’s media would be focused on the area, why would you blow it up with everyone watching? Not a very stealthy plan.

      Reality: A combination of fire and intense structural damage contributed to the collapse of building 7. The fall was what engineers call a “progressive collapse.” Video shows cracks in the building’s façade just before two of the penthouses fell into the building, starting the fall. A rapid chain reaction occurred from there.

      Claim: Right before the jets hit, there was a “flash” indicating a missile fired from the modified jets.

      Reality: For crying out loud. What actually happened is that at that speed, when objects collide, there is a transfer of kinetic energy that can cause a flash. Common sense question; So, as an airplane is flying at about 500 miles per hour, one could fire a missile perfectly timed to less than a hundredth of a second before impact at the exact spot the explosives are planted? Really?

      Also, if there was a missile strapped to the belly of the plane, how did the pilots and aircraft crew not see a freaking missile attached to the plane before takeoff? They do what is called a “walk around” before every flight, checking the exterior of the plane for any abnormalities. A missile may have caught someone’s attention.

      Claim: Never before has steel structured buildings collapsed due to fire.

      Reality: Also never happened before; two jumbo jets full of thousands of gallons of combustible fuel crashed into buildings. What makes you think you could predict exactly what would happen? By that logic, every house fire would be exactly the same. Go ask your local firefighter that question. Fire is an unpredictable beast.

      Claim: The Pentagon was not hit by a Boeing 757 but by a missile because the hole in the building is not big enough.

      Reality: Now we get into the really stupid. Do you think there would be a perfectly-punched airplane shaped hole like when Bugs Bunny runs through a brick wall? Number of eye witnesses on the record who say they saw a plane hit the Pentagon = about 150. Number that saw a missile = a bagel. The nuts will tell you that there isn’t plane wreckage found. Absolutely wrong. There are dozens of pictures of wreckage. (Maybe after the crash some conspirators made their way onto the site with wheelbarrows and planted to debris.) Then they’ll say there wasn’t enough wreckage. So, by your same logic, any debris from a missile? Nope. Any evidence of a missile or unmanned drone? Absolutely not.

      I’ve read the theories of military planes being used in the attacks. “It wasn’t an airliner, there wasn’t any windows.” (Of course a row of windows was found in the rubble.) Any photos of those “military planes?” No? Common sense question; If this was an elaborately planned event and you needed to make it look like commercial jets, why risk a military jet being photographed?

      There are beliefs that the people on the hijacked planes were taken to a facility and unloaded, or that they were conspirators themselves. Damn any of you that believe that. I hope you say that to one of the grieving families of those that died in the crashes and they kick your teeth in.

      One of the most amazingly moronic theories is – again, there really are dopes that believe this – that NO planes hit anywhere. What we saw was doctored CGI footage on television and photo-shopped pictures. What thousands saw in lower Manhattan was a “hologram” projected into the morning sky. Common sense question; Were there technicians planted at every local news station and every network to doctor the footage? Someone faking the thousands of still photographs? Was Industrial Light and Magic hired to create the illusion? This one is almost too dumb to mock. But if a photo that nobody cares about of a shark jumping out of San Francisco Bay attacking a helicopter pilot can be shown to be fake, I’m pretty sure the most covered news story in history would have a few people examining photographs.

      A hologram in the sky and faked footage is more plausible than hijacked airplanes crashing into the Towers? Bollocks.

      Common sense question; If you already had the buildings wired with heavy explosives and Al Qaeda set to take to fall, why crash airplanes in the first place? Doesn’t that provide a wildly difficult operation where too much can go wrong? Why not blow up the buildings and name the patsies?

      How many people do you crackpots think could be in on this? With absolutely no concrete evidence, this is one thing that kills these paranoid delusions. Three people can keep a secret. If two of them are dead. If you listen to these idiots, there would be the White House staff, government officials, explosives experts, explosive manufacturers, pilots, people planting bombs, Pentagon employees, Saudi’s, Jimmy Hoffa, military officials, the cast of Lost, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, salvage companies, do I really need to keep going? When we talk about hypothetical “impossibilities,” here’s mine; No group that large can either keep a secret or not leave a paper trial or a money trail or a trail of breadcrumbs. Dozens if not hundreds involved and nobody comes forward to cut a deal for immunity and name names? Not one guilt-ridden conspirator or patriotic staffer? Maybe Oswald didn’t act alone when he killed Jack Kennedy in ’63. But if you think it was more than a half dozen involved, you’re out of your mind.

      People talk. They want to tell others they are in the know. That they have the skinny. The scuttlebutt. Sometimes for vanity, sometimes out of duty. But a group of more than twenty-five people keeping a secret this big would rival the odds of being struck by lightening while a shark chomps your leg off and your winning lottery numbers are being called on the six o’clock news.

      Final common sense questions; Do you really think there was a few dozen guys dressed in UPS uniforms were sneaking around the World Trade Center building for weeks planting explosives? Then airplanes could hit the spot where the explosives are planted to start the demolition? If you do, I have the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge and am considering selling. Let’s talk.

      All this being said, this is the main reason I hate these people. Those that spread this unsubstantiated nonsense. Why I hate a sonofabitch like James Fetzer at “Scholars” for 9/11 Truth and the hacks that made the laughable Loose Change “documentary.” (One of the producers of that film is a guy named Korey Rowe. I never trust a man named Korey spelled with a K. Under any circumstances.) The half-cocked theories are really about selling books. And DVD’s. And collecting fees for lectures at conspiracy conventions. These swine are profiting off this garbage. Taking advantage of the natural human desire to know more than you are supposed to. It’s why the gullible buy tabloids with the headline “Inside Brangelina’s Relationship!” The tabloid rags are not inside anyone’s relationship.

      The motivation for the distribution of these crazy-go-nuts theories is greed masked by phony patriotism. If there wasn’t money to be made, these jokers would slip into the shadows.

      It is my belief that we must question any of these poisonous elements that are making money off their claims.

      The banshees scream “why won’t the government answer my questions? Why won’t they release the black box recordings?” I’ll tell you why. Because that would give credibility to these fringed elements of lunacy. Why address the irresponsible and delusional?

      My friends, there is reason to question the direction of our country. There are real issues that should be debated so the public can make their own educated opinion. The empty anomalies and ridiculous speculation about our government cooking up the worst disaster on American soil is not one of them. When the crazies shout questions about not enough bones found in the Flight 93 crash site and claim the Saudi hijackers are still alive, don’t bite. Only ask for evidence for any of their claims. Sure, a few odd things don’t have an answer. But no claim of government collusion dealing with the terrorist attacks on 9/11 has any merit.

      What happened on that horrible day, unfortunately, is 19 hateful, delusional, religious zealots hijacked airplanes and managed to crash three of them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, sometimes a seemingly innocuous enemy can take down a mighty opponent. That infamous maritime disaster started with a few holes popped into the hull from a still iceberg. Two and half hours later, the mighty Titanic was gone.

      You want to write books about UFO’s and Sasquatch and The Loch Ness Monster, fine. That’s funny. It’s harmless storytelling. But when we talk about 9/11, you are dealing with thousands of families that were damaged by that day. That day created widows, widowers and orphans. Friends of mine were there. One who I love dearly that couldn’t even talk about it. I know cops that lost friends. I was there when a celebrity who will remain nameless (That’s how he or she would want it. He or she is not Oprah, only doing good deeds when the cameras are rolling) delivered new fire trucks to a station and saw the brave firefighters weep in gratitude.

      America still stands. She has not sunk into the dark ocean. She is still here. Those that produce this swill are not Her ally.

      • Hey, queer yid… “Wake the Sheep”…”Gay-briel”…whatever…

        Explain how an ALUMINUM fuselage can CUT through STEEL girders. By your queer Jew logic, throwing a Coke can at a wrought-iron fence will destroy the fence.

        Begone, you Jew lick-spittle.

  15. Truther “How I See It”:

    CALLS Orlando Police About Fake Pulse Nightclub Shooting!

    Calling the corrupt Fraudster Treasonous Criminals Out!

  16. Orlando Corrupt Fraudster Cops Throw Fake Victim in Back of Cop Pickup Truck!!! LMAO! They didn’t have enough Corrupt EMS, Paramedics & EMS in Orlando they cound trust with their criminal fakery so they barred all ambulances & fireman & used dirty cops & zio Jews & paid Crisis Actor whore$!

  17. Fake Orlanda Homo Hero Josh McGill of Southern Nights Tranny Porn & Strip Club & Escort Service! Fraudster-DHS Crisis Actor! No Hero! A treasonous Faggy Fraud!

  18. Joshua McGill lying douche paid fake hero DHS deviant homo actor admits no ambulances or paramedics or fireman were allowed on scene at Orlando PsyOp!!! Just corrupt cops & ziopuppet paid actors!

  19. They will make a Broadway Play out of this someday. The Jews love that.

  20. Another Amazingly Terrible RIDICULOUS Crisis Actor Douchebag Liar from Orlando Fake Shooting PsyOp!
    This unfunny clown gets a F! Faggy Fake Fraudster Fail!
    Some random drunk or meth head off the street could have done at better job at delivering a fake shooting story-script than this A-hole For a $20 bucks!

    & Van called & wants his hat back you lying poser!

  21. THIS IS THE BIGGEST LIAR! ..So Far!! This little Faggy wanted porked up the arse so bad apparently he made a U-turn after driving past the seeing the shooting & shoutOut with Cops going on! Yeah he made a U-ey & came back & watched cops shoot it out with this Eeevile imaginary Mossadlim ISIS CRISIS ACTOR!!! Yes and he says they bodies were popping wide open like balloons! What a lying zioFreak puppet Actor clown this idiot is! This clown sounds like he is from California! Doing some homo head hunting in Florida I guess! What a lying piece of $h#t!

    And Yes people believe these insane scripted idiot zioscripted stories! Sad!

  22. Mossad Fag Anderson Pooper-Hole-Plunger Cooper Does Orlando Fake Fag Shooting Hoax PsyOp! What worthless wuss of a weasel! As sickening ad watching Werewolf Blitzerbaum!

  23. Fat Fag-Hag Sayanim Jew-Broad Pink Haired Crisis Actor Tries To fake Cry & Lie Lie Lie!…But the fake Tears just won’t come…Just lies & fakery for the dumb, hated brainwashrd dumb goyim from the world’s worst crisis actors-zioWhores!…Getting their treason shekel$!

  24. Crisis Actor Norman Casiano The Most Happy Hoax Homo of All! He’s smiling ear to ear happy his homo butt buddies are murdered! Right??? Nobody died! no one got shot! And Norman Casiano the Merrano Jew Got paid $$$! And he got to be on TV! He don’t if all the American people’s rights are stolen or countries are bombed from these PsyOps! He got some fame & $$$ & He’ll get sodomized by a few more fags than usual this month from the publicity! Maybe he’ll sell his fakey faggy a$$ self for even more money! More homo partying & drugs more clothes… No shame… Do what thou wilt..screw everyone, lie steal cheat everyone! The zio way!

    • They did not give up exporting their mystery sexual practices and rituals to the modern world. We’re not talking about just being Gay etc we’re taking about some very sinful stuff. Infact they did the opposite instead of listening to true words, they turned away in contempt, because they worship demons.
      Yes it sounds familiar, and this hoax is just the start of a landslide of very morbid sights to come.

      • Landslide means fast and quick in order to totally overwhelm the mind.

  25. Ten Key Characteristics of Nut-Job Conspiracy Theorists.

    1. Religious zeal.

    Nut-jobs generally believe that they are participants in a holy / patriotic / moral crusade, and hence their opponents are not merely political or ideological opponents, they are evil infidels.

    2. Impermeability to incontrovertible fact.

    It does not matter how conclusively or comprehensively an argument or assertion has been refuted, nut-jobs never abandon an argument once ventured. Nut-job lies never die.

    3. Willingness to embrace the impossible.

    Nut-job arguments regularly cross the line from excruciatingly improbable to physically impossible. Nut-jobs fearlessly violate the laws of physics and propose theories that rend the time-space continuum.

    4. Abhorrence of simplicity (Rube Goldberg’s Razor) .

    Nut-jobs never settle for a simple solution to a problem when a hopelessly complex and idiotic alternative can be proposed. “Occams Razor” is anathema to nut-jobs.

    5. Emotional (and other) projection.

    It is almost impossible to read someone else’s emotional state or actually know anything about them across the Internet. So nut-jobs regularly attribute their own emotional states, prejudices and motives to their opponents. This is often also called “Irony blindness.”

    6. Anomaly Mining.

    Nut-jobs are tireless in their search for minuscule anomalies and coincidences around which they assemble vast complexes of suspicion, most of which are actually irrelevant to their cause. The tiniest and most meaningless detail will often take on a life of its own, rendering their theories even more opaque and incomprehensible to rational observers.

    7. Simultaneous contradictory beliefs.

    Nut-jobs often imagine at the same time and even in the same sentence that (for example) they are fighting forces which are both super-humanly brilliant and powerful … and completely incompetent.

    8. Irrational anticipation of imminent victory.

    Nut-jobs are often convinced that they are just one day/argument/case away from completely vanquishing their rhetorical foes. They will believe this for years and years and years and…

    9. Inability to comprehend disagreement.

    Nut-jobs cannot conceive of anybody honestly disagreeing with them. Therefore anybody who disagrees must be either “part of the conspiracy,” paid to pretend they believe something they do not, or victims of violent extortion.

    10. The Appeal to Galileo.

    Nut-jobs know that they are considered nut-jobs. So they regularly appeal to “great nut-jobs of history” ; who were eventually proven to not be so nutty after all. Ignoring that Galileo was actually never considered a nut-job in the first place, for every nut-job rehabilitated by history ten thousand nut-jobs resolutely remained nut-jobs.

    Keep these in mind next time you venture into insanity of this hate site.

    • On the subject of “hate” I hate seeing psychotic fascists murder our Brothers and Sisters little Girls and Boys in Gaza and beyond. Now why don’t you grow a brain and grow up.

      • Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. Thus people haunted by the purposelessness of their lives try to find a new content not only by dedicating themselves to a holy cause but also by nursing a fanatical grievance. The conspiracy nutjob movement offers them unlimited opportunities for both. Enjoy stewing in your hate: you’re nearly done. Hehe he.

        • Might be a good idea to put your thesis to the Zionst criminals that get off blinding little children with phosphorous bombs.
          As for the Zionist War criminal thugs, understand you reap what you sow or visa versa. There isn’t any use in belittling those that are acting when evil appears is there?

        • You certainly dont adhere to a good deal of your theorising. “Nut Jobs” as you emotionally put it usually put up facts that show these impossible situations cant have been real or as they have been portrayed. Bengazhi is the only terrorist event that was real that I can see. Perpertrated by the same group that Hillary sent in to sodomise Kaddaffi with. A branding excercise of sodomising the victims. Ambassador Stevens went this way too.

        • You certainly dont adhere to a good deal of your theorising. “Nut Jobs” as you emotionally put it usually put up facts that show these impossible situations cant have been real or as they have been portrayed. Bengazhi is the only terrorist event that was real that I can see. Perpetrated by the same group that Hillary sent in to sodomise Kaddaffi . A branding excercise of sodomising the victims. Interesting: Ambassador Stevens went this way too.

          Hillary must have promised big…and thought nothing of disgarding them afterwards.

        • The most important question is WHO BUIlLT THE MOON?

  26. I’m having an argument with my friend, hes a bit of a conspiracy freak. he keeps telling me black people are real and hes actually met some. i keep telling him that its gotta be special effects and make up, but he keeps on going with this conspiracy theory bullshit about illegal aliens and niggers or whatever the fuck he’s going on about.

  27. It’s my own little conspiracy Rudolf…

  28. Oh no! Not the dreaded smiley faces and smirkers!

  29. Grimmie’s brother acts great for someone who has just had such a terrible loss

    • Hello, fellow travelers and conspiratards. Welcome to KCK20, featuring my first guest ever (aside from Omni-Jesus), Oscar Rah! Oscar has a love-hate relationship with conspiratards just like I do, and we spend the episode speculating on the various ‘tards on tonight’s production line.

      Our first tard is Jihad John, fresh from his one-month ban for making racially incendiary comments about the Illuminati manufacturing a mulatto race. I wish I could tell you what his stupid video is about, but frankly, Gabriel and I spent so much time making fun of this douche that I don’t even remember. What I do remember is that John seems to believe the New World Order is somehow afraid of conspiratards (lol) and that he shines with a few of his classic run-on sentences that never seem to find a conclusion. We love/hate you John, DON’T EVER CHANGE.

      Our second video begins the first major matchup of the night – Rudolf vs. Cowboy.Now we all know who is going to win this match, virtually by default – or at least that’s what you might assume. Cowboy rails against Rudolf’s concave earth theory and his would-be cult before going off on a strange tangent about the flat earth and the nature of reality – a tangent that was a BAD DECISION. This was a truly awful showing from Cowboy in this round, and a spectacular failure for his debut video. But could it be worse than Rudolf?

      Rudolf’s response of course includes his CLASSIC ‘daddy issues’ ad-hominem attack, but numb nuts has made this argument one too many times. I take the opportunity to rip him a third or fourth new asshole (I’ve lost count) before Gabriel and I publicly shame him like he deserves. Who wins? You’ll have to watch to find out.

      The main event of the evening is of course Gabriel v. Nodisinfo. Gabriel has been trolling NOdisinfo for quite awhile, to the point where Cowboy is now including Gabriel in his deranged conspiracy theories. Gabriel picked out three amazing videos for us to detail Cowboy’s history and mindset. Cowboy is a homeless man who lives in his own van and drives it around harassing other homeless people, who he thinks are being paid by Zionist handlers with gift cards to harass him. Yeap. I’d say that’s all we need to mention, except that Dr K is also a huge closet case and thinks the government beams gay thoughts into his head. And really, that’s the best part, right?

      Our last segment is a short compilation video showing clips of perhaps the second-greatest gangstalkertard of all time, Christinne Rady. Christinne loves to yell at UPS, USPS and Xfinity drivers, as well as harass people who are literally at their jobs trying to work. Clearly the real stalker here, Christinne is totally oblivious to the fact that she’s going to get herself beat to a pulp one day. I only hope she’s live-streaming when it happens!

      Gabriel is welcome back any time and let him know what you think of him in the comments! Even if you’re a fucking troll!

      If you guys like this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe. If you hate it, give it a thumbs down and give it a nasty comment. I’ll see you guys next time! Adios.

      Watch KCK20 on YouTube

  30. Israeli military decides that order to attack Palestinian clinic in ‘revenge’ was acceptable

  31. Chris Bovey pissed off a lot of conspiracy theorists when he faked chemtrails, lol.

    So as the story goes Chris was on a flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina when his pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Sao Paulo and dumped excess fuel to lighten the load.

    Chris being the bright spark that he is decided to film it then upload the footage to youtube insisting that it could have been chemtrails.

    Proceeding which, truthers and tards alike all began to revel in his apparent catching of the powers that be. It all got real interesting after Chris added fuel to the fire by posting on Facebook that he had been detained by British authorities at Heathrow airport.

    Chris eventually came clean on Volcania Radio hosted by Richie Allen a good buddy of Reptilian bedtime story Peddling David Icke. It was awkward and bizarre.

    Below is the video that duped conspiratards.

  32. And here is the radio show where Chris comes clean to Richie Allen.

  33. Same zioHollywood Hoax script Writers used in San Bernardino & Orlando PsyOps! Same rummaging thru supposed mass murder evidence by zioMedia goons! “We don’t need no stinking secured evidence & clean investigation! We’re all zioPuppets here on the same page! We All want to destroy the goyim & steal their wealth & rights!! We are the chosen zioCriminals let’s get the guns so we can mass murder these dumb goyim animals like hogs in a massive zio Iowa slaughter house plant!” Who are the real pigs??? HUH???

  34. Same ziotrash Screenwrights San Used in Bernardino & Orlando PsyOps Treason- LONG VERSION!

  35. NASAtanic Hoax Buffoonery more Ridiculously fake every Day! And SpaceX Goons out-do NASA In their outlandish laughable fakery!

    Rocket Lands Backwards!– a silly rocket takeoff played in Reverse like a Gilligan’s Island swimming in reverse skit! Hideous Zio goober Elon Musk deserves a hoax clown zioScammer of the year award!

    • A friend of mine likes to email dickheads like you from random Hotmail accounts pretending to be an insider with startling information.
      sometimes he will find an out of date PDF and attach that, some crap full of technical information, and he will say “look at page 34, notice what it says about the the…” and he will go on about some sort of inane technical detail he made up, then he will google a random American local paper and look for a retired journalist from the 80s…
      “you have to go to Wisconsin and find a man from the local Gazette, J.Haggard, he knows more about this, in 82 it cost him his job.” Lmao!

      • Boy oh boy the Jews are desperate…

  36. Buffoon Rob Skiba Debunks Rob Skiba’s previous NASA Fraud Video!

  37. This is another fraudulent disinfo post made by tranny loving homo zionist Jew Troll Gabriel!:
    (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake ziotwisted version of) CowboyJUNE 15, 2016 AT 8:05 AM
    Buffoon Rob Skiba Debunks Rob Skiba’s previous NASA Fraud Video!

    Post your ziotrash disinfo under your own name Queerboy ZioJew Gabriel! You slimey coward!

  38. Pictured in her high school yearbook, the wife of Orlando killer who could be charged as an accessory to the massacre after FBI raided her mother’s home

  39. ZioRun Tony Awards Co-ordinated with Orlando Mass Murder Shooting Hoax! Zio Jews Donna Karger & Frank Delilla & Patrick Pacheco & other ZioPuppets had everything preplanned, prescripted integrated into the evil zionist Gun Confiscation & Frame & Hate-the-Muslims PsyOp long in Advance to trick & brainwash the hated goyim enemy!..
    with Tony-Winning Costume Designer William Ivey Long Designs Ribbon to Honor Orlando Victims at Tonight’s Tony Awards On Same Day!!! Orlando Fake Fag Mass Murder Ribbons were predesigned & premade & Tony Awards scripted & built around the whole murderous Muslims & Beloved Fag Heroes & Martyr VicSims!!

    These demons are all treasonous Zionist Jews & Freemason perverted psychopaths & puppets!

  40. NASA Hoax Hubbell Telescope 300 Miles up… is & always has been a hoax!.. in a previous interview by this Stanford Grade Student already busted NASA 25 year Hubbell deputy director into admitting he has never seen any live footage of or from Hubbell in 25years! Hubbell is all a hoax PsyOp! Sofia Telescope via 747 jet is a twin of supposed Hubbell which this guy admits.. except it can is far superior in infrared vision viewing of objects! lol Hubbell has no live tracking!!! He admits its! did the last NASA BOZO guy! And no way to right it’s own orbit!!! LMAO! …YET these NAS-HOLE liars pretend they have repeatedly sent Space shuttles up 200 to 300 miles to service it via astroNots Spacewalking at
    16,666 plus miles per hour as it spins around the earth, as earth spins around the sun!..As The sun spins thru the galacy at 666,666 miles per hour! LMAO!

  41. this stuff si getting really humorous

    my friends around world are in hysterics at how amateurish these are and how so many septic tank yanks fall for it

    they pull this shit while they mass murder in the middle east

    the next hoax event they want to see that laughing ass off cop at press conference

    and who about mr porky flagman and friends hauling critically injured buddy bare chested no red anything on his and no holes in him over tho a pickup trauck, and as that austrilan commentary shy shows, they picked him up 15o yards from the “Dog Balls (!)Pulse and hauled him in the direction of the Pulse! just all staged scenes, all bull shit. Love it!

  42. we need to have waterboard show –

    bid to waterboard the following:

    Mr Sandy Hoax Robby Parker (or has he already been hunted down and convicted?)

    Mr Mason Wells pof Sandy Utah with his fake burned off face at Brussels (was that the same guy spotted in stall at the Pulse with that porky flagman doing the dirty ?)

    Mr Porky Flagman from Orlando (he likes hose but maybe not the boarding)

    Killary Clinton (no sex though, Please!)

    hoopin’ and hollerin’ time!

    Cant wait for that Dirty Nuke Hoax they got planned for Philly Convention!

  43. bored bored? water board!

    ass ass – not my ass!

    killary hillary we all want now –

    but not that way you dirty cow!

    • gun grabbing mossadomite clown.

  44. Here is the Orlando Sentinel’s obituaries for today.

    Nobody from the Pulse night club?

    This Pulse event happened between 2 and 5 AM, when only the cleanup crew should be there.

    What happens in a night club after 1:30 AM? (Bars in Orange County must close at 2:00).

    At 1:45, last call is announced, with the help of bar staff and waitresses.

    1:50 – no more drinks orders are taken, and the house lights go on. Most people leave at this point. 1:55 – staff tells the customers to finish up, before their drinks are taken away – almost all customers are gone now.

    1:58 – drinks are removed from the tables and counters, and the last few people are gone.

    What happened at Pulse at 2:00 AM? Everybody is still partying on! What?

    Rest assured, nobody died in that night club.

    Americans, this is just more government bull excrement.

  45. All Muslims clearly believe the writings of Mohammed and The Koran.
    If they don’t, they CANNOT be and ARE NOT Muslim.
    They, therefore support or WILL support, everything Jihad and Sharia.
    No one has to KNOW or even SAY anymore than that.
    The evidence is in.
    Case Closed.

    Send them all back to their ancestral homes and let them live
    their 7th Century existence, in peace with their brethren and Allah,
    in their own space and time.

  46. And let’s not forget the Jew-contrived shit that happened in the UK…

    The HOAXED “blood sacrifice” of their RED HEIFER, “Jo Cox”.

    Did I say, “Jo Cox”? I meant, “JOKE OX”.

    Ha ha ha …. evil comedic Jews exposed again!

  47. The Word of Jesus Christ is spiritual “aqua regia”, which by pouring over the Jew, dissolves ALL that is gold, and leaves what is BASE to be plain for ALL to SEE….and HEAR.

    “Wake the Sheep” / “Gay-be”….. you are all PLUMBUM (Latin for “lead”, you queer kike).

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