Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 03 October 2016
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South Carolina School Shooting Hoax Proven in Pictures

With revelations from one of our posters

What an arch-hoax it is, this claim of an actual murderous shooting, the shootin’ em up, at a mere grade school in Townsville, South Carolina. No hoax could be more obvious than this. It is a fake to the extreme, make no mistake about it. No one died, here, and no one was injured. Moreover, no one can demonstrate otherwise.

It is a frank and obvious hoax, proven by even a most cursory analysis of the imagery. Consider the following image. What cop in the world, what SWAT team member, would do this, that is would hold a huge towel to the face to wipe off a few tears? This image alone proves that this was staged.


Then, what about this image? It does nothing other than to confirm, to absolutely verify, the claim that this is nothing other than a staged fake:


It shows a group of people milling about the school area very casually, most of whom have a water bottle in hand. They are chit-chatting. Nothing is going on. Yet, to the right screen the woman marked by the arrow is feigning shock and grief, just like the SWAT member:


In the purported aftermath interviews, the death ones, the ones in which the supposedly shot dead child is eulogized, what is seen? It is nothing other than endless smirking and smiling.


With the seriousness of the subject matter what is the man, back-screen, so thrilled about? Could this have anything to do with it?


Once again, the fully bamboozled American public has responded, doing as expected, which is to give up, willingly and without the slightest hesitation, their hard-earned money. Yet, it is all based on nothing other than a lie. All such deceived people must demand a refund: immediately. No one should tolerate such horrific deceit and corruption.

It is mere treachery, a fact that is impossible to dispute. Regardless, no real victims of such a loss would smirk and smile to this degree on demand if this was a real loss of a six year-old child, especially to a gunshot wound.


“Townsville Strong” at some $130,000 and counting? No wonder they are so gleeful.


Then, there are the story lines which are all beyond comprehension, too surreal to be real, too absolutely bizarre to be anything other than mere fairy tales.


Then, too, what in the world is a cat-boy? It is nothing other than a figment of her imagination that she made up merely spontaneously, concocted as a ruse, a side-show, right before the cameras:


Is it not incredible that the world has bought this as true, giving up tens of thousands of dollars?


Story lines they are and nothing more. Regardless, it is a game, after all, obviously and for all such people involved, one that they presume they will “get away with” and that will pay well.


The fake tear-wipe, along with stark pink shirts, is further hard proof of the degree of the scam and arch-fraud. This is hardly worth the ‘paper’ that this is being type on.


‘Ah, so sad, boo-hoo,’ your child was just slaughtered by a deranged juvenile gunman, Adam Lanza-style. Sure he was, right. In fact, no one can legitimately find any of the claims relatively to the Townsville fake plausible.  The world is under a spell, a Zionist-orchestrated one, fully modulated and manipulated by its treacherous media apparatus, and there seems to be nothing anyone can do about it.


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  1. Ex 5) Brandon McDonalds Hostage Hoax Sheriff Zionist Jew Gee the Lubavitcher brethren Lights A Jewish Manorah honoring the Chosenite’s own 35 years as a Jewish government employee!

    Always good to have a genocidal racist supremist jew connected to the insane ziomaniac Babylonian Talmudic Chabad Lubavitchers as your very own County Sheriff!

    Way to go Hillsborough County dumb goyim idiots! No wonder Hillsborough county jails house tens of thousands of men in dozens giant Airport hanger style jails for non crimes & non violent crimes! Way to go Hillsborough! Hillsborough is really ahead of it’s time with it’s giant FEMA style jails! Maybe Hoaxy Ziotrash run Hillsborough will be the first county in America to enforce the Jewish supremist Noahide Laws???

  2. Another fraudulent disinfo gibberish post by ziotrash jew fraudster Gabriel the Disinfo troll of nodisinfo!

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy OCTOBER 9, 2016 AT 7:56 AM
    If the sun’s light could reach “so-called” Mars as the photos from NASA depict, then our night skies would not be dark.

    If the Earth was truly spherical then when the earth would spin on its axis away from the sun, the earth’s skies would still remain lit-up. Think of it in this matter, when you walk into a room lit-up by a lamp, upon facing the lamp you have the light directly before you, and if you turned your back against the lamp the light would be no longer before you but the surrounding spaces of that room would still be lit-up, same would apply for the space earth is in….blah blah blah & more gibberish dinfo from ziotrash troll Gabriel!

  3. Exhibit 28) Townville Clownville South Carolina School Shooting Hoax


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