Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 03 October 2016
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South Carolina School Shooting Hoax Proven in Pictures

With revelations from one of our posters

What an arch-hoax it is, this claim of an actual murderous shooting, the shootin’ em up, at a mere grade school in Townsville, South Carolina. No hoax could be more obvious than this. It is a fake to the extreme, make no mistake about it. No one died, here, and no one was injured. Moreover, no one can demonstrate otherwise.

It is a frank and obvious hoax, proven by even a most cursory analysis of the imagery. Consider the following image. What cop in the world, what SWAT team member, would do this, that is would hold a huge towel to the face to wipe off a few tears? This image alone proves that this was staged.


Then, what about this image? It does nothing other than to confirm, to absolutely verify, the claim that this is nothing other than a staged fake:


It shows a group of people milling about the school area very casually, most of whom have a water bottle in hand. They are chit-chatting. Nothing is going on. Yet, to the right screen the woman marked by the arrow is feigning shock and grief, just like the SWAT member:


In the purported aftermath interviews, the death ones, the ones in which the supposedly shot dead child is eulogized, what is seen? It is nothing other than endless smirking and smiling.


With the seriousness of the subject matter what is the man, back-screen, so thrilled about? Could this have anything to do with it?


Once again, the fully bamboozled American public has responded, doing as expected, which is to give up, willingly and without the slightest hesitation, their hard-earned money. Yet, it is all based on nothing other than a lie. All such deceived people must demand a refund: immediately. No one should tolerate such horrific deceit and corruption.

It is mere treachery, a fact that is impossible to dispute. Regardless, no real victims of such a loss would smirk and smile to this degree on demand if this was a real loss of a six year-old child, especially to a gunshot wound.


“Townsville Strong” at some $130,000 and counting? No wonder they are so gleeful.


Then, there are the story lines which are all beyond comprehension, too surreal to be real, too absolutely bizarre to be anything other than mere fairy tales.


Then, too, what in the world is a cat-boy? It is nothing other than a figment of her imagination that she made up merely spontaneously, concocted as a ruse, a side-show, right before the cameras:


Is it not incredible that the world has bought this as true, giving up tens of thousands of dollars?


Story lines they are and nothing more. Regardless, it is a game, after all, obviously and for all such people involved, one that they presume they will “get away with” and that will pay well.


The fake tear-wipe, along with stark pink shirts, is further hard proof of the degree of the scam and arch-fraud. This is hardly worth the ‘paper’ that this is being type on.


‘Ah, so sad, boo-hoo,’ your child was just slaughtered by a deranged juvenile gunman, Adam Lanza-style. Sure he was, right. In fact, no one can legitimately find any of the claims relatively to the Townsville fake plausible.  The world is under a spell, a Zionist-orchestrated one, fully modulated and manipulated by its treacherous media apparatus, and there seems to be nothing anyone can do about it.


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  1. Exhibit 14) DHS Townville, SC School Shooting Hoax-ZioScamming Fraudsters collected $126,000 plus in 5 Days! Off of Fake Shot Son! ZioTreason Crime Pays! Gun Confiscation PsyOp Traitors should be convicted & hung!


    Treasonous DHS must be Abolished! Homeland Security was founded in Israel in 1997 by the zionist psychopaths & brought to American in 2002 after the zionist jews attacked NYC in September 2001!

    • Cowboy,

      It is totally unacceptable that you and the other so-called truthers on this site have failed to respond to my call to donate money to the Jonathan Reich Legal Fund. What’s wrong with you? Do you think the Truth is free?

      I don’t care if they’re calling it a scam. It doesn’t matter if Jon’s defamation case has zero chance of success. For Christ’s sakes who cares if he’s a fugitive from the law? HE NEVER WENT TO ISRAEL and he told me that himself! To say that he did is nothing but disgusting SLANDER and he has every right to sue. It’s up to you to make sure that our pockets are lined now that Wolfgang is gone.

      DO THE RIGHT THING or you can unsubscribe to my channel and stop sharing my links to the truth.

      Yours sincerely,


      • Don’t talk to me unless you’re fully paid up.

      • So are you going to donate to my cause (or just link to inaccurate articles about my little friend Jon)?

        You also seem like a ‘fellow’ who would appreciate the fine items of merchandise I have for sale. Here is a link to my page on ebay:


        Either way, just GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!!



  2. Exhibit 15) Townville SC Fake School Shooting Ziotrash Puppets- DHS Crisis Actors defrauding the dumb, hated goyim & stealing their rights for the zionists to Usurp more power & steal more wealth from Americans! Despicable Zionist DHS gets more powerful with every fake -PsyOp Shooting!


  3. Does that menopausal bad actress in pink really look like the mom of a six year old? The young one behind her looks more plausible. Fire the casting director.

    • Great, great point.

    • Were you at the School? Did you Air Lift the child to the hospital? Did you visit him in the hospital? Did your child go to this School? Are you from this town? Did you attend either funeral? Did you give blood? Then shut the hell up.

      • agreed

  4. Ex1) Sandy Hook Hoax Revisited- Alexis Wasik Fake SH Family- Zionist Jew Cheryl Lynn Hoff Ignassia of Santa Clarita, CA plays Fake Mom Lynn Ignassia Wasik. They got a free House in Sandy Hook for Treason for the Zionist Psychopaths.

    Fake Husband Joseph Wasik is alias Michael Joseph Ignassia & also Anthony Ignassia (Jr) I believe.

    Also their footage with fake daughter Alexis Wasik was played by Disney actress Aubrey K Miller. Aubrey Miller would have been 11 at the time & is only 15 now & only 4 ft 7. So she was likely only 4 ft 3 at te time & with no makeup could easy pass for her 8 year old character. Aubrey’s parents are not found anywhere on the internet. Wikipedia is pulled. But I did find old caches mentioning she also has acting credits as Audrey Miller–which is the name she used at the fake Louisville Fern High School Shooting again as a witness crisis actor.

    Here’s Zionist Jew Cheryl Lynn Hoff Ignassia. She claims to be dating a Latina guy who looks very homosexual & sells perfumes! Lol!

  5. Exhibit 2) Sandy Hook HOAX Revisited 2016- Wasik Fake Family- Cheryl Lynn Hoff Ingrassia who plays Sandy Hook Mom Lynn Ingrassia Wasik supposed married to Joseph Wasik alias Tony Joseph Ignassia & also alias Michael Joseph Ignassia. I believe they are actually brother & sister.

    And an older Anthony Joseph Ignassia of Santa Clarita is their father.

    This is the old zionist witch doing an interview promoting her tile & flooring business in California & announcing a radio show she’ll be part of.


    Just as Robbie Parker & fake wife Alyssa Parker aka Alissa Kaplan Blumberg are really brother, so are these two very likely.

    Only by identifying & exposing the Crisis actors & their real names or atleast other alias names can we prove to large numbers of the masses that these are hoaxes. Just saying they are crisis actors means nothing to ziomedia brainwashed average people.

  6. This so far is all my own research but I have more to back it up…

    Exhibit 3)Sandy Hook Hoax 2016 Revisted- This picture of supposed mom Lynn Ignassia Wasik & supposed Alexis Wasik is clearly actors Cheryl Lynn Hoff Ignassia & Aubrey K Miller as I have identified.


  7. Ex3b) Sandy Hook (Revisited ’16) Fake Shooting School Girl Alexis Wasik Was definately played by Aubrey K Miller- here she is in same year -2012 from Disney TV series Austin & Ally. Only 11 yrs old (then in 2012) here she certainly was even shorter then than her tiny 4′ 7 self now. So passing as a 3rd grader then was easy. She could pass for it now with right makeup!

    Compare this picture to exhibit 3) all pictures of her on the net, but especially those from 2012. Then compare here to her “Audrey” Miller character- fake witness of fake school shooting from Louisville Fern Creek High..with crazed, wily-eyed, Zionist jew fake Principal! Lol


  8. Exhibit A) KKK Coded Kayne & Kim Kardashian ZioTrashyin’ $10 Million JEWelry Armed Home Invasion Heist! 33 Coded

    33! ..K is 11 KKK 11,11 &11!
    You can’t get anymore fake & you can’t get any more ZioTrashyN Than Ghetto-Breeding Kim Kardashian!! If he’s got money Kim is all over him no matter how sleazy! If she’s in a scandal you know it is all scripted & a BIG MONEY zioScam!!!


  9. ExB) ZioScam Hoax Jewelry Heist OF Ziotrash Jewry Kim Hoaxdashian is just as fake as this cartoon animation of it! Kim Kardashy Ziotrashy is as fake & scheming & scaming & sleazy as they come!

    Who is her insurance company on this fake jewelry- jewry heist?? Huh??? Filthy Zionist Jew Maurice Greenberg’ AIG world most crooked insurance company??? Crypto ziontrash Hollande will probably have an intelligence services arm reinburse Billionaire Illuminatus 90-some year old crook Hank Greenberg or whoever the insurance company is helping orchestrate this zioscam publicity stunt! And this will keep Kim Kardashian’s ziotrashyN celebrity in the news & getting more & bigger advertising contracts! This will put her on the cover of French Vogue, Der Speigel & Euro playboy & all the British & Italian Tabloids! This creature would have group sex in front of a Cathedral if she thought it would increase her celebrity & wealth more tgan it would hurt them!


    Kardashian even outdoes Satanic Kabbalists slime Madonna & Lady Gaga for ziotrashiness these days!

  10. ExC) 666 Coded Hoax Armed Heist of Jewelry of Jewry Kim Ziotrashian Kardashian in Paris while Black rapper husband In NYC Concert 3624 miles away..

    LOL!.. 666..via
    36 is 6×6 &, 2&4 are 6 for 666.. yes..Ziotrash & Talmudists & FreeMason beloved 666 number of the beast & number represented by their beloved Rothschild Hexegram!

  11. Ex D) Hoax Armed Jewelry Heist of $10 Million by 5 Parisan Black Magic Ninjas of Ziotrash Jewry Kim Hoaxdashian ZiotrashyN Witch 123 Weeks after her marriage to Kayne West..Hoax! Hoax !! Hoax!!! Easy as 123!


  12. Ex E) Ziotrashy Kim Kardashy Jewry Jewelry Hoax Heist – Better Get Peter Sellers Jewish Buffoon Inspector Clauseau Fake Frenchman to solve the hoax Heist!


  13. Ex F) Ziotrash Fake Robbery Victim Kim Kardashian the cartoon character “HOE-BAG” Actwhore just before he fake robbery & attack!

    What a Vain, insane, self worshipping plastiv witch this freakazoid is!


    She’s dumber than a bucket of doorknobs & more crooked than a holohoax vicSim telling tales of human soap & Zyklon B gas chambers!

  14. ExG) Kardashian Paris Hoax Robbery- Zionist Jew Harvey Levinslime of TMZ spewing the scripted zionist lie that it was “An Inside Job”..but that it was “completely real”! Ofcouse he is a pathological liar spinning any lie ad he is told to tell!

  15. They are losing their minds.

  16. ExG-)With linked -TMZ Ziosleaze ziotrash Levinslime

    Kardashian Paris Hoax Robbery- Zionist Jew Harvey Levinslime of TMZ spewing the scripted zionist lie that it was “An Inside Job”..but that it was “completely real”! Ofcouse he is a pathological liar spinning any lie ad he is told to tell!


  17. Ex H) Ziotrash Hoax Robbed Fraud Kim Hoaxdashian Arrives back in NYC Big Rotten Apple to increase her zioscam publicity stunt & insurance fraud zioScam!


    Kanye Con Artist West shows up too ..& so does sleaze bag wife Kris Houghman Hoebag Kardashian Jenner to get her share of the publicity..Her tranny-freakshow “husband” Bruce Kaitlin Tranny Jenner apparently has entered this freakshow yet…I guess the zioHollywood script call for Brucey Tranny Freakenstein to enter the stage later in this hoax horror freakshow comedy movie! Are Mel Brooks & Woody Allen teaming up on this screanplay???

  18. Ex I) Ziotrashy’N Kim Kardashian Hoax Robbery – More Scripted BS about it being an inside job by bodyguards or Hotel employees..but yet “a real robbery” without her involvement! Instead of a complete hoax heist robbery with ziotrash Kim’s complete involvement like it actually was!


    Next this psycho will probably Jewish Lightening style burn down so mansion Kanye buys her & claim it had $50 or $100million in furniture, equipment & jewelry in it….after they strip the house first (with tractor trailor moving trucks) prior to the jewish lightening striking ofcourse!

  19. Ex J) Ziotrash Witches Kardashian Hoaxers- Previous Hoax With Lamar Odom Hoaxed Almost Death Scam!


  20. Ex K) Ziotrash Kim Hoaxdashian Fake Robbery – Just the lie that a $30,000 a week 5 star Apt- Hotel only had one Security guard & Kim Ziotrashian had none with her after flashing her jewelry all over Paris & facebook & twitter, etc., proves it a hoax!

    This place would have an armed night manager & security guards & this sleazebag fraud Kim always has multiple security goons around especially after she hit the jackpot seducing sleazy Kanye West. He’ll be lucky if he makes it out of this sham marriage alive! Zio Witch might suicide Kanye later on! Lol


  21. Exhibit 16) DHS Townville SC School Shooting Hoax Fake Victim-VicSim “Jacob Hall” gets Super Hero Themed Fake Funeral

    How many $$$ have these fraudster criminals stolen by deception thus far from the “dumb hated goyim” naive public so far thru this disgrace treasonous zioscam & PsyOp???


  22. Ex17) Townsville HOAX Shooting Has Ziotrash Mockery Hollywood Style SuperHero Scripted Fake Funeral – Batman, 2 Captain Americas, Wonder Woman, Superman, Ninja Turtles Actors all show up to Mock the Hated Goyim & Get Some Extras Laughs out of their treasonous Ziotrash Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp!


    Anything to get the dumb hated goyim guns! Gotta’ Get those Goyim Ready for slavery & slaughter! 99 years later after the zionist disarmed Russia & readied them & Ukraine & Eastern Europe for the greatest genocide or real jewish holocaust the world have ever known!

  23. Exhibit 18) South Carolina School Shooting Hoax Desgraceful ZioHollywood Scripted Super Heroes Buffoonery & Ridiculous Clownish Mocking Pictures of the boy with all seeing eye symbology Hits a ziotrash Duping Delight & Mockery High & Low!

    In your face dumb hated goyim! Telling you boldly this is all a fake, fraud phoney & treasonous event!
    Mocking Jesus & God & Christianity & the public in the scripts-screenplay& artwork repeatedly in this PsyOp in rural South Carolina near the Georgia border.


  24. Ex19) DHS Townville School Shooting Hoax Freemason Bozo Cop PowerTripping Theatrics “AssaultRifle” & Freemason Phallic Handsign


  25. Ex 20) Townville SC Hoax Ziotrash Puppet Fraudster fake Mother Rene Hall & witch of fake dead character son Jacob Hall Scamming for money, pretending to be a Christian, & announcing her ridiculous happy hoax Hollywood SuperHero Funeral for her fake dead son!

    Also this evil, lying witch is committing in this zionist PsyOp for the Enemy Zionists & their Gun Confiscation Agenda Against Americans!


  26. Holy Molely Batman! Something Smells like Bull$h#t in South Carolina! ..Yes indeed Robin but it pays well!

    Ex21) More Ziotrash Hollywood Mockery at Townville Hoax as Hired Batman Actor Drives from W. Virginia to Give a Happy Hollywood Hoax Goodtime To All & Deliver a Ridiculous Eulogy & Outside Entertainment to the Happy kids at this fun happy hoax Funeral & PsyOp! Way to go Hoax Happy Townville! Give these Ziotrash Puppets all your money!


    • Are you talking to me Fatman? I’m Robin and I want all your money. Cough up boy!

  27. Ziotrash Fraud Creepy Witch Charlene Rene Bone aka Rene Hall, etc.,Busted More!!!

    Ex23) Townville Hoax Jeffrey Bone is real husband of fraudster Crisis actor Charlene Renae Hall Bone! Crisis Actor Roger Hall is not her real husband. Undead Character Jacob Hall is not their son!

    Perhaps the undead boy is played by a Grandson of one of them?? Or perhaps even a son of Roger Hall by another woman?? Who knows… They are not married & he ain’t their kid & he ain’t dead!…whoever plays his part in pictures!


    Radaris results:
    Jeffrey S Bone, ~47
    Summerville, SC
    Known as: Jeffery Bone

    Has lived in: Summerville, SC · Goose Creek, SC · Colorado Springs, CO · Moncks Corner, SC · Ft Carson, CO · Saint Marys, GA · APO, AE (both these 2 addresses means he is still in Military with security clearances)

    Related to: Nicole Kinion · Velma Bone ~69 · Nicole Derosier · Charlene Bone · Sandra Hall ~68

    More Radaris search results show he is connected to US Army:

    Jeffrey S Bone age ~47

    Lived in: Summerville, SC, Moncks Corner, SC, Colorado Springs, CO, Goose Creek, SC, Bremerton, WA

    Related to: Richard Bone, Velma Bone, Nicole Bone-kinion, Charlene Bone, Danielle Bone

    Work: Pyramid Enterprises Inc, Dynapower / Stratopower, Cummins Inc, RM Engineered Products, US Army

    Education: Trident Technical College, Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District

  28. This shows how boats disappear over the horizon on a flat plane over the earth as they travel away from you. The do completely disappear indeed from your eyesight at a far enough point. Yet the same boat that has completely disapeared will always reappear (always as long as it’s still daylight & clear still) when you take out binoculars or a telephoto lense camera. Then eventually the same boat will disappear once again. Like your eyesight even a strong telephoto lense camera has a limit to it’s range of vision. But still you could again take out a yet stronger telescope & the boat would again reappear. This completely proves the boat did not & does not disapear over a curve. Period. But still at a point eventually no telescope would be able to make the boat reappear… Especially accross the horizon over the water or any flat plane surface (like Kansas) low to the ground because atmospheric distortion & ground level distortion mirroring effect and a limitation of vision, etc.

    Watch the video. It proves what I am saying beyond any reasonable doubt.


  29. That was awsome cuz!

    Here’s one that I made which shows even better proof:


    And don’t forget to check out my latest one on Hurricane Matthew Kill Codes (Demetria: 1122÷2= 561, which is Palm Beach, Florida’s area code. 561÷3= 187, the kill code).

    And I still want to know what you thought of my The Truth Rebel Alliance – Flat Earth vs. The Ball vid man!


    • To Anthony B:
      That is a good funny redneck common sense experiment on your video. It especially shows the idea of a flat plane surrounded by an ice wall- ice-circle well.. which would & does contain the water. Lol.
      I did see your video a couple months ago showing Stefan Molyneux is Jeff C. And this led me to discover he is also Jeff Frizzell – Northern Virginia Spook & media company owner. He is not even from Canada. His companies are producing all these shows & films & TV commercials. New World Agenda & Jeff C & FreeRadioRevoluton & Stephan Molyneux are all him. Even his wife of his character as Stephan Molyneau is fake & an employee of his. He has another wife as film maker Jeff Frizzell. Anyway this him as a realtor in Virginia but that is just a side job to list & sell big commission homes & to be able to aquire real estate cheap with his money from DHS & CIA & Mossad, Govt, ZIO contracts & other film profits. He also may have a son named Jeff Frizzell & another Derek Frezzell working for him.
      Obviously in that picture as his realtor persona you can easy see he is & looks exactly like his Stefan Molyneux Character but in his Jeffrey Frizzell the film & video production- maker he look quite different with a toupee hair pieces or wig, etc. And in that identity he usea his real wife as his wife. But as for the fake wife of Stefan Molyneaux -I found her as an employee of Jeff Frizzell film director. And maybe she is his daughter from a former wife or from a mistress, since she looks much more hispanic or Marrano or Saphardic than his wife as I remember. But this was a couple months ago when I researched this clown & made these discoveries. Another funny thing was I was watching a video of him as Molyneax just before I found your video & I was noticing him slip out of his bizzaro fake euro accent & I thought t sounded familiar but I could not place it. But once you linked him to Molyneaux & I already knew others said he might be Derek Frizzell..well that enabled me to find out he was Jeff Frizzell.
      I have not yet watched your other two videos you mentioned, but will.

  30. Ziotrash Genocidal Zionist Maniac Jew Howard Stern On Sept.11, 2001 Radio Show: NUKE ALL THE Arabs! Especially Palestine!

    Stern Demands NO INVESTIGATION! Just NUKE The Arabs & Steal All their Oil!

    From: Youtuber:
    Sep 11, 2014 Stern changing from a horny sleazeball to a raging Judeo-Nazi on September 11, 2011
    Coward Stern wants a nuclear war: “Let Israel loose”, “wipe them off the face of the Earth” (Palestine, 3 other countries), start a “devastating war where people die”, “burn their eyes out with atomic bombs”.
    The Stern Gang wants to attack and nuke other countries, too.
    Robin Quivers doesn’t want to hear complaints about civilian casualties. Quivers would kill children, because “they grow up to be terrorists”, “declare war on everybody and whoever surrenders doesn’t get killed”.
    Stern’s “house slave” Robin Quivers is usually assisting her master in attacking black people, so there’s no surprise here.

    This is an old video that was taken down with the whole account “Nopez” in August, 2007.

    This perverted Talmudic excriment & ***** obsessed Zio Jew was in on the 911 PsyOp from the beginning. He was activated on 911 to stir up as much hatred & anger against Palestinians & Arabs & Muslims as soon as he could on 911 & he was loving every minute of it! His black shabis goy servant Robin Quivers was doing the same & so was his entire Mossadomite staff of ziotrash bloodthirsty murderous degenerates!


  31. Ex25) Clownville SC Hoax School Shooting ActWhore Gets Open Letter from Sandy Hoax School Shooting On ABC News- & The Empty Coffin of Jacob Hall

    Yes, Yes Despicable Pathological liar ziopuppet Actress Fraudster Charlene Ranae Hall aka Charlene Renee Bone gets ridiculous open letter on ABC News from fellow fraudster DHS ActWhore Nicole Hockley Crook of Sandy Hook & Crook School Shooting Hoax! Both are obscene liars guilty of treason working for the zionist enemy of Americans to disarm us to later murder us easily at will!


  32. Exhibit 132-a&b) Orlando Homo Hoax Holocaust of Fags- The Mostly Marrano Fraudsters Say Thanks for the $9 Million but we need more $$ from Dumb goyim straights & Fags! More! More! Fake dead *** Crisis Actors Need More $$$! Give it Goyim!

    How can these sodomites have group sex homo drug parties every night in Miami & NYC & Orlando without lots more $$! Ziotrash witch Christine LIE-N-O-Maniac LEINONEN says thanks for the new sports cars for her & her son & the new house in Miami but now she needs a new place in NYC for her son’s new acting career under another alias! Go fund Me dumb Goyim!

  33. Ex 27) Clownville Townville Nikki Schaffer of Townville, girlfriend-roommate of Crisis Actor Shaun Edwards aka Shaun Coopey is Big on this Hoax but she’s Only Posting pics on the fake dead VicSim Jacob Hall & Not her own DHS Newlywed Boyfriend’s Fake Shot Son! Isn’t that special??!!
    And another Fraudster Zioscamming sleazebag going as Majorie Mappin is running the GoFundMe fraud account for fake mom Stephanie Kichton Crisus Actor! Is that because Stephanie never really even moved to South Carolina in June after her sham marriage to fellow Crisis Actor Shaun Edwards???

  34. Ex28) Clownville Townville Hoax Ziotrash Jew Stephanie Kichton Crisis Actor’s Own Facebook Pictures Reveal Fake Shot Son Collin Is Older Than 6 & Proves her sham marriage was just in June ’16!

    And that she never always lived in NY STATE & not South Carolina prior to this obvious DHS PsyOp SETUP Marriage to ziojew spook Marine Embeded Crisis Actor Shaun Edwards alias Shaun Coopey. (Yes his real parents are admittedly named Coopey.)
    And why did this marine go to University of Maryland?? Most likely because he is PsyOps & UMd is full of PsyOps, Geopolitical, Psychological Warefare training training & has overseas campuses for US military personel & because in Ft Quantico, VA which has PsyOps & Terror & Marine Officer School is nearby!
    And she may have neverveven moved to South Carolina which would explain this Majorie Mappin running her zioscam fraud fundraisers over her fake shot alleged son!


  35. Jonathan Edwards in 2011 playing his famous 1971 AntiWar Song: Sunshine (Go Away Today) 40 years after it was a recorded, and became a hit in 1972.


    I’ve always liked the righteous defiance & anger of this song against needless Wars & death & government power to order young men to their deaths illegally for nothing, and it’s clevernessness, yet down to earth folk style lyrics, yet upbeat rapid guitar rock rythym. And he is a still a great guitar player & singer.

  36. McDonalds, Hostage Situation, multiple incidences first like a carjacking first then running into McDonalds EQUALS HOAX!!!

    1 BILLION PERCENT HOAX like previous McDonalds Standoffs & Massacres!

    Ray Krock ZioJew bought McDonalds right after dumb goyim McDonald brothers started & perfected it in the early 50’s!

    Owner Ray Krock of Zio BullSh#t!! Over 100 Billion Goyim served! Have you had a McBullsh#t Sandwich today Goyim Rudolf? LOL!

  37. Exhibit 3) McDonalds Lakeland Area -Brandon Hoax Hostage Event Was Reported by ZioPuppet Reporter Linda Logue 43 minutes before it even started!!! @6:47am EST. Same EST Time zone where I am!

    Brandon is in Super corrupt Hillsboro County Florida where Tampa is & it’s probably the 4th or 5th most corrupt county in Florida after Miami-Dade & Broward, etc.


    Busted ziopuppet Rogue Linda Logue!

    • Ex 4) I believe there are actually two, Zio engineered identical moons that rotate the earth, one exactly opposite the other. The Moon actually orbits at half the speed we think it is and is closer than we believe. That is why we get TWO TIDES per day and not just the one we would get if there were just one moon.


      There is actually one real moon (that the astronauts landed on) and a fake spaceship moon, positioned at exactly the opposite side of the earth. That is why we never see two moons at once.


      • Another idiot fraudulent disinfo gibberish post by ziotrash jew Gabriel *** the disinfo troll…

        (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy OCTOBER 9, 2016 AT 8:02 AM
        Ex 4) I believe there are actually two, Zio engineered identical moons that rotate the earth, one exactly opposite the other. The Moon actually orbits at half the speed we think it is and is closer than we believe. That is why we get TWO TIDES per day and not just the one we would get if there were just one moon.


        There is actually one real moon (that the astronauts landed on) and a fake spaceship moon, positioned at exactly the opposite side of the earth. That is why we never see two moons at once.

  38. Ex 2) McDonalds Hostage Hoax Brandon FL – Hoax Fraud Hillsborough Sheriff Gee sits in Hostage Hoax Headquarter Hoax Running The PsyOp Show while the DHS hired movie director runs the real PsyOp on Site!

    Ed Gee was the real name of pioneer PsyOp Actor transvestite cannibal Ed Gein a jew by the way! I know I researched his family tree & his father changed his name from Gee to Gein. But they used both. I bet tranny cannibal Ed Gein aka Gee aka Jew never did a day in prison. Is this zionist puppet related to him???

  39. Interesting how no one even bothers to refute Cowboy’s lunatic posts anymore. Waste of time. He is here talking to himself like a mental patient babbling on the street. Seriously dude, you need to get back on your meds.

  40. Gee! What An Idiotic Fraud you are Sheriff ZioJew Gee!

    Ex 4) McDonalds Brandon FL Longer Hostage Hoax Script-Screenplay Version & more ridiculous!

    Official HoaxSpokesLiar Ziotrash Sheriff Gee is scheduled to start a press conference right now at 3pm…

    McDonald’s Hostage Situation: Some Victims Safe, Standoff Remains Active
    LAKELAND, FL — A Saturday morning carjacking in Hillsborough County has led to a hostage situation at a McDonald’s in Lakeland.

    The incident began in Hillsborough County on Landora Drive, according to several media outlets. A little later, the vehicle, a Dodge Charger, was spotted on Interstate 4 heading into Polk County. The vehicle crashed near Frontage Road and I-4, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, and its occupants got out and went to the McDonald’s at 5325 S. Frontage Road.

    One of the occupants of the vehicle began going up to cars in the McDonald’s drive-through attempting another carjacking, Sheriff David Gee said in a Saturday afternoon media conference. A would-be victim displayed a gun and the man instead climbed through the drive-through window, Gee said. Other occupants from the suspect vehicle also went inside.

    Deputies said shortly after noon that most of the employees were safely out of the building. One of the suspects, who hasn’t been named, also came out and surrendered. The hostage situation, however, remains active with at least one suspect still inside the building. The sheriff’s office said a possible victim inside the McDonald’s has been reaching out to relatives via text.

    “We have not located the hostage or the other two people who were known to be in the McDonald’s,” Gee said.
    McDonald’s Hostage Situation: Some Victims Safe, Standoff Remains Active
    LAKELAND, FL — A Saturday morning carjacking in Hillsborough County has led to a hostage situation at a McDonald’s in Lakeland.

    The incident began in Hillsborough County on Landora Drive, according to several media outlets. A little later, the vehicle, a Dodge Charger, was spotted on Interstate 4 heading into Polk County. The vehicle crashed near Frontage Road and I-4, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, and its occupants got out and went to the McDonald’s at 5325 S. Frontage Road.

    One of the occupants of the vehicle began going up to cars in the McDonald’s drive-through attempting another carjacking, Sheriff David Gee said in a Saturday afternoon media conference. A would-be victim displayed a gun and the man instead climbed through the drive-through window, Gee said. Other occupants from the suspect vehicle also went inside.

    Deputies said shortly after noon that most of the employees were safely out of the building. One of the suspects, who hasn’t been named, also came out and surrendered. The hostage situation, however, remains active with at least one suspect still inside the building. The sheriff’s office said a possible victim inside the McDonald’s has been reaching out to relatives via text.

    “We have not located the hostage or the other two people who were known to be in the McDonald’s,” Gee said.

    The incident has forced the closing of both the east and westbound ramps to County Line Road. That closing remained in place just before 1 p.m. Oct. 8. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has initiated a SWAT call out at the scene.

    Lakeland Police are asking residents to avoid the area around the McDonald’s. The agency noted on Facebook that the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is taking the lead in the situation.

    The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is expected to address the media again at 3 p.m. with an update about the hostage situation.

    No further information is available at this time.

    • Genetics is the satanic science” if you wish to call it that. Nothing is more proven of this in the last harry potter (propaganda) film, when you can see in the opening scene, which features Young Harry Potter first talking he mimes “fucking n*ggers” I was shocked by this, but if you play the sound backwards, and his speech he openly declares his love for “Satan’s ****” don’t just take my word for it. reverse Potter’s statemtent 32 minutes and 23 seconds in to the film the fourth film. Coincidence i don’t think so.
      Black “friend” is merely of the homosexual Hogwarts buddies, purely use him as a tool for sexual deviance (interracial orgies), same goes for Emma watson, the filthy whore of babylon. Again this can be linked back to satanism unfortunly

      Personally i wouldn’t allow any children near this ****, its almost as bad as Scooby doo (the obvious sexual connotation there, and street slang used for when homosexuals gather in californian parks in the summer time and eat their faeces.

      Also remember, it reaches are subliminals, and sub concious mind when they only have gatherings and events which mainly consist of white people. Think about it. Satanic black masses, most homosexuals are in fact white men, church services, the police and military … The white male institutions are spearheading the NWO and domination of the human spirit.

  41. More cowgoy!

  42. Ex 30) Zios Orchestrate Coup D’État To Replace Entire Population Of Venezuela

    Agency Installs Pro-American Populace Of 30 Million Venezuelan Citizens

    CARACAS, VENEZUELA—Sources are confirming that the Central Intelligence Agency has orchestrated a coup d’état in the South American nation of Venezuela, toppling the country’s 30 million residents and replacing them with an entirely new, pro-American populace.

    According to high-ranking federal officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, the CIA-backed citizens were installed in the early morning hours Thursday shortly after the sitting population was captured and forcibly removed from the country, part of a strategic plan to end political instability in Venezuela and ensure every single inhabitant of the nation is sympathetic to U.S. interests.

    “Reports we’re hearing from those on the ground indicate all residential households in Venezuela are now occupied by pro-American surrogates,” said Angela Zarush, a Brussels-based foreign policy analyst who described the millions of new Venezuelans as “puppet citizens” handpicked by U.S. intelligence agents. “This was a complicated transfer of power that required the quick, surgical removal of a country’s populace overnight, and the subsequent installation of a replacement society that harbors pro-U.S. leanings. For these reasons, we believe the coup could not possibly have taken place without a significant source of outside financing and the operational expertise of the CIA.”

    “We went to bed last night with the longtime population of Venezuela seemingly comfortable and secure in their positions; when we awoke this morning, those residents were gone, and in their place were tens of millions of men, women, and children with strong ties to Washington,” she added. “This has the CIA’s fingerprints all over it.”

    Evidence gathered so far suggests that late last night, a small team of top CIA operatives was airdropped via Blackhawk helicopter into the South American nation, where they bypassed local security forces and apprehended farmers, college students, business owners, President Nicolás Maduro, oil field workers, and millions more, before escorting the overthrown people of Venezuela out of the country. It is believed every resident of the fifth most populous country on the continent was then replaced with a U.S.-friendly counterpart in a matter of hours.

    The new Venezuelans, who are expected to be far more supportive of U.S. foreign policy, were reportedly lying in wait just across the border in Colombia and were quickly installed under cover of darkness. At approximately 6 a.m., members of the replacement population appeared on television to assure the nation that calm had been restored to its streets.

    Witnesses said the news was met with celebratory rallies across all 23 of Venezuela’s states, with droves of recently established citizens parading in public squares where they chanted pro-American slogans and carried homemade signs reading “Renew ties with the U.S.A.!”

    “There is no evidence to suggest the American intelligence community had any involvement in the events that transpired this morning in Venezuela,” CIA director John Brennan told reporters in a morning press conference, dismissing such claims as propaganda intended to sow doubt about the legitimacy of the fledgling populace. “By all accounts, the coup appears to have been a homegrown movement expressing the will of the Venezuelan people, and the United States recognizes the sovereignty of the 30 million new individuals now in place.”

    Though Brennan disputes the reports, evidence of CIA involvement continues to mount, with witnesses claiming to have seen federal agents unloading thousands of people from the backs of trucks in Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, and over 330 other municipalities. Some even said they had seen the newly instated inhabitants being outfitted with casual everyday clothing and personal accessories before being released across the 350,000 square miles of the country.

    At press time, sources confirmed the new Venezuelan populace had already grown displeased at the United States meddling in their affairs and had cut off all communication with Washington.

    • Another Fraudulent disinfo gibberish post by Ziotrash jew troll Gabriel that this piece of sh#t coward made under my name here..

      (Brokeback *** Gabriel ziotrash jew disinfo troll fake version of)–>(Blocked) Cowboy OCTOBER 10, 2016 AT 5:16 AM
      Look, even Power Rangers knew the truth of Reptilians and tried to teach kids about it:

      The “Green Ranger” has a reptilian costume and his giant robot is the reptile. He’s dedicated to tricking the heroes that he’s on their side but he’s obviously evil to the viewer. He eventually comes out in the open as pure evil.

      It’s not just a show about people in silly costumes, they’re trying to tell you something. Lol!

  43. Ex 31) Trump Wants To Deport Statue of Liberty


    GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, demanded today that the statue of liberty be torn down and sent back to France, which gifted the statue to the U.S. He held a press conference on Liberty Island in New York Harbor where the statue is located.

    Trump stated that the enormous statue was sent to the U.S. because of a proposal of Edouard de Labulaye, a French political thinker.
    “He believed in the radical, seditious ideas of the 18th century enlightenment. He advocated revolution to establish democracy. If he were alive today he’d believe in the caliphate which Isis seeks to establish by overthrowing governments,” stated Mr. Trump.
    Trump then said, “We Americans must understand de Labulaye, if he came to America today, would not pass the “ideological purity test” I have proposed for immigrants.”
    When informed by a New York Times reporter that America was born of revolution to establish a republic and that the revolution against Britain was based on enlightenment principles of liberty, equality, fraternity and the idea that the people should have ultimate sovereignty over the government, Trump attacked the reporter for being “just another Political Correctness stooge.”
    Pointing to the Statue of liberty Trump said, “Get that ugly woman out of here. I want her deported!”
    He then read from a piece of paper that he took out of his coat pocket.
    “The plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty reads: ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!’ These lines are from the poem ‘The New Colossus,’ written by Emma Lazarus.”
    “Who is this loser Emma Lazarus?” Trump demanded to know. “She should be investigated to see where she got these subversive ideas. That’s exactly what we don’t want, the wretched refuse from Mexico and Muslim countries coming to our amazing, fantastic America where we love our freedom.”

  44. If the sun’s light could reach “so-called” Mars as the photos from NASA depict, then our night skies would not be dark.

    If the Earth was truly spherical then when the earth would spin on its axis away from the sun, the earth’s skies would still remain lit-up. Think of it in this matter, when you walk into a room lit-up by a lamp, upon facing the lamp you have the light directly before you, and if you turned your back against the lamp the light would be no longer before you but the surrounding spaces of that room would still be lit-up, same would apply for the space earth is in.

    Now many come-back replies will be; “there’s nothing to reflect the sun’s light between earth and Mars to light up our night skies?” But its not the reflection of anything that manages to get the sun’s light to reach us here on Earth in the first place.

    Use the room and lamp example again; there could be shiny reflective objects in the room, say a ninja sword, or an over & under shotgun above the fireplace but its not these objects reflections that are illuminating the surrounding space of the room, it’s the lamp (Sun).

    Planets don’t EXIST, if the sun’s light could reach ten’s of millions of miles passed Earth reaching Mars no-body would be getting any rest at night, there would still be light, and there would be no GOD

  45. Some funny stuff, cowboy.

    • I feel that the show “Jeopardy” is a conspiracy. I consider myself to be semi intelligent and at least somewhat competant in a broad range of knowledge. But when it comes to Jeopardy I just can not see how people can know some of the answers that they know and over such a broad range of topics.

      I beleive Jeopardy is a psycholigcal operation to make the United States look superior.

      People normally have specialized knowledge, not a mastery in such a broad range of topics.

      (Yes i am serious)

  46. Too much trouble to look back to see what real cowboy and what not. Solly.

    Cooking dinner for my family. Sum Dum Goy. Delicious. I post recipe next time.

  47. Highlights from the conspiracy cruise.

    Rudolf- did I leave my tutu in your cabin?


  48. Rudolf is only good at humiliating himself, as shown on many occasions.

    • How does it feel to fail at everything?

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