Other Hoaxes — 23 July 2013
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Southwest Airlines Boeing Crash is NOT a Hoax

Compare the two, Asiana and the Southwest incident: the difference is vast. This one is real, not a hoax. The amateur video is real video, and so is the key element he captured, which was sparks from the engine casing as it scraped the ground. Notice the far more natural reactions of the passengers who were interviewed. The blonde woman doesn’t have time for all the interruptions and attention: she just wants to go on with her arrival.

Unlike the Asiana hoax this was not a planned event. The front landing gear was defective and collapsed, resulting in the hard landing and crash.

This happened suddendly and spontaneously, and unlike the Asiana hoax was not a planned event.

Witnesses said that it came into the landing phase in a way that didn’t seem right plus the front landing gear didn’t deploy.

There were sparks of a sufficient nature that the front of the plane appeared to temporarily be on fire but no fireball, of course.

The engines are resting on the pavement thus accounting for the sparks. The metal components of the non-deployed front landing gear apparently created a groove in the tarmac. A debris field also was created. Thus, the runway was shut down, leading to “temporary delays” at the airport.

Not a hoax. Know how you’ll know for sure? The eyewitnesses and/or passengers will not be repeatedly interviewed, and any wounded will not be paraded about before the whole world over and over again.

This is a real crash. No doubt about it.


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  1. BTW, to what degree were flights delayed, diverted, cancelled due to the Asiana scam?

    • I don’t know: needs to be investigated. Yet, it can be seen in a real cash with a plane actually on a runway, the Southwest 737 incident, there were only “minor delays.”

  2. Definite ‘reality check’. I never knew how fitting that term would become….

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