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The Staging of Fake Grief in the Malaysian Airlines Hoax

Regarding the Malaysian Airlines crash hoax and far more the ever-plotting, always scheming House of Rothschild, along with Rockefeller and his murderous CFR, tell noting but filthy lies. It has been proven, here, that these arch-agents of global Zionism are precisely the force behind the hoax crash of Malaysian Airlines (non-existent) Flight MH370.

The cabal simply has too much time on its hands, too much money than it knows what to do with. So, one arena of its focus is to manipulate the people’s minds. One means of doing so is to perpetrate hoaxes such as Sandy Hoax, the Boston Marathon smoke bombing fraud, the Nairobi mall phony shooting, and, now, the most inane of them all, the Malaysian Airlines disappearance – but, now, crash – hoax.

Relatives erupt with grief after Malaysia says plane crashed

…so Rothschild’s Reuter’s says.

Family members of passengers aboard Malaysia Airlines MH370 look out from a room as they cry after watching a television broadcast of a news conference, …
The names of these family members are rarely if ever given. No one even knows if they are mother, father, wife, daughter, brother, sister, or son. This is a complete and absolute fabrication, a fraud and a deception of the most extreme degree. It is an act of desperation led by the highest level Zionist cabal of all, the war mongering and hoax-generating House of Rothschild:
From this one photo alone it can be clearly seen that this entire event was staged. Yet, the USAToday states as follows, using this photo as the premise:
Families grieve with news no passengers survived – 534 × 401 – Search by image

A relative of passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 cries after hearing the news that the plane plunged into the Indian Ocean at a hotel in Beijing on …
This Zionist-owned publication merely spreads lies.
Could anyone open their mouth more fully than this woman? What in the world is she saying?
She is clearly in this for financial reward; her eyes are always shut. She never sheds a tear. The man in the back is actually not a loved one or a corporate agent from  the airlines but is actually a hoax handler. Was the $5000 really worth it, because she will be permanently exposed before the whole world as a phony and fraudster?
There are at least two staging moles in the background, the man in the blue jacket and cap attempting a disguise and the man in the black cap in back. Here the man in blue fails to fully disguise himself. Is he a TV producer? Does anyone in China know him?
This gives the word “handler” a new meaning. Who in the world is she fooling? Moreover, what about that entourage? What a grand, supremely grand, scam and hoax it is. The handler mole is all serious. Is he afraid that this overacting will be revealed?
Is the absolute control over people’s minds that important to the Rothschild-Rockefeller clique. The camera presence behind her is massive. Truly, the money is the wrong hands, that is in the hands of mere criminals – the Zionist plotters and schemers, trillionaires who have nothing better to do than to plot and plot great scams against the people.
In this phony image it appears that the hoax cohort has four handlers, one of whom is camera-shy. A most important hoaxer she surely is.
Here’s an obvious handler-stage hand. He sort of looks to be using the same hand signs as a  traffic cop. Why would anyone be so callous in a real event, pointing and ushering them to move along with dozens of cameras aimed at them?
What is hidden under the brown table-cloth? Is it another media mole or a large camera system? “We’ve got to disguise this as best as possible, so those pesky Internet researchers don’t catch us in the act.” Even so, they all act like they are rushing along to perform a job. There are few if any extended families, that is virtually all isolated individuals. Husband and wife teams in this hoax are rare. People talking about the loss of their toddlers and children are virtually unknown. These are crisis actors, not grieving relatives.
Surely, the refreshments and other perks must have been significant, since they were being housed in the hotel ballroom. Camera-persons line the ballroom walls on all sides.
It was all staged in that ballroom for means of absolute control. The Rothschilds have been manipulating the people’s consciousness for centuries. It is a criminal clique, make no mistake about it.
Note the archway in the following photograph; it’s the same as seen previously:
The people surrounding her are all in on this scam. Now, in the above image this same woman has different stage hands assisting her in the fraud.
It this image the same two staging moles in black suits and white shirts are seen assisting the fake griever. The tissue or hankie is a mere prop. Is she, though, a mere crisis actor?
Make a note that the tissue is in her left hand.
This image is highly revealing. It shows the same phony griever now acting as a fake stage hand, seemingly preventing the woman from falling in a swoon on the ground. Notice, too, in the background the staging of another woman in a greenish down coat.
Here she is, again, tissue in the left hand. The woman in the bluish ‘jacket’ is precisely the same person in both images, proving the use of various staging agent by the Zionist cabal. What else is seen, though? It’s the infamous water bottle, supplied by Asia’s equivalent of the wretched, Zionist DHS. The same woman playing two key roles is a major finding and acts as hard proof that this is a hoax and that no one died in a plane crash.
Here is yet another crisis actor. Notice the more calm-appearing nature of those behind her. Why is she there all alone before the cameras? Is she really crying? She gives every appearance of doing so.
There is not a tear to be found anywhere on this fabricator. Moreover, even if there were any, they would be artificially induced, since there was no crash of an airliner, where over a hundred Chinese and nearly 40 Malaysians were killed.
There are pixilation lines, but the area about the eyes is dry.
Here is another “relative” by the bar, looking up to the great power in the sky. Truly, this man has tipped a few too many. Was his act worth 5K, too?
Who would accept a $5000 payment even before a plane crash occurs for the loss of a loved one? Blood money is cheap these days. Moreover, how could the entire litany of relatives accept this disbursement unless the entire event is nothing other than a fraud and a sham?
She is faking the crying, all for show, as well as the wide-mouth affect, as seen in other fake grievers – all made for TV
The woman in the shall is made-up perfectly for her chance on national TV before the whole world, non-disclosure form already signed, money likely in hand.
Could the staging and media hoaxing get more evident than this? How could anyone think these are real relatives? It is all obviously a set-up, and the faces that are seen are merely paid agents, each of whom received at least $5000. Regardless, Malaysian Airlines is a Rothschild entity, the cabal holding a 70% stake. The airline is about to collapse under its vast debts. Rothschild also owns Freescale Semiconductor, also in financial disarray. This picture reveals it all. There are over 25 cameras and microphones focused on the fake griever. Who, truly who, would find this believable?


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  1. Ask yourself !?

    Is this the “first alleged air mishap” in aviation history?
    Do relatives behave in this fashion (yes from day 1)?
    Has western mainstream media ever concerned themselves with the fate of alleged missing “orientals” to this extent ? (they would most likely not even get a mention in the news, let alone wall to wall 24/7 for 3 weeks and counting…

    Is this for real?? or a zio simulation!!
    Have we not been here before …. like Sept11?

    BTW an super analysis of the pictures and sounds from 911 by Simon Shack September Clues here

  2. You sir, need to be quiet.

    • Quiet about what ? LOL Go F yourself

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