**Breaking News** — 12 February 2016
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Successes by Constitutionalist LaVoy Finicum Led to His Execution by Zionist Criminals

In his constitutionally based protest LaVoy Finicum was beginning to make headway. Those positive developments included the beginnings of a national protest against government excesses, in this case, excesses committed against the people of the land, ranchers, farmers, and, perhaps, native tribes. Mr. Finicum called upon all such parties to join together in a fight against arbitrary and capricious acts by those in power, who impose illicit federally based ‘laws’ against the people.

Mr. Finicum was prevailing. He had traveled to Utah, along with Ryan Bundy, gaining support, there. A supporter had arrived from New Mexico, pledging to join the movement, stating he would,  now, remove himself from BLM-based contracts.  The man proved to be way too powerful, too compelling, too successful for the Zionists. Thus, they decided to murder him:

Notice that Mr. Finicum said he did not plan to be a part of an actual refuge protest. This gives further proof that he was, essentially, entrapped into this role. The Zionists had no major experience with Mr. Finicum. When it was determined he was formidable, he was taken out.

This movement Finicum was heading led to a great concern within the arch-Zionist hierarchy. Senator Ron Wyden revealed this when he said:


Reportedly, Wyden said this a mere few hours before Mr. Finicum was murdered. Clearly, it was important not to merely imprison the man but to silence him absolutely. The Zionist mole is quoted as indicating that “action” had to be taken. Thus, he was fully apprised of, rather, endorsed the take down and hit. ‘Action needed to be taken’ would indicate that Wyden was involved in calling the assassination. “There has…to be consequences?” Moreover, there has to be “accountability?” For what, having a get-together in-protest on public land?

Wyden had fabricated this on behalf of his masters, per the LA Times:

Nor is there any police presence here,” he said in a Twitter message to the Los Angeles Times.

“We plan on staying as long as we have to,” he said. “It’s a very peaceful protest.”

Quoting Ryan Bundy:

“We don’t want it to end with violence,” said Ryan Bundy, who with his brother Ammon has spoken for the occupiers. “We’re not looking for bloodshed.”

Yet, the Wyden-led plot had long ago been put in place. It was Finicum himself who had realized there was a plot against them, apparently revealing early on that he knew what the FBI was scheming:

LaVoy Finicum…says he believes federal officials have issued warrants for the arrest of 5 group members.

Wyden and his ilk are the criminal elements,  not Mr. Finicum:



The feds has hoped to set-up the Bundys. Mr. Finicum was so-called ‘collateral damage.’ Clearly, with ranchers from all over the world joining the protest it was getting ‘out of control.’

Wyden had then, after the murder of Mr. Finicum, come out publicly to endorse Hillary Clinton:

Secretary Clinton, as president, has the passion and the energy and the skills to push back on those developments and offer an alternative.”

The Clinton Foundation benefitted from a deal to the tune of tens of millions of dollars to put up the public lands of Oregon to the highest bidder, in this case a Russian mining conglomerate, per the NY TIMES:


The criminality of the Clinton clique is extreme. “Personal” and “foundation” money are fully intermingled. The ranchers stood in the way of the corrupt enterprise. Mr. Bundy did speak of bringing the logging and mining rights back to Americans.


Rosatom is controlled largely by the Russia-based Jewish mob, Kiriyenko himself being an arch-Zionist agent. The entity used bribery to open the doors to America’s uranium. The Bundy family well knew this, had researched it, and was fighting against it. The ordeal was infested with federal agents, including a number of paid moles. Yet, despite this, all control was lost as Mr. Finicum began to prevail, spreading the ‘virus’ of freedom, justice, and good will.

The struggle against tyranny initiated by Mr. Finicum and the Bundy brothers is a just cause. It is deserving of the full support of all those who seek to establish true justice on this earth and who seek to render to the people what is right, which is freedom from corruption and tyranny.



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  1. Clinton Foundation is nothing but an influence peddling private slush fund that benefits the personal life of the Clintons.

    • Amen. Any links?

  2. Read & Watch this right now Dr K! Please! Copy this video in case they erase it all!!!

    Exhibit 16) DHS Hoax Cops Vs Homeless Man Shoot Out! Near Baltimore
    OutTakes & Bloopers & Edits & Comedy version of 2nd Alternative Crisis Actor playing Jeremy /Jeremie Evans fake callous pathological lying son of Hoax Homeless Man David Brian Evans!!

    This is one amazing bunch of Buffoonery! The Baltimore son is literally using a different Crisis actor playing the son than WBAL TV/Radio! Spelling his name Jeremie Evans instead of Jeremy Evans!! This guy is atleast 30 pounds thinner! Wow!! And his version is getting even more outrageous first he throws in a whole new incredible script saying his dad stabbed his mother multiple times! Yet he was never charged with such a crime! He talks about him beating him too a whole new script! He must have reall told some crazy alternative scripts in this PsyOp!! Because you can see the filming takes/edits several times! This is amazing! This looks like a version they axed as too ridicuous & then the decided to use it anyways!! And he starts to almost crack out laughing at the tales he is spinning! This Jeremie also claims his father was from Pennslvania & was previously declared dead, a new added script! Both these actors playing this Jeremy & Jeremie heartless son are Aberdeen proving Ground embeded Army Crisis Actor & NSA obviously. Maybe brother, maybe not! This one’s FACEBOOK I think I found already but I disgarded it for him not looking enough like the first Jeremy! This is several PsyOps inside a PsyOps. The Baltimore Zio-owned Sun must have been DHS authorized to release this second ridiculous Jeremie Crisis actor to see if anyone would even notice & just decide their eyes & ears were lying to them on this being a completely different Crisis Actor!!! This is so amazing!!!

    Watch the **** video & compare this Jeremie with the other Jeremy playing the same character!


  3. Other fatter Crisis Actor playing same character, heartless son Jeremy Evans with totally different story!! lol!


    • Both videos show the same person. And the story’s essentially the same. What the hell is wrong with you?

  4. Exhibit #1) Glendale AZ School Double Shooting Murder/ Suicide By 2 Girls Right! Not!!!

    Watch 777 Order out of Chaos Hoax Code revealed @ 36 sec mark & 10:07am 70° temp just as Glendale Police ZioWitch Hoax SpokesLiar Tracey Breeden waves her magic wand!! The entire Billboard to the far right is revealed with 3- 7’s aka 777 on it..a Nationwide insurance advert I guess. No reason for her to wave her wand at this point & have the tiny screen pan out at this exact time except for Babylon Talmud occultic zioInsane zioMagic hex **** they like subliminally put right in your face! Also notice this school building is a inverted hexagram or hexagon and has 6 sides obviously & also 6 half hexagons inside the roof & four much smaller Hexagons shaped structures atop it. Also a fake shadow making a fat 7 on the roof with nothing near to make that shadow & another fake CGI shadow making a separate over lapping 777 also not from any structure creating the shadow.
    Complete hoax as Christinne said! And full of Talmudic gematria in this footage alone. And girls or women do not try to commit suicide with a gun. Which is why females attempt to commit suicide many more times more than males yet are successful much less often than males. Females will try to commit suicide with drugs even aspiren or Tylenol, etc whereas males will wreck a car off a hillside, mountain or into a wall or into a lake or shoot themself in the heart or face!


    I am curious now if this Kristy Kristopherson has found this first 777 I found here…it is his technique I used, very simple but he finds it over & over! And often it is merely flashed briefly at you like here!

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