Kennedy Assassination — 03 December 2013
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The Suite 8F Group and the Call for Kennedy’s Hit

The Suite 8F Group was instrumental in plotting, as well as coordinating, the assassination of President Kennedy. Two incidental moles, John Connally and Lyndon Baines Johnson, were directly involved in the assassination on behalf of the Suite8F Houston, TX,-based cabal. The bribery and racketeering trial in Washington, D.C., regarding the investigation of the acts of Bobby Baker was getting too close to home for the cabal’s comfort.

Baker was a member of the cabal. The prosecution was headed by Robert F. Kennedy and supported by Jack Kennedy. Moreover, both these men wanted rid of the clique’s D.C. mole, Lyndon Baines Johnson. Therefore, Mr. Kennedy had to be eliminated.

While LBJ and John Connally are culpable for the murder of this then sitting President, in fact, they are relatively low-level operatives. Even so, identifying them, confirming their role, is of utmost value in this investigation, because it leads directly to the ultimate criminals or near ultimate ones (admittedly, there are levels even higher than the Suite 8F Group, which are criminally associated).

The assassination was discussed in what was likely great detail by the group, meeting as they routinely did in that age-tainted Lamar Hotel, Austin, TX, the primary cabal members being as follows:

  • Herman Brown
  • George A. Brown
  • James Elkins
  • Jesse H. Jones
  • Gus Wortham

Among the most powerful and secretive of all forces in Texas at the time, these men, among others, would meet to plot the achieve of special political influence for the sake of the advancement of their wealth. Even at this time, in the 1940s and 1050s a middle-aged political appointee would frequently attend: Lyndon Baines Johnson.

George Brown (left) with President Lyndon B. Johnson

Caption: Brown & Root co-founder George Brown (left) with President Lyndon B. Johnson. LBJ’s ties to the Brown brothers dated back to his days as a Texas congressman.

What was his position in those early days? As one of the chiefs reported it was a kind of subsidiary position to say the least, “Lyndon,” one or the other of the moguls would command, “Go fix me a scotch.” Even at this early age, reports Harry III in Texas Monthly, regarding the State of Texas “Their rule was a virtually unchallenged…”

The Brown brothers were the owners of Brown & Root, Co., an entity largely dependent upon government contracts which eventually morphed into Halliburton.

Who are the Brown Brothers?

1931 Brown Brothers & Co. merged with Harriman Brothers & Co. to form “Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. the oldest and largest private bank in the United States. The three initial partners were Averell Harriman, Roland Harriman, and Prescott Bush.

I.G. Farben, Brown Brothers Harriman, The Union Banking Corporation, The Hamburg-American Line (shipping line), and the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company were supplying the Nazis with funds and raw materials for profit.

Therefore, to a vast degree the empire of the Brown Brothers was dependent largely on war and strife.


Judge James Elkins

In a review of a book written about the judge and his law firm notes Tom Lovell in his Internet survey regarding his attempt to interview this king-maker:

The chances weren’t good the Judge would comply with my request, I was told, but I should try anyway. In somewhat whispered tones McClesky proclaimed Elkins — by virtue of his behind-the-scenes’ string pulling prowess with the state legislature — “the most powerful man in Texas.”

…during these years that he became a regular at the most famous gathering of power brokers in Houston’s history: the bunch of entrepreneurs and politicians who hung out in George and Herman Brown’s (Brown and Root) suites 7-F and 8-F in downtown Houston’s Lamar Hotel, an address less than a 100 yards west of the office (of) the Judge.

Elkins, moreover, was not only an early habitant of the Lamar Hotel muster, but was around long enough, according to Bill Elkins, Jr., to send a visiting politician by the name of Lyndon Johnson out for a Coke.

Elkins’ lines of influence reached not only into the Texas Railroad Commission, which through its oil proration decisions, determined the price of oil, but all the way to Washington itself. Speaker Sam Rayburn, Senator Tom Connally, and Congressman Lyndon Johnson, all were class acquaintances of Elkins during these years, and before the war — as indicated above — Johnson had obsequiously tended bar in suite 8-F.

Note: this goes along with the statements, here, that, ultimately, Johnson and even Connally were botton feeders who were only the exterior elements of the cabal, while the more sophisticated, deeper-seated elements are hereby revealed in this post.

Gus Wortham

This was the man who made his vast wealth in the insurance business, where his company,  eventually morphed into AIG.

Board in Austin. In 1915 he and his father moved to Houston and cofounded an insurance agency, John L. Wortham and Son. Eleven years later, Wortham, along with Houston businessmen Jesse H. Jones, James A. Elkins, and John W. Link, organized American General Insurance Company, later AIG.

Wortham was a key member of the Suite 8F Group.

Jesse H. Jones

Jesse Holman Jonesdying in 1956, was yet another Houston-based influence peddler who has as his claim to fame a previously powerful position in the FDR administration as United States Secretary of Commerce from 1940 to 1945.

The man knew how to spend the public treasury, surely with special interests in mind. It was Jones who headed the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1932 through 1945. This agency was involved in the expansion of the war industry, that is industrial manufacturing of munitions during the WWII-related expansionism. Jones was in charge of spending US$50 billion, especially in financing railways and building munitions factories.

Andrew Jackson Houston, Jesse H. Jones, model of the San Jacinto Monument, 1936 Texas old photo

Years ago while interviewing Jesse Jones’ two private secretaries in what had been Jones’ mausoleum of an office in the old Guaranty Trust building on Main Street, I asked them what books the great Houstonian had enjoyed reading? They thought awhile and both came to the conclusion that they didn’t remember ever seeing Jones with a book in his hand. But then suddenly one remembered that Jones was known for reading one book over and over again. It apparently was a novel about a man swindled by stock traders, who spent his lifetime hunting the villains down and killing them one by one.

Post- late 1950s members of the group include the following:

  • Albert Thomas, chairman, House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Defense
  • John Connally, Governor of Texas and former Secretary of the Navy and Treasury
  • Lyndon B. Johnson, VP and the President
  • Alvin Wirtz and Homer Thornberry (lawyers closely associated)
  • Thomas Corcoran (lawyer)
  • Gus Wortham of what would become AIG
  • Texas Governor William Hobby
  • William Vinson, Great Southern Life Insurance Co.
  • Morgan J. Davis of Humble Oil
  • George Brown or Brown and Root
  • James Slither Ambercrombie
  • Richard Russell, chairman of the Committee of Manufactures, Committee on Armed Forces and Committee of Appropriations 
  • Robert Kerr of Kerr-McGee Oil

Other key collaborators with the group which helped coordinate its politically charged and financially lucrative goals include the following:

  • Robert B. Anderson, president, Texas Mid-Continental Oil and Gas Association (former?) Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of the Treasury
  • Billie Sol Estes, cotton industry entrepreneur and eventual felon
  • Fred Korth, Secretary of the Navy and head, Continental National Bank
  • Ross Sterling, Humble OIl
  • Sid Richardson, oil magnate
  • Clint Murchison, Sr.
  • H.L Hunt of Placid Oil
  • Eugene B Germany, Mustang Oil Co.
  • David Harold Byrd, chairman, Byrd Oil co
  • Lawrence D. Bell, Bell Helicopter
  • William D. Pawley, Cuban business magnate
  • Gordon McLendon
  • Senator George Smathers
  • Senator Richard Russell
  • Senator James Eastland
  • Senator Benjamin Everett Jordan
  • Lobbyist Fred Black
  • Lobbyist and Senatorial mole Bobby Baker

Perhaps Brown Brothers Harriman is, then, the Government of the United States, acting as a mere subsidiary of the ultimate Zioinistic source: the Rothschild cabal.

Bobby Baker

A key mole with knowledge of the assassination, Baker was LBJ’s right hand man on the Senate floor.

Refusing to cooperate with the investigation, constantly, Baker took the Fifth. The Baker corruption would lead back to the Suite 8F cabal, therefore explanation the motive for the assassination of the President.

More on this subject as soon as possible. Even so, was the evidence not clearly demonstrated? All those Secretary of the Navy positions associated with the Suite 8F clique? The railway dispensation during the FDR term under Jone’s control? Brown Brothers Harriman is one of the oldest railway families known, financed initially by the Rothschilds.

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. (BBH) is one of the United State’s oldest investment banks, origin: 1818. It is the oldest and largest private bank in the country. The entity was formed in 1931 through a merger of Brown Brothers & Co. with Harriman Brothers & Co.:


Brown Brothers Harriman was also the key Navy shipyard contractor for the major wars.  One of the descendants of the original cabal is William Harriman, who became Governor of New York, 1955-58.

William Averell Harriman.jpg

Caption: See, above, known and proud Skull ‘n Bonesman, Zionist agent William Averell Harriman.


Another clique not on the Suite 8F Group list is the Bush cabal, yet it is connected regardless, in fact, in a very direct way:


The entity, as Brown & Root and then, 1963, as Halliburton was awarded virtually all the contracts for the building of military bases in Vietnam, action taken under the Zionist-orchestrated Johnson administration.

Brown Brothers Harriman and Halliburton are Zionist-0wned. Therefore, the murder, actually, the slaughter of the President amounted to a blood-fest for the purpose of wretched gains, financial and otherwise, for the Zionist mob.

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  1. HL Hunt was a big Kennedy hater. The woman in this video had LBJ’s son. She was LBJ’s mistress for 21 years. She talks about the 8F group. The room number of Lamar Hotel in Houstong were the group met.

    The Clint Murchison Meeting

    Uploaded on May 26, 2011
    A groundbreaking interview with Madeleine Duncan Brown, now deceased, the mistress of LBJ for many years, conducted by Gaylon Ross. Ms. Brown was with LBJ at the clandestine meeting the night before JFK’s assassination where the plot to kill Kennedy was finalized.

    You can’t forget about Col. Fletcher Prouty’s evidence and discussion of how things were set into motion starting with the COLD WAR, Kennedy assassination and Vietnam.

    Interview with Colonel Fletcher Prouty

    Published on Sep 8, 2012
    November 11, 1992 EIR counter-intelligence editor Jeff Steinberg interviewed (ret) Colonel Fletcher Prouty about aspects of the Cold War he had participated in, as written in his book “The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy”. Topics Mr. Prouty covers are the Cairo Conference, the preparation for the Cold War in the waning years of WW2, the conditions set up for the Vietnam conflict, the Bay of Pigs, the creation of the chaotic mess in South Vietnam, the Kennedy assassination, and President Johnson’s deathbed confession.

    • Thank you for this post of highly informative material.

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    The following speech (and few others) may give the answer including those who orchestrated his assassination plot!

    JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)

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