Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 26 July 2014
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It’s all Synthetic Gore – No Real Dead Bodies in MH17 Hoax

There has been in regards to the MH17 crash hoax much discussion about what is seen on the ground, that is the entities that appear to be real-life deceased bodies. Here, it must be kept in mind that the people behind this, the elements of the arch-Zionist cabal, possess endless millions of dollars to expend on such a fraud.

Chief of these is the rabid Zionist extremist Ihor Kolomoisky, whose hired goons are key participants in this fraud:


Too, these criminal elements are supported by fellow Zionist Jews in the Pentagon, which also has vast assets.

Their corruption knows no bounds. Therefore, any degree of chicanery and vileness must be expected as a result of their plots. This includes faking entire massacres for the desired effect.

It can be started with the goriest of all, the smoldering skeleton. Yet, this, too, is synthetic gore. The pyrotechnic fire would not be sufficiently hot enough to burn a human corpse down to the bones. Note the conveniently placed spinal cord component lying on the ground. It’s all Hollywood-style special effects. No real corpses were used.


Kerosene-based fires as a rule do not burn people down to the bones. This is Hollywood-style special effects:

Warning: Graphic image folllows

In this fire from a bus explosion the damage to the human bodies is clearly evident and is greatly different than the staged skeleton scene:

Graphic though it is, this one is real, while the other is an absolute fake.


Note the reference to the fact that the plot would be achieved without the use of real bodies, dead or otherwise. Dead bodies pose a serious challenge for the spread of disease as well as the stench that would be related. This risk includes the danger of handling such elements.

Too, notice the mention in the email of “Tarasenko.” Here are elements of the Tarasenko clique:

Ukraine riots 33

The corruption in the Ukraine is great, whether previous or current governments. On July 18, 2014, while the world was distracted by the crash hoax the ‘government’ of Ukraine committed a war crime, bombing one of its own villages:


That is a real dead body with real hair and a real head. There are thousands more of these created by the Zionist powers in their brutal war against the Ukrainian people. It was the Mossad and its collaborators who instigated teh protests and then agitated this by killing protesters through sniper fire. Then, too, why wouldn’t these arch-criminals participate in the creation of a fake crash?


Without any doubt the fire which consumed this material was artificially created. So, too, are the bodies ‘artificial.’

That’s a dummy imitation with a wig. What is seen on the back is moulage. The dummy is in the midst of the fire. Why isn’t it charred?


Here’s one that is charred somewhat. It’s not human but its, rather, silicone/latex. Note the gore, the intestines. There’s no reason to feel nauseous. That, too, despite the protestations by Zionist moles, such as first-reporter-on-the-scene rabid Zionist extremist Noah Schneider, is fake.


Here is six feet of fake intestines for a mere $50.00:

These bloated-appearing carcasses should also be burned. They are not visibly charred, because they were placed there during the staging as dapper cadavers, most likely the inflatable type.


Here is some real gore. Yet, it is not gore to any degree. Those are silicone dummies melted through the man-made pyrotechnic-based fire.


This is the most glaringly obvious example of the fake grotesque. Here what is seen is, in fact, clear. It is multiple silicone dummies and/or dummy body parts that have been burnt up. The creamy yellow color is a hint of the silicone-latex nature of the props.~

In this case yet another attempt has been made at the artificially macabre, where fake, that is silicone, belly fat is revealed. Note the color of the applied red matter. It’s the same color as fake blood.


As demonstrated previously there are body parts. Yet, they are not real but are, rather, mere movie or gore props. Some are dressed with moulage, while others were left plain.  The ones on the right were dressed both with fake blood and charcoal.


Ultimately, it makes no sense that both the fake and the real, that is real human bodies and body parts, would be used. The way people acted around the site, so casually, would support the use only of silicone and latex, no real cadavers or their parts.

This screen capture from the site is definitive proof of staging and of the use of dummies. It demonstrates a dummy ankle and foot which is clearly and categorically dressed with fake blood.


That is moulage application in a man-made pattern on a synthetic ankle and foot. It is all a professional job, which means that movie prop people were on-site.


Such images have already been published, here, one showing the injection via blood bladder of fake blood, the other showing fake gore in the form of phony abdominal fat. No matter what the gore image is which is associated with this event, it is all fabricated – all latex, silicone, foam, or other.

Therefore, the Kolomoiskly-CFR-created site is not an airliner crash but, rather, a staged event. Producers, directors, stage hands, and moulage moles were all on hand to orchestrated it. There is nothing real about it.


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  1. wow.

    • So, my close friends’ relatives just no longer exist and their deaths are a fake? A family of 4 – just gone?? I’m sorry but your disrespect for those who have lost family members is unbelievable. My friend’s relative and his 3 grandchildren were killed in that crash. They aren’t coming home alive. When you have personal ties to something like this, you will not make up such bullshit.

      • this guy isnt getting any smarter for a very long time….my condolences on your friends, i am very sorry.

      • wtf are you doing here? looking for a dismembered friend…

        • I regularly read articles on the site and stumbled across this one and it upset me. You are truly disrespectful. 🙁

  2. You sure go to a lot of trouble to spread your hatred of Jews. If only you could get to know some, then your offensive, ridiculous bullshit wouldn’t be necessary and you could channel your considerable efforts into something positive.

    • Truth hurts, everyone knows. Say smth interesting or go trolling other sites. Or educate urself about Jews and Zionism. Til then sit pretty and kiss Zio ***….

      • The problem with you is you don’t want to find out where are the real people from MH17! You’re only obsessed by your antisemitism!

    • Your attempt to dissuade anyone of the fakery here is transparent. There is no “hate” in the love for truth. Starting with the mainstream tv view of the initial explosion with no smoke trail in the sky, I knew this was fake. No matter how much effort you spend on fakery, truth will surface.

    • Are your beloved chosen race people doing something positive & loving by bombing the homes of innocent Palestinian families and mass murdering them?

    • Well said. No point in trying to get neo-Nazi’s to agree with you though, even though they know it’s bullshit, they still vehemently stick to their agenda of hate because without it, they have no identity or cause in life. Their sickening defilement of tragedies like this, like their denial of the Holocaust, will continue so long as they choose to abuse the new freedoms that the www has provided them a platform for. To vehemently refuse to believe them is using their very tactics to defeat them.

  3. You really are getting desperate now arent you the yellow is silicone. Have you ever seen a real body hacked up by an accident?????? I have and thats what happens! You fucking MORONS!

    • Come up with smth constructive instead of trolling and insulting. Or go to hell

  4. The “synthetic gore” known as the Terrorist State of IsraHELL, fully supported by Corporate America (USA, Inc.), is now the subject of a war crimes complaint, as reported in http://www.PressTV.ir, at


    Sovereign CT AMERICA has standing to file on IsraHELL pursuant to our unopposed DECLARATION of SOVEREIGNTY, filed at the The Hague and UN. THE DECLARATION is posted at

    http://CT-Global.webs.com/declaration .

    Now, how many of you will have the COJONES to join us and put your John / Jill Hancocks (signatures) on the criminal and civil complaints against IsraHELL, USA, Inc., and other globalist thugs?

    Yes, blogsters, we ARE testing you for sincerity and guts. If you’re scared of a fake “Jew” furniture salesman (con man) like “Nutty Netty” Netanyahu, you’re also scared of your own cowardly shadows. LOL

    Our pleadings in State, Federal, and International courts will be published and mass-distributed worldwide online. We will post links to those documents in here, and elsewhere.


    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for CT GLOBAL at http://CT-Global.webs.com and
    Sovereign CT AMERICA’s Worldwide Broadcast Forum at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

  5. Ukraine Says New Tapes Prove Russia Finances Rebels Who Shot Down Malaysian Plane


  6. Nine days on, the sunflower fields are STILL littered with the dead: Disgraceful failure to recover MH17 victims laid bare as Ukrainians trample through wreckage amid stench of rotting flesh


    • They just knew that truthers were exposing so many obvious terrible hoax dead bodies that they needed to plant some better, more realistic, bodies in the Sunflower fields, wheat fields and woods and get some really good pictures to fool the dumb goyim. Maybe they brought in so better Hollywood gore artist and sent the Bollywood and artists B- grade Horro movie guys home.

      • Yes, maybe the Mossad agents rented the remake of “Evil Dead” and took some pointers on the style of props to use and where to place them.

        One can learn a lot from watching movies! MH17 is just a movie, except it’s on TV.

  7. For the record, Mandelson is a pedophile and a satanist….

    Putin and the Prince of Darkness: Revealed: the web of links between Peter Mandelson’s shadowy global consultancy firm and the billionaire power brokers of Putin’s Russia


  8. Gabriel,

    Yes he did. In fact xelifelix mentioned that exact page while calling me lazeee. Lol

    I guess Big Daddy’s Alzheimer’s is kicking in…other than that possibility, I couldn’t tell you what is up with his short term vs long term memory problems.

  9. Thanks.

  10. its to say anything until they finish the autopsy and release the bodies to the families….and if independent autopsy is done again then we can know for sure of the bodies are real or fake…if all the dead passengers are fake where are the real bodies then?

    • Independent what? Oh, autopsy. How fucking stupid can you get to expect any “independent autopsy”?

      Even if the victims’ family do exist which is certainly all fabricated, you are presented with a mangled piece of what they call something used to be human, and you have no fucking choice but to accept the delivery. Get real, people.

      • There are plenty of non-mangled corpse on the videos and photos, and relatives will have access to the remains.

        Here is one of the many, many Dutch articles on a victim. He was part of a local art group, supporters at the footballclub, working at a daycare center, and had many many friends.
        So why are you spouting this nonsense about fabrication?
        300 fabricated names? And then even hundreds more fabricated family members? Yuo know, the people that go on TV and in newspapers. You haven’t been thinking this through.


  11. There have been plenty of civilian casualties. The following is an example.


    The Ukrainians did not have to waste money on silicone dolls while the local supply of dead bodies resembling western Europeans are just too plenty to come by. Amazingly, I still have not come across a single photo that has identified the victim as Asian decent — namely the Malaysians. The naked ones are very fat as if bloated being dead for days.

  12. These guys are seriously stupid. Im from Holland and this flight, these people, our tears and massive greave is real. These guys have no life if they say stuff like this.

    • Liar.

    • DutchGirl I’m from the Netherlands too…and I witnessed everything probably like you did. But I still come to the conclusion that it’s all a hoax. The passengers are dead, in one way or another, their families and friends are real and so is their loss.

      But the crash site of MH17 in the Ukraine surely looks fishy. Don’t you think?

      Have you seen the video from Martin Vrijland which deals with the crash site and all that’s wrong with it? It is in dutch: http://www.martinvrijland.nl/2014/07/23/waarom-malaysia-airlines-vlucht-mh17-een-false-flag-hoax-is/

      Please read the whole article, which is very interesting, or scroll a bit down for a 30 minute YouTube video. What do you think after reading/watching this?

      And please don’t get me wrong. It’s horrible what has happened. But the fact that nothing seems to add up and the fact that our prime minister Rutte has agreed to withhold information regarding the investigation is at least suspicious.

  13. You are a sick bunch of crazy people, I hope you once will be in a plane crash.

  14. Radiation can harm millions of people


  15. I have also asked this question on some other websites dealing with this matter…but never get an answer or idea that eases me.

    My question:

    Why fake dead passengers? Why not just use the passengers that got on a plane for a nice holiday? Isn’t faking all dead passengers causing only more problems for those behind it?

    And I am not saying that the photo’s and videos from the crash site aren’t suspicious at the least. It is hard to believe that what we have seen are all real human bodies or even is a real crash site. But I don’t get why ‘they’ would go to all kinds of trouble with faking dead passengers…because they could kill them for real…and have a solid story…instead of a crime scene filled with ‘dummy’s’ and witnesses that have helped or just were present at the crime scene.

    Can someone please enlighten me on this?

    • It is actually more difficult to shoot down a real passenger jet liner. Three days before MH017, a Ukrainian military transport was shot at high altitude in the same area. Don’t you think all airliners would not pay any attention to that? So, it is much easier to fake it.

      I cannot say what these deranged entity that have staged this hoax did, but if it were up to me to hoax dead passengers, I would use the recent civilian victims from the war to fill that role, and there have been plenty. After all, we have witnessed in pristineness in corpses. Some of them are so bloated from decay, and some of them you can even take to your Prom. At 300+ MPH of impact, laws of physics will let you find very uniformly disfigured human remains.

      The gay boy who calls itself Gabriel is a fucking idiot.

      • Okay…so it is more difficult to shoot a passenger Jet liner then to make 1 disappear, fake a crash site and fake dead passengers with all the risk of being caught?

        I don’t really see this, but okay…maybe…

        It is strange that a passenger Jet liner would fly over this area after the Ukrainian military transport was shot three days earlier and this indeed is reason enough to doubt the fact that Malaysian Airlines would even fly over there. On the other hand, to save fuel and thus money airlines could make strange decisions. Stupid, but human,

        But still…to me it seems easier to ‘fool a plane into another flight plan’ then it is to fake a crash and everything involved with this.

        If all of this is a staged hoax (which I’m convinced of!) what happened to the real Flight MH17? And the passengers? Have they been killed somewhere else? Or are they in some False Flag Witness Protection Program? Or didn’t they exist at all…and all relatives, friends and neighbors are playing along?

        To make a plane disappear also doesn’t sound easy. This would involve quite a bunch of people. From the airport…radar people(?)…the Pentagon(?)…maybe even people working at satellite-stations? And so on…and maybe even ‘plane spotters’ that happened to be at the airport that day.

        I just don’t get it…and I think we will never…

        • How much fuel can such an airliner fly over a war zone save?

          What happened to the real MH017 flight? It just never existed. Nether was MH317. All passengers are made up. These events were fabricated. With MH017, the crash site was a hoax, and of course, MH317 just vanished — Bermuda Triangle style — very convenient.

          The following is an example of how this was done in the past.


  16. You people are pathetic! Regardless of who shot the plane down and why, and I do have my own opinions on that, this was 298 REAL PEOPLE including poor young children that perished in this act of mass murder! You piss on their memories by suggesting that they are not real. What makes you think that the wreckage and remains are fake? It’s all over the place, a big charred mess with scattered remains everywhere. You really need mental help.

  17. I find your findings to be outrageous, tell that to the mother that lost all her children and to the other family members still waiting for their loved ones bodies? I find YOU to be a disrespectful **** thats trying to dissect a tragedy just for your 5 minutes of internet fame..

    • Look, Mr. Lie apologist, no one is going to succeed with guilt tripping based on this fake. Are you a troll? You use the same tactics as certified trolls.

      • You’re actually insane. Like fucking batshit crazy. Do you have any idea the logistics involved in staging something like this? Hundreds of victims, thousands of relatives, an entire jet airliner gone from radar. And to what end? What could Israel possibly stand to gain by shooting down a Malaysian passenger jet? Honestly, whenever a big disaster happens you loons are out in full force blaming it on “the zionists”.

  18. I realize that the images may be disturbing to some people and their mind will attempt to create any reality that does not have to face such images. I can tell you beyond a doubt that those bodies are real. The reason the people are casually walking around is because they have seen so many dead bodies due to the shellings on Ukrainian cities.

    To believe that this event is fake is completely unjustifiable. Why would “they” take the time and spend the money to so elaborately fake something like this. Think about it. They have nothing to gain. People saw the crash and showed up with video cameras moments later. How did they create such a large crash site and pose all the bodies in a matter of seconds? It’s impossible.

    Trying to say that this event is a “fake” is just as bad as when people were calling the Boston Bombing a fake. The bodies are real. the death is real. People actually intentionally kill other people. Get over it.

    To call it a fake disrespects everyone who has lost their life in this horrible event and it disrespects their families and creates anger.

    • While Dr. K thinks these dead bodies were constructed of silicone, I have already pointed out that they could easily come from the dead civilians of Russian descendants who wanted to join Russia aka rebels aka trouble makers. Some of them have been dead for days.

      Again, the event is not to believe or to disbelieve. You have to gather enough evidences to decide if they have supported the official party line. So far, they have indicated the event is a hoax. Remember Dr. K was spooked by initial evidences at first. At least, he thought it was real and apologized to the crisis actors. However, Dr. K is indeed a true scientist. When evidences have indicated a hoax, Dr. K has maintained it to be a hoax. Get over with it.

      From the evidences, Boston is another hoax. There is no doubt about it. And also get over with that one as well.

      Not calling it a fake after presented with all these evidences is a total disrespect to yourself. You got to have **** for brain to believe the hoax is real. By the way, get over with this one too.

      • You are perhaps the dumbest person on Earth.

      • You have got to be **** for brains to believe anybody who says the word “Zionist” more than once in a paragraph.

    • Every sane person on this page agrees with you, Bob. Stay safe.

  19. So all the victims are not victims?? Tell that to their loved ones where all the bodies have gone to!! Wankers!! Sickening ****!! Wish you were on board of the plane!! Hope you choke in your zionistic theory

  20. There are certainly government cover-ups from time to time but LUNATICS like you who see conspiracies around every corner do a disservice to those who investigate REAL conspiracies. You’re a real piece of dog s—.

  21. I don’t know what to say apart from the fact unless you were there and actually have the qualifications to put back up your theories, then I’ll just back away slowly and hand you some more aluminium foil to make hats with

  22. Are you a front for the FSB, or just witless stooges of Putin’s fascist regime?

    • Both, you Zionist scumbag! Lol!

  23. lmao what? you niggas are fucking retarded lol

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