Boston Bombing — 22 April 2013
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Tamarlen Tsarnaev was Murdered.  FBI and Mossad Implicated.

In a ruthless act of violence 26-year old Tamerlan Tsarnaev was brutally murdered by the state ‘apparatus.’ Defenseless, he stood no chance against his heavily armed and vicious attackers. If it could happen to him, it could happen to any other who seeks the truth and refuses to submit to the autocracy of tyranny.

These attackers, now known murderers, must be brought to justice.

No matter how many ways this is looked at or evaluated there is only one conclusion: Tamerlan Tsarnaev was brutally murdered and a great act of violence. Thus, the Mossad and its collaborators have initiated a cover-up.


The likely murderers were Sayanim Jews posing as FBI and/or Boston police agents. Or, it could have been the regular FBI/police themselves. Regardless, Jewry is behind this. Zionist Jews, surely, are the key agents who have demonized these individuals, spreading endless and devious lies.

There was no chase, no grenades or explosives thrown, no shooting at the police, no return fire by the individuals who are accused. No one three “pressure cooker” bombs at the police. They had no guns. For instance, no guns of any kind were found at the scene. Nor were any such guns or any explosives found or shown publicly. Nor did they kidnap anyone, who later escaped at a gas station: how absurd. It was just premeditated murder, no other possibilities.

This is proven by an eyewitness account. It is also proven by the scope of the injuries, which is death by multiple gunshot wounds, as listed by the Boston coroner’s office. There also appears to be injury by blunt trauma, the result of the hit by the SUV.

The plot is also proven by his autopsy photo, where the entrance wounds from the gunshots can be seen as well as the bruising on the chest and, particularly, the head and neck. There is additional trauma, huge lacerations. However, there is no evidence that he set a bomb on himself, as wildly reported by the Jews.

There are witnesses to this who thoroughly dispute the official story of heavily armed Tsarnaev brothers as well as the claim that the younger brother himself killed his brother by running over him with an SUV. This witness interview is the second video listed:

The first video was taken of a highly muscular man, who was forced to strip down naked. This is likely Mr. Tsarnaev. Comps are being made. More on this, later.

Transcription of the second video:


The Dennis & Callahan Show, featuring John Dennis & Gerry Callahan, went on-air starting on October 6, 1997 from 10am to noon.  The talented duo took the day part, which was ranked eleventh at the time with men ages 25-54, to second in their first ratings book. The show moved to morning drive (6AM-10AM) on September 7th, 1999. They quickly improved from a rank of eighth to third in the first book, and they hit #1 for the first time in the fall of 2003. D&C hit #1 again in the fall of 2004, and then again from the winter of 2006 through today with men ages 25-54.

Steve “Chach” Ciaccio has been producing the Dennis & Callahan from the very start in 1997. Chach has his own blog to help give listeners an insight on the behind the scenes of the show.

Hosts (speaking to the witness): You live on Dexter St., correct?

Linda: My boyfriend does. I was just spending the night.

Hosts: Give us the timeline. What you saw.

Linda: We rushed to the front of the house…where we saw the first suspect get hit by a police SUV and then after he was hit, shot multiple times. Um, minutes later ambulances had arrived, put the suspect into the ambulance, and then off…

Hosts: And did you say the suspect was hit by a police SUV; in other words, a vehicle hit him first?

Linda: Correct.

Linda: From what we saw early this morning, um, I’d be hard pressed to think that he was actually pronounced dead at the hospital. From the injuries he incurred on the street, I would say he was probably dead when he was put in the ambulance.


Caption: loving father of a little 3-year old girl taken from his family by Mossad operatives.

Hosts: Linda, did he have some sort of weapon or was he firing back a pistol at police?

Editor’s note: how could he fire anything after being hit in presumably the chest with the front-end of a police SUV?

Linda: So, did I see it? I did not see him fire…

End of key part of of the interview

So, it is here for all to see: how could this man be attacking police after suffering blunt trauma by a strike from the police vehicle? Despite the attempts of the talk show hows to pry information from her she stayed steady: that is she did not see him firing a gun.

Notice, too, something highly crucial. She said not a word about his brother. Thus, he was attacked when he was by himself. This demonstrates that all the claims of the two being together going on a terror spree, hijacking cars, detonating bombs, killing security guards, and more is merely another filthy lie.

Mossad and Sayanim?

There were Sayanim Jews on-site spewing hatred against the Tsarnaev brothers, also creating additional fabrications supporting Islamic terror. One such Sayanim mole is Andrew Kitzenberg. It was this individual who was prominently interviewed on the Today Show spreading great lies and also proving a degree of foreknowledge.

On TV and radio interviews Kitzenberg told wild stories about the Tsarnaevs which are either impossible to document or have been proven as outright lies. His activity on Twitter, though, reveals him as not merely an accidental witness but, rather, as a pre-placed agent.

Here are a few of his tweets. Kitzenberg knew more about the events and the timeline than local reporters:

His Twitter account, previously essentially inactive, demonstrates his role in the scam:


Like the ADL, he knows well in advance that there are such bombs, even though there is no way he could see them in the full  dark of the night.


Through his crystal ball he determines the presence of a pressure cooker bomb. Did the accused Muslims throw one out the window? Kitzenberg is a Mossad mole, increasing the likelihood that it was Israeli agents themselves who cut down Tsarnaev.



An attempt is being made to lighten up these photos to gain additional evidence.


Who is feeding Kitzenberg all this information? Isn’t he under siege by the police and FBI presence? Yet, he is simultaneously playing investigative reporter against these Muslims?


Isn’t he supposed to just be an average guy in a house? How does he get around so greatly in the middle of the night in the midst of the chaos of near military presence?


He’s even identified the supposedly danger-filled backpacks before all others.

Notice the counter against him by an alert tweeter but no response by Kitzenberg:


It can be seen that this corrupt one knows all that his happening in rapid succession before anyone else. That means he was a part of the plot. Clearly, he is using social media to tie the Tsarnaevs to another crime, along with the Boston bombing itself. More on him, later. A post will be made in short order proving the scope of Kitzenberg’s lies.

See also (credit for photo):


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  1. Have you seen the footage of Tamerlan being put into the police car after being forced to remove his clothes? This was only shown once in the middle of the night. Now their story is that this is someone else arrested that night. Lies. It is Tamerlan alive and well before being murdered.

    Five minutes ago I heard them say on MSNBC that Dzhokhar had an assault rifle in the boat! they keep adding more lies! There is also a picture of him getting out of the boat with no blood on his shirt in stable condition. Now he has been shot in the throat? What other tortures will they perpetrate on this boy? I also heard on MSNBC that it will not be the local FBI interrogating him. It will be “a special team set up two years ago for this sort of thing”. Yeah, it’s a special team all right. They can say THAT again.

    • Thanks for that. Will attempt to get close-up screenshots. Apparently, his aunt has identified the naked man as possibly him. That man was highly muscular. Will have a close look.

      • When someone is a paid ‘government or private’ patsy, shill, decoy or fall guy, [often unknowingly]… their life is in grave danger when the event or operation is completed.

        A perfect example of that is Lee Harvey Oswald. He was killed by Mafia gangster Jack Ruby. Ruby was originally from the Chicago gangster environment before he became the owner of a sleazy nudie strip club in Dallas. The ‘element’ that used Oswald was desperate to keep him quiet and they swiftly succeeded.

  2. This guy talked to the Tsarnaev’s aunt. She says that naked man is her nephew, no doubt about it. She is scared for her life in Toronto. Poor woman. This guy who talked to her posted this video on his website – and the website was taken down soon after!!!
    But people got it and put in on YT before they took his site down.

  3. Also, it looked like the percussion bomb tossed into the boat, caught on film through some sort of night/heat vision, did a great amount of damage to whoever was in the boat. Looked pretty brutal, so how does he just ‘climb out on his own’ after that jarring blast which blew his body all over the boat?

  4. Then, after there was a media Name, and that he was a Jew that since mid-March, had been reported missing!!

    • Correction:

      Yes, there a televised news reporting and showing that the older brother has been arrested and placed nude in a police car. Then shortly afterwards, the Talmudvision reported that that arrested individual was not a Tsarnaev, BUT was the owner of the Mercedes that the brothers had reportedly hijacked. I also remember reading, somewhere on the internet, that that owner who claimed that the brothers told him they were the Boston Bombers, etc, was a Jewish American, who resembled Tamerlan, and had been reported missing since mid-March. His name was also given, but I forget it. Sorry.

      And this Kitzenberg disinforming away, ye gads. Thanks to drkresearch for following the facts, and naming the names. These people ARE so vile, just like Rick Adams explained on his RBN show last night, with Dr. K with him all the way.

      • That is merely a media report, though, and there is no proof of this carjacking, at least none that confirms any role of the Tsarnaevs. Will look into it, but the comp. makes it clear that the arrested man has the build of Mr. Tsarnaev. Thnks. The implications of this, that is if this is confirmed as Mr. Tsarnaev, are chilling.

        • And their aunt identifies this naked man as Tamerlan. She has no doubt, according to the man in the video above who spoke with her..

  5. The un-named carjack victim is chinese according to news reports today and naked guy wasnt chinese. It isnt rocket science to see naked guy and old tamerlan brother are the same guy. He obviously was murdered or he is a Mossad/CIA who was fake murdered to conceal his identity. Either way the FBI / Mossad are guilty and should be arrested.


    Interesting choice of words “With friends now and smiling” with a picture of The Asgard ….who’s symbol is the intertwining triangles (as above, so below) ….which is also the Star of David….a nod to his Israeli handlers that all is running smoothly. A celebration.

  7. The media tried to paint Tamerlan as a loner, a person who didn’t adjust to America. They told us he wrote that he has never fit in here. Now we find out he has an American wife and three-year-old daughter. His wife is the daughter of a doctor in Rhode Island. She was smart and went to college and at one time, wanted to join the Peace Corps. Does this sound like a man who was not adjusted to the US?

  8. Also look into this….do a search on google for “Andrew Kitzenberg –” and you will see a document. Check it out! It’s some guy that apparently translated Kazakh Russian….and also speaks a bit of Arabic. It’s interesting to say the least.

    • Will do. Important. Thanks.

  9. You know what else I found interesting? The guy was involved with ACTR, the American Council for International Education in D.C. ( which runs a student cultural exchange program in Russia) and this is right around the corner from the Jamestown Foundation which is the group that was linked to the conference that Tamerlan was said to have attended when he was in Russia. Both are listed among the handful of NGOs for Russia and Eurasia in the Washington Information Directory 2012-2013 issued by the Congressional Quarterly and available free online in Google Books (pg 461). This publication states that the Jamestown Foundation provides policy makers with strategically important info about events and trends in these societies and that they serve “as an alternative source to official or intelligence channels, especially with regard to Eurasia and terrorism.” If you map the addresses they are literally just around the corner from each other and you can walk from one to the other in about a minute. The guy at the link in the previous post stayed in Russia for a while and wrote an Examiner article about the experience and also went to high school with Kitzenberg. Small world I guess.

    • To make it clear, from the resume it seems the guy studied in Russia through an ACTR program. Also looking at the map the two NGOs are a few blocks from each other, one on L ST NW in DC and the other just off L ST NW on 16th ST NW. It’s 3-4 minutes by car in Google Maps. Still a very small world and interesting coincidence.

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