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Tear Sticks Used to Induce Fake Tears in Las Vegas Shooting Hoax

Make no mistake the tears of all the players who have been seen either ‘teary-eyed’ or actually dropping watery tears down their faces have been fabricated. This is true of virtually all those who were seen to shed tears. Treacherous crisis mole agents provided these false witnesses with tear-sticks to artificially induce the water, all to fool the compromised, gullible public.

There is no reason to cry. No one died, and no one was injured. It’s all fake, fully proven, here.

Actually, a number of people were found to be laughing and smirking, including hospitalized people (though they are not officially hospitalized; instead, the facility is being used as a staging center for the drill).

It was as if they were gloating in it all. Now, then, the world is to believe that at the same time others were crying in grief or fear?

This faux tearing involves an individual named Natalie Vanderstay. A crisis actor it can be seen, clearly, that she is a potential star of the show. It makes sense that she is a major player, as she, herself, is a nurse: 

Natalie Vanderstay, a 43-year-old nurse at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, was near the front of the country music festival…

She is a part of a grand fraud, where money is being purged from the fully bamboozled, absolutely propagandized American and global public. Gullible to the extreme, all they need to see and hear is a ‘sad’ story, where a vulnerable victim shows the ultimate in bravery, associated with other heroics from the Samaritan rescue squad. That’s all it takes for tears of sympathy to flow, as well as hard-earned money from the pocket-book.

Some 8.5 million has already been ‘collected’ in this fraud fund, demonstrating how absolutely corrupt is this world and how fully compromised are the American people.

This is what she claims: that she took a high caliber machine gun round into her stomach. Then, she ran some 600 yards. While holding a gut full of seeping blood she then climbed or jumped over two concert fences, got to the street, got into a cab, and made her way to the hospital. Moreover, she did all this without bleeding to death in the process or without fainting, losing consciousness, at the minimum.

Is that not unbelievable to the extreme. She’s wonder-woman. No surprise the world is taken by this and is opening the floodgates of money for her and her associated liars. She has a heart that pumps more powerfully than the most well-trained soldier, and she is braver than any soldier in battle: not plausible.

Watch this fabricator in the video above. Moreover, hear her take much coaching from the terminally vile AP agents working on behalf of the criminal arch-Zionist cabal.

The screen-captures above alone prove the degree of her fraud and that she is staging this for her Zionist masters.

The video proves the degree of desperation of the Zionists, that they will play every dirty trick in their playbook to make this hold. One such dirty trick is the induction of fake tears, Hollywood-style. This is through the use of tear-sticks, which contain aromatic irritants that induce tears.

It happens with the full knowledge of all attending media moles, who, in fact, are participating in this criminal act. The break occurs, then, there is the close-up as she attempts to produce those artificial tears. There can be no doubt about it, and it is hard proof of the degree of the scam.

She is attempting to deal with the irritation from the tear stick, which is quite uncomfortable, explaining the squeezing of the eyes and the facial contortions. Anyone can see that this isn’t real tearing, that is from grief, fright, or despair.

She was supposed to have been shot by a high-powered gun. Where are her wounds? She was shot in the stomach and leg. Is this the best that can be done by Zionist Hollywood? There is no faux realism to any degree with this? No one finds it plausible that she was hurt to any degree and she certainly isn’t a gunshot victim. That is patently a lie, easily proven.

There are numerous other frauds associated with the involved hospitals, like this man. Can anyone believe it? There is no hospital staff to deal with it? Instead, crisis actors, so-called Good Samaritans, do so, hauling people into emergency rooms in such a manner? It is a physical impossibility, and all thinking people know this.

What is the issue with people that they have no ability to scrutinize? Now, too, because of these fabricators, because of blatant, obvious lies: because of this, people are giving their hard-earned money in empathy. What could be more criminal than this, that is to do this to people?

This is the domain of the Zionists. They are elements of a mere crime syndicate, one that operates through deception. Through imagery and mere amateur videos, through background noise and chaos, through acting out and through false witness, people have been deceived. It is written that this will occur – almighty God predicted it, but the people pay no heed.

There is a monumental effort by the criminally minded arch-Zionist cabal to attack the people of the land through this hoax. The goal is to categorically undermine the right to self protection and far more, to upend the 2nd Amendment. This is stated, here, as an absolute.

It is indisputable. The Zionist crime syndicate is attempting to spread great corruption in the land, just as it did in England and Australia. The same plot is in place, once again, against Americans.







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  1. I have shown a bunch of officially released pictrues showing so called “victims” in the hospital to my wife asking her to comment. She is doctor of inner medicine with decades of experience in medical hospital work.

    In her judgment not a single picture is showing a real injury or emergency situation.

    Instead you find plenty of detail facts for incorrect application of medical treatment, wrong use of medical equipment and incorrectly performed processes (since medical emergency work gets strictly performed according to defined procedures).

    On top exclusively all “victims” are not showing a single indication for the stated injuries.

    Judge and conclude yourself. Me I do not speculate – I love to look to forensic evidence and facts. Based on that there is no other way than to exclude the official narrative.
    What remains covers a broad spectrum from fals flag up to complete hollywood hoax.

    • This is hardly a ‘forensic analysis. Just a bunch of poorly put together opinion based on a conversation with your alleged wife who you state is involved with ‘inner medicine’. WTF is that. Some kind of naturopathic claptrap? Pfffft.

    • All are VicSims aka Fake theatrical Victims! PsyOp Theatrics PsyOp ZioTricks for the hated dumb goyim American masses to steal their rights thru Psychological Terror WarFare ” PsyOps”!

    • That is something that I’ve wondered about a lot of these hoaxes that are just really, really sloppy.

      Why don’t more medical, EMS and LEO from outside the area see and question? Even people who just watch a lot of the surgery and forensic shows should be able to know its fake pretty quick, so I still can’t understand why it doesn’t get called out.

    • I just got an update on Doug Cotters gofraudme page. We have a photo that proves his injury is fake. As you may be aware, he was the only living victim filmed in HD with a “wound” shown. there is a major problem with this photo. Take your thumb and index finger on your left hand, put them mid forearm on your right hand on either side and press tight. Now try and make a fist. Can’t do it right? Some people are not aware that the muscles that control the fingers are located in the forearm. If a large caliber bullet goes through the forearm, you will lose some function in your hand. In addition, there is no discoloration, no bruising and no swelling of the area. The bandage is incredibly loose and his arm hair is unshaven indicating no surgery. He appears to be in no pain or discomfort. It appears fake to me

  2. Can anybody clarify whether ‘Vincent’ is just a paid troll-prostuitute or indeed a completely brainless idiot?

    It reminds me to a video I recently watches titled “why North Korea does not have to fear US”. It showed interviews with US citicens on the road being asked to point their finger on the world map to the place where North Korea is located.
    The answers reached from Brazil to Alaska. The closest hit was Vietnam where the interviewer answered “this place you bombed already…”.

    Strange – something makes me believe that I’ve seen Vincent in this video…

    • Ha ha

      If anyone were to ask Rudolf at random, to put his finger on a globe and identify a particular spot, he would end up, as usual, with two knuckles up his butthole.

    • Vincent is Gabriel & he is both a paid troll & a virtual idiot & perverted zionist jew extremist & fraudster & troll aka Zerg, Mcap, Garry Harry, Gabby, Gabs, Gabrielle, etc, etc etc… But worse he posts over & over the same spam & perverted & disinfo comments & cop & pastes jumbled up old posts of others mixed with gibberish & disinfo! & Worst of all the degenerate Gabriel fraudulently posts as real posters here under their names to confuse people & run them off & to try to get their real comments & research ignored & deleted!

  3. Rudolf continues to desperately try and groom his new young friend Giovanni Monroe. In this instance he brags about ‘bashing libTARDs and Antifa’ only to get tossed in the dirt by his targets.

    Further losing his grip as the obsession with ‘buttocks’ takes its final hold.

  4. ExV3r3) Vegas Happy HoaxWhore Mossodomite Heather Gulish Melton (Wife of Fake Dead Sonny Melton) is Alias Heather Gooch/ Basingame Ayer!

    & Many, many other Aliases!
    &… Country Singer Luke Church plays her fake dead husband’s character Sonny Melton!

    As Heather Gulish Melton wife of fake dead Sonny Melton:

    And I discovered her as a relative of Luke Blasingame’s wife Katherine Blasingame after searching many series of aliases & marriages this CIA/ mossad & DHS military embeded too– spook has. And she is a Crypto jew married to a zio jew crypto named John Ayer!

  5. xV-3-t2) Vegas Fake dead Massacre Crisis Actwhore Heather Warino Alvarado Cedar City, Utah Is Played By Lliana Gomez Cortez of Alice Texas & Bronx,NYC & Her Husband firefighter Albert Alvarado also alias Warino is played by Albert Cortez! Both military embeded Spook / DHS Crisis Actors!

  6. ExV3-t3) Las Vegas Massacre PsyOp Crisis Actwhores Albert Alvarado & Heather Warino Alvarado of St George UT area alias Albert Cortez & Lliana Gomez Cortez of NYC, Hollywood area CA & NYC

  7. ExV3-t4) Vegas PsyOp Terror Attack- This is Jason Aldean & Exwife Jessica Ussery aka Williams she is playing a Victim Also under an alias! I saw a hoax victim who looks just like her! I researched them a lot but did not get to look into who she is playing!

    [Aldean’s friend Country singer Luke Church is playing Sonny Melton & his wife Katherine Blasingame’s cousin or sister Heather Blasingame is playing Heather Melton. She only appear in Tennessee less than 2 yrs ago & opened her own medical business with her father. She seems to have used the license & identity of a Dr n San Fran & combined it with an existing identity of a Heather Melton in Chattanoga & her own past in TN & GA to make it apear she’s is has been there as a Dr.]

    Williams is supposedly Aldean’s real birth last name..

    These several newer generation country singers all friends are totally involved in this PsyOp!

  8. ExV3r-1) Busted Vegas Zionist Hoax Massacre Singer Luke Church Does Dual PsyOp Roles- plays Fake Victim Sonny Melton & “Self”!

    Sonny Melton Never Lived & Never Died! No record of him anywhere!!! He’s only a fake dead character played by Country Singer Luke Church
    ! & Wife Katherine Basingame’s Relative Heather Gooch Blasingame aka Heather Blasingame Ayer plays Fake Wife of Sonny Melton “Heather Gulish Melton”!!

    Here is Fake Dead Hero Sonny Melton played by Luke Church:

  9. ExV3r-2) Busted Vegas Zionist Hoax Massacre Singer Luke Church Does Dual PsyOp Roles- plays Fake Victim Sonny Melton & “Self”!

    Sonny Melton Never Lived & Never Died! No record of him anywhere!!! He’s only a fake dead character played by Country Singer Luke Church
    ! & Wife Katherine Basingame’s Relative Heather Gooch Blasingame aka Heather Blasingame Ayer plays Fake Wife of Sonny Melton “Heather Gulish Melton”!!

    Here is Country singer Luke Church who plays fake dead fake hero Sonny Melton:

    • Eric Church is Jewish, just observe his nostril to tip ratio (front face shot/nose) and that’s without a smile of course. The triangle is present. He is adorned with the hook.

    • Oh, and thin serpentine lips. Yes, very interesting…

  10. ExV-3t6) Vegas Happy Hoaxwhore Crisis Actor Happy as Can Be after being fake shot by Eeevile goyim super sniper Paddock!

    • Yes, keep putting pressure on those demonic starfish sniffers. May their Judgement come from the Most High Himself with the quickness. PU, to their New World Odor!

  11. There is no evidence whatsoever to support this ludicrous claim.

    Shame on you.

    • 323 million people in the US (numbers from 2016).

      Meaning: The statistic chance to participate in any event with e. g. 1000 people is 1000/323000 = 0,0000031 = 0,00031%.

      The chance to participate in 2 independant events with e. g. 1000 people is 9,58E-12.

      The world population currently is approximately 7.5 billion people = 7.5E9.

      Result: The statistic probability to get involved in 2 different events with 1000 people each is 1000 times lower than to get elected as a single person in the whole world!

      Non scientists call this IMPOSSIBLE!

      • Bad math… in many places…

        For example, you’re saying that 2 people in my home town have the same chance of meeting up at the same event as 2 people on different sides of the country? E.g how does your math account for geography, income level, interests, etc?

        It doesn’t…

        Don’t become a statistician, dude.

        • And what do “the same people” have to do with anything? There is no claim of anyone being in the same place with the same people…

    • AshkeNAZI Juden & Sephardic Juden hoaxwhore Crisis Actwhore couple of both the San Bernardino & Vegas Hoaxes! More in your face (dumb goyim) twice used Crisis Actwhores openly under the same names! LMAO!

      The ziotrash are literally programming the hated dumb-down goyim to accept ridiculously improbable probabilities! Vegas bettors would know it’s implausibility & impossible chance!

    • The more fake shootings they do the more multiple times used hoax whores like this Crisis Actwhore will get busted! But the ziotrash believe the goyim are so programmed & dumb-down that it just doesn’t matter!

  12. Ie your math doesn’t show anything at all. It’s meaningless. Essentially you’re saying that the chance of my going to a jets game in ny and a cowboys game in Dallas is near impossible. Huh? Why would that be near impossible?

    Use your brain, use your brain.

  13. I guess I only have a 1 in 300,000,000 chance of running into my boss tomorrow. Cool! I hate that *******!

    What are my chances of running into a total stranger tomorrow- also 1 in 300,000,000? Cool! I hate strangers

  14. Lights went on all over the trailer park and the woman continued to scream that the FBI
    was invading. That would sound pretty dumb.

  15. Mala Tempora currunt!

    The Lie, Deceit, Indecency of the zionist monster and its shabbat goyim is currently shaken by the blows a few relentless, dedicated and courageous Free Spirits are able to deliver.

    Current info technology, despite the thousands embedded issues, does provide – to those who know how to seek truth – a place to learn, study, metabolize & share what decades and decades of whitewashing & scurrilous propaganda have been serving to the masses.

    You too, awake & educated person, do need to be cautious: a filthy army of paid shills, psychotic dwarves, deflective zio agents and deviant characters is working hard to pollute, confuse and maime the effort we so resolutely face. Beware of self-appointed anti-zionist platforms, of Nationalist communities, of freedom lover Libertarians, of Truthers.

    They HAVE to back their claims with Facts. They have to demonstrate how they can survive and grow in a zio controlled society. They need to show real Information, not buzz words. They need to be coherent and moderately passionate. They’d need to be educated & informed enough to provide food for thought. They need to be moderate enough to drive people into the realm of thought. They ought to be witty enough to discern chocolate from the dung and point it to others.

    They need to be Persons among Persons. Back off from those who show to be otherwise.

    ”Judge the deep mouth by the tonsils. Never by the lips”

  16. Ziotrash Crypto Jew Jon Voight Zionist Psychopath liar!

  17. ExV3-t7) Vegas Super Sniper Hoax -Hoax Prez Trump Visits Fake Shot Victim Crisis Actwhore Natalie-whore Vanderstay

  18. ExV3-t8) Vegas Lying Crisis Actwhore Natalie Vanderstay “Nurse” is also Vegas Dancer Stripper, Call girl Natalie Carey aka Natalie Voight of DC, NV, MD & CALI!

  19. ExV3-t9) Vegas Hoax Super Sniper Script Flipped By Police New Script: Now Crisis Actor Paddock Shot Security Guard 6 min’ before his Super Sniper Ridiculous Impossible Mass Murder Attack Began!

    When a hoax massacre happens in Vegas the truth stays in Vegas! And the ridiculous lies get broadcast worldwide endlessly!

  20. ExV3-t10) Las Vegas Hoaxwhore Fraudster Proves He was Not Shot While Standing Up From Hoaxpital Bed for Hoax ZioPuppet Clown Trumpowicz!

    What a stupid A-hole fraudster!

  21. ExV3-t17) Despicable Vegas Happy Hoaxwhore Crisis Actwhores/ Fake Patriots / VicSims & Donald Duck Trump Treasonous Pieces of **** Ziopuppet Traitors Not Patriots! Pure ZioTrash Scum!

    Look how excited these despicable treasonous frauds are!

    Get some ropes!

  22. ExV3-t18) Vegas Hoax Donald Douchebag Trump Congradulates Jewess Vegas Mayor Goodman & All the Happy Hoaxwhore Traitor Scumbags who perpetrated the Treasonous Super Sniper Hoax Against the American people!

    Look at these despicable happy Hoax whores who should hang for their treason not be rewarded & praised!
    Convict & then….
    Start at the top!

  23. ExV3-t19) Vegas Super Sniper- Look At Donold Duck Douchebag Trump & These Happy Hoax whores Slimebag Crisis Actwhores Drunken in Their Duping Delight & Joy in Getting Away with Treason!

    These are treasonous ziopuppet Enemies of the American people not heroes! They are the worst traitors possible!

  24. ExV3-t20) Busted Vegas Hoax Shooting Fake Hero Liar Taylor Winston Scripted Dancing Scene Proves Hardly Anyone Was At The Fake Concert When The Fake Shooting Began!

    The lying bum is dancing right next to the stage with fake girl friend Kaci Thompson & the whole area is empty just before the fake shooting started! It look like an under attended local fair barn dance!

  25. ExV3-t21) Vegas Hoaxwhore Hoax Hero Taylor Winston’s Fake Girlfriend Jenn Lewis Busted As An Events Co-ordinator! So she played dual roles as Crisis Actwhore/ fake hero & help direct & co-ordinate this treasonous PsyOp Event!

  26. ExV3-t22) BUSTED!! Vegas Hoax Super Sniper Hoax Crisis Actor Mike Cronk Identity Revealed As Mike Hendricks!! Busted Scumbag! By Me!

    This Is Mike Hendricks (husband of Brianna Hendricks) who plays Mike Cronk! She also apparently plays his wife at the Hospital scripted scenes with hair died black! His hair is dirty (dark) blonde as Mike Hendricks but he dies it & his beard black & gray as Mike Cronk. Also Briannia Hendricks’ name is used for another character in this same PsyOp! Brianna Munoz is going as Brianna Hendricks in the PsyOp along with her apparent mother Victoria Adrianna Munoz going as Shawn Hendricks of Colorado! Anyway this here is Mike Hendricks aka Mike Cronk a fake hero Crisis Actor of this treasonous PsyOp!

  27. ExV3-t30) Vegas Happy Hoaxwhore Rob MacIntash Get 3 Rifle Shots In Chest & ZioMagically Heals Instantly!

  28. ExV3-t23) Vegas Hoax Crisis Actwhore Brianna Hendricks, 21 of CO is Brianna Munoz, 21 Daughter of Prolific Crisis Actor CIA Spook/ Massod Victoria Adrianna Munoz who plays Shawn Hendrick in the Vegas PsyOp!

    This Is Brianna & Adrianna Munoz in their disguises in this PsyOp:

    Intelius search:

    Brianna Munoz
    age 21

    Denver, CO

    Otilio Munoz, Jerry Munoz, Devon Munoz

  29. ExV3-t24) Las Vegas Super Sniper Crisis Actor Victoria Adrianna Munoz who plays witness Shawn Hendricks of Denver in some of her previous Treasonpus Crisis Acting Roles for the Ziotrash in their efforts to disarm the hated goyim Americans & steal all of our rights!–cast-your-vote-at-.jpg

  30. Ex1) Texas Tech Fake 777 Shooter/ Murderer Theater Actor Hollis Daniels’ Father Owns Palace Theater in Texas & Chain of Theaters! Mom Is AntiGun Activist & Media writer Janis Turk!

    His 1st Cousin is TV Show Actor Matthew Landes! In this PsyOp he is called Hollis Daniels.. but He goes as James Reid Daniels, full name is Hollis James Reid Daniels & his father goes Dan Daniels & Alan Daniels & Daniel Jenkins but also is named Hollis Daniels! These are more despicable fraudster treasonous scumbag ziopuppet trash! This punk has been a stage actor admittedly since in 1998 according to his Facebook Acct’! Supposedly he is only 19..

    He’s fraudster mother (if she really is his mother & not his grandmother) immediately started tweeting about gun control over her son supposedly murdering a Campus cop instead of grieving & apologizing for the murder her son committed! This is an evil woman! Anyway he killed no one! It’s another treasonous PsyOp! And the a-hole makes it clear in his FB 777 Hoax Coded Account! He will not do one day in jail or prison for this fake murder!

  31. Ex2) Texas Tech Fake Shooting- Its very possible that this is actually James Reid Daniels now & the PsyOp pictures are old pictures of him or that his younger brother is being used as him with his name etc to play this character/ fake murder:

    This James Reid Daniels is Hollywood connected just like him & his family, has same name & looks just like a 7 or 8 year older version of him, & lives in Hollywood, LA, CA, area!

  32. Ex3) Texas Tech Fake Shooter’s Fake Arrest Hollis Alvin James Reid III – Fake Phoney ZioTrash Treason Baloney! Moron Conservatives & Patriots & Libertarians Keep Believing These fake shooting perpetrated by zionist run DHS & zionist run Media & Govt are real!

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