**Breaking News** — 08 June 2017
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Terrorist Attack Claims 17 Lives in Tehran

Updated, June 8, 10:00 CST

An extreme error was made in the previous post, where in a misguided manner the attack was considered fabricated. Nodisinfo.com issues major apologies for this error. Calling it other than what it is, which is a murderous plot against the Islamic people of Iran, was a terrible mistake. May God forgive the error. Please disregard completely the previous information, as it is erroneous. The fact is some 17 people were martyred, with another 50 or more wounded; many were simply shot at point blank range, killed in cold-blood. This is a serious issue and must never be slighted, God give these martyrs peace.

Islamic Iran has come under attack as a result of a Zionist plot. That attack was based upon the infiltration of the nation’s capital by apparent Iranian-domiciled agents working on behalf of the Zionist regime.

The attack, treacherous as it was, while relatively feeble, was an attempt to destabilize Islamic Iran from within. The co-ordinating forces were the US spy agencies and the Mossad. It was a wild attack with gunmen shooting up the parliamentary building and most likely attempting to murder parliamentarians.

Image result for terrorist attack; tehran; wounded; injured; images

The cowardly terrorists began shooting randomly at both people and infrastructure. One of them detonated a bomb, possibly a bomb-vest, apparently blowing himself up, while injuring others:

Here is the residual damage from the bomb that was detonated near the area of the shrine:

Images of terrorist attacks in Tehran

Security forces were on the scene quickly and likely prevented further carnage. Even so, these terrorists struck by surprise and there are some reports they disguised themselves as women.

The following is a video, provided by a poster, shows the actions of the terrorists in graphic detail:

Here, it can be seen, an unsuspecting man was shot at point-blank range. How absolutely cowardly it is to shoot an unarmed man in this manner.

The bombing/attack was plot against the government of Iran as well as the common people. Saudi threats of taking the aggression to Iran came a mere 72 hours prior to the assault. The Saudis are merely proxy agents of the Zionists. Thus, it is Zionist criminal agents who are responsible for this carnage with left some 17 dead and over 40 wounded. In this regard it is crucial that the military services of the Islamic Republic investigate this to the extreme and determine any co-conspirators, particularly any collaborating Zionist agents within the country.

Security forces reacted vigorously and killed the perpetrators, taking out two of the attackers relatively quickly. Thanks to all posters for alerting as to the facts on the ground and for allowing the error, here, to be recognized quickly.

Here is one of the terrorists who was killed near the Imam Khomeini shrine.

Image result for images; bombing; imam khomeini; shrine

Behind this are the Zionists, who are continuously plotting against the Islamic Republic. Make no mistake the funding and the scheme for this was orchestrated Jewish powerful ones, not any Islamic group. God bless the people of Iran for all that they have suffered at the hands of rabid Zionist extremists and their proxy agents in the United States of Tyranny.


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  1. Total zionist hoax. No doubt about it. So obvious, it’s laughable. Anyone who says otherwise is a shill.

    • Take a good look at this.If you don’t get scarred and close this link,you will see that you can literally examine the anatomy of the digestive system.Also in other pics you see how real blood looks like if you get confused by thinking of fake blood all the time.


      By the way Iran is the only country where the Zionists don’t have the control of the officials.That’s why Israel and USA hate Iran and consider it a bigger threat that ISIS.And you can’t even make up your mind who to blame in your comments: zionists or muslims.You got no credibility to talk if something happened or not,since you got no concept for reality.

      • well said. It was a brazen attack, no doubt, coordinated by the Mossad.

  2. You are right. Wrong influence on this one. However, there is no excuse; as you said, makes no sense. The Zionists are completely behind this attack, the henchmen merely being their front-face. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Cowboy on Rudolf’s blog:

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  4. No one was hurt, no one was killed. 100% hoax perpetuated by Muslims.

  5. Ex2) Dallas PA Grocery Massacre PsyOp Fake Dead Crisis ActWhore Fraudster Randy Stair Happy Hoaxer Faggy Queen Video


    Supposedly Dead But his Buddy/ Cohort or himself keeps posting all his idiotic ziotrashy self promotion videos!

  6. Ex3) Zio Owned->Weiss Stote DHS Fake Dead Crisis Acwhote Shooter Murderer ZioJew Randy Stair (Admitted Alias Andy Blaze) Idiotic PsyOp Video To Parents, brother & Public!


    This lying clown is a horrible actor & horrible film maker & not dead & killed no one!

  7. This is a complete hoax as Iran is turning the tables on the ISIS scam and are now using the hoaxes to there benefit.

    • Did you see the images of the dead gunmen?

      • could have been a photo from another event,

        Come on Dr K. You have to be more consistent,. This was a hoax by Iran used to turn the tables on the lie of the ISIS boogie man. Iran will use it to justify Iranian military use in Syria and other areas just as the US and others using the ISIS BS to advance there agenda.

        • While the world is a hoax, correct, but a more systematic review of the imagery, including CCTV cameras, shows actual gunmen shooting people, attacking them by surprise. You can see a man shot in the abdomen when going through the metal detector. Did you review those CCTV camera views?

          • Yes Dr, K if this is really you, I have reviewed them over and over and there is nothing there to prove it was not a hoax. I see actors playing a part and deliberate blurry video so to hide the obvious lack of blood. Dr. K you should not fall for such obvious hoaxes of either side. I am really in doubt if this site is still in control of the real Dr. K

          • Links, please. All evidence must be considered.You can, though, see real gunfire against the parliamentary building, which does not jive with a non-event.

          • Here’s the link showing the nature of this terrorist attack:

          • I see women laughing as they run out the door, one of the signs you most often point out that it is a hoax.

        • You better hope I never come across you punk!!!!!

  8. Ya can’t have it both ways you delusional foil hat wearing idiots.
    Its only a hook when it suits your narrative.

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